Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Old Deals Die Hard - full transcript

A smitten Jason introduces the team to his girlfriend, Marie-Lou, and asks Mary for a favor. The claws come out at a Manhattan Beach open house.

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[hip-hop music playing]

♪ Okay, okay ♪

♪ Okay, okay ♪

♪ Come on, let me show you this view ♪

♪ I can make your dream
Make it all come true ♪

♪ Put you on my team with… ♪

[Chelsea] 300 The Strand
is as rare an opportunity

for Manhattan Beach
real estate as it gets.

It's a south-facing corner lot,
absolutely gorgeous,

and at 22 million,
it's pretty much a steal.

♪ Look at me go ♪

♪ Let me do my thing, let me do my thing ♪

♪ Let me do my thing, let me do my thing ♪

♪ Let me do my thing, let me do my thing ♪

[in singsong] Hello.

Hi, my darling.

-[Chelsea] Hi, my gorgeous mama.

This is so fabulous!

[Chelsea] Welcome.


You look beautiful. Look at the baby.

-Hi, superstar.


-[Heather] Feeling my belly. Hi, honey.
-Oh my God.

-[Chelsea] Hi, darling.

-You came at the perfect time.
-How cute you look.

-You look like a vibrant disco ball.
-Do I?

Appropriate for the beach.

You look so stinking cute.

[Heather] He's in there.

-You got a booty.

-Please feel it. Feel it.
-Her booty's bigger than mine.


[Heather] It's huge.

-[Amanza] Miss New Booty.
-Not a little booty, it's huge.

It's not huge.

-It's not big.

[Heather] It is.

It's jiggly.

-It's jiggly.
-[Amanza] You look adorable.

And the boobs are huge.

-You know what?
-Not as big as yours, still, but you know.

But I bought mine, so it's different.

Anyways, welcome to
my Manhattan Beach oasis.

Forty-four hundred square feet
of pure heaven,

on the market for 22 million.

[Heather] Wow.

♪ Gimme some of that
Gimme some of that ♪

♪ Welcome to the moon… ♪

[Chelsea] We have four bedrooms,
nine bathrooms.

[Heather] Nine!

I bet you have lovely views, right?

-[Chelsea] Yes.
-[Heather] Oh!

This is so cute. Can I sit?

-Of course.
-[Amanza] This is like a birthing chair.

-[Chelsea] There you go.

It's a family house, but you could
put a different kind of swing here.

-Yeah, you could get… Oh! Well!

And this is how she got pregnant.

-[Chelsea] Back to the house.
-Chelsea's like, it's my listing, honey.

Oh, there's an elevator.

[Chelsea] There is an elevator
that takes you to all the floors.

-This is the primary.
-[Amanza and Heather gasp]

-This is so pretty.
-This is so cute.

[Chelsea] So, every morning,
with an ocean view.

[Heather] I love it.

-I love this.
-This is so beautiful.

[Chelsea] So, we are going to the pub.

-[Amanza] Ooh!
-[Heather] We are?

[Chelsea] I thought this was so brilliant.

Oh my gosh.

["Here We Go Again"
by Night Lights playing]

♪ Come on ♪

-[Heather] Look at that.
-We have a real English pub down here.

-[Amanza] And a stripper pole.
-[Heather] Ooh!

[Chelsea] Featuring a stripper pole.

-Do pubs usually have stripper poles?
- And… They don't.

-Do you know how?
-I don't know how to.

[Amanza] I can pretend.

-[Heather] Yeah, this stage is a little…

-I'd make a terrible stripper.

You want to hop up on it
and grab the top and, like…

-Come on. Use those abs. Go.

Oh my God.

[all whooping]

-Now what? [laughs]
-Now slide down.

-[Heather] Yes! Now pose at the bottom.

-She's got it.


[Heather] This is so cute and fabulous.

[Amanza] I love the house.

-I feel like I should move by the ocean.
-[Heather] It's happy vibes down here.

Manhattan Beach is
the Beverly Hills of the beach.

That means I did
a good job selling it to you.

-Oh, yes. Great job, girl.
-Yes. I love all the little hidden nooks.

It's full of surprises, you know?

-Speaking of surprises…

How much do we love
that Christine's not back?

Oh, gosh. Well--

We had our own little camaraderie
and our own vibe.

-I'm really sad about it.

You can still have
a relationship with her,

but I think, just for happiness,
and, like, breath of fresh air,

we go into the office now,
and there's not this, like…


I feel we should have almost,
like a nickname for her. Like…



"She who must not be."

She who must not be named.


I feel like that could be
Christine's nickname.

I'm gonna call her Christine.
You guys can call her Voldemort.

Obviously, everybody apart from me
got burnt by Christine,

and I saw how that affected
the dynamic in the office.

I don't want that to happen again.

-What do you guys think of Bre?
-[Heather] I think Bre's nice.

-Everybody's nice when you meet them.

But there's a big difference
between being nice and being kind.

-[Heather] Yeah.
-Everybody's nice. It's easy to be nice.

I'll know if you're kind when you
actually show kindness, generosity.

-Time will tell me if you're kind.

Everybody's nice.

[Chelsea] Bre obviously was very aware
there was an opening at the office.

Those shoes are
way too big for her to fill.

Good luck, bitch.

With me, Bre should tread lightly,

and I'll definitely be watching out to see
if she's actually here to bring business.

I think it's better for all of our souls
to not talk about it.

Should we sit on the beach
and meditate for a second?


["So Iconic"
by Gigi Rowe & Clay Baby playing]

♪ So iconic ♪

["Feel Alive" by Kari Kimmel playing]

♪ Where's the love
Where's the love, where's the love? ♪

[Heather] Can I show you something?

-[Heather] You're gonna laugh.

Look at me.

-Oh my God.

[Heather] This fit me last week.

-[Chrishell] I love it.
-[woman] So cute.

-[Heather] This is my life.

-I love that.

It's so hard to get dressed now.

[phone ringing]

-[Heather] Chelsea.

Do you guys think
you're gonna have another baby?

We don't use anything,
so I could be pregnant any time.

Do you pull out,
or are you like, let's just…

[chuckles] No, we don't pull out.

It's just like, wow.

Well, I check when I'm ovulating.

How do you check?
Do you use sticks? Or do you just know?

I sometimes do basal temping,

which allows you to see
when you've ovulated.

Then you know the moment
you've ovulated, you're good.

You've got two weeks of clear--

Free sex.

[Chelsea] Free sex, yeah, exactly.

-There's my bag.
-[Amanza] Girl, where is your laptop?

I thought I needed
a whole new bag and everything.

-Mommy brain!
-Thank you.

Okay, I'm going to blame that. [giggles]

[Mary] Oh, Jason's bringing in
his new girlfriend today.


Okay, wait, so help me understand.
You guys dated?

-[Amanza] Fill in the new girl.
-Yeah, I was…

Raise your hand
if you've dated Jason. [laughs]

[Chelsea] There we go.

Raise your hand.


[Heather] Not me. Not me.

What the fuck?
You have to date Jason to work here?

Because, for the record,
I did not date Jason.


[chuckling] And I will not date Jason.
So, making that clear.

What are we doing there? Just saying hi?

Yeah, we're gonna take our clothes off
and have sex on the desk.

Did you take the Bentley?
How'd you get here?

No. It was an Uber.

Okay. You didn't get
my text about the Bentley?

Ah, I get it, but…

-[laughing loudly]
-[woman] Uh-oh.


A long time ago.

[Emma] That side of the room
is getting taken down.

I was first. I was first.

I dated Jason 13 or 14 years ago.

I'm also the OG.

Original girlfriend.

Hey, guys.

-[women] Hi.
-[Jason] I want you to meet Marie-Lou.

[Amanza] Marie-Lou.

Marie-Lou. Hi, darling.

[Amanza] I finally get to meet you.

I haven't met you,
but I feel like I know you

because I've, you know…
I see this guy's posts.

-He's learned how to do TikTok now, okay?
-[Emma] Oh, yes.

-You in charge of his better Instagram?
-I try.

Do you mind me asking how old are you?


-[Chelsea] Oh my gosh.

[Marie-Lou] No, actually, I'm 25.

-[Jason] Yeah, 25.
-I mean, clearly she's younger than you.

My birthday's tomorrow,
but in Europe, it's now.

-[Amanza] How old am I in Istanbul?

It's like dog years.

Actually, she turned 25,
like, three hours ago.


Well, you're gorgeous.

You're… stunning.

How old are you, Jason?


Where are you from?

South of Germany.
Yes, but I live in Paris.

Are you a model in Paris?


She's more than that.
She studied economics

and does corporate branding.

[playful music]


I'm not surprised
that she studied economics because

she's with Jason, so that makes sense.

Economically, that's a great decision.

[laughs] What?

She's here, which means
she's not sick of you yet.

-Not yet.
-[Chelsea] So congratulations.

You can tell me in private.

Just blink twice if you want to chat.
Just go… and you can let me know.

-[Marie-Lou] Yeah.
-Did you blink twice?


We're gonna get lunch.
I appreciate you guys being nice.

-Of course.

Well, happy birthday.

Thank you, guys. Nice to meet you.

Take care, guys.


-Bye, guys.
-Oh, yeah.


[Amanza] Huh.

Remember when my buns
were that high and tight?

[Nicole] She's so cute.

[Jason] See, it wasn't so painful.

-They're all nice.
-[Marie-Lou] Yeah.

I feel like it could have been…
more awkward.

That wasn't so bad, right?

I mean, I don't know how serious he is.

I'm gonna give him shit because she's 24.

The fact that he was like,
"In Europe she's 25." [laughs]

Okay. That's real funny.

That didn't hurt to see him
walk in the first time with his girl?

No, I mean, if he brought someone in
and like, she was pregnant or something,

then I probably would've had strong--

-Okay, that's fair.
-[indistinct chatter]

[Emma] Yes.

Now I need to know
what the attraction is with Jason.

There has to be something
I'm missing. Please tell me.

-[woman] Oh boy.

[Mary] AKA, within his pants?
No, just kidding.

[indistinct chatter]


Is there a secret python down there?

-Just kidding.
-[Amanza] Oh my God.

[Heather] OMG.

[Amanza] Oh my God.

-[Chrishell] I plead the fifth.
-Our boss.

[Emma] Sorry, I had to go there.

-Are you interested in dating Jason?
-No, ma'am.

Are you single?

My situation's interesting.

I don't know if I would say I'm single.

Um, I've been in, like…

I don't want to call it open,
but open relationship.

They can do whatever they want.

-You can do whatever you want?
-Yeah, yeah.

So are you, like,
in a polyamorous relationship?

I don't know about that. I just know
we had a baby, we're really happy.

So I'm happy in my relationship now,
but he films for three weeks.

But when he's home,
you see him every morning, every night--

How are you seeing him every morning
if he's seeing other people?

[tense music playing]

[Bre] I know that for me,

I'm gonna do what works for me.
I don't care how anyone feels about it.

-So he'll stop somewhere 6:00 a.m., 6:30--
-[Bre] I think he's a unicorn.

LA traffic, we have to factor that in.

So 6:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., by the time
he's on the third person, it's 2:00 p.m.

Who knows? He makes his rounds, girl.

-[Heather] Question.
-[Bre] Yeah.

'Cause obviously he's busy in his career.

How does he spread himself like that?

-Well, you know, not that way.

He's spreading himself.
Not what we're talking about.

He's got a lot of stops to make.

Girl, it's like Christmas, like Santa.
He's got a whole thing.

I mean, nine children, right?

-We're on 11.
-Eleven. Okay.

-[Bre] Or is it ten?

-[Heather] Ten. I read ten.
-Whatever. I don't even know anymore.

Every day Nick Cannon, another baby,
I'm like, "Oh shit, Bre."

I already know.

Is he planning all the kids,
or does it just happen?

I don't know.

[Heather] I feel bad
we're asking so many questions.

He definitely has super sperm
because my child is brilliant. [laughs]

It's hard enough to manage
that many children, but that many women…

So are they all cool with… you?

So, that's a him problem,
it's not my problem.

-Would you want monogamy?
-I'm not a monogamy kind of person.

Everything I've ever seen is divorce,

and people are unhappy,
and it ends badly, and the kids suffer.

It's like men can't keep it together.
It's never us.

Not my man. I picked him well.

So, I mean, power to you.

I think, fundamentally, loyalty is
very important in relationships.

And if you can't even be loyal to one man,

then I don't know
if you can be loyal to a friend, so…

The jury's out.

I probably will never get it
and I'm not meant to

because I definitely believe in,
like, monogamy.

Opinions don't really faze me, so.

["Million Bucks" by Flyers playing]

♪ I'm 'bout to set it off ♪

♪ I know just how to turn it on ♪

♪ I won't cool down
I'm burning up ♪

♪ Burnin' up, burnin' up ♪

♪ Big things coming
I'm unstoppable ♪

♪ Can't get enough
Can't get enough ♪

♪ Big things coming
I'm a pot of gold ♪

♪ Can't get enough ♪

[Bre] I have billionaires I'm cool with
but I have one specifically, Adam.

And there is no ceiling with this man.

He is looking for, I believe,
his fifth vacation house?

Obviously it's really hard
to make a billionaire happy. [laughs]

So I do feel a little pressure.

With a client like this,

you have to show them all the options,
let them make their decision.

They're gonna blatantly see what they get
for 30 million versus 60 million plus.

He's a billionaire. Whatever he wants.

-[Bre] Hi, Adam. Yes!
-How are you? Good to see you.

-So excited to see you.
-You too. Me too.

Okay, so this house is amazing.

-It's beautiful.
-I'm so excited to show this to you.

Look at this.

-[Adam] I might not leave, it's--
-I know, perfect.

-This is the LA dream.
-It's gorgeous.

-Never seen a view like this in my life.
-You're on top of the world, Adam.

I think this house is great for you.

♪ I think I like it ♪

♪ I think I like it ♪

[Bre] New construction.

Six bed, nine bath,
and a little over 10,000 square feet.

And it has a separate
guest house, which I love.

This is a perfect floor plan
to entertain and have the whole vibe,

but also perfect for the family.

This is the life. We can put
all your cars, your new Bugatti,

we can put it right out in the front.
[laughs] You can bring it out here.

♪ But I think I like it ♪

[Bre] This is the primary.

And this view, it's just following us.

-How do you feel?
-It's beautiful.

And it's going to be
so much quieter than New York.

-It'll be a little quieter for sure.

I'm loving the glass mirror.
You know I love a good mirror.


They have quite the closet,
and I know you have quite the collection.

If I came and gave you a list of things,
this really covers almost every base.

-I love to hear it.
-So I'm happy.

Let's go to the roof.

♪ I think I like it ♪

[Bre] I'm moving in if you're not.

-That's what's happening.

[Bre] Wow, look at this.

Views everywhere.

[Adam] It's gorgeous.

Look at the grill. We could bring
the chef up here, party up here.

And then we have Bono,
we have Lenny Kravitz.

Billionaires Row, this view.

How are we feeling?

I'm definitely an East Coast guy,
but this is beautiful.

You can go to East Coast another time.
We need you out here.

I have so many friends out here
I want to stay in touch with.

-What do you think?
-Love it. It's beautiful.

I'd like to see a couple more
while I'm here, then make a decision.

I'll give you a full LA experience.

We'll show you every prime point
of LA, Malibu, all of that.

We'll get you your perfect home.

[Bre] Clearly, Adam
did not even blink at $30 million.

I think he'll naturally
increase his budget.

This is just a start.

-[Adam] It's been a good trip so far.
-[Bre] Good.

I wanna tell you another broker
reached out to me while I was in New York.

-Oh, who?
-Uh, Emma.

-From O Group?


So she reached out to you
to represent you?

Yeah. To show me some homes here.

♪ You're playing with fire ♪

-You're gonna work with me, right?
-I'm loyal to my friend for a long time.

That's what I want to hear.

Why the fuck would you write my client?

I mean, I guess everyone
wants a billionaire on their books,

but you can find your own, Emma.

-We'll lock you down.
-Let's do it.

Thanks, Adam!

♪ You're playing with fire ♪

♪ You and I, the perfect team ♪

♪ Altogether, phenomenally ♪

♪ But I gotta, but I gotta, but I gotta… ♪

♪ Peanut butter to my jelly ♪


Remind me when we get home,
we need to stop and get flowers for Anna.

-Yeah, and for your mama.

And for my mama.

Cute little spot.


♪ Cookies and cream ♪

-Hey, guys.

-Hi! How are you guys?
-What's up, bro?

-How are you?
-[Romain] Good to see you.

-Hi, babe.
-Hi, sweetheart.

-How are you?
-Good to see you.

-You guys look awesome.
-[Jason] Thank you.

-Romain's like three teas deep.

Is that Aperol Spritz?

-It is.
-We're doing the same, since Mykonos.

You know that Romain's
running the penthouses.

-That's so cool.

-He's killing it.
-[Marie-Lou] I saw them.

-They're amazing.

Once they're done,
they're going to be like fire.

-Can I translate real quick?

No matter where he is,
nobody can understand him.

-I understand him well, actually.
-[Romain] Thank you.

-I live in Paris, so I understand.
-That's why she understands me.

-[server] Hi, welcome to Soulmate.
-Hey, bud.

-Want to split an Aperol Spritz?

-Aperol Spritz?
-[Romain] So cute, you want to split one.

Both of us are dating younger people
more mature than you and me.

-It's sad, right?
-Hands down. Yeah.

-We're happy. Everybody's happy, right?
-[Jason] Everyone's happy.

-[server] Ready to get started with food?

-I'm going to get the 16-ounce Wagyu.

Can we get a dozen oysters?
With Tabasco and horseradish too.

-We'll start you guys out--
-Thank you.

You know the nice thing about a European?
They're not vegan or vegetarian.

-She just eats meat.

-It's so amazing.
-Yes. Some are, but yeah.

-I'm not.

I know you guys met when
you were overseas in Mykonos, right?

But where? How?

-We were at a restaurant.
-We were at Scorpios.

I caught him staring at me.

So I was like, yeah, he's cute, actually.


-So, like, love at first sight, kind of?
-Certainly infatuation at first sight.

I think the love came
after I got to know her better.

Wait, have you guys said "I love you"?

-[Romain] What?
-Have you?


-Oh my God.
-[Romain] Wow!

[Jason] I don't think
I've been in love that many times.

I was in love
with Chrishell and Mary and Nicole.

So I'd say those are
the three loves of my life.

And I knew right away with Lou.

I don't think it's that many,
but maybe. I don't know.

I've definitely been happy since we met.
Very happy.

[server] All right,
here we have our oysters.

[Jason] Yes.

Oh, yes. Look at that.

So this is going to be a little awkward.

-Sorry for putting you on the spot.
[Jason] What? Go ahead.

Kids? What is your,
like, position on that?

-I totally get it. Yeah, it's a topic.
-[Mary laughs]

I don't see myself having kids
for the next ten years.

So that's not a problem with us.

-In ten years, you wouldn't care.
-Don't know where I'm at.

I think I want to be, like, 36 to 40
when I have children.

It's pretty old, but yeah.

-A bit-- [laughs]
-Babe. It's not really old.


Well, I'm 42.

I don't know if it's the language barrier,
or maybe the age gap, but I'm not old.

Everyone says that you meet someone
when you're least expecting it.

-That's exactly what happened.
-Well, you picked well. Both of you.

Thank you.

Thank you for making my best friend happy.

-Thank you.
-It feels good to be happy.

It was a rough road here.

I've also never been
in a long-distance relationship.

So we're going to Europe for a while,

and I wanna
check out of the office completely.

I've never done that before,

but this is a new relationship,
and I want to invest the time in it.

And I want you to run the listings,

the penthouses, the office,
the agents, everything.

-I can't tell if you're being serious.
-I am totally serious.

You're just gonna leave?
You're checking out?

-And I'm supposed to take over everything?

-And all your listings too?

That's what I want.

-Wait, what is happening?
-Baby, tell her how serious I am.

-Are… Really?
-[Marie-Lou] Yes.

Yeah, we're going to go to Europe
together for, like, three weeks.


That's a long time.

[Mary] This is
a massive undertaking for me.

It feels good that
Jason knows my work ethic

and that he feels it's really strong
and that I can handle all of this.

I just don't know if there are
enough hours in a day to handle it,

but I'm excited to see if there's ways
to make the brokerage better

that I haven't thought about.

It's important to her, to us
that we just check out for a while.

And I would prefer that I not be bothered,
you know, unless I need to be.


It's a lot. I mean,
I already have a full schedule.

[upbeat music playing]

♪ I bring the attitude so I can watch ♪

♪ My line of thinking too ♪

♪ Hey, hey! ♪

♪ Go on and take a look ♪

♪ Hey, hey!
You know I got you hooked ♪

♪ I'll make you overly impressed ♪

♪ Got the feeling… ♪

-[Heather] Hello.
-[Nicole] Hey, girl!


Holy moly, this door weighs 1,000 pounds.

-[Nicole] I know.
-Where are you?

-What a cool place.
-I know, good to see you.

-I'm so excited to show you this.
-Oh my God.

♪ Got some potential ♪

♪ You know it's true ♪

♪ Every credentials go ♪

-They bought it three years ago.

They've since done a three-million-dollar
complete head-to-toe renovation.

[Heather] So cute.

♪ I like you, I like you too ♪

[Nicole] I have it listed for 11.99.
Five bedrooms and five baths.

-[Heather] Wow, it has space.

My listing is one of
the most important listings I've ever had,

100-year-old home that they spent millions
of dollars renovating from head to toe.

It's why those homes stick out amongst
the brand-new, modern museum boxes.

-You can see the hand-laid chevron floors.
-[Heather] Ah!

I mean, they have incredible taste.

[Nicole] Let me show you this kitchen too.

[upbeat music playing]

-[Heather] Okay.
-[Nicole] This is a custom Boffi kitchen.

-[Heather] Boffi. Okay.
-Italian designer.

You see, everything is just this
very functional aspect of the kitchen.

[Heather] I love this.

So you can cook, make a mess,
have all your things…

-Tuck it away.
-Then close it off like it doesn't exist.

-It's gorgeous. What a fun house.
-So, rarity.

-Great job, girl. Great clients.
-Yeah, thank you.

Lucky, lucky.

[Nicole] I definitely live
and breathe real estate.

Men in this industry
do not take me very seriously.

But it's in my blood.
It's how I was as an athlete growing up.

I'm competitive, I love to go for it,
and I'm all or nothing.

Let me show you the rest of the house
before Mary gets here.

[Heather] I can't wait.

Halle Berry, she happens
to live across the street.

Stop. Hi, Halle.


Let me show you the primary.

Oh, the closets.

-So this is his.
-Just his.

I was gonna say,
this cannot be double closet.

[Nicole] No, this is his.

I love the hardware.
So same as downstairs.

Yep, Buster and Punch throughout.

Not cheap, which is why they spent
a quarter million on handles and pulls,

but it just makes such a difference.

-So this is hers.
-[Heather] The all-white.

-[Heather] Totally my style.

Oh my gosh.

-I love the wallpaper.

[Heather] Oh!

-Towel warmer, that's a must. Yeah. Cool.
-[Nicole] Yep.

[Heather] Getting inspiration
for my next home.

[Nicole] Check out my favorite part
of this stunning home.


-Wow, this is stunning.
-It's basically like the south of France.

[Heather] So private.

-[Nicole] This was completely redone.
-[Heather] Oh! I love it.

[Nicole] There's the gym, wine cellar,
the separate guest house.

[Heather] This house
is sneaky with a lot of space.


-Oh my God.
-[Nicole] There she is.


This is fantastic.

-Welcome to the south of France.

Hi, beautiful. You look beautiful.

-Thank you. You do too.
-Thank you.

-Hello, my love. How are you?
-Hi, little nephew.

[Heather] I want to sit because I get
a little dizzy when I stand up right now.

-Oh, shoot.
-But I'm okay. Girl, I'm okay.

[chuckles] How are you doing?

-Look gorgeous.

-Thank you.

[Mary] Jason just dropped a bomb on me.

He just said he's taking off for Europe
with Marie-Lou for three weeks.

-And he's like, "Oh, handle it."
-"Figure it out."

[Mary] It's just frustrating.

He's just not thinking clearly,
he's just in lover's land.

If roles were reversed
and he was in this situation, would he…?


[Heather] Jason would never. No, please.

[Mary] You know how Jason gets.

Like, he gets in a relationship…

-"I'm in love!"
-He just dives full in.

-He's, like, at the bottom of the ocean.
-[Nicole] Yep.

[Nicole] And did you guys see Chrishell
giving Jason shit about Marie-Lou's age?

I don't know.

I was a bit surprised by it.

Surprised and not surprised, but Chrishell
is dating someone two years older.

Wait, how old's G?

I think, like, 27.


People forget that G is so much younger.

-[Mary] I didn't even know.

-[Heather] I didn't either.
-That's why it's funny.

-[Heather] I read it somewhere.
-Wait, she can't--

Pot calling the kettle black.

Exactly. Exactly what I'm saying.

No one is allowed to give me shit
anymore about Romain's age.

-He's older than all their partners.

Yeah. If I had to guess,
it's probably because

Chrishell can tell this one's special.

-[Heather] Special.
-[Mary] They're actually serious.

-Marie-Lou, I adore her.

She's humble.
She doesn't take herself too seriously.

-She doesn't have an ego.

And you know, listen.
This might be an unpopular opinion but,

I think she's… [inhales]

-She's better for him than Chrishell.

I just see him happier.

Really? Because I saw him
very happy with Chrishell.

[Mary] I did too.

And maybe it was just towards me,
I don't know why,

but it was very, very clear

the way he treated me when he was around
her was like he's never treated me before.

-Got it.
-He'd pick up, "I'm with Chrishell."

It was like, "I'm sorry, what?"

-I'm married.

I'm not calling you at 9:00 p.m. to flirt.
I'm calling about work stuff.

I have an actual question.

Got it, okay.

And then the day they broke up,
right back to normal.

-He's still doing it a little bit.

Yeah, but even if it was just towards me,

I just was like,
that's not sustainable for Jason.

It's something you picked up on, okay.

He said he was willing to marry Chrishell.

He just didn't want babies.

I don't think you should be willing.

I think you should… want to.

I just never saw them together long-term.
I just didn't.

[Nicole] All I want is Jason happy.

I, you know,
may be being overly protective.

I'm picking something up.

You don't seem like the biggest fan of her
for Jason or just in general.


[upbeat music playing]

♪ Run around, sleep all day ♪

♪ Hip too soon and up too late ♪

♪ Obsessive mind and problem ♪

♪ Got it, want it, funny all ♪

♪ Got it, want it, funny all ♪

♪ If you really want it now
You really gotta want it all ♪

This is my first
solo broker's open at The O Group.

It's called "Beauty on the Beach."
Think of summer in the Hamptons, in LA.

And coincidentally,
it's my biggest listing.

This is the first party had here
since I've remodeled.

Yay! Thank you.
I'm popping the remodel cherry.

♪ Come on now
Let's get what we came for ♪

♪ Let's get what we came for… ♪

-Hello, beauty.
-You look fantastic.

Thank you. Look at you.
You look like a sexy mermaid. [laughs]

[Chelsea] May I interest you
in some of the finest Kumamoto oysters?

I'm just interested
in the champagne, darling.

Well, cheers to that.
And cheers to us selling this house.

Nothing less than 22 million, please.

-Hi, my beautiful girl!

How are you?

♪ Let's get what we came for… ♪

Hi, darling!


♪ Everybody know what fire we bring ♪

♪ Looking like a queen
We gonna be seen, we gonna be seen ♪

-Hi, darling. How are you?

-Wow. Body.
-Thank you for joining.

Hi. Thank you for having me.

This is our newest agent
in the office, Bre.

-I didn't recognize you with the bangs.
-Thank you.

[Chelsea] Take a look, 4,400 square feet.

A secret surprise
downstairs in the basement.

I won't ruin it for you.

-Hi, honey.
-Hi, beautiful.

So good to have you back here.

You look so cute. I feel bigger,
you guys. I feel real pregnant.

Martin made it!

Not only do we have
a British pub with a stripper pole,

we actually have a British loo as well.

-It's a urinal.
-We have a urinal for the men.

[Nicole] Explain.

You know, a urinal,
where men stand up and pee.


I was like, what's that?

[Amanza] Know how long
the oysters have been there?

But you know what's probably safe?

Is this safe, you think?

We'll find out. If I die,
it was nice knowing everybody.

Hi, Richard, nice to see you.

How are you? Mwah. Mwah.

Um, was this planned,
the whole white ensemble?

Know what happened?
I said, "Let's go look at this house."

Nobody got the memo. Boomshakalaka!

Do you know who else is coming?

Well, okay, Davina's in Burning Man.

-Jason, but he's away.

-Jason just left today.

Which means I guess I need
to dive in and do these penthouses.

-Are you a little stressed about that?

-But you know what?
-I am.

He put you in charge for a reason,
so just trust your gut.

-Go with it. Know what I mean?

Yeah, I just don't want to let him down.

[pop music playing]

[Chrishell] Oh, so cute.

So cute. Right on the beach. Love that.


[Chelsea] Hi, my love.

[Emma] Hello!


-[Nicole] Like a gender-reveal party.

Welcome to my new listing.

Twenty-two million, 4,400 square feet.

Corner lot gives you access
to have a side yard on The Strand.

Don't get that anywhere else
but a corner lot.

-Sell it, sell it, sell it!
-Yeah! [laughs]

-[Chelsea] I'll take you up for a drink.

-[Chrishell] Hi, guys!
-You look so pretty!

We didn't even get to say hi.

-I know.

[Heather] Hi, hi, hi, hi!

Wow, really? Okay.

[Chrishell] What's this one?

I think it's a fig.

What is that?

It's like a vagina.

Does it not look like--

-Oh my God!

It does.


Is that a fig?
They look like little vaginas.

-It really does.
-Well, then you really get it.

Just kidding.

I know you said you wanted
to talk to Chrishell about, uh, that deal.

And I think it would be best
if you guys just talk to clear it up.

-Abso-- Of course.
-Okay. Awesome.

-[Bre] Emma, do you have a moment?
-[Emma] Yeah.

So I had something
I wanted to address with you.

I had something come up this weekend.
My client came to me and told me that

he had had some dialogue with you,
that you messaged him.

And I just want you to know that, like,

I'm about my money,

and I'm not about to miss out
on a million-dollar commission.

I wanna make sure we're on the same page,
that you know that he's my client.

-Whoa. First, who are we talking about?

Okay, and what happened?

He said you hit him up and
you were going to show him property.

That is not true at all.

-No, you didn't talk to him?

We've been friends for years. That's it.


I don't know
where the miscommunication is.

I sent him my empanadas
'cause he's vegetarian.

Ask him how my empanadas taste,
'cause that's it.

When in doubt, hide behind your empanadas.

If that's your client, that's your client.

I hope that's the case.
For him to address it, I was like,

"What's happening here that
you need to let me know that?"

And from what I've heard, you've had
some shady situations in the past.

What shady situations
have you heard about me?

I've heard something about Christine.

So let's stop right there
before you use that name.

Christine is a sociopath
and a pathological liar,

so any information that you're going
to hear from that witch of a human

is not the truth. Because I--

I mean…

I was getting my clients stolen from me.

Maybe you should get your facts straight
before coming at me,

since Christine was the one
trying to steal my client.

So, not only am I offended,
I am now double offended.

You're new.
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt,

but get to know me.

My client told me one thing, and I'm here
to make sure you know where I stand.

So I'm keeping an eye on this and as long
as we don't have other issues, I'm good.


-Have a nice night, Emma.

[Bre] I'm not for school ground play.

With Emma I don't know if she's covering
her ass or really is the nice guy,

but for now, Emma, just back off.

♪ Darkness creeping inside ♪

♪ Don't cover your eyes ♪

♪ Run, run for your life ♪

[footsteps approaching]


How are you?

Well, I'm not sure.

I talked to Heather today,

and she told me that you were talking shit
about how Jason's so much happier now

and you're so happy for him.

You're clearly out to get me,
and I want to get to the bottom of it.

Okay, I am happy for Jason.

We can have
a very professional conversation,

-but let's not take away the fact that--
-Want to know what's not professional?

You having an issue
and not bringing it to me.

And I'm just now having
to hear about it through the office.

You're upset that I didn't give you credit
on something and you did all the work.

What house are you talking about?

I'm talking about uh, Laurelwood
in Coldwater Canyon, which I sold.

So three years ago.

You took credit
for two listings that I sold.

Uh, listen, I'm not trying to come at you,

but these are factual,
undebatable, verifiable things.

Let's talk about facts.

-I'm ready to do that.
-I love facts.

Jason brought us both
on his listing, his clients.

-Three years ago…
-No, he didn't.

He brought us on.

I was really overwhelmed.

And so, because you felt like
you did more work on it,

I didn't take a single dollar
from those commissions, not a dollar.

Listen, it's not about work.

This has to do
with my professional reputation.

So you're bringing up something three
years ago to talk about in the office?

That's professional?

You want me to scream to everyone,
"Three years ago, you guys,

know what? I didn't do the majority of
the work on those listings, Nicole did."

[Mary] I can't see…
Is it looking kind of--

I can only see Chrishell,
and I can tell she's very upset.

I was on the team
and I did help sell these homes.

-You think that--
-No, you didn't.

-I'm on a team.
-Who was the buyer's agent?

This is three years ago.
I have a lot more real estate.

That's why I hand off stuff to you,

so I can't remember from three years ago.
Let me look it up.

You don't remember your clients?

Clients from three years ago.

I remember every single client
I've ever had.

Okay. Well, you sure are hungry
to pick up all the stuff I can't do.

That was a referral.
Listen, I'm very appreciative of that.

So why would you be holding
onto an issue from three years ago?

-[Emma] It's getting heated down there.
-[Mary] Mm-hmm.

Okay, listen, one thing I have
a problem with is a victim mentality.

It's not all about you.

-A victim mentality?

Bitch, I will fucking… I've been
through so much and I don't--

Don't call me a bitch.

I'll call you bitch. You are a bitch.
And you've been a bitch.

-[Nicole] Wow, okay.

Here's the deal.
We're gonna talk about it.

-Let's do it.
-You piss me off.

I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna tell you

and you're not telling me
what I'm gonna say.

-I see the real you finally coming out.
-Nicole, I'll give you--

You give me this energy,
I give you this back.

I'm giving you respectful energy,
and we're--

And don't go on about the real me.
You don't fucking know me. Okay?


[Nicole] Nor do you.

We're not friends.

I know that!

So why are you telling me,

-"I was upset--"
-But I'm giving you listings.

-I didn't know you had an issue.
-You're not giving me listings.

-You referred me one client.
-Nicole, I'm done with this conversation.

I would do this with Jason and Mary.

You don't like what you hear
so you run away?

-Can you just--

[Chrishell] Can you bring Jason and Mary?
I'll have this conversation all day.

-[Nicole] No, no, no.

I get it, but I'm done
giving you your moment.

[Nicole] Why can't we just simplify
and call the agent to the buyer's agent,

people who were involved
and who understand?

You're so obsessed with talking about
getting the buyer's agent on this.

I'm not obsessed.
It's just an easy way to squash this.

Like, again, I really like facts.

So, factually, who cashed the check?

-Did I?
-Jason and I.

Exactly. So what is the issue?

-I didn't cash a check.
-[Nicole] This isn't about money.

Honey. It's not about money.

Who's playing the victim here?
Nicole, own it.

Oh my God.

["Hurricane" by Kat Leon playing]

I can't fucking deal.

♪ When opposites collide ♪

I would like to have a conversation
with me, you, Nicole and Jason.


People that actually know the facts
or are in charge of running the office.

This back-and-forth
is not getting anywhere,

and I don't want to mess up your open, so.

♪ Gonna rewrite history ♪

♪ Good luck going down, down, down ♪

That was fucking wild.

♪ Getting down to the wire ♪

♪ Coming on like a hurricane ♪

♪ When opposites collide ♪

♪ I never feel so alive ♪

♪ Guess I always loved the chase ♪

♪ Coming on like a hurricane ♪

♪ Coming on like a hurricane ♪