Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

True to form, when Oska makes a lunch date with Ra Im, Joo Won buys out the entire restaurant for the day, forcing them to be his guests if they want to eat. Their actions unwittingly infringe upon Tae-sun's meager career as the restaurant's hired performer, left to play to a nearly non-existent crowd. He still resolutely shuns Oska's offer to be his protégé, pointing out Oska's unworthiness to be anyone's mentor, and further shocking Oska by bluntly revealing he's gay. Just then, Yeun Sul "happens" upon Ra Im and Joo Won in the restaurant; Joo Won isn't fooled, and Ra Im reminds Yeun Sul of the incident with the purse snatcher where Yeun Sul had Ah Young fired for allowing Ra Im to drink coffee in the VIP lounge. Joo Won orders both to apologize (which they don't) then explains the importance of the VIP lounge to Ra Im. Joo Won and Oska, seeking resolution, compete for Ra Im with a bicycle race (with Ra Im racing as well), but Ra Im takes the wrong path. When Joo Won finds her, they stop at an eatery espied in the middle of the woods, where they acquire medicinal wines from its mysterious proprietress. Back amidst civilization, Jong Su is very displeased with Ra Im's presence on the island, but not as displeased as Oska when Oska discovers Yeun-Sul is his music video director (firing manager Dong-kyu and refusing to have anything more to do with anything). After a good night's sleep (and drinking the medicinal wines), Joo Won and Ra Im awaken, to their horror very different from the night before.

Episode 5

You're ten minutes late.


Why are you here?

I keep track of those who owe me.

Haven't I...

seen her before?

I invited her.

Ra-im is my guest.

Your guest can?t take her eyes off me.

She seems to be
glaring at you, more like.

That's what I mean.

I told her she?s prettier
when she's angry.

You jerk.

It IS the woman I know.

Let's sit here.

What's this vibe?

I'm really curious.
What relationship do you two have?

There are about 230 countries
in the world and I speak five languages.

But despite that fact,

even I couldn't find a term
to describe our relationship.

That's a load of nonsense.

What's good here?

I'm sorry, sir, but all
the tables here are reserved.

Oh, really?

The scumbag who booked all the tables...


Don't forget.

I buy the restaurant
you make reservations at.

How was Jeju's prison food?

You're always prettier
after a stint in lock-up.


My looks just shine
wherever I spend the night.

He's always like this.

Let's have a toast without him.

Oh, sounds good.

To us,

to our romantic getaway in Jeju,

and to your eyes,
more beautiful than the night.


Could it be that my eyes...

are more beautiful because they're
looking at a star that fell to earth?

You found me out.

Tell me if your eyes hurt.
I will turn around.

No, don't.

I'd rather go blind.

I've been...

a fan for three years.

Can I...

call you 'brother'?

-Of course.
- 'Brother'?

You may not know this,
but I let any fan call me 'brother'.

I'm not really...

hard to get either, you know.

You're SO crazy.

Be quiet.

A woman loves you very much

This woman loves you with passion

She follows you around every day

She is crying inside

How much longer...

Do I have to watch you from a distance?

This is horrible, I hate being in love

When will you love me in return?

How much longer
do I have to watch you from a distance?

This is horrible, I hate being in love

When will you love me in return?

That's why this man loves you

Because you are just like him

Because you are a fool, just like he is

I'll buy everything.

Yes, sir.

You got a text. You got a text.

This woman is right there beside you

Do you know that woman is me?

Are you pretending not to?

You won't know, you're a fool

Why is this so small?

How much longer...

Do I have to watch you from a distance?

But I love you and I'm still beside you

This woman is crying

Ra-im, please excuse me.

Stop right there.

I said I won't be your sidekick.

Don't be. I said goodbye to that idea.

I just got bailed out.
Was it you who called the police?

You'd be dead if I hadn't.

We pay taxes so
the police can protect us.

I pay more taxes than you do.

I could've settled with a few bucks.

What if the media heard about it?

''Settled... with a few bucks''?

Is life that easy for the rich?

Yeah, it is.

You just made it difficult for me.

That's your reason?

For what?

For reserving the whole restaurant
just so you three could eat in peace.

That... That was...

Do you think you're all that because
you perform in the Tokyo Dome?

And you want to train a rookie?

It's not like that.

What can you teach me when you
think nothing of my performance?

Will you let me talk, huh?

I have opinions, too.

Let go of me.

I didn't book the tables. And I never
thought nothing of your performance.

I have never laughed at or
ridiculed any other performer.

They're all better than me.

You said I should
at least be honest, didn't you?

Fine. Let go before I yell.

Let's hear you yell.

Let me say something for your sake.

I like men.


I'm gay.


I don't believe this.

You want to get rid of me that bad?
Is this a trick of yours?

Yeah, well...
There are a lot in this industry.

What's wrong with that?
Isn?t that a preference?

Is that what you think?

I'll, I'll think about it.

Scaredy cat.


''I'd rather go blind.''

''Can I call you 'brother'?''

When did I say it that nasally?


How come you only glare at me,
but you go all girly with Woo-young?

Because he treats me like a girl.

And not like a poor
and neglected neighbor.

That guy has girls like you
on an international scale.

What's important is that
my Oska is in front of me right now.

Oh, jeez...

Read the papers.

Your dear Oska is a total player.

The women I had to take care of...

Then take care of her, too.
She's been staring at you.

My goodness, it's IS you.

I was thinking of you
while strolling down the seaside.

Don't you think this is just magical?

What brings you to Jeju Island?

Work. I'm checking out filming locations.

If I?d known
we'd meet again so fatefully,

then our beginning might not have
needed to be so planned.

We could've done without meeting at all.

Your friends are waiting.

Oh my.

They're my juniors.

Go ahead first.


You have a guest.


She's the hardest lady
to get to eat out with.

Sorry, but who are your parents?

If you're sorry, then get going.

This woman has a temper.
I'm afraid she might leave.

That's my second time hinting.

I hope we meet again, like magic.

It was nice to meet you.

What's wrong? Where are you going?

Excuse me.

You know me.

I do. We just met.

Before today. We met once.

You know me?

We know each other.
You really don't remember?

I don't. Who are you?

You're a blockhead if you have to ask.

I got your friend's bag back.


Yeah, it's me.

It's quite a small world.

You must be mistaken.

I'm not.

I said you must be mistaken.

So why is your voice shaking?

Look here.

Just admit it.

Should I make you beg for forgiveness?

Are all rich people like you?

You almost got my friend fired
from a job she had for five years.

We called it even that day.
How dare you call the deptartment store.

Do you like being so sneaky? Is it fun?

Stop it.

You're making a scene here.

Are you OK?

I can't... I can't breathe.

What a joke.

You don't know what's going on.

You may think I don't.

But I heard what happened
from others and Ah-young.

I know more than you do.

Apologize for being rude.


I said apologize.

Why should I?

To earn the right to enter our lounge,
a customer has to spend...

at least $100,000 a year.

But because of you, the guests
that day had that right belittled.

Yeah, OK, fine.

But is it that wrong
to enter some lounge?

Did I commit some crime?

Once a thief, always a thief.

If I?d known it would blow up
like this... I'd have held back.

I blame my inability
to tolerate injustice.

No need to be upset. You apologize, too.


You shouldn't have called us.
A promise is a promise.

I never made that promise.

She got your friend's bag back.

Exactly. It wasn?t mine.


You need a good beating.

You come here.

Come on, now.

You two.

Please excuse us.


Please, Ra-im.

Are you upset?

Are you angry?

Why aren't you answering me?

How can someone do that?

I knew you'd say that.

I wasn?t taking her side.
I was just stating the obvious...

What kind of people
spend $100,000 at a deptartment store?

And in one year?

What makes them so great
and different from me?

You wouldn't understand.

Say it in Korean, then.

Give it a go. I'll try to understand.

How much do you have in the bank?

Not much. Why?

This is how you're different.


You know exactly how much you have.

The rich don't know
exactly how much they are worth.

Their numerous accounts gain
thousands in interest every minute.

That's the easy part.

Do you know what social group
is created in the labor organization...

of the economic system based on
the difference in income?

It's class.

Those who spend $100,000 a year
want just two things.

Inequality and discrimination.

If they can't control and rule you,
they want to be discriminated against.

That is their reason.

Are you like that?

There's no reason I shouldn't be.

Find my motorcycle key.
I'll come for it sometime.

What happened? Why are you here?


Aren't you here to film the music video?

I asked what happened.
You should be in Seoul.

You can yell at me.
I don't even want a role.

Just let me watch you at work.

I'll be an assistant, even.

Just don?t sent me back.

So you followed us here in secret?

I happened to get a free plane ticket.

I wondered why you called me.

And housing?

You don't need to worry about that.

I found a sauna just 20 minutes away.

What? A sauna?

Were you always this irresponsible?

Or you don't care what I say anymore?

That's not it.

And you're acting like this?

I'll be done in two hours.
Wait in my suite.

We need to talk.

Yes, sir.

See you later.


Is that something to be happy about?
A guy told you to wait in his suite.

It's really windy here on Jeju.

Should I take a shower?

What? Do what?

Hey, I need a suite for...

Welcome, sir.

Everything's good, I presume?

As I reported earlier this month,
there's a sharp increase in foreign...

Relax. I'm here on vacation.

I need a suite for a friend.

What with the music video crew
and Oska's fans rushing in,

there are no empty suites
at all right now.

I barely got one for you.

Barely? What are you talking about?

What about my personal suite?

A guest's been staying there
for several days.

What guest?

Is it Woo-young?

This freak's really...

Is this a coincidence?

You know me.

Are you saying you're here to see me?

I guess?

How did you know I'm here?

You're not that hard to figure out.
Even your kid fans can locate you.

Do we have a reason to meet up again?

No. So I made one.

You what?

Oh, Joo-won?

I heard you met.

Did you?

It's progressed a lot
between our parents.

How do you feel about him?

He's the top 1% of the top 1%.

The one man I want to
take off the market.

But I said I'm here to see you.

Not your cousin.

I want to get along with you.

We have to, seeing that
we'll become family soon.


How is that so easy?

Why can't it be?

We didn't have that clean a breakup.

But our love wasn?t that ardent enough.


We weren't in love. That's what I think.

Who was that woman?

The tacky one with Joo-won earlier.

Watch what you say.
She's my guest, not Joo-won's.

No way.

What happened to your taste?

I said watch what you say.
She's my guest.

You know what that means.

I'm dating her.


She's not your type.

As if you were.

You were the inspiration
for all of my love songs.

But I've decided to stop
using you as my muse.

Come out of my songs.
Be the leading lady in my life.

Should it be bigger?
It was the biggest one in the store.

Too bad. Sorry.

You're just a washed-up singer.

You planned on marrying me?

You're so naive.

How disappointing.

A celebrity is someone
you date when young, not marry.

I have to inherit my dad's business.

You should've waited until
I got completely sick of you.

We could've had a clean break up at least.

Don't you have fingers?
Couldn't you have just rung the bell?

Let's go for a workout if you're free.

How about mountain biking for a change?

No, it's cold. Move out of my suite.

I'll move to Gangnam if you win.

The whole complex will be yours.
And you get your suite back.

What is it that you want so bad?

Gil Ra-im.

No kidding.

I'm not kidding. I desperately need her.

You're scared?

One car should do.

-Where's the map?
-In the car.

Get my bike from Woo-young's room.


Now's your last chance to back out.

Sounds like YOU want to.

If you lose, you lose all rights
to object to what I do with Ra-im.

She won't fall for you.

You don't know her well enough.

You can't give up anything for a woman,
but I can give up everything.

Women know that instinctively.

Especially poor women.

Everything's ready. Shall we go?

Shall we?


I won't go easy on you.


I really need her all of a sudden,
so I won't lose her to you.

Fine. Get in.

Excuse me.

Can I join you? I bike pretty well, too.

On your own bike?

I didn't ask you.

It's a rare opportunity.

Going biking with Oska.

I'd like that. Come with us.

The winner takes what he wants
from the loser. Is that OK?

That's great.

I was actually going to
bother you for a favor.

But now I just have to win.

I knew you'd be game.
What's your request?

If I win, please give me
a role in your music video.

That's it?

That's not a tough thing to grant.

What did you two bet?

What will YOU bet?

This is the starting point.
We ride to the lighthouse.

First to arrive wins the bet. OK?

It's a single path.

There are no shortcuts here.
So don't head into the forest.

You want me to get lost, huh?

I'm concerned, that's all.

Can you manage?

Will you give me a piggyback?

I'll carry you. To see your face.

Let's go.

Are you both ready?

See you later.

To coastal road

Dear Ah-young.

The blinding sun is setting over here.

The day you came to
apply for a job at LOEL...

Was the sunset this beautiful?

The moment you said, ''Excuse me,'' to me...

That was the moment you stole my heart.

So please don't be angry.

PR Team?s Somi is practically
a next-door neighbor to me.


comes back!


It's cold.

How was I?

Totally cool, right?

I'll send it to Ah-young right now.

They're coming.

Look, look.

What is it? What's wrong?

I won. I won.

Ra-im, can you hear me?

- Hello?
-I won.

-Yay, I won.
-What's wrong, Ra-im?

Gil Ra-im. Gil Ra-im.

Answer me!

You're faking it because
you're embarrassed you lost, right?

I just heard a scream.

Ra-im, Ra-im, Gil Ra-im. Answer me, over.

You heard some...

I heard it, I heard it, too.

Ra-im, where are you? Where are you?

Answer me, you punk!

Maybe she's hurt.

Get the map.

Call 911.

-You check the coast.
-Got it.

Gil Ra-im.

Gil Ra-im.

Where are you?

Gil Ra-im.

Where are you?

Answer me, please.

Gil Ra-im. Gil Ra-im.

Gil Ra-im!

Gil Ra-im!

Where are you?!

Just wait until I find you.


Did you find her?

No. Nothing over there?

Nothing. And we searched the whole area.

What if something happened?

Even if something did,
she'd be the attacker, not the victim.

I'll search from the top of the trail.


What does she look like?
What is she wearing?

What color? Do you remember?


My boss picked it out...

Something pretty.


She was on a bike.

We lost her here.

-With short hair.

Excuse me.

Have you seen a woman,
about 5' 4'', on a bike?

Gil Ra-im.

Gil Ra-im!

To coastal road

Gil Ra-im.

Gil Ra-im!

Gil Ra-im!

Gil Ra-im.

Where are you?

Where are you?

Gil Ra-im.

Gil... Ra-im.

You punk! Where are you?!

Why are you here?

You got lost?

What? ''Why are you here?''

Are you crazy?

Do you have a death wish?

Why join us if you're not good enough?

All the bragging and
you couldn't even keep up?!

Why didn't you just follow the trail?!

I followed the sign, OK?

It's not my fault
the road suddenly ended.

What about your phone?
Is it some kind of accessory?

Why didn't you pick up?!

This area is a bit strange in general.

My phone and walkie-talkie both died.

The bike.

It's broken, too.

It's expensive, right?

That's not the issue here.

Are you OK? Are you hurt or something?

I hurt my chances to do a car stunt.

Is Oska looking for me, too?

And what if he is?

Is that all you care about?

What was that scream earlier?

Scream? I never screamed.

You did. You went ''AACK.'' Twice.

I did not.

What's a scream?

It's a sound you make suddenly.

Why would I get surprised,
press the walkie button, and then scream?

-Twice, even?
-Come ON.

I definitely heard screams.

Let's say you did. But it wasn?t me.

You said you heard an ''AACK.''

But I scream ''KYAK.''
In a totally cute and pretty way.

Cute and pretty...

My telling you you're pretty
seems to be backfiring badly.

Where are you going?

There's a restaurant.
I'm going to call a cab.

Why would there be
a restaurant here, blockhead?


Then what's that?

Secret Garden

Cheap chicken

Secret Garden

144 feet

Secret Garden


Excuse us. We're kind of lost.
Can we make a phone call to...

Boiled chicken's $30,
braised chicken's $20. Which one?

Forget the food. We'll give you $30 if...

You can also do half-and-half.

What's wrong with this?
I can?t tell if it?s working.

Wow. This looks good.

We can manage...

Eat up. I cooked this for you.

You're not... sick, are you?

With cancer or leukemia or...


Probably not. You're young and rich.


Good to see you.

Very good to see you.

Well... Thanks. A lot.

You must like making liquor.

It's my only hobby.

That was my dad's hobby, too.

He liked to drink it even more.


You drink while you eat, right?
Since high school.

How did you know?
That's when I started to drink.

My dad let me.


Learned to drink when?
You drank as a high-schooler?

A shot or two during meals
is good for you.

Are those drinks good for you?

It is medicinal.

It will save my daughter.


Is she in pain?

She's destined to be.


Yeah. We just got back.

She's fine. Go back to sleep.


Was that Oska? Was he worried?

So what?

Can't I even ask?

You can't. It ticks me off.

Why did you accept those?

Was I supposed to refuse it?
She said it's good for you.

So you'll drink it all?

Be honest. How many guys
are there inside you?

A few.

The shy one...

has a message he wants me to give you.

What's that?

Thank you.

For coming to get me.

You should have said so when I found you.

Why are you saying this now, mister?

Stop it before the thug
comes out to beat you up.


Forget it. I don't consume
suspicious products.

It's not for you. Give it to Oska.

What the heck are you saying?

Aren't I the one to save your life?

You don't consume suspicious products.

I do if it?s Oska's.

Forget it. Give it back.

I'll give it to him myself.

You can?t take back a gift.

Give it back.

- No.
-Give it back.

-You poor people...
-Give it...

I'm sorry.

I told you to wait in my suite.

I went out for...

For what?

Why are you even here?

Was Seoul a bit too boring?

No, sir.

Do you know what time it is?

Follow me.


I believe all the rooms are taken.

Are you saying she'll stay with you?

We're like family. There's nothing
weird about us sharing a room.

There is.

It's very weird.

I'm sorry for going AWOL.

But I didn't come here to play.

I might never get another opportunity.

I know that. Do you think
I'm trying to ruin your chances?

I said not yet. You're not ready.

Why do you want to
do such a dangerous thing?

I wouldn't be here if I were
afraid of getting hurt.

I don?t want to miss out
just because I'm not a guy.

If that?s the case,
then find another job.

Or another team.

I'm going to make you miss out.

Guys, you move in with me.


You go to their room. And stay there.


What is it?

You might think it's OK to let her stay,
but I think it's very inappropriate.

My room is free. Come over.

She's on my team.

And I'll take care of her for now.
She won the event I set up.

What event is he talking about?

Get lost.

I won't force you to take my suite.

But why say no to an empty suite?
I'll stay in Woo-young's suite.

Is he talking about the
LOEL Deptartment Store Oska getaway?


So you really won that thing?


I brought this upon myself.

You entered me..?

Move it, guys.

Get your stuff.

Just a moment.

Where's your suite?

If I have a choice of who to bother,

I'd rather bother him than you.

I'm sorry.

But I'd love to see you at work.

And maybe help.

See you in the morning.

What IS your relationship with him?

Is it the kind where
you don't mind sharing a room?

Don?t try to talk your way out of it
with the ''he's my teacher'' nonsense.

Does he like you?

Or did you two used to date?

What if we did?

So what if we dated and we
share a room or a suite?

Why do you care?

Can't I even ask?

You can't. It ticks me off.

Why are you here?

Why are you bothering me?
What is it you want?

You know.

I don't. How would I?

You know. Very well.

If you're testing to see
if my feelings have changed, don't.

I have too much to give up all I have
just for some woman.

Which is why...

I want a hug.


There are two types of women.
Those I can date and those I can marry.

You fall somewhere in-between.
So I want to hug you once.

And if you feel good? Then what?

I'll let you live
a different kind of life.

Sounds great. So I'll be like Cinderella?

No. The Little Mermaid.

You will always remain
in-between the two types.

I want you to pretend you don't exist,
then disappear like bubbles.

That's my kind of common sense.

Think about it and get back to me.

You will always remain
in-between the two types.

I want you to pretend you don't exist,
then disappear like bubbles.

That's my kind of common sense.

I've been looking for you. Get up.

The video director wants to see you.


I had to do something.
You defied orders to come here.

Good luck. I told
the director you?re great.

And don?t tell the boss.

I won't. Thanks so much.

Nice to meet you, ma'am.

I'm Gil Ra-im. I hope we...

You were right.

It's quite a small world indeed.

I was wondering what work you did.
You're on Mr. Lim's team.


You used to be so very rude to me.
Do you usually become polite with time?

What are you good at?


Mostly everything...

Can you jump off a skyscraper?

I can jump, but I would die.


I thought you had super powers
that made Woo-young love you.

Does he treat you well?

He's such a kind person.

You're still in the honeymoon phase.

I'll let you know if you're in.

I have a meeting to attend.

What are you doing? Why are you here?

You must not have heard.

I'm Yoon Seul, the director.

Mr. Kim is our cinematographer.

Mr. Lim is the martial arts...

I asked why you are here.

You really haven't heard, then.

I'm not a bad director.

I don't care if you have
supernatural powers.

Where are you?

Answer me.

It'll be a rough ride.
He'll cause us some trouble.

I thought he looked upset.

You're not just athletic,
but you're quick, too.

Are you that smart?

Where is he?

You asked that a minute ago.
He'll only be that much closer.

So where is he now? Call him again.

He's here.

-What happened?!
-What happened?!

Why didn't you ask me first?

You ignored my calls.
What else was I to do?

Still, you can't hire Seul.

I had no choice. It's not like
I wanted to hire her, OK?

It's all on you for messing up
the plans I'd made.

Fine. Then I'll clear it up for you.

It's over.

I'm not doing it.


I'm not in this for the money.
Trash the album. Forget about it.

I didn't like the song anyway.

Are you insane?

This is for not knowing me well enough.

Get out. I'm going to bed.

What did I do to deserve
being the CEO of your agency?

I'm cursed.


I'm sleeping here tonight.

What's with you? Hey!

This is just stupid.

What's this?


Don?t touch it. It's mine.

OK. Where'd you get it?

Call room service
if you want. It's on me.

Nah. Forget it.

OK, then.


How do you know Yoon Seul?

She was my blind date.

I just know her.

How? She didn?t say she knew you.

Our relationship's not
the kind you'd talk about.

What relationship is the kind
you wouldn?t talk about?


my anti-fan.

For real?

Secret Garden

What's this? Am I still dreaming?

It's such a sweet dream.

Oska is...

in my dream.


His hand...

Oh my.

What the heck... am I dreaming?

Freud would kill me.

Is this really a dream?

It's just so real.

What's this? What happened?

What's this?

Where am I?

Who are you?

What weird dream did you have, lady?

''Lady''? Who?