See You in My 19th Life (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

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Catch me if you can!

- I'm going to get you!
- No!


I got you!

The face is on backwards.

Its head is facing the back.


I promise to be born again

and come back to protect you.


Look at your sister.

What did you say?



Yoon Ju-won.

Are you pretending again?

Why are you doing this?

Ms. Yoon, look at me.

I've never once pretended to be anything
from the moment we met.

I've been holding
back until now,

but I just can't do it anymore.

So I'm telling you this
even though I shouldn't.

I remember my past lives.

And in my past life,

I was Yoon Ju-won.

I believe everyone is like me.

Everyone reincarnates
each time they die.

What sets me apart…

is that I remember
my past lives.

What does that…

I actually

visited our parents'
house many times.


I missed you,

Mom, and Dad.

I remember everything.

I remember all the
precious memories

we had together.

How pretty.

What do you remember?

You were born

on the day of that
year's first snow.

December 7.

Anyone could figure that out.

You have three
moles behind your neck.

I saw them whenever
I tied your hair.


you have a scar here, right?

You were crawling around as a baby
and a mirror shattered on you.

Mom and I cried a lot
because your wound was so deep.

You told her?

Why all of a sudden?

You said it didn't go well
when you told your family before.

But you accepted me.

I guess

I was momentarily swayed
because I wanted to be close to her

like I am with you.

So did she believe you?

She seemed a bit dubious.

What if she tells
Seo-ha or her mom?

Come on.

Cho-won knows
how to keep a secret.

Goodness. You were here?

Yes, I was.
I'll be stepping out for a while.



How did it go?

I'll be working and
living there for now.

What about you, Han-na?

You were going to
see him last time.

I just…

saw him from afar.

Ji-eum and the
woman she lives with

seem to have
met in her past life.

Didn't you say that would harm
the people from her past lives?

Ms. Kim Ae-gyeong
seems to have been ill for some time now.

And she's hiding it from Ji-eum.

Why do you think
this is happening?

Oh, my goodness.

What are you
doing so late at night?

All our azaleas
in the garden were withered.

It was keeping me up.

They just withered
all of a sudden?

I dug to the roots
and they were all dried up there too.

Why are you here already?
I thought I'd see you this weekend.

Just because.


Do I have three
moles behind my neck?


What about them?

Did I have them
ever since I was little?


Why do you ask?

Then do I have a scar back here?

I didn't know you
remembered this.

So I do have one?

How did I get it?

You were crawling
around as a baby.

And I think a
mirror fell on you.

- Then…
- I believe you were four.

You were distracted by a parade
at an amusement park.

And you let go of Dad's hand
so we looked for you all day.

The day you
lost your first tooth.

You put it in your pocket
before we went to bed.

I can't believe you
remember all of that.

So it's true?

What do you mean?



What kind of person…

was Ju-won?

Why are you suddenly
asking about her?

Ms. Yoon?

Is something wrong?


I'll finish up this area
by the end of the day and…

Do you believe in past lives?

Do you believe in past lives?

You sisters are so similar.

What do you mean?

Ju-won asked me
the same question.

Did she really?

What else did she say to you?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for bringing her up.

Is Ms. Ban at the office?

She took the day off.

What do you want?

This is your last chance
to give me the name.

- What name?
- The name of the boss

of Wonjo Capital.

It's Mr. Bang Ho-sik.

Hey, Ban Dong-u.

In warfare,

you need to behead
your enemy's commander to be victorious.


Get me Bang Ho-sik.

What a lunatic.


Ban Dong-u said his sister
could pay off his debt

so we looked for her yesterday.

But it turns out
that her boyfriend

is the son of MI
Group's chairman.

MI Group?

That's our boss, ma'am.


To what do I owe the pleasure,
pretty lady?

I'm the sister of your debtor,
Mr. Ban Dong-u.

I believe he owes you
around 100 million won in total.

I hope we can settle with this.

What is this?

It's a Goryeo celadon.

I'm sure you've heard of them.

Get it appraised,

and you'll know that it costs
much more than my brother's debt.

You're trying to pay off his debt
with some vase?

I heard chaebol families
store things like this in their vaults.

Maybe it's from her boyfriend.

You think so?


I'll take it

for now.

I didn't think you'd
be this cooperative.

But you have quite an open mind.

That's how I came this far.

A lot of people have told me
that's why I've made it big…

I hope I never have
to see you again.

I saw that your business
isn't registered.

We don't want
any trouble, do we?




Your seal, please.


What the hell is she up to?

She's really driving me crazy.


Look up the name
of the MI Group chairman's son.

Yes, sir.



The chairman's
name is Mun Jeong-hun.

His son's name is…


- Mun Seo-ha.
- Yes, sir.

That's his name.

How did you know?

How do I know?

That was my work.


What work?

You see,

when Mun Seo-ha was little,

he got into a pretty
big car accident.

But you know what?

It wasn't an accident.


I almost got a heart attack
because the wrong kid died.

- Thank you for the food.
- See you again.

Let me do it.

I thought you were busy,
but you're home early.

I took care of everything.

Although it's upsetting how I had to
sacrifice my day off for that.

And I didn't get to
see Seo-ha all day.

Look at you.

All right.

I want to see Seo-ha.

Director Mun.

Uncle, just leave it there!

I can do it, okay?

Director Mun Seo-ha,
what brings you here?

- Uncle, you're still going on about him?
- Auntie.

What is it, Uncle?

This is Director Mun Seo-ha.


I'm Kim Ae-gyeong,
Ji-eum's aunt.


Ji-eum is so easygoing
that her nickname is Uncle.

I see.

What would you like to eat?

I'll have your specialty.

All right!

Have a seat.

- This way.
- This way.

I was just curious

why you took the day off.

You were curious about me?

That's nice to hear.

You always put
yourself in danger.

So I was also worried.

I put up a better
fight than you think.

Director Mun.

This is our rice
and side dish set.

Thank you.


I've heard a lot
about you, ma'am.

- I see.
- I heard you loved our hotel.

What hotel?

Back in 1997.

Ms. Ban said something
quite memorable during her interview.

And I was told that
she heard it from you.

I also heard that
you write books.

She told me about the one
during the Japanese invasion of Korea.

You also said
she's very experienced in flamenco.

Yes, this is her.

My flamenco auntie.

Yes, that's me.

I love dancing.

The food's
getting cold. Eat up.

- You should eat it now.
- Okay.

- Let me know if you need me to dance.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Thanks, Auntie.
- Sure.


Thank you.

It's good.

Hi, Mom.


I was wondering
why you suddenly came by last time

and asked about Ju-won.

Why do you ask?


It's just been on my mind.

I was just curious.

I wanted to know
what kind of person she was.

Why all of a sudden?

I was too little back then.

So I saw her as
just my older sister.

I didn't get to know
what kind of person she was.

Ju-won was one of a kind.

She was odd too.

She was anything but ordinary.

What do you mean by that?

I've never had a mom like you.

I'll remember
you in my next life.

Even if I die, I'll
come back to see you in my next life.

So don't be too sad.

Did she really promise
to come back when she's reborn?

I waited for her at times.

I even looked outside
when I heard some noises.

But she never came.

Have we…

met before?

Oh, no!

I am…

- What's this?
- Yoon Ju-won.

I believe everyone is like me.

Everyone reincarnates
each time they die.

What sets me apart…

is that I remember
my past lives.

She keeps reminding
me of Ju-won.

I remember my past lives.

And in my past life,

I was Yoon Ju-won.


I need to be
somewhere right now.

I'll call you back later.



Ms. Yoon.

What brings you here so late?

I'm going to…

believe you.


want to believe it.

To be honest, I
still don't get it.

You were my sister
in your past life?

That's just ridiculous.


if I find out later
that you were lying,

I'm never going to forgive you.


I missed you,


Me too.

I missed you too.

This life is different.

My 19th life is strange and new.


Thank you.

She's made contact
with her previous life.

She even revealed her identity.

Does she know?

That things will get
complicated if she does that?

I don't think she does.

That's why she's doing this.

You haven't changed one bit.

What do you mean?
I've changed a lot.

There are certain things
about a person that never change.

And for you, it's
your kind heart.

You think so?

I can't believe
that you're back.

I must've been a hero
in my past life to deserve this.

I feel blessed.

I can't wait to tell
Mom about this.

Ms. Yoon.

Let's keep this between
ourselves for now.

Am I not allowed to tell her?

It's just that…

It never turned out well.

They can't accept the fact
that their deceased child

has returned as someone else.

And telling her this secret

could affect other
relationships too.

So should this be kept
from Seo-ha as well?

That's a bit

more complicated.

He's still in a lot of pain
because of Ju-won.

Sometimes I think
I should just stay away from him.

But then again,

just thinking about
him makes me miss him.

Let's go this way.


This should be my jackpot.


If I catch the hit-and-run driver
and hand him over to the police…

Will I get some
money as a reward?

Damn it.

Come on.

Why are you doing a headstand?

Is something wrong?

Are you worried
now that you told Cho-won the truth?

My head is throbbing.

It'll be fine.

Of course it'll be fine.

Are you going somewhere?

Sweet Min-gi is taking me out

for some fresh air
and some tasty duck soup.

"Sweet Min-gi"?

He works for me
so I can call him that.

He's a sweet kid.

- Min-gi.
- Good morning.

- Gosh, Ms. Kim.
- Yes?

You look so young today.

Don't make me laugh.

Actually, should I
dye my hair black?

Then I'll look much younger.

Sounds good.

- Let's go.
- Okay, let's go.

- Enjoy your meal.
- Okay.

One more thing.

This is a date so
don't you dare call me.

- I won't.
- Bye.

Are you all right?

I'm okay.

Let's go.

Why is his room so empty?

Who is he?

Who carries shaman bells around?

Those images
were from my dreams.

Why would they pop up now?

"Yoon Cho-won."





"The driver, Mr. Ha…"

"Mr. Ha."

"Mr. Ha"?


Why isn't he responding?

He should at least text me back.

I should've just tipped off
a reporter instead.

Mr. Ban Dong-u?

You startled me.

What are you doing here?

I know who was behind it.

Who was behind what?

I'm talking about the car accident you had
when you were little.

What are you…

talking about right now?

I'm saying that I know
who tried to kill you.


tried to kill me?

Have a seat.

I don't have any intention
to sit down for a chat.

Well, I definitely heard it.

Someone said that the car accident
was his work.

That accident…

was just that, an accident.

Are you deaf? You're
really not getting what I'm saying.

I'm telling you.

I definitely heard him say
that it wasn't just an accident.

What was it again?

"I almost got a heart attack
because the wrong kid died."

He even said that.

"I almost got a heart attack
because the wrong kid died."

He even said that.

I'm saying that I know
who tried to kill you.





"I almost got a heart attack
because the wrong kid died."

He even said that.

- 1,120 mm.
- 1,120 mm.

- 940 mm.
- 940 mm.

Could you measure
the frame as well?

780 mm.

Hi, Ji-eum!

Ms. Yoon, can
I have a word?

Excuse me.

You shouldn't be
so casual with me at work.

You're right. It
just came out.

This won't do.

Let's call each other
like we always have.

I was indeed your
sister in the past,

but I'm Ban Ji-eum now.

Okay, Ji-eum.

There you go again.

Mr. Ha?

I'm sorry for intruding.

I'll leave you to it.

Mr. Ha, wait!

Hold on, Mr. Ha.

I didn't hear the door open.
Since when were you here?

Don't worry.

Let's just say I
didn't hear anything.

Did you hear everything?

Tell me exactly what you heard.

"Let's call each other
like we always have."

"I was indeed your sister in the past,
but I'm Ban Ji-eum now."


This is bad.

You don't believe anything
that we just said, do you?

How could anyone
possibly believe it?

I have a meeting to attend.

I see.

All the more reason why
I can't let you go.

If you leave like this,

you'll think I persuaded Ms. Yoon
to make her believe that I'm Ju-won.

That's true.

Because I'm not as naive as her.

Mr. Ha.

I'm not that much of an idiot.

I had my suspicions at first.

But she knew everything about me

that only my sister would.

I need to go.

What do you want me to do then?

You may go.

But please keep this a secret.

Sure, I'll do that.

Mr. Ha.

I like you.

- What?
- What?

I meant to say that I trust you.

Anyway, I'll pretend like
I didn't hear anything here.

What do I do?

I'm not sure.

What should we do with you?


The boss of
Wonjo Capital…

I mean, Mr. Bang
Ho-sik said so.

Go check for yourself.

Going somewhere?


My schedule is
free for the day, right?

What is it? Do
you need a ride?


Actually, never mind.

I can go alone.

Is this about the
family meeting tomorrow?

Can you make up
an excuse for me?

You know better than me
what'll happen if you don't attend.

They act as if
it's so important.

I'll be there on
time. Don't worry.


It's heavy. Be careful.

Do you want gloves?

No, I'll be fine.


How may I help you?

We haven't had such
a decent-looking customer in a while.

How do you do?

Director Mun Seo-ha
from MI Hotel is here.

But the thing is…

He seems to have
found out something about the accident.


He's asking who was behind it,

so I don't think he
knows to that extent.

Yes, of course.

I told him that I
knew nothing about it.

So I was indeed murdered
in my past life.

Then who was behind it?

Hold on.

So Seo-ha knows about this now?

I heard that you said

that my accident was
not purely by chance.

I just want to know

who gave you the order.

You have one week.

Poor Seo-ha.

Did you know
that Do-yun's father

was the driver who passed
away during your accident?


You shouldn't move.

Stay still.


The ambulance is on its way.

So please…

Please hang in there.

You should've told me.

I'd love to say hello to him.

Director Mun, memorial services
are family only.

- Well aren't you a peach?
- Yeah. How nice.

You're like family to us, right?


I'd like to change
my destination.

Bang Ho-sik.

Who were you speaking to?

What's it to you?

That car accident
you mentioned…

I died in that crash.

Who gave you the order?

Have you gone insane?

I can kill you in a heartbeat.

So you better tell me.

If I told you,

I'd be dead anyway.

Pull over.

- Get out.
- Sorry?

You heard me.

Yes, sir.


I can assure you

that Chan-hyeok
has turned over a new leaf.

Not the HQ.

Director Lee Sang-hyuck
said he would personally oversee him,

so please give Chan-hyeok
another chance.

I'll do my best, sir.

Did you hear that?
He said he'll do his best.

Are you going to
hurt my feelings like this?

I guess today's not the day.

Wait outside.


Mr. Im of 24
Caps is here.

It seems urgent.

I should play a game
of Go with you today.

I'll reconsider it.

So you may go.


Thank you.

He looks familiar.


So what did the chairman say?

I barely managed
to persuade him.

I have a question.

Remember that man
who used to work for Chairman Mun?

He was from the
Agency for National Security Planning.

What's he up to these days?

He's running a security company.

He's the CEO of 24 Caps.

Why do you ask?

He came to visit
the chairman today.

I don't know what's going on.

Can you look into it?

As soon as possible.

Where are you, Mr. Ha?

Are you with Director Mun?

- No, I'm at the office. What is it?
- It's just…

He's not picking up.
And I don't think he's home either.

Any idea where he could be?

I'm not sure.

I can't think of anywhere else
but his house.

Please give me a call
if you can reach him.

Mr. Ha.

You're still here?

I was checking the landscaping project.
I'm leaving now.

Were you waiting for me?

Care to have dinner with me?

Someone is waiting for me.


Thank you for
your hard work today.

Have a good weekend.

- You spent too much today.
- Hey.

- Don't worry about it.
- They had only two of these.

- No, don't touch it.
- Hey, Do-yun.

Here for Dae-hun's
birthday party?

You know, Seo-ha's secretary?

- Oh, it's him.
- I see.

Poor you, man.

Did Seo-ha say anything to you?


How much does he pay you?

If I paid you twice as much,
would you work for me instead?

Would you?


Hey, Cho-won!



Let's go.

Hey! Are they insane?


Hey! Cho-won!

Don't worry about him.
He's always been unrefined.

Ms. Yoon.

Please let me go.


I don't want to
let go right now.

I have my pride too.
It's best to ignore these things.

How could I when it's about you?

I get treated like this all the time
while working for Seo-ha.

If you don't let go of me,

people will now talk about
how I'm trying to hit on a wealthy girl.

Please let go.

I don't need
another reason to be ridiculed

just for being by
someone's side.

What's this?

I thought you had plans today.

Why are you here?

We need to talk.


What's this about?

Do you…

have a photo of your father
in your wallet?


How could you?

I don't know what this is about.

- But that's enough.
- Is it true

that he was my father's driver?

- Yes.
- Was he the one driving the car…

on the day of the accident?

- He was.
- Then why didn't you tell me?

And what would be the point

of telling you?

- Let's drop it.
- Do-yun.


And you call yourself a friend?

I've never been your friend.

I'm your secretary.


My father simply
passed away…

while working
like any other day.

I didn't mean it
when I said I was never your friend.

I was just too angry that...

I know.

I was just…

mad at myself for
being in the dark.

I'm sorry.

Director Mun.

What are you doing here?

Nothing much.

I just missed you.

How long were you here for?

It's been quite a while since I realized
how hard it is to wait for someone.

Can I keep you company tonight?

Can you give me a hug?

I once desired to
live a normal life.

I wanted to meet
the love of my life

and have our story end
with a happily ever after.

I desperately wanted that.

Director Mun.

We're not going to
have a bad ending.

I'll stay by your side.


Do you remember
your past lives too?

That's going to help you find out
why you remember your past lives.

I don't think that accident
was a simple hit-and-run.

We need to keep our guard up
and lie low if we want to live.

We at least need to
know who killed her.

Not Yoon Cho-won.

Was I with you
last night, Ms. Yoon?

Mr. Ha.

You like me, don't you?

If we ever met
in our past lives,

what relationship
do you think we would have had?

Please date me.

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