Seinfeld (1989–1998): Season 9, Episode 8 - The Betrayal - full transcript

The gang goes to a wedding in India.

So Elaine, are you gonna sleep
with me or what?

George, I just got off
a 23-hour plane ride.

I'm too tired to even vomit
at the thought.


I'll ask again
when you're rested.

I'm sure she'll come around.

Yeah, I hope so, for your sake.

I said I was sorry.

You can stuff your sorries
in a sack, mister.

Would you please
stop saying that?

Would you please
stop saying that?

What's up with you two?
I don't wanna talk about it.

So how was the big trip?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Well, what happened
to your nose?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Well, you gotta
give me something.

Come on, how was the wedding?
Was the bride radiant?

She was.

She found out Elaine
slept with the groom.

Ooh, that sounds juicy.

I gotta go to the bathroom,

but I wanna hear all about it.

You know,
I didn't go to the bathroom

the entire time we were India.

the entire time we were India.

I can't believe we went all
the way to India for a wedding.

That's it. The wedding's off.
But Sue Ellen...

you were my maid of honor

and you slept with my Pinter?

No, no. It was years ago,
before you met him,

and I gotta tell you,
it was very mechanical.

I have never been so humiliated.

Idiots. This is all your fault.

Me? Him. His fault.
He betrayed me.

George, I'm sorry.

You can stuff your sorries
in a sack, mister.

You can stuff your sorries
in a sack, mister.

I don't know what that means.

Nina, you have to decide
right now: Jerry or me.

All right. Neither.


What are you doing here?
A free trip to India.

And by the way,
you can take off those boots.

Everyone knows you're 5'6".

- 5'8 ". 5'7".
- See?

See the way they are?
We're still best friends, right?

No. And take that stupid thing
out of your nose.

That's got to hurt,

That's got to hurt,

I don't care where you're from.

When is our flight back?
I gotta go to the bathroom.


What happened last night?

Well, you were pretty loaded.
I know.

I woke up with this.

Oh, hello, tetanus.

George, I'd use the bathroom.
It's fine.

No, no, no. I can walk it off.

It's 120 degrees in here.
I'll sweat it out.


Are those Timberlands
painted black?

Is your nose pierced?

I should... Yeah. Sit down.

Hello, Jerry.

I believe you know Nina.

George, we need to talk.

You've done a lot more
than talk.

You've done a lot more
than talk.

You betrayed me.

All right, I admit it.

I slept with Nina,
but that's all.

That's all? That's everything.

I don't know what the rest
of it is for, anyway.

I'm really sorry.

You can stuff your sorries
in a sack, mister.

Where'd you get that one?
It's an expression.

Hey, shh!

Look, we are gonna settle this
right now.

I demand reparations.

I should get to sleep
with Elaine.

That's the only way
to punish you.

That doesn't punish me.

That doesn't punish me.

It punishes Elaine.
And cruelly, I might add.

Funny guy.

Hey, monkeys. Knock it off.

My best friend is trying
to get married up here.

you have to sleep with me.

I'm not gonna sleep with you.


Would you grow up, George?
What is the difference?

Nina slept with him,
he slept with me,

I slept with Pinter.

Nobody cares.
It's all ancient history.

Nobody cares.
It's all ancient history.

You slept with the groom?

Thank you, FDR.

All right, now we're even, huh?

I stuck a rock in there too.

I felt that. All right. Okay.

I felt that. All right. Okay.

All right, FDR.

This wish is for
all the marbles.

You win, you get your wish,
I drop dead.

I win, I don't drop dead
and I get 100 percent

anti-drop-dead protection.


All right.

Oh. Man.

Come on.
There's gotta be something

that'll change your mind, FDR.


What, you want my kidney?

George knows that you
slept with Nina.

That's why he was acting
so weird.

How did he find out?

He schnapped me.

You know you're
not supposed to drink

while you're keeping a secret.

Is there anything else?

I can't tell you.

Here, drink this.


I slept with the groom.

He used to be called Peter.

So who cares about that?

Sue Ellen!

If she knew, she'd call off
the whole wedding.

Oh, nobody's calling off
any weddings.

All right, it's time to go.

Come on. Up.

You know what Jerry
is in Indian?

No, what?

No, what?


Yes, Jugdish. Hey.

What if I got my nose pierced?

That would be pretty freaky.


Yes. I think it's a fine idea.

Well, good night.

Good night, Jugdish.

Bless you. Thank you.

Hello, FDR.

Yeah, I'll have a hot one.

Everything on it.

These things will kill you,
but so what?

You're already gonna drop dead.

Well, guess what, FDR?

I made a wish
on a shooting star last night

and I wished against your wish.

That's funny.

As it happens
I saw the same shooting star

As it happens
I saw the same shooting star

and I double-wished you
to drop dead.

Here's your change.

All right, I'm triple-wishing.

Yeah, fair enough.
I'm quadruple-wishing.

All right. How do you like this?

I like it a lot.


Oh, God, it's so hot.

What is that smell?

I think it's the stench
of death.

George, you've been wearing
those boots since I met you.

You're not gonna wear them
to the wedding, are you?


I'm gonna wear black shoes.

Oh, boy, there's Sue Ellen.

She didn't want me
at this wedding,

She didn't want me
at this wedding,

but here I am with a bunch
of my idiot friends.

This is gonna be great.

Elaine? Oh!

Oh, I am so happy to see you.

You are? Well, of course.

No one else was even willing
to come to India.

I mean, not even Pinter's
parents and they're Indian.

Come on, Sue Ellen,
you don't wear a bra,

you're tall. We hate each other.

Elaine, I know.
I know we've had our problems,

but I want you to be my maid
of honor and my best friend.

but I want you to be my maid
of honor and my best friend.

- Heh.
- All right, I guess.

Oh, this is my fiancé.
Pinter, say hello.


Peter. Oh, no. It's "Pinter."

Does anyone wanna use
the bathroom?

Oh, no, no. We're good.
Let's get going, all right.

Watch it, funny man.


did you notice George was acting
strange the whole flight?

No, what? Like what?
Strange? No.

No, what? Like what?
Strange? No.

Uh-huh. Hey, look what
they had on the plane.



Come on, come on.

Yes. There's one.

I wish I don't drop dead!

Hey, shut up up there.

You shut up. Ah, drop dead.

Hello, friend.

Hello, friend.

Enjoying the flight?

Coach to India. Only way to go.

Good one. Very funny.

You're very funny, Jerry.

That's what I always
tell people.

Jerry Seinfeld's a funny guy.

Are you all right?
Of course I'm all right.

I'm here with my girl. Nina.

And what better way
to pass the time

than gabbing
with my best friend.

With whom there are no secrets.

since fourth grade.

since fourth grade.

Hey, didn't I beat you up
in fourth grade?

Funny guy.

Right here.

By the way, you never
said anything to George

about Jerry and me, did you?

Oh, please, it's in the vault.

Jerry Seinfeld's a funny guy.

Hey, what time is it?

You just asked me
two minutes ago.

Hey, what time is it?

Hey, what time is it?

I'm not wearing a watch.

Is this tooth chipped?

Yeah. How'd you do that?

I have no idea.

Watch this.

Oh, God.

So Jerry and Nina, huh?


I'm not gonna tell you
any more things.

I'm not gonna tell you
any more things.

You already told me everything.


We had a deal, Newman,

and you were supposed
to give me your birthday wish,

and now you've wasted it.

Did I?

Newman, I'm bored.

Does your girlfriend
have to be here?

Does yours?

I'm just hanging out in this
hellhole because of George.

All right, come on, Newman.
You gotta help me.

What am I gonna do about FDR?

Why don't you just
make another wish?

And how am I gonna do that,

What about a shooting star?

- That's perfect.
- Beauty...

and brains.

Oh, come on.

You know he's a postman,
don't you?

Here's your plane ticket.

What are you talking about?

Sue Ellen sends me an invitation

Sue Ellen sends me an invitation

one week before
her wedding in India.

I'll show her.

By flying half way
around the world?

Spite never sleeps.

Especially when you got
a layover in Sarajevo.

Hey. Here.

You're going to India
with us tomorrow.

For how long? Three days.

Great. Jerry, I gotta tell you,

I had the best time
with that Nina last night.

I think I'm in love
with her already.

You are a great friend.

A great, great friend.

Kramer. Wanna borrow something?
You wanna eat? Come on in.

Kramer. Wanna borrow something?
You wanna eat? Come on in.

Wanna go to India?

I can't. I'm gonna drop dead.

Great. Nina could go, huh?

Jerry, this is great.

You and Elaine. Me and Nina.

Kramer, wait up,
I'll go with you.

I'm going to Newman's.
Great, I love Newman.

Jerry seem a little weird
when I mentioned Nina?

Nina? Nina? Nope.
Not weird. No. Nina.

Why do you keep saying Nina?
I don't know. Nina.


I'm gonna go grab a bite.

I'm gonna go grab a bite.

I'll meet you down there.

Cereal. Cereal.

Peach schnapps.

Come on, Lomez.

We're gonna be late
for the movie.

You see, my dear,

all certified mail
is registered,

but registered mail
is not necessarily certified.

I could listen to you
talk about mail all day.

Anything you wish.

Anything you wish.

I'll tell you a little secret
about zip codes:

they're meaningless.



Lomez, I'm leaving.

Make a wish, Newman. We've gotta
get back to work in three hours.

Newman! Wait!

Kramer. I'm with people.

Yeah, yeah,
and thanks for inviting me.

I did invite you.

Your invitation must have gotten
lost in the mail.

Look, Newman, I need your wish
to protect me from FDR.

Can't do. I'm on an unbelievable
birthday-wish hot streak.

My last five birthday wishes
came true.

Come on. Look, I'll give you
my next birthday wish.

Your next 50 wishes.


Forty-nine. Done.

Sucker. Sucker.

All right, I'm back,
savages, back.

I haven't made my wish yet.

Well, this Mischke mishmash
is just getting worse. Uh-huh.

I talked to the groom's parents
and it is so obvious

that they don't want me to go.

The reason she sent me
an invitation Uh-huh.

- was so I'd send her a gift.
- Jerry?

You know, coffee grinder's nice
or a coffee maker.

Everyone likes coffee.
Maybe you should go get...

Oh, hi.


I should... Sure.

I should... Sure.

Bye-bye. Bye.

Who else you got back there?

Look, there was an awkward
moment in the conversation.

It never happened before.

You slept with Nina.
What are you gonna tell George?

Nothing. And neither will you.

George can never
know about this.

It'll crush him.
All right, all right,

I'll put it in the vault.

No good. Too many people
know the combination.

What combination?

Don't be ridiculous.

Don't be ridiculous.

Oh, my God, this drawer
is filled with Froot Loops.

So what? And milk.

Oh, jeez.


Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Ranawat.



Call us Usha and Zubin.

Well, Usha... I'm Zubin.

Anyway, your son is marrying
my friend, Sue Ellen Mischke...

You're not going
to the wedding, are you?

Well... Don't go.

India is a dreadful,
dreadful place.

You know, it's the only country
that still has the plague.

I mean, the plague. Please.

Here's the registry.

Send her a gift and be glad
you did not have to go.

Right. Don't go, send a gift?

Right. Don't go, send a gift?

I think I understand.

If I had to go to India,

I wouldn't go to the bathroom
the entire trip.

That's fantastic.

And I'm not so crazy
about Manhattan either.

Oh, you were gonna tell me
all about George.

Ah, just remember
when you see him tomorrow night

to tell him
the waiter liked him.


Believe me.

I forgot how much fun
it is hanging out with you.

I know. You know,
we never had a bad conversation.

I know. You know,
we never had a bad conversation.

I know. No awkward pauses.

Probably the reason
we never fooled around.


Probably the reason.

Are you dense?

I said,
I wanted you to drop dead.

Now, drop dead.

Now, drop dead.

I knew it. Stupid Jerry.

I know what I'm talking about.

There's no way FDR
wants you to drop dead.

But you have...
Just go back and ask him again.

That's right.

My birthday wish
was that you drop dead.

Well, why?

I have my reasons.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

If you make a birthday wish
out loud it doesn't come true.

That's just a silly

That's just a silly

Hey, FDR wants me to drop dead.


Yeah, Franklin Delano

I go to his birthday party

and just before he blew out
his candles

he gives me this look.

Stink eye? Crook eye?

Evil eye.

Everybody's cranky
on their birthday.

Oh, it's a bad day.
You got everyone in your house,

you're thinking,
"These are my friends?"

Everyday is my birthday.

Well, I can't have this hanging
over my head. It's bad mojo.


You're not gonna believe
what I got in the mail.

Invitation to Sue Ellen
Mischke's wedding.

At least the wedding gown
will give her some support.

Not the point.

The wedding is in one week.
I got this today.

So you think it's a non-vite.
It's an un-vitation.

Hey, are you getting taller?



Hey, look at this.
"Pinter Ranawat"?

Wonder if he's related

to the guy I dated,
Peter Ranawat.

It's probably like Smith
over there.

Jerry, would you make the call?
What call?

He wants me to set him up
with this girl Nina Stengle.

Oh, the great conversation girl.

The one you think
can replace me.

I was kidding when I said that.

Told me the same thing.

Nina, hi, it's Jerry.

You're sure you never
slept with her?


Hey, how about my friend George,
quite a guy, huh?

Hey, how about my friend George,
quite a guy, huh?

Something's not sitting right.

I'll have the clams casino.
Get out of here.

Chef recommends.

Do you think she likes me? Sure.

How come nothing ever happened
between you and Nina?

Is there a problem with her?
Is she a man?

Are you?

Then what's the reason?

We were too compatible.

Our conversations
were so engrossing.

- How engrossing?
- If we had a problem with Elaine

we could bring in Nina
and not lose a step.

You don't have a replacement
lined up for me, do you?

Anyway, like I was saying,

I couldn't make the transition
from conversation to sex.

There were no awkward pauses.
I need an awkward pause.

I'm all awkward pauses.
Fix me up with her.

Well, wait a minute.

Nina just saw me
in my Timberlands.

Now I have to wear them
every time I see her. Why?

In any other shoe,
I lose two inches.

I can't have a drop-down.

We're eye to eye.
I can't go eye to chin.

So you're gonna wear them
no matter what the situation?

So you're gonna wear them
no matter what the situation?

In every situation.
No matter how silly I look.

Tastes a little funky.
I'm sure it's fine.


Go on, make a wish, make a wish.

Ah, this is the kind of day

that almost makes you feel
good to be alive.

that almost makes you feel
good to be alive.

New Timberlands?

Yeah, and a whole new me.

I'm up two inches
on these babies. Really?

5'8 ". 5'7".

Jerry. Nina.

Hi. It's been years.

Yeah. George, this is Nina.

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.


Yeah, right.

I'm going to India.

and they call it
the World Wide Web.

You can e-mail anyone.

What are you, a scientist?

Ah. Gotta go. Ah.

It was great talking.
Great talking to you.

What the hell is e-mail?

How was the date? Pretty good.

I think she might be the one.

Oh, French fries. George.

Baked potato. Sorry.

Baked potato. Sorry.

Yeah, you stuff your sorries
in a sack, mister.

Oh, hey, hey.
Yeah. Check it out.

Man, it's packing tight.

Why are you bringing
snowballs in here for?

I need some water.
Ice it up, nice and hard.

Then when you throw it:

Oh, look, there's my friend FDR.

I'm gonna nail him
in the back of the head.

It's gonna be great.

Hi, Elaine. Hey.

Hi, Elaine. Hey.

Hey. Let's go someplace else.
Okay, Peter?

Hey, how you doing?

Oh, hi. I'm Jerry Seinfeld.
I'm moving in.

Saw your name on the buzzer.
You must be Kessler.

No, actually, it's Kramer. Oh.

You need any help or...?
No, thanks.

But I ordered a pizza,
you want some of it?

No, no, no. I couldn't impose.

Why not?

Why not?

We're neighbors.
What's mine is yours.


Good night, Jugdish.