Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Troubles are two-fold. No one yet realizes that Ra Im and Joo Won have switched identities, but several people presume a carnal affair has been going on. Joo Won leads Ra Im into sharing their basic background information to keep the switch secret, but several other secrets come to light as they trample through each other's private world. Fortunately, most everyone's focus is on Oska having fled the set of his own music video, causing major financial headaches. With everyone back in Seoul, Dong-Kyo tries grounding and threatening the temperamental Oska, but to no lasting effect. Discovering that Ra Im allowed Oska to borrow his favorite car, Joo Won sics the police on him, believing this'll back him into yet another corner by which to dictate terms, but Oska surprises everyone.

Wash up and meet me in the restaurant.

Why are you washing up?

We can't not shower forever.
There's nothing to see anyway.

You call this a woman's body?

There are scars everywhere.

Look at this.

Are you nuts? How much have you seen?

Pull this down.

So this is how close you are.

I don?t think you should be doing this
in someone else's room.

Look, I know what you're thinking, but...

Ms. Yoon, you're mistaken.
You really are.

Am I really?

Ugh, salty.

What was that? Are you hugging me?


It's not like that. We happened to...

I misunderstood you, Joo-won.

You're kissing her because...

she isn't on your level due to her
meager background and education?

It's a misunderstanding, OK?

Where'd you get the key?

If you have to ask, you're a blockhead.

Or you lack a brain.

- Forget it.

It's my fault for expecting you
to have class.

You look very flustered.

There's no need to be.
It's just a hormonal disease.


I'm telling you, Joo-won, that
you still stand a chance with me.

Where'd you get the key?

That's my second time asking.

What can't I do when
my project's messed up?

Where is Woo-young?

He left for Seoul.

Excuse me?

Episode 7

Domestic arrivals

I knew this would happen.

Internet keywords about Oska are
'bad singing' and 'cancellations.'

This is the worst set
I've ever worked on.

What's wrong? Are you OK?

Wait, did you get motion sickness?

For once, she seems girly.

I'm like this when I ride planes.

And I've never flown economy.

There's no way that's possible.


We head back to the academy
with the equipment and have a meeting.


I'm... I'm a rookie.

You're coming with me. We have to talk.

You guys go ahead.

Ra-im and... Oh.

Me, I won't be coming in
for the next few days.

Are you crazy? What are you saying?

Don't you worry.

I'll see to it that Ra-im
gets to work on time tomorrow.

What's wrong with you?
Do you have to talk now?

Yes. My life is on the line.

It sounds weird if you say it like that.

We ARE pretty messed up right now.

Let's go.

Ra-im's amazing.
She got herself a rich guy.

Can I be her chauffeur?

Why are we here?

It's the once place
people won't mind us. Get out.

We have to discuss our next move.

The best way out would be
for you to move in.

We live together?

I'm not nuts. I'll give you a job here.

What about the stunt academy?

You quit, of course.
I can't quit being CEO.

Why can't you? Are you assuming
your job?s more important?

Don't even try to compare.
If I quit, Korea's economy...

Good to see you, mother.


I'm not your mother.
Do you call every lady that?

Mother, please, calm down.

I didn?t say you can speak.

Why is the brat on that side of the car?

So you bought her a car
instead of paying cash?

I heard you went to Jeju.
Did you go with that witch?

Moth... I mean, Madam Moon.

I'd rather you watch your language...

What? What?

Are you lecturing me?

Calm down, I'll send her away right now.

Get in.

Get in the driver's seat.
This is YOUR car.

You did not give me this car.

You're experienced, aren't you?

That day we met wasn?t
your first-time here. Was it?

Since when have you been coming here?!

It's really not what you think.
She hasn't been coming here.

Shut your mouth.

I'm madder at you than her.

If she hasn't been here,
why do you have her clothes?

Go on upstairs.
I can't go up there, can I?

What am I to do?

Mom, those are...

You still say you haven't been here?

Did I misunderstand?
Am I making up stories?

This is insane.

This is...

Wear it.

Why is this here?

None of your business.

You had no idea about this?

You didn't buy these for her?

I didn't. I didn't buy anything.

This is why you can't
show sympathy to the poor.

Especially when one's
only asset is their body.

How can you say...

Listen up if you
don't want to hear worse.

I hope I don?t see you again.

Must I offer you a lump sum
and throw water in your face?

You don't know me

You know nothing about me

You'll get to know me if you love me

You should have just worn them.

Sorry about my mom.

She can be really harsh.
Even I get hurt sometimes.

So messed up.

That's a bit too much.

I'm talking about you.

What your mother said didn't hurt
half as much as the things you said.

You're worse than her.

I'm relieved that you
didn't have to deal with it.

It's the first-time I was glad
about the body swap.

No need to be that touched.
It's my obligation as the elite.



Refreshing, huh? That was
the lower class rebelling.

I've never really realized how large
the language barrier was.

It's a cultural exchange.

We each have our own lives.
We have to pretend to be each other.

Let's trade some basic information.

You first.

Just remember the faces for today.

The person at the top is...

Your family tree is on the internet?

I only recently found out
it's rarely the case.

Now focus.

Moon Chang-soo

Park Bong-hee

This is my mother's father.

He Chairman of the LOEL Group
that includes my department store,

resorts, duty free stores,
and hotels across the nation.


Oh my.

He recently married his fourth wife.

Everyone's betting on
how long it will last.

So pretty.

How do I look?

You met my mom.

This is my aunt, Woo-young's mother.

Wow, she's beautiful.

Hey. She fixed everything
where my mom didn't.

Anyway, so my grandfather
had an epic life.

My aunt was born from his second wife,
my mom was born from his third.

So they really hate each other.

Keep our things separate.
I'm afraid my diamonds will dull.

You wouldn't know, but an
Italian craftsman set these one by...

Oh, really?

Shall we bet on whose is more expensive?

You're reaching.

Now, this is the climax.

This is the person you need to
keep an eye out for.

Park Bong-ho, Managing Director.

He's my employee and grand-uncle
and I hate that.

Your grand... what?


My grandfather's fourth wife
is his older sister.

Let me give you an exciting project.

You can step on this guy.

Don't make or answer any calls.

Don't meet up with anyone.
And stay well away from Woo-young.

Why? Why are you so mean to him?

Hey. Don't make that face with my face.

Be honest. You feel
inferior to him, don't you?

I swear to the gods that if I ever did,
they can punish me a thousand times.

So that's why this happened to us.

I really don't know why
I'm part of your punishments.

Watch it.

I might go to your boss and say,
''Would you like to elope with me?''

Do you want to die?

So focus.

This is it for now. Your turn.

You know Ah-young. And Mr. Lim.
And the stunt academy guys.

That's it.

It can't be. No family members?


You don't have a family?

I said I don't.
Never seen anyone without one?

What about our phones?

Keep your own.

There shouldn't be a problem if
we talk often and only text others.

Keep your head on straight.

You forget that I'm a good actress.
I'm a stunt actor.

You forget that you're not anymore.
You're a department store CEO now.

-Yes, hi.
-You got it all wrong.

-They're rumors.
-It went well.

-We just wrapped up in Jeju...
-Who says he quit filming?

Kim, we're still in Jeju, man.

Can you hear the waves?

Can you?

Look at all those canola flowers in...

They bloom in the spring?

Conflict with the director?

A scandal maybe, but conflict? No way.

There is no room for conflict on my set,
because all we have is passion and love.

One moment.

-This is crazy.
-I said all is well.

You don't know,
but Oska has changed a lot.

Sorry, hold on.

Park, hi, long time no...

I was on the phone just now.

Tell Woo-young this.

If he doesn?t show up, the next time
we meet will be at my wedding.

We solve this problem or I?ll show him
what dramatic really means.


What's wrong?

What is it you're looking for?

Not my passport. Give it back.

I'll hold on to this.
Where's your car key?

What about my car key?

Why are you doing this?

You reserved a flight to Cebu
that leaves tomorrow.

When did I do that?
That was... all Jong-hun.

I don't have the strength,
will, or love to hate you.

Finish up the music video.

Or I?ll sell my shares
and wash my hands of you.

Then you'll lose money.

Any later and there won't be any buyers.

News of what you did will leak.
I can't, won?t stop it.

Gimme the van key.

You can?t take the van.

Don't you dare.

Hand it over!

It's in the van.

-You're dead.
- Huh?

Get them back. Go.

Any plans to move?


If you try anything with Ah-young, then...

Who do you think I am?

Just don't you go...

to Woo-young.

Only if you behave.

Keys, please.

Remember just how expensive
that car you?re driving is.

My memory's really poor.

It's my favorite car.

I like this car, too. See you.

Drive carefully!

Hey, you're back.

I missed you, girl.

Yeah... Me, too.

What are all these clothes?

This brand's only sold at our store.

Mr. Kim bought this for you, didn't he?

Did you just hit me?

Don't change the subject.

I heard there was a huge scene
in the brand name section.

It was about these pretty things.

My goodness, this is so pretty.

There are rumors about that?

Of course. Do you know
how many employees there are?

What? What is it?

You're going to... take off your clothes?

I'm going to shower.

You want to, too?
Then scrub my back for me.

Your back?

If you want me to...

Bring in your laundry.

Oh, right. Did anything happen in Jeju?

Why ask about that?

I had a dream yesterday.
You know how my dreams become real.

In my dream, you and Mr. Kim
were driving somewhere.

The sky's pitch black,
you're asleep, my boss is crying.

And there's the man from nowhere
looking at you.

With a red rose.

Man from nowhere?

Won Bin?

It's not funny. And I mean your dad.

I think it means...

you're going to make my boss cry a lot.

You'll play with him, then dump him.

That's how you make a man yours.

Just go shower.

Who's that?

I need to do something.

You're not dating?

I was going to pick some aloe,
grind it myself, and bring it back.


There's something much better.

This is what Mr. Kim drinks.

He drinks the good stuff alone.
I'm human, too, you know.

That little...

It does wonders for your skin.
So don?t share.

But what if I get even prettier
than I already am?

Don?t talk like that.
You're too adorable.

Hold on.

You're dating Im Ah-young, aren't you?

How'd he find out?

Who is it from?

My boss, who else?

He always calls me after work hours.

He's such a bother, you know.

You couldn't be more wrong.

I'd never date a colleague.
I've only seen her around.

What's wrong? What did he say?

This is confidential,
but he wants to discuss...

next year's promotions
and transfers with me.

I'm getting real tired.
He relies on me too much.

Who's that?

I don't know.

Who is it?

Mr. Kim.

I saw Sung-oh's car parked outside.


You're here to see Ra-im.
Please come in.

Don't you dare.

Two helpless women live here
and you let guys come in?

Don't be rude. He's here to see you.

No. I think it's me.

It's just a misunderstanding.

I admit there?s a discrepancy
between my text and this situation.

Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.

Ah-young, do you have a moment?

What? Me?


Ah-young did nothing wrong.


Some other guy messed up.

You're dead.

Do you have something to say?

Did someone lodge a complaint?

I totally missed you, girl.

Oh, sorry.

There's so much I want to say
but can't and it's driving me crazy.

To me?

This will sound weird,
but listen very carefully.

I care for you more than anyone.

You... care for me?

Since when?

Since a long time ago.

So you have to believe everything I say.

Ra-im will be a bit strange for a while.

Don't go near her, touch her,
and never ever hug her.

Don't even share her duvet.

And don?t walk around in
your underwear like you usually do.

Ra-im told you about that?
That I walk around in only...

I swear she didn't.
We're the only ones who know.

You and me?

I know it sounds strange,
but that?s not what?s important.

Promise me that
you'll remember what I said.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Do you not like me?

Do you like me?


They say you can?t trust anyone.


Mr. Kim is so childish like that.

He came all the way here
to talk to Ah-young about us.

You think the person
she's talking to... is your boss?


You know, I've been thinking...

That gaze is kind of familiar.

It should be. You're dead meat.

It's just you?

My boss left?


Did he ask about you and me?

That's what he should've
asked about, right? But...

What? What did he say?

He's crazy. He told me to...

stay away from you.

That we can?t share duvets.

Why is he saying that?
Did something happen in Jeju?

He's jealous. Afraid you'll seduce me.

I'm going to look around.

What did she just say?

Why would you seduce her?

Seriously. I'd seduce Mr. Kim if I could.

Oh my.


What's the PIN to the door?

Oh. I forgot about that.

Ah-young thinks I'm a pervert now.

So watch yourself.
Or I?ll make you into one, too.

What's the PIN? Hurry up, it's cold.

Oh, the PIN.

The number's...

Oh, it got disconnected.
And it's cold out.

Hello? Hello?

This jerk, honestly...

The number is incorrect.

This is crazy.

Is it not a number?

A fingerprint system...

It can't be.

Is it...

a retina scanner?

I'm on my way out right now.

It's well locked.



You know, my cousin.
Where would he be... right now?

Here I am

Here I am, right here

Here I am

I am here

I am right here

Here I am

Here I am, right now

Here I am

I'm here now

I am here

There's nothing I can't give you

There's nothing I won't do for you

You don't know just how much I love you

You just don't know

Here I am

When did you get back?

Around lunch.

The others are upset, huh?

Dong-gyu said he'll sell his stock
and wash his hands of me.

I'm in trouble, right?

3rd album, track 4.

I love that song.

What, you?

Want an autograph or something?




Uh, I mean...

I'm hungry. Have you eaten?


Prepare us some food, please.

Yes, sir.



I will... cook.

All done.


I hope it tastes good enough.

Aren't you hungry?

You eat first.

Did you add poison?

Does Dong-gyu want me dead?


He wouldn't give me such an important...

Then is this our last supper?

Are you going to feed me and sue me?

Sue you?

You could be an actor.

I'm sorry the romantic getaway thing
didn't really work out.

I wanted to do it.
I was glad Ra-im won it and all.

- But...
- Really?


You were glad Ra-im won it?

Why wouldn't I be? She's smart,
pretty, has a nice figure, and likes me.



Are you sick of her?

She does spend only $300 a month on rent.

Regardless of that, a bet is a bet.

Don't mind what I do with Ra-im.

What bet?

Just eat something so I can eat, too.

Not that.

Eat this egg thing.

Come here.

Have a seat.


I can do it myself.


I like it. It's like a dream.


The song. I really like the song.

Right? Me, too.

But it's almost exactly like
my title for this album.

And it's three years old.



I can't reach the composer.
She's in the States.

What about the music video?

That's the least of my worries.
I might have to trash this album.

Go away.

My head hurts, I don?t want to drink.


Your flight leaves at 08:40 from Gate 7.

Why are you here?
How'd you know I'd be here?

You quit filming and checked out.

I came here because I figured
you'd be getting on a plane.

Isn?t this yours?

Why do you have this?

I found it while cleaning up.

You must've dropped it the day
you hit on that gangster's girl.

Hey, you...

I listened to a few songs to see
what Hallyu stars listen to.

There were a few songs
from your new album.


Who said you could
listen without permission?

Don't you know?

You can be jailed for three years
or beaten to a pulp by the owner.

- Look, it's Oska.
-It's really him.

Yes, it's me, Oska.

You're so good-looking.

Yes, I know that.

I love you.

Yes, I really love me, too.

So that's why you're popular
when you can?t sing. You're cute.

What? ''Cute''?

I added a song that
I think you need to listen to.

Listen to it.

Like I would.

I bet you added some panting sounds.

You have a great imagination
and a decent face. Must you sing?

Just act.

What did music do to offend you?

Hey. Hey!


You think I'm good at acting?
Not even my fans will accept that.

So embarrassing. I shouldn't have
said that last line.

I shouldn't curse my antis.
I do all the damage myself.

What's this?

Ms. Yoon's coming by tomorrow.

We'll be there around 10,
so brew some coffee.

The PIN is incorrect.

The PIN is incorrect.


What are you doing there?

Why are you using this door?

Gosh, you're weird.
I crossed the bridge, of course.


What's wrong? What is it?

It must be because
I'm so stressed these days.

I can't remember the PIN.

Do you know it?

Does this memory lapse
happen often? Did you tell Ji-hyun?


Did you forget anything else?
Or maybe remember something?

Try to think.


Still, you should contact Ji-hyun.

Where's your car key?

Car key?

Hurry, I have no time.

Move your hands.

Oh my.

Found it.

I'm taking the car. The PIN is 362334.

Huh? 362 what?

36-24-34. Your dream body.

Oh, 36-24...

36... 36?

Oh no, Ah-young.

But that car...

He'll get mad.

So warm.

Where does the dirty water go?

The bills must be huge
for a house like this.

He eats only what's good for him.


Should I sell these and run away?

He must be really rich.

No wonder his life's a fairy tale.

Sir. I'm sorry about
what I said at the airport.


Poor you.

It was me.

He approached you to...

I swear it's my cream.


Kim Suhanmu,

turtle and crane,
180,000-year-old Dong Bang-sak,

chichikapo, sarisarisenta,
woriwori, sebrikang...

Woah, woah, woah.

She does spend only $300 a month on rent.

Hey, this is...

He fished this out?

I'll give you a hint.

The PIN is four digits.


Why ride this and not my car?

How did you find the key?

Did YOU fish it out?

Why would I do that?

Then how'd you find it?

I asked you first. Where is my car?

It ran out of gas.

All three of them?

All three cars are yours?
Not your employees'?

What crazy employee
would park in front of my house?

And what ARE you wearing?

The tie and shirt don?t match.

Where's your watch? A man...

Fine, whatever. Get on, we're late.

Here. The rookies' training schedule.

No way.

Are you telling me to go
to the stunt academy?

If you don't, do you think
I'll go to your department store?

Didn't you say you have more to lose?

Wait here. I'll go and change.

How did you figure out
the PIN to get inside?

A blinding star suddenly
came to the rescue.

What, four digits?

You're worse than you look.

36 is just...

You pervert.

I see why you're upset.

Do you want surgery?


Change out of that now.

No. I like this style.

I see words alone are never enough.

Help me.

This tall, handsome man
is trying to hit a woman like me.

Please, save me.

I can't hit her.

She's so pretty.

How can someone be
this pretty from head to toe?

Let's not get involved
in others' business.

Right hand if you'll go to work,
left if you want to die.

Get on.

You'll pay for that.

I have a broad chest.

Sir. I'm sorry about
what I said at the airport.

I know this is confusing,

but I haven't been me
for the past few days.

Please believe me, sir.

It's the script you've been waiting for.

For now, focus only on the audition.

Be yourself.

What the... Who are you?

Are you meeting someone special today?

It was time for a change.

What got into her?

Are you dressed up for the audition?

What audition?

The Dark Blood team announced it.

I heard that the odds
are about a thousand to one.

More, I think.

People are scrambling for a copy
of the script. Even the celebs want one.

So what if they are?


Sir, look at her.

She's got an attitude just because
she's seeing Mr. Money Bags.

Come to my office.

Why do you always want to talk alone?

Keep it up and you'll
meet my lawyer one day.

I thought you'd be excited.
It's your dream come true.

Let's say it is.

So what?

Hollywood rarely needs
an Asian actress to do stunts.

This is a great opportunity.

They'll check your resume,
audition tape, and English skills.

An agency in Korea will organize...

''Young-hee, covered in blood,
jumps out of a running car.''

''At the same time,
a truck runs in her direction.''


You're telling me to do this?

You want me, a girl, to do this?

This is an opportunity? I could die.

From now on, stop me,
even if I beg to do this.

That should be easy.

If we?re done talking...

What's wrong with you?

How long will this go on for?

Yes, you're right. You found me out.

If it?s about that,
then there's no need for this.

Don't let your feelings interfere.
I won't, either.

He doesn't like Ra-im. He loves her.

Do me a favor, then.

I'll pretend I didn't find out.

If you don't confess your love ever.


He disappeared again.

Even after I took his passport and keys.

You didn't give him my message?

And what, start a huge fight?

Just drop this project.

I was wrong to think that
time had healed his wounds.

I don?t want to see you again over this.

I know where he is.

You do?

But I won?t tell you.

I tend to hold grudges.

If this is what he does,
then I'll up the stakes.

I'm shameless and shrewd.

I think nothing of marrying his cousin.

But it will be torture to him.

Because I'll torment him
every time we meet.

Will you stop doing this?

You should've just given him my message.

And let us fight it out.
Only then can we ever...




This way.

I take the escalator?


Big news, HUGE news.

Our boss took the elevator today.

He said hello back and
even opened his own door.

AND his clothes were a bit off.

The poor guy... I'm really not worth it.


He took the elevator?

There's no way.

He's hiding it well,
but he's claustrophobic.

It was my hidden card.

- He took the elevator?
-There are dozens of witnesses.

Perhaps he faked his illness?

So he was just testing me?

The fact that he took the elevator...

does it mean he's challenging me?

Dang. I just perfected his signature.

This won't do. There will be
a lot of papers to sign.

Bring them all up.

Yes, sir.


Kim. Joo. Won.

It's perfect.

Since when did you eat this?

Since I was young, I guess?

About Ah-young
who works in the VIP lounge.


It's really a misunderstanding.
We're not dating or anything at all.

It's not about that.

I was just wondering how much she's paid.

Including bonuses, I think
she gets a little over $20,000.


Then how much do I make?


Hold on.

You got a text. You got a text.

Hey, did you get a new phone?


Uh... Yeah.

Dong-gyu? Who's that?

I can't do this anymore.

Woo-young disappeared again.

He'll be somewhere in the Philippines.

That's where he always disappears to.

I confiscated his passport
the day we got back here.

Then he'll be in Duksan. The spa resort.

He's not, I called to ask.

How do you know him so well?


I'm a fan.

I even wear Oska socks. To support him.

Thank you. We sold a lot of those.

Anyway, Joo-won.

I've had enough.

Sue us for the department store event.

I'll sue Woo-young
and wash my hands of him.

You can't do that.

I'll look for him.

Don?t sue him. I won't, either.

Says who? I will sue him.

The Oska I know is
more passionate than anyone else.

I'll do anything it takes
to bring him back.

Uh... OK, then.


Are you drunk?

You don't know where he is?

How would I know what
his manager doesn?t know?

Don't you dare get involved.

Aren't you worried?

I'm not.

I'm more worried about
how to get my own body back.

You'll want to find him.

Your car didn't really
run out of gas. Oska took it.


Is that the police?

Someone stole my car.



You reserved this whole place?

Only stupid people have dates
in cars and restaurants.

- Do you like it?

The air is sweet,
I feel refreshed, and it's so quiet.

It's like a deserted island.

Let's come by often.

I'm not very good at golf.

I hope you can teach me.

I will. If only I couldn?t sing,
I'd have gone pro.

Come here.

In golf, lower body strength is important.

To send the ball far,
use your hip and thigh muscles.



You said you were bad.

I did not. I said I'm not very good.

Come here. In golf...


You're so cute.

Can I be bad for a second?

Mr. Choi Woo-young?

You want an autograph?

Welcome, Miss Yoon.

Oska's here, right?

Yes, he was... Until he was arrested.


Must you really do this?

He's your own cousin.

Don?t think too much of it.
He messes with me badly, too.

It's not just about the car.

I want something else back.

What's that?

Seriously, you don't know me?
I'm on TV all the time.

Why would I steal a car?
I just borrowed it...




You actually got the cops to find me?

Is this why you cooked for me?!

You what? You used
my two hands to cook for him?

Be quiet.

What is SHE doing here?

What happened?

What's going on here?

How about you all sit down?

Bring him over.

It seems like you two are cousins.

Why don't you just settle?

-We will.
- Never.

Lock him up.

Are you crazy?

I want to talk to Joo-won.

And he sent me over.

He told me everything.

About your bet in Jeju Island.

He says he'll settle if you give me up.

He told you all about that himself?.

He also told me about the rule that
you never return what the other wins.

But he's being like this?

Joo-won was always a jerk,
but he was never cheap.

If he?s gone that far, that means
you've become very important to him.

I guess so.

Sorry, though.

I can't give you up, either.

Tell Joo-won that I won't give you up.

I don't care if he doesn?t settle.