Sex and the City (1998–2004): Season 5, Episode 8 - I Love a Charade - full transcript

The girls have a all with entertainer Bobby Fine, but are baffled when the ever presumed homo announces his marriage to society lady Bitsy von Muffling. Charlotte announces her improbable relationship with her all but classy Jewish lawyer 'hairy' Harry, with the best sex ever, and decides to go to the wedding with him. First Samantha invites the girls and many guests to Richard's villa in the Hamptons, but finds her host-skills more challenged then expected, notably by some young girls who claim Richards standing invitation to use his pool. At the marriage just about everybody plays some charade, or is supposed to- even Stanfords super-hunky lover Marcus no longer does him in bed.

Subtitles - Ripped (and Hacked)
by RavyDavy - Part of the [RL] Crew

In this ever-expanding galaxy
called New York City...

there are certain heavenly bodies
one orbits around every day.

And then there are those stars...

whose gravitational pull
one drifts in and out of over the years.

Is that all there is

Bobby Fine, satellite friend,
piano bar legend.

I usually do this number at home
in a pink caftan and a Peggy Lee wig.

Like you've never done the same thing
after three daiquiris?

But right now, I must take a quick break
to say hello to a celebrity friend.

Is there any other kind?
Little Miss Carrie Bradshaw.


She writes books. You remember books.
Primitive versions of the DVD.

Stop, please stop. Okay, one more time
for the cheap seats in the back.

Is that all there is

Yes, that's all there is

How long have you two known each other?

Let's put it this way. Cats was just Kittens.

- Cats, the musical. Hello?
- Oh, I loved Cats.

- Medic.
- It hasn't been that long, has it?

Please, darling, when we met,
you took aerobics and Stanford had hair.

- Bobby.
- Bitsy. I thought you had a dinner.

Oh, I do. The driver is circling,
but I had to run up and say hello.

Oh, hello.

Bitsy Von Muffling. This is Carrie, Miranda,
Samantha, and the one who liked Cats.

Bitsy, Samantha Jones.
I did PR for your museum benefit.

Samantha, of course, I loved you.

I was just so thrilled
that someone actually liked Cats.

- I didn't like it that much.
- Waiter, sense of humor, Table 5.

- So, Samantha, how are you?
- Fabulous. How are you?

Delirious. I'm madly in love
and getting married.

- Big Hamptons wedding.
- Congratulations. Who's the lucky stud?


- You're getting married?
- Can you believe it?

Bitsy and I are affianced.
I finally found the right girl.

Mr. Broadway has to go tinkle
before he can tinkle.

Samantha, I have your address.
You have to come.

- Nice meeting you all.
- Bye.

I thought he was gay.

Yeah, "Mr. Broadway has to go tinkle"?
That's the gayest sentence ever uttered.

He must be marrying her for the money.

He doesn't need the money. He was one
of the original investors in Chorus Line.

Just when you thought
you'd never hear anything gayer...

than "Mr. Broadway has to go tinkle."

Why would he be getting married?

In 1988, Bobby Fine announced...

that he was going to sell
his piano bar downtown...

and go volunteer with Nicaraguan orphans.

The orphans are still waiting.

This wedding will never happen.

It's happening.

Everything's booked. So the really big
question is where are we going to stay?

That's the really big question?

What about, "Why are these two people
marrying each other?"

- Is that all there is?
- Bitsy said they were madly in love.

You see, I find the love facade
the most offensive part.

We're adults. We can handle it.

Bitsy should say, "I'm getting older,
and I want companionship."

Or Bobby should say,
"The hot men don't go for me anymore."

But don't print invitations and call it love...

as if love transforms people
and changes molecules...

'cause that's bullshit.

- I guess you don't want to be my date then.
- No dates, unless they have summer houses.

Relax. We can stay
with Stanford and Marcus.

I was a fool to break up with Richard
before Labor Day. He has a fabulous house.

I wouldn't go to this charade if you paid me.

It's like there's a pink suede elephant
in the middle of the room...

- and nobody's allowed to talk about it.
- You think they won't have sex?

All married couples
stop having sex eventually.

That's not true.
You've had sex with lots of married people.

That's how I know.

Okay, let's say it's companionship.

How do you sustain a relationship
without the zsa zsa zsu?

- The what?
- That butterflies-in-your-stomach thing...

that happens when you not only love
the person, but you gotta have them.

Isn't that what gets you through the years?

Even if it fades, at least you have
the memory of the zsa zsa zsu.

I'm fine with whatever people want to do.
Just be straight with me.

I think that's how Bitsy proposed to Bobby.

It was right about then
Charlotte decided to be straight with us.

I'm seeing someone, sort of.

You're in a "sort of" relationship?

It's ridiculous. He's so not my type.

- Is he heterosexual?
- Yes.

But he's bald and short,
and he talks with his mouth full.

I don't even want to be seen
in public with him.

I hate his name, Harry,
because he is, everywhere but his head.

- Is the sex bad, too?
- It's the best sex of my life.

I think I might really like him.

You want to go to a wedding
in the Hamptons in a few weeks?

Bitsy Von Muffling's.

- You're invited to that?
- Oh, yeah, I handled her divorce.

I just never thought of you
as a Hamptons type.

I am the Hamptons, baby.
I own a house in Bridge.

Well, I can't go.
I'm not really ready for swimsuit season.

What? You're a fucking knockout.

- It's you. It's your back.
- What's wrong with my back?

It's very hairy. You're not supposed
to be able to grab someone's back.

This is how I was born.
What am I supposed to do about it?

- Get it waxed.
- I'll tell you what.

You come with me to the wedding,
and I will get my back waxed.


- Come here, you.
- Your hands are all greasy.

That night, I thought about what it takes
to make a relationship work...

till death do us part.

Most singles have more long-term success
with friends.

So maybe it is a better strategy
to marry a friend.

However, in the absence of sex...

whether that's the arrangement,
or just what happens after a few years...

what distinguishes this companion
from your many other companions?

When it comes to saying "I do"...

is a relationship a relationship
without the zsa zsa zsu?

Or in Samantha's case...

how much is a woman due
for surviving the zsa zsa zsu?

This is Richard. You have 30 seconds.

I've been thinking.
Our pathetic relationship...

is as close to marriage
as either one of us ever hopes to get.

So I feel I deserve some sort of settlement.

Like, say, a weekend at your house
in the Hamptons. You're not invited.

I'll be having a party.
You're not invited to that either.

It's Samantha. Call me.

A couple of weeks later...

another couple of exes
were working out their summer share.

- Hi. How you doing?
- Hey.

Me and Brady were just napping.

I miss napping.
They look down on napping at work.

It's so hot out.

I was going to give him
one more bottle before I left.

- I can do it.
- I know, but I like it.

It used to be all breasts.
Not me and him. We got our bottle thing.

- Did Magda bring those?
- No, I did.

Nice garden in Queens.



Good flowers.

Miranda wasn't sure if it was the smell
of the lilacs, the smell of the baby...

or the smell of Steve's skin.

But that afternoon,
Steve went from ex to sex.

I slept with Steve.

Miranda admitted they were somewhere
between friends and lovers...

somewhere between Manhattan
and the Hamptons.

That's why you decided to participate
in the charade. You're fleeing.

I'm a fucking fugitive, literally.

- Perhaps it was the zsa zsa zsu.
- No. It was an itch...

which we shouldn't have scratched,
because now we're into a gray area.

Not having sex was the only thing
holding us together.

You're fleeing to the right wedding.
I think that's the theme.

Seriously. You can't have a kid
with someone...

and get along and have great sex
without giving the wrong impression.

That being what, that you're happy?



Yeah, bring them along.

I look forward to seeing you, too.

This party is going to be amazing.
Strictly A list.

- Are we still invited?
- Yes. But shitty-pants there is not.

I have to bring him. I can't find a sitter.

He's ruining my lunch.
He's not ruining my party. No babies.

Evidently, there's already a party pooper.


- Carrie?
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- Jack.

- Berger. I know, I remember.
- What's going on here, are you okay?

Do I need to make a tourniquet
out of a hotdog bun and a twig?

- No, it's just...
- Ketchup.

Yeah. Thanks.

- I didn't figure you for a motorcycle guy.
- Turns out I'm not.

I bought it as a reaction to my breakup.

It was exactly what I wanted.
A Berger with a side of single.

You look good on it.

No. I look good next to it.
On it, I look like this.

I'm not even really hungry.
I pulled over because...

you know, a bug hit my visor,
and my hands are still shaking.

So you're "uneasy rider."

Well, if you make it to the Hamptons...

my friend is having a party tomorrow
afternoon. It's at Richard Wright's house.

I heard about that. That's quite a place.
I pass it on the way to my house.

I'm going to get a soda.

My throat's kind of dry
from all the screaming inside my helmet.

- It's nice to see you.
- Yeah, you, too, Berger.

- Maybe I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah. If you don't...

- call the Highway Patrol.
- Yeah.

Definitely zsa zsa zsu.

The next morning, Samantha prepared
her borrowed beach house for the big bash.

I want half the tables set up near the house
and the others near the pool.


- Cassandra, did you bring my tote?
- Shit, where are my Merits?

Ladies, excuse me. Hi.

The wait staff is to change
in the guest cottage down near the entrance.

Aren't you here to waitress?

We go to restaurants.
We don't work in them.

- Where's Richard?
- Richard? He isn't here.

I've got the house this weekend.

Excuse me. Where are you going?

Richard told us we could hang
by the pool whenever.

You can't pool-hang today.
I'm having a party at 3:00.

- We'll be fried by then.
- I have no cell reception at all.

Miranda brought the kid. Don't say anything.

I know you didn't want babies,
but he's in Ralph Lauren...

and I stuck a cork up his ass,
so it'll be okay.

This is supposed to be an A-list party.

Then who's the Double-D list by the pool?

They won't leave. They say Richard
lets them hang out here on weekends.

- Fucking freeloaders.
- People in glass houses...

I am not freeloading.
I went through a lot with Richard.

And people should be rewarded
for not getting married as well.

I don't know why you broke up with him.

What's a little lying and cheating
compared to a pool with a little caba?a?

Did you say "no babies," or "no boobies"?

Lady? And Brady?

That is so inappropriate.

- Greetings from Silicone Valley.
- People can hear you.

What, like everyone here can't see
those tits are fake?

- Everyone can see those tits are fake.
- Would you stop saying "tits"?

Why are you wearing that shirt?
Tropical shirts are out.

This is not tropical. It's Tiki.

- Well, please Tiki it off.
- I thought you'd never ask.

Oh, my God! Your back!

You must've had a bad reaction
to the waxing.

Yeah, I thought it felt a little itchy.

Suddenly a little hair isn't looking so bad?

Carrie, woman to woman,
the sex is amazing.

I've never had a man make me feel this way.

Hush, Miss Scarlett, how you do go on.

Well, who ordered the Adonis?

Bobby, Bitsy, this is my boyfriend, Marcus.

For God's sake, man,
get yourself to a gym once in a while.

Look at that body. It's disgusting!

Wow! I could grate cheese on your abs.

One large pizza, and hold the salami.

Please, put a shirt on before I marry you.

No! I haven't touched a carbohydrate
in three months.

- I've got to fit into that dress.
- Please eat something.

Would you look at her? She's ltsy-Bitsy.

Bobby, I see the Talcotts.
We've got to say hello.

- See you all tomorrow.
- Bye.

I swear, and I'm totally serious,
I almost fainted...

when he mimed grated cheese on Marcus.

It is so obvious that he wanted him.

Try to keep up. Bobby is straight.

- Right.
- What is she doing?

Maybe he just makes her laugh.

Can't you wait till we sit down to eat?
It's so crass.

Question. Is there anything about me
today that doesn't bug you?

People are trying to eat.
You should have your shirt on.

And you have sauce on your face.

Now so do you.

Why did she need to tell me
the sex was amazing?

Because it is amazing.

She's amazed he's able to get hard
without another penis in the room.

And speaking of dicks, do you think...

Richard slept with any of those
cocoa-butter bitches?

No! I'm sure they're just good friends.

- God! How do I look?
- You look great.

- Jesus! Where's a mirror?
- Here.


All right, put it down. It's okay.
Thanks for having a party.

- How long have you had a house here?
- Three years.

Moments later, among the butterflies,
I felt butterflies.

There's a really nice garden.

- So, you garden?
- No. I have been known to hoe...

but my ex actually planted the garden
so we could enjoy fresh summer salads.

We didn't quite make it to the summer.

So it's more fresh pain
than fresh vegetables.

Yeah. I can't really go out there.

I know how you feel.
When I broke up with my ex...

I couldn't bring myself
to go within six blocks...

- of his furniture store.
- When did you two break up?

Last year, for the second time.

We broke up the first time
the year before that.

You broke up twice. Way to go.

Yeah, well, we hadn't sufficiently hurt
each other enough the first time round.

But we definitely
took care of business this time.

Because this time, he moved in,
so we had the merging of the things...

- Right.
...the dividing of the things...

the things that are left behind
that you don't want to return...

because that seems mean,
and you don't want to throw them away...

because it's all you have left.
It gets harder as we get older...

because we're not dating
wildly inappropriate people anymore.

- You know, there's no "Glad that's over."
- Right.

After every breakup I tell myself
I'm not doing this again.

It's too hard. I mean, how many
of these things can one person survive?

You know, they should institute
a helmet law for relationships.

- Right. That's excellently put.
- Thank you.

I should get going.

It's going to take me six hours
to drive the two miles home, so...

- My jacket.
- Sorry.

- Gee. I hope there aren't grass stains.
- No. It's old.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

The man could not get away
from me fast enough.

Apparently, it's a short road
from commisery to misery.

Are you okay?

Perfect! Everything's going out
right on time.

There's no Tab in here.

- What are you doing in my refrigerator?
- It's Richard's refrigerator.

I stocked it.

Did you see any Rice Krispie treats?
Richard usually leaves those around for us.

No, I didn't.

And those lemons are for the drinks.
Drinks I paid for.

- Whatever.
- And I also paid for the food.

The only thing at this party that you two
actually paid for are your breasts!


Yes. I'm jealous.

I'm just dying to look like this.

Maybe if you did,
you'd be out here with Richard.


Evidently, people who borrow glass houses
shouldn't throw cantaloupes.

The next morning,
while Stanford and Marcus had Brady...

Miranda and I had brunch.

- How about these muffins?
- How about these eggs?

- How about these napkins?
- How about these plates?

How about we marry gay guys?

How about maybe now
I won't have a choice?

- Was it really that bad?
- Bye-bye, Berger.

One minute we were laughing,
the next minute...

he had to get away from me so fast,
he left skidmarks.

- Seriously. I can show them to you.
- Jam, please.

I know what I did.
I revealed too much, too soon.

- I was emotionally slutty.
- That's not like you.

It wasn't me. It was the zsa zsa zsu.
It makes me crazy.

Bitsy Von Muffling Fine
may have the right idea.

Maybe we should stop looking
for a great relationship...

and settle for a fine one.

I'd marry Steve in a second if he were gay.

- Everything would be so easy.
- So, a gay area...

- is better than a gray area?
- Yeah.

More coffee. You want some?

- Great coffee.
- Tell me something I don't know.

- What?
- You did it, Stany.

Great man, great house, great relationship.

We've all been looking,
and you actually found it.

Marcus and I haven't had sex
since we bought the Cynthia Rowley china.

Thank God! I am so relieved.

Bitsy Von Muffling, the first time I saw you,
I fell in love.

You walked in wearing that red vintage Dior.

Pink elephant in the room.

Do you mind?
I am listening to the bride and bride.

My dear Bobby Fine...

Something tells me Bitsy isn't doing "Fine."

And that's the little piece of information
she's been Von Muffling.

You are there for me in the morning,
and there for me at night...

there in the good, there in the bad...

there in my thoughts, there in my dreams...

but most of all, my darling,
you are there in my heart...


Perhaps we were all much too cynical.

Perhaps, somehow, despite the odds...

Bobby and Bitsy had found something real.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

One more time,
for the cheap seats at the back.

Looks like somebody over here
is about to dance.

I think you may have sold
this one a little short.

Me, too.

With a little time and the right astringents,
who knows?

There's nothing on my face,
nothing in my teeth.

I'm sure you'll hate
my moves on the dance floor...

but that is the risk that every man must take.

What a beautiful night.

It's too bad I blew my only chance
at a boyfriend this year.

You want to hold my boyfriend?

I think I'm going to drown my sorrows
in another piece of cake.

And if anybody asks, I had two, not three.

You smell that, Brady? It's lilac.

Should we call Daddy
and tell him we miss him?

It's me, Steve. I'm not here.
Leave a message.

Do you believe this wedding?

Funny where life has taken us.

I remember when we went to these things
just for the free food.

I have dinner rolls in my purse.

There's my song.

And there's my girl...

whom I love.

- In case you had any money riding on it.
- Not a penny.

Look out, she's got a piece of fruit,
and she's not afraid to throw it.

- Can we not talk about that?
- Okay.

But we'll be the only ones here.

Look, I'm just glad Brady
wasn't the biggest baby at the party.

I guess I went a little crazy,
being at Richard's house...

around his party-crashing pussy posse.

What do you call zsa zsa zsu gone bad?

Zsa zsa eww.

Then I fell in love
with the most wonderful boy in the world

- Bitsy, honey, everything was perfect.
- It was.

Except for the dessert. The top layer of
the cr?me brul?e just wasn't hard enough.

Yeah, that's the problem with this wedding.
The cr?me brul?e isn't hard enough.

And then one day, he went away,
and I thought I would die

But I didn't

And when I didn't, I said to myself

Is all that there is to life?

I'm not technically crashing.

I was having lunch in town today
and for some reason the groom invited me.

Shall we?


What? Now you want me
to wax my eyebrows?

I think I may be falling in love with you.

I've been falling for you
since the moment we met.

- But I never thought...
- What?

Come on, you could have
any blue-blooded guy here.

- I'm...
- You're wonderful.

And Jewish.


So, where can this go?

I don't know.

Let's find out.

I have to marry a Jew.

She can marry a gay guy,
and you can't marry an Episcopalian?

What do we do now?

I don't know. Dance?

Apparently, Charlotte had a zsa zsa Jew.

- You're awful quiet.
- And I intend to stay that way.

No. You were fine.

I just wasn't sure
if I was up for all that again.

- Then I thought...
- Then you thought what?

Maybe we should go out on a date
before we break up.

When it comes to relationships...

maybe we're all in glass houses
and shouldn't throw stones.

Because you can never really know.

Some people are settling down.

Some people are settling.

And some people refuse to settle
for anything less...

than butterflies.

Ripped by RavyDavy
part of the [RL] Crew