Secrets of Playboy (2022–2023): Season 1, Episode 8 - Predators' Ball - full transcript

From the earliest parties at the Mansion, celebrities like Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby were a big part of the allure of the Playboy brand. But Hugh Hefner kept some Hollywood A-listers happy at the expense of the women.

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My name is Melanie Meyers,

and the early 70s I lived in a
duplex in West Hollywood and Paige

Young was the girl that lived
behind me in the carriage house.

She was literally
the girl next door.

Paige was an artist,
and a pretty good one.

She had
her own artistic vision.

She was also a
Playboy centerfold.

And I remember the day she said
to me that she was thinking
about leaving.

And I thought she meant she
was leaving Los Angeles.

But she was actually saying to
me that she was going to kill herself.

I found her lying on
the American flag.

I found her dead.

She shot herself in the head

and there was a large wall.

And on this wall, were all these
different pictures and clippings
out of newspapers,

And at the top of this mural of
hers, was "Hugh Hefner is the

So, I walked back to
my house and I remember

sitting on the bed,
and I called the police.

In two days, everything
was cleaned out and gone.

It was like it never happened.

How does a Playboy centerfold
kill herself with a message

Hefner is the devil. and it
doesn't hit any of the media

This whole thing had to
do with killing herself to

leave a message behind
for other women like her

and the message
was, to be careful,

and that these men were
damaging. That they were predatory.

My name is Hugh Hefner. I'm
editor publisher of Playboy magazine.

Hugh Hefner was just 27.
He fashioned himself

and Playboy as the face
of sexual liberation.

Playboy is one of the most
famous brand names in the world.

I would like to be remembered
as somebody who played some

positive part in changing the
social sexual values of my time.

I believe that Hef pulled
one over on the whole world.

The fantasy of Playboy that he
created did not allow for the
consent of the women.

When it came to Hefner's
buddies, you had to keep those
secrets quiet.

What have you got for free?

When you get someone that
powerful, anything could happen.

The people who are really there,
they're the ones who know the
real truth.

I wanted to be a voice for the
women who suffered the most at
his hands.

I worked for Hugh Hefner in
the Holmby Hills mansion.

I was one of his
personal valets.

Throughout history, butlers
have always been invisible.

We got to witness it.

We, butlers and the valets,
we couldn't participate.

Thank you darling.

I was a hostess at the major
parties at the Playboy Mansion West.

Part of the job was to meet
people at the door and guide
them through the party.

The sense I got was the young
girls didn't have a clue.

At that age,
they don't know better.

I think for girls from small
towns, it was like, "Oh my god,
I'm gonna be a star."

I don't think they thought much
about what would happen when
they got there.

Mr. Hefner always wanted to
be a famous film producer.

That's why he came to Hollywood.

I think that movies had a
tremendous impact on my dreams,
fantasies, when I was a kid.

The one time Hef tried to be a
producer on a film, it was Roman
Polanski's Macbeth.

And he got his shirt handed to
him. Lost a lot of money and did
very poorly.

It's a terrible film.

It's a bad adaptation
of Macbeth.

But, clearly, Hef didn't
make another movie, you know,

or Playboy didn't attempt
to make another movie

Hef has accomplished so much in
his lifetime, I don't think the

average person could understand
how obsessed with fame he still was.

Like, how important it was
to have celebrities at his

parties and how important it
was to him to stay relevant.

They always thought he was just
a cheap imitation, a wanna be.

Like the Oscars.

They thought that he tried
too hard to be accepted

in Hollywood,
that he didn't have any talents.

It was known into Hollywood
that if you knew Hef, you could

come up there to the mansion,
and you could have sex.

You could trade the girls,
trade sex, because

Hefner wanted that contact
with Hollywood.

He wanted to use it
to his advantage.

Hefner expanded the Casting
Bedroom, to the Casting Mansion.

Half of Hollywood seems to come
to Hefner's place at one time or another.

A lot of people would come here
like Warren Beatty and Jack
Nicholson and Bill Cosby.

If they go out with the public,
it's hard for them to relax

and just enjoy themselves.

Because the people are very
excited about seeing them
whereas when they

come up here and nobody bothers
them. They can do whatever they want.

Movie night, he had every
celebrity from Robin Williams to
Chevy Chase.

Hef did things that wouldn't
elevate him in Hollywood. All these

celebrities would come and
here's Arnold before he was Arnold.

There's Wilt, and there's
Jimmy, Caan and Cosby.

They were like in a candy
store up there these men.

Mary O'Connor was
a pimp in charge.

She would call up my office andsay we're having a party. Send
the bunnies up.

Mary O'Connor would call I
think every girl in the mansion

and say "You're expected to
be at the movies tonight."

You must be there to be seen.

When you become a playmate,
you go to the mansion

and you politic to bePlaymate of the Year.

I mean literally, that's how
what I was told by Merilyn

Grabowskiy, the editor
of Playboy at the time.

It's Sunday night,let's do movie night.

That's how it was laid out.

We would turn the living
room into a theater.

So, we had one couch in the
front, another couch behind

the front couch and then
the rest would be seats.

Girls were very very very
insecure because there

was a hierarchy,there
was like a pyramid.

Mostly based on how
beautiful you were.

At movie night, I got to sit in
the last row in the back.

Hefner would sit on the couch in
the center, right up in front.

His girlfriends are on either
side or a couple on either

side and then the director
friends, the celebrity friends.

So, VIPs were up in front.

Girls were encouraged
to talk and engage with

VIPs. That was the whole
point of being up there.

Hef admired celebrities so much,
he was enamored by them

and to have them in his life

I mean him being the - in
the long run- the controller.

He got off on that. He- that
made him feel like Mr. Big.

You could see by the place the
butler would lead you to be
seated that

there was, you know,
there was a structure. It

was like you're assigned
a seat at a wedding.

It's all arranged by thesecretaries. They would organize
the seating.

I was put with Tony
Curtis a lot and he really

had a drinking problem
and it was very public.

So, I dreaded, you know,
when he started drinking

because I didn't know
what he might expect.

I unfortunately sat
next to Bill Cosby.

I didn't know who Bill Cosby was
until he put his hand down my knickers.

I was kind of surprised.

It's not the sort of thing
you would do in England.

There's the Grotto.

For the specials, they
heightened the decadence, there
was a lot of decadence.

They were constant flow of
pretty faces that circulated throughout

the mansion for movie night.
because they were just being used.

They liquored them up.

They gave them drugs,

and they ended up in the Jacuzzi
and it was a free for all.

Maybe they knew what they
were getting into, but

they didn't know what
they're really getting into.

I worked at a men's clothing
store in Beverly Hills and
somebody came by and

asked me if I wanted to go to
the Playboy Mansion and I gave
them my number

and that night, Paige was
ready to go and I wasn't.

So she went ahead of me and when
I showed up at the Playboy Mansion,

Hefner was at the end of the
table, and Paige was on one side
of him.

Paige was very invested in
the whole playboy lifestyle.

What they were preaching
was the girl next door,

but free sex and Paige
was their poster girl.

She was not only beautiful, but
she seemed very wild and free.

The time I went up there,
Paige ended up in the Grotto.

And, I do think that's where her
thinking started to go wrong.

She really didn't get the
whole Hollywood thing at all.

You have to be careful who
you're sleeping with.

What I think happened to her
is, somebody broke her.

Somebody did something to her
that she found unacceptable

and she didn't know how
to go on from there.

When I was a teenager in the
70s, the female

standards of beauty were
the Playboy playmates.

They were thought of as perfect.

They were a ten.

The hair and the makeup
is beautiful today.

I was definitely not a ten
and I was told that too. So,

I thought their lives would be
so smooth and easy compared to mine.

When I found out that wasn't the
case, I was really shocked and

it's sort of a fascination that
I've kept over the decades.

I'm always interested in when
things appear one way but
they're really very different.

In December of 2014, there was
an article in the Daily Mail
about Paige

Young, a former Playboy Playmate
who had killed herself in 1974,

that was common knowledge.

But this article had a lot of
new information about her death.

I was surprised to read about
the scene where there's a whole
mural of Hugh Hefner.

I thought it was a big deal and
it made me wonder, what did he

What happened that caused her
to focus on Hugh Hefner so much?

In the suicide note, it has
listed men that she felt she'd
been abused by, including

Hugh Hefner, and the director
John Houston, who was a major
cultural icon.

In the early 70s, when they were
filming, Chinatown, the

cast and crew would hang out
a lot at the Playboy Mansion.

So, there is a chance Houston
spent time at the mansion during
the filming.

Paige told me that member
of his Playboy Mansion,

entourage or whatever it was,had filmed her having sex.

Paige was so over the top
upset about that tape.

This was the end of
the world for her.

She didn't seem that
shy, you know, about sex

and it made me wonder
what was on that tape.

What I actually keep thinking is
there's more on that than just sex.

Hef, he had tapes on everybody.

The first time I looked up at
the two screens he had for the

TV in the bedroom, and I
realized that was me, I was like,

whoa, what are you doing?

And when we started bringing
other people into the

bedroom, some girls had the
same reaction like "whoa!"

and he would do the "Oh, well, I
can turn it off. If it's not
okay I'll turn it off.

And they go " Oh no,
would you turn it off?"

And he would

And then he says "Now we
can just see that, that's

all it. We're just seeing it.
We're not recording."


maybe a week later, a couple
days of later, all of a sudden,
there's the tape.

He told you that you
weren't recording this.

Because you think that
I really stopped it?

He did it anyway and he
had tapes on everybody.

Hefner taped everything in hisbedroom and many men and stars and

athletes came into the bedroom
and had sex with these girls.

Most of the time,
Hefner never participated.

He just watched.

He was a voyeur.

He would stage them.

He thought of himself
as a film director.

He didn't want to
be on the tapes.

He wanted these
girls and the stars.

But many of the girls were
devastated after what they

were expected to do,
what they were forced to do.

Well, can you imagine
after he had all these

tapes of you having sex
with different girls,

what power you had
over these men?

These are some of the notes I
took around the time I worked
for Playboy

and the first one,

the Tony Curtis incident about
tapes and lawyers storming the mansion.

Tony was a regular
at the mansion.

And he went, with
several playmates.

Tony was upset and maybe didn't
realize that Hef was filming

the orgy.

So, his attorneys, they were
very upset that Tony had been filmed.

They wanted them.

Hefner kept these tapes
in a tape library.

The librarian's office was
down the hall from the bedroom.

That was off limits to anybody
except Hef and Mary O'Connor.

If you were caught
going near it,

or talking to the librarian,
he would be terminated.

People around the world
read Playboy magazine.

Imagine this was
nirvana for men.

You could have sex with all
these women and you weren't
gonna have to pay for it.

We didn't know about the
emotional expense that

these women would suffer
and that was a tragedy.

I have a degree in journalism,
but I used it very little.

But I still have that instinct.

So, then December 2014, that
story about Paige Young came out

from the Daily Mail.

They got a tip on Paige
that she was someone who had

been witnessed as being
involved with Bill Cosby.

I knew from the article
that a definite connection

wasn't made between Paige's
suicide and Bill Cosby.

So, I was trying to find out
where she met Bill Cosby.

And, I found Richard
Sample, a fellow artist

who saw her several times
at the Playboy Club.

He said that Paige had
told him that Bill Cosby

was always trying to
put the make on her

and that she had no
interest in him whatsoever.

Then he said that one time
that he picked her up from the

Playboy Club, he saw Bill
Cosby acting angry towards her

that she had rebuffed yet
another one of his attempts to
get with her.

Breaking news tonight.

He is known as America's dad
but comedian Bill Cosby now the

target of an LAPD policeinvestigation for sex
molestation of a then teen girl.

When the whole Cosby story
broke, I was like, oh, man, none
of that was a surprise.

You know, I was there.
I saw, I know what he did.

Everybody that worked at the
mansion knew that he was
basically a predator.

I was a member of Hugh Hefner's
executive protection team during
1980 and 1981.

When you're the primary
bodyguard for somebody like

Hef, you're not only
expected to protect them from

physical harm, you're also
expected to protect them

from anything that would
tarnish their reputation.

But at the mansion,
it was the Wild West back then.

There was rampant
sexual exploitation.

Bill Cosby was up there
three to four times a week.

He wasn't there to eat lunch.

So, a number of the allegations
against Bill Cosby have

involved stories that took
place at the Playboy Mansion.

He and Hugh Hefner were
very close friends.

I heard many stories about Bill
Cosby from the 60s all the way
up to 2008.

In 1974, Bill Cosby had
carte blanche to the mansion.

And he drove up there in
a limousine and he had

this young girl,
15-year-old girl, Judy Huth.

He brought her up to the
mansion, she had cocktails.

He drugged her.

She was sexually
assaulted at 15 years old.

- Cosby was up there a lot.
- He stayed there a lot.

He would come and stay for
a couple days at a time.

It's just down the hall, room 2!

You know, he funny.
He was a funny man.

But he was an arrogant man.

I didn't know what was going on.

Did Hef know?

I think he did. How could
anything be slipped under
anyone's nose in that house?

Cameras were everywhere.

He had have known.

But Cosby was the go-to
celebrity at the Jazz Festival,
at the tennis tournaments.

It was Cosby, the funny man that
they did these things for Hef

and because of that, he was
allowing the women to be used.

I know that BillCosby knew better.

I don't believe
Bill Cosby cared.

I knew him before I did playboy.

Someone had taken my headshot
and given it to Bill Cosby and I
fly off and I

meet him and I end up in this
underage what I thought was a relationship.

And I'm a minor.

So, this relationship goes on
for maybe a year and a half or so.

I'm not even 16 or I may have
turned 16 but I don't even drive yet.

I'm a baby.

And I have no one to
turn to over this.

So, how this all ends is
I end up in a drug and

alcohol facility in 1982
when I remember Cosby

calling me on the payphone
and him saying to me, you

know you're not much fun
when you're not drunk.

Treatment saved me!

In 2008, Bill Cosby
brought this young woman

Chloe Goins up to the
mansion to go to a party.

She alleges that he gave
her a drink and she was

drugged and was very woozy,
could hardly stand up.

So, Hefner himself told
everybody, put her to bed and the

next thing you know,
she was assaulted by Bill Cosby.

We have a sisterhood of
victims of Bill Cosby

and he did some terrible
things to these girls.

I got off easy compared
to some of these girls.

This is an article from The
Daily Mail about my friend

Paige Young and her
relationship with Bill Cosby.

Let me read you just a little
bit about what they wrote about Paige.

Paige was into her drugs and
Bill wanted to get her some.

She was along on the
trip like his pet dog.

She was a very subdued person.

Well, when I knew her,
Paige was into clean living.

I think more likely is
that Bill drugged her.

A direct connection has not been
made between

Bill Cosby and Paige
Young's suicide.

I did find a man who was friends
with Paige during that same time and

one of the times they spent
together, Paige said Bill Cosby
raped me.

And I asked, did she say that he
had drugged her as well and she

implied it by saying, well I
came too and realized I had been raped.

We still don't know why
Paige killed herself.

But it seems like this is
one piece of the puzzle.

I knew Bill in 72 when
I worked as a bunny. It

wasn't until thesituation in 79 in Chicago

that he drugged and raped me.

Voila! Here we are, wow.

This is a picture of Bill Cosby,
the day before he drugged and
raped me

and this is the original card
that he sent me the following
day after he raped me.

What he sent me was a four foot
Ficus tree and it says stay

healthy mentally,
stay in charge of
yourself, Bill Cosby.

How crazy was that?

It's a reminder, it's a reminder
of how far I've come from that.

So, I keep it.

I knew Bill Cosby for six years.

He was a friend. Nothing more,
but a friend that I would see on
the Playboy circuit.

Nine months or so after I had
gotten to Chicago as the bunny mother,

Bill Cosby was doing an
interview in the playmate lunch room.

Later that day, he called
me and he said, Listen,

you want to go out to
dinner tomorrow night?

I said, sure.

He says, well, meet me at the
Whitehall hotel and we'll go out
to dinner.

I said, sure. I didn't think
anything of it because I knew
this person.

So, the next night, I met him at
seven o'clock, and he was in the penthouse.

So, he said to me, well, come on
up and we'll have a drink before
we go to dinner.

I went upstairs.

He says, "what would
you like to drink?"

So, I said,
I'll take a Grand Marnier.

He gave me the glass. I took
two sips and that's the last

thing I remember until four
o'clock the next morning

and I woke up in bed naked.

And I looked to my left
and there he was naked

sleeping next to me
and I was in a panic.

And I slivered out of the bed to
try to collect my clothes that
were all

over the floor. And I had blood
coming down my leg because he
sodomized me.

and blood was
dripping on the floor.

And I put my clothes on.

But there was a lot of blood.

It was a lot of blood.

I dripped it all the way out
in the lobby of the hotel.

I went home in the shower,
and I just screamed.

I was in the shower
for a good hour.

And I knew I had to go to work
because I had nobody to cover me
and I went to work.

And about 11 o'clock in the
morning, he calls my office, how

he got that private line, I
don't know, it was a private line.

And he says, why did you leave?

And I was like,
are you kidding me?

Why did you leave?

I said listen, I can't talk
to you now. I'm getting

the girls on the floor.
I'm doing my work.

I hung up the phone, and I was
in complete, total shock.

That next day I called my boss
and I told her that he raped me

and he drugged me and her reply
was that's Hefner's best friend.

I suggest you shut your mouth
if you want to keep your job.

And for days on end,
Cosby continued to call and

ask me out, and I refused
to go out with him.

I couldn't go to Hefner
because there were a lot of

very strange things
happening up at the mansion.

How am I going to go to him?

Who's gonna listen to me?

I knew nothing would have
changed. I knew he wouldn't

have been held accountable,
it was Bill Cosby.

He was gonna buy NBC Studios.
Who's going to listen to me?

How do I prove it?

I had no avenue to go down.

There were other celebrities and
VIPs that were at the LA mansion

that would definitely drug and
sexually assault young women.

Roman Polanski of course who
we know to be someone who

fled the country after raping
a very young girl allegedly.

Right? Somebody who's a fixture
at the Playboy Mansion at one point.

So, what kind of people
we choose to surround

ourselves with says
something about who we are.

My name is Charlotte Lewis and I
did the cover of Playboy in
1994, June.

I suddenly found out how close
Roman Polanski and Hugh Hefner,
really were.

And I did find that
a bit disturbing.

In 1977, Polanski was
convicted of rape of a minor.

The minor was 13 years old.

The girl was two
weeks short of 14.

But if you have seen her,
sitting here next to

me, you wouldn't be
particularly shocked by it.

As a matter of fact, you would
find it completely normal.

But I'd be particularly
concerned to find out

how old she was and
you actually did know.

I knew she was 14 because she
was talking about her birthday before.

Then I met him five and a half
years later, six years later.

I was raped by Roman
Polanski when I was 16.

It took a long time for me to
realize that what had happened to

me wasn't my fault, because I
always thought it was my fault.

You don't realize at the time
when you're very young, that
what's happened is illegal

or wrong.

You know it's wrong because
it doesn't feel right.

There are some men that
obviously, of a generation.

Yes, feel that there
is some entitlement and

that women are just the
sex, you know, objects.

It's about the control,
really, isn't it?

It's amazing that there is
still some protection for

these boys, these men,
these debauched human beings.

You know?

I would be at the game house
with Hef a lot and the
conversations could get very

heavy and Roman Polanski was oneof the stories and I would
listen to them talk.

It was, gaw, he got caught,
you know, or the

schmo he got caught. Like it was
okay to be with a young girl.

Just don't get caught.

They were just relieved that
they hadn't gotten caught.

But I don't believe
it stopped with that.

The idea of underage sex was
not really taken very seriously.

And indeed,
Hefner's interest in young girls

had been evident
throughout his adult life,

epitomized by the fact that
he seduced one of the girls

that had been at his
daughter's 16th birthday party.

10 of her school friends were
invited and a few days after
that, one of the girls

who'd been at the party, called
Hefner and said, she would like
to meet him.

She did come and see him
and the inevitable happened.

Why's it taken till today
for it to be believed

that oh my god,
these things do happen to girls?

50 year old men do rape girls.

What we're dealing with is a
very powerful team of close
friends who stick together,

Men defending their guy.

Hold each individual man
responsible, because what

predator is not going to
go to the Playboy Mansion?

It's locked. It's secure.

All the cookies are in
the jar and it's okay.

No one judges.

Jim Brown, the football
player is a known fixture at

the Playboy Mansion and
there have been a number of

stories corroborated by women
who claimed that they were

sexually assaulted by Jim
Brown at the Playboy Mansion.

I was up to mentionall the time.

It was a ball.

There were new girls coming
in from all over the country

and anything was okay
between consenting partners.

Jim Brown did come up and
have sex at the mansion

and he always abuseddifferent playmates.

I observed it.
Many people witnessed it.

They tell me that Jim Brown
brutalized women. Yeah.

But why would he keep
letting him come up?

You know, what's with that?

Because he was a celebrity.

The first time I saw the
abuse with Jim Brown

was in the Grand Hall,
they called it.

There was a very big party.

I think it was the
New Year's party.


There was one girl.
I don't remember her name,

but she was the black
girl that I remember

being at the mansion, and Jim
Brown turned her upside down and
held her by her heels.

This is right in front of
me, and shook her

violently until her
bosom fell out of her bra

and then flipped her back
up and she's hanging out.

I could see it on her face and I
thought, oh my God.

And then there was the time when
he was in the Grotto. In the shower

room, there was an apparatus
that all the men would go in and use.

Hefner had this chair
in the back house that

was very odd shaped and
looking at it thinking.

What is this?

He says, well,
that's the sex chair.

It was this chair witha dildo attached to it.

That night, I was in the garden,

and I heard the screaming
and Stephen was there too.

We peeked in there and we saw
Jim just going bananas,
violently on this girl.

She was one of the African
American women who came

up to the mansion,
and he put her on the sex chair.

I could see him assaulting
this woman and beating her.

She was screaming in
pain begging him to stop.

I just - I was shocked.

When he was finished, I had to
help her and I took her to the
front of the mansion

and had one of Hefner's drivers
take her to the hospital.

I never saw her again there.

After that,
Hefner allowed Jim back on the

property where he would
brutalize these girls.

He cracked ribs,
he dislocated jaws.

But nobody was going
to come forward.

Because nobody wanted Hefner
to come after you or Jim Brown.

It bothered me,
what was I gonna do about it?

Get fired? I had no power.

I was an employee.

I don't know the rules for movie
stars, and Hefner at the mansion.

It seemed that this was natural.

This is what they expected
Hefner to allow them to do.

Jim Brown, like Bill Cosby, is
not the only man with a history of

accusations to predatorybehavior that spent time in the
Playboy Mansion.

Systemic racism makes matters of
rape infinitely more complicated.

We know that there are a
lot of white men that were

going to the Playboy
Mansion that are predators.

But it's easier to hold black
male predators accountable for a
lot of reasons.

It's easier to say "Hey, look,
this black guy is a rapist.

We're comfortable with that.

Black men do not typically have
the unspoken racial solidarity
in society

of white men around them in
deference of people of other
races and of women.

But Hugh Hefner,
what's his role in this?

They were predators.
They were power predators.

But who set this ballroom up?

He had the drugs,
he had the liquor, he had

the women, he had
everything at his disposal.

Every time I would find out a
little bit more about Paige,

it was like solving the
mystery of a person.

In my interview with
Richard, Paige's boyfriend,

Richard said, Hefner ruined
a lot of good women.

After that, I've read a few
excerpts from what the scene was

like there during that era and
it wasn't a very pretty picture.

A woman they call bunny BJ.

She was a bunny at the
Century City Club and she hung

out on that scene in like
73, 74, same era as Paige,

and she just wrote about her
experience at the mansion.

I began to realize, as far as
Playboy was concerned, I was
completely expendable.

No one cared what kind of a
person I was, what thoughts I had.

I could have been a doll I
tried suicide a couple of times.

To me, there was no purpose to
the kind of life I was leading.

Playboy magazine should have a
warning on it like cigarette advertising.

This philosophy can be
hazardous to your health.

The suicide rate for
playmates is significantly

higher than the rate
for American women.

And, so, I think it's worthasking what is it about Playboy that

leads so many women, that have
graced it's pages, to tragedy?

After the drugging and rape of
Bill Cosby, I didn't know how to
process it.

I was never offered therapy.
So I started cutting myself.

Cutting my arms,
cutting my legs.

It's a weird thing that
happens when you cut yourself.

It's kind of like arelease and it got so bad

that I have several
failed suicide attempts.

And the last one, I ended up in
Hackensack University Hospital
for 17 days.

They didn't think I was gonna
make it. I didn't think I was
gonna make it.

The Playboy years were
some pretty tough years.

I didn't feel of value.

So, I can see how girls that
have lived that life have taken
their own life.

I so wish that I had been
there to talk to them.

I would have told them to stay.

Just stay!

Paige wanted to get her message
out that these men were predatory

and she thought the
only way that anybody

was going to pay attention to
her was if she killed herself.

The message got squashed.

It was so sad that Paige
went to all this trouble

to leave a message
and no one cared.

This film that you're doing
right now, this is going to be
when Paige

finally gets her side of the
story, where she gets to speak
for herself.

There are so many men in
Hef's inner circle,

who were part of this
underground system,

the shadow man shades.

These men were out there
recruiting. They would putting
ads out.

Want to be a Playmate?

The competition is so
stiff to be a playmate.

So, that handful makes it the
rest slip through the cracks.

I would see these girls who are
clearly drugged and not coherent.

They would be, you know,
injecting them with something.

Oh, I think Hef knew definitely
what was going on with the parties.

Many women came forward
finally and why these

girls were so scared
is really coming out.