Sex/Life (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Small Town Saturday Night - full transcript

As Brad broods over the mistakes he made with Billie, she and Cooper bite off more than they can chew in a bid to spice up their marriage.

[theme music playing]

["Fire For You" playing]

Thank you so much for coming.

Dude, how many magazines did you buy?

- Are there any left in Manhattan?
- Take one for the road?

- Hell, take five.
- [all laugh]

- Call you for the party postmortem?
- [Billie] I can't wait.

- Bye.
- Bye.

[Brad] Bye.


I can cross "throw grown-up dinner party"
off my bucket list.

Hey, and no one spilled red wine
on your creepy sculpture.

So I'm declaring this a huge success.

Speaking of huge successes...

I read your article.

I didn't realize
I was such a big part of it.

I, um...

I should have let you read a draft.

It was incredible.

I'm so proud of you, B.

Plus, there are worse things than being
called "the best sex of your life."

In print, for the whole world to see.

Look at you.

There's nothing you can't do.

♪ I was on fire for you ♪


I'm so sorry.

I just... Oh, my God.
I'm ruining this beautiful moment.

You're wiped. Go start the bath.
I'll finish up out here.

I'll meet you in the tub.

I really do have it all.

We both do.

♪ You breaking me down ♪

♪ Don't know what I should do ♪

♪ When you come around ♪

♪ I'm leaving without you ♪

Take your clothes off.

Get in the water.

I'll be right there.

♪ I was on fire for you ♪

[cell phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

Hey. Yeah, sorry.

Pull up the session.
I'll be down to the studio in an hour.

- Mm.
- [cell phone beeps]

[dramatic music playing]

[Billie] Cooper, please.

Just talk to me.

I can't even look at you.

But if you just let me explain...

Hudson's soccer tournament starts at 9.

I'm gonna take him.

Appreciate it
if you could stay with Ellary.

But in case you have
another prior engagement

that I don't know about,

you can set out a couple bottles
and I'll take her with me.


Cooper, I want us
to go to soccer together.

As a family, like we always do.

The last thing that I wanna do right now
is pretend to be a happy family.

Hey, Hudson! Let's go, bud!
We're leaving in 20!

I've seen a lot of shit shows in my life.

Been the cause
of my fair share of them too.

But what you been doing?

- That is some next-level shit-show shit.
- Okay, you're right. I screwed up.

I mean, I keep screwing up, but...

the journal's done.

Smashed into a million pieces.

This whole thing, its...

It's over.


I don't wanna be that basic bitch that
tells you to shut up and be a good wifey.

Isn't that what you have been
telling me to do?


If you're unhappy, if you feel
like there's something missing,

then you and Cooper need to figure it out.

Go to couples counseling.

Whatever it takes, but you need to talk.

I've been trying to talk to him.

- But he's...
- He won't talk to you?

Well, then, yeah,
you should never talk again.

Cooper has been fighting for you,
this whole time.

Now it's your turn.

[dramatic music playing]

Are you fucking kidding me? [scoffs]

Sash, come on.

Thanks, but I'm all full-up
on the Billie and Brad Show.

Look, I love her. Hey. Please.

You gotta help me get her back.


Oh, my God.
I never should have fucked you.

That's not why this is happening.

Uh, it kind of is. 'Cause if Billie hadn't
seen you at my apartment,

you would have stayed in her past,
where you belong.

We would have found our way.
Billie and I are inevitable.

Oh, yeah. Right.

You were so fucking inevitable,
you broke up.

But I never got over her.

Now I know
she still has feelings for me too.

Feelings aren't facts, Brad.
And the fact is, you were bad for her.

I've changed, all right?

I'm not the same guy I was ten years ago.

Oh, you've changed, huh?

So that's why you got wasted
and boned your inevitable's best friend?

That was before I knew
Billie was an option.

See, that's the thing,
she's not an option, Brad.

- She's married.
- Not happily. I can tell.

I know her, Sash.

Like no one else does.

I could read it all over her face.

Then you must be dyslexic.

- 'Cause Cooper's a great guy.
- Really?

Back off and let her work it out with him.

And if I don't?

You don't get a do-over, all right?

You gotta own the fact
that you screwed it up.

You're not with Billie today 'cause
you screwed it up so damn spectacularly.

What you did after the miscarriage...

That's who you are, Brad.

And face it...

guys like you don't change.

[door closes]

[dramatic music playing]

You okay?

You want some of the pain meds
the doc gave?

No. I just wanna lie down and pretend
this nightmare of a day never happened.

I can't believe I have to get on a plane
to go to my cousin's wedding.

- If you don't feel well enough...
- No, no. I wanna go home.

It'll be good to get my mind...

off... losing the baby.

I'm glad you're coming with me.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

I just gotta head down to the studio.

You're leaving?

- Now?
- It's not a big deal.

- We have to get some tracks...
- It's not a big deal?

- I just had a miscarriage.
- No, I know, it's just...

Okay. Maybe I'm the one who should go.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

- Oh, you're being ridiculous.
- For fuck's sake, Billie. I need space.

[car horn honking]

Hey, man!

What the hell are you doing?
Look where you're going!


[door opens]

- [Hudson] I'm gonna go tell Mommy.
- [Cooper] Okay, buddy.

Mommy, we won.

Oh! Well, congratulations.
Oh, that's so great.

Did you make a cake for me?

Actually, um, sweetheart,
this cake is for Daddy

because he made partner at work,
which is a really big deal.

I'm so proud of you.

How'd you find out?

Trina told me.

Can I have some cake,
even though it's for Daddy?

Of course, honey. Yes. But later.

- How about you go play with some Legos?
- Okay.

[dramatic music playing]

Cooper, look.


I'm sorry about last night,
but I swear, nothing happened.

At your dinner with Sumner?

You know, I had this dream...

of this house...

this family,

and you step right into it.

I thought that it was what you wanted too.

[stammers] It is what I wanted.

- It's what I want.
- Yeah, except you stay out all night...

you don't even check on the kids,
and then you make me a cake.

- You think everything's gonna be fine.
- I don't.

The cake is stupid.
I wanted to do something to celebrate

because I really am so proud of you.

Cooper, I wanna fix things.

Cooper, please.

I know...

I keep saying it,

and then I only do things
to make it worse.

But that's done.

Last night...

when I came home...

and the house was empty,

and I thought that you had taken
the kids and left me...

Like, for real.

It... It felt like my soul dropped out
of my body.

You and the kids, you're my life.
You're my world, Cooper.

Nothing else. No one...

No one else matters.

And see what you only
just realized last night?

I've known since the second I met you.

I didn't just realize last night.

Of course I've always known it.


I was never unhappy with you.

Except... for the sex.

And I know I should have been honest
about who I was

and what I needed,
but I just... I didn't... I...

I didn't wanna hurt you.

- You're right. Because this was better.
- Okay.

Look, do you think this is easy for me?

Look, I'm sorry you felt
you couldn't tell me.

I mean, I don't know if that's on me or...

What girls have been taught
our whole lives?


I get it now.

I had gotten complacent.

And we had little kids and I just thought:

"Okay, this is a...

It's a season of sacrifice."

But I understand now
what you were missing.

And why you were fantasizing
about him because...


A big part of me came back to life
when I was with Francesca.


I thought you said nothing happened.

You know, it didn't.

But I'd forgotten how the possibility...

of something new... feels, you know?

That thrill of "What if?"
Like in your journal.

The rush, the danger, the excitement.

And that made me want more too.

Look, I never had all of
the wild experiences that you did, okay?

Maybe I should have.

But the truth is,

I don't wanna have those
with Francesca, with anybody else.

I wanna have them with you.

I wanna have them with you too.


But what?

Do you think it's possible
for the same person

who gives you love, safety, security,

a beautiful home and family...

To give you that rush too.

I'd rather have you than the rush.

And I would rather have it all.

And I think you would too.

So what...?

What do we do?

I don't know.

[Trina] Hello! Anyone home?

Oh, shit. I invited them over
to celebrate.

- The promotion you didn't know about?
- Yeah.

- Hi!
- Congratulations, Cooper.

- Thank you.
- We brought bubbly.

Put her there, partner.

Thanks, buddy.

And Trina made her famous seven-layer dip,

and there are a lot of things
that I love about this woman,

but this dip is why I put a ring on it.

This is it.

[Trina] Aww.


[kids laughing]


How are you doing?

And, uh, how is it going with the sexy ex?

When you called me looking for Cooper,
you sounded so distraught, I wondered if...

Um, no, that was a misunderstanding.

And the, um...

stuff with the ex is, um, ancient history.

And Cooper and I...

are really focused on each other now.

[speaking indistinctly]

Yeah. You guys look deliriously happy.

Listen, what...

exactly did you mean
the other day about, um...

you know, marriages falling into a rut

and needing to spice things up,
but then doing it together?

Oh, girl.

Do you really think you're ready for this?

At this point, I think we're ready
for just about anything.

- Can you get a sitter for tonight?
- I could call Sasha.

'Cause Devon and I are gonna
blow your mind.

[Devon] Burgers are ready!

- [Trina] Wow.
- [Devon] Let's get a beer.

[pop music playing over speakers]

- Sorry I'm late. I got hung up. Ahem.
- [music stops]

- I'm Kyla.
- Hey, I'm Brad.

Oh, I know. Been dying to work with you

ever since I heard what you did
on Willow McKenna's album.

She said the whole experience was...


You're friends.

Well, friendly enough that she warned me
not to sleep with you.

- Yeah, that was a long time ago.
- Not what I heard.

- Let's get to work, okay?
- Yeah.

Let's do it.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

[cello playing classical music]

[Billie] Dad.

- Hi.
- Hi.

[Billie] Hi, hi.

- Mom. Hi.
- Hi.

Um, this is Brad.

Brad, these are my parents. Vivi...

You can just call us "Mom" and "Dad."

Oh, I am so happy to finally meet you.

Daddy and I were so sorry
to hear about the baby.

But, please, don't let this keep you
from trying again.

- Mom.
- You know Melanie Bennett.

She had three miscarriages
until she got little Jasper.

And just look at that sweet boy.

He's delicious, huh?

Yeah, he really is.

Don't mind your mother.
You know how she gets ahead of herself.

Well, I just don't want you
to give up is all.

And, well, although...

This will be the last time I'll say it,

it wouldn't be the worst thing
in the world to get married first.

Mom, enough.

The ceremony's about to start.
Uh, we should go get seats.

So glad you came, honey.

Yeah, me too.

I'm so sorry.

Can we just erase the last five minutes?

- You didn't oversell her, that's for sure.
- Yeah.

- [rock music playing over speakers]
- [indistinct chatter]

Having a good time?

Oh, yeah.

A blast.

[Billie] Are you fucking kidding me?

[dramatic music playing]

I am so done with you.

Billie, wait.

No. You've been freaking out
ever since we lost the baby,

which makes no sense because
you never wanted it in the first place.

- That's not true!
- You said so!

Okay, maybe it was true at the start,
but then I was all in. Hey!

You don't even know how all-in I was.

If your idea of all-in is making out
with some random chick

at my cousin's wedding, I don't need it.

Oh, we're going through
some dark shit right now, okay?

- I've had too much to drink.
- Bullshit!

You knew exactly what you were doing.

You wanted me to catch you,
so you could walk out on me

the same way
that your dad walked out on you.

This is what you do, Brad.

You said so yourself,
and for far too long now,

it is what I have let you do.

I'm not gonna let you anymore.

Billie, please...

It's my fault we lost the baby.

What are you talking about?

I'm not worthy of being a father.

Even the fucking universe agrees.

Is that what you think?

I don't wanna lose you, B.

I'm just...

I'm so fucked up right now.

You know what?

I actually believe you.

That's what's so frustrating.

Sasha thinks I'm crazy for hanging in,
thinking that you'll...

ever get past what happened with your dad.


I know who you really are.

Who you wanna be.

You just get scared, and then you act out

in these incredibly hurtful ways
to avoid dealing with those feelings,

but you have to, Brad.

You have to face them and your father.

I can't be with you unless you do.

I did find him.

When I thought I was gonna be a dad.

[groans] I thought
it might bring us closer together.

I have his address.

He lives in Wyoming now.


give me one more chance.

I'll do anything, B.

Then go see him.

Work this shit out.

[dance music playing faintly
over speakers]

This isn't what I think it is, is it?

It kind of feels like it.

What are we doing?

Devon's your friend. You tell me.

[people moaning and giggling]

Holy shit.

- This is really happening.
- Mm-hm.

[Trina] Relax.

This can be whatever you want it to be.

You can watch.

Let people watch you.

Or touch.

It's up to you.

Dude, sex with your wife
doesn't always have to be

some transcendent-
Nicholas-Sparks-Notebook shit. All right?

you just gotta get your fuck on.

You want Big Dick Energy? This is it.

[Trina] Ooh.

[woman] Hey.

Oh. Thank you.

Have fun.

[cell phone buzzing]

- Are you okay?
- I...

I honestly have no idea.

I know you think I've done a lot,
but I've never done this.


Well, good.

- Then this could be ours.
- Oh.

Come on, Billie.

- Come be dangerous with me.
- Okay, then.

Let's go.


[indistinct chatter]


Hey, you two.

Oh, no. That's okay.
We're... We're just doing a lap.

You know, getting a lay of the land
before we jump into...


I don't think you really have
to give an explanation.

Good to know.

This is weird, right?

I don't know. They seem pretty normal.


Hi. I'm Karen.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Welcome to our party.

- That's my husband, Dave, over there.
- [moaning]

I remember my first house party.
I was so nervous.

- My suggestion is just to dive right in.
- Mm-hm.


Jell-O shot?

- Sure. Yeah, love one.
- Yep. Why not? Okay.

- Cheers.
- Yeah.

[both] Mm.

- All right.
- Thank you.

Have fun.

And holler if you need any lube.

[pop music playing over speakers]

♪ Before we die ♪

♪ Before we die ♪

Whew. That was kick-ass.

Hey, man. You okay?

We need to go again.

- What are you talking about? We got it.
- Again.

Going again.

Here we go.

[country music playing over speakers]

[waitress] Hey there, darling.

Come on, turn that frown upside down.

- Where are you headed?
- Uh, Cheyenne.

Oh, you're almost there.

Put on the Kenny Chesney,
you're home in three songs.

Sounds like a plan.

Special's French dip. I'll circle back.

[boy 1] And I stole third base.

- Can we have ice cream?
- Ice cream?

Okay. Just grab a seat.

That game was all you guys,
I'm telling you.

I am so proud of you, man. I love you.

[boy 1] We love you too.
Can we have brownies, also?

[dramatic music playing]

[man] I love watching you guys.
It's so fun.

I'm just so proud of you.

- [boy 1] You always say that.
- [boy 2] Yeah, it's so mushy.

[Kyla] ♪ I could see God
When you touch me ♪

♪ I'm in heaven when you say you want me ♪

♪ But we've got dreams
To live before we die ♪

♪ Before we die ♪

That was it, right?

What? You're playing hard to get?

You really make a girl work for it.

No, you're amazing.

Pitch is great. Voice clear as a bell.

The only problem is,
it's fucking soulless.

Piece of plastic.

This song is about remorse and grief.

When you lose someone

and you know you are never
gonna get them back.

You're gonna spend the rest of your life
walking around with a hole in your heart.

Asking yourself...

"Do I even wanna be here?"

That's the kind of pain
great songs are made of.

But it's fine, you know?

It'll probably go platinum,

you'll be singing it
for the next 20 years, so let's call it.

Fuck you.

We're going again.

Going again.

["I Like the Devil" playing]


♪ What is happiness but a word? ♪

♪ Spoken from on high for what... ♪

What do you think?

Should we wait our turn?


♪ Find us in the folded parts... ♪

Let's go over there.

♪ Lying in positions like we've slept... ♪


You're into this.


I think maybe I am.

♪ I, like the devil, can fly ♪

♪ And I read her sweet mind last night ♪

♪ And I, like God, can fly ♪

♪ And I held a candle
Over her frightened ♪

♪ I, like the devil, can fly ♪

♪ And I read her sweet mind last night ♪

♪ And I, like God, can fly ♪

♪ And I held a candle
Over her frightened... ♪

[Billie chuckles]

♪ I, like the devil, can fly ♪

Cooper. Are you sure?


Maybe we should get out of here
and take this home?

I can't wait that long.

I want this.

Everyone's watching.


Let them look at my hot wife.

[dramatic music playing]

Okay, no, no, no. No, no.

I don't think I can do this.
This isn't us.

- But, baby, that's the point.
- No. This is not who I want us to be.

We don't know who we wanna be.
That's why we're here, to see.

It just doesn't feel right.

- I should have said no to Trina.
- Oh, Jesus!

Well, you never would have said no
if it was with him.

But you're not him.
And I don't want you to be.

You're my husband.
And I'm not that person anymore either.

Cooper, this is not
who I wanna be with you.

Okay, so then why the hell did
you write all that shit in your journal?

This feels dangerous.

I thought that's what we wanted.

[Trina] Hey.

How's it going, guys?

Billie. Hey.

Trust me. 'Kay?

No, Trina. Trina, wait.

We're all allowed
to have fantasies, right?


Do it.

[dramatic music playing]



[Devon] Hey, you.

Where do you think you're going?

I don't know.

You are so fucking hot.

I've been thinking about this
for a long time.

I know I can give you what you want.

What you've been missing.

At least I'd like to try.

Hey! Get your hands off of her.

All right. Okay.

You just had your cock in my wife's mouth.
Turnabout is fair play.

Yeah, well, Billie's not Trina.

What's the matter, Coop?

Afraid the hottest entry in your wife's
freaky-ass journal will be about me?

[Billie] Cooper!

Devon, no! Oh, my God!

Cooper, stop! Stop! Cooper!

What the hell is happening?

- Oh, my God!
- Get off of him!

Get off of me!

[door opens]

[Brad] Hey.

- I'm sorry about before.
- Don't be.

It might be the best song I ever make
and we both know it.

You're welcome.

Pain is where the gold is, right?

Listen, I don't know
what happened to you, but...

I know what happened to me, and I know
I don't like to think about it too much.


I have an idea
of how we can help each other forget.

I have to get on a plane.
I'm playing the Troubadour tomorrow night.

Headed straight to Teterboro now.

You should come with.

Wheels up at 11.

[dramatic music playing]

[elevator dings]

Oh, my God, you're back! How did it go?

What the hell is this?

I'm done.


What do you mean?

What happened? What did your dad say?

I have no fucking idea.

I never saw him.

I got as far as Cheyenne
before I realized you're full of shit.

This whole idea's full of shit.

You've been gone four days.

Why didn't you call me?

I was holed up in a motel with a hooker,

half an ounce of coke
and four-fifths of Jack all weekend.

- I don't believe you.
- It's true.

You pushed me too far, Billie.

Oh, my God.

- You're doing it! Again!
- [elevator alarm rings]

I don't love you. I never did.

You're just too fucking much.

You don't mean that!

It's over. We're over.

So get the fuck out!

You're gonna come back in a few days.
You always do.

Not this time.

You were begging me.
You were pleading with me.

Brad, please. Please stop.
Let's talk about...

Fucking leave!


[dramatic music playing]

- Fucking son of a bitch.
- Okay. All right.

- Just don't.
- No... Cooper.

Would you just stop?

[dramatic music playing]

Oh, my God. Coop.

Are you okay?

Oh, honey.

Oh, come here.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

["Let Me Know Now" playing]

♪ Dreaming like a picture taken of you ♪

♪ When you were young ♪

♪ I don't wanna find you gone ♪

♪ So turn it around... ♪

[cell phone dings]

♪ On a light side, you wait for a while ♪

♪ Wrap your fist like it's wrong
To be allowed ♪

♪ Melt a piece of your tongue
To feel it burn ♪

[cell phone dings]

♪ Touch your skin 'cause you know ♪

♪ Just where it hurts ♪

♪ I don't wanna find you gone ♪

♪ So turn it around ♪

[cell phone dings]

♪ I don't wanna know what you lost ♪

♪ So let me know now ♪

♪ I don't wanna find you gone ♪

♪ So turn it around ♪

♪ I don't wanna find you lost ♪

♪ So let me know now ♪

[cell phone dings]

♪ I don't wanna find you gone... ♪

[cell phone dings]

♪ I don't wanna find you lost ♪

♪ So let me know now ♪

♪ I don't wanna find you gone ♪

♪ I don't wanna find you gone ♪

[Billie] Wait!

No. Don't. Don't. Don't.

What happened?

I saw you come home with Cooper
and his arm... Is he okay? Are you?

Um, my life...

doesn't make sense right now.

Neither does mine.

Maybe you need to stop trying so hard
to make this life work.

Maybe it's not supposed to.

What are you even doing here?

- How did you know?
- I didn't.

I came here for this.

What is that?

What are you doing?

Something I should have done
eight years ago.

I planned to. I was...

I was so close.

But you're right.

I got scared.

I bought you this.

Then I stuffed it
in the back of a drawer and...

I let my shit get in the way.

But that's over now.

We can have the life
we always should've had.

It's not too late.

I'm telling you, B.

I got you.

We can do this.

This can be real.

["He's the One" playing]

♪ Who do we call ♪

♪ When he's the one? ♪

♪ Who do we call ♪

♪ When he's the one?

♪ Fall into me ♪

♪ Take your time to erupt ♪

♪ I know what you are ♪

♪ Face of a hundred promises ♪

♪ To the air, they go ♪

♪ I pretend to know ♪

♪ Hold on to a reason ♪

♪ Don't go changing your mind ♪

♪ Don't go wasting your time ♪

♪ Make up an excuse here ♪

♪ And walk but she stayed ♪

♪ Like a child in my father's arms ♪

♪ Who do we call ♪

♪ When he's the one? ♪