Secrets of Sulphur Springs (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Secrets of Sulphur Springs - full transcript

You really think
this place is haunted?

Only one way
to find out.

Unless you're
too scared.

Uh, I'm not.

Go ahead, Topher.

Come on.
Look inside.

I dare you.



I got you so good.

Are you streaming this?

Give it to me.


Slow down.
Is that my phone?

Why were
you screaming?

Ask him.

What'd you do?

I barely touched her foot
and she freaked.

It was awesome.

- You're such a child.
- What's that make you?

Two minutes older
and light years more mature.

Why don't we go upstairs and
finish unpacking your rooms?

This is hilarious.

You paid Wyatt five bucks
to scare Zoey?

It was worth the money.
Come look at this.

You keep tormenting
your sister,

I'll be holding on
to all your allowance.

It's not like
there's anything else to do.

You know, when I was your age,

I practically lived
in the woods out back.

We'd explore,

play games,

breathe fresh air.

I couldn't wait
to stay here every summer.

At least one of us
had a happy childhood.


It's only been a few days.

Give it a chance?

Sulphur Springs
may surprise you.

Theme music playing...

Season 01 Episode 01

Episode Title: "Once Upon a Time"
Aired on: January 15, 2021

Gonna be late
on your first day.

Could just skip it
all together.

For a marathon guitar session?

Hmm, I don't think so.

This is how
all the greats start,

in their room,
perfecting their act.


I read it in a book.

Okay, well, a school book
would be nice.

See, those are the kind of books
I'd be reading at Ballard,

but Dad killed that dream.

There are
other music programs,

and we'll find one
just as good.

Around here?

I doubt it.
This place sucks.


Fine! Stinks.

How can I be happy

when you're determined
to be miserable?

Don't you miss Chicago?

Of course.
I'd move back in a second.

Great. Let's go.

Won't take me long to repack.

It's not that simple.

And, hey, this place
isn't completely awful.

If we hadn't moved here,

I never would've found this.

A picture
of some random kid?

Turn it over.

That's Dad?

Can't you tell
by the goofy grin?

It's been a long time
since I've seen him smile.

Could say the same
about you.

I'm hoping that'll change
when you make some friends.

You nervous?

Never been
the new kid before.

Just be yourself.

That kid's pretty great.

Works every time.

I would like to welcome
a new student.

Griffin, why don't you
stand up and tell us

a little something
about yourself?

Um, hi. My name
is Griffin Campbell,

and my family just
moved here from Chicago.

Any hobbies?

Sports? Video games?

I'm mostly into music.

Classic rock. Blues.


What was that, Quinn?

She‐‐ She was wondering why
Griffin came to Sulphur Springs.

Well, my dad quit his job,

and bought an old hotel.

Now I'm stuck here while
my parents fix up The Tremont.

You moved into The Tremont?

Have you seen Savannah?

I heard if you look her
in the eye,

you'll never be seen again.

That's just a silly rumor.
Ghosts aren't real.

Yes, they are. We saw a
ghost in The Tremont last night.

I saw a ghost.

She let out this crazy scream.

It's true. The Tremont
is definitely haunted.

Class. That's enough.

Want to sit down?

It's not complicated.
There's room.

People see those drawings,

they're gonna figure it out.

Figure what out?

Your secret identity.

Locker ninja.

I caught a glimpse
of your shoes

when you were
kicking past my head.

The art's the same.

Shoe design
could be my side hustle.

Doesn't mean
I'm a superhero.

I'm good with faces.

Still don't know
your name, though.

- Harper.
- I'm Griffin.

Thanks for
the assist earlier.

Thank the janitor.
He showed me that move.

Said it was the best‐kept
secret in Sulphur Springs.

Wow! Just when
I thought this place was boring.

Uh, why is everyone staring?

Do you have a not‐so‐secret
identity I should know about?

Some kids thought they saw
a ghost at The Tremont.

People found out
that I live there‐‐

You live at The Tremont?


I haven't seen Savannah.

I don't even know
who she is

or‐or was.

- This is Savannah Dillon.
- Okay.

She disappeared
from The Tremont 30 years ago.

Never to be seen again.

Alive anyway.

Spoiler alert.

The girl those kids
saw last night wasn't a ghost.

It was my sister.

Plenty of other people have
seen Savannah around the hotel.

It's only a matter of time
before you do too.


Can't say I didn't warn you.


So, you do believe in ghosts.

Uh... Oh.

I‐‐ I was just messing
with you.

You need help up? Looks
like you fell pretty hard.

- I'm fine.
- If you say so.

See you at school.

- Where are you going?
- Shortcut.

I live on the other side
of the woods.

You're not worried about
getting grabbed by a ghost?

Are you kidding?

How cool would it be
to actually run into Savannah?

But she's only been seen
inside the hotel.

And you never even
tried getting in?

Once. I cut my knee pretty bad
crawling through a window.

My mom's still ticked
about it.

If you want,
I could give you a tour.

We'll have a séance!

- A séance?
- Uh‐huh.

We'll need lots of candles.
Pink. Way more inviting.

And salt, incense, rocks...

Well, technically,
smooth stones,

but I'll work
with what I can get.

Is that all?

Well, an open mind
would help.

So... this is where some
of your best memories were made?

The bunkhouse actually.

Campers weren't allowed
in the hotel

unless parents
were visiting.

Didn't want us bothering
the fancy clientèle.

Fancy? This place?

The Tremont used to be
a world‐class resort.

People would come from all over
to soak in the hot springs.

You could hardly
get a reservation.

If the hotel was so great,

how come it closed?

Well, the springs
started to dry up,

along with business.

That's not what I heard.

The rumor is...
people stopped coming

because The Tremont
is haunted.

What did I tell you about
scaring your brother and sister?

I'm not scared.

You were last night.

Can we please not argue
in front of company?

I'm Sarah Campbell,
Griffin's mom.

I'm Harper.

She's a friend from school.

You're really gonna
reopen the hotel?

Well, it doesn't look like much
now, but with some hard work,

The Tremont
could be amazing again.

You shouldn't have
a problem filling rooms,

even like this.

People want
to see Savannah up close.

I know I do.

Who's Savannah?

The ghost of a kid

who's supposedly been
haunting the hotel

for 30 years.


I said supposedly.

And where did you hear this?

There's a ton of stuff online
about Savannah's disappearance,

articles, sightings.

Especially with
the anniversary coming up.

Here, I'll show you guys.

I think we get the idea.

Where has Savannah
been spotted?

Mainly on the top floor.

Our rooms
are up there.

The hotel is not haunted.

It's Savannah!

It's rusted shut.

Shine the light over here.

Not funny. Turn it back on.

That wasn't me.
I swear.

The battery must have died.

Use the app on your phone.

What if the hotel
really is haunted?

You're a smart kid.

Too smart
to believe in ghosts.

Everyone at school is curious.

What do you think
happened to Savannah?

- Drop it, Griffin.
- I just don't get it.

How does a kid
vanish without a trace?

Uh, I mean...

What if something happens
to one of us?

I said drop it!

Whatever happened to that girl
happened years ago.


I don't want to hear
another word about Savannah.


Especially in front
of the twins.

Can you show us
that website?

I don't think your mom
wants you guys‐‐

Please. We really don't want
to run into Savannah.


What is this?

Ladies and gentlemen,

please put your hands together
and welcome

the one, the only,
guitar god Griffin Campbell.

"Woo. Yeah!
I love you, Griffin."

Here comes
the Guitar God now.


you do have
a secret identity.

What are you guys
doing with my laptop?

You did this to yourself.

I wasn't even trying
to pay you back.

I bet if you upload the video,
you'd go viral.

In a good way.

How does pizza sound
for dinner?

Harper, you're welcome to stay.

She should probably check
with her parents.

I'll text my mom.

We should finish the tour.

We could've
skipped the basement.

I saw something
down here earlier.

The Tremont has a bunker?

Let's check it out.

Oh, hey, here, take this.

Oh, it won't help.
The battery is dead.

It works fine.


So worth it.

"I am your father."

What's wrong?

Maybe this isn't
such a good idea.

We have to find out
where this goes.

How do we open it?

It's gotta be this.

Wait. Hold on.
I need to hook this.




You okay?
What happened?

You didn't feel that jolt?

It was like...

electricity or something.

I‐‐ I don't like this.

We should go back.

Oh, my gosh! Look!

It's Savannah!

She's real.

I knew it.

It‐‐ It can't be.

I'm telling you...

it's her.

I've talked
to three electricians.

No one
will take the job.

Well, probably just as well.

Can't afford
to hire them anyway.

The money fight again?

It didn't have
to be a fight, Ben.

All you had to do
was talk to me.

Instead, you cashed out
our savings,

bought this place,
and uprooted our lives.

And no one knows why.

I can't explain it.

All I know is that
I had to come back here.

Uh, I thought
the springs dried up.

They did.

This is crazy.

- She's over there.
- Get her.


All right, that's it.

Back to the bunkhouse.
Let's go.

Can you take her to get
that knee checked out?

Yeah, get some ice.

Come on, guys.

Just some kids
playing a game.

- Maybe.
- It's weird though.

She looks
exactly like Savannah.

It can't be though.

don't get bruises.

But that doesn't explain water
magically appearing in the springs...

or the flashlight
working again.

It‐‐ It's like...



It's like
we stepped back in time.

Bennett, pay attention.



Next time on
Secrets of Sulphur Springs...

We can't leave now!

The hotel is open
for business,

Savannah hasn't gone missing,

your dad is our age!

Time travel is
the only explanation.

What if we really did
disturb a spirit or something

when we moved in?

Uh, I'm looking
for my daughter.

You must be Harper's mom.

We have to get out of here!

Savannah's upstairs!

- Griffin!
- He's not up there!

It's like they both

Are we stuck in the past?

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