Secrets of Sulphur Springs (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - full transcript

Previously on Secrets
of Sulphur Springs...

You know, when
I was your age,

I couldn't wait to stay here
every summer.

At least one of us
had a happy childhood.

Give it a chance.
Sulphur Springs
may surprise you.

I would like to welcome
a new student.

Hi, my name is Griffin Campbell.

and my family just moved here
from Chicago.

Still don't know
your name though.


Now I'm stuck here while
my parents fix up The Tremont.

You live at The Tremont?!

‐Who's Savannah?
‐The ghost of a kid

who's supposedly
been haunting the hotel.

She disappeared from
The Tremont 30 years ago.

Never to be seen again.

I just don't get it.

How does a kid vanish
without a trace?

I said drop it.

happened to that girl
happened years ago.

I saw something
down here earlier.

The Tremont has a bunker?

It's Savannah!

She's real.

If we hadn't moved here...

I never would've found this.

That's Dad?





We can't leave now.
Savannah is in there.

Not her ghost. Her.

She's alive, Griffin.

This doesn't make
any sense.

None of this does.
We need to get back
to the bunker.

Remember that jolt I felt
coming out of the hatch?

It was like...
everything shifted.

What if it did
because we went through
a portal or something?

A portal?

‐You know how crazy that sounds?
‐Think about it.

The hotel
is open for business.

hasn't gone missing.

Your dad is our age.

Time travel
is the only explanation.

Yeah, yeah, or this could
all be some crazy dream.

Yeah, that's it.
I just need to wake up.


This is happening, Griffin.

We're here,

in the past.

And I can prove it.

This is
a waste of time.

I'm telling you,
I heard something.

Then you should
check it out.

Uh, I'll wait here.

What if Savannah
comes looking

for a body to snatch?

You'd be all alone.

She'd take you first.
Red hair.

You expect me to believe
ghosts only like red?

Savannah obviously does.

She had on a red shirt
in the picture we saw.

It could be
her favorite color.

You're gonna have to do
better than that
if you wanna scare me.

‐Zoey: Boo.

Not cool.

Still think
there's nothing up here?

Just a second.

Is that the pizza guy?

Yeah. Can you tell the kids?

Uh, I'm looking
for my daughter.

She's not supposed
to be over here.

I‐‐ I tried calling her,
but her phone is off,

and it's never off, so...


No, sounds familiar.

I'm Sarah.
You must be Harper's mom.

Please come in.

I'm with her.

Is‐‐ Is Harper all right?

Oh, she's fine.
My son is just
showing her around.

Not that there
is much worth seeing
at the moment.

We obviously have
a lot more to do

before the hotel
is ready for guests.

You plan on reopening
The Tremont?

Bad idea.

Put the lock back on the door
and lose the key.


Whatever it is,
you two need to work it out,

at a much lower volume.

We have to get
out of here.

Savannah's upstairs.

‐You saw her?
‐Wyatt: We heard her.

It is probably
just your brother
playing another prank.


He's not up there.
Neither is Harper.

It's like
they both disappeared.

Okay, let's say
we did somehow find a portal

and that kid over there
really is my dad.

We can't just walk over
and tell him
we're from the future.

Of course not.
We keep it simple.

Ask the year,
the president.

Anything that'll prove
we traveled back in time.

Snake! Someone get it!

No need to panic, ma'am.

It's just a toy.

This is outrageous!

You two, don't move.

What are you waiting for?

Over here.

Hey, Dad.

Let me guess.
Your handiwork?

What took you so long?

I doubled back,
like, three times

to make sure
we weren't followed.

We can't risk anyone
finding this place.

So what I'm hearing is
I was right.

You do think
we traveled back in time.

I thought you
were losing it.

Or maybe I was.

I mean, what are the odds
we actually found a portal?

Go ahead. Say it.

It's not hard.


‐You were right.

I mean, this is
all just so crazy.

My dad pulling a prank.

No service.

He hates pranks.
Doesn't think they're funny.

I mean,
at least he doesn't now.

No service
means no cell towers.

Wait. You don't think...

we're stuck in the past?


The bunker must have been
blocking the signal.

‐So we made it back?

Everything's okay.

Not exactly.

I have to get home.

‐Ben: What are you
doing down here?

I've been looking
all over for you.

Um, I was giving Harper
a tour.

In the basement?

Yeah. I, uh...

I painted this picture
in my head

of what the hotel was like
on the inside.

Just wanted to see
how it matched up.

You should go upstairs
before the twins
eat all the pizza.

You all right?

Um... Yeah, I'm fine.

Savannah was floating
down the hall,

nowhere near the window.

I blinked.

She was right up
against the glass,
screaming in my face.

How'd you get away?

I booked it off the porch.

But if Savannah
is really that fast‐‐

It was a warning.

The Tremont's hers.

I'm surprised
she let you stay this long.

Mom, what are you
doing here?

You weren't answering
your phone.

Uh, the signal isn't great
in the basement.

You were
in the basement?

I‐‐ I know it looks like
the place might fall down
around us,

but most of the work
that needs to be done
is cosmetic.

Isn't that right, honey?

Some spackle and paint
will make a huge difference.

‐Hi. Ben Campbell.
‐I know who you are.

Let's go.

‐Good luck surviving the night.

I sent a text.
Why are you so mad?

In the car.


You know, most parents
would be glad

to have a responsible kid
who checks in.

You call running around
a haunted hotel responsible?

You're lucky to be alive.

See, this is why
you're not allowed
to watch horror movies.

You think
all that stuff is real.

Your hand was shaking too.

I felt it.

You were scared?

The only thing
that scares me

is something happening
to one of you.

You heard what
Griffin's parents said,

The Tremont
is completely safe.

The Tremont is cursed!

Look, bad things
happen here, baby.

People get hurt.
Innocent people.

And once they're gone,
they're gone.

You can't change that
no matter how hard you try.

I won't take that chance.

I won't lose you too.

Why are you
on the floor?

I heard a weird noise
last night.

I heard it too.

It's an old hotel.

just the building settling.

What if we really did disturb
a spirit or something

when we moved in?

We've been over this.

The hotel isn't haunted.

Then how do you explain
the whooshing noise?

Water going through old pipes
would make that sound.

Nothing a plumber can't fix.

Maybe you should light
some sage instead?

Clear away
all the bad energy.

Okay, we are not doing this
right now.

Go and get dressed
for school.

You too.

Still excited about
Griffin's new friend?

She has the kids so scared,
they can't sleep.

And what's your excuse?

Don't tell me
that you're letting

all this Savannah stuff
get to you too.

What are
you talking about?

You were tossing and turning
all night.

Bad dream?

Uh... I never remember
my dreams.

Harper. Hey.

You have to see this.

Listen, after we left
the hotel last night,

my mom
completely freaked out.

We have proof,
actual proof!

What are you
talking about?

I grabbed this off a bag
when we were being chased.

Buried it in the woods
yesterday on the way back
to the bunker.

That's my dad's name.
It really was him.

We already knew
that kid was your dad.

You were convinced
about the whole
portal thing.

I needed evidence.
So, I did a test.

The tag was still there
this morning.

Do you know
what this means?

That time travel is real,
and we're the ones
who proved it.

We can see
what happened
to Savannah.

Maybe even save her.

Meet me at the hotel
after school.

We'll try going
through the portal again.

‐About that‐‐
‐If it works, I'm talking
to my dad this time.

He was so different
as a kid.

You think all people
change that much?

I can't go back.

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.

My mom doesn't want me
hanging around The Tremont.

For how long?

This isn't something
that'll just blow over.

I've never seen her
so upset.

She said
we can't be friends.

I'm not even
supposed to be
talking to you.

Why? What did I do?

Look, I'm sorry.
I have to go.

Harper, technically,
texting isn't talking.

Can anyone tell me
what Mr. Churchill
may have meant by this?

He was saying
that we can all learn
from the past.

Let me give you all
an example.

Learn from Griffin's mistake.

history will repeat itself,

and I will have a drawer
full of fancy phones.

‐Be with you in a minute.

I'm in no hurry.

Thanks, Jess.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Thought it might be you.

Been a long time, Jess.
How are you?

What do you want?

Ah, large dark roast.

Muffins look good too.

Bake 'em yourself?

Why come back here, Ben?

No one wants
to see The Tremont reopened.

You have to know that.

Ever think about
how simple things were
as a kid,

then you grow up?

Maybe I got tired
of living out
someone else's dreams.

Always doing what was expected.

Place is nice, Jess.

I'm glad things
worked out for you.

We all moved on.

Ask yourself why you haven't.

I applied
for a few jobs today.

Thought our focus
was fixing up the hotel.

Well, there's a lot more
to do around here
than spackle and paint, Ben.

We need professional help.
Contractors cost money.

Nah, we can do this on our own.

Just have to take it
one project at a time.

Already got
a good start in here.

Changed out the chandelier,
rehung it this afternoon.

Sure that's hooked in?

It's not that difficult, Zoey.

Hmm, that's what you said
about the Christmas lights.

And we all know
how that ended.

The fire department
had to come.

That part
was pretty cool.

They didn't
have to come.

I would've gotten down
without their help,

You're quiet tonight.

Um, yeah, I just have
a ton of homework to do.

May I be excused?

If you'd been
paying attention in class,

maybe you wouldn't have
so much to do tonight.

Uh, Ms. Douglas
called you?

What happened?

Griffin's teacher
caught him texting.

I had to go to the school
and pick this up.

‐ It's from Harper.
‐Give it!

Can I have it back?

Not tonight.
Finish your dinner.

‐Griffin's got a girlfriend.
‐Shut it, Wyatt.

Eat, both of you.

And take the hat off
at the table.

He can't.

Savannah will
steal his soul.

Okay, guys, come on.

One night without Savannah.

Is that too much to ask?

Need some help?

Thought you had homework.

Manual labor
would be less painful
than algebra.

Yeah, math was
never my thing either.

But school's important.

You can't be goofin' around
in class.

You never goofed around
as a kid?

Broke the rules
just for fun?

I'm not saying
don't have fun.

Just... save the texting
for after school. Okay?

Hand me that screwdriver,
the black one.

Mom was showing me
an old photo she found.

You really won a talent show
at summer camp?

I was about your age.

Played the guitar.

Did you enter the year after?
Defend your title?

The hotel was closed by then.

Harper said
Savannah went missing

the summer
before the hotel closed.

‐I'm just saying...

you must've been at camp
around the same time.

Well, if I was...

I never met her.

Nice try.

Good night, Griffin.

Are you trying
to give me a heart attack?

My parents took my phone.

So I thought they might've seen
some text about the portal

and followed me down here.

The basement was empty
when I came in.

‐Wait. What are you
even doing here?
‐I got your text.

There's no way
I'm letting you
go back through alone.

We're in this together.

But what if your mom
finds out?

That can't happen.
So let's make sure
we don't get caught.

Okay? Here.

Uh, thanks,
but it's not really my style.

Yeah, well,
it would've been
30 years ago.

The idea is to blend in
when we go back,

so people
don't get suspicious.

And you're sure
this is gonna work?

Trust me. Just put it on.

Oh, and lose
anything that screams
we're from the future.

You know, that would be
kinda hard to explain.

Phone, TV, email, internet
all in your pocket.

Wait, did they even have
internet back then?

Guess we'll find out.

You look good.

Not that you
usually look bad.

Are you sure about this?

I don't want you
getting in
any serious trouble.

It'll be worth it
if we can change history
and save Savannah.

We'll be heroes.

They'll write books
about us.

The Dunn‐Campbell theory
will be studied in schools

all over the world.

I'm pretty sure these things
are always alphabetical.

Yeah, you're right.
You should, uh...
You should be first.

Go ahead, I got it.

Stings, doesn't it?

Is that why
you let me go first?

Call it another test.

Had to find out
if it happens every time.

Now we know.

Your dad was
at the coffee shop
after school,

talking to my mom.

About what?

She was probably telling him
she doesn't want us
being friends.

Because I live
at The Tremont?

She's just really paranoid
about keeping me safe.

Been that way
since my dad died.

Sorry about your dad.
I didn't know.

It's not something
I advertise.

It's her!

‐What's she doing?

Sorry. I'm not used
to trailing people.

Next time on
Secrets of Sulphur Springs...

‐What are you doing?
There's a room
behind this wall.

A secret room.

What if the past doesn't
want to be changed?

Maybe we're messing
with things that shouldn't
be messed with.

We've mapped the whole place.

It's every place
we've felt a cold spot.

Did you feel that?

Mom, did you used
to go to camp there?

Of course not.

You know how
I feel about that place.

You must be new.
I'm Jessica.

But everyone calls me Jess.