Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Joo Won, Ra Im, Oska and Yeun-Sul all play a loose social game of pushing each others' buttons via fake ovations of romantic interest and flirtation.

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Tell Joo Won...

that I'm not going to lose you, either.

That it doesn't matter if he doesn't settle.

Episode 8

Why are you doing...?

I'm sorry.
You were really surprised, right?

I'm really sorry.

Do you think she was hurt?

I'd like her to be.

I want her to cry so much she can't
open her eyes, unable to shower and sleep

so she'll become ugly.

So you just used me?

I might do it several more times.

Ra Im, help me.

Why should I?

She horribly dumped me then suddenly
showed up and started a fight a with me.

But I want to drag this fight
as long as I can...

so she can't go anywhere.

He's actually serious about this.

Hey, what are you doing over there?

Hurry and get me out!

You're dead!

If you help me, I'll help you too.

I know exactly what he's thinking.

And what's that?
What's his intension?

He didn't mention the Little Mermaid?

He's a very shocking guy who thinks
that sad fairy tale is

the classic first story about "seconds"*.

{\a6}(*Korean term for kept mistresses)

If he dumps you, I'll help you get revenge.


Please help me.

To be honest, my hyung didn't steal the car.

Why's he butting in?



Oppa, nice shot!

You're so good!

Nice shot!

[ I love you. ]

Me too.

You scared me.

Why didn't you pick up?

Didn't you hear that I'm leaving
right after this movie?

I did.

Have a safe trip.

I said let's go together!

I said I don't have a reason to go with you!

Is it because of Choi Woo Young?

Do you like him that much?


I really like him.

And he likes me a lot too.

Did he say that?

He said he likes you?

You believe that?

I do.

Unlike you players, he's sincere.


You're a total fool.

For men, bluffing and being sincere
are the same thing.

Do you think Choi Woo Young is different?

Do you want me to make sure
if he's only a player or is sincere?

What does that mean?

Why are two grown adults doing this?

The car is over there.

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry.

You come here.

You're dead today.

Why are you doing this?

Help me.

Why should I?

Didn't you two decide to help each other?


Where do you think you're going?

It seems you've gotten better
at screwing me over,

you didn't think I'll get better
at getting even?

Let's make your casket today!

I really wasn't go to do it!

You weren't going to do it but you confront
me at the police station, you evil bastard!

You put handcuffs on a Hallyu star's wrists
because he used your car for a few days?

Do you want to get in trouble with my fans?

If you keep doing this,
I'll have to resort to my last option.

What are you going to do?

Hey, stop!

Stop, stop, stop!

Where are you going?
Get a ride with us...

Don't come any closer.

Go away!

Ra Im, grab him!

How can you leave like that?

It was an accident!

Was it really an accident?

What are you going to do about my lips?

Scrub them clean!

Be honest.
You did it on purpose, right?

If you don't want to wear a prison uniform
that an artisan made

one thread at a time for 40 years*,
just drive.

{\a6}(*in reference to the sweat suit
Joo Won keeps wearing)

Stop right there!

What are you going to do about my lips?

You lowered the value of my lips
and tarnished its history.

I said what are you going to do
about my dirtied lips?


You know the golf course on the beach,

I'm going there right now,
I'll pay you there.

Hold on!

Don't you know me?

I should look familiar.

I look familiar, right?

You can tell who I am, right?

Who are you?

This ajusshi, really!

Look carefully.

You remember... You remember.

Now you remember...

I'm staring

at the place you left.

I'm staring

although you won't come back.

There are a lot of crazy people
in the world.

If you're going to imitate,
at least be close.



Hey, Uncle!

How can you just leave?


I'm going to the golf course on the beach,

So look carefully.

I'm staring

at the place...

Why are you hating on the car?

Talk to me!

You go ahead.

I'm going to get my oppa.

I already told Director Choi.

You really are a strange woman.

Why are you keeping that promise?

Do you like Choi Woo Young?
As a man?

I don't like him as a woman.

Don't cop out like that.

What are you going to do if I do like him?

Are you jealous right now?


That's crazy.

How could you think I'm that lame?

You want me to be jealous, right?

Why are women like that?

Of course I would be happy
if someone like me was jealous.

Because it would feel
like you had the whole world.


You need to get some sanity.


Then let's do this.

I'll be jealous
so forget about Choi Woo Young.

He's not family or an old lover,
why are you so devoted to him?

Because I'm his fan.

That's it?

That's it?

When I would go home
with gauze and icy hot after filming,

"just a stunt double,
just a high school graduate

raised without discipline," when I had
to say sorry every time I heard that,

when I heard that a friend
who was smiling at me just yesterday

could never walk again,

and when my dad died...

All those times,
Oska's music was my pain reliever.

This is the first time I think
it's fortunate our bodies swapped.

Because I can help Oska.

That's not right.

I'll make you regret thinking
that it's fortunate, just wait and see.

What are you going to do?

Thank you!

The cane of the people...
I salute you!


How did you...?

Did you think I would walk?

You leave me in that situation?

You still call yourself family?

Kim Joo Won didn't do anything wrong.

I'm the one who told him
to leave you behind.


She insisted!


Why else?

I really hate you.


You think you're an idol?

You're middle aged!
Middle aged!

You should be mature, not stealing cars.

Especially that hair!

Not even my mom has that hair.

It's not bad.

I heard you even took weird pictures
with Park Chae Rin.


You bastard.

You told her?

Ra Im.

Those pictures...

You may know if you saw them but...

They turned out well, right?

The angle was just...

Oh, good timing.

There's Yoon Seul.

I'm going to show Yoon Seul.

Ra Im, please.

I thought you'd go straight back
but you came here.

They said Mr. Playboy's things were here.

It's difficult for us to meet like this,
why don't you stay for a day?

I'll invite you.

This is our golf course.


Didn't you know?

Is that why you were so cold?

Every time they talk,
they say something is theirs.

I'm sorry but we're a bit busy.

Then you go ahead.

I'm not busy at all
so I'm going to stay and play.


Hey! Are you saying it will be just you two?

You and Seul?

It will be nice and cozy.

You two have a safe trip back.

The sunset here is quite beautiful.

It seems like a deserted island.

Let's take a walk...
while dinner is being made.

Don't women like men
who hold their hand rather than link arms?

Like this.

So you can feel each other's heat.

That crazy...

He really...

Let's go.

It's very nice here.

I should come often.

Let's talk.

Aw, man.

I should have been more cheesy.

Are you crazy?

You started it.

It was cute compared to what you did.

I'll make you regret thinking
that the body swap is fortunate too.


Why did you come here?

Why are you asking me that?

I should be asking.

I wasn't sure
but how could you really come here?

It's like you couldn't forget me.

You must be sentimental about this place.

Because we have a lot of memories here?

Don't make assumptions!

I don't have memories like that.

I don't care what you do with Joo Won.

But why do you need to show that to me?

We're going to see each other often,
are you going to lecture me every time?

Joo Won is my cousin!

I don't think someone who said they can't
give up on Gil Ra Im should be saying that.

I said Joo Won is my dongsaeng!

Gil Ra Im is probably his woman.

Then take my story out.

What do you want to do with a guy
who has a woman?

It's okay.

I'm used to men with lots of women.

Joo Won is not interested in you.

So old fashioned!

I'm not interested in him either.

I'm interested in his background.

Why are you doing this?

Did I end it?


It was you!

Are you positive I ended it?

Can you go around doing this
with your movie premiere coming up?


Can't a guy who took the movie you rejected
go around doing this?

Why are you talking like that?

Should I start calling her sister-in-law?

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about Seul.

You could have ended up
calling her sister-in-law.

Have you slept with her?

Are you drunk?

Why are you so dumb?

Do you think you're the only one?

Seul is a total freak.

There isn't a male celebrity
who doesn't know her.

There are rumors that naive
Choi Woo Young is totally caught.

You're not really dating her, right?

God, you make me want to stop drinking.

Am I crazy...

to be dating someone like that?

Seul is...

just an obsessed fan.

Got it?

Just drink.

Love changes a lot of things

Things that seem unchangeable

It even changed my small habits

What are you talking about?

Did I end it then?

You're the one who rejected my proposal
and went abroad with Lee Joon hyung!

I did.


Thinking about it,
I was so pretty back then...

and naive.

How am I in your memory?

Are you joking?

I'm suddenly really curious.

What was I to you back then?

You don't know what you were to me?

What was I?

You don't remember what I said to you
when I proposed?

I'm not sure.

It didn't seem really sincere.

I tend to believe what's said
behind my back more than to my face.

I'll get going now.

Joo Won must be waiting.

Ah, the music video...

Don't talk about that.

I'm going to trash this album.

Oh, my!
Just what I was thinking...

I was about to tell you to do that.

The music video was in order for me
to hang around you while seeing Kim Joo Won.

But after seeing Joo Won today,

I think it'll be faster for me to marry him
than convince you to do the music video.

Why are you outside?

I was looking around.

There isn't a golf course in the nation
that I haven't been to but this is the best.

It must feel like playing on the ocean.

You must have been a part-time caddy.

It can't be helped if you don't believe me.

Why are you alone?

Why does it matter to you?

You're constantly an eyesore
ever since Jeju island.

Is it Choi Woo Young or Kim Joo Won?

I would like for you
to make a clear decision.

I swear on the heavens, it's Kim Joo Won.


Then can you get out
of Choi Woo Young's sight?

What kind of woman talks so crassly?

It would be nice if you said, can you please
keep your distance from Choi Woo Young?

You're not much different from Gil Ra Im.


Your reaction is quite classic,
although you heard me.

I'm hungry, let's eat something.

You're all talk after inviting guests.


Isn't there a towel inside?

That shirt was made
by a New Zealand artisan one stitch...

When did you get here?

Oh, your cheeks are red.

Is the wind too cold?

It's warm now, right?

What are you doing?

Take those hands off this instant!

I don't want to be warm by myself.

I said both of you take your hands off!

I think men who can cook are so cool.

Not you, Choi Woo Young, I mean Kim Joo Won.


I think women who eat my food well
are so pretty.


Then you'll be able to see
the prettiest woman in the world today.

I must not just see her today.

Come over sometime.

I'll cook for you.

Make sure to come late at night.

So you can sleep over.

Then I'll have no choice but to be a burden.

I have trouble seeing at night
so I can't find my way home.

I can't take this anymore!
Follow me!

Oh... where?

Hyung, what's wrong?

Let's scrub ourselves clean
and be born again!

This... especially!

Follow me!

Where are you going?

They must be going to the sauna.

Sa... sauna?

Our sauna is famous...

so much that people come just for the sauna.

Do you want to go together?

What am I, crazy...?

If that's what you really want.

Do you want to die?

Wh... why?

You're doing that on purpose
to make fun of me!

What did I do?


Where do you think you're coming?

Go over there!
Over there...

Oh, sorry.

You still...!

I'll leave... I'm leaving!

Oh, my God!

What's wrong?


I've been exercising.

My legs are so long, right?

That's why people call me a doll.

That must be what they think.

Sometimes it's upsetting
how unrealistic my body is.

I understand how you feel.

An aristocratic face with an excessive grace
and breathtaking sexiness.

I'm so tired of people saying that
whenever they see me.

But that's all just flesh, right?

This is all muscle, muscle.

So cool, so cool.

But these are a bit short...

What kind of woman...?

Don't you have a cup or glass?
Why are you drinking it like that?

Whether it's in a glass or bottle,
you still get drunk either way.

What about the sauna?
Did it go well?


How does it feel
to go to the sauna with your dream body?

It's been a while
since I changed my perfect type

to a woman who can't be Miss Korea.

It's not that I can't, I don't.


Because you're dark and ugly.


You uneven butt...!


You did a complete body check, didn't you?

What a perverted woman...

Did you just realize that now?


Go to sleep.

Why did you come out here and nag at me?

I laid down to sleep.

Usually I don't care what others have
and don't have but...

I suddenly became curious about why
you don't have what everyone else does.

There's so much I don't have.

Which one?




My mom died shortly after I was born.

My dad said my eyes and smile
look just like hers.

My dad was a firefighter who died on the job
during a rescue attempt when I was 17.

He was a cool and brave man
who saved a lot of people.

So who raised you?

I grew up alone...

as a poor and unfortunate neighbor.

How about money?

What the government gave me.

So all my huge taxes went to you.

Does it seem like a waste?

I would have paid more

if I knew I was raising you.

At times like this,
you don't seem like a total jerk.

I told you I'm not.

What's this... What's this?!


What's wrong?

Did you have a bad dream?

I'm crazy, crazy, crazy.

What time is it?

What's wrong?

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

You, bastard...

Why did you come from that room?

Why is it so noisy
this early in the morning?

I didn't know either, I just found out.

It's okay.

No one is available to take your call...

He's not even picking up for emergencies?

What the heck is he doing right now?

What do we do?

It's already all over YouTube
and on about 40 other sites.

This punk put it up
even after I told him not to!

He must be an anti-fan.

Screen shot them all and report it
to the cyber investigation team.

I already did.

No one is available...

That bastard...!


There's already an article
about the music leak.

There are comments too.

Isn't it deliberate marketing?

Oska is screwed.
Last attempt by a has-been singer?

These guys are pissing me off...

I'm going crazy.

It's me.

Are you with Woo Young?

Yes, he's next to me.


The title song was leaked?


It's me.

What happened?

I'm going to go crazy.

Call my lawyer immediately
and find out the original source.

Email all the uploaders

and tell them if they tell
where they got it, we'll pardon them.

Contact portal sites and tell them
to shut down all the blogs and cafes.

Tell them if they don't comply immediately,
we'll take legal measures.

I'll go now.

Do whatever you can
to stop it from spreading!

That song was plagiarized.


What are you talking about?

We'll talk when I get there.

And put Jong Won on the phone.

Why Jong Won?

I think I know who it is.


Figure out where Han Tae Sun is right now
and call me.

I need to leave first.

Plagiarized song?

You knew that
and you started filming for the music video?

Report the car stolen if you want.

I need to get going too.

You two take my car.

That guy stole my car again?



Give me back my phone!

What are you doing?
Get out.

We're fighting again?
Do you have a lot of time?

Hurry and go.

My career is involved too.


I said give it back!

You got a text!

- Hand it over!
- You got a text.

You got a text! You got a text!

Are you crazy?
Why is Kim Joo Won mimicking that?

Did you read the whole script?
I picked up the audition application.

{\a6}[My Boss]

You need to prepare a demo clip.
When are you coming?

You got a script from Director, right?

Dark Blood.

Where is it?

You mean the terrifying script
where you jump out of a speeding car...

but a truck is heading towards you
from the other side?

There's a scene like that?

It sounds fun.

I really wanted to do it.

Sometimes I feel like you do physical labor
because you're not smart.

How can you do that?

You're a department store president!

Oh, right.

- But you're a stuntwoman.
- What?

I waited a year and a half for that script.

It's a rare opportunity.

It might never happen again in my lifetime.

So what?

- You're telling me to audition?
- Yeah.

I'm going crazy.

Hey, you.

I've lived using my brain
as much as you've used your body.

How can I audition?

It's my body!

You can learn.
I'll teach you.

It's easy once you memorize it.

Make some sense.

You'll get another chance.

Life is long.


I'm going to do
whatever I want with your company too!

Don't regret it!

Don't look at me with those eyes.

Don't worry about me...
and don't comfort me.

You expect too much.

It's my first time...

to sit in your passenger seat.

I didn't dare to back then.

It makes me really mad
thinking about it now.

What's the big deal
that you didn't let me sit here once?

Don't lie and say you wanted to protect me.

What you really wanted to protect
is yourself, isn't it?

Get out.

I said get out.

This is the middle of the highway.

Joo Won will be following me soon.

I'll call him so get a ride in that car.

I don't think I can drive safely
all the way to Seoul with you next to me.

Stoplights, lanes, cars in front,
cars behind, I can't see anything!

I have to get to Seoul quickly.
Get out.

I'm able to breathe
under the same sky as you

so there's nothing more I could want.

I don't know anything
so this growing love

only brings me pain.

If I die from the pain,
I'll still linger here.

I'll just smile by your side.

Where are you going?

The deposit is not much,
just stay here.

There won't be a cheaper rent
than ours either.

I'm leaving Korea.

Leave what place?

Thank you.


Take care.

You can't handle it after you caused a mess?

You even packed lightly to get away.

You leaked the song, right?

Is that why you wanted to see me?

And you came all the way here personally?

Yeah, sure.

You should be at least this shameless
to cause a mess.

Telling me it was plagiarized
was a head fake, right?

That way, it's more dramatic!

It's not me.

If you say, "It's not me", am I the type
of guy to say, "Ah, it isn't" and leave?

You leaked the file to screw me over.

And that's why you're running away now.

I never stay in one place for too long.

Why don't you yell at your staff instead?

Most leaks are because of people you know...

There's no one I know who would do that.

Except you.

Follow me.

What are you going to do if it's not me?

You'll be embarrassed.

Don't worry.

I'm used to being embarrassed.

Reporter Kim.

How can you say that?

Even if we don't use noisy marketing like
this, Oska takes care of it with scandals!



We've already started the investigation.

Who promotes like that these days?

Oska has his pride.

It's Choi Dong Gyu.

We're victims too.


Do you see this?

This is the situation you've caused.


This is the guy who leaked the file.

Yes, yes.
I'll call you back.

Who is this?

I lost my MP3 player in Jeju island
and all my new songs were in it.

And this jerk picked it up.


It's the police station and they said they
found the IP address of the original source.

Yes, what is it?

We got you.

Yes. Gangnam Shinsadong,
989 Industry Building...

Yes, thank you!

Wow, you live in Gangnam?

Are you dumb?

You saw my house.

Hey, Industry Building?

This is the address
of Seul's company office!


What happened?

Why did Seul do this?

You must have a lot of people
with grudges against you.

You're not cleared yet.

Hyung, tie him up.

He's the kid who Woo Young hyung
wanted to train but rejected the offer.

Should I tie him up?

Who are you?

Who are you to bother Oska like that?

Are you that confident about your music?

What does that have to do with you?


He's attitude is just like Oska's.

What are you doing?

Director Im is waiting right now.

No he's not.

I called him and told him
I'm going tomorrow.

Who decided that?

I need to practice for the movie audition!
I don't have time to do this right now!

And what if rumors spread about you
buying clothes in your own department store?

Why would I spend all this money
at someone else's department store?

I'd rather die than wear your style
of clothes so don't bother me.

So then...
Who's going to wear this?


I like things like that.

Things with holes everywhere
and show a lot of skin.

Ring it up.

9,700,000 won.

How much?

9,700,000 won?

Are you crazy?

With this money, someone could lease a home.

You're going to buy clothes
with enough money to lease a home?

I won't tell you to wear it so calm down.

I'm going to take it all back
when our bodies change.

Sign it.

Over my dead body.

Give it to me.


Is that true?


There are several witnesses.

They say the stuntwoman
is signing for the president!


Does that woman
have something on President Kim?

Ah... bingo!

There is only one time when
a woman can be confident with a man...

if she is pregnant,...
or if she is pregnant,

or if she is pregnant...

Am I finally
going to be changing my name tag?


He's been acting strange
in several ways lately.

How so?

He personally cooks.


He accepts employees' greetings
and sometimes greets them first.

What else?

And he must have washed
his own undergarments

because he hanged them out to dry
on the ledge...


That's enough.

What about that girl?

Did that strange girl come back?

She didn't come to the house.

But I saw her, President Kim,
and Manager Choi together in the office...

and after they left, they haven't been back.

You mean they spent the night together?

Assistant Kang.

Assistant Kang!

Yes, Madam.

That girl...

What's that girl's number?

Tell me now.

You're really going
to the action school like this?

Of course.

I like the tiger print
but they don't have my size.

You're so embarrassing!

Is this a sweat suit
that a sane person would wear?

I'm going to kill that Italian artisan!

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Isn't this Gil Ra Im's cell phone?

It is.
Who is this?

Is this Joo Won?

Ah... yes.

You really are crazy.

Are you now picking up
that girl's calls too?

Put her on the phone right now!

What do I do?

I think it's your mother.
She said to put me on the phone.

It's my mom?

How could you answer that?


Why did you keep an elder waiting?

I don't have much to say,
meet me immediately.

Yes, I understand.




What did she say?

None of your business...

Go to the office, sit around for 30 minutes,
then get off work.

I'm leaving.

What did she say?

What are you going to do?

Did you to go to Italy together too?

Ah... this?

It was launched in Korea last year.


You're saying it's a couple look?

Do you even know its value?

I told you
I didn't want to have to see you again.

You called me first.

You must think I'm laughable.


You got a car, you got clothes.

I'll give you
the last of what you're trying to get.


Even you must know what this means.

Let's end it cleanly with this.

Stamp with your thumbprint.

Or else...

You'll pour water on my face?

You think I won't?


Let me see first.


It's less than I thought.

Are you going to be paying me monthly?


Have you done this to someone else
besides me?

Do you think I haven't?

It's you, right?

The one who came with Joo Won...

What brings you here?

A cab.

You're funny.

Can I get some counseling?

You registered and paid so please sit.

Do you have a problem?

Although I have a guess.

I met a rich guy a couple of times

but that guy's mother came
and gave me an envelope of money.

You know, right?

Take it and get lost.

Is that what you guessed?

You met Joo Won's mother?

Is she still going around doing that?


What will happen
if I keep meeting this man?

You'll feel
like the only person in the world.

Don't meet that man.

He won't be able to protect you...

because he doesn't have a reason
to protect an average woman.

I'm going crazy.

{\a6}[Oska, Unexpected Chaos
Before Release of 7th Album]

What do we do?

What do we do about this?

How many are up?

Where is Director Yoon?

She didn't come in today.

Call her.

She's not picking up my calls.

I spoke to her and she said
she won't be reachable for a few days...

and she told us not to come to work either.

I said try again!

No one is available...

Her phone is off.


You were the main character
in all of my love songs until recently.

But I'm not going to make you
the main character in my future songs.

Come out of my songs now.

And become the main character of my life.

I don't think I can drive safely
all the way to Seoul with you next to me.

Stoplights, lanes, cars in front,
cars behind, I can't see anything!

You told me to leave after 30 minutes.

But some employees
are coming to get authorization.

What do I do?


Did you eat?

Would you all like some coffee?

We appreciate the offer.

As mere salary men,
if we just drink coffee...

One moment.

Ask, "Is this the best you can do?
Are you sure?"

And don't ever sign anything.

He calls this an answer?

Are you saying that to me?



You're much older than me.

You do your best.
I'm sure!

What is this tactic?

You were away for a while
so I made an arbitrary decision

on these contracts.

All these?

This wouldn't happen
if you came to work when you should.

I'm sorry.

I'll do that from now on!

I didn't mean that as a criticism.

As an apology...

should I just sign this contract as well?

No, I'll take care of this.

I'll take care of this one...

I think it would be good for you
to authorize it while you're here.

Right now?

What is it?

What could it be?

Why did he suddenly become so pleasant?


The signature...



What is this?

Why did he change it?

Mine just became identical...!

I didn't tell you earlier but...


Your voice is totally cool.

Have a great day!

Why is he doing this?


Did something happen today?

If you're sick
or something happened to your head...

What kind of boss was I?


I probably got mad at employees easily,
was haughty, and cheap.

Because I have an attitude problem.

I'm totally innocent!

I didn't say anything!

If you did, I was going to give you a raise.

- What?
- Oh, my God!

Why are you doing this?

You just touched me here!

I did?

You mean me?

Look here, you're the one
who rubbed my body in a bothersome way.

Who rubbed what?

I was taking your measurements!

You pretended to take measurements,
stuck to me and rubbed my body!

Hey, you perverted bastard...!

You're the one who pressed your body
against me!

How many times
did I have to measure your chest?

And then you just touched me!

- You touched my butt!
- What?

Perverted bastard?

I've been a VVIP here for 10 years!

Do you want to get fired?

Are you threatening me right now?

You've done this more than a few times.

You did this when you came last time too!

Yeah last time, I held it in.


I'm ashamed to look at my 2-year old
daughter, you bastard.


I don't have anything to say to you
so tell your boss to come right now!

I'm here.

I'm the president.

What do I do?

She didn't do anything wrong!

This man...


I'll take care of it.

He asked for the president.

The president is here
and it seems you have something to say.

Say it.

It must be because you're young

but your employee training
is not very well done.

we probably run in the same circles.

Excuse me, I'm sorry.

But please shut your mouth
and bite down on your molars...

or else your jaw will come loose.

- Then... goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Yes, goodbye.

Hey, Orange*... Orange!

{\a6}(*play on "ra im" - lime in Korean)

Hey, Orange, Orange, Orange!

Gil Orange!

Don't be too surprised and listen carefully.

A pervert came to our department store

But our president punched him in the face

then left, right, hook,
then an uppercut finish!

And that guy was knocked out
and had a double nosebleed... Pow!

Our president is totally cool, totally cool!


That crazy...

Call Lawyer Park right now
and stop everything!

Hey, where are you going?

Who are the people who just left?

Hey, Gil Orange!

Call Lawyer Park Im immediately
and stop everything.


I already called Lawyer Park.


Is that necessary?

I'll finally get to see his face.

Is it good?

You did a great job,
why don't you eat something better?

Seollungtang* tastes better
in a police station...

{\a6}(*chicken soup)

Are you really crazy?

You're doing this on purpose
to screw me over, right?

Do you even know what you just did?

You punched a VVIP of the department store?

If you had been there...

I would have called the police,
gotten the details,

retrieved the surveillance film,
and sued him.

What else are you going to show me?

You haven't changed one bit.

When you showed up with a bag
not even worth a plastic bag and now...

you don't think of me for even five minutes.

I'm not going to get you out.

If you want to settle,
do it with your money.

I got so mad on the way here
that I told the lawyer not to come.

Suffer a little.

H... hey.

I know I messed up but this is your body,
Kim Joo Won.

Hey, Mr. Pervert.

Don't settle with that thug.

You need to teach a guy like him a lesson.

And cheer up.


How can you just leave?

Are you okay?

What's this?

What happened?


is me!

I'm me!

I think I'm me.

I'm back.

I'm back.

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