Sex and the City (1998–2004): Season 4, Episode 12 - Just Say Yes - full transcript

When Carrie's apartment is going co-op, Aidan proposes they buy it together. She finds a ring in his things, and accidentally insults Miranda who helped pick it out. Trey's MD tries to ...

New Yorkwelcomes and shelters

the tired, the poor, the persecuted,

who have been forced to leave their homes

at the whim of a ruling class.

Therefore, it's ironic that Manhattanites
face the same horrible uncertainty,

knowing that any day they may have
to utter the tragic words...

My building is going co-op.

Did you get the tomatoes?

My building is going co-op.

I have to move. This is a nightmare.

Why don't you buy the place?

Yeah. OK, sure.

- That's a great idea.
- Why not?

I just charged tomatoes. I'm not
in a position to buy an apartment.

- I am.
- You are?

I had no idea.

- Do you have a girlfriend, moneybags?
- She's sexy and I like it.


Do you want to talk about this?

You're not buying my apartment for me.

Not for you, for us. I could sell
my place, buy this place

and that place next door.

We could tear down that wall.

We could live together.

So then, what?

Would that make you my landlord
or my roommate?

- A little of both.
- What would the rent be like?

Like this?

Does that include utilities?

Think about it.

I was tempted by his offer.

We were spending most nights together

and we were in love.

And moving is a pain in the ass.

So were the hormone injections
Charlotte was facing nightly.

I don't approve of this.

You've got more hormones
than a teenage boy.

This is what we have to do now.

We should go back
to the old-fashioned way.

- Why not just wait for a stork?
- There's still a chance.

- A very slim chance.
- That's good news.

If a patient had a slim chance of living,
is that good news?

Would you tell the family
he's got a shot in hell?

- Point taken.
- We have to try in vitro.

It took Peggy Woodruff seven years.

- Who is Peggy Woodruff?
- I met her in the elevator.

A lot of couples have trouble

There are six in our building.

What, you put up a flyer?
"We're barren, how about you?"

We're not barren.
We're reproductively challenged.

Peggy invited us over Friday
to hear about their experiences.

As tempting as that sounds,

we have the Scottish Society
Highland Fling then.

- Do we have to fling?
- Yes, it's a family tradition.

First comes spring, then comes fling.
We go every year.

But when are we going to talk
to the Woodruffs?

I don't want to talk to them.
I'm a doctor. I'm familiar with in vitro.

It's invasive, the success rate is low
and it can take years.

I know. So just in case, I put us
on the list for a Mandarin baby.

As Charlotte's plan for parenthood
progressed with or without Trey,

I began to wonder if Aidan's plan
was progressing without me.

He never officially moved in,
but his stuff was everywhere.

- You're getting engaged!
- I threw up.

- I saw the ring and I threw up.
- That's my reaction to marriage.

- What will you do if he asks?
- I don't know.

- Just say yes.
- It hasn't been long enough.

- Has it?
- I got engaged after a month.

- How long before you separated?
- We're together now.

- When it's right, you know.
- Carrie doesn't know.

- Carrie threw up.
- So it might not be right.

Maybe it's because
my building is going co-op.

Am I a real estate bride?

If there were unlimited apartments
in Manhattan, we'd all be single forever.

- What did the ring look like?
- That's the other thing.

- The ring was not good.
- What do you mean?

It was a pear-shaped diamond
with a gold band.

- No wonder you threw up.
- It's just not me.

- You wear gold jewellery.
- Like ghetto gold for fun,

but this is my engagement ring.

I helped pick the ring.

- You knew?
- Aidan wanted a female perspective.

I was pregnant, shopping for a ring
with a man who's not my baby's father.

- It's no dream.
- At least you're pregnant.

Are you going to yell at me every time?
We've got seven months to go.

I'll just say, "I'm not ready
to get engaged yet,

"but I love you and I want to live
with you." How does that sound?

- Like a no.
- It's a yes to living together.

That's a first for me.
Don't I get credit for that?

Just try to be nice. Down the road,
you might want to marry him.

I'm going to have to act surprised.
I wonder when it's going to happen?

- Do you know?
- No. I am no longer involved.

Now you're not involved?
Now that I'm stuck with the bad ring?

That's a nice ring. Aidan should have
known that ring wasn't me.

How can I marry a guy
who doesn't know which ring is me?

Exactly, honey.
Wrong ring, wrong guy.

Is it true what Charlotte said?
Do you really know when it's right?

And how do you know?
Are there signs? Fireworks?

Is it right when it feels comfortable

or is that a sign that there aren't
any fireworks?

Is hesitation a sign
that it's not right

or a sign that you're not ready?

In matters of love,
how do you know when it's right?

Downtown, Samantha was meeting
with Mr Richard Wright,

the hotel magnate who was fast
becoming the pain in her ass.

You're late.

It took me 15 minutes
to get through your lobby.

Where's my London hotel?

Bobby De Niro stays at Blakes
and I'm knocked off the page.

He has stayed at my place.
We gave him the penthouse suite.

Did you ask somebody what happened
or spend the morning accessorising?

I talked to the travel editor.
It won't happen again.

I also got a feature
on the Barcelona property out of it.

Not bad.

- May I sit down now?
- What the hell.

What's with you?
Female trouble?

Let's just talk business, shall we?

- You can tell me. I'm human.
- All evidence to the contrary.

I love that you're not scared of me.

My best friend
might be getting engaged.

She didn't want you as bridesmaid?

Why does everybody have to get
married? It's so clich?.

You're preaching to the converted.
I like to sleep around.

Whisk somebody off to Rio.

It's the perfect nine-hour flight.

Dinner on the jet,
wake up in Brazil,

spend the weekend
at my little five-star hotel.

Who needs a wife
when you have a life?

That's all I'm saying.

Miranda had been waiting
for the right place and the right way

to tell Steve about the baby.

- You want sprinkles?
- I'm pregnant.

She settled for "right now".

- You're what?
- I'm pregnant.

And it's yours.

- That will be $6.
- Are you sure?

I've only had one shot
in the last few months.

- You've only had sex with me?
- It's been a slow summer.

OK, we're done here.

It's good to know my one ball
is still working.

So...what now?

- I'm going to have it.
- When we were together,

you said you weren't ready.

I'm still not ready.
When am I ever going to be ready?

I went into so much debt opening
my bar. Maybe I should sell it.

You don't have to do anything.
I'm going to take care of the baby.

You can visit whenever you want,
but it won't be your problem.

It's my decision and something
I want to do for me.

Then why did you want to talk
to me about it?

I just thought you should know.

I decided to head Aidan
off at the pass

by taking him out to dinner
and accepting his proposal.


I say yes to living together.
We're ready for that step.

We have to work out the money.
We're individuals

but we'll be sharing a life

and an apartment.


Yes, Aidan.
I would love to live with you.

That makes me really happy, Carrie,

- because there's something else...
- Could you excuse me?

- Are you OK?
- Just going to the bathroom.

What are you doing?

Are you talking to me?

No, I wasn't. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- Did you want dessert?
- No. I would say no to dessert.

All right, then.

Listen, Carrie.

I know that you...

...wanted to pay,
but let me get this.

Your rent's about to skyrocket.

Give me a little something.

Good morning.

Good evening.


You're learning Chinese?

I want to be able to speak
to the baby.

- Wouldn't we teach it to speak?
- Sometimes you get an older child.

We ought to try to understand
her heritage.

- It's a Mandarin girl now?
- It's mostly unwanted girls.

But since we're both dark-haired,

people won't immediately know
that she's not ours.

I hope you remembered
to pick up your kilt.

I really don't feel like going
to the fling tonight.

We have to go.
It's a family tradition.

We will not behave
like a typical barren couple.

We can't let this get us down.
We have to live!

Plus, I had a plaid dress made!

Maybe we should cut back
on your fertility drugs.

Just a thought.

It's my first visit.


You've got nobody in there!

Hey, lady!

Need a ride?

Is this a solution
to the cab shortage?

- Just a happy coincidence.
- Admit it:

you drive around looking for me.

You're on my turf.

- You've got the good shops.
- Get in.

- Going home?
- Are you seriously giving me a ride?

- Is it on your way?
- No.

Raoul, East 73rd Street.

- Thank you.
- Raoul and I do this all day.

Picking the ladies up,
dropping them off.

- How have you been?
- Good. You?

- Very good.
- Then I've been very, very good.

- It's not a contest.
- Then I take back one "very".

How are things with Country Bob?

- You know his name now.
- Aidan.

Things are very good there, too.

- What was that?
- What?

That smile.

- I don't think you want to know.
- I bet I can handle it.

- Are you sure?
- What the hell.

- I think he wants to marry me.
- You think or you know?

- I know, actually.
- You've discussed it?

No, it's just the kind of thing
you know.

- Not going to happen.
- Let's not talk about it.

- He's not the guy for you.
- He might be the guy for me.

I'm just not ready yet.

You'll never be ready.
You're not the marrying kind.

And you are?
What does that tell us?

Nobody knows shit?

In any case, I'm not taking
relationship advice from you.

I just offered you a ride.

Spy Girl, did you tell Aidan
I didn't like the ring?

- Did you tell him not to propose?
- I'm out of this now.

Why hasn't he asked me yet?

You're not saying yes.
What's your hurry?

He has the ring.
What if he realised I'm not the one?

- You're not sure he's the one.
- He doesn't know that.

- Unless you told him.
- Hang on a second.

Did someone propose to you?

Why do they call it morning sickness
when it's all day long?

Unless it's as in mourning the loss
of your single life.

Apparently, we've reached the stage

where our lives are making us sick.

Man, that's getting...

- I'm sore from the shots!
- Sorry.

The New York Scottish Society's
Annual Highland Fling.

Any Scot who was anyone was there,
including, of course,

Bunny MacDougal.

I was wondering when you'd arrive.

You missed dinner
and the Loch Leven dancers.

Shoot! Sorry, Mother.
Long day at work.

- Hello, Bunny.
- My dear, don't you look festive?

Trey, you must join your brothers.
They're making fools of themselves.

- Do you know that dance?
- Unfortunately, I do. Excuse me.

It's a Highland Fling, dear.
It's what this event was named after.

For a fling,
it looks like a lot of work.

That's what I used to tell Trey
about you.

They say it was originally danced
on the shield of a clansman.

Do you know anything about clans?

I know this is the MacDougal
clan's tartan.

MacDougal is one of the oldest
highland clans.

We have a very proud lineage,

one I hope you and Trey
will be able to perpetuate.

Some things can't be helped,

but I must tell you
I don't enjoy Mandarin food

and I don't enjoy a Mandarin child.

- That's none of your business.
- But it is my business.

The MacDougal name will be carried on
by sons of your own,

not daughters of the South Pacific.

Would you care for some shortbread?


We can have a Mandarin baby if we want.
No one else has to be involved.

Then let's not involve the Scottish
population of New York.

I'm serious!
I'm doing all the work.

I'm getting the hormone shots.

I am in the chatroom with other
reproductively challenged women.

And I'm learning Mandarin!
All you have to do is jerk off!

- Get a hold of yourself!
- You get a hold!

And keep your mother out of it.

Meanwhile, Samantha's professional
relationship really started to take off.

- I would have taken it off.
- I'll buy you a new one.

Excuse me. We're about to take off.
You need to buckle your seatbelts.

- Thanks, Dwight.
- Sure, Dwight.

Is this a good idea?
You are my boss.

I need you to see my property
in Brazil.

This is on the clock then?

No, but what do you charge
for that sort of thing?

- You couldn't afford it.
- I'm a very rich man.

I'm a very talented woman.

I need you to give me my shot.

For the love of God!
Do we have to do that tonight?

We have to do it every night

if we want to continue
the MacDougal clan.

I said I was sorry.
What else do you expect from me?

Why did you talk to Bunny?
Why not talk to me?

I don't know how to tell you
I'm exhausted.

How much work is a marriage
supposed to be?

This is just a tough phase.
Once we have a baby...

That could take years. I'm 43.
When does it get easy?

- This is what a relationship is.
- This is what our relationship is.

No one else was screamed at
on the dance floor.

I'm sorry.
It's the hormones.

- Stop taking them.
- I can't.

I can't keep doing what we're doing.

I love you, but I don't know
if I'm cut out for this.

I don't think I want to have a baby
any more.

I don't have the energy.
I work hard and I like to play golf.

- I just want to be for a while.
- You don't even want to try?

I don't. I don't want to try.

If it's the right thing, it will happen.
If it's not, it won't.

We've been planning all along
to have a family.

You and I will have to be enough.

I think I could be happy
with just the two of us.

I'm not sure you can, though.

I'm going to get some juice.

- Are you all right?
- I don't know.

Sometimes the question is,
"How do you know when it's not right?"

- lsn't this nice?
- It was nice being in the bed.

When Pete has to go,
Pete has to go.

But why do I have to go?

Make sure some hottie doesn't come
along and steal your man away.

Pete would never leave me.
Pete loves me so.

He does. Don't you, Pete?
Come here.

Pete loves you.

Don't you love her? I love her, too.

- Do you have a baggy?
- This just gets better and better.

Hold this, would you?

Go ahead. Open it.

Oh, my God. It's not...

- It's such a beautiful ring!
- Really?

I had a different one,
then I changed my mind.

This one seemed more like you.

I love you, Carrie.
There's no one I could love more.

I want to live my life with you.
What do you think?

Maybe there are no right moments,
right guys, right answers.

Maybe you just have to say
what's in your heart.


Give me.

That night, I surprised myself.

- Who is it?
- It's me.

Miranda was getting a surprise
as well.

- Are you crazy?
- That's your answer?

- Why are you proposing?
- It's what you wanted.

- I don't want to marry you.
- I don't, either.

- Then what are we doing?
- There's going to be a baby.

I don't want to just see you
at the playground. I want to help.

That doesn't mean
we have to get married.

- You're not in love with me.
- Especially not right now.

Say that every day.

When you see me with this baby,
you'll think that you're in love with me.

I've seen you with my dog.
You just seem uncomfortable.

How are we going to do this?
Raise a kid and not be together?

- We'll figure it out.
- We'll figure it out?

Miranda knew Steve
wasn't right for her,

but she wanted what was right
for her baby.

By the way, I know
that's a hand-me-down ring.

I would never say yes
to a hand-me-down.

- You picked out this ring!
- For Carrie.

Frankly, I can't afford a stupid ring
and a baby.

This is working out already.

There was one person I needed to tell

that, surprisingly,
I was the marrying kind.

Thank God you're here.

- I have something to tell you.
- Aidan left you?

- I'm engaged.
- Fuck you!

Let's have a drink and celebrate.
Two Rubies, please.

He switched the ring on me.

And look! It's a really good ring.

- I've seen it.
- What?

- Somebody had to help the poor guy.
- You want me to get married?

No, but if you're going to ruin
our lives,

I'd at least like to look
at a nice piece of jewellery.

- Are you tanned, lady?
- I was in Rio with Richard.

Rio with the CEO? Mistake.