Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Gil Ra Im an Kim Joo Won awaken to find themselves in each other's body, not knowing how it happened or if they'll ever switch back. As they struggle to get through common elements of everyday life together (dressing, washing, etc.), society isn't ready for an apologetic Joo Won or a dictatorial Ra Im. Meanwhile, Dong-kyu talks Oska back to the location shooting of his music video, where Yeun Sul awaits to give Oska a lesson on heartbreak. Problems brew within Joo Won's family when Grandpa Moon starts taking fertility drugs to get a son. As Yeon-Hong inquires after an ugliness pill for her step-mom, Boon-Hong starts looking into her son Joo Won's private life for indiscretions. At the end of the day, Joo Won finally decides to take advantage of his situation, but makes an ugly discovery.

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What is this?

What's going on? Huh?

Episode 6

What what what what? What is it?

Don't come any closer,
don't come any closer!

What's the matter?!

Don't come closer!

What's the matter?
You're acting like a lunatic.

Did you have a bad dream?

Did they say your stock dropped?!

What's wrong with me?

What's going on?

What do you mean what's going on?

Did you lose something?

Where did I go? Me?

I'm sure I was here yesterday.

Where am I now?!

This isn't it.

These weren't here.

Aigoo, and such a young lady too...

Aigoo, let's go.
She must be crazy.

Maybe she's still drunk.

I'm going nuts!

What the...

Gil Ra Im?

I've become... Gil Ra Im?

Oh no, Miss, you need to pay before you...

Why take our shoes, Miss?!

What in the world is going on?

- Aigoo!
- What's the matter?!

Open the door! Huh?!

Open the door!


Making me nuts, geez.

What's your problem,
so early in the morning?

What is it?
Are you sick or something?


In my sleep, did I... do something?

How do you know Oska?!

Just a minute, Ahjussi!

Please talk to us.

Gil Ra Im.

Open the door!

Gil Ra Im.

Gil Ra Im!

No way.

How in the world...

How long have you been like this?

Since I woke up.

What the hell did you do to me?

Are you saying I did this?

With what skill?

Anytime something happens, you say it's me.

Does this make any sense rationally?

It doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense, but...

How did this happen?

How would I know?!

Lower your voice.

Let's go in and talk.

Open the door.

The key... I don't have it.
I returned it last night.

You returned it? Why?

You didn't sleep here?

Why else do you think
I came dressed like that?

This is really making me nuts.

For starters, let's go somewhere
where we won't be noticed.

Meet me at the hotel entrance.

Aren't we going together?

Are you in your right mind?

This is my hotel.

What if someone sees us
together in this state.

Where ever we go, he says it's his.

Yeah, because everywhere I go,
it's all mine.

Give me this,
and walk like your deep in contemplation.

Lower your chin and keep your gaze down.

Naturally, like you came out
for a morning walk.

Got it?

What kind of luck does that woman have
to get called director at that age?

I'm not going to be cast anyway.
I should have half-killed her.

What are you doing there?

You look even stranger doing that.

And what are you doing here?

And what the hell are you wearing?


You? (talking down)

Gil Ra Im.
How can you talk to the director like that?

I'm sorry, Director.

I just said something she didn't like, so she...

must have just gotten all riled up.

Apologize, come on.

It's because he showed up suddenly.


Gil Ra Im!

You can't forget who you are, Gil Ra Im!

I got it. So, let's go now.

Come on, take care of it.

This is unacceptable.

Follow me.

Director, please.

So, what I'm saying is just stay here and...

You butt out.

This isn't a situation you need to interfere in.

What are you doing?
Aren't you going to grab me?

I should follow this guy?

Let go of her hand!

What did you just say?

I told you to let go of her hand.

I told you that
for the time-being I'll take care of...

I'm sure I told you as well.

Gil Ra Im is my family.

I know that.
That's why I'm always grateful to you.


However, I wish you'd let her go right now.

I will take responsibility
and make sure she's at the filming location.

Say goodbye with respect.

Let's go.

How dare you bow my head.

I've never even treated our Chairman like that.

Is that your head? It's mine.

It's yours.

But, while my soul is in here, my head is mine
and your head is mine too. Got it?

Where do you keep walking?

Let's talk here. There's no one around.

Where are you going?

You drank a lot of water
last night, didn't you?


I'm going nuts.

You don't mean...

Are... are you all right?

Just use your common sense to...

Are you really not going to raise your head?

Everyone's giving us strange looks.

You can't!

Don't eat anything.
And don't drink anything. All right?

Ay, really.


You better not cry with my face.

How could I not cry right now?

What did I do that was so wrong?

Why in the world is something like this
happening to me?

If I'm going to switch,
why not Kim Tae Hee or Jeon Do Hyun?

Hurry and think of something to do!

I'm thinking right now.

But, maybe it's because we switched heads,
but I can't think of anything.

What's your IQ?

Is it 3 digits at least?

The speed of my fist is more than 3 digits.

You want to confirm it?

This woman...

Even working together to solve this, either
medically or scientifically isn't enough,

and you want to fight?

Ay, why does this keep falling?

There's a buckle on the strap.
Tighten it, so the strap's shorter.

Where on the strap?

Ah forget it, I'm just going to take it off.

Are you crazy? Come here.

What is that?

What's he doing?

This place is no good. Let's go out.

No matter how I think about it,

I don't think this problem
can be solved medically or scientifically.

You just figured that out?

Are you going to keep up the sarcasm?

Is this just my problem?

I haven't done anything bad enough
to deserve this sort of punishment.

Then I have?

I suppose you want to believe you haven't.

- Hey!
- Never mind.

Is there anything you can think of?

Usually in movies,
people get hit by lightning or

they say a chant or spell together or

maybe they have some secret jewel. Right?

I've never chanted any strange spells
in bad weather.

And I've had lots of secret jewels
at home for a long time.

I suppose you would.

For now, let's approach it medically.

Let's go to a hospital.

A hospital? What hospital?

Where can we go and say,
"Our souls have switched bodies" and hear

"Ah is that so?
They say it's the change of seasons. "

"Please fill out the form and wait. "

Who'll say that?

Then, should we go and see
a fortune teller somewhere?

Maybe an exorcism or something could work.

You must be nuts. If a rumor gets out
that Kim Joo Won had an exorcism done,

that day, the stock price will plummet.

Then how about we go to a church or a temple?

If we go to a church, they'll probably
ask for cash, and at the temple, an offering.

Then let's jump down from somewhere.

Maybe a kind of shock might do it.

The fact that you'd even think of that
is a shock to me.

Then, what about a kiss?


In fairy tales, it's always like that.

Of course to you, The Little Mermaid
might be the only fairy tale.

Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince,
they all kiss and become human again.

Since such an unbelievable thing has happened,
I'm just suggesting an unbelievable remedy.

That's the best you can do? Are you sure?

Do you have another suggestion?

I don't. All right, so be quiet and start.

A light smack or heavier than that?

I suppose we'll know as we do it.

Close your eyes.


Oh no! It must have no effect!

It's because you pulled away
almost immediately!

Don't move.

To you, I'm truly sorry.

The desire to save my daughter,

even if it means doing something so deceitful,

I hope you'll understand.

[Mystery Garden]

Tell me the truth.

You just suggested that
because you wanted to kiss me, right?

You must be nuts.

You say no hospitals, no shamans,
but we have to try something.

Then, we just continue living like this?

If we do?

I'd want to die, but you've got a good deal.

Do you really think that way?


Me too.

Since this is what's happened,

why not try living as a rich man?

I guess you'll have to live as
a poor and neglected neighbor.

You laugh? You can laugh right now?

Just like you said, I've got a good deal.

What's your birthday?

Why do you want to know?

I need to figure out your passcodes.

I'm sure there's lots of money in the bank.


A car for everyone in the Action School family,

maybe produce an action film.

Buy Ah Young an apartment.

Ah, and since I've been cast aside,

I'm going to pick a woman
that will freak you out and marry her.

What? Marriage?


Just a second. Be still.

What are you doing?

I'm asking what you're doing?

It's just so novel to be looking at it.

So this is what I look like.

Wow! What the...

I want to say how good-looking my face is too,
but I'm holding back.

I'm exacting about things like that.

How could a person
be so picturesque even just sitting?

But, I'm not saying it.

My personality is knife-like.

Yeah, so knife-like.

You've got a text, you've got a text.

Uh? My phone. Where is it? Huh?

Ah, it tickles.

Stop it.

Where are you feeling around?

I'm feeling my body, so what?

Huh? Our team must have
already gone out to the site.

Let's go to the site for now
and talk when we come back.

I'm not going anywhere.

Why should I go?

It's my body, so you have to go.

If you don't, I'll be fired.

Then get fired.

Are you really going to be like this?


That Yoon Seul or Goo Seul, I'm going to
find that woman and tell her everything.


Do you know?

Actually, I was playing hard to get yesterday.

- What?
- I think I've been caught in your magic.

Since the moment we met like magic.

How's that? It's killer, isn't it?

Hey! Are you nuts?

You better stop right there.

Why are these legs so short?! All right!

Let's go, let's go.

Lead the way.

Lead what way? Aren't you going to change?

You're going to take me looking like that?

Ah, clothes. Huh? My clothes.

Where are my clothes? And my bag?

How do I know?

Realizing we've switched bodies,

would I have thought, "We may have
switched bodies, but Gil Ra Im might worry,"

"so I better collect up her clothes,
bag and shoes. "

Would I have thought that?

Ay, drive me crazy.

Go get it right now! Right now!

You do this, and the papers will trash you again.

Aren't you sick of stories
bout you refusing to film?

There's been a lull lately, so it's okay.

Aigoo, I oughtta...

Frankly, you can't afford to do this.

How long do you think you can be Asia-level Oska?

You're trending downwards right now.

If you're late with the 7th album, it's just
a matter of time before you're forgotten.

Dropping and picking up filming
because you're a Hallyu star?

The season has passed where you could do that.

Was it you, Hyung?

The jerk that badmouthed me and said it was
like seasons every time a story broke out?

If not, then get out. I'm sleepy.

I really didn't want
to say this kind of thing, but...


Frankly, you missed Seul.

You don't think I know you?

I don't know Seul?

Why do both of you act like it isn't so?

Why don't you start over instead?

Or, just be cool,
do the filming and forget about it.

As a man, this is just too cowardly. Huh?

Yeah. Aigoo, you're doing the right thing.

Go and get your clothes on. Let's go.


you know me and you know Seul.

But, there's one thing you don't know about me.

That... I don't have the courage.

The courage to start over,

or the courage to film as though
nothing's the matter.



now you're making me out to be cowardly too?

Why leave out that you're washed up?

So, hurry up and get up, man!

I'm truly sorry.

This was her first time at a steam room.

Hey, where are you bowing my head right now?

I told you earlier, your head is mine, my...

How much do we owe you?
She ate quite a bit last night, right?

Give me the key, so I can ring up the bill.


Lift your foot.


What is that?

I've had that on my foot the whole time?!

Seaweed soup, sikhye*, 5 eggs.
(*sweet rice drink)

You mean you ate all that?

Did you have a party?

How much is it altogether?

16,500 Won.

And return the clothing.

Yes, just a moment.


Where was the wallet?


What are you doing?
Why aren't you changing?!

It's almost laundry time!

The changing room is...

Just a second! You can't.

You absolutely can't.

I have to return the clothes.

How much are these clothes?

Just sell them to me.

This man...

I mean this woman has
a reason she can't change.

I'll pay you twice what it's worth.

Why won't you even let me change?

She says it's almost laundry time.

You'll see my whole body! Over my dead body.

Then I'll just look at someone else's!

Just a sec.

Please sell it to me.

It's got to be more embarrassing for you
to enter the hotel like this.

Well, it's not my face.

Where are you touching?

Who's touching?

My whole body is itchy.

When's the last time you bathed?

Did you go to the steam room to eat?



Excuse me?

I'm right here, Assistant Kim.

Are you not feeling well?

Excuse me?

What? What is it?

It's just that...

the program that's following
the romantic getaway with Oska

called to say the schedule was changed.

- What?
- What?

They said that the winner
being a stunt woman is so fresh.

When we told them she was part of
the stunt team in Oska's MV,

they wanted to change the concept and go onsite
where the filming is taking place.

What the hell are they doing
making that decision on their own?!

Cancel it right away!

That's what you were thinking,
right Kim Joo Won?

That's right.

Cancel it right away!

But, there already here.

Over there.

A romantic trip with Oska, well
that just goes to show you my popularity.

What the hell way is this to run business?

Ra Im, are you all right?

You haven't been hurt anywhere?

She had an accident yesterday,
on the mountain.

It's such a relief that you've returned safely.

Hey. You wanna die?

You're not gonna let go?

Ra Im.

Are you on drugs?

Who's Ra Im...

I'm Ra Im, me.

Where was your arm just now?

Here, right?

Shall we embrace on one, two, three?

Did something happen?

Yes. It's a little long to explain.

Anyhow, I'm really sorry.

And what's up with you?

Are you still not sober yet?

Excuse me?

Oh, yeah, not quite. Sorry.

Hey man!

Hey man, ah yes.

You're okay, right?

What are you doing?

Aren't you going to change?

Oh. What now?

Oska's going to think I'm totally weird.

He already thinks that.

Wear this.

The shirt will stretch
so don't pull up the sleeves,

and the pleats will fade
so don't put anything in your pockets.

And don't just sit anywhere.

And if you get anything on it, I'll show you
what revenge is like so be careful.

I'm not going to wear it.

Then, I'm not going either.

I'm going to shower.


Then, you weren't going
to wash before you went?

Wait... just a sec.

I'll wash you.

It's my body.

So, you're saying let's both look at your body?


So, just wash your face.
We could go back to normal tomorrow.

Let's just shave and wash our faces. Huh?

After you put on shaving cream like this,

Lay the blade nicely.

That's fine.

I do this every few days too.

Every few days... where?


Keep your eyes closed.

Closed tight.

If you peek, you're dead.

My eyes are closed.

Geez, aish! Why is this so hard?

Whatever! I'm not wearing it.

I'm sure you've unfastened hundreds, nice act.

Did I say anything about that?

It's so easy to unfasten
so why's it so hard to put on?

You must be proud.

Watch carefully.

You fasten it in the front like this.

You flip it to the back,

and then pull on the straps.

Like this, huh?

Try it.

But what the hell is this?

How can a woman not have
any suitable undergarments?

It just needs to be clean.
Does it have to be suitable?

Just put it on.

I'm rather disappointed.

I guess you're not concerned
about how action could be so monotonous.

You said it would be thrilling,
so I expected some stylish action,

but it's all stuff I've seen before.

I feel the same way.

Directors always want something new,

but they always bring baseball bats,
metal pipes, and lumber sticks.

Then, they stick us in night clubs or a junkyard,
a junkyard or a warehouse, and ask us to fight.

One officer is always fighting 17 gangsters,

The commerce high school kids are always
fighting the manufacturing high school kids.

The police always come after the fight is over.

Shall we re-work the scenario first?

Where's Director Jo?

Is the star still not here?


The star is over there.

We've already been quite delayed,
so why don't we start immediately?

Say hello. This is the stunt director.

I met him yesterday.

I saw the script just now.

It doesn't look like I need to be filmed.

We can just use a double
and just put in the close-ups later.

Call me when you're doing the close-ups.

Hey. Hey, Choi Woo Young!

Let him go.

That's how we were going to film it anyway.

Director Lim, looks like you're going to
have to put in some hard work today.

Get his costume ready.

What is wrong with Woo Young Hyung?

He's trying not be a coward.


If there is but one genuine thing
about Woo Young,

it belongs to solely one woman.

Hey hey hey!

Who is it?!

Oh geez!


It's been so long! Have you been well?

What are you doing here?

Oh, you shy guy.

I heard you were the one that invited me.
I heard it all.

That you made a fuss
that the female lead had to be me.

I did?!

Oh no.

You meant it to be a surprise, didn't you?
But, I already knew.

It's all right.
Don't you think I know how you feel?

But, you know?

On the airplane, I got motion sickness.


Is that woman the director?

She's really young.

I don't like female directors.

A film director?


I just saw her picture,
but she looks nice and pretty.

And she likes Joo Won.

- You asked me here to tell me that?
- Do you think I have so little to do?

I'm going to ask you something.

So, tell me what you know.

I can't think of anyone other than you
to ask without starting rumors.

Are you not feeling well...

Can I be the only one asking the questions?

It's about the average for our country's women,

though of course,
I know it differs by person.

Tell me simply.

About up to what age can women bear children?

Excuse me?

You don't know?

You and Joo Won both sure use
a psychiatrist in various ways.

Abroad, there are quite a few women
in their sixties that have given birth.

And there are records of women giving birth
up to their late fifties in our country.

There are?

Then, what's your opinion as a doctor?

Is it possible to have a son at 56?

She looks a little older than her age.

In my opinion, isn't that up to the Samshin*
Grandmother? (*3 gods governing childbirth)

- What?
- If you have nothing else to say,

I do. I hear you've been in and out of
Joo Won's house a lot these days.

Is it true?

What's the reason?

Joo Won must be stressed or something
because he isn't able to sleep.

If he can't sleep, why call you?

Did he ask you to sleep with him?

I visited because I'm a psychiatric specialist.

There's no other reason.

Is he taking drugs?
Like sleeping pills or something?

To uphold patient privacy,
I can't divulge anything.

I'm sorry.

I never liked that about you.

How's my pulse, Doctor?

It's pretty.

It's pretty?

That's strange.

These days I have no appetite, I can't
sleep well, I get cold sweats, and I get dizzy.

Didn't you find anything wrong with me?

I did.

You did?


The belly.

Excuse me?

You're belly-aching because of your father
and new stepmother, aren't you?

You're really amazing!

I heard my father's been by.
What herbal medicines did he request?

It wasn't for bearing a son or anything, right?

It was something like that. Why?

Oh my! Doctor!

Is it still going to be a while?

Father got some medicine for bearing a son.

Father doesn't have it in him to have a son.

Look at us, daughters in a row.

Don't you know Father?
We have to be on watertight defense.

Then, Doctor,

don't you have any medicine that if you drink it,

your skin turns all milky colored?

How about chocolate or banana flavored milk?

All brown or yellowing.
And makes you gain weight.

Something that will fade beauty overnight.

Some medicine like that.

Your new stepmother
isn't going to fade that easily.

Go. I'm busy.

Did you really give him
mix some medicine for him?

Who's? Father's? Madam Park's?

How fast did it go?


I think we can take it to 40.


Even if the car flips, until the camera cuts,

don't go in.

Yes, sir.

Let's go do the check.

Are you looking for Ra Im?


Director, you were too rough on her.

The kid followed us to Jeju island
just to try a car scene.

With the ocean all around us, I thought
she may have jumped in somewhere.

There she comes.

Gil Ra Im insisted on coming to see the site.

Yes, well, I'll watch a bit.

That's okay, right?

You offer to help and show up now?

What can you do with that attitude?

Is this the attitude of someone
who wants to be given a chance?

I'm sorry.

Actually, there was a situation...

Why are you sorry?

What could possibly be the situation
that you're sorry instead of Gil Ra Im?

I get what you're saying,

so why don't we go over there
and talk over a smoke?

You smoke too?

Ah, I don't smoke, do I?

Then coffee? Let's go.

That's no good. What do I do?

Sunbae, let me just borrow that.

Hey hey, Newbie!

I have to film!

You see...

Me first.

I know you were really disappointed.

So, I don't know if you'll believe me or not,

but I was going to give you a chance.

I was going to put you in the car.

You had wanted to so badly,

and I don't know about anything else,
but that's something I could do for you.

But just now, you lost that chance.

You came because you won the giveaway, right?

Just go and do that.


Director, you've just been found out.

Found out?

That you like me.

But I see you haven't been able to tell me yet.

It's time for the filming to begin
so I'm going to have to go.

Don't come to the site.

What did you talk to the director about?

Why is his expression like that?

What in the world did you say?

Who said you could do that crap to my face?

I'm tired so I'm going to go to the hotel.

So wrap things up and hurry back.

We have to finish our strategy session.

What did you talk to the director about?


The car's been all prepped, right?

- There's no problem.
- Okay.

Let's take a look at the ramp.

Let's see.

Sunbaenim, please have some coffee.


You too, Sunbaenim.

Oh, you should have...

Sunbaenim, since you don't drink coffee, tada!

It's healthy juice.

Thank you.

What's the matter? Just go on as you've done...

I'm a newbie, remember?

What are you doing here?

Oh, hello.

You're really sick, right?

You're sick. You're really sick.

Let me see if you have a fever.

Uh, I'm okay.

What is this?

I've seen that a lot somewhere.

All right, quiet!

We're starting the shoot!

Shooting! Let's go!


I said stop!


- Don't go!
- Don't be like this.

Don't go! I said don't go!


We'll go back to where you open the car door.

How many times is that?!

We totally had it.

So irritating, really!

Ready? Action!

- Don't go!
- Don't be like this.

Don't go! I said don't go!


The expression isn't as if you were about to cry.

It says a silent but hurt expression, doesn't it?

Choi Woo Young, haven't you ever been hurt?

Maybe you don't know because
you're always on the other side?

What is that woman?

This person is a man who's just been left.

Haven't you ever wanted to die
because of a woman?

I haven't.

You haven't?

I haven't.

Then let me tell you how it feels.

Not being able to sleep or eat
are just the obvious basics.

Falling asleep and waking up are hell too.

Because you can't figure out how you and
the person you love are to become strangers.

You can't even complain to other people.

Because they may badmouth him.

So, you cry alone.

It's ended, you've broken up,

but only the memories of love come to mind.

But, the more you do that,
the longer it takes to erase those memories.

So to a person who's been left,

365 days are spent in the process of breaking up.

But the thing that really hurts,

is the other person doesn't even seem
to be thinking of you.

It feels like it's just you that can't let go.

That person seems to have forgotten
all about you and is just happy.

All you want to do is die,

but you can't die either.

Because you might never... see that person again.

It's like that.

The feeling... when you break up.

So, the reason you're grabbing that woman,

what it is you're feeling,

how desperate you are,

do you get it now?

Hey, hey! What are you doing?!

- I'm not doing this!
- Hey kid!

Isn't this what you wanted?!

Start the engine.

Hey, if another story goes out
about you refusing to film...


Oppa! Oppa!

Oppa oppa. Oppa!

Oh Oppa! Oppa!

You really can't leave like this.

Who ran off to Jeju island in the first place?!

Frankly, if it wasn't for Seul,
there wouldn't have been any MV. Geez!

Let's turn the car around. Huh?

Ah, geez.


If you turn the car, you're dead.

Ahhh! Really!


I was wondering if you were all right.

It can happen on any set.
Between an actor and a director.

There were no personal feelings involved,

so I'd like it if you didn't misunderstand.

That's not why I came.

I was worried about you.

I could just tell right away.

That it was about you.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I knew Choi
Woo Young before our marriage prospect meeting.

If that bothers you...

Ahh, you two had a marriage prospect meeting?

- Excuse me?
- Huh?

Choi Woo Young?

Then, the man in that story was...

Didn't you ask already knowing?

No, I just figured since everyone
has had some heartache like that...

But it was really Oska?

I heard the name was Gil Ra Im.

- Excuse me?
- The woman who chewed me out.

The woman who's dating Choi Woo Young,
but eats with you.

I didn't ask anything about that woman. Right?

Then, let's reach some conclusion.

As you've heard, I've had as much practice
as I need with love, and now it's all over.

So you go end it at some suitable point
and come back.

To me.


Their idea of common sense
really is different than ours.

Why didn't you answer your phone?

I told you to wrap it up and get out of there.

What did you do up to now?

I watched the shoot, and met the woman
you had a marriage prospect meeting with.

I understand you had a
marriage prospect meeting with Yoon Seul.

And? So?

She's making a fuss because she likes me,
but it's one-sided.

That woman says she likes you?

Where is there a woman that doesn't like me?

That's a talent. Consistently saying
the most obnoxious things.

But, that woman doesn't like you.

A woman can tell things about another woman.


Then, what about this?

Your director likes you.

Don't grab at straws.

It's just that our director has always
wholeheartedly looked out for the team.

Where are you going?

I've reported to you that your body
has returned safely, so I'm going.

To my room where Oska is waiting.

Are you crazy?

Is it your hobby to share a room with a man?

Is Oska family too?

Then, I should sleep here?

When others look at it, the two of us together
would raise more eyebrows.

You don't even have any abdominal muscles.

Ab-ab... Hey!

You saw everything, didn't you?

Why were you looking?!

Why were you looking at my body, why?!

Oh my!

You are really weird.

What the hell is wrong with you?

I know I'm not supposed to,
but it's the first day and all...

You must be cold.


Hey. Just because you act this way,
you think I'd be fooled?


Who is it?

Who's what?

Who is it?

Who switched Ra Im and my program schedule
to focus on us going to the shoot together?

Ahh, and I thought...

But, it wasn't me. I swear.

You're really weird today.

First time in a long time,
you seemed like a younger sibling.

Since the accident.

Huh? Accident?

Ah, I mis-spoke!

Not accident! High school, high school.

The first time
since you finished high school, Pal!

What's the matter?

What's the matter, what?!

What's the matter, what, what, what?! What is it?

What's going on?

What's the matter?

Come in. Sit down.

You weren't eavesdropping
by the front door, were you?

Do I seem like such a pathetic guy?

I was just happen to be passing by this way...


It's a stunt thing.

But, what was that scream just now?

Was he bothering you?

What the hell did you tell Ra Im about me?!

Look here, Gil Ra Im.

Look at me.

I'm a sturdy man.

I've even served in the... army.

Yeah, of course you did! Active service.


Ra Im, you're really novel.

Everybody who meets him
thinks he got an exemption.

But, what brings you here?

I'm going to hang out with you guys here.



Not going?

Can't you see this is a room of just men?

What's wrong with you?

You're making Ra Im feel embarrassed.


Oppa, couldn't I just stay here?

Yeah, okay. Our Ra Im
wants to stay with Oppa, does she?


And if it's okay with you,
I want to sleep here too.

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im isn't that sort of woman.

You're not!

I am this sort of woman, a'right?

Oppa, you don't like me going nighty night here?

Ay, what are you saying?!

Should I kick this guy out?


Wow it really is convenient living as a woman.

Our Ra Im doesn't seem to know this very well,

But I, you see, I have this small belief that
all the women in the world should be happy.

Aigoo, really.

I'll be the one to leave, okay?

Shut the door tight.

Our Ra Im is surprisingly provocative.

You like this?

Are you happy?

You're a pervert, aren't you?

Did you just talk down to me?

You're the first woman to talk that way to me.

Are you aware of where this is leading?

Little man, little man.

Ra Im, where are you going?

Ra Im.

Ra Im?

Director, I know my behavior today
was very strange and disappointing.

Possibly for a little while,
possibly for a long while,

I may continue to be strange.

I'll explain it all later.

I'm truly sorry, Director.

Cheers. Cheers.

Just once. I'm going to look just once.

Just once.

Oh, what am I going to do?

What am I going to do?

What am I going to do?!

What are you going to do? We're the same.

If it were a fairy tale,
since we suffered one day,

shouldn't there be a happy ending
once we wake up?

It must be a cruel one.

Let's eat before we think.

Ah, whatever. Where's Woo Young Hyung?

He was gone when I woke up.

Now that I look around,

his bag is gone too.


I'm leaving on the first plane out.

I'll see you in Seoul.

He must have gone to Seoul.

It really looks like he may bail on the MV.

Then what out our department store event?

There's even a TV program camera here,
what the hell?

That guy, really.

For starters, get washed up
and meet me at the restaurant.

Wash up for what?

Wash what?

How long are we not going to bathe?

Frankly, there's nothing to see anyway.


Is this a woman's body?

Your whole body's covered in scars.

- What are you doing?
- Why is a woman's body...

What are you doing? Are you nuts?
Not gonna pull it down?

How much have you seen?

Pull it down, pull it down.

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But, how do you know so much?

Because I'm a fan.

I even wear Oska socks.

Because I want to just eat live and breathe Oska.

Retina scan?

I was on my way out.

It's not a big deal getting married
to his cousin, Woo Young Oppa.

But I suppose it'll be hard for him to bear.

Because every time I see his face,
I'm going to torment him.

Oh my gosh!

I heard from Kim Joo Won.

The bet you made in Jeju island.

And that it's a very old rule that you
will absolutely not return what you won.


I've been treated now. I can go.

You can't even put on your shoes...

What? What what? What?

It wasn't me. What?

No, I'm okay, I'm okay


Let go.

Go get it immediately!

Didn't you say I should demand
for you to go get it?!

Can't you just stay the night?!

This woman really,
where do you think you're going again?

Cut. Nicely done. Ra Im...

Hyung, you just be quiet.

And why the hell are you addressing her
like that?

Didn't you hear what Choon Soo hyungnim said?

What is this?

- Why aren't you coming in all of a sudden?
- What is this?!

What about Chae Rin?!

Are you possibly

really going to buy the pictures?


We're doing it again.

That woman lives in a rental too?

Huh... aigoo.


Hey this...


I'm sorry. Oh, what's wrong with me?

It was just lucky!

I like everything fabulous.



It was a pass!

You should have signaled with your eyes at least!

- There aren't any eyes in the back of my head!
- Whatever...

Location?! Where is it?!

Why are we just moving back and forth?!


If you're not going to pray,
it's okay if I put these out, right?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Going again!

I told you earlier.
That you shouldn't be yelling at me.

Honestly, you were surprised, right?

You're gonna start a fire.

That is what's common sense for a man like me.


You flip it to the back,

and then pull on the straps.

Like this. Ah geez...


Gil Ra Im!

You can't forget who you are, Gil Ra Im!


Director Yoon.

This is a misunderstanding.


I get what you're saying,

so why don't we go over there
and talk over a smoke?

Cut! Sorry we're doing it again.

...just how far away I am from you.

Cut. Where do you have your hands resting?


- I'm sorry.
- Do it again.

Apologize to a...




Are you all right?

Oh, I can't... I can't breathe.


What's the matter?! What, what, what?!


What's the matter, what's the matter?!

What's the matter?


The changing room is...

over there.

Just a sec!

You can't.
You absolutely can't.

Lift your leg.


What is this?

It's not there.

Where's the key?

There's the key.

What, what, what? Is something missing?

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