Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - I Wanted to Hate You - full transcript

Chrishell is head-over-heels in love--but is she ready to face the awkwardness at the office? New agent Bre comes in hot, ruffling a few feathers.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-[Mary] One, two three.
-[ringing bell]



I'll miss you guys.

-[Jason] Maya, love you and I'll miss you.
-[Heather] We love you, Maya.

I've been thinking about
making you a managing partner.

Oh my God, babe. Thank you!

Let me kick my feet up here.

Looks good on ya, girl!

If my client buys Franklin,
I get a desk at the Oppenheim Group.

-That's a deal. It's a deal.
-Let's do it.

Meet the newest member
of the Oppenheim Group.


[Heather] Some had their doubts,
but true love will last.

[Jason] I've never been
with a better woman.

[Chrishell] We're very in love.


I really hope that Jason
will not fuck this up.

♪ Nothing's gonna break us down ♪

I was wondering why
I wasn't getting listings for a while.

Then I was like,
"Because I'm not fucking my boss."

-You're acting like a bitch. Stop.
-Maybe I am.

♪ This could be the downfall ♪

-Not dealing--
-If she's in the office--

Guys, if she continues with the drama,
then she's gone.

♪ This could be the end of it all… ♪

[Jason] I give you my word on that.

So, an associate of Christine
contacted my client

and offered $5,000 to not work with me.

-What the fuck was she thinking?
-Is this the end for Christine?

Oh my gosh. I'm losing my only ally.

[Jason] There's not a place for her
at the Oppenheim Group.

[shock sting]

[Emma] So what happened?

If you don't want to be a father,

I don't think I could go forward with you.

♪ I'll try to do us right ♪

You would be so awesome.

Like, we all see that.

I thought you guys
really had a really good chance.

[voice breaks]
He was a very proud bachelor.

-You changed him.
-I didn't.

♪ I'll try to do us both right ♪

[Chrishell] I don't know if we can
keep working together anymore.

♪ I got burned up ♪

♪ In the backfire ♪

[upbeat music playing]

♪ Ooh, got the energy… ♪

[Chrishell] I know people think
I'm having a midlife crisis,

but I'm having an awakening.

♪ You know what to do it like me ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah, I run the streets
I'm a lady, I'm a boss… ♪

I've been killing it in this market.

I feel like a new bitch.

♪ It's a mood
I just do my thing… ♪

[Emma] I'm building an empire right now,

and I am not in competition
with anybody besides myself.

[hip-hop music playing]

[Amanza] I'm in an "I don't give a fuck"
spot about a lot of things

I used to give a fuck about.

♪ Ooh yeah, it's happening ♪

[Nicole] I have $100 million
in sales and counting.

If someone were to get in the way of that,
there's gonna be an issue.

♪ Lookin' better
Than the cover of a magazine… ♪

[Heather] I'm going to be
a rock star mommy

and also a rock star businesswoman.

♪ Like, ooh, be like, ah ♪

[Mary] I don't think I'll miss Christine,

so it's probably for the best
that she's gone,

but I am nervous about the new dynamic.

[Bre] I'm kind of a mirror.

Whatever you give me
is what you're gonna get.

I mean business, I'm about my business,
and I am here to fuck this shit up.

♪ Yeah, baby, watch me go, go, go ♪

-♪ I do what I want, yeah ♪
-♪ What I want… ♪

-♪ I do what I want, yeah ♪
-♪ What I want… ♪

♪ Baby, watch me go, go, go ♪

♪ New day, new chance, new style ♪

♪ Ready to do my part ♪

♪ Ready or not ♪

♪ I can't be stopped ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I know what you want ♪

♪ I know, I know ♪

♪ I know, I know ♪

♪ I know, I know, I know, I know, I know ♪



-[Emma] Hello!
-Hello! Hi, gorgeous.

-How are you?

-[Chrishell] You really look amazing.
-Hi. So do you.

-[Chrishell] This house is amazing.
-I know. I'm obsessed.

And it's so private too.

St. Ives is one of the most impressive,
beautiful homes in the Hills.

It was owned by one of
the biggest pop stars in the entire world,

Harry Styles.

My client purchased it from him,

and I'm lucky enough
to have the listing right now.

Did Harry leave anything in the house?

-He did, actually.

He left, like, a lot…
Like, hundreds of pairs of shoes.

-Where are they?

I think they're gone now,
but I should probably see--

-Aww. [laughs]
-I know!

-I did know that. One thing my client--

-What size?
-I don't know. I need to figure that out.

Maybe we could get backstage
because we could say,

-"Harry, we have shoes to return to you."
-We have Harry's shoes! We should do that.

[Chrishell] So, can you show me
Harry Styles' bedroom?

But of course. Let's take you upstairs.

-I wanna see it.
-That sounds fun.

I hope it's worth the anticipation.

[upbeat music playing]


Oh my gosh. This view.

[Emma] Right? And we have the bathroom.

Steam shower. I even like the mirror.


Well, Harry probably had some
watermelon sugar in this bed right here.


Probably Olivia's.
I don't know the timing, but--

It definitely got
a little wild in here. [laughs]

Who wouldn't want to get…
Oh, I just saw what you did there.

-"Wild," Get that? Olivia.
-Got wild.

It took me a second.
Yeah, I mean, you see why. This is sexy.

[Chrishell] Oh, it's so nice outside.

Isn't it beautiful?


Whoa! [laughs]

[Emma] You are having
a Marilyn Monroe moment.

I don't know if that's the wind or Harry.
He's like, "Raise that dress."

This is so beautiful. I love this.

Isn't it nice?

I love this. I can definitely see
a celeb client wanting this.

Oh, 100%. I see you.
You're already picking the clients.

-Your real estate's--
-I'm thinking.

You're like, "Okay." Now we gotta
get you back in the office.

-[laughs] Well…
-Hint, hint!

I could find a client for this
and not be in the office.

But I want you in the office, selfishly.

After my breakup with Jason,
I've been working from home a lot.

I was looking to kind of just get away
and have a little bit of a break.

Let the interpersonal things
simmer down a little bit

before I'm ready to kind of
jump back into that again,

but goals don't change.

My goal in real estate is always to ring
that bell and cash some checks. [laughs]

-I'm playing hooky with life right now.
-Yeah, exactly!

I've honestly never seen you
as happy as I see you with G.

Some people don't have love like this.

When G originally asked me out,
I was like, "Aw, I'm so flattered,

but unfortunately, I'm straight."

I don't know. It's just, like,
a funny construct that I had in my head,

and so once I kind of got past
my own ideas, you know,

what I'm attracted to, I realized
I'm actually very attracted to them.

[Emma] Yeah.

I'm just so happy,
and we're having so much fun.

You know what, sleep is overrated.
You don't need eight hours.

You definitely do not,
if you're doing what you're doing.

You're in this fun little G-bubble,

G-spot, G-bubble, whatever.
A lot of G's going on.

Oh my God. Okay, now I am going to blush.

I know you're living
your best life with G,

but will you come back in the office?


Okay. If I'm being completely honest
with you, it's not just the Jason thing.

You know, Mary…
I didn't anticipate it being so, like,

Mary's on Jason's side.

I thought it would feel
a little bit more in the middle.

When was the last time
that you spoke to Mary?

I haven't connected with Mary
one-on-one since the breakup.

-I mean, we were sisters, it felt like.

No, I remember. I remember
coming into the office and it was like,

"Mary and Chrishell," you know?
So I totally get that.

So it's just…

Yeah, to go from feeling like sisters
to more like acquaintances,

I don't know if it's something
that we can work past

and, you know,
get it back as it was before.

No, I get that.

My relationship with Mary
feels a little distant

because Jason and I broke up

and Mary wasn't there.

And I feel like she chose Jason's side

and kind of
gave our friendship up a little.

We were just
this core group, always together,

and now I feel like
I'm just kind of like the odd man out.

["How I Like It"
by Carly and Martina playing]

♪ It's in my blood and in my veins ♪

♪ The rocketship to my outer space ♪

♪ There's only one style for me ♪

-Don't get me wrong--
-[Mary] Oh God.

-Look at this.
-What's up?

-[Romain] Hey.
-This is incredible!

♪ I like it ♪

♪ I like it ♪

♪ Can't fight it ♪

♪ That's how I like it ♪

-[Jason] You haven't been here in a year.

Last time I saw it,
it was just, like, in framing stage.

[Mary] Mwah.

-How are you? [chuckles]
-You killing it, baby. Oh my God.

-It looks close.
-How much longer?

Yeah, how much longer, Romain?
I've been asking him for two years.

We just been delayed with the HOA,
the city, the permits and everything, so.

-Oh, for the windows.

The deck too. The roof deck.

The handle on the door of the outside,
they need to approve it.

-[Jason] Everything.

-Condos are a nightmare.
-I think it's my last condo project.

Jason bought four condos and he's
turned them into two massive penthouses.

He's put almost $10 million into these,

and they are going to be amazing
when they're finished.

But at this point, he's bleeding money.

We still gotta get it furnished.

I got to get it measured, I gotta get
floor plans, get photos, drone, videos.

-[Romain] Yeah.
-It's a lot still.

So we have a lot of pressure
to get these finished,

on the market,
and sold as soon as possible.

[Jason] These two are my babies.

I gotta get them, you know,
grown up, out of the house, sold.

'Cause is this the only kind
of baby you're gonna have?

-For now, yeah.
-Yeah. [chuckles]

[Jason] House babies are the best.


They don't cry.

Actual babies cost money.
These babies make money.

-Good point.
-You can live in them, hang out, party.

Yeah. [laughs]

Your girl's kind of a baby.


Jason's new girlfriend
is amazing. Marie-Lou.

She's only 24,
which is younger than my son.

Uh, but she is very mature.

I think Europeans are just very mature
compared to Americans.

I don't know
if I should say that, but… [laughs]

It's true, I married one.

-How old were you when you guys met?


What are you talking about? Shit.

-So the exact same age as Lou.

[Romain] Yeah, but she was 36.

-Okay, fine.
-Yeah, that's true too.

The age gap between Jason and Marie-Lou…

I don't have to be good at math for…
Hold on, he's 45…

[chuckles] I think Jason could be her dad.

She's 24.

Five minus four is one.

I don't think Jason's going to be having
kids with Marie-Lou anytime soon.

I mean, she's a baby herself.
So maybe in decade or two, or three.

Four minus two. Two… 21 years!

Okay. So there is a bit of a gap. [laughs]

Looks good, anyway.
Even if it's taking a long time.

-It'll be worth it.
-[Jason] But is it taking a while.

I'm probably almost $10 million in cash
into these two penthouses right now.

-Gotta get them sold, get that money back.
-That sucks.

Yeah, this has been one hell of a project.

[Jason] I don't know
what I want to price them yet.

I firmly believe that if we do a good job,
I could make seven figures more.

That's the difference
between marketing these,

presenting these,
and preparing these at a ten.

The staging is so important.

Every detail. I mean,

this wood, every panel is
eight inches wide, nine feet long.

I could have spent $50,000 or $150,000,
which I spent on this.

There's never been a more important
listing in my life than these two.

So much of my money is tied up in these.

I think after the breakup with Chrishell,
I just wanted to stay busy,

and I just focused on these penthouses.

Maybe went a little overboard
on the details,

uh, but it'll be worth it
once I sell them.

We've had a bit of a change.
Is Chrishell… What's the deal with that?

I don't know
how comfortable she is in the office.

-I haven't seen her as much as I'd like.
-I haven't talked to her much either.

I want her back
because I love her as a friend.


["Unleash the Beast"
by Clover the Curvy playing]

♪ I'm walking' down the street
Like I mean it ♪

♪ A swagger in my step 'cause I own it ♪

-For you, sparkling.

-Thank you.
-Another sparkling water.

-And here's the latte.
-Thank you so much.

And can I get flat water as well?

-Flat water? Sure.
-Yeah. Thank you.

♪ Watch me now, feeling wild
My own style ♪

♪ I look like royalty, looking deluxe ♪

♪ Feelin' money
Feelin' like a million bucks ♪

[Bre] I don't think
the O Group is ready for me,

but I'm here.

♪ Come and see, eyes on me ♪

With real estate, as soon as
I dove in, I started crushing it.

First sale was 17 million.

Since then, we've been going up.

♪ I got the flavor
Come and get that ♪


-Hi, my love.
-Hi, beautiful.

No, don't get up.

-Good seeing you. You look so lovely.
-So nice to see you.

-Thanks, you too.
-I love this power green.


For me, I don't really come to work
unless we're talking 15 million plus.

Otherwise, I'm not coming to work.
[laughs] My clientele is top clientele.

We're talking athletes,
billionaires, money dudes.

And I'm not just some girl in LA that's
looking cute and posting on Instagram, so.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.
Don't know if they're ready, but I'm here.

What do you guys know about the new girl?
Like, what has anybody heard? Anything?

-Uh, she--
-[Amanza] Does she sell real estate?

She just had a baby
with Nick Cannon, right?

Okay. Who doesn't? Next.


My friend actually worked with Nick
and said amazing things about him,

so I'm like, "Cool. Maybe she's awesome."

So she's awesome
because her partner is awesome?

-Postpartum, you look incredible.

-How old is he now?
-Six weeks.

-Oh my God!
-So he's fresh out. [laughs]


Being a completely new agent
to the Oppenheim Group,

I think, could be intimidating.

So I actually reached out to her on
social media before I met her in person.

Her and I started chatting.

She definitely has a wall up,

but I'm all about love.
I don't go in with judgment.

I saw on your Instagram…
Did you do natural?

I did all natural. Yeah. Nothing.

Just in my house.

-You are a frickin' rock star queen.

Most people know I just had a baby. It was
very public, and it is with Nick Cannon,

who is my baby daddy and best friend.

And so it's been a very amazing journey.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to be the best mom,

but if I don't work, I would go crazy,
and I just love what I do.

I'm all about my own money
and my own name,

and I got to make a bag too.

I did it, actually, like,
on one of those squat chairs.

-What is a squat chair?
-[chuckling] It's horrific.

[both laugh]

It's, like, this frame of a chair
that has no chair or anything on it.

-So the middle's open.

-Was she under you?

Trust me, you think you're gonna care.
You don't give a fuck.

-You're like, "Get this baby out."
-She was full on in the vagina--

Oh yeah. She's, like, coating you.
She's twisting him. It's a whole thing.

Did you shave before?

-No, girl. What? Shave?

-I don't know.
-Where? You're like this.

You wait, you can't get around that belly.

I never laser.
I have to stay up on my shaving.

Have your man do it.

-A couple days before. Do it quick.
-"Baby." He'll love it.

-I'll lay there. He'll be like, "Yeah."
-Yeah. Oh, girl. [laughs]

-Oh no.
-"Let me do something afterwards." Yeah.

At least he's loving it.


-Okay. Should we talk about office?
-Yeah. I don't know what I'm walking into.


Mary, how do you feel about…
You have to manage this person.

As long as she doesn't cause drama,
I'm just A-okay with her.

-She got a vagina, she can cause drama.
-[girls chuckling]

I think the girls are going to be like,
"Okay, who's this girl coming in?"

-[chuckling] They're like, "Mm…"
-They've seen you in the headlines.

They've read things.
I don't know what their opinion is truly.

No one said anything really to me.

We'll see. I get it.

At face value, you see so much,
it's hard to not have an opinion.

If they don't like me, I don't care.

At the end of the day, I'm here to work.
If we can be cool and make friends, great.

But it's also not, like,
my first priority, so…

Obviously, you have experience, but
if you need extra help, Jason'll be there.

-He's like very, like, hands-on with us.

Well, he's kind of in love land right now.

-He's dating someone new.
-Is he?

-Perfect timing. [laughs]

So he's very, like,
on cloud nine, like, bubble.

-Well, that's good.

I'm like, "Fine. Enjoy that."

-"Leave us alone." [laughs]

Yeah. Exactly.

[Jason] She's got
a lot of potential in real estate.

[Mary] Well, I'm excited to meet her.

Brett and I met her
out, actually, at an event.

Strong woman, works hard,

has, like, a lot
of very high-level, uh, wealthy clients.

We know it's a soft market,
interest rates out of control.

So we have to work twice as hard
to make the same amount of money.

So just throwing that out there,
get your heads in a good place.

-[Emma] My head's always in a good place.
-[Amanza] My cornrows are tight and ready!


♪ Got a taste
For the finer things in life… ♪

All right.

-[Heather] Excited?
-[Bre] Yes.

♪ VIP, I'm a VIP ♪

-All right!

Hello, you guys!


-Hey, good to see you.
-[Heather] I brought a friend.

-This is Bre.
-Hi, ladies.

I love her so far.
I think you guys will too.

-"So far."

-[Emma] Heather, "So far!"
-She's like, "From the café to here."

[Heather] You never know, Emma,
you never know.

I'm going to introduce. Okay?

-Mary, my love.
-Roll call.

-[Heather] Amanza.
-[Bre] Hello.

[Heather] Davina, Chelsea, and Emma.

-[Heather] Where you want to sit, girl?

I think, sit wherever you want.

-Okay? All right, girl.

Yeah, she's as pretty as everybody said.

I already like your outfit.

Thanks. I should say the same,
look at us in our green.

You got the memo, clearly. [chuckles]

We're here.

Don't get too comfortable.
That's Chrishell's desk.

Um… Emma, you have spoke to Chrishell?
Is she coming back or no?

[Emma] We've had conversations.

[Jason] What did she say?

[Emma] I mean, I'm trying
to get her to come back.

I'm gonna have a broker's open,
so I'm trying to convince her to come,

and I think that will get her back in,

-then be like, "You have to come--"
-Might scare her away.

[Emma] Exactly. Or scare her away.

I'm having the broker's open because
it was in escrow. We fell out of escrow.

So now I want to get
some fresh eyes in there,

so you guys will all have to come.

I'm still the listing agent on Micah's
development property, Lloydcrest.

Poppin' bottles?

-[cork pops]
-[Emma gasps]

-Oh boy! [chuckles]
-[Micah chuckles]

-We work well together.

We're going to have another big open house
and see if we can get some more buyers.

What's the attire? Because I am pregnant,
so I have to pre-plan my outfits.

I actually was gonna do
a twilight kind of--

-So more like cocktail glam?
-[Emma] Cocktail sexy glam.

Now, I cannot fit
into a 23 or a double zero,

so I'm wearing maternity jeans.

-Maternity jeans are a vibe.
-[Davina] What's your due date?

-January 27th.
-Seventh. Yeah. So--

-[Chelsea] Day after my birthday.
-[Heather gasps]

-An Aquarius baby.

-Baby's gonna be Aquarius.
-[Chelsea] Love that.

-What are the traits of an Aquarius?
-We're like aliens, you know.

We're not conformists.

The most successful entrepreneurs in
this world are Capricorns and Aquariuses.

Traits I guess I'd use to describe myself.


-Can we talk about real estate now?
-[Amanza] We love real estate.

Bre, how long have you done real estate?

I've technically had
my license since 2017,

but I started in 2021.

[Chelsea] Don't be discouraged if you
don't get any business in the first year,

because what you wanna do is just
build up that momentum and keep it.

Chelsea, how much
did you sell your first year?

I sold three, three, three point two…

So 9.2 million my first year.
I was very, very fortunate.

My first year was 20 million. Yeah.

-Oh damn.

I guess my contacts were just so insane.

Who do you represent, for the most part?

So I try to keep them private
for the most part,

but I deal with athletes
and people in the entertainment industry.

Where do you meet them?

You should've interviewed her
before Jason hired her.

[Emma] I know, right?

-I'm like, "Well…"
-[Chelsea] I mean, if I can…

♪ Uh-oh, you might be in trouble ♪

♪ Uh-oh ♪

♪ I understand, babe ♪

♪ 'Cause I get you emotionally ♪

♪ I'm not a man ♪

♪ But I can if you want me to be ♪

♪ I know how you think ♪ 

♪ And what you like
And what your body needs ♪

♪ Convinced you should run from me ♪

♪ I'm not what you planned ♪

♪ And I'll be your man ♪


[Chrishell] Absolutely incredible.

-Absolutely amazing!
-[G Flip laughs]

Baby, are you trying
to do an Australian accent?

-Sorry, it's really bad.
-[G Flip laughs]

I'm coming in.

Absolutely amazing, babe.


-You look so cute.
-Hi, hi.

Hey, baby.

[romantic music playing]

[G Flip] Did it sound good? Mm?

It sounds amazing.

Thank you. You're so cute, baby!

My relationship with G
is something that opened my eyes

to something that
I really wasn't aware that I was open to,

which is just energy in general.

And we went into this not knowing

how deeply we were gonna
kind of fall for each other.

So I'm excited about
what this new idea of a future looks like.

My dad was a drummer. I know one lick.

-If you need some help on the drums--

I'm kidding, I'm joking.

-You want to show me your lick?

[G Flip] Yes. You have to.

-It's embarrassing in front of you.
-It's not embarrassing.

You actually drum.

I do want to play, but--

-Do it.
-Are they going to be mad if we--

They don't give a shit.


This one on the snare.

-We've gone through this before!
-Yes, okay.

[plays lick]

Is that right?

Baby. Yes, it's right.

[G Flip] You're good!

My dad taught me that.

-[producer] Impressive.
-That was so good.

[Chrishell] Okay, well…

[G Flip hums]

Let's go again from the top.



-I wanna push the buttons. I won't.
-That was so funny.

You did a whole face.

Like, "Let's go again from the top."

Like, that was great.

I saw A Star Is Born, which was here.

I know it was made for Stevie Nicks,
but did she design it?

Yeah, but apparently,
the studio is haunted.

Yeah! When I was in here
a couple of weeks ago,

one of the mics was like…

-Someone was breathing into the mic.
-It's Stevie!

-She is dead, right?

-Stevie Nicks isn't dead.
-Oh God. This is how I get myself into--


I'm sorry, Stevie, I didn't know.

Oh. I know that move.




I don't really care to label myself,

and, you know, I was learning as I went,

and I figured it out,
and it's going really great. [laughs]

[G Flip] Thank you for coming in.

Of course. This is so fun. I love this.


You wanna be a producer now?
Give up the selling houses?

I mean, obviously
I'm excited to see all the girls

and kind of get back into it.

But, you know, there's always
some stuff brewing. And I don't know.

I like doing it because
the checks cash, and it's nice,

and I like being,
you know, self-sufficient.

But I also have
other things I can be doing.

-Everything's cool.
-I wanna hang out with you. I don't know.

We'll see what happens.


Girl from Kentucky,
have a sick house in LA,

Gracie, the coolest dog ever.

The coolest dog.

You're, like, the hottest thing…

Oh my God.

…in the world.

-Yeah, baby.
-You might be a little biased.

Chill out in the peace bubble
and don't let anyone pop it.

[upbeat music playing]

-♪ Boom! ♪
-♪ Yeah ♪

♪ In my head like wow ♪

-♪ I'm gonna go that boom! ♪
-♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I'm gonna wanna get wild ♪

♪ I gonna get so tired ♪

-♪ Of the same old thang ♪
-♪ Of the same old thang ♪

♪ I'm full of desires
And much more than the bling ♪

♪ I better run for my money ♪

-♪ Little adventure ♪
-♪ Little adventure ♪

♪ I risk it all for the honey… ♪

[Emma] Thank you.

♪ You gotta dig for the treasure ♪

It's important for me
to find a new buyer for the house.

I mean, I put so much time into
making this broker's absolutely perfect.

When I do something, I go big.
It's go big or go home.

Thank you guys for coming.

-♪ I wanna feel that boom ♪
-♪ Wanna feel that boom ♪

-♪ In my head like wow ♪
-♪ In my head like wow ♪

♪ I wanna let it loose ♪

♪ I wanna wanna get wild ♪

♪ Get wild ♪

That is beautiful.
You fell out of escrow?

When you buy a property in this area,

the fire insurance and things
along those lines can be pricey.

I think it was 180,000 to 200, which isn't
that crazy for a house in the Hills.

That's how much
another property of mine was.

But they expected it to be like 40,000,
which isn't going to happen.


I had a great buyer
locked and loaded for Lloydcrest.

We were getting close
to remove contingencies.

He found out about the fire insurance.

We got numerous quotes.

The lowest that we could get
was just under $200,000 per year.

So it's a lot of money,
even for a house of that magnitude.

♪ I, I, I, I got the feeling ♪

♪ Hands up high
Dripping on the ceiling… ♪

-Oh, hello!
-Hi, darling.

Look at your wonderful listing.
This is fantastic.

-Hi, baby.
-Hi. Oh!

-I'm, like, getting--

-It's like a shell!
-You're touching my titties.

Oh my God! [chuckles]

I haven't seen this since it was done.

-[Brett] Hey!

My favorite boy.

Brett says I look like I'm in a '70s porn,
which is, to me, a huge compliment.

-Says a lot about what Brett watches.
-Party's here.

-My goodness. There's so much happening.
-Hi, lovey. Jesus Christ.

-Hold on. I need a minute. Need a minute.

-God, I have hot friends.

-Life is good. Jesus!
-Darling! Hi, my love.

-How are you?

-I could eat off you. Literally.
-Come on.

[Emma] Like a wedding topper.

♪ You make my life so delightful, babe ♪

Want me to hold your purse?

Wait, is that a vagina?

I heard you haven't been getting pussy.
There you go.

-Is that--
-It's a vagina. Yeah.

-[screams, laughs]

And you're Emma's cup of tea.
Now we know how Emma gets down. Okay.

[Jason] Where is Chrishell?

-Is she coming?
-I don't know.

My gosh. My clients are here,
and my friends. I'm gonna introduce you.

-[Jason] Alright.
-Hi, girls.


[Chelsea] Glad you could make it.

-Beautiful home. Oh my God.
-Thank you.

[Chelsea] Jason,
this is my best friend, Savanna.

She could be a client for this house

because… she can afford to buy it.


-[Mary] Is this a wig or is this--
-[Amanza] 'Course.

[Heather] I'm like, "It looks so good."

You know your wig's laid well
when people ask if it's a wig.

That's like… I could never tell.

-At least you can switch out your styles.
-[Chelsea] You can switch out yours.

It just means that
you guys need more Black friends.

[Heather] Yay!


♪ 'Cause I need the fire ♪

♪ So light the fuse
And break the rules, jump in the fire ♪

[Emma] Woo!

Oh my God, hello!
We'll hold that for another time.



-[Emma] Hi, baby, hi.
-[Chrishell] You look gorgeous.

Yay! Auntie Chrishell.

You're so cute.

Like, baby, are you ready? Look.

A vagina.


-[Emma] Took her a second.
-Love it.

-They're all different.

After having kids, I'm not going to talk
about what's right and what's not right.

-It changes.
-Did it look different?

I'm like,
"Is it going to look different after?"

After I had my babies, though,
my orgasms got stronger.

The "O" Group.

-Yeah, exactly, the "O" Group!
-This is the "O" Group.

-Look forward to… Yeah.
-God, I missed you guys. [laughs]

[Emma] Oh yes, have you seen everybody?

[Chrishell] I haven't said hi
to everyone yet.

-I'm going to go say hi to J.
-[Emma] Okay.

Hello. Hi.

-How are you?

I'm good.

-Good to see you.
-You too.

Where've you been?
I haven't seen you in forever.

I actually was here for a minute,
but the girls and I were talking about

how the vagina changes after childbirth.

-You really missed a great conversation.
-Aah! Sh--

-Why didn't you get me?
-I literally was having that conversation.

I was like, "Where is Jason?
He needs to be in on this conversation."

I've actually heard… I've actually
been in those conversations before.

-Yes, I'm aware.
-Amanza's told me… Yeah.

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter continues]

[Emma] Jason just stares at Chrishell.

[Chelsea] Yeah, he's so obsessing.


[indistinct chatter]


-How about that real estate?
-Why are you enjoying this so much?

I want to hear about your travels.

I was kind of checking out your Instagram.

By "kind of," I mean every single story.

So I know a bit about what you were doing.

That takes a lot to admit to stalking.

I totally stalk you.


I'm not shy about it.

But no, I don't think I missed a story.

Well, how was your trip to…

I did London and Mykonos
with Lou, my girlfriend.


Really original, Jason.

That's where we went.

Like, there was no other place available?

-I'm happy for you.
-I know you are.

-I am happy for you.
-I know.

-I actually thought she might be here.
-I know you are.

Where is she?

Um… She's filming in Malibu.
But yeah, I want you to meet her.

How old is she?

I'm kidding. I cannot talk. I'm joking!

Okay. I know I'm living
in a glass house by saying this

because we're both dating
younger people in their twenties,

but I do feel like, you know,
Jason dating a 24-year-old is perfect

because, obviously, someone 24 is not
wanting to have a baby anytime soon.

So, mazel tov.

I know.

Yeah, she's young.
I told her a ton about you.

Look, no, I have. Really,
I've talked a lot about you to her.

What'd you say?

That you're fucking amazing.

-I love you, and I think--

-I'm sure she can't wait to meet me.

She's so not jealous. She's like you.

-That's nice.

And I wasn't expecting
to find someone, a girlfriend.

I mean, I really was so anti-relationship.

Are you in love?

We've gotten pretty serious
in the last couple months.


I didn't know it was that.

-You're in love?
-Uh, I am.

I'm very in love and happy.

-So I'm glad for…
-That's what I want. I want you happy.

As you know, I had a pretty tough
few months after we broke up.

-And… I know you did.
-So did I.

I don't think any one of us
had it harder than the other.

Your timing is epic, Micah.

-Seriously. Jesus.
-Shall we?

-Can we? Please.
-Oh God.

-Emma, you want to take a shot with us?
-I came at just the right time. Cheers.

I'm watching this. Watch this.

All of it. All of it.

Oh my God.



I hate shots.

What if you take it
out of my boobs? [laughs]

-Okay, fine.
-Will that help?

-[Jason] I'll hold your champagne.
-Wait, wait.


-I felt good the whole time. I love it.

[Heather] Wait, is it going to slip?

-[girls cheering]
-[Jason laughs]

-She actually took it!
-Chase it.

-Here, chase it.

[Chrishell] Emma and her perfect rack

could not have entered this conversation
at a more perfect time.

Bring on the shots. Let's go.

♪ You're lookin' like a million bucks ♪

♪ Like an upgrade to deluxe ♪

♪ We're playing by own rules ♪

♪ Playing by own rules ♪

♪ You're walkin' like you own the place ♪

♪ Like I'm spittin' all over your face ♪

♪ We're playing by own rules ♪

♪ Playing by own rules ♪



-How are you?
-How are you?

-[Heather] You look gorgeous.
-You look beautiful.

-Take a shot off my boobs.
-Hi. Wait, are you Bre?

-Oh, hi!

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you!

You look insane with a one-month-old.

-Best friend, Savanna.
-Hi! Nice to meet you.

-No. Do you remember… Savanna.
-Oh my God.

Wait a minute. From Crystal.

-Oh my gosh.

I was like, "I fucking know Bre."


Do you remember Alexanne?

Yes, I do.
Okay, now I'm putting it together.

-Hi, baby.

-[Alexanne] How are you?
-[Bre] Good. You?

-So how do you guys know each other?
-[Bre] From work.

-From Rockstar? From Rockstar.
-Ring girls.

It was a whole different life.

[Bre] Chelsea brought
these girls from my past.

We were professional models together at
the same agency and we didn't get along.

I mean, this is a broker's open.
This is not a party.

They're not agents. So what the fuck
are your intentions with these girls here?

-This is crazy.
-Blast from the past.


Okay, so, okay, Mary just came in.

[Davina] What's up, Mary?


You look gorgeous.


-[Mary] Hi. Good to see you.

You look so good in green.

-[Mary] Thanks!
-Usually, blue's your color.

[Jason] Can I, Emma, do a knife?

[Emma] Yeah!

[Mary] These are my favorite clients.
This is Sarah and Guy.

-Where are you guys from?

London. I can hear the accent, but
I wanted to make sure before, though.

-[Chrishell] Oh God.

[Heather] What? Jason!

You guys love to give me panic attacks.

-[Chelsea] You--
-[Heather] Jason!

-Don't do that.
-All right.


Oh shit!

Just like you to blow real quick.

[both laughing]

-How's your night going?
-So good.

-Everyone's being very polite.
-Very polite.

And this is a stressful group sometimes.

-It was great.
-You're handling it super-duper well.

-Thank you. No, I love it.

I'm not worried about going toe to toe,

but if there was someone,
Chelsea could be it.

In the office,
it was, "Who are your clients?"

And I don't talk about my clients.

-My clients are private.

[Bre] And then she brings
my old coworkers to the event.

I wonder what Chelsea's thinking.

[Bre] Mm.

Unsure if Chelsea is
trying to dig skeletons

because I'm new to the office,

but most of my skeletons,
as well as my news, are online,

so she can just google them.

I wonder if, like, they were saying
anything about you to Chelsea.

-I'm sure they were.
-And I wonder what--

-There's always tea with me. [laughs]

I don't know if I see a bitchy side.

I have one, but no, I mean--

-So you'll put a girl in place.

It's guilty till proven innocent for me.
It's not innocent till proven guilty.


Passive-aggressive pisses me off the most
because it's just disrespectful,

and you're grown up and should be able to
say whatever you need to say to my face.

[Mary] Yeah.
Hopefully you guys have clients.

[woman] It was very fun.
Thank you so much.

-Of course, yeah.
-Thank you.

-Have a good evening, guys.
-You too.

Hey, babe.
I haven't seen you that much tonight.

We're cool, right?

Things have been pretty
uncomfortable between me and Mary,

so I feel like
it is important to just clear the air

if I'm ever going to want
to come back into the office again.

We haven't seen each other,
and it kind of started hitting me

when everyone was like,
"Is Chrishell coming in?"

I'm like, "I don't know."
Like, we haven't talked.

I think I felt a little awkward
that after our breakup,

you spent all your time with Jason.

And then I was in a relationship.

-He wasn't.

That's why I didn't wanna come in.

-I could do business, but from home.
-I get that.

But you're happy!

Now we're in a place where I'm so happy.
I'm in love. I talked to Jason tonight.

-He said he's in love.
-He's very happy,

and I really don't want you to think I'm…

Uh, I've been spending more time
with Jason because, like,

he needed it after,
like, the breakup and everything.

Mary thinks that, you know,
Jason had the harder time in the breakup,

and that's frustrating because,

you know, I took a long time
to move on from the breakup.

But I feel like Jason, he started
acting single immediately after.

I just feel like
it would have been nice to feel like

I'd had that friendship and support,
because it wasn't easy.

Here I was, really hurt about the breakup
and processing the feelings,

and he was "moving on"

through the Sunset Strip. [chuckles]

[Chrishell] In the reunion,

it looked like I was talking
about a new relationship,

and here's Jason hurting.


He had been with many people
that he didn't care to call the next day.

You know, Alysssa with three S's
just left at 6:00 a.m.

It's not fair. [chuckles]

I think, initially, it was harder for me.

-You know I was in that place before him.

I was really hurt.

I should have asked that. I'm sorry.

You know, it's not
an ideal situation to be put in.

[producer] Is there a world where you'd
forgive Mary for not being there for you?

[bittersweet music playing]

♪ I don't wanna be ending ♪

♪ Look who's back ♪

♪ Look who's back… ♪

It's wonderful to have you back.
And Nicole, she's full-time now.

♪ Gonna see you represent ♪

-Shake that thing!

-[Bre] Look at this.

♪ Go holler, don't fret ♪

♪ Take mine, don't miss ♪

[Jason] I want you to meet Marie-Lou.

What is your position on kids?

-Another broker reached out.
-From O Group?


What do we know about Bre? People say
there's something alluring about mystery.

I can't stand it.

As a Christian, I find
Bre's relationship rather off-putting.

We have some
bad fucking eggs in the office.

Light that fuse. Boom!

Act professional.
And that's just common sense.

Not at this brokerage.

I'll call you a bitch.
You are a bitch and you've been a bitch.

Shit. This is my worst nightmare.

-I'm not handling it.
-Yes, you are.

-You're handling it.
-You're a dick.

We're not perfect.
And we're dealing with some shit.

[Chelsea] Over lies, over falseness,

over things that I don't understand
or agree with. That's what triggers me.

Who I fucking have children with
is my business.

-I don't need a judge and a jury.
-Holy shit.

Let me finish talking! You're on drugs.

Fuck you.

Why is everyone just going at each other?
Just get along!

My life is going to pieces trying to put
everybody else's shit back together.

♪ It starts right now ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ It starts right now ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ It starts right now ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ This is so fully ♪

♪ And it starts right now ♪