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Are you all right?

What is this?

What just happened?

This... is my body!

What... This is me...?

Me! This really is me!

I'm back to normal!

I'm back to normal!

We're back, right?

Before I had to look at a handsome face,

but now that I have to look at your
ugly face, it seems so.

Now that I hear your insults,
it really seems so.


Long time no see.


But... What are you going to do about this?

Oh... right.

Now that we changed at this exact moment,
there really must be a higher power.

What the heck are you saying?

You reap what you sow.
You heard of that, right?

Who's the one that said "I'll never
pull you out of here, you will suffer"?

Well, I only shouted at you
because I cared about you.

By listening to my voice,
you should have cheered up.

Yeah, I understand that.

So I'm going to cheer up and go home.

You just finished that bowl of meat soup,
so you should be full.

I hope you suffer!

Hey, wait!

Hey, pervert, don't ever agree
to release him.

You just got punched really hard, right?

Oh, and if you don't want to get crippled,
you better say sorry to the employees,

or I'll kill you.

Hey, stop! Stop that right now!

Who the hell are you?
Why do you keep coming and make me angry?

You probably don't know me well,
but I have never let anyone go in my life!

Hey, be quiet.

You didn't do anything right,
so shut your mouth.

All right, Detective.
Keep up the hard work!

I'm going. Bye!

Hey, where are you going?

You can't leave me here!

You should help me out!

Hey, you can shut up too.

Hey, just put him in the cell for now.

Where to? Why me?

Why isn't Attorney Park here?
What did they say?

He came back to being himself again?

You know what time it is?
You can't call him now!

And you told him not to come, anyway.

Well, I did say that.
But how can he just not come?

He could just come, thinking, "Perhaps... "

Maybe he could have just came
to check on me!

He said he's on his way,
so he should be coming.

I'll go check.

Tell him to hurry up!
Tell him I'll pay for everything!

Hey, you're pretty freaking loud.
Can you shut up?

Do you really want to shout at me?

Hey, wake up.

I'm usually not like this,
but where did you get these trainers?

These aren't clothes that
you can just treat badly like this!

Hey! I'm asking you, where did you buy this?

You can't just ignore me like this!

Later on, you'll have to say,
"Oh, I was with such a respectable".

[Hyun Bin at the entrance]

There's a special event at the
Secret Nightclub...

Yes, this is that nightclub...

We'll have a secret night...

Welcome to the Secret Nightclub...

Ah! So cold!

Why did you run around in the rain?

It's been a while!
How were you doing? Did anything happen?

I really missed you!

What do you mean "a while"?
I saw you just a while ago.

Aww, you just ruined these nice clothes!

Damn, I've been running around in these?


Ah, never mind! Let's go in.
I have lots to do.

What is all this?

What are you talking about?
You bought all these!

I did?

But you should have just said no!
Why did you bring all these in?

What's wrong with you?
How could I just stop you!

When I came back from work,
it was already like this!

Did I really just do this?

Why are you like this recently?

Now, there's no place to sit!

But that chandelier's pretty legit.

Because of this table,
I can't even open the fridge!

I'll clean it up right away.
Don't even worry about it.

Ah, this guy!

Hey, what are you doing?


We decided to change in our own rooms!

You were the one who told me
I was uneducated!

You told me you'll teach me manners!

I did that?

You told me not to put on my panties and
bras in places you could see me!

So every night, I had to dry them and...
You didn't even rub my back!

You said my back was too dirty to rub!

I didn't mean it!
I really didn't do any of that!

Ah! This is making me crazy!

Ah Young! This really wasn't me! Please!

Say what? Joo Won just did what?

He just smashed in a VVIP's nose.

He's at the police station right now.

He hit him? He got arrested?

But that's not all.
His signature has also changed!

The fact that his signature as the president
changed, it means that...

That guy is still immature!

It's about time I just kick him out.

But why would he even beat up a customer?

The customer allegedly touched
a female employee's body...

That doesn't even make sense!

In a case of sexual assault, the assaulted
shouldn't have to take responsibility!

Did Joo Won really take that
as his responsibility?

Furthermore, if he really did,
he did a good job!

Noonim, but...

You're too loud.

If you're going to talk nonsense, go home.

Oh and, Husband,
you can continue what you were doing.

Oh, of course.

Yes, yes... I am...

What are you doing right now?

Tomorrow is our 300th day anniversary!

She said she wanted to eat chocolates,
so I'm personally making her some.

Of course, I'm next to him.

Well, we don't have that much time.

If I can't see you because I'm doing this,
then it's just not worth it.

Hey, even the color's pretty nice, right?


Hey, apparently your son is at
the police station.

Where? The police station?

What happened to my Joo Won?

Yes, we just finished our release
and we?re coming out right now.

Yes. You want to talk to the president?

My mother?

Oh, he went home already.
I'll report you the specifics tomorrow.

Yes. Yes.

My mother found out already?

Park Sang Mo seems to have told her.

Your mother seems really mad right now.

Man, that guy!

Why are you standing by my side?

You should have gotten my car!
Where's my car?

We don't have a car.

We rode the police car together, remember?

Then what are we waiting for side-by-side?

If we don't have a car,
you should have gotten one!

People are staring!

If you don't scream, they won't stare.

Was I that nice to you?

But then when I get mad,
you want to rebel, right?

I'll kill you.


I don't have it on me.

Do you want to use it together, too?

Go find a shop and buy the highest
quality umbrella, or else...

You haven't changed at all.

Ever since you approached me
with that flimsy backpack,

you have never thought about me
for even five minutes.

Who is it?

It's me. Open up.

You came out faster than I expected.
Is it because you're rich?

I don't want to wear crappy Italian clothes.

Well, because of you, I experienced
some culture shocks.

You did the wrong, but I got the punishment.

And you run away as soon as we change back?

Oh, you surprised me!


Oh, you came?

You eat stuff at night, huh?

Oh, well...

You can go in.

And you, come outside with me for a moment.

Why did he come?

Is he looking for me?

I'll be back.

Oh, you came?
You can go in?

Aren't these a bit too casual?
Like friends?

Tell me now.

Tell me how you feel after
leaving me behind like that.

I'm really sorry about that.

Because I was so happy about changing back,

I was afraid that if we stay together
then we might change bodies again.

That's why I ran away, sorry.

If we stay together,
then we'll change bodies again?

Who said that?

No one. I just thought of that myself.

Then we probably can't see each other
for a while?

Wouldn't it be better if we just
went our own ways?

And I'm sorry about using violence
in your body.

Even if I can go back in time,
I'll still do the same.

Because the laws don't apply to the rich.

It might take a while, but I'll pay back
for your release, since it was my fault.

And take back all those fancy furniture.

That's not fancy. It's necessity.

You have a hard time saying thanks.

I don't want to argue with you. Just go.

I didn't come here to argue.

Then why did you come?

I came to do this.

Congratulations for returning to Gil Ra Im.

Same for you.

It's a good idea to pay for the release.

I really like that considerate attitude.

Come to my office tomorrow.

You can pick the time to come.
I'll be going now.

Ah, I forgot my high-quality umbrella
in your house.

Are you alone?

They all went back.

Why didn't you go too?

I want a clean finish.
You know I'm innocent.

With that attitude, you might be stuck
in a police station for a while.

How about that guy who released your song?
Did you catch him?

How about trying to find out
who that guy was?

What's the point?

I'll get yelled at for plagiarizing.

Well, I'll consider this a clean finish.

Who says we're over?
You're still under my suspicion.

What's up with you?

I bet you know the person
who released the song.

You can't quite put that person in
a bad situation, but you need a scapegoat.

You want me to take it for you?

Do you want to?

Just kidding. Hey, it's raining a lot
outside. Just sleep here for now.

You don't even have a car.

I don't have the strength to take you
to your home.

Sleep here and go home in the morning.

Should I prepare the meal?

I'm good, but give him some.

And prepare a room in the guesthouse.

How is it?

There's no doubt about it.

At this rate, it will be a plagiarizing.

Me too. With this much copying,
you can't even call it a "reference".

It seems like there're lots of singers
who got caught by this.

So what are the options?

Unless the plagiarizer admits to fault,
there's nothing we can do.

The articles will come out tomorrow.

It seems like Oska will be blamed.
But he really didn't know about it?

What are you talking about?

You think he knowingly did this?

Woo Young oppa is not someone
who'll do this.

Is there any way to find out
who first made this song?

The password is incorrect.

Hey, this girl...

What the heck?

Oh yeah...

Her style is so...

Re... Retard?


This is Kim Retard.

It seems like we swapped our cell phones.

So it is.

Bring my phone tomorrow.
What's my password? Tell me now.

Oh... the password?

The password is...

Oh no! It looks like my phone is busted!

Hello? Hello?

Sorry, this phone is turned off...

30-27-32* (*referring to
Ra Im's measurements)

Hey, what! This is her size!

You've got a message!

I'll give you a hint.
The password is a constellation.



The reason why my eyes are so pretty

is because there's a star that fell
from the sky in front of me.

It can't be... If it is...

God damn it!

Wow! This is great!

I really, really like it!

My house is the best!

Hey, well... Nothing happened between us
the last few days, right?

Like... I was different than usual,
or weird...

Like... I made you uncomfortable in
your sleep... Or surprised you...

What are you going to do to me now?!

You're the one who ordered me
to get off the bed!

You told me to sleep on the floor!

I made you sleep on the floor?

Wow... You just changed too much.

Where did you get the money
to buy all those things?

It's not like the president bought it
for you!

Even so, when I ask for a three-day delay
in rent, you don't even give me a break!

I didn't give you a break?

You told me that once a thief,
always a thief!

You said it was for sure.

You said your personality was like a knife!

That guy, really!

Ah Young, I really didn't mean it.

I don't know! I have to wake up early
tomorrow so set the alarm!

Don't worry about that.
I'll wake you up for sure.

I came to do this.

What do you remember me as?

Back then, what did I mean to you?

What should I do? I have to reject this.

To me, you're only a fading star.

You wanted to marry me?

You're more innocent than you seem.

How disappointing.

I was getting bored anyway.
Why didn't you just hold back?

Then, at the least, we could have
broken up cleanly.

Of course, we didn't break up cleanly,
but we also weren't serious.

It wasn't love, right?

I remember it like that.

Who was that girl?

The below standard girl with to Joo Won?

Don't blather on!

She's my guest!

Don't you understand?
It's the woman I'm meeting.

You're lying.

She isn't your style.

You thought you were?

Don't lie to me, saying you wanted
to protect me.

What you really wanted to protect
was yourself.

It's been a while.

I don't feel like kidding around.

I'm not kidding around.

I just came back from a place far, far away.

Are you drunk?

You probably can't believe it, but the me
that you saw recently isn't the real me.

Perhaps... Do you do drugs?

Recently, I would have been
very clingy to you.

But I never meant it, so forget
about it all.

I don't feel like kidding around.

If you came because you're bored,
leave me alone.

Is it because of the release?
Did you block it?

How do you even block the internet?

If it becomes really big...

Then what happens?

I'll just be branded as a plagiarizer,
that's all!

Hello. This is Gil Ra Im.

Did you solve the problem?

Don't worry about it too much.
Everything will be fine.

How did she figure out my number?

Who is it?

You don't need to know.

It's all right.

I also believe it will work out.

Thank you for worrying about me! ^^

Hey, she searched through my phone!


That was Gil Ra Im, right?

You seemed strange recently...
Are you a psychic now?

I figured out women now.

But I'm curious. Why do your fans wear socks
with your face on it?

You like your face to be mixed with
dirty sweat?

Why? Does Ra Im wear my socks?

Are you crazy? Why would she even do that?

Her feelings for you are not
very serious either.

If you ask her who her favorite
celebrity is,

she'd think for about three seconds
and she'd say "Os... ka"?

I'm going now.

Oh yeah... Why don't you wear
those shiny trainers?

Don't even bring that topic up ever again.

I'll change brands, ones that just
came to Korea.

Well, if I wear it, then it will be
on the markets soon.

Talk to Ji Yeon or something!
You're acting really strange!

This guy...

Ah, really! We're figuring things out
with the author right now!

No, we really are finalizing the song
copyright transfer right now!

How do you expect me to know
where the author is?

We really didn't know.

We are victims here.


What's the purpose?

You, what are you...

Why do you sit here answering
every one of those questions?

Do you suggest doing nothing?

The articles are already out!

You knew it would happen sooner or later.

You think that helps?

What do you want me to do, just sit here?

At the very least, people will search it up.
That's a relief.

Are you serious?

Why did Seul do it?

I'm curious too. Why did she do it?

What are you talking about?
You didn't meet her?

What should we do about
today's signing event?

We need to go, of course!

What are we going to do there?

It's because of that we need to go!

If this becomes a scandal,
then we're really screwed!

I'll do the talking, so you do the signing.

I'm going to put out a counter article
"We're the victims!".

Who the hell will believe that?

Who would publish that so that people
will believe it?

Since it's copied, no one wants to do
the movie. What's the damn problem?

People don't care.

If the articles came out,
then I'm already a plagiarizer.

Cancel the event.

Hey, where are you going?

If you don't want to get fired,
then get him to sign right now!

Why is it always me?


Where did he throw the phone?

I'm not even joking.

I am the president. The president came,
so what are you going to do?

And then he punched that pervert
in the face and he was really cool!

I clapped for him too hard
so I got scolded by my manager.


I really, really missed you!

Oh my! Oh my!

Ah, sorry. I want to say a lot of things...

I'm going crazy because I can't.

Seung Mi unni didn't come out today.

The president told her to rest for a while.

He even bought her daughter a present.


How can someone change in a snap?

Maybe he started to understand
the employees?

For the sake of someone... that he loves?

For sake of love...?

For who?


Hey, the president just came right now!

Why are they like that?

Because you owned that pervert yesterday?

Man, they like violence too much.

What? He rode the escalator again?

Yes, and he didn't bow back at all?

What the heck is this?

Why is he changing back and forth?

Maybe it's hardcore psychological warfare!

Psychological warfare?

Then how should we respond?

Well, he told us to meet in his office,
so we better reassess our situation there.

Of course we should go.

But how can I make things really
aggressive today?

I've written out some scripts.

Why are you looking at me with those eyes?

You don't like something?

You like me?


Well, after we're done, I wanted to talk
to you about my management project.

With just me?

I'm getting tired of this.


To start off, I'm considering firing
that VVIP employee.

What do you think?


Why? Are you dating that employee?

You're not even dating her! You told me
that it's just occasional meetings.

It's just that, but...

Well, umm... You see?

We'll talk after we finish work.

Bring me all the work that I did not finish.

There's no unfinished work.

You signed every one of them.

Me? I signed them all?

Yes, the signed documents are right on
your desk.

Why didn't you stop me?

"Stop", is it that hard to say?
This is a heart!

I was also really surprised,

but it seemed like you changed
your signature to a prettier one so...

Well, may I ask who suggested
the Christmas event idea?

Our team suggested it.

When the first snow comes on Christmas eve,

a huge rain of presents
will be handed out to the couples.

Did you came up with such clich? ideas
because you had no other good ones?

If you come out like this,
then it's inconvenient.

You already signed the document.

So you didn't sense the "perhaps"
in my strong expression?

On Christmas, if it snows,
you will win a present.

Any weak-sauce company,
any store can do this.

Why do we always do couple events?

What happens to those who want to
spend money

but don't have a significant other
so they have to watch a movie alone?

How about we target these singles
instead of couples?

Nowadays, nobody is single.

Do you have a significant other?

I... have a wife.


There is this one really cool girl I know,
and she's single.

To stimulate these singles,
how about we rain them with presents?

If it rains on Christmas,

we'll give out the "mega-gift" to
the first prize single person.


- Huh?
- Huh?

President, that "mega-gift" is
worth $70,000!

Which is higher?

The chance of rain or chance
of snow on Christmas?

Well, the chance of snow is much higher.

Nope. The chance that
nothing will happen is the highest.

Then it's snow, followed by sleet,
and finally rain.

The smaller the chance,
the more crazy people get.

Why? Because if the chance is smaller,
the prize is bigger.

You should stay up one more night
revising, right?

Oh, when did you come?

You told us you wouldn't come out
for a few days.

I was too stuffy.

Nothing big happened, right?

Yesterday... Oska came...

Here? Why?

Well, I don?t really know but
he was angrily looking for you...

He was angry?

You told me she wouldn't be
reachable for some days.

Well, that's not it...

I was planning to do that,
but I had to finish some documents.

What happened?

Can you all leave us so we can talk?

What is it?

The articles are pouring out,
but you have the time to talk?

Is it you?


The IP address of the person
who released my song is here.

I'm asking you. Are you the one who
released the song?

Are you suspecting me right now?

At least you're honest.

Why did you do it? Because you got angry
that I quit the MV?

Or is it because I didn't give enough time
for you? You wanted my attention?

You didn't come here for confirmation.

You came here already believing
that I did it.

But you see, I wouldn't go that low.

No, you're the type of person
who will do anything.

You betrayed me and you went abroad
with the guy that I hate the most.

You're the person who would marry my cousin
just so you can piss me off.

Seeing you, isn't this just too easy
for you to do?

I'm honored that you praise me that way,
but you can just report me.

I don't want to say anything,
so just report me.

No matter what I say, you won't ever
believe me.

You are still the same.

Because you believed someone else's lies
over my honesty.

Maybe their lies were more accurate
than your honesty.

Just like this, even if you say no,
the IP address is still from here.

I beg of you.

Let's not meet ever again.

You know, a couple days back,

didn't you use the director's computer
to download a video?


Isn't that a peer to peer site?

It is.

Are you freaking dumb?

There was Oska's new song on that computer!

Oh no!

You dumb...

For now, shut your mouth.
Or else we'll all die, got it?

- Hey, isn't that Oska?
- The copy-cat?

Get up... People are watching.

What are we going to do
about the signing event?

Sunbaes*! Sunbaes!


What's up with you?

What happened?

How were you? I really, really missed you!

Why is she like this?
Did we do something wrong?

It's not like that.

Anyway, you must have worried about me.
Don't worry about it anymore.

I'm really fine now.

You seem like you have a problem?

Shh! I'll go talk to the director.

She used to frown all the time,
but why is she so happy today? It's scary.

Maybe she's bi-polar. I'm worried about her.

Director, you just got found out.

You like me.

Then let me request something of you,
I'll forget about you being found out.

Don't ever confess to me even if you die.


I'm back! I'm really back!

What do you mean, "you're back"?

It's hard to explain, but from now on,
I won't be strange.

I probably won't be strange from now on.

I'm sorry about all the things
I've done before.

I saw the scenario that you gave me.

But it's all English, so I might need
lots of your help.

What are you talking about?

You were fluent in English.

I was?

Well, you can just consider me
as crazy back then.

Once we finish with the scenario overview,
I was thinking of demonstrations.

When it comes out, I want you to look at it.

Then, I'll go off to practice.

Oh yeah.

Thank you very much.

About what?

For helping promoting the event.

Give me your report.

These are the requested documents.

Today, the president went to work regularly.

From somewhere else, or from home?

From home.

That's good to know.

Wha... What are these?

She seems to have spent all the money
you gave her.

Really? This woman knows how to spend money.

But her posture isn't like a stuntwoman.

She's not normal. Go find out who
her parents are, how she grew up in detail.

Yes, I will.

Damn, I'm tired.

I'm about to die.

You haven't done much, but why are you
training so hard all of a sudden?

I can't do it!

I don't want to!

No, you can't!

I have to practice for the audition,

but my muscles loosened, I'm not
flexible anymore, and my form is horrible.

Please help me out!

Why are you like this now?

Did you get dumped by the
I'm-good-at-making-money guy?

You got dumped, right?

So now you're going for stunting again?

You said you wouldn't do this anymore.

You asked me if I did this because
I was dumb!

Did you become dumb again too?

You just left me alone?

You should have just killed me.

Can I kill you now?

It's late for that now!

I'm coming now!

Fine, I'll have to just kill you now.

Why did you come here?

Are you an actress?

No, well, I didn't come here to learn*...
(*in Korean, actor/actress sounds like learn)

Actress. Are you an actress?

What? Well, I'm not that pretty,
but I hear that a lot.

Do you work here?

Then do you know who Gil Ra Im is?

What do you need her for?

Watch out!

Are you okay?

Who was that?

Who was not careful just now?

Did you just rescue me?

I can't let you get hurt.

I can't believe this.

In this kind of situation,

you should have hugged me or
take the blow for me,

or fly with me to dodge.

Wasn't it supposed to be like this?

How could you just push me down
by my head to the ground?

What do you want me to do?

If you get hit by that
then your bones will break.

I'll apologize for him.

Our director doesn't have that kind
of romantic sense.

I'm Hwang Jung Hwan.

Haven't we met somewhere?

Oh, really? Did you study in New York?

Huh? No...

Where did I...

Ah, I know now!

We met on Garosu-gil*!
(*Seoul's trendy area)

I'm Kim Hee Won, Joo Won oppa's sister.

Kim Joo Won? If it's the
I'm-good-at-making-money guy then...

But what brings you here?

So you're Gil Ra Im, right?

You came to see me?

Yes... I want to talk to you
somewhere else, let's go out.

Just a minute.

I don't ask usually ask strangers
this but...

Are you... married?

Yeah, you two would look good together!


Blood type?


Astrological sign?

Well, my birthday is mid-March so...


If you're Aries with type A blood,
you are respectful, silent, and adventurous!

It's a personality that has passion
in their work.

Is this correct?

Well, yes. Approximately.

So it's like that, right?

Oh and that person...
I heard people call him "Director".

Yes, he's our martial arts director.

He is? He's a director?

So you came here to ask me this?

Ah well...

I'm just like this.

I'm curious to know.

First of all, what's your relationship

with my older brother Joo Won oppa
and Woo Young oppa?

I don't have much connection
with either one of them.

I don't want to answer such
stupid questions again,

so I hope you don't visit me again...

Wait a moment.

Is there really nothing going on
between you and Joo Won oppa?

Then why did you accept the money
that my mother gave you?


Apparently you've met my mother.

She gave you an envelope full of money
and you spent it all in three days.

So you're telling me I accepted
an envelope, right?

I'm sorry to ask, but exactly
how much did I get?

You didn't even check and you spent it all?

Unni, you're really cool!

Anyway, my mother's doing a background
check on you.

I just came to inform you that.

His mother... Why?

Because at the very least,
I'm the most normal one in our family.

Apparently Joo Won is like my mother
and I'm like my dad.

[Gil Ra Im]


Do you know what time it is?

I told you yesterday to bring over
the cell phone to my office!

Why aren't you bringing it?

Yeah, I'm coming right now.

Don't you dare go anywhere.

Are you glaring at me?


I'm the one who should be mad.

Did you know how much I suffered
trying to figure out the password?

And what, "Kim Retard"?

What would that mean?

Would that meaning something like
"Retarded Trainers"?

Hey, don't you dare look at me like that.

Why are you like this now?

You searched through my cell phone.

Who told you that you can just do that?

Do you want to meet my attorney?

Yes, I want to.

I really should see him now.

I should meet him and your mother

and say that it really wasn't me
who accepted the money envelope.

What do you think?

Did you meet my mother?

Me meeting your mother is important?

I just found out you accepted the envelope
that meant "Eat this and disappear".

It's not that big of a deal.

Yeah, I accepted that. So what?


What the heck?

Just tell me what you want to say!

You are supposed to communicate with words,
not fists!

Do you even have a brain?

Why did you accept that?

If I don't have anything,
that doesn't mean I don't have my pride.

If I accept that money,
then what do I become?

How could you accept that money?

How low did you think that I was
to accept the money?

I had to accept it!

It's more shocking to hear
"I want more" than "I can't accept this".


I wanted you to beat my mother.

So that my mother can't underestimate you.

I even thought it was for the best
that I confronted her in your body.

If you confronted her,

then all you would have done would be
to apologize for a hundred times.

Then you think my mother would have
praised you

for rejecting the money for your pride?

She would never.

It doesn't matter if you accepted the money
or not, the result would be the same.

You and I would have still met.

What proof do you have?

Because I just said so.

You must be confused but I don't want
to see your face ever again.

I don't know how much you've accepted,

but make sure you say "I'm sorry"
and pay her back in full.

Also... tell her that we don't share
any connection.

Tell her don't even worry about it.

Why don't we have any connection?

I don't want to end it just like this.

Yes, you can.
Compare it to the Little Mermaid.

You told me to think about it so I did.

But then... I don't have the qualifications.

Do you know why?

Because the Little Mermaid...

loved that man.

Get off.

Get off now.

Are you going to send all of this back?

Yeah, I'm going to send back the things
I can fit in a box first.

Why suddenly? Did you fight with
the president?

Yes, can you put these in a box?

Really? Why did you fight?

Is it because of me?

What are you talking about?

Why would we fight because of you?

What do I do?

What the heck?

Who did this?

What do you mean "who"?
You're the one who did it.

You dug the eyes out without sleeping,

This guy is a freak!

[This was in your pocket.
I took it out before washing.]

[The place where I can observe
my Oska without being seen!]

[My Oska's dance studio]

[The retarded Kim Joo Won's house]

Are you crazy?

Everyone's calling me a copy-cat and
my popularity is down,

and we're going to do a "comeback"?

Does this even make sense?

It doesn't make sense,
but nothing makes sense nowadays.

So why did you skip out on the fan signing?

If you keep doing this, then we
can't even get a penny out of this!

The composer, the lyricist,
the choreographer,

the record manufacturer,
the recording studio, the MV filming...

All that investment will be lost!

Fine, okay. I understand you.

But are the people that easy to manipulate?

We have to first find the person
who filed a complaint for copying his song!

I'll find him, so you just stick
to the schedule.

We're innocent!

We need to show them that we are innocent
by continuing to perform!

We may be innocent, but we're stupid enough
that we don't even know we copied a song!

And without the most important title song,
how can we make a comeback?

You have that song you've been practicing!

The moves are set. You practiced enough,
what's the problem?

With that, I'm releasing a digital single.

Digital single?

Are you telling me to make a digital single?

Hey, I'm a Hallyu star!

How can I shamelessly make
a digital single?!

What the heck are you going to do then?

If you don't go back, then our Christmas
concert is going to get screwed over!

We booked the stadium, but how the heck
are you going to fill it with audiences?

If this album or concert fails,
we have to declare bankruptcy!

You can inherit money to continue on,
but what about me?

How about this guy?

The reporters will come after me like bees.

It was sweet before

I must forget, I must erase

I must erase the lovely memories of you

I have to let you go
I have to wake up

I have to move on by forgetting you

You're a bad woman
The woman that abandoned me

If I meet you again
I'll only get hurt

You're a bad woman
The woman that abandoned me

The path that we walked together
ends here

No wait, love will not wait

There'll never be love for me
I will never cry again

No wait, love will not wait

I have nothing to lose
I have no regrets

Make sure you don't say a word.

I know.

Why do you continue your performances
despite the plagiarism scandal?

Oppa, we believe in you!

- Oppa, please cheer up!
- Oska oppa, we love you!

By continuing your activities,

does that mean you're acknowledging
that you plagiarized?

How will you deal with
the original author of the song?

Please say something, even one word!

- Oska, please!
- Oska, just one sentence!

- Oska, please talk!
- Why are you like this?

Why are you like this?

What are your future production plans?

I really need to know this!
Please tell us!



Aren't you busy nowadays?

I'm not. Too lazy.

You must have happy because
I'm giving you one-to-one fan meeting.

Oska must be happy too
because the fan is really pretty.

The more I get to know you,
the more pretty you become.

Well, sure.

You came to see my concert?

I was worried and I wanted
to listen to your songs.

You did really well today.

There weren't any mistakes.

I did well, right?

Ah, I fall for people
who really understand me like this.

Congratulations on your 7th album comeback.

It must have been hard,
but thank you for coming back bravely.

You saw it too, right? The fans
are still enduring through all of this.

Please cheer up!

Well, compared to other stars' fans,

Oska's fans have some know-how
on how to endure scandals.

Really? What do they usually endure?

Oska's endless women scandals.


Isn't it better than men scandals?

High places like this are the best
because the night scene is the best.

This street is pretty cute too.

Thank you for giving me a ride.

Go on ahead.


Oh... is everything okay between you and
Director Yoon?

When she was abandoned on the highway...
On the way back, she was crying.

It's not something I should interfere with,

but a man who makes a woman cry
is wretched.

Sorry, I shouldn't have...

25 years ago, I was 10 years old.

15 years ago, I was 20.
5 years ago, I was 30.

And 5 years have passed.
Even now I still feel like 10 years old.

Why do I feel like a child?

You're not a child.

Real children say "I'm the eldest!".

Ra Im, you're really more cool
than I thought.

This is good to look at.

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