Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - TBD on Bre - full transcript

While old resentments threaten to create new drama between Chrishell and veteran Oppenheim agent Nicole, Chelsea raises some doubts about Bre.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
["Paradise" by Hotline playing]

♪ Coming out, do it right ♪

♪ Everybody up, everybody high ♪

♪ Through your veins, head to toe ♪

♪ Let the lights take you
Where you wanna go ♪

♪ Take a bite
Have a little taste of paradise ♪

I've been doing fantastic
in Manhattan Beach,

but I really want
to expand my portfolio in LA.

So I'm going to see this potential
new listing in Santa Monica,

and I'm really hopeful
that I can win this business

and be the new listing agent.

♪ Have a little taste of paradise ♪

[Chelsea] If I can sell this home,

then I put myself in the market
to sell more homes in that caliber.

So, I'm inviting Mary.

Hopefully she'll give me
advice on how to bag it.

This looks like a nice one.

I know, I'm excited.

-Neighborhood is amazing too.
-Prime Santa Monica. Exactly.

♪ Everybody move ♪

♪ Get a little taste of something new ♪

[Mary] Such a private entrance. I love it.

I'm impressed.

[Chelsea] Hello, hello.

-Hello, babe.
-[Chelsea] Hi, guys.

-How are you?
-Welcome to prime Santa Monica.

-[Mary] You know Nicole, right?
-[Chelsea] Yes.

-Good to see you again.
-Good to see you. Mwah!

Nicole is one of our top agents
at the brokerage.

She's also a very, very good friend.
She actually officiated our wedding.

It is my joyful responsibility

to officially pronounce you
as husband and wife.

-You may now French kiss your bride.

Nicole is just super hardworking.
She's very committed to real estate

and loves being an agent.
She takes it very seriously.

-You guys will get along well, I hope.

I'm the longest-standing
and top-producing agent.

I've been at the Oppenheim Group
for over eight years.

I'm extremely serious about real estate.

That is my full focus, my only focus.

Real estate's everything for me.

She does so much business
and she just is so detail-oriented,

I thought she'd be great to bring,
and she knows this area.

I'd love to give my two cents.

So, prime Santa Monica,
Santa Monica Flats.

Uh, this client actually owns

a very famous
basketball team in Australia.

-Okay, cool.
-[Chelsea] Yes.

He bought this house in 2016.

It's five bedrooms, nine bathrooms,
and just under 10,000 square feet.

He built it to live in it, so you know,
when you build a house to live in it--

You spend a lot more money when it's not
just for spec, generally speaking.

[Chelsea] A hundred percent, so,

I want to take you guys around,
see what you think it's worth.

I've got a ballpark in my head…

-…but I wanna give him my expert opinion.


♪ I love it ♪

♪ I love it ♪

[Chelsea] Beautiful chef's kitchen,
custom finishes.

That door is Alexander millwork,

flown in, European,
very expensive door, very heavy.

When things are really heavy,
I can tell they're expensive.

[Nicole] Yep, absolutely.

-For a front door, yes, you want that.
-[Chelsea] Top-notch.

♪ I love it ♪

♪ I love it ♪

[Chelsea] Indoor/outdoor,
kind of, like, alfresco living.

This is like a private oasis.

[Nicole] Great landscaping.

They put in mature plants,
so it really fills it out.

It makes such a difference.
You know how much he put into it?

-[Chelsea] I do.
-[Nicole] Okay.

He put just shy of around nine million.

-Okay, yeah.
-The existing structure he bought at 7.5.

-Oh, okay.
-[Chelsea] Yeah.

[Nicole] So he's in it for 16 altogether.


-[Nicole] Okay. Big number.
-[Mary] Yeah.

Okay. I mean,
price per square foot for this area,

I mean, there's really only been 12 homes
sold over 10 million since June of 2021.

Wait, did you research this
before we came?

-Of course.
-Oh my God.

Real estate,
if you're really committed to it,

which is, in my opinion,
the only way to succeed,

it's a 24/7 job.

It's all or nothing.

This is why I brought her along.
She is such a badass.

It's what I do, it's what I do.

Professionally, Nicole seems like
she knows what she's talking about,

but nobody likes
a little miss know-it-all. So…

Back off a little bit, girl.
I know what I'm doing too.

-[Chelsea] Check out the primary suite.
-[Mary] All right.

[Nicole] This is beautiful.

[Chelsea] Right here is your spa.

His-and-hers countertops,
his-and-hers bathroom.

[Nicole] This patio is incredible.

Now, I am going to show you
why this house is quite honestly

one of the most spectacular houses
in prime Santa Monica.

[Nicole] Okay.

It's actually very famous.

-I'm going to show you why.

[Chelsea] We're up four floors now.

Now, look at this.

[Mary] Whoa.

♪ What you want
What you really want… ♪

-[Nicole] Jeez.
-[Mary] This is incredible.

[Chelsea] Now, ladies,
invite 14 of your best friends.

-[Mary] No way.
-[Chelsea] Play a game of basketball.


I don't know how many people
play on a team.

It's seven against seven. [laughs]

Okay, and look,
there's a club suite up there.

["I Got What You Want"
by The Mondays & LiTTiE playing]

♪ Yeah, I've got what you need ♪

[Mary] This is amazing.

-[Chelsea] Imagine if I make this.
-[Mary] I'm gonna die if you do.

No. [laughs]


-[Nicole] All right, jacket off for this.

-Girl, you made it?

Yeah, girl!



[Chelsea, laughing] Oh!

This is very famous
amongst the basketball circle.

LeBron James, Candace Parker
frequently play basketball right here.

-No way.

So I know where my head is at price.
I want to get your thoughts.

Given the direct comps that we have

specifically on this street
that have sold in the last year…


…19,995, absolute tops.

I'm there with you. That's how I feel too.

[Mary] Chelsea, this is a fantastic house.
What are you gonna do to seal the deal?

The setup. I have discussed co-listing it
with an agent from another brokerage.

But if you're co-listing,
I think you're gonna regret it.

From experience,
I just see a lot more risk than reward.

I'm just saying that that's
the direction the seller is moving in,

so I'm moving with that wind.

Co-listing is when two agents
are working on the same deal together.

So you're splitting the responsibilities

in terms of negotiations,
open houses, showings, everything.

And you obviously have to split
the commission amongst yourselves.

And I definitely do not like
to split commission.

I think you're assuming the only way
you can get this is to co-list?

He's saying that there's
an existing relationship at play

that's important to him.
I'm gonna respect that and not push,

because sometimes you can push,
push your way out the motherfucking door.

[Mary] We just want the best for you.

Guys, I feel like you guys
are my parents right now.

If I'm able to co-list it,
I'm going to do it.

I just… [inhales]

I just think you're giving up a piece,

a major piece of the pie
that you don't need to,

that's going to come along
with a lot more headaches.

[exhales, frustrated]

Okay, well, I think getting your name
on any listing is important.

I think it's going to be great
for my business, great exposure,

great in people seeing that
this will be my biggest listing to date,

and I need that for my business.

No regrets.

♪ What I do ♪

♪ Ain't none of your business ♪

♪ Ain't none of your business ♪

♪ Ain't none of your business ♪

[hip-hop music playing]

♪ Too confident, too cocky ♪

♪ My head is felt too grossy ♪

♪ I'm outta here, can't stop me ♪

[Nicole] How was the broker's open?

Oh my goodness. It was fun.
It was a fun broker's.

We had so much fun.

-[Emma] Right?
-Sorry I missed it.

-I blame Brandon. It was his birthday.
-[Emma] Okay.

-That's fair… Your husband's birthday.
-Yeah. I know.

[Emma] That's a good excuse.


-[Davina] Hey!

-[Emma] Oh my God!
-Look at you with a little baby bump.

[Nicole] So good to see you.

[both moaning]

[Heather] Look at you!

You're tinier than ever.
I'm bigger than ever.

You're still tiny.

[upbeat music playing]

Good morning.

-[Jason] How are you?
-[Bre] Hi!

-[Jason] Good to see ya.
-Nice to see you.

-Hi! How are you?
-[Amanza] Hello. Your hair's fun.

[Bre] Thank you.

[Amanza] If we get a sale,
ring Bre's ponytail instead of the bell.

-I love it.
-[Nicole] Yeah, exactly.

[Bre] There's a check on here.

-Oh, that's for Chrishell.

[Emma] Wait, is Chrishell coming in?

Isn't that--

I don't know.

You talk to her more, I think.

But, Jay?
Did she say anything about coming in?

-I didn't really push her on work.
-[Mary] Oh.

[thrilling music playing]

[Jason] Why? Did she say anything to you?

Yeah. Well, I asked her.

I just said we miss her
and we want her in.

-I did say that I miss her in the office.
-[Mary] Yeah.

Why is everyone staring at me now?

♪ When I walk in
All I hear is all the chatter ♪

♪ Everybody talkin' but it don't matter ♪

♪ My reputation speaks for itself ♪

♪ In the zone, zone, zone ♪

[woman] Okay!

♪ I'm in my element ♪

-I gotta go. I gotta go.

-[Bre] Amanza's twinning. Yeah.

[woman] God, I love this.

You guys are red-red!

-Good to see you.

-You look awesome.
-Thank you.

Hey, girlfriend.

-[woman] You look sexy.
-[Chrishell] You too.

♪ When I'm in my ♪

♪ I'm in my element ♪

Chrishell, now that you're back,
do you want your desk?

-I didn't know you were coming back.
-You can sit there.

-[Jason] So I didn't…
-[Chrishell] No, it's okay.

Chrishell and I've never been close
and frankly will never be close because

there was a pretty big situation.

And I believe Chrishell will do

just about anything that will benefit her,
or her image, at the end of the day.

-It's hot in here.
-[Davina] Super hot.

If you take a big enough commission,
we could turn the air on more.


[Chrishell] Missed you, Jay! [laughs]




Oh, Jay, do you have a check for me?

On one of the desks.

Is this mine?

[Jason] Yeah, I think so.

-[Jason] It's been there for two months.

[Emma] You know she's a baller,

she doesn't pick up checks
'cause she doesn't need them.

-[Jason] I know!

-I forgot about it.

Ladies, can we get
the team meeting started?

[Amanza] The "tea" meeting
or the "team" meeting?

[indistinct chatter]

[Chrishell] Hello. Hi.

We're going to need
to get a much bigger couch.

[woman] Oh yeah.

Okay, let's get started.

I will start by saying
it's wonderful to have you back.

-Thank you.
-[Emma] Yay!


[Chrishell] Thank you.

And we've got Nicole,
who you guys all know.

-[Emma] Yay.

[Jason] I think you all know
her real estate prowess,

how successful she is,
and I'm expecting more.

It's an exciting day.

I want to start off by figuring out
where you guys are all at. Chrishell.

I have… That one listing
I was hoping to get fell through.

So I hit a wall with some of the stuff
I've put a lot of time and effort into,

but I wanna reach back out to the client,

so I wanna hear
what everybody's working on.

Maybe I can pick up leads from this,
so this is a good way to start.

Chelsea, talk about what you got going on.

Oh gosh, got a $22 million listing,
Manhattan Beach.

-[Chelsea] Got a listing coming up.

It is a block away from the Strand.

It's on 15th Street in Manhattan Beach.

It's gonna be listed
for just under four million.

Very impressive update,
obviously, Chelsea.

-Bre, let's hear what you got.
-Hi, guys.

So, I actually have
my billionaire in town this weekend.

His name is Adam.

We're looking between
Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Malibu.

He says he wants to be
around the $45-$60 million range,

but I know he doesn't have a budget.

We're gonna try
to sprinkle in other properties.

-[Chrishell] No budget's the best.
-No budget.

He tries to be smart with it,
but I'll try to push him a bit.

-You know better.
-I know better. [giggles]

Do we have buyer exclusive signed
with our billionaire clients, ladies?

-Great question.
-[Nicole] Need to lock him in.

I'd get that shit signed.

[Bre] I didn't feel comfortable.
I don't know what you think,

but I feel like at that caliber,
they're like, "I can do whatever I want."

-The way you present it too.

Instead of, "I'm trying to lock you down."

-It's how you say it.

With a buyer exclusive
or buyer representation agreement,

you would work with your client directly,
and they couldn't use another agent.

I don't use a buyer exclusive
because I have real relationships

and I believe in that.
I trust my clients, they trust me,

and they're not going
to stab me in the back.

I mean, I get the job done,

so there's no reason
for them to go anywhere else.

[Jason] Nicole, let's hear your update.

Um, I just closed on my listing in Venice.

I have an off-market listing,

off market right now
til I find them their next property.

Um, lower Doheny for 12 million.

-[Jason] That's why you're back.
-[chuckles] Yeah, yep.

[Nicole] A lot of things going on,
excited about it.

A lot of amazing clients,

and I'm really hoping to do
another $100 million in sales, so.

I know it's a big number,
but pretty sure I can deliver.

You'll be living underneath that bell
if you sell 100 million.

-I never ring the bell. It's not my thing.
-[Mary] What?

-[Jason] What?
-[Emma] What are you talking about?

It hurts my ears.

[Nicole] Oh, screw the bell.

I kind of find it annoying,

and I don't think anyone wants me
to come and ring the bell, like, 65 times.

So I'm cool on that.

If someone else wants to do that,
that's on them.

-[Jason] Mary?
-So I just closed on a $35 million deal.


That's huge.

I just sold my biggest sale ever.

15,000 square feet in prime Bel Air.

[rhythmically] Ring the bell.

And they're gonna list
their other home for another 30 million.

-The client that keeps on giving.
-I know.

And I love them. They're amazing.

[Chrishell] Yeah, Mary!



-You look sexy ringing a bell.
-[Jason] Yeah, Mary.

That is way louder than I expected.

I just have to say these are some of
the best updates that we've ever heard,

but with the exception
of Mary's $35 million closing,

a lot of it is just deals and listings.

I just want to make sure
that those all become closings.

-Most importantly.

Emma, how was the Lloyd Crest event?
Any activity with buyers?

Well, it was a blast, and yeah,
I actually got a couple calls,

so I'm hoping, you know,
people are more interested now.

They've gotten a chance to take a peek,
but I think overall it went great!

[Brett] It did.

Most fun I've had at a broker's open ever.

-It was fun.
-I actually was going to bring that up.

Because I thought it was, um,
you know, a professional event,

and I was a little taken back
by who you brought.

-Best friend, Savanna.
-Hi! Nice to meet you.

-Do you remember… Savanna!
-Oh my God!

Wait a minute. From Crystal.

-Oh my God!

And I wasn't sure if you had
an intention there with me being new,

because we had a history.

I didn't know if you knew or not.

-Honestly, I did.
-So I was just… You did?

No. Yeah. So, um, Savannah,
she's my best friend in the world.


She's a billionaire.
Her family, they're billionaires,

and they're always looking
to expand their portfolio, so…

I told her, "There's a new girl
joining the office, her name's Bre."

And she was like-- She knows you,
she's actually friends with you.

-So I was like--

-Is there something else?
-We go way back.

We have a history, and I wasn't sure--

-A bad history?
-Yeah, I felt like it was a setup.

[Chelsea] A setup?

I mean, I'm a grown-ass woman
with two kids.

I barely have time to apply my makeup,
let alone orchestrate a whole setup.

I think Bre needs to take
some etiquette classes,

because coming at me like that
in a team meeting

is totally unprofessional,
and we don't do that at O Group.

Obviously we're here to make money,
so I wanted to address that.

But sometimes, when it comes to clients,

shouldn't personal and professional…
Shouldn't there be an ocean in between?

It should be separate, but it was
the way they came at me like,

"I know you guys know each other,"
that I thought something was underlying.

So I was addressing it. I've had so many
situations, being born and raised here,

so when things like that occur,
I'm very to-the-point.

["Bad" by Emmaly & Decla playing]

♪ Baby, you're becoming ♪

♪ Yeah, tell me something ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ How bad do you want it? ♪

["Put Your Money on Me"
by Catching Comets playing]

♪ Put your money on me ♪

♪ Put your money on me ♪

♪ Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪

♪ Put your money on me ♪

♪ Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪

♪ I'm a guarantee ♪

♪ Put your money on
Put your money on ♪

♪ Put your money on me ♪

♪ Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪

♪ Put your money on me ♪

♪ Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪

♪ It's something to see ♪

♪ Ya, ya, ya, ya ♪

[Emma] So this is Micah's original home.

So him trusting me to sell this property
means even more than Lloydcrest,

and the price point is much better,

so I think we're going to get
a lot of interest and sell it fast.

Oh, hello. A vision in pink.

-A darling in lime. Hi, love. Mwah. Mwah.

-This is my client.
-Hi! Emma. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

-Beautiful home.
-Isn't it stunning?

-It is.
-So, I'll tell you a bit about the house,

and then we'll do a tour,
but my client bought in it 2012 for 3.6.


We decided we wanted to do a remodel.
I told him, "Go above and beyond."

Because it's so competitive these days.

He was going to put in 200,000.

We ended up going over that
into the half a million range.

-When are you putting it on the market?
-In probably three days.

Well, thank you for getting us in.
A bit about Neeraj,

he recently sold his company
for a cool billion dollars.

Love me a good billionaire. [laughs]

We know. [laughs]

He actually just purchased
a house in Santa Monica.

-This wouldn't be a purchase to live in.

It'd more be more an investment property.

I can assure you,
this will be an amazing investment.

You could probably get, I would say, easy,

30, 35, and you're getting a great return
on your investment at that point.

-Nothing like this on the market.
-We should definitely take a look.

-A beautiful chef's kitchen.

-Top-of-the-line appliances.
-[Emma] Great for entertaining.

I mean, you're literally cooking and
having coffee with this view every day.

You can't beat that. Here, you can take
a peek, see down to the wine cellar.

-[Neeraj] Wow.
-[Chelsea] That's fantastic.

-[Emma] Yeah.
-[Neeraj] Amazing. Very nice touch.

[Emma] Indoor/outdoor feel,
which is always my personal favorite.

[Neeraj] Look at the King Kong there too.

-You like it?

I love it. It's great.

[hip-hop music playing]

-[Emma] I'll show you the primary.
-[Neeraj] Sure.

[Emma] So if this doesn't sell the house,
I don't know what will.

-[Neeraj] Wow.
-[Chelsea] Gorgeous.

[Emma] You don't typically see a tub
in the middle of the primary.

I think that's what makes it very special.

I think this is great. I mean,
it reminds me a lot of a beautiful hotel.

I was just gonna say,
it has a very warm hotel feel.

The best feeling is
waking up at a five-star hotel.

[Chelsea] And you can get this
every single day for a cool 5.5 million.

Which is a bargain price for the area.

[Chelsea] Right.

You have your wellness center.
You said you were into that. Right?

-[Neeraj] Yeah.
-I mean, it's checking a lot of boxes.

I think it's amazing that Micah created
a whole spa on the lower level.

He could have just made it a guest room,
like every other property in LA.

He chose to make it different. I think
that's what makes a property stand out.

So, for under six million,
this house is an absolute steal.

-[Emma] That went well.
-[Chelsea] It did.

Yeah. I just have to see whether
it's something he can long-term lease.

I'll pull comps.
If you have info, send it to me.

-Any off-market leases.
-[Emma] Yep, I do.

I actually have two clients looking,
so I could actually potentially

get him the house with a tenant in place.

[Chelsea] Oh my gosh.

Let me take these gloves off

because I'm overheating
and I may pass out at my own showing.

I think you just sold the house anyway,
so we can take the gloves off now.

-[Emma] Oh yeah, it's hot.

Whoa, so we haven't even… Yeah, wait,

that little incident with you and Bre,
like, what's happening?

We haven't had a proper catch-up.

Um, I was flabbergasted.

When I found out Jason brought
someone to the brokerage

and, um, this person didn't have
to sell a house to get in like myself,

I was like, "Let me do research."

So, I'm out with my best friend.

I was like,
"A new person's joining the brokerage."

-I saw she follows her on Instagram, so…

I put two and two together,

and I was like, "What's her deal? What…"

"How do you know her?
How far do you guys go back?"

She told me they worked together,
used to be models together.

"Brilliant. What's she like?
Does she sell real estate?"

My friend was like,
"Not as far as I'm concerned."

"When we were together,
we used to be models."

Okay, maybe she used to model,
now she's in real estate.

-We all did things. We all transition.

Whatever the history is,

it's really unprofessional
for her to confront me in a team meeting.

And I was sitting there
right in the middle, like, "Oh shit."

-It was like, shots fired, for sure.

Yeah. Those are major alarm bells,

because she could've taken any other
opportunity to pull me aside and say that.


I don't know if there's
some skeletons in her closet,

but unless there is a switch in energy,
this is someone we have to watch out for.

-I hope that the energy changes.

But your first team meeting,

that was a touch aggressive, so.

TBD on Bre.

♪ Tell me, how'd you get so bitter? ♪

♪ What made you this way? ♪

♪ How'd you get so bitter? ♪

♪ Always throwing that shade ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

Okay, so we do have the artichokes.

[Chrishell] Ooh, that looks
so good. Thank you.

[waitress] You're so welcome.

-[Chrishell] Cheers.
-Cheers! I love you.

I love you!

Oh, refreshing.

You want this,
or it'll keep you up past bedtime?

[Chrishell] No, thanks. Yeah.

I couldn't drink espresso at this time.
Unless I'm going out-out.

Well, I'm also a night owl.

I know you are. Now, I see why.



That's cute.


Did you have fun at Emma's broker's open?

-Wasn't it wild?

And I did talk to Mary.

Was she cool?

I don't know. I love Mary so much,

but our relationship is not the same
as it has been since the breakup.

Because I feel like… You know, I get it.

She's been best friends
with Jason forever,

and this always happens
with breakups or divorces or whatever.

Has Mary spent time with G,
has she hung out with them?

Not the ways you guys have.

It does mean a lot to me

that so many of the girls
have taken time to get to know G,

and I just wish that, you know, Mary would

show some effort.

You guys have spent time together.
G and Emma spent time together.

I'd be lying if I said
it didn't feel great that…

All of a sudden, it feels like,

I don't know where my place is
now with the group.

But it's still nice to be back in.

I mean, it's always a little awkward
in our office, to be honest. [chuckles]

We're an awkward bunch.

[Chrishell] I do have
a question about Nicole,

so I just wanted
to maybe ask you first because

maybe I'm reading into something
that isn't there.

-I just felt, like, a cold vibe.

I could have been reading into it
because we had something a long time ago.

-I didn't notice anything. No.

So a couple years ago Jason added
both Nicole and I onto a listing,

and Nicole didn't think that I deserved
any credit when the house sold,

because I was a fairly new agent

and she felt like
she did a lot more work than I did,

even though I did show the house
to multiple buyers and I held open houses.

You gave her listings
and stuff in the past, right?

Yeah, we worked on deals together
when I was leaving town.

I'd give her business
if I wasn't gonna be here.

I don't know
if something happened in between,

so that's why I said
maybe I'm reading into something.

-Just, the energy felt different.

I mean, I don't know of anything.
I didn't notice anything.

I know, but I feel like…
You know what it is?

You know when dogs sniff
each other's asses and pee on stuff?

-Sometimes our office…
-Maintain dominance.

People are, like, pissing,
like, marking their territory.

Did you just liken our office
to two bitches--

It's not that far off.

No, it's actually
a really good analogy, to me.

♪ Did I just roll my eyes out loud? ♪

♪ Struck me like a lighting bolt ♪

♪ Slap me back… ♪

♪ How did I get so lucky?
I don't know ♪

♪ I don't know ♪

♪ I had a vision and that's what you are ♪

♪ I've been waiting for you, girl ♪

♪ Do you? ♪

[Heather] Ninety-eight degrees today.

-[Bre] Too hot.
-[Heather] Give me a break. I can't.

Ooh, I like the black.

[hip-hop music playing]

-[Bre] Pretty.
-[Heather] This is sexy.

♪ Advertise in Technicolor ♪

It's got a nice "Wow" factor,
which I like.

And it's also Billionaires Row.
Even the retaining walls are pretty.

-Hi, ladies. Welcome.
-[Bre, Heather] Hi.

-I'm Camellia.

Heather. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to my new listing.

♪ I've been waiting for you, girl ♪

♪ For you ♪

[Camellia] We have a brand-new,
warm contemporary new construction.

The home offers
six bedrooms, nine bathrooms.

It's a deal. It's offered at 24,995,000.

Whoever buys this house
is picking up an appreciating asset.

-You guys have a potential buyer?
-I definitely have someone in mind.

He's going between the Hills and Malibu,

and he's got the bread
to be wherever he wants to be.

We're gonna find the best fit.
Heather's gonna help me.

All right, let me know
if you have questions.

-Thank you so much.
-Of course.

Wow. Look at this.

♪ Am I the one you want? ♪

[Bre] Oh my God.

[Heather] I love the infinity pool.

[Bre] So stunning.

It's gorgeous.

[Bre] I'm loving that everyone's bringing
all this black into it. It's my favorite.

The black and the wood,
and I love all the metal.

[Bre] And they do it so well
where it's not too overly masculine,

so it's still family-inviting,
which I really like.

[Heather] I agree. It's so private here.

You're built into the hill,
which is really cool.

-Let's go inside. I'm hot.
-[Bre] Let's see the kitchen.

[Heather] I'm dying.

So do we think this whole thing
is refrigerator and freezers?

[Bre] That'd make me happy.

-[Heather] Shall we check?

I actually have three at my house,
and it's never enough.

-You have the breast milk in there.
-I gotta store all this stuff.

Oh my God, look at this.
Can we just close ourselves in here?

There's a freezer.
That one feels way better.

-[Bre] You got a freezer?
-Squeeze over here with me if you want.

Okay, wait.

[playful music]

Oh yeah.

-Now, kind of close it in.
-This is so much better.

-Ooh, and there's ice in here.
-This is amazing.

-I love it.
-I think my butt's stuck.


[Bre] I love this connection with Heather.

It's really nice
to have an ally in the office.

I'm not a girl's girl,
so I am appreciating this relationship

and hopefully it continues.

-[Heather] Should we go upstairs?

-Is that a waterfall? Oh my God.
-Yes. That's so pretty.

[Heather gasps]

I love that they have this handrail.

That's what you don't get
in houses that are four or five million.

-They don't think about it.
-Of course not.

True, I'm always holding onto the wall.

-[pop music playing]
-[Heather gasps]

Here's the primary.

-[Bre] Oh my God.
-Oh, this is pretty.

-I love the fireplace.
-I love the fireplace. I love it.

-Have you ever felt this heat before?

-Are we having the biggest heat wave ever?
-This is insane.

About this place,
you think he's gonna like it?

I think he's gonna love it.

If anything, it's an amazing
investment property, like she said.

There's only one other way,
which would be Malibu,

so I feel like
there's a good chance he'll like this.

I just need to get him in
and kind of feel him out.

Maybe he'll buy this one and Malibu.

Exactly. Your investment property
and your beach house.


[Bre] This is a really
important client to me.

Obviously, it's really hard
to make a billionaire happy. [laughs]

So I do feel a little pressure.

But he's been in my life
for the last three years,

he's an amazing person, and I feel like
we're going to find him his perfect house.

How are you feeling?
Baby-wise, are you feeling good?

-Office-wise? What's going on in life?

I think I'm still trying to figure out

what exactly is going on
with some of the girls.

-I don't know.

I feel, like, a little something
going on with Chelsea.

The broker's open was just kind of odd.

Yeah, I don't know.

We're at a broker's open,
why bring girls that are not agents?

And then they know me, and I'm new.

I didn't think of it like that.
Yeah, they're not even in the business.

It seemed like
she had some sort of intention.

If there's something going on,
you should say something to me,

but don't make it
this, like, weird ambush.

I have no fear of Chelsea whatsoever.

If she keeps trying to be sly,
then we're going to have a problem.

Chelsea's the newest
to the office, besides you.

She's very smart,

and she likes to be,
like, you know, the center.

You know, her presence
is always known, basically.

I don't have to be
the center of attention.

I'm not like, "Look at me,
I have a $50 million whatever."

I don't care. I want to close it.

-Next, let's rack this up.

I wanna go home to my son. Paper. Bye.

And in this industry, I do come off
as a bitch, because I kind of am,

but, like, I just have fought my way here.

I'm not gonna play this game,
build this relationship and allow you in,

and especially now with who my child's
father is and having a baby.

Like, you're not coming
anywhere near here.

-People are calculating here.
-I always feel somebody has an agenda.

Scary, you could be friends with someone,
and the whole time they have an agenda.

That's my thing, I'm born and raised here,
it's happened to me time and time again.

You build a wall
and you get a little bit harder,

and if you don't protect yourself,
you pay in the end.

-You do.
-And I've lost huge clients.

I've lost friends. I've lost…
I've had… I lost my husband.

After my marriage to Johnny Manziel,
a former athlete,

I think I definitely put up a wall.

We were only married for a year.

That relationship
definitely affected me a lot,

and everything that came from it.

I don't trust anyone.
I didn't trust them before,

and I definitely don't trust them now.

My guard's up. I'm new,
and this industry's ruthless.


I'm like, "You will take me seriously.
You will respect me."

And if you want to power-play me
for the top sales, like…

Girl, your lane's there, mine's here.

We can either do our own thing,

or if you wanna fight for the top,
I'm going to take it.

♪ The only way is up ♪

♪ The only way is up ♪

["Good Life" by Kari Kimmel playing]

♪ Oh, I'm living the good life, oh ♪

♪ Yes, that's the way I want it ♪

♪ Oh, I'm living
The good, good, good life ♪

-[knocking on door]
-[Nicole] Come in.

Oh my God.

I hope you like dust.
I brought lots for you.

Oh my God, wow. Okay.

My husband and I
bought our house five years ago.

Living in the house as we're renovating,
it's been a bit challenging.

Pain in the ass,
no matter how you slice it.

-[Mary] How much did you spend on this?
-[Nicole] About 200,000.

-Oh my God--
-But we're getting there.

Once the renovations are all complete,

it's going to increase our home value
a half a million dollars, if not more.

So I'm definitely a control freak,

and I definitely am
extremely detail-oriented.

And we've got even, like, the lights.

Oh, I love that!

In all the drawers and cabinets.

We're surviving,

but, uh, we just need to make sure
everything is done correctly and finished,

so we can get back to life as normal.

[Nicole] I've got wine for us.

[Mary] Oh, amazing. Okay.

-Shall we go sweat together outside?

Let's do it.

[upbeat music playing]

Whew! We'll need
to get used to this heat though.

I know.
I'm telling you though, just adjust.

-It's true.
-You adjust to the heat.

I felt so bad I missed
Emma's broker's open the other day.

Yeah, it was good. It was beautiful.

There was a lot of people.

-Um, but--
-Were all the girls there?

Yeah. Yeah.

But Chrishell and I ended up
having kind of an odd conversation.


That was the first time I think
we'd really, like, gone off to the side

and had a proper conversation
since pretty much after their breakup.

Okay. And was it mainly about the breakup
and just kind of stuff afterwards, or…?

Well, after the breakup,
Jason was just beside himself.

I was there for her too in the beginning,
but then when she got with G…

She's been off doing her own thing,
and that was also hard on Jason too.


Plus you have
a much longer history with Jason.

-You're much closer to Jason.

Do you think she was into it
as much as he was?

-Because I don't.

-I don't know Chrishell as well as you do.
-Yeah, she was gonna have a baby with him.

I mean, that's about
as permanent as you can get.


This is the unpopular opinion.
I think they're better not being together.

I mean, listen.

It's no secret to you,

my very mixed feelings
about Chrishell, and why.

Because Jason put Chrishell on my listings
because he had a massive crush on her.

You're a new agent,
he was trying to help you,

but it's not cool. You don't
take credit for someone else's work.

And yeah, that pissed me the fuck off.

At the time, those were my biggest sales.

She didn't do any open houses.
I did everything.

I worked with the buyer's agent,
and I'm the one who got it sold.

Jason and I got into very,

very heated debates about it,
because that's fucked up.

He's always said to us,

the most important thing in real estate
are closed sales and experience.

And he's right.
It's a pretty big fucking deal.

She's got listings in-- in the Valley

based on my closed sales.

Based on my work.

And I'm just supposed to go…

[fakes giggle] "Thanks, gonna eat
this shit sandwich and like it"? No!

It's not okay.

I run circles around her
in terms of real estate.

She got credit,
but her name shouldn't have been

associated with the house
on the MLS at all.

Chrishell claims to be
the Queen of the Valley.

That's just simply not true.

That happens to be me.

I know I remember, like, you being upset,

but I just don't remember what--
how all of that transpired.

-So I'm sure--
-Well, Jason threatened me.

I'm sorry, he did.

He tried to fire me
if I didn't keep my mouth shut.

Like, that's the truth.

It's not respectful--

-I think you guys need to have a sit-down.
-For sure.

-With Jason too, and talk about it.
-Uh, no.

He's just gonna have her back
and come at me, which… I can handle that.

Oh, I know you can.
I've seen you guys go head-to-head.

-I'd rather not have "Daddy" there,

because she's just going
to look for him for protection.

No one being like,
"Oh, that's poor, poor Chrishell."

I would like a conversation
with her and her alone.

["Fear Me" by JLYN,
Silverberg & Alaina Cross playing]

♪ I'm a force ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ I'm gonna make you ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ I'm gonna make you ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ Look me right in the eye ♪

♪ Fear me ♪

♪ I'm gonna make you ♪

♪ Fear me ♪