Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

At his yet-to-open retreat, Joo Won fakes an injury to keep Ra Im in his company. Despite his brazen, unwanted advances, she starts regarding him in a more favorable light. Meanwhile, Boon Hong simmers with suspicion. While once again trying to pump information out of Joo Won's psychiatrist, word comes that Joo Won's in the hospital (for a sore back incurred while faking his injury). It prompts Boon Hong into visiting Ra Im's apartment, where she discovers a box of Joo Won's underwear - proof positive, in her eyes, of Ra Im's wanton character. In the tongue-lashing that follows, Joo Won receives a harsh choice, and Ra Im withdraws from him entirely.

Episode 13

What is so harsh in your dream?

Because you are in my dreams.

You are not happy with me even in your dreams?

Even so, come.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow...

You know...

There is an empty room next door.

Are you guys still up?

We'll go to sleep soon.

Let's clean up.

The air is so refreshing!

Why didn't you sleep a little longer?
Aren't you tired?

I'm fine.

I won't be in your way.

I got your water.

It's gonna be slippery since it's winter.

You should have your climbing iron in case it's slippery.

Let's go.


Where are you two going?

Are you going up to the top?

If possible.

Where are you two going!

I told you I'm not the type of person that can be ignored!

If you get tired let me know.

This is nothing.

Hey, there!

Slow down.

Let's go together.

Let's speed up.

Shall we?


I said let's go together!

What are you two gonna do up there all by yourselves?

Wow, this is great.

Among the 4 seasons,
I like winter climbing best.


The face is cold and the body is hot.

Even though you're tired,
you freeze when you stop walking.

I like it when I have to walk and
walk until my heart bursts.

Because if you continue to walk,
eventually you get on the top of the mountain.



Why are you coming down now?

I almost froze to death!

How can you just leave?

Look here!

I can't walk.

Why can't you walk?


I twisted my ankle.

So why do you go that fast?

I hurt while I was chasing you.

Can't you see it's swollen?

Look at this.


It hurts! It hurts!


It hurts! It hurts!

It hurts!


It hurts!

It hurts! It hurts!



Do you seriously have a death wish?

What did I do?

Why are you like this to a patient?

Hold my bag.

I'll just carry him.



It's strange.

I felt like dying just now but...

It feels better now.


Did you fake it?

I said it hurt until now.

When are you going to stop this habit?

You always kick the same part you kicked before.

Even if I kick you ten times, your leg won't break.

It really hurts!

Let's take a break.


I can't do it because you're making me laugh.

What is this!

Did you get botox on your pelvis?

Should I ask Taec Yeon to come?

Do you want to learn from him?

I want to do this with Sandara not with you.

Don't you know how many fans Sandara has?

Do you want to end your singer's life after that?


Just because your OST are big hits you look down on me?

You looked down on others even when you didn't have any hits.

That's why I'm a better person than you.
I'm always consistent.

I didn't become modest when I had hits.

I must have betrayed my country in my previous life,

when I see I'm doing this with you.

Let's just get back to practice.

I will.

Let me get this.


It's me.

Can we meet?

When is it a good time for you?

Is that really true?

You didn't know why you guys broke up?

It was Seul, who refused my marriage proposal.

And she left with Joon Hyuk to the US.

She didn't leave with Joon Hyuk.

They just left on the same day.


At first she was in Florida for 2 months,

And then, Toronto, London..
she was wandering like that.

She stayed in Switzerland for awhile.

About a year.

That's why I went to ski there.

Is that true?

So she wasn't with Joon Hyuk?


Truthfully speaking, you were a bit harsh.



You don't know?

Men are always like this.

If I were her, if my lover acted like that
in front of other people, I would want to die.


She wanted to die too.

What do you mean?

Seul took some medicine.

What did I do?

What was it that I did?

Tell me.

How can I tell you that?

You better hear it from her directly.

Since we aren't really close to each other,
it would be a bit awkward.

Aren't you her best friend?

I have a lot of friends.

It's because Seul had no friends...

You are somewhat responsible for her not having friends.

You were everything to her but

Seul was a part of everything to you.

You never had an occasion not seeing
Seul when you wanted to see her.

But Seul was always alone when she needed you.

She always had to hide herself in order to be your lover.

In the time of life when she was prettiest.


Is that true?

I found out later.

I didn't know that folder was shared by others.

So it was me who leaked the music.

It was me?

I'm really sorry.

It really was me.

What shall we do?

Give me your resignation letter.

You take a rest.


Thank you for the past...

For the past?

After messing up things like this,

are you quitting your job with only a resignation letter?


Take a rest this week and come to office from Monday.

From then on, you have to work harder as you have messed it up.

Got it?

Are you forgiving me?

You said it was a mistake.
I made an even worse mistake than that.

You came?

We have to conclude the contract this week...

What are you doing?

I said what are you doing?

Did you change your plan?

To win over me?

The person who leaked the music...

It turned out that I was the one who leaked it.

I'll compensate for your damage.

I told you

that it was you.


Just eat one.

You said you liked roasted chestnut, long ago.

It's not me.

We don't have any chestnut in our memory.

You did it with some other girl,
and doing it to me now?

Is it really not you?

I have thought about it for a long time, and it's not?

Why did you go out with a bad guy like me?

Why did you like me so much?

I will think about it more.

One by one. I will figure it out.

So I can find out

why you got hurt because of me.

I'm going.

Kim Joo Won has a meeting tomorrow,
so he can't leave with us.

So I made Ra Im look after him.

She has caused the accident after all
and I felt bad leaving him by himself.

Let's go if everyone is ready.


Are you sure you really got hurt?

Is that something to say to your lover who is dying?

Why did you hit me then?

Then go to the hospital.

I want to do that.

But if it's not my own physician,
I can't get treated.

If I show up at the hospital, it will be on
the economic news and stocks will fall.

Do a first aid for me.

Am I your doctor?

Your body appears to have been injured so many times.

At that rate, you should know at least how to reduce the swelling let alone getting a licensure.

Where are you swollen?


Do you want to die?

Why are you acting so embarrassed?

You probably saw everything
when we had our bodies switched.

I'm not that kind of person.

Hurry up and pull up your pants.


Instead, tell me the truth when I ask you a question.

The day you met with Choi Woo Young...

What did you two do?

We ate pig skin.


Are you an employee of a hog raising association?

Why do you keep feeding people that?
Did Choi Woo Young eat it?


Unlike someone else, he chewed it...

Like a real man.


What? I was really like a man just now.

You're faking that you got hurt aren't you?

Ah, it hurts so much.
It must be broken.

Yeah I bet.

Where are you going?

I'm going to go take a walk so you stay put.

Let's go together.

Didn't you say you're hurting?

Because I'm hurting!

Don?t you know about rehab?

Gil Ra Im...


Your action has a scent of lavender.


Your presence itself is a miracle to me.


You are dead meat Hwang Jeong Won.

I walked like this with you before.

You kept appearing in my thoughts.

So two of us walked like this...

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Somethings feels like fantasy because they're distant.

That is the way of stars. Just as it is with people who are too beautiful, they disappear easily.

it's a quote from the book that I read to understand his true feelings for me and it lingered with me for long.

I have realized that now.

What an amazing person he is.

And that is why he is so distant from me.

He will disappear one day as well.

As the way people do when they're too beautiful.

Don't you know how to knock?

I don't know.

There aren't that many doors where
I need to knock and go in.

Wash my feet for me. My back hurts so I can't do it.

You want ME to wash your feet?

Can you get me a glass of water?
I'm thirsty.

Your room is closer to the kitchen than mine!

Can you change the channel for me?
It's boring.


What now?

I want to sleep here.


Why? I can't?

Normally people need scandalous
incidents to get close.

Are you really crazy?

Get out!

With everything else you act
obviously and conventionally

so why are you pretending to be
refreshing at a time like this?

If you go to an island, the boats stop running.
If you go to a hotel, it?s the last room.

At a country estate, there is fireplace
scene as it grows late into the night.


Fine. You sleep here.

I will get out of here! I will.

Open it!

You're not going to open it?!

While I'm asking nice, open it!

I'm gonna break it down.

Go ahead.

It's your door.

Not mine.

Fine. You won't open it?

I see.

Make sure you close your eyes shut while you sleep!

Since you never know when I might come in.

Oh, Director Lim.

Didn't you leave?

Did you leave something behind?


See what I mean... you sure aren't smart.

Are you not getting out?!

Let's go to sleep. I'm sleepy.

Let's go to sleep.

Are you really crazy?

Let me go.

When I'm asking nice, let me go.

Yah, let me go.


I will give you a chance. On the
count of three get off my body.

Even though you won?t be able to escape injury,
I won?t send you to the threshold of death.


If you stop now,
I won't accuse you of any crime.

I swear I won't hit you.

If you keep complaining,
I'm going to hold onto you longer.

Yes, I understand.

You've worked hard.

Are you ready?

Can we leave now?


Can you drive?



I'm injured. My back hurts.

You're lying.

I'm not lying.

I have to quickly get back to Seoul and go to the hospital.

Don't try to deceive me.

I won't fall for it.

It's true.

I said last night I was in that much pain.

But you just slept so well.

That's enough. I'm really hurting.

Hurry up.

Are you really hurting?

In this condition the pain should have been great.

It should also be difficult to walk properly.

It wasn't fake?

What did you just hear?

You would call it a miracle that I survived, huh?

Since you met Heo Joon if you get some acupuncture done now and get regular treatments you?ll get better.


Are you gonna put that in my body?


Like this.

You should have counted one two three before you do that.

What kind of man acts like such a crybaby?


Please write up a medical certificate.
I tumbled because this woman kicked me.

Tomorrow you will see my lawyer

You?re going to hear about your damn future,
be prepared for that.

Do you really have a lawyer?

I have suspicions, but no evidence.
So I want you to answer me straight.

Go ahead.

What Joo Won is taking

is not sleeping pills, right?

Is it for depression?

When did he start taking it?

Is it serious?

I already told you this before.

By medical law, a patient?s personal
information cannot be...

Will you close your mouth?!


Joo Won hasn't ever been an individual since his birth.

Whatever happens to Joo Won, it is the
issue of the 30,000 people of the group.

Don't you know that?

His condition is not that bad for you to worry.

I will be the one to decide that.

I'm his doctor.

If you?re that good, is that
why you let everyone nearby find out?

What are you going to do now?

Sorry to interrupt the conversation,
but I heard that the president got hurt.

What? My Joo Won got hurt?

Where? From what? How much?

He went to investigate the site of the new resort.

While hiking with Gil Ra Im...

What? She went there with him?

This brat! Really!

From now on, you really have to be careful.

Because you got used to it to some extent,
it is the stage you may make a mistake.

You know, right? The most probable stage
the accident could happen,

because you?re too confident
in your skills and fool around.

Fooling around?

Isn?t it easy to understand? Today?s point is
?always have doubts about your skills.?

I'm really good at that.

Among singers having the discography of 7 albums,

I am one of them.

The problem is because you always doubt yourself.

Isn't it time to acknowledge yourself?

Geez, you have been talking like my anti-fan recently.

An artful anti-fan?

Stop talking and do the finishing stretches.

PT exercise 100 times, squatting 50 times and sit up is...

Cancel, cancel! We are not going to do that.

Why? I like that one the best.

Why don't you hold my legs?

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Thank you for dropping me off.

Because you are my tutor,
it is a must to give you a ride.

Why? Do you know them?

Ra Im, don't come home until I call you.
Go some place and wait.

Don't come. OK. Got it?

What's the matter?

Alright, I knew these things would be here.

Why did you come in here?

Aren't you Oska?

Why are you here?
Please come out.

Why are you here?
Did you come to see this gal?

Please come out. Why are you here?

How did you get here?

What kind of situation is this?
Were you guys together?

What is she to you?

Aunt, you're making up stories again.
It's not that. Let's leave!

You stay still.
And you were with Joo Won in the mountains.

Is that true?

What kind of person are you?
You said this with your own mouth.

That my Joo Won has nothing on you.

You asked me never to allow him near you.

After keeping your pride like that,
how dare you make me a nosy mother?

If you have nothing, at least you should have credence.
How come you always backstab me?

Aunt. Please stop. It's not Ra Im's fault.

You shouldn't be here.
Instead, go to Joo Won and ask him.

Will it work out by blaming Joo Won?

Who did you let in this shoddy house?
Have you gone crazy?

Since you hide behind Joo Won's back,
you are being so bold?

You are misunderstanding.
None of that happened.

If that didn't happen, then why is this here?
Do you wear these?

This is why it shows when you didn't grow up with parents.

Did your parents teach you that? In order to survive and get money, you should take it from a guy?

How can you say such a thing?

What did you just say?

I didn't say anything wrong. You're the one who caused me to curse your parents.

Please take it back right now.

Please take it back right now!

How dare you raise your voice?

Kim Joo Won likes me.

I came to like him too.

But I won't see him ever again.

While having my parents cursed at...

He's not a man that I can't forget.

He's not worth that much.

My dad...

is an incredible person who sacrificed his own
life to save the lives of thousands of people.

He's not the type of person to hear that from you.

So please take what you just said.

Please take it back.

Why should I?

I can say and do much worse things than that.

Aunt. Please!

Leave. Aunt please leave!

Why are you like this?!
Let me GO!!!

Please go please!

Let me go!

Like a beggar...

Why do I have to be like a beggar?

Don't cry.

Don't cry Ra Im.

Like a beggar...

The year-end party for VVIPs will be
held in your restaurant as was last year

I understand.

It must be hurting a lot.

Because I am hurt, you look happy.

Geez, how can President say that?

I was going to give a clear explanation
but I have a phone call to answer.

Just a moment please.


Isn't it Im Ah Young? You can talk to her here.
If you move even a step, you will be dead.

It's my mom.

Hello? Mom?

What? Is that really true?!

I will call you later, later.


Your mom's name is Ah Young?

That's not important right now.
Your mother went to Gil Ra Im's house.

What? My mom did what!?!

I'm going crazy!

Message me the phone number of Im Ah Young.


Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Why would you do that? Why!

What did you say?
What did you say to her?!

By any chance, did you make her cry?

If I did make her cry,
what if I did make her cry!

How could you go over there?!
You should have come to me!

I thought that it wouldn't help by talking
to you, so I went to her house.

At least, she's in her right mind.

What are you talking about?

You are taking psychiatric medicine for your mental condition.

That's why Ji Hyun drops in and out because of that.

Isn't that right? How can you hide that from me?
Do you want to see me dying?

You should have at least told me.

It's not serious enough to tell you.

That's what you think.
Is this America?

When you have your own psychiatrist, do you think
people will consider you as a normal person?

If a rumor spreads about this, how are
you going to handle this situation?

What are you going to do with your grandfather's
brothers who have an eye at your position?

What about Director Park?

I'll do something about it.
I said that I will do something about it.

So please don't ever try to find
and meet that girl again.

Me too! I don't want to meet her again!
Do you really like that girl?

She said she is not going to see
you and you aren't worth seeing.

But, you love her to death?

That girl said that?
She said that with her own mouth?

She won't meet me?


Fine. Do whatever you want.

If you want to do everything with
that girl, then try it all!

What is the meaning of that?

Do you think you're arguing with me?

You're fighting with yourself.
The choice is up to you.

So if you really love that woman, go!
The money, house, power that you have...

If you can leave behind all the things that
you lived luxuriously with, then leave!

If I have a baby, then maybe she'll approve?
Maybe time will help work things out? Never!

If only you and the child returns,
then maybe I'll accept you. But...!

That woman will never be able to enter into this house.
Even if I die, she won't be able to enter!

I'll write that down in my will.
So if you are satisfied with just love.

Then, leave.

Are you okay?

Are you not hungry?
Should I make some food?

It's alright.

Gil Ra Im! Are you inside?
Open up the door!

The President must have come back.

Don't open the door.

Why? You fool...

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im!

Gil Ra Im! You're inside, right?

I can hear your cell phone.
Open the door.

So, I can at least apologize or beg for forgiveness.

Are you really going to be like this?

Let's talk, huh?!

Gil Ra Im! Open the door!
Can't you hear me?

Gil Ra Im. Please see me. Let's talk.

I told you that I would do everything and anything.

Waiting in front of your house for 8 hours...

That's nothing to me now.

It was really cold last night.
You didn't know huh?

Please look at me.

I thought about it last night.
About how I should apologize.

But I don't have a solution.

You don't know how?

Why? Because you can't apologize
to a girl who has nothing?

What everyone knows how to do,
why don't you know how?

What everyone does, how come you can't do it?

Wherever I go, I'm always sorry.
But, how come you don't know the solution?

You have such an incredible mother. After making me
just stand there in that luxurious home of yours,

and now in my home where I wake up and
sleep, she puts me in my place.

Now in my own living room, every moment of my life,
thinking about the incident that happened yesterday...

I have to breathe, eat, and joke
around living like that. You know?

So, don't complain that you had to
stay here all night. And now...

Leave my poor reality.

Please leave. And just live the way
you used to in your fantasy world.


Where have you been?

Are you just coming home?

Did you get the invitation?

Today is our VVIP party...

So, come out and show your face.

How can work come out from your mouth?

If you show your face,

I'll buy your concert ticket.

As many as female workers of my department store.

Is Ra Im coming to the party?

Yoon Seul will come.

Since she is our VVIP.

Both you and I are privileged people,

how come our lives are defective like this.

I know...

I heard that there's a LOEL Department store VVIP party.

Did you get the invitation?


Are you going?

I should go.

Woo Young oppa might even come.

That's why I'm going.

By any chance do you still like him?

Is that so?


Don't I look too poor?


Han Gi Joo

Yoon Jae Hee

Oh Sueng Ah

Jo Gook

Seo Young Eun


I will need to work over time again.

They don't promote me and only make me over work.

President Kim is cheap you know.

Don't talk about that man.

If I think about what happened yesterday...

Is Gil Ra Im okay?

What do you think?

Looks like she stayed up all night.

I wonder if she ate...

After wire action, next let me show you my fighting action.

I'm good at doing oriental martial arts.
Like taekwondo, hapkido, and karate.

The party you are calling is not available...

You're great!

I think you will pass.

Thank you for everything.

It's me. Kim Joo Won is going to look for me right now.

Just tell him I'm not here.

Don't ask me why but just do me a favor.

She's really not here?

You said you will help me.

Tell me the truth.

Did she ask you to tell me that she's not here?

It is not like she is not here because
she asked me for telling so...

Since she is likely not to be here.

Gil Ra Im!

Listen to me well.

I know you can hear me.

You are being

a coward right now.

If you think that I'm going to quit now,

you can forget that thought.

I didn't even start and

didn't get your answer.

You know hiding won't solve the problem.

You'd better do as you did before.

Throw things at me.

You can throw me away!

I'm sorry to disturb you.

I don't know what happened but

is hiding like this the best way?

I have to see your face in order to resolve the issue.

If you don't want to see me then answer my phone call.

He's not wrong either.

It is not good for him to come here like this way.

I'm sorry.

Yoon Seul will come.

Since she is our VVIP.

Where are you? Where are you?
Let me know where you are.

Where are you?

Where are you?

Let me know where you are.

Answer my call.

Are you really not going to see me?

Is this the best? Are you sure?

I'm worried so please call me.

I beg you.

If you care about me even a bit, before coming to see me,
you should have checked about yourself at least once.

Oh! Gil Ra Im.

When did you get here?

Did Joo Won invite you?

No, I came at a wrong day.

I'll be going then.

Oh come on.

Didn't come to see Joo won?

You came all the way here so let's go in.

No. Next time.

Why are your hands so cold?

How long did you stay out here?

You are frozen.

Let's go to my place and drink something warm.

Let's go.

Not today. Wait!

Wait a moment!

Are you feeling better?


Don't mind what my aunt said.

She tends to say bitter words.

Were you waiting outside for a while?

Did Joo Won tell you not to come in as he feels ashamed?


He doesn't even know I'm here.

If he doesn't then you should have let him know.

Let's go with me then.

Oh! No!

Since my dress code doesn't really fit today.

I will fix that.

Meet Joo Won and tell him confidently

"I came to see you."


It's me. Prepare for hairdresser, make up artist
and dresses and come here right away.

Her height is about 166-7cm and size is

44 and a half.

She is boishy and her limbs are somewhat long.

Waist is.. hmm,

like not too slender.

You can anticipate it.
Today I am like your fairy godmother.

The phone you are calling is unavailable...

This year's party mood is better than last year.

How do you know that?

I don't think you got the invitation last year.

I know but

since I came this year.

My cousin didn't come yet.

He might not come.

I'm not looking for Choi Woo Young.

I have been checking how many women
are more catchier than me.

Wherever I am I want to be the queen.