Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 18 - Episode #1.18 - full transcript

Joo Won succeeds at freeing Ra Im from her comatose body, but only Oska and Jong-Su recognize this act as virtual suicide. As Yeun-Sul struggles to understand Oska's evident state of mourning, Ra Im finds herself not only trapped in Joo Won's body but in Joo Won's house, thanks to protective mother Boon-Hong. In a shared dream, Gil Ik Seon hosts a dinner for Joo Won and Ra Im, thanking Joo Won for more than living up to his past promise, and ending his imposed enchantment. Joo Won and Ra Im awaken to find themselves in their respective bodies, but at the cost of Joo Won's adult memories. Having forgotten thirteen years of his own personal history (including all his time with Ra Im), he ends up doomed to repeat it, which Ra Im handles with both surprising poise and cheekiness, knowing they are soul mates no matter what.

Don't love anyone else.

Think of me and live alone forever.

Don't get too chummy with Woo-young.

That's incest.

This will be...

the most selfish choice I make.

But it's my decision, so respect it.

You were always so cool.

So continue to be cool.

I will miss you... so much.

I love you.

I love you.

Should we take a picture?

We haven't taken one together
since my accident.

You'll regret it later.

Please leave a message after the tone.

Why do I feel so uneasy?

Something is wrong.
But I can't tell what.

No way...

How could you not know about this?

This has... never happened before.

Where is Ra-im?

Where is she?

Gone. But she was here at dawn.

Check the CCTV footage.


I think... I know what happened.

Joo-won's gone, too.

Joo-won has disappeared.

I can't reach him. He's not at home.

- His car is gone.
-You mean...


He went to swap bodies.

The idiot lost his mind.

It's raining in Ilwon, Jechun,
and the Choongbuk area.

He'll be in one of those places.

What's his license plate number?

I'll call the police and get them...

I called them already.
But we can't just wait.

You go to Ilwon. I'll go to Choongbuk...

It's the police.


You found them?

Where are they?




Ra-im. Ra-im!

I'll take them inside.

I'm her guardian.

A guy. Wasn?t there a guy?

In that car. Over there.

Joo-won, are you alright?!

Are they alright?

We found them lying unconscious
by the freeway south of here.

They are both barely breathing.


Take them to Seoul,
it's only half an hour away.

They were being treated already.

Both of them.

Get going.

Ji-hyun, it's me. Joo-won's acting up.

I sent him to your hospital.
Come over right now.

What happened?

They're both unconscious.

I had them sent to Seoul. Let's go.

What happened? Are they awake yet?

I don't know. They're running tests.

Do you think they're switched?

We'll find out when one of them wakes up.

Well? How are they? Are the results out?

Not yet.

They're checking. Please wait.

What's this all about?

Why did Joo-won take
a vegetable for a drive?

What about Ra-im?

How is she doing now?

We need to wait for the results to...

When will they come out?

Do something already. You're a doctor.

Use your connections. Speed things up.

I'm doing all I can.
I came out here to comfort you.

You standing here on empty stomach
won't help. Get some food.

See you.


My Joo-won... is what?

He's... unconscious?


But... But why him?

Why my beautiful boy?

Why my precious little boy?

Why, why my Joo-won?!

What's it like over there?
No news here yet.

None here, either.

I can?t tell if he?s Joo-won or Ra-im.

Seoul Hospital

Ji-hyun, please.

Save my Joo-won.
What's wrong with him?

He was doing fine. What happened to him?

Please calm down.
We're conducting a thorough exam...

You've been doing that for hours!

You're a doctor.

Anyone can say they're
running tests to see what's wrong.

What's wrong with him?
Who did this to him?

Lower your voice.
There are other patients here.



Dr. Park, come to the hospital ward.

Kim Joo-won is conscious.

He's conscious?

He's awake?

Do you see me?

Can you hear me? Joo-won.

Do you know who I am?



What's wrong?

What is it, Joo-won?


Did it rain?

Did it rain here... in Seoul?

Oh no.

My little cousin...

What happened?

Why am I... Why am I in him?


It didn't rain.


drove into the rain with you.


It can't be.

It can't be.

This can't be happening, no!


Joo-won, it's mom.

Joo-won, it's mom.

I am sorry.

I'm sorry, mom.

Where is Joo-won?

Where is he? Where is Joo-won?

You lunatic, you...

You're here.

You're right here, Joo-won.

What's wrong? What happened to him?

You're... awake?

Who are you?

Who is... in there?

What now?

What now, sir?


Are you Ra-im?

What about him?

He swapped with me.

To save me... he sacrificed himself.

You punk.

Because of you...

Just for you, I...

I'm sorry.

What should I do?

What do I do about this?

Oh no.


Who are you?


What's wrong with you?

Why did you come here?

Take him away.

You, have Joo-won discharged.

I can't let him stay here.

Get Dr. Kang to come to Joo-won's house.

- Let's go.
- He's staying.

This isn't Joo-won.

Don't you dare touch him.

Take him away.

Come with us.

I said he's staying.

I don't know who you are.

But if you touch my son again...

I'll go.

I'll go, mom.

Don?t worry.

I can handle it.

I can manage.

Let's go, mom.

I want to go home.

You lower class fools.

There is no internal bleeding.

I'll check on him again after some rest.

So my Joo-won will be alright, doctor?

There's nothing to worry.

Thank you so much.

-See you soon.
- Bye.

Kang, see the doctor out.

Looks like your grandma protected you.

Thank goodness. I'm so glad.


I'm fine. You heard what Dr. Kang said.

I want to sleep a bit.

OK, sleep.

I'll stay right here.

I don?t want you to. Go home.

You really are my boy.
You seemed like someone else earlier.

Call me immediately if you feel sick.

I'll ask Dr. Kang to come.


You take good care of him.



What is it?

I am sorry.

For what? You'll get better soon.

There was never a day
when I wasn't proud of you.

I was the happiest mother alive.

And then you met that girl.

I heard this happened
after you took her for a drive.

I can...

only let you go so far.

Because I want to be happy again.

You must be tired. Rest.

He might try to go back to the hospital.

Because of...

Anyway, you have to stop him.
Do you understand me?


But I don?t want you to hurt him, either.


I have to go.

Sit down.

I have to go.

-Sit down.
- Let me go.

I have to go to him.

I told you to sit down. Go to him later.

Why are you stopping me?

He will be waiting for me.

He'll be alone and he'll be scared.

Go some other time, will you?

You think the world of your stupid love.

But for now, think of us
who might lose a relative.

I am sorry.

I shouldn't have yelled at you.

If Joo-won doesn?t wake up, my aunt...

If she hears you disappeared again...

She will take it hard.

I am sorry.

I didn?t think of that.

I'm really sorry.

I guess he did this
to make you feel sorry.

Auntie's bodyguards are outside.

Stay here for a day at least.

So my aunt doesn't get upset.

I'll visit Joo-won tomorrow.
You're OK here, right?

Seoul Hospital

You crazy...

How could you do this?


How could you do such a thing?

Is this girl all you care about?

Don't you care about family?

A pair of shoes...

Is that all I'm worth?

You switch back when it rains, and...

I'm pretty sure it will rain again.

What do I do when it does? Do I...

respect your choice and
lock Ra-im up each time it rains?

I'm sorry, buddy.

I can't do that.

Hate me all you want for it.

But I won't fight for your love.

Even if you lose your mind for real...

I'd rather have a mad cousin...
than a comatose one.

Your mother told us to not...

I know. But I have to go out.

I hope you don't call my mom.

You need to have some rest.

Step aside. Or you will get hurt.

Come to the main door.

Please don't do this.

Don't make us use force on you, sir.

I warned you.

They'll be fine.
I avoided the vital spots.

I see... I just came by
to deliver the mail.

Your credit card statement,
Kim Tacky Tracky, golf...


What? What did you just say?

From Tacky Tracky to Kim Joo-won

From Tacky Tracky to Kim Joo-won.

I find myself thinking this spell
was actually a gift from the gods.

So laugh like someone
who received an unexpected gift.

Laugh out loud, so that I can hear you.

Because I'm much more capable
than you take me for.

Shave my face and dress me
nicely in the clothes I like.

And if that keeps us together,
then it's enough for me.

Let's say we're like other
dating couples. Let's say we're happy.


Are you OK?

Are you alright?

Why are you here?

He'll be scared... if he?s left alone.

If he knows someone's waiting outside...

maybe he will come back.

Go in.

This stinks.

I guess... one of us
has to disappear into bubbles.

If so, then let it be me.

I'll be the bubbles.

Don't be sad.

That became the Little Mermaid's fate...

the instant she fell in love
with the prince.

You should've just broken my limbs.

What you did breaks my heart
each time I think of you.

I will... turn things back.

Go back the next time it rains.

Please go back.

Is Joo-won alright? I heard he woke up.


But Mr. Choi said...

That isn't... Joo-won.

What do you mean?

I wondered why he
laughed so hard that evening.

I told a boring story
and he overreacted real bad.

Like crazy.

But that was...

his goodbye.

Can you explain so that I can understand?

I always thought I let him win.

Because I'm older and more mature.


how much more mature should someone be...

to be willing to die for someone else?

What exactly happened?

Not again.

Why is it always so rough in your dreams?

Because you are in them.

There's a beautiful dining table
in the middle of a snowy field.

You and I received an invitation.

Silly. This is my dream.

You are in my dream.

We look so smart, all dressed up.

I pull out your chair, like a gentleman.

And you smile your thank-you.

We are smiling at each other.

We are waiting for someone.

The person who invited us.

Dad. Is that really you?

I know you.

Haven?t we met before?

This wine is where
the magic begins and ends.

It's OK if you forget me again.

And it's OK if you forget our promise.

You've done much more
than I ever asked for.

Be loved.

As much as you pitied yourself.

And as much as you cried.

Now it's time to be loved.

The magic is done.

My magic is like the handshake
between two people who just met.

Now it's time for you to make real magic.

That smile fills my heart with warmth

Don't cry, don't go,
stay with me forevermore

You are like spring to me

I know you still hesitate

But my heart won?t let me stop

I will hold you until
your fear goes away

Until you relax in my arms

You cry, you hold it in,
you look up, you force a smile

That smile brightens up my whole world

Don't cry, don't go,
stay with me forevermore

You are like spring to me

I finally found you

You warm me up

I'm back.

I'm back.

Kim Joo-won.

Did you get some sleep?



There's no need to pretend
when it's just us.


What's wrong with you?

And what's wrong with me?

What? What do you mean?

Where am I?

Why am I here? I was in the hospital.

Are you...

really Joo-won?

Is that you? Are you back?

It didn't rain.

What about the rain?
I asked what's wrong with me.


It's you, isn't it?

You're right.

You came here from the hospital.

Your mom brought you here.

Jeez, get off me.

What about my friends? Are they all OK?

Friends? What friends?

Come on.

I went to see them a few days ago.

There was a fire
and I got trapped in the elevator.

You visited me in the hospital.



Are my friends OK?

You're alone? Where's Joo-won?

He said he wanted to go home.

Did you talk to him?

What's wrong with him?
Is his brain fried?

Not physically. I think
it's the result of some shock.

He regained recollections
of the accident,

but lost all memory
of his life after it.

So what happens now?
Is he socially stunted forever?

I don?t think you have to worry.

He accepted his condition pretty quickly.

He actually said
what happened is amusing.

It's amusing? How?

He wanted to be an adult and now
suddenly he is, like in a movie.

That's good.

I told him he's the CEO of a dept. store.

He was overjoyed to hear
he inherited and not you.

What? I'll just...

So he remembers the accident?

All but a few details, I think.

He remembers being trapped
and then rescued.

What details does he not remember?

He seems to have
forgotten about the firefighter.


If you're going home, I'll come along.

Joo-won wanted me to
spend the day with him.


Can you pay for the coffee?
I left my wallet at home.

I told them you'd pay.

My goodness.

Please hurry, mister.

Come on, drive faster.

How are you?

Who designed this house?

You flew in an architect from New York.

He slaved for days, brick by...


I'm perfect even when
I'm older. I like it.

You're saying this is my home?

Not really. It's your mom's.

I'm glad, though.
To see that you're back.

She said my memory's messed up.
That I'm 34 now.


You're 34. I'm 36.

You look your age.

But I don't like I'm 34.

I took care of myself.

He was born a jerk AND
he brags like a youngster, too?

Shouldn?t we get him a straightjacket?

That's the defense mechanism
of people who think they're special.

It's the year 2011.

I'm a CEO and he's a Hallyu star.

And you're now a psychiatrist.

Who dumped me three months ago. Correct?

13 years and three months ago.

It's been 13 years
and we're still good friends?

I'm that kind and understanding.

That can't be.

Are you really a Hallyu star?

I'm the model for... your department store.

Whoa. Not bad at all.

Good for you. I was worried
what you'd grow up to become.

Why you...

I'm huge in Japan, you know.

Do you know how many weeks
I stayed in the Oricon chart?

You stupid thing.

How dare you swap us.

I thought it was over forever.

That I'd never see you again.

You should calm down first.


I saw you. At the hospital.

Really? You remember her?

Your memory's coming back.

She was in the same hospital.

I'll explain everything later.

But you look...

Anyway, you step aside.

I've been meaning to ask you.
Who is Gil Ra-im?

You remember Ra-im?

You do.

You'll recover in no time.

Who is it? It was the
first name that came to mind.

Is it someone I know?

He's 21 at the moment.

He has no recollection after that.

It seems to be temporary. Don?t worry.

Why are YOU crying?

Are you... Gil Ra-im?

You are?

Let's go. She can do what we can't.

So you are Gil Ra-im?

Do you know me? And I know you?

How old are you?


I can't have known someone
older than me. What do you do?

I'm a stuntwoman.


A stuntwoman.

You mean I know a stuntwoman?

Tell me, what was our relationship like?

I'm asking if there?s a reason
you're the first person I thought of.

There is.

You loved me.

And I loved you.

Wait, I didn't just know a stuntwoman...

but I loved one?

Yes. A lot.

Wait, wait.

Couldn?t there be another
Gil Ra-im out there?

There could be.
But I'm the one you loved.


I have some thinking to do,
so leave your number with me.

You always were a jerk.


Did you just...

My number's in your phone.
Alongside my name.

And photos you took of me.

I can take whatever you throw at me.

I can forgive whatever
you say or do to me.

Just because you are still alive.

Why do I keep thinking of her?

Should I feed you?


It's not bad being sick.

Don't you dare say that again.

Since your accident...

Cooking and eating alone...
Do you know how much I cried?

Because you had to do the dishes?

You evil witch!

Weren't you afraid to pee at night?

Did you still go ''Does it smell''
when you pooped?

If you dare get hurt again,
I'll burn all your Oska memorabilia.

Hey. What did he do to you?


Put that spoon down. Right now.

I'll let you two catch up.

Tell the guy outside to come in.

There's someone outside?

He's just the same, isn't he?

The same narrow scope of ideas.

Are you close?

You two are closer.

I hired him, which was
obviously a dumb move.

Here's a hospital meal
you'll never forget.

It's OK to show your shock.

I did it on purpose.

I'll put these out
if you're done praying.

All dining tables need candles.

Don't misunderstand.
This isn't about you.

I'm just doing a good deed.

This is how I was raised.

I know.

You know?

Have you been thinking?
I was wondering when you'd call.

I'm here to figure things out.

To find out the reason
I even thought of dating you.

No matter how hard I try,
I can?t think why I'd ever like you.

Mind if I ask what your dad?s name is?

Is he someone I might recognize?

Yes, actually.

Really? What clan is he from?

Nah, answer that later.

Why are you a stuntwoman?

My stunt moves smell of lavender.


You just don't remember,

but you also said, ''No wonder
I'm so in love with you.''

Fine. Let's say I did.

What would you say
is your greatest charm?

Try on me whatever you did before.

Don?t say crap like ''Try to remember.''

I'll turn your 5th vertebra into the 6th.


You followed me around saying
I was the first woman to beat you up.

I... I did?

Look, you're here to see me.

You think of me all day long.

But you just can't understand why.

Do you want me to tell you why?


It's because you love me.

Trust your own taste.

I am a woman worthy of your love.

I'm going home tomorrow.

So you want me to pick you up?

You're going to want to see me again.

I'm giving you an excuse.

Then one day, you will say this.

''I'm perplexed and intrigued.''

No way.

Welcome back, Ra-im

Hello again, everyone.

I'm sorry for worrying you all.

If you dare get injured again,

I'll make you quit,
even though you love this job.


Kudos for pulling through.

Thank you so much for everything.

Split up.

You're a two-timer?

Was I just one part of
your two-timing life?

How do you know this place? You remember?

Sorry to be so rude,
but I'm here to see this lady here.

Can you all get lost?

I'll explain everything later.

Follow me.

What? You all know me?

Follow me.

How'd you find me?

You didn't recognize Mr. Lim,
so you can't have remembered.

I chose a more efficient option.

I know it's rude, but I had you followed.


Why did my leg automatically do that?

Did you hit me often?

I told you so the last time we met.

Your body remembers me, Tacky Tracky.

What, ''Tacky Tracky''?

Is that what you called me?

Are you talking about my tracksuit?




This jacket isn?t what you think it is.


See that?

That tag.

Hey, you.

Thank you. For coming back.

I'm so grateful.

I'm falling for the 21-year-old you, too.



I heard you're still being stupid
and hanging around my Joo-won.

Are you dumb or sick in the head?

Or just fearless because
you think you cheated death?

I'm really sorry.

But nothing can make me
give up on Joo-won now.


Just like you said,
we both cheated death.

Which is why every single day
is so precious.

I am not afraid of you one bit, now.


Why are you being so stubborn?
Joo-won doesn't even remember you.

I know.

But he will remember me.

Then he wouldn't have
forgotten in the first place.

I'd rather he not get back
the lost 13 years.

I can fill them in for him
with books and classes.

But you're afraid.


Memories of me aren't
things you can teach.

And yet he might remember.

I'm not doing this to destroy him.

Breaking us up will destroy us both.

I'm begging you.
Please try to understand.

Are you a wall? An animal?

Are you a foreigner?
Don't you understand me?

How can you ignore
every single thing I say?

I'm really sorry.

But I must say one more thing.

Please give your son to me.

I will take responsibility
and make him happy.

What ARE you?

It's me. Please open the door.

How are you? Ah-young's
not back from work yet.

I'm not here to see her.
My boss wants you dragged over.

I asked if he wants to see you
and that's what he said.

I was missing him anyway.
Where will you drag me to?


You're moving in.

-To be with me.

Until I tell you to leave.

I need to figure out why I like you.

It's funny?

I've heard that line before.

You're saying I did this before?

You whined about wanting to
share the bed and shower together.

Our relationship was
more serious than I thought.


Did we?


I'll put it like this.

Did we kiss each other?

Like this.