Sex Life (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Strip and the Tease - full transcript

Sex Life invites you to an erotic dinner, a glamourous burlesque show and a three way with a surprising guest.

- ♪ Don't care
what you think about it ♪

♪ Ain't here to
please nobody ♪

♪ I'm the one
they run for cover♪

♪ Here comes trouble now

♪ Mend my wicked ways

♪ I'll get you
into trouble now ♪

♪ It's just so
hard to behave ♪

♪ Got you seeing double now

♪ I'm the one
your mama told you ♪

♪ I play the one
as torture ♪

♪ The risk you can't afford

♪ Here comes trouble now

♪ Turn it up all night

♪ Got you feeling high

♪ Turn it up all night

♪ Got you feeling high

♪ Get you into trouble now

- Open relationships,
I don't know if I could do it.

I'm sure it would be
very hard.

- My true fantasy would be to
have like a group experience

of diverse people,

incense burning and
music playing.

And the lighting is just right.

- I had a,
like, semi-orgy.

I did please, like,
eight guys at once one time.

So that's like a little
low-key orgy.

- What intrigues me about
the orgy is

you're in an atmosphere of

we're there to
have a good time,

we're there for an adventure.

Let's light it up, let's
fucking burn this place down.

- I definitely want
to just watch.

And just be like, wow,
wait, wait, wait,

did you just do that?

Okay. Wait, let me
take notes on this

because I'm gonna do that.

- I tried an orgy
when I was younger,

and I was just like trying
to lick someone's ass,

because there was nothing else
available, you know what I mean?

- I'm Matt.
- I'm Pat.

- I'm Lisa.
- I'm Ainsley.

- I'm Daniela.

- And this...
- And this...

- And this...
- And this is my sex life.

- Ha.
- Let's get our freak on.

- For the mushrooms?

Yeah, it's going to be
for the mushrooms, yeah.

And might have to add
some butter and oil,

but we'll know in a few minutes.
- Okay.

- This is something.

I don't know how
to describe it.

I don't know how
to talk about it.

It's an experience that
we can't find anywhere else.

[ giggling ]

- Ooh, look what she has.

- What about kohlrabi?


Do you have any with
the stems still attached?

- No, no.
- Okay, that's too bad.

Think about one of
the best dinners

you've ever had in your life.

Ah, here we go.

What is one thing that
would improve that dinner?

My answer is sexy people.

Almost done.

Do you know if you have
any whole green cardamom?

I didn't see any
in the spice rack.

One of my good friends
got married in Paris.

Yes, I am a local chef.

When we got back
we wanted to do something...

Take care.

That was comparably
glorious for them.

We sat down and came up
with the things

that we knew
that they enjoyed,

and it was good food, good wine,
and lots of tits.

All right.

And it just became
a debauchery for them.

I was in the kitchen
by myself for hours.

As the dinner progressed,
it went from being

like a normal dinner where
you go to somebody's house

and people are kind of like

"I only have three more hours
to get through this"

to "Oh, my fucking God,
this is amazing."

Let's do this again.

So, in addition
to the 14 course meal,

we will have the staff
gradually undressing.

We don't play below the waist,
but the guests can.

What you'll see is
adults expressing

their sensual playful selves

however the hell they
want to do that.

You're going to walk out of
here so fucking turned on,

it's going to be
dangerous to drive.

- I could wear
something like this.

I love retro clothes.

Our Gourmet Life
gives people the opportunity

to do something that is
out of the box for them.

And in that they might find
so many possibilities.

I don't think life
is meant to be comfortable.

I am trying to, like,
modulate pushing myself

into that place of fear.

Finding that sweet spot
where you feel challenged

but still being true to yourself
and what you want.

Okay, let's see.

Elissa and I haven't known
each other for that long,

but we have had a couple
of very hot dates.

The first time we played,
I left her with

some really big bruises.

And so, this'll be
a fun way to, like,

introduce her to some people
that she doesn't know yet

and to some things that
she hasn't done yet.

It's one of those events

where, like, I don't have
huge expectations,

but the possibilities
are really hot.

- I am going to
Our Gourmet Life

with Laurence, who is my
partner but he's not my husband.

I am married.

Laurence is also married
to someone else,

and we are going together
without our partners.

I think that you can
still have commitment

outside of monogamy.

Like, I like
to have relationships

with lots of people.

You can either do that in
a shady way or a not shady way.

I think it's good to have,
like, different experiences

with different people.

When you're in a
committed partnership,

it's really easy
to get into ruts.

There's whole facets
of your personality

that, like, come out
when you meet someone else.

Having someone else unlock
that can bring that

to your primary live-in partner

and bring excitement
to your life.

Like, that's the fun part.

- So, option A,
option B.

- I still like the boots.

- Yeah, the purple boots best?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

That's what I wanna do.
- Yeah.

- God, I love you
for picking

the most comfortable
option, really.

I met Elissa
not too long ago.

She's new to the Bay area.

This is kind of fun.

And I know that she's interested
in exploring this scene more,

and she's done some
really intense play.

Your bruises are distracting
me a little bit.

- Oh, good, I'm glad.

- Is there anything that
you felt like

ooh, I really want that?

- I'd like to be collared.
- Okay.

- Yeah.
- I love collaring.

And collaring rituals, so, like,

I'm excited that you're
excited for that.

- Yeah.
- Like, that's gonna

be really fun.

- Normally, where would you go
with this dinner?

Like, how far does it...

- You know, I have bound
someone to a chair and fed them.

- Okay.

- I did think about
how hot it would be

to, like stretch you out on
the table and spank you there.

- Getting spanked over
the table is really hot.

[ laughing ]

To wherever the night goes.
- Yes.

- Come on out, let me see.

I like when we get to get
out away from the children

and do some adult activities.

- I can get behind that.

- That's what we need.

- Mutually, we agree
to explore other aspects.

- I think that's it.

Exploring things.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.

- I have a freaky side.

- I've seen you with women.
- That color.

- You're acting like
there's no-one else around.

- We've experimented
with all types of things.

The only rule is that whatever
we do, we do it together.

It works for us.

- So in addition
to the courses,

the intermediate dinner
tends to be a little bit more

out of control.

- Cheers, everyone.
- Cheers.

- Nice to meet you.
- Lovely to meet you guys.

- Thank you.

- I'm Sparrow.
- Hi, Sparrow, I'm Cyphera.

- Hi.

- As I was telling you about,
I was hoping she was here.

- Nice to meet you.

- Cheers.
- Okay, baby.

- Tess. And your name?
- Laurence, nice to meet you.

- Laura, was it?
- Yeah.

And your name, I'm sorry?
- Laurence.

- Laurence, nice to meet you.

- Bless me,
I'm planning to sin.

[ laughing ]

- For the build
in the mouth appetizer,

it's a little homage
to BDSM.

Position one of the guests
on their knees

in front of the server,

and the server
keeps their mouth open

while you build the appetizer
in the guest's mouth.

Doesn't let the guest close
their mouth until they're ready.

- I wonder that churches
might be a bit busier

if this was the sort of
thing they got.

- It also gives the server
a chance to express their,

their dominance,
their power.

- Bring it in, get a
sneak peek at the menu.

- Wow, that is a menu.

I hereby decree that this is
going to be a very tasty dinner.

[ glass clinking ]

[ cheering ]

- Thank you.

Most of y'all
have been here before,

but I'll go over the--
you haven't been here before?

- No.
- Welcome.

- Thank you.

- So, those of you who don't
know what you're in for,

this is an erotic dinner.

You've got 16 courses
coming you way.

When we first came up
with these dinners,

this is the dinner
that we created.

And, we've been doing
them for nearly 10 years.

[ applause ]

So, for those of
you who haven't

enjoyed one of
our dinners before,

we break nearly every rule
of dinner service

that exists on this planet.

The staff will be
feeding you dinner.

Enjoy them,
because I promise you,

they're going to be
enjoying you.

So, bon apetit.

[ applause ]

The first three or four dinners,
there was a lot of sex.

All of the guests cleared
everything off the table

and they were just all
on the table, fucking,

and carrying on and all
that kind of stuff.

And I was like,
"But I still have lobster."

- Oh, we're getting
a strip show.

- You can tell me more.

- I'm a person that really
enjoys intensity.

Having an experience
that feels epic.

What I get from kink
is about that.

- The goal is to give people
the best erotic experience

that we can give them.

- I guess I should leave you
to your food.

- There's food here?
- Yes.

- Oh, yeah.

- I want to produce
an erotic experience

that is the best erotic
experience that I can create

for them.

What they do with it,
that's up to them.

- Something about
someone's, like, warm breath

on the side of your neck.

- Mm-hmm.
- Is really nice.

I felt like Elissa
was so present

from the very beginning.

- We're basically the same.
- Yeah, basically the same.

She's looking for pleasure.

She wants it to feel good.

And she wants
to have an adventure.

And I feel good
mentoring her a little bit.

[ laughing ]

Is she your favorite so far?

- I think so.
- Yeah.

- She has a self-possessed

- Yeah, self-possessed
is a good word for it.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

- Lots to think about.

If you're lucky enough...

- Mm-hmm.
- To be less warm.

You're going to have
to suffer.

Because we're both in
open relationships

outside of monogamy,
we're approaching

our boundaries really carefully

because we want to be sensitive
to each other's partners.

For me, my husband
is still my life partner.

I believe I can have
another intimate partner

and that doesn't take away
any of the good aspects

of my life partnership.

In fact, like, I think
it strengthens them.

- She certainly likes to dust.

- She does like to dust.
- Yeah.

- Are there people who shouldn't
come to the dinner? Yeah.

Nearly every intro dinner,
there's at least one couple...

to say they were reserved
would be generous.

By the end of the dinner,
they're just as blissed out

as everybody else.

- Put it in the other hand.

- In the other hand?
- Yeah.

- You are so funny.

- We display
our affection publicly.

We're not overtly sexual,

but we don't hide
the sexuality.

- Seeing him excited excites me.
- Yeah.

- And he's the same way,
he sees I'm excited...

- Yeah.
- Then he gets excited.

- May I run this up
the center of your belly?

- Of course. Ooh!
Nice and chill.

- Should we
Lady and the Tramp it?

- Yes.
- Okay.

I think this is a...
- Which side do you want?

- I'll go to the far side.

- Oh, thank you for making it
easier on us.

- Oh, of course.

[ laughs ]

- Sorry, I shoved...
I shoved my boobs in your face.

- I think that's a plus.
- I don't mind at all.

[ laughing ]

- That is a beautiful ass.
- Mmm. Mmm.

- You have a beautiful ass.
- Thank you.

- It's amazing.

Yes. It is.


- It's got a little
warmer in here.

- Yeah, it's...

- What's that?

- Light speed.
- Oh, quick.

- Oh my gosh.

- As the dinner
starts to unfold,

we will have the staff
invite the guests

to move to a different
part of the room

where they'll do
a caviar service.

Guests can do caviar
off the nipple.

Whether it's their own
or their partner's nipple,

or one of the servers
or somebody else's,

then the guests and server
start to change the dynamic

of their interactions.

- Thank you.

- Wait, let me take you on
tour to the bathroom.

- Okay.
- Yes.

[ laughs ]

- I did not expect it to
go this much further.

- I know, I love it.

Part of me just wanted
to move and stretch.

And it was a way of
making sure, like,

"Okay, you having fun?

Is this good for you?"

As soon as we went
in there, I knew

all those answers were,
"Yes, yes, yes."

See, now, everyone's
gonna see your ass.

[ chuckles ]

When we were in the bathroom,

I felt like I could really
feel her in that moment.

I had her hands
on the counter.

And I'm spanking her
at a good medium.

Let's say, a solid five.

Maybe this would be a good
time to put a collar on you.

- That would be fantastic.
- Yeah.

Let's go to the toy wagon,
see what I can grab.

Some of the kind of like
sensual attention

that the servers are giving,
not everyone's gonna like it.

- Free yourself.

- Which doesn't mean that
they're not getting something

really erotic and sensual
from the experience.

- Ules and Tanisha,

we can't tell
what their experience is

by looking at them.

- Would you like some chocolate?

- All of your senses
are being stimulated.

The sight, the sound,
the smells,

the taste, everything...
the touch...

everything is
being stimulated.

And it is, for some people,
extremely confronting.

Even people who don't express
themselves in ways

that we expect can be having

exactly the experience
that they want to have.

If you're willing to just
enjoy being alive,

if only for three hours,

it's a good place for you.

- Let me unveil this ass.
- Go for it.

- When people say, oh, that
makes me really uncomfortable,

I recognize that it's coming
from a place of fear.

And so I don't want
to be ruled by that.

We're not supposed to stay
in our comfort zone.

- Mmm.

- God, I'm gonna put
my hand on you.

- I love the blindfolds.

- I want you to
bring her head up.

That's perfect.

Good, hold her there.

How's everything going
for you so far?

- It's so good.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- So, we're going to move
slowly and carefully.

- Thank you.

- Just listen to the
sound of my voice.

Come towards me.

Do you still hear me?
- Yes.

- Keep coming.

You're going really fast now,
you brave girl.


I knew that Elissa was
enjoying herself.

There were moments later when
we started to play

where I just wanted to
make sure that she is

into it in every moment
going forward.

And she was like,
"Yes, please."

Let's see what's going on
over here. Come with me.

[ clicks tongue ]

Is there anything you want
before I close us

and tell you to get in
the cab and go home

so you can work?

[ laughs ]

Knowing Elissa had a great
time at the dinner

is exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to enjoy myself,

but I get more enjoyment
from knowing

that she enjoyed herself.

Elissa was amazing.

- That was so good.

The cheesecake, mmm.

- I'm power struggling.

Thanks, you two.

- Thank you.

There's a freedom that comes
along with exploring

your sexuality.

That was nice.

Anything is possible.

- Oh, please.
- I hope you enjoyed it.

- Yeah, that was great.

- I personally find the way
to have fun at sex parties

is to not have
any expectations.

To be open to experiences,

and to focus on
individual interactions.

Then anything else that
happens is fun and exciting.

But those other things
are really what excites me.

That opportunity to form, like,

closeness even if it's
for a small bit of intimacy.

Even if it's with someone
you don't know.

- Here we go.

- So what do I get
out of the dinners?

I get to see people
grow and play

in ways that I wish
I could have done in my 20s.

'Cause that venue
didn't exist for me.

And I get to learn how to
be an amazing chef.

In my fantasy,

and truly just fantasy,

we would all be having sex
with each other all the time

like we shake hands or
like we hug.


If money were no object,

where would I want to take
Our Gourmet Life?

[ chuckles ]

The world is not
ready for that.

[ laughing, spanking ]

- ♪ Don't you want to
make some more ♪

♪ Don't you want to
make some more ♪

- He has a fetish.
- I, yeah.

- It's gonna be something
really crazy.

- No, don't do that.
Okay, fine, I guess.

- It's Cholula sauce.

- We would go through, like,
a bottle. Like, in one night.

- Cholula's not just
for the kitchen.

- It goes quick.

- Oh, uh, years ago,

you know, it was,
like the chocolate,

and of course, the...
- Whipping cream.

- Whipped cream.

Eating out of the navel...

- But we were getting fat.
- That was kind of...

- I had a friend who
had to go to the hospital.

She had to get the
strawberries removed

'cause she couldn't get it.

- I've never been
naked on a cake.

However, if there was
an opportunity to do something

like that for my husband
privately, absolutely.

Why not?
It's not like spaghetti.

- Right.

- ♪ Don't you want to
make some more ♪

♪ Don't you want to
make some more ♪

[ cheering ]

- Burlesque is magic.

- Burlesque is sexuality
and femininity.

- Burlesque is fucking crazy.

[ cheering ]

- Burlesque in its modern form

has taken on new life
and meaning.

You make it voluptuous,

You blow it up,
you make fun of it.

It's a really good form
of entertainment.

- I figured out a way
with burlesque

to show my butt without
getting arrested.

[ cheering ]

- Spread your legs
and make some noise,

the legend and icon, Mosh!

[ cheering ]

- Burlesque, by definition,
is a satire

that had stars, the strippers.

I say that all the time,
I'm just a stripper.

But just a stripper
just has a lot

packed into it.

What makes
burlesque sexy

to the public really depends
on the viewer.

Could be the way you
took off that garment,

that glance you gave somebody
in the front row.

Maybe whatever moment
you shared between

somebody you hit
on the head with your bra,

and you let the sensual
nature of it

kind of move you.

So I was born in
Moscow, Russia,

then the Soviet Union.

My parents were
elite-level gymnasts,

and they became my coaches.

And as soon as
I hit level 10,

I injured my elbow and
I couldn't go back.

When I create a performance,
I never sit down and think,

I'm gonna make something new.

No, it's usually something
that sparks it.

It could be a piece
of clothing I see,

it could be a little
clip that I see.

And the way that it
comes into my head,

I'll try to sketch that out
as quickly as I can.

From there I'll start building
the cohesive show with it.

Pretty great, too.

I ripped off kind of a version
of this for a costume.

I get to wear
the original, too.

It's very fun.

This was a souvenir piece,

but it's supposedly the dressing
room keys to Jean Harlow's

dressing room at MGM.

A lot of the stuff, yeah,
I collect because

um, in some way, shape,
or form it may

inspire a shoot or a show.

I collect things that kind
of flip a switch in my brain.

I believe that everybody
has their own art form.

That's where it started.

[ camera shutter clicks ]

- Come over this way
just a little.

Right there.

And then out the window.

- Burlesque is, in some ways,

one of the purest
forms of celebration

of ultimate female freedom.

It glorifies
the female form

to its utmost potential.

I love it.

- It's time we saw some
man meat here tonight.

[ cheering ]

- That's right!

Behind this curtain right now

we have a superstar
of "boylesque".

[ cheering ]

- Ready to come out here...

- So many people have this idea
of what classic burlesque is.

Women in ball gowns taking
their clothes off.

Boylesque to me is very simply
male burlesque.

Performing masculinity
onstage through striptease.

[ Spanish music ]

[ electronic music ]

- I think people come
to see my performances

just to laugh
and be titillated.

It's sexy and edgy.

But it's infused with
enough humor and joy

that you don't walk away
feeling like you just

downloaded a whole bunch of
porn off of Xtube or something.

[ audience whooping ]

I think performing gives me

that immediate sense
of gratification.

The reality is I don't
think we'd be

taking our clothes off
onstage if we didn't feel like

we needed people to
acknowledge us or cheer for us

or love us.

And performing in burlesque is
a way for me to create work

that I'm proud of,
this joy of sexual expression

and share with people.

The two essential components
to burlesque are

the strip and the tease.

I love creating my costumes.

It helps me really kind
of personalize the number

and get into the bones
of the number

that I'm going to be doing.

You're trying to always be
one step ahead of the audience.

We all know that you're going
to take your clothes off.

It's the journey
of that, though,

that we actually
find interesting.

Sex is what attracts
the audience to begin with.

It's that promise
of the forbidden.

The fear about
enjoying one's body

is for some reason,
you know, extreme.

- You're gonna be great.
You're gonna be great.

I don't know why you're...

♪ Us, us, us, us us
Us, us ♪

♪ Us

This is me just practicing

the things that I'm gonna
do after the show.

Hi, my name is
Tito Bonito,

and I'm known as the Cuban
Missile Crisis of burlesque.

You want to see my apartment?

You want to see the magic
that is the Bay of Pigs?

So, I have a lot of Cuban
influences everywhere

because I'm trying to, you know,
have respect to my culture.

I grew up in Miami, Florida.

I was super sexually repressed,

especially just being in
the closet in a different time

where it was just not
as accepting.

I have a little petri dish
of pasties.

A little suit and tie.

A little heart
for when I do Tin Man.

Stop. Oh my God.
These are so messed up.

When I was first thinking
about doing burlesque,

I went straight to my family.

For when I perform tonight.

My family, tremendo Cuban,
just like,

super just like judgmental,

they were always like,
what is he doing?

He's performing porn,
but he's dancing?

Is he a drag queen?

Not even understanding
what it is until they saw it.

That's when they were like,

"Oh, there's nothing
wrong with this."

You like that?

That chubby butty.

Chubby butt.

My favorite part of burlesque
as a performer

is understanding that we're
going to see all kinds of bodies

no matter what they look like,

and we're going
to appreciate them.

You can see this pimple
that's happening right now?

I don't have to put makeup on,
I can just cover it

with a tassel.

That's called genius.

Because I'm not ripped,
I'm not, like, shredded.

I'm not in shape.
My chest, like, caves in.

But allowing myself to just own
my body and be in that space

and that in itself, that's my
favorite part about burlesque

for sure.

I think we're pretty much
ready to put on a show.

[ sighs ]

[ burlesque music plays ]

- With my stage shows,
I like

peeling layers because
there's more outfit you can see.

So, I'll have the gown on top,
the separate parts underneath.

Underneath that,
I'll have the undergarments.

Underneath that,
I'll have more crystals.

It's like a four piece
fashion show.

For me, it's really fun.

What I find sexy is
somebody who finds

their art form in life,

have a very good
sense of humor about it,

and about the things that
they're interested in.

And being very grounded
in themselves

and their attitude.

Everything else is
just a facade.

[ audience cheering ]

- Mosh, ladies and gentlemen.

[ cheering ]

- I draw a lot of inspiration
from these archetypes

of Village People
and Liberace,

performers that sold
this idea of masculinity

with a twist.

[ hip hop music plays ]

[ cheering ]

- I love that
I'm a part of this scene

that isn't
Broadway, it's its own inclusive

but weird
off-kilter, pretty,

but also kind
of deranged atmosphere.

[ cheering ]

- When I moved to New York,

I found something that
makes me feel good in my body,

especially when I'm on stage.

Owning your body and
owning what you do

with your body publicly,

is a really freeing
expression for yourself,

but it's also freeing
for people to experience.

[ audience cheering ]

- Give it up for
Chris Harder, everybody!

- I find my inspiration
for my performances

all over the place.

I do the Cuban immigrant number

to really show
my family story.

And kind of tap into that.

And just have like
a part of my heritage

be on stage.

And when I'm dressed
like a Cuban immigrant,

I have a glove reveal, but
instead of it being gloves,

it's a flotation device.

So it's traditional
but it's also not.

That's what make it an art.

It's inherently political
just to be getting on stage

and taking off your clothing.

Poking fun at that
really allows people

to not take sex so seriously,

to the point where they are
just like repressing

just being themselves.

When you hear
everyone scream,

they're screaming
not only for you,

but they're also screaming
for themselves,

so it's just this like feeling
of unison that you have

with everyone in the show.

And whether it's because they
saw something that was so crazy

that it makes them just be like,

"Wow, I handled that
and that was okay,

and I survived."

The idea of making sure that
that audience walks out of there

a little more enlightened
then when they walked in.

[ audience cheering ]

- Sexuality, sex, drives
everything we do in life.

We should glorify it.

We're alive on earth for
a very short amount of time.

Just be yourself.

- You can explore
your sexuality

in a lot of surprising ways.

You can own your body,

and be good enough.

- I think it's beautiful
and the actual

sexual liberation of it,

that to me is what especially
today burlesque is about.

- How would we spice up
our sex life?

That's a great question.

It's, uh, I don't think
there's much left to be explored

until we, you know, completely
turn things on their ear.

- Yeah, you know,
when you get older things just,

we did a lot of stuff
when we were younger

we just probably don't
do anymore.

- No.
- Yes.

- Vibrators, and we used...
- Plugs.

- Plugs, we used a lot
of butt plugs.

- Got her a tail for,
like, Christmas.

I got you last year?

- Oh yeah, I have a pretty
purple fox tail.

- One of my girlfriends,
she got me something that

I was like, I didn't even
know that these existed.

So, they're like
vibrating underwear?

- We got a ring,
it holds the penis.

- Just being open and being
with somebody who's also open

is really awesome.

Because then,
you can just like,

say "Yo, okay, jam something
in my ass now."

It's like, "let's do this."

- Sex dolls are,
like, the next wave

of interacting sexually.

Because you're creating
an imagination and fantasy

with your doll that
you don't get in other toys.

Sex dolls is
a really great way

to kind of bring back the fun...

[ woman moans ]

The playfulness.

And laughter.

And pleasure.

Bringing in any type of toy

enhances that eroticism

and creates more pleasure.

- Hey.
- What's up?

- What'd you do with
the ketchup?

- Say what?

- Did you really just
give me one package?

- I saw that hello.
- I'm not a baby.

- Never said you
was a baby.

But you don't use
a lot of ketchup like me.

Bra, I pay attention to you
for eight years.

If I don't know you
by now,

then something wrong.

- Corey and I met in Florida.

I was really attracted
to all the muscles.

He was really buff then.

I don't know what
happened, but...

- That's a lot of ass.

- When we first met,
the sex life was amazing.

I was just truly
addicted to him.

And vice versa.
It was fireworks.

I talked to my Mama today.

And I was telling her,
I know I'm your wild child.

- What is wild about you?

- I have tattoos.
- What that mean?

- I have piercings.
- What that mean?

- Nobody in my family
has that.

- That's not wild.

If they only knew the shit
that we done together...

- Our sex life changed,
I would definitely say

after we had our daughter.

I went through
a little post-partum.

I didn't have the sex drive
like he did.

And that's when everything
kind of went down south.

- My level of freak,
your level of freak.

- What?
- Exactly.

- When we tried to
rekindle it,

we started going to hang out
at the swinger's clubs.

And I have found that
to be a turn on for me,

just kind of watching
other people have sex.

And then we talked about
having a threesome

or would I be interested,

and I was just
kind of like

that's not something
I've ever thought about.

[ laughs ]

So we've been trying
to figure out ways to

have a threesome and kind
of getting me comfortable with

having another woman
in the room.

- We gotta go to the app.

- I got this. Just chill.
- All right.

- See? Here she goes right here.

See, I like her
all day long.

But look how real she looks.

- If a couple wants
to open their relationship

to more partners,
but there is a concern,

a sex doll might be
a really good middle ground

for that couple
to play with

and to explore without putting
the relationship at risk.

- She could be thick,
just find a different one.

I'm not vibing with this one.

- As a sex therapist,
I've used sex dolls

in the therapeutic context
for a long time.

Incorporating a sex doll
can really enhance

the erotic excitement
that goes on.

- She even got a little...
- She got a landing strip.

- Landing strip.

- You never want to
hurt your relationship.

And when somebody means
the world to you,

you want them to feel
like they make you feel

like you're the greatest
thing on earth, and she does.

I'm never, like, not satisfied
when I have sex with her.

Just don't have that
drive no more

that we had
at the beginning.

- I just want you to look
at shape and size

cause you can customize
the color.

- Okay.

Oh my God!

Why she ain't got no head?
Who thinks of shit like this?

Who does that?

Nothing can replace
the real deal.

But I'm gonna try it

I never want to lose Ashley.

It's crazy to say
love at first sight,

like as soon as I saw her,

I knew that's where
I wanted to be.

- Oh, look at this one.
- Oh, shit.


When we first started
having sex,

man, we was
like rabbits.

Now it's like turtles.

[ chuckles ]

Hold on, hold on. Jameson.
Is she a sister? Is she Spanish?

- She looks like
she's from Brazil.

- That would be my
ideal situation is to keep Ash

and have somebody
that she respects.

- You could have a threesome
right here with that ass.

- That's why these dolls,
I'm hoping is a good situation.

- Mom, do you want
it darker than this?

- Yeah, I can't even see it.

- How's that?
- That looks great.

- Tell me when you are ready.
- Ready when you are.

- Okay, and go.

- I'm going to show you how
to insert a replaceable vagina.

You'll need our
premium renewal powder,

and then when you open it up,
it just will stretch right open

and then you'll just insert it
in with one hand

seat it all the way back.

We're the number one seller of
realistic life-size sex dolls

in the United States.

And she's ready to go.

And I sell sex dolls
with my mom.

It's pretty exciting.

- Just get her cleaned up.

Quite a few years ago,
I saw a sex doll

and I didn't know
anything about them.

Oh, that's great.

But I fell in love with them.

There we go.

They're so finely crafted
and gorgeous,

I just knew that I had to
bring them to the world.

What really makes us
love what we do

is the fulfillment that these
dolls bring to people's lives.

- I think she's good.

There's a lot of misconceptions
about who's buying sex dolls.

- Some people have
maybe some medical issues

like ED, or they've had
limited sexual experience.

Limited sexual partners.

They may be
later in life virgins,

or they have
performance anxiety.

- She is thick!

- But for a lot of other people,

it's more than that.

It's such a fun way
for men and women

to experience sex in a safe
and meaningful way.

Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Knocked your hat off.

- Oh, she's so large.

- It became easier once
I became educated.

It became empowering to be
able to help people

achieve sexual experiences

that they didn't anticipate
that they could have.

- These eyes are
really green, aren't they?

- She looks so happy
to be here.

If I can help people
enjoy sex,

what's better than that?

Oh, yeah, she looks
really pretty.

- I've been, like, anticipating
this doll all week.


So, I'm curious what
it's going to look like.

I'm ready to see,
see, touch and feel.

Goodness, that box.
So big.

I'm sure my neighbors
are going to be like,

"What the hell?"

It's huge!

There's Jameson.

She's here.

Oh, it is kind of heavy.


It's almost like
a dead body or something.

When Corey gets here,
it's game time.

- Hey, I gotta go, I gotta go.
You in the way, move.

I gotta get to Jameson.

I'm curious,
I'm interested, you know?

It's just new.
It's new territory.

So I'm all for it.

I never want to lose Ashley,

and that's why I'm like,
I'm gonna try a sex doll out.

- Babe.

She came.

[ laughing ]

- Yo.

- Look how big it is.

I'm opening this little box.
- It better not be the head.

I just feel like
it's a dead body.

If it's the head,
I'm gonna scream.

- It's not the head.
- Okay.

- It's the accessories.

- For the doll?

- Smart warming wand.
It looked like a vibrator.

Warming wand.

I guess you're supposed
to warm the coochie with that.

[ laughs ]

- When relationships invite
a sex doll into their sex play,

it's really important to
just spend some time with it

before you decide
to have sex with it.

- Oh my God, look how my hands
just kind of...

bleed into her. Like...

- You'll need to get good
at maneuvering them,

so that you can experience
the maximum pleasure

before the erections show up.

- This is crazy.
- Oh.

- What?
The arms and stuff move.

- Oh, shit.

[ laughs ]

I need some lube
and a little warm.

I'll be like this.

[ Ashley laughs ]

- With no head.

- Oh, she got a tongue.

Oh, thank you, Jesus.

So, we gonna go to
a hotel later?

What we gonna do?

- Yeah, let's make it
a date night.

Make this a night
to remember.

Having the sex doll is
going to be interesting.

But I think I'll feel a lot
more comfortable knowing that

she's not going
to come between us

and break up our home.

I'm excited because
it's something new.

And I am very open
to trying new things.

You know, that little dose
that I had

when we went watching
other people have sex

at the swingers club just gave
me, like, this bad girl feeling.

And I just felt real sexy.

I want to have this
freaky, sexy side.

Eventually I do want
to get to having couples

and swingers parties
at my own house.

The doll is definitely
a baby step,

and right now I need to take
all the baby steps I can get.

Ready for date night, babe?

- I was made for this.

I think Ashley would
be okay with me

having sex with the doll
as much as I want.

I'm hoping the experience
from the sex doll

eventually moves to something
that, you know,

there being another
person involved

sexually with us both.

- Corey's always
stressed to me,

he's a very touchy, feely person

and sex is what makes him
feel appreciated.

So, of course, I want to
fulfill every fantasy for him.

Just like I would want him
to fulfill my fantasies

which he really does
a great job on doing.

- Oh, that was easy.

Watch a little TV.

[ knocking ]

[ Ashley giggles ]

- Hey, babe.

What are you smiling cheesy big?

- Because somebody
want to meet you.

- Oh, Lord.
- Somebody been waiting on you.

[ laughs ]

- You did good, poppy.

[ chuckles ]

I'm really really curious

to see what it's going
to do for us

to excite us, so it
may be like

a nightly thing where we're
just having sex all the time,

just the three of us.

You gotta warm her up.

There you go.

This is so nice.


[ laughs ]

You got to let
her warm up.

- What the fuck?

- I'ma go to the bathroom.
Put on this shirt real quick.

- When couples use sex dolls
as a way to sort of practice

or to see what
it might look like

if their partner would have
sex with someone else,

it's actually its own
erotic experience.

- Suck my finger.

[ laughs ]

Can you feel it?
- Yeah, I feel it.

[ laughing ]
- Can you feel it?

- A sex doll brings back
kind of that view

of sexuality we had
when we didn't forget

that it was supposed to be fun.

So we will turn
her around.

- Okay.
- Hold up.

Pull her legs up more
so that way...

- Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Oh my God,
I killed the bitch.

I killed the bitch!

I'm sorry.

- You pulled her head off!

[ laughing ]

- Damn! I'm not happy.

- Come on.

- Wait, I can't...

Can't get into this shit.

I'm not aroused,
I'm not excited.

I'm, like, excited
before I got to it.

I'm not excited.

Looking at you
can get me hard.

I don't need nothing.

Soon as I see you
I get hard, you know this.

- So why do we need
another woman?

- We don't need another woman.

I get turned on by, like
the energy I get back, you know.

That's how I finish.

- Will you be turned on if you
see my practicing eating her?

- Anything's better than
what's been happening.

- Okay, well, we'll
try this way first,

and I'll, like, get on her,

and, like, have my ass up.

- Put your ass on her face.

Let's try.
- Let's try.

That works.

Put her hand on my ass.

- All right.

There we go.

- We figured it out.

- Feeling some shit.

- Watching him have sex
with Jameson,

it was actually a turn-on.

I thought I would
feel some type of way

but like I'm truly,
truly turned on.

- You want to put the
strawberry stuff on her?

- Oh, yeah, for taste.


[ Ashley moans ]

- Seeing Ashley perform
oral on Jameson

This is what I want.

That's what I signed up for.

- Yeah.

[ moaning ]

- You didn't leave
nothing for Jameson!

That was a good experience.

- I'm not gonna lie.
That was actually good.

At first I was just like,
eh, what is this?

You know, this is
too much work.

But then once we got into it,

I could see the potential.

I could see this
becoming more so.

I think that we should,
uh, attempt

to have somebody come
join us for real.

- I could see us actually
bringing in another chick.

It's like a little
threesome with...

- The three of y'all,
you, Jameson.

- Me, another chick and Jameson
and instead of him

fucking the other woman,

he can fuck me
and Jameson. Only.

[ laughs ]

That way no other chick
will get dickmetized.

Jameson can't get dickmetized.

Nobody's getting dickmetized
over here but me.