Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Seriya 12 - full transcript


Part 12


Stirlitz - Vyacheslav TIKHONOV

Stalin - Andro KOBALADZE
Gromov - Pyotr CHERNOV

Vasilyev - Gennady PETROV
Kovalenko - Vladimir ROUDY

Pastor Schlagg- Rostislav PLYATT
Kathe - Yekaterina GRADOVA

Himmler - Nikolai PROKOPOVICH
Schellenberg - Oleg TABAKOV

Bormann - Yuri VIZBOR

Kaltenbrunner -

General Wolf- Vassily LANOVOY
Dolman - Yan YANAKIYEV

Allen Dulles - Vyacheslav SHALEVICH

Gewernitz - Valentin GAFT
Guesmann - Alexei EIBOZHENKO

German Embassy Advisor -
Vladidmir PAULUS

Owner of a bird shop -
Yevgeny GUROV

Messenger - Paul BOUTKEVICH

Kaltenbrunner's secretary -
Stanislav KORENEV

Lady in the bar - Inna ULYANOVA

Narrated by

Will you help me, Ingrid?

Are you deaf?
Find out what's up.

Frontier outpost.

Observation post.

Your wife's asking
when you'll come for breakfast.

In 20 minutes.

The lieutenant will come
in 20 minutes.

Frau von Kirstein, please.

Well, Katya...

Everything is over.

What's wrong, Katya?

It's over for your baby.

And for that guy's girl too.

You should think about the future.

There's no future without a past.

I'll leave you here in a good
hotel until tomorrow.

I'll pick you up tomorrow.

Don't be afraid of anything.
The most horrible is over.

Bern, Switzerland

(15 hours 10 minutes)

The mansion of the USA
Special Agency.

- Hello, gentlemen.
- Hello.

My colleagues and I came here
to head the negotiations.

I'm glad that our negotiations

will be on such a high level.


We've been greatly impressed by

the fact that the SS top-ranking

doesn't bring forward
any personal demands.

My personal demand is peace
for Germans.

Bravo. These are the words
of a real soldier.


Any news?

Kesselring has been urgently called
to the Fuhrer's bunker.

It's the most unpleasant news.

You think...

I don't expect any good
from those calls.

According to our information,

Kesselring is going to get
a new appointment.

He'll be the commander
of the Western front.

I've heard about it, but the facts
are not confirmed.

They will be confirmed

in the nearest future.

Can you name Kesselring's


It is colonel-general Vietinghoff.

I know this man.

Frank, bring me some water.

What do you think about him?

He's a conscientious soldier.

We can give such a characteristics
to the majority

of the Vermacht generals.

Even to Beck and Rommel?


They were true
German patriots.

Anyway, I didn't have any direct
contacts with Vietinghoff.

What about Kesselring?

Kesselring had those contacts.

How would you regard
our proposal

to go to Kesselring

and ask him to capitulate
on the Western front?

With the prior consent of Vietinghoff
to the simultaneous

capitulation in Italy.

It's... a risky move.

Aren't we all risking here?

In any case,
your contact with Kesselring

on the Western front

could give a clear picture,

whether he capitulates or not
in the West.

Since he did it in Italy,

one could suppose that he would do
the same in Strasburg.

When will you visit him
on the Western front?

Kaltenbrunner is calling me
to Berlin,

but I put off the trip because
we had agreed to meet.

So you can go there, after
you've arrived in Italy.


In general, it's possible.

- But...
- I understand you.

You're risking more than

all of us.

But in that situation
there's no other way out.

There's a way out.

You initiated the negotiations.

Probably you're having
a certain support in Berlin.

It'll help you to find a pretext
to visit Kesselring.

If you're concerned about
the destiny of Germany,

in that particular case,
it is in your hands.

Of course, this argument
cannot leave me unmoved.

Will you go to Kesselring
to the Western front?


Will he agree to capitulate?

I'm sure of it.

Will Vietinghoff follow
his example?

I have to return to Italy
and try to...

In case Vietinghoff hesitates,

will you be able to influence
the events here?


Of course, in case of necessity,
you'll have to meet

General Vietinghoff here
or in Italy.

If it seems expedient to you,
we'll come into such a contact.

When will you return
from Kesselring?

In a week, if everything goes well.

And I'll inform you and Vietinghoff

about the exact date of the
capitulation in the West.

Stirlitz told Katya that
everything was over.

Having met the pastor, Stirlitz
realized that he was mistaken.

Nothing was over.

On the contrary, everything was
just beginning.

To Stockholm?


- The second one is also there?
- Yes, to Stockholm.

- And to Constantinople.
- Yes.

Yustas to Alex.
I'm in Bern.

I wait for the messenger in the bar
"The Skier" every night at 10 p.m.

The form of the connection:
A box of tobacco "Goldblock",

British matches
with the "Punch" label.

The person should know me
by sight.

The mission is complete.

I received reliable information
about the contents

of the talks between the German
representatives and Dulles.

Behind the back of the USSR,
they are trying to achieve

a separate peace with the Nazis.

Wolf is negotiating
on behalf of Himmler.

The documents are sent
through the "Elbrus-2" channel.


- Did you get the materials?
- Yes.

Yes, Comrade General.

- Alexander, come to my office.
- Yes, Vladimir.

Sviridova is in charge of deciphering.

The materials will be deciphered
in 20 minutes.

Ask Fomicheva to help her.

Can I go?

Invite all my deputies.

And the chiefs of the 1st and 2nd



Hello, Alexander.

Yes, I think it's possible.


In 2 days I'll be able
to discuss this issue.

Two days is enough for them.

Thanks. Good bye.

The supplement will be given to you.

Prepare a report to the Supreme


What about the messengers?

Two of them have successfully

- What about the third one?
- He's silent.

(17 hours 20 minutes)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
invited the British ambassador,

Sir Archibald Kerr,
to Kremlin at 8 p.m.

He didn't invite the US
ambassador, Harriman, because

Carr was an experienced intelligence

and could carry on a conversation
without excessive emotions

so peculiar to Harriman.

I'm commissioned to hand you
a note of the Soviet government.

Comrade Pavlov, please, read
the note to Mr. Carr.

He might have some questions.

Confirming the reception of the letter

concerning the talks in Bern
between German General Wolf

and the officers of field marshal
Alexander's headquarters,

The Soviet government states that

it regards this case
not as a misunderstanding,

but as something worse.

German General Wolf
and his officials

arrived in Bern
to negotiate with the representatives

of the Anglo-American command
on issues concerning

the capitulation of the German
troops in North Italy.

When the Soviet government
stated the necessity

of the participation of the Soviet
military command's representatives,

it was refused its request.

Thus, in Bern
during two weeks,

behind the back of the USSR
which's carrying

the main burden of the war
against Germany,

the negotiations have been conducted
between the representatives

of the German military command
and the representatives

of the American command.

The Soviet government considers it

I don't have any questions,
Mr. Molotov.

I shall immediately
inform about this note

the government of His Majesty.

Can I pass a few books to the
professor from Sweden?

Sorry, I forgot his name.

- Professor Svedeborg from Sweden?
- I think so.

He is dead.

He threw himself out of the window
and died.


The day before yesterday. He left
the house and didn't return.

What a pity! My friend asked me
to pass some books for him

and take away the ones
the professor had.

Call the police.
They took away all his things.

If you prove it,
they'll return your things.

- Thanks. I'll do that.
- Not at all.

- Could you?
- Please.

Flower street.

Will you stop here?

Rosie, you should eat.

This seed is good,
selected for you.



I'm listening to you.

Could you tell me the way
to the nearest flower shop?

A flower shop?

It's not far away.

At the corner to the right
there's a nice shop.

They always sell wonderful

Thank you.

I suppose birds sing like that
only in paradise.

You think so?

I agree with you.

Look at this couple.
These are the unique birds.

Stirlitz imagined the professor
throwing himself out of the window.

A small,
feeble, quiet man.

He imagined the horror
he might have felt

during his last seconds,

if he had decided to commit suicide

here at large.

Stirlitz would never come to know
how it really had happened.

But one thing was clear.

He knew that Pleischner was not
a traitor.

To the center, please.

Any place there.

Preferably closer to the place
where I can rent a car.

In the morning I didn't dare
to speak about my relatives.

And now I can't but speak
about them.

How's my sister?

Do you remember her handwriting?

Of course.

Dear brother...

Dear brother,

thank you

for the generous care you've

shown towards us.

We live in the mountains now...

We live in the mountains now

and totally forgot

about the horrors of bombing.

We live with a nice family.

The children help to look

after the cows.

We have enough food and

feel safe.

I wish God helped you

to overcome all the misfortunes

you're facing now.

Your Anna.

What misfortunes?

I had to tell her
that you'd been arrested.

I visited her not as Stirlitz,
but as your parishioner.

Here's their address.

When everything's over,
you'll find them there.

Thank you.


I believed you even
without this photo.

Why did you get pinched-looking?

I'm a bit tired.

Well... any other news?

There's some news but...

to accept it...

Either one should stop believing
the whole world,

or become a cynic.

The Americans started to negotiate
with the SS. They believed Himmler.

- Information?
- What?

What information have you got?
Where did you get it?

Which documents can prove it?

If you rely on rumors,

we can become the victims

of a well-fabricated lie.

I'd like to believe
that Mr. Dulles is not

negotiating with Himmler's
people but...

Did you read my morning's

And now this...

Give it to me.

Here it is.

German Embassy.

- Hail Hitler.
- Hail Hitler.

Standartenfuhrer Stirlitz.

I've heard about you.

I received an enciphering...

I need a separate room
and a tape-recorder.


General, I'd like to introduce
my colleagues.

- Mister Glenn Allen Howard.
- Hello.

- Mister Harold Barkin.
- Hello.

- Mister Deckueller.
- Glad to meet you.

- Mister Jack Madison.
- Glad to meet you.

My colleagues and I came here
to head the negotiations.

I'm glad that our negotiations
will be on such a high level.


We've been greatly impressed by

the fact that the SS top-ranking

doesn't bring forward
any personal demands.

My personal demand is
peace for Germans.

Bravo. These are the words
of a real soldier.


Any news?

Kesselring has been urgently called
to the Fuhrer's bunker.

It's the most unpleasant news.

You think...

I don't expect anything good
from those urgent calls.

I need to send a coded message
to partaigenosse Bormann.


The negotiations

between the personal
representative of X with Y

are in full progress

in Bern.

It's necessary

to take up urgent measures

and call the representative of X
to the bunker

under any pretext.

Your devoted NSDAP member.

Ernest, I have a request.

It's a personal
and sad request, Ernest.

I'm all attention.

General Wolf is a traitor.

It's impossible.

Did I often make mistakes?

And don't say a word to Himmler.

The Reichsfuhrer is too touchy,
and we know about it.

Tomorrow, or it's better today

I want to have general Wolf

in the Reich.

And not only in the Reich

but in Berlin.

And not only in Berlin
but in the Fuhrer's bunker.

And let your people
bring him there.

In handcuffs.

Without shoulder-straps.

Of course, Kaltenbrunner
didn't say anything to Himmler.

That was the Reichsleiter's order.

He ordered to recall Karl Wolf
from Italy allegedly

for a meeting with the Fuhrer.

In the huge machinery of the Security
Department nothing happened

without intent attention
of the two competitors:

Gestapo and Intelligence,
Mueller and Schellenberg.

Kaltenbrunner's radio-operator,
recruited by Schellenberg,

told his secret chief

about the top secret cable
sent to Italy.

Follow Wolf's travel
to Berlin.

At the airport,
on Kaltenbrunner's order,

a prison car with armored doors
together with thugs

from the Gestapo prison,
were waiting for Wolf.

- How was yourjourney?
- Very well, thank you.

I'm glad to see you.

You look fine.

The Reichsfuhrer ordered me
to meet you. Please.

The thugs didn't risk
arresting Wolf.

The only risk they took was
to follow Schellenberg's car

and report to their chief
about it.

You failed me!

How did Bormann
and Kaltenbrunner

find out about the negotiations?

How did Mueller's bloodhounds
nose out about it?


you should remember
that I had to prepare

all the details of this operation.

Everything's fine
with the cover operation.

For Wolf, I made up a legend

according to which he was
exposing the plotters

who were seeking
a separate peace in Bern.

We'll discuss the details here.

To my dictation, Wolf will write

a report how we,

the SS service,

exposed this plot

of our enemies.

So write down, Wolf.

I beg your pardon.

The Fuhrer asked you to wait.

He has a meeting with the

Bormann realized that he'd lost
the game.


I'm informed about everything.

Thank you for your courage
and loyalty to the Fuhrer.

Bormann is speaking.
Call Mueller.

The Fuhrer is waiting for you,

Top secret. Personal.

From I.V. Stalin

to President
Franklin Roosevelt.

I don't speak about honesty
and reliability in my letter.

I've never doubted your
honesty and reliability,

as I've never doubted the honesty
and reliability of Mr. Churchill.

I'd like to point out that
during our correspondence

we discovered a difference
of views,

as what the ally can do

and cannot do

with respect to the other ally.

We, Russians, think that

in the present situation on the fronts,

when the enemy is about
to capitulate,

any meeting with Germans
on the issues of capitulation

of one ally

requires the participation of the
other ally in this meeting.

In any case, it's necessary

if the ally is aiming

to participate in such a meeting.

Americans and Englishmen
are of different opinion

and consider the Russian
point of view wrong.

Because of that,
they refused Russians

to take part in the meeting
with Germans in Switzerland.

I've already written to you
and repeat once again,

that under the same

Russians would never refuse
Americans and Englishmen

to take part in such a meeting.

I consider the Russian
point of view

as the only correct one

because it excludes

any possibility
to evoke distrust.

I assure you

that my informers

are very honest

and modest people

who carefully carry out
their duties

and don't intend
to insult anybody.

These people many times
proved their loyalty at work.

Stirlitz was going to that
night bar "The Skier"

for already several nights.

Here he had to meet
a messenger.

But the messenger won't come

They will meet only tomorrow.

- I'll get your pram registered.
- All right.

In Paris you'll get it
by your luggage receipt.


Here it is.

I'll take it.

- Look after the babies.
- Yes.

Anything else?
I'll do it.

- No, thank you.
- Fine.

Sour cream and a coffee, please.

- With milk?
- No, just black coffee.

- Thank you.
- Please.

I left my cigarettes in the car.

This travel by car
has exhausted me.

Me too.

Stirlitz noticed the messenger
long ago.

But he couldn't get rid
of the drunk lady

who was pestering him from
the moment he came in.

You should listen to me,
you should believe me.

We, mathematicians, are taken
for dried-up persons.

It's a lie! A lie!

In love, I'm Einstein!

I'd like to tell you
that I want to be with you.

Wait for me outside.
I'll come to you.

- Honest?
- Yes.

I'm going... going.

Swear it.

May you drop dead! Go and write down
a couple of formulas.

- All right!
- Go.

He suggested it many times.

I've been waiting for you
for a long time.

I had to travel through Spain.

First of all, I'd like to say...

- Please.
- Thank you.

Understanding the present situation
and its consequences,

the Center doesn't
insist on Yustas'

return to Germany.

But if Yustas feels his position is

the Center will be interested
in his return

to Germany.

Comrade Yustas has to make

a final decision.

That's the last straw!

I'm listening to you.

I'd like to tell you

that the Command applied

to the USSR Supreme Soviet

about conferring
on comrade Yustas the title

of the hero of the USSR

for exposing the operation
"Sunrise Crossword".

If Yustas thinks it's possible

to return to Germany,

he'll have a liaison:

Two radio-operators based
in Potsdam and Veding.

The places are safe.

They were closed
two years ago.

So the Center
would be interested

in Yustas' return to Germany.

Do you have some time?

What do you mean?

Do you have some time?

If you have 10 minutes,
I'll write a short note.

I've got 10 minutes. I'll manage
to catch a train for Paris.

- I'd like...
- I'll write in French.

With my left hand, without address.

They know the address in the Center.

I'm afraid to talk to you.

You're a clairvoyant.

You're kidding...

Yes, I see.

I've got a couple of minutes.

You're right.

You shouldn't carry it
through three borders.

Sorry for having taken
your time.

(16 hours 33 minutes)

Today, on the 24th of March

Stirlitz is returning to Berlin.

The Great Patriotic War
will be over in 45 days.

The war which saved the world
from Hitlerism,

the war in which
the Soviet Union lost

20 million lives.

But it'll happen on May 9th, 1945.

On the 20th of November,

in Nuremberg there would be the first
trial in the history of mankind,

the trial over the military criminals.

The main counts of the indictment were:
The crime against the world,

military crimes and crimes
against humanity.

The fear ofjust revenge
made Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels

commit suicide.

But the majority
of Hitler's accomplices would appear

in Court of History

on the 22nd of November

and receive a deserved verdict:

Execution through hanging.

On 24th of June in Moscow,
in Red Square

there will be a parade
of the Soviet Armed Forces

devoted to the victory
over fascist Germany.

But at present neither Stirlitz,

nor any one else in the world
could know about it.


on the 24th of March

the world hasn't been liberated yet.

That's why
Colonel Maksim Isayev

is returning to Berlin.

He's going there to work.

Pain, my pain, leave me

At least for a while!

Like a blue-grey cloud,

Go to my home,

From here to my home.

My country, show yourself

In the distance.

My country, my sweet country,

I'd like to reach you so much,

at least some day.

Very far away, very far away

It's raining during sunshine.

Right near the river in the garden

The cherries are ripe on the trees.

Somewhere far away in my memory,

It's warm, like in my childhood,

Though my memory is covered

With so many layers of snow.

Thunderstorm, appease my thirst,

Until I'm drunk but not dead.

Now again, as if for the last time

I'm looking to the sky,

As if seeking for an answer...

Pain, my pain, leave me,

At least for a while.

Like a blue-grey cloud,

Go to my home,

From here to my home.

The End

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