Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 1 - One - full transcript

Young Kim Joo Won, CEO of a major department store, would be a fine catch if it weren't for his arrogance and antisocial manner (in part to mask his phobia of elevators). Elitist Yeun Sul would like to make a husband of him but, although part of his upper crust society, can't find common ground. Choi Woo Young (Joo Won's Lothario cousin) - better known to the world as singing star Oska - needs a favor. He's dumped his leading actress girlfriend, Park Jae Rin, and needs Joo Won to keep her occupied for three hours so she can't make bad publicity for him. From the film set, Joo Won takes off with Gil Ra Im, a stunt double whom he's mistaken for spoiled actress Jae Rin. Ra Im is surprisingly connected to all their lives, being Jae Rin's stunt double, having known Oska in the past (and currently a big fan of his), and having confronted Yeun Sul's snobbery in trying to have Lim Ah Young (Ra Im's roommate) fired from her job at Joo Won's department store. She is unlike any of the other girls Joo Won's met (for one, the only girl to ever stand up to him). Though she can certainly handle herself in a fight, he finds her in need of help when she denies an injury sustained in rehearsal.

Episode 1

Do you know what an 'Indian summer' is?

It's a period of abnormal warmth
after a sharp frost during the autumn.

During this time, the Native Americans
hunted to prepare for the winter.

So they called this brief period
a gift from the gods.

This year's Indian summer
will be accompanied by a lot of rain.

I wonder if any of you will consider
the rain a gift from the gods.

Or maybe some of you will think
the gods are playing a joke on us.

Right, Joo-won?

What? Who was that?

Oh, him? He's my cousin.
Sort of, I guess.

If I buy a sports car,
he buys the sports car dealership.

If I buy a yacht, he'll do anything
to buy the land surrounding the dock.

In other words, he's even worse than me,

the very guy you'll be
calling a jerk very soon.


He's what?

And why would I ever call you a jerk?

My little Chae-rin.

Do you need me to
spell everything out for you?

I'm breaking up with you.

We're through. It's over.


Then what was that kiss?

A goodbye kiss.

I want you to remember me as a man...

whose kiss was...


You jerk!

Her grandfather was a minister,
her father runs a hotel.

She studied abroad
and now she directs commercials.

Miss Yoon Seul?

Edouard Manet

Are you a fan of Edouard Manet?

This is a first for me,
a blind date at an art gallery.

It's so I can save time.

How so?

I can see first hand
how my date carries herself in public.

And see if she's more
of a 'night club' girl.

And if she prefers perfume
that's overwhelming or more subtle.

Are you thirsty?

Sheesh. Is mine too overwhelming?

You may leave if you are uncomfortable.

-We can tell our parents...
- Do you feel uncomfortable?

Don't you?

We're not just average people.

Which means we have more to lose.

But marriage based on status
and not love...

is not what I want.

I hate just following my parents' wishes.

I'm too hot-blooded for that.

So you're... against arranged marriages?





I suppose some think it's important.

But ignoring one's background and
education because of a hormonal disease?

And falling for just some average guy?

Can any amount of kissing
make up for that disparity?

Um, well...

You're more naive than you look.

If you're the type who prefers a pauper
to a prince, then you're not for me.

Do you usually say you got dumped?

Then I'll say I dumped you.



The Manet exhibit opens next month.

Wait, Mr. Kim Joo-won.



No man has ever been able to resist
my modern woman routine.

But he just walked away.
Looking so handsome.

So he dumped you?

I've finally found my match.

I was afraid he'd like you.

If he finds out you and Oska...

You want him to know?

He wouldn't have showed up if he did.

Drink your coffee.

This is the best of all the
department store VIP lounges.

Look at this coffee cup.
It's so expensive...

Gold digger.


You rich, spoiled brat.

What does that make you?


I'm an heiress.

Look at those gold diggers
showing off their purchases.

One should wear a name brand,
not be worn by it.

Oh my.

-What's her deal?

Oh my.

Oh my gosh, look.

It's a dragon tattoo.

Mrs. Lee.

Turn my girl's face away.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to marry the CEO soon.

I won't let thugs into his establishment.

I'll do my duty as the First Lady-to-be.

Hey. Hey.

She's at it again.



How can I help you, miss?

Since when have you
lowered the standards here?

Isn?t this lounge for VIPs
who spend over $100,000 a year?

Did you check everyone's ID?

Of course, miss.

You're a liar.

You didn't check mine.

Well, that's because
everyone knows who you are.

She's talking about me.
Give me the key.

Don?t take it out on her.
I was about to leave.

Thanks for the coffee. See you later.

We spend millions here
to pay for some thug's coffee?

What's your name?

I'm really sorry, miss.

I'm very sorry.

Im Ah-young

Stay here.

We're cursed this year.

The fortuneteller told us
we have to beware of people.

She has your nametag.

So what?

You'll make things even worse.

I just have to apologize some more.

I'll probably just
get yelled at. It's fine.

Why should you get yelled at?
Why is it always your fault?

Hey, hey.

- My bag.
- Mister.

A thief. Stop him!

My bag.

He has my bag!

He stole my bag.

That cost thousands.
How could you just let go?

I'm sorry. I was protecting the baby.

Don't blame my girl. Hand her over.

Are you working with him?

You're with him, aren't you?
Pay me back right now!

What kind of curse is this?

Wait right here.

What about my bag?

I was cleaning my baby's nose...

when the thief appeared,
snatched the bag...

Do we have to do this?

What brand was it?

A foreign brand.

This is it, right?

See if anything's missing.

I got your friend's bag back.

How about you forget
what happened earlier?

Give me the nametag.

It's gone.

It's not.

I threw it away.

Did you?

In the trash can by the entrance...

Which trash can?

Trash cans are equally dirty...

to those who spend $100,000 a year
and to those who just drink the coffee.

Go and get what you threw away.


I'm a very understanding person.

Forget what happened.

It's too late for that.
I'm not that understanding.

Oh no.

Oh no.

- Let go.
-Wait up.

Let me go!

Find it.

It's not this trash can.

Then go find it. I want that nametag.

Happy now?

Take it so I can leave.

Is that trash?

Are you crazy?

How dare you.

Looks like that's your trash can.

What's her problem?


Don't you think she's cool?

What do you think she does?


Cut, OK.

This is so tiring.

Don't you look where you're walking?
And why's the water so dirty?

Did I look cool in that scene?

You should look pretty, not cool.

An actress needs nothing else.
All you need is to look great.

It's all about looks, you know.

You know me. I'm great at looking pretty.


Good job. You were amazing today.

Thank you.

You wear the same costume
and makeup, but you're not ME.

You're a stunt loser.

Staring at your empty space

I'm still looking


Are you done?

We're off to the next site.

Is Oska comforting you again?



I heard Chae-rin was being mean.

She wasn't.

What did she say?

Nothing much.
It's not like I care anyway.

She's not worth the effort.

She's just jealous that you're
a million times prettier.

I know.

Some guy said I'm
a million and one times prettier.

I blame my mom for making me so pretty.

I use cheap cosmetics,
but my skin's so perfect.

And everything I wear fits unbelievably.

I thought age would make me look bad,

but each new year proves how wrong I was.

I'm just so lucky.

My mom was amazingly pretty.

Jeez, really.

Did she have to be so pretty?
Can I sue her for that?

I really wish we could.

- Let me help you.
-It's fine.

Listen to the song. And sing for us.

Staring at your empty space

Gil Ra-im

I think you'll be
behind that closed door

I think I just heard your footsteps

I barely get any sleep because
thoughts of you wake me up

I can barely work
because my tears blind me

Why not bring a friend?

They refused to come with me.
They all like boy bands.

I'm still looking

Staring at your empty space

I'm still looking

Though you'll never return

But I look because
that's the only way...

Woo-young will be upset
if you leave now. Hang in there.

I can only take so much.

How come his singing
gets worse every year?

His fans can hear you.

If you leave now, I'll tell him
not to renew his contract with you.

Did he bribe you? To watch me?

I'm a major stockholder in his company.

You're staying.

But I can?t stop myself
from calling out your name

The name that I cursed

Though our memories hurt so much

I remember them because
that's the only way...

To stop myself from ever
forgetting about you

I didn't deserve the love we had

I didn't know that then

Now all I can do is show my regret

LOEL Department Store

Why does he do this when
there's a perfectly fine elevator?

Who cares? I like seeing his face.

How can a person be so good-looking?

What's the point? He doesn?t work.

He only comes in twice a week.

No wonder they say
there'll be a hostile takeover.

The managing director's
signing all the papers.

Mr. Park's forging signatures?

Just look at the decor.

We'll have to change it.

When you move in here.

Look here, Mr. Choi.

Yes, sir.

What should we change first?


This name plaque.

Yes, the plaque.

Here's the plan for the Annual Fall Sale.

I haven't even sat down yet.

I'm just anxious.
We're running out of time.

So why didn't YOU sign it?

Can't you duplicate my signature?

Rumors are just rumors.

But they?re spreading
because you don't come to work...

I work Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What about the other days?

No. The traffc's horrible.

Is this your best? Are you sure?

I'm not really sure.

What exactly do you
not like about the plan?

How would I know? I haven't read it yet.

If you're not sure
this is your best, redo it.

What do you think, Mr. Park?

I'll put together a new plan
as soon as possible.

It's my 7th album. We're shooting
the music video overseas.

My concert was a sellout.
My fans will want me to act in it.

That's the problem right there.

There's not one director
who wants to work with you, OK?

Why not? For what reason?

''For what reason?''

Are you serious? You really don't know?

I swear. I don't know.

Do you feel OK?


But my chest is kind of saggy.


Everyone knows you'd slap
a Hollywood star if you could.

It's all over the internet that you
threw a script at SBC's Director Choi.

No way, I did not throw a script at him.

I threw a synopsis.

Oh, yeah?

Then be sure to throw
the script at him next time.

Going somewhere?

To hire a director. Before
you decide to be the director, too.

Give me strength.

I can't be the director.

Can I? How about I just do it?
All problems solved, no?

You think?

You little...

Stand still, right there.

I'd like to go get a drink. Are you free?

Looks like you're not, though.

I finished the updated plan.

In just six hours?

Procrastination is not my style.

Is this your best? Are you sure?



It's the Spring Sale plan.
You just changed the title.

We do this every year.

The scope of what we can do
is narrower than you think.

What if it?s actually wider?

Would you want to shop
for a chance to win a tiny car?

No, right?

Because I pay you enough
to afford a much nicer car.

Can't you think of
something more appealing?

We can't increase our profit margin...

by targeting poor souls
who need to pinch their pennies.

Let's advertise that we will
give away some items...

that some A-list celebrities
were photographed wearing.

A vain young heiress can and will
spend much more than a housewife.

And her spending will guarantee
that you get paid more than your worth.

What do you think?

You are always right. As usual.

How about Oska's contract with us?

Done deal.

His Japanese fans are
spending more, thanks to...

I know.

If you fail to renew the contract...

Didn't you just hear me say, ''Done deal''?

Are you afraid that
I won't do it, or can?t do it?

If I said it's a done deal, it is.

Be ready in ten minutes.

Why are you still here?

Get going.

How long since
your last commercial? A year?

Why ask?

There are hot new stars
all over the place.

How dare you not sign the new contract.

Is that what this is about?

This 7th album may be
your last chance to go out on the top.

Your last chance to even
represent my store.

That's what you think.

Have you ever known me to be wrong?

Money doesn't mean much to you or me.

So just take enough
to appease your pride.

I'll triple the amount
in the press release.

It's always about money between us.

Why do I take the hit?
Can't you pay me more?

I can't do that. It'll hurt MY pride.


Jeez, honestly.

I won't do it.
I won't renew the contract.

I'm leaving.

That girl at the bar
can?t take her eyes off me.

-It's me she's looking at.
-Are you cross-eyed?

She's been trying to catch
my attention all night.

Because I won't look at her.

Yeah, right.

I bet she?s my fan. Shall I ask her?

You're dreaming.

Wanna bet? I'll go and ask her.

She was a past blind date of mine.


Sign the contract
before someone else does.

I won?t wait long.

Hey, hey. Pay the bill.

Park Chae-rin

Why aren't you picking up?

You're answering other girls' calls
and ignoring mine?

My thighs are nicer than anyone's.
You said so yourself.

You can't get rid of me.

There are a ton of reporters
here to check me out at work.

I'm going to tell them
all about us. Got it?

What the heck are you doing here?

I need to help you practice.

Not again. I did it once already.
Isn?t that enough?

Not at all.

This scene has complex movements.
One small mistake and...

I didn't ask you to talk back.

You are so rude.

Fine. I'll do it. Let's do it.

Let's go slow.

One, two, three.

Let's try it again.

Now, one, two, three.

My fingernail. Look at my fingernail.

Look, it's bleeding.

Don?t touch it, it hurts.

Chae-rin, are you hurt?

- Blood...
-You're bleeding.

Don?t touch it! It hurts!

How bad is it?

Have you lost your mind, Ra-im?

Do you see what you did
to her fingernail?!

I'm sorry.

What'll you do about this? Huh?!

I'm really sorry.

About what?

It's because she lost her balance.

My poor fingernail...

Mr. Lim.

The actress is hurt.

Does SHE look fine to you?

-It's fine.
-This is fine?

What are you, Wonder Woman?

I'm really fine. I can do the shoot.

What's your deal?

You're an actress, too.

She's crying over a broken fingernail.

And you treat your body like this?

Watch your tongue.
Before I pull out your team.


No. I quit.

I won't let my team work at
a site like this.

You heard me.

-Get the props.

I'm sorry. I'll be right back.

- How dare he.

He thinks he's invincible
because he lived in America?

I hate this job.

I'm thinking of reducing your medication.

Don't. I need it.

Will I ever be able to
work a normal schedule?

Do I look like a quack to you?
I said I'd cure you.

Be nice, will you? I'm your patient now.

You don't have to be.

You still can't ride elevators?

It's beyond impossible.

I can't even breathe when I'm near one.

If rumors about my condition
start to spread...

Excuse me.


-Are you free?
-Yup. When am I not?

There's a place in Gapyeong
called 'French Town.'

There's a team filming a movie there.

The actress is Park Chae-rin.
Keep her occupied for three hours.

Are you high? I'm hanging up.

Just a sec.

I'm about to record a TV interview.

I dated her briefly,
not knowing she's a nutcase.

Dong-gyu will kill me if he hears.

He's honorable enough to kill you?


She says there are reporters.
She sounded like a pro at this.

She's your style, then.

Help me out. She's demanding money.

She says she has pictures of me naked.

I doubt she?s the only one.

I suggest you publish a photo book. Bye.

You won't help me out?

Fine, bring the contract. I'll sign it.

I promise.

Where in Gapyeong?
She's the lead actress, right?

Oh, one more thing.

You don't need a deposit, do you?

The economy's tough.

You scumbag.

You have to appease my pride.
How much is it worth?!

Sir. I'll work really hard.

Please let me work on the movie.

Why are you asking me?

I didn't fire your team. Your boss quit.

It's all my fault.

This won't happen again.

Why are you talking to me about this?!


Sorry to wake you. Where's Park Chae-rin?


Over there.


Thank you.

Sleep well.

Do you know Woo-young, I mean, Oska?


You don't?

What if I do?

Let's go. He wants to see you.


Can't you put up the top?

What's the point of
driving a convertible, then?

Where is it?

Where's what?

The hotel where you two first met.

Which is it?

You've been to so many
you don't remember?

Hotel Rich, Room 1210.


Any enclosed space would do.

Did you have to climb so high?
It's practically a mountain.


You go on up first.



I'm someone who can't be seen
entering a hotel room with a woman.

If you find out who I am...

you'll think, ''Oh dear, I can't believe
I tried to enter an elevator with him.''

That's the kind of person I am.

Oh, this jacket.

I really didn't want to do this.

See that? See the tag? This jacket is...

Miss Gil Ra-im?

Say hello.

Kim Sun-ah's stunt double?
Nice to meet you.

I'm honored.

Will you get a workout
if I ask you out for a coffee?


Maybe next time.

Where's Kim Sun-ah?
My hair's getting frizzy.

Five o'clock.


Will you be OK?

You're stuck with just me
for about an hour.

Do YOU mind?

I usually deal with
more than just one man.

I see you've been around the block.

When did you first meet Oska?

A while ago. I didn?t think
he'd remember me.

You'd be hard to forget.

You seem pretty straightforward.

So I'll ask,
just to satisfy my curiosity.

How much do you make?
For working with a star like Oska.

You shot some pictures here.
How much is it all worth?

Are you talking about my fees?

Call it what you like.
I just want to know the amount.

It's not about who I work with.

I do get paid more
if we?re out in the open.

''The open''?

Rooftops and bamboo groves
seem to be popular these days.

Bamboo groves?

Wow, Woo-young, honestly...

I'm paid the most if
I'm in a car. It's very tough.

Oh. A car.

I'm sure it's tough.
Less room to maneuver.

But men like it.

Yeah. Men like it when it's
fast and exciting.

Gosh, you're weird.

You're SO matter-of-fact that...

Don't you feel ashamed at all?
You're the leading lady.

I'm what?

Umm. What's my name?


What's my name?

Who did Oska want to see here?

Park Chae-rin.



Are you from some hick town?
When did he hire you?

''Hick town''?

Life in Seoul is hard.

Still, what ARE you wearing?
Think of poor Oska's reputation.

I knew it.

Didn't you see the tag I showed you?


Look closely.

An Italian master craftsman sewed this...

What was Woo-young thinking?

I'm too cultured to fight with you.

Where are you? What's taking you so long?

I'm running late.
I'll be there in two hours.


It looks like you got this fool
to hunt down Park Chae-rin.

But this moron got the wrong pers...

You're not Park Chae-rin?

Who are you?

Why are YOU here then?

You didn't ask my name.
You asked if I knew Oska.

Do you know how much this deal is worth?

What'll you do? How will you repay me?

Why should I repay you?

You're not a moron. You're a whack job.

What? ''Whack job''? You...

Hello, sir.

For real?

Of course. Thank you. Thanks so much.

Are you still in Gapyeong?
I'm 30 minutes away.

I'll be right there.

You're staying here.

You can't getto Gapyeong
in 30 minutes anyway.

Do you want Chae-rin?



Then let me drive.

Didn't you say men enjoy car scenes?


Look for a woman dressed
just like me. That's Chae-rin.

No, you agreed to bring Chae-rin to me!

It's you again. Why are you back here?

No autographs during filming.

You think I'm here for an auto...

This jacket isn?t what you think it is.

A famous Italian master
craftsman made this...

How dare he...

Forget about that.
Where is Park Chae-rin?

Is it true you're dating Oska?

Kim Joo-won; LOEL Deptartment Store CEO

I've been looking for you all day.

For... me?


It sounds impossible, but I'm your fan.

You are?

You'll handle this
elegantly and properly, right?


And there will be no scandal.

No scandal?


It's me.

What happened? What did she say?
Did she spill? Did you shut her up?

I'll tell you if you shut up. I can't...

Talk later.

You're a stuntman?

I'm a stuntwoman.

I'm done with this.

There's blood on it.
It's expensive leather.

I'm sorry.

Did you find Chae-rin?

Thanks to you.

You have an interesting job.
But why manual labor of all things?

Want to know why?

It comes in handy sometimes.

Why did you kick me?

Why do you think?

I was just curious.
Why resort to violence?

I'm not a person
who belittles the less-educated.

Good for you.

But be thankful I hurt my arm.
It's the reason you're still alive.

I'm no fool. You think
I don't know it's makeup?

It's not. So get lost.

It IS makeup. Stop right there.

If you don't want to meet my lawyer,
you better apologize...

You're really hurt?

Be quiet.

Let me see.

What are you doing? Let go.

Are you crazy?

You drove back
and filmed with this wound?

Are you nuts? Or stupid?

I guess you are.

And you're burning up!

Don?t touch me.

We're heading into the ER.
Come and check out her wound.

Hey, wait.

I told you I'm fine.

So why are you shaking?

Is it because you've never met
someone as handsome as me?

Don't misunderstand.
This isn't about you.

It's about my obligation to society.

I'm just doing a good deed.

This is how I was raised.
So you're coming inside with me.

Or I?ll throw you inside.


Not now. I'm at the hospital.

There, that's better.

She looks the same.

You scared me.

Who is she? Your girlfriend?


I just met her today.

So, because of a girl
you just met and don't know well,

you ruined my treasured weekend?

Me, your psychiatrist?

Those are minor details. Don't go there.

I was at a great party and you ruined it.

A phone's ringing.

My boss


Isn?t this Gil Ra-im's phone?


This woman's name is Gil Ra-im?

Who are you?

Her name is Gil Ra-im.

How old is she?
She doesn't look that young.

I asked who you are.

Answer my question.

Why ask who I am anyway?
Like you'd know if I told you.

Is it her guardian?


I'm Park Ji-hyun,
a psychiatrist at Seoul Hospital.

About the patient,
the owner of this phone.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

She's worse than weird.

I'm sorry.

- Hey.
-I'm sorry.

You're dreaming. No need to apologize.

It was just a dream.

Don't get up.

You were given a sedative, so...


What the heck's wrong with you?

If you were this hurt, you should've
asked to be taken to a doctor!

I was fine earlier.

So you keep on saying that.

You've seen people
lose a limb with that attitude.

Quit if you're going to be like this.

Why did you even go back?
Where's your pride?

I'm sorry.

I see you apologize night and day.

Let's keep it down. We're at a hospital.

Did you answer her phone?

Did you call her?

Who is this punk?


Who are you calling punk?
Do you want to meet my lawyer?

I'll explain everything when...


He runs errands for Oska.

- ''Errands''?

He's not worth the trouble.

I promise this never...

Hey, Gil Ra-im of unknown age.

I'm not a person
who isn?t worth anything.

I told you.

''Oh dear, I can't believe I tried to...''

I'm good to go.

I can go.

You can't even put on your shoes.

She's getting carried around a lot today.

Don't be so stubborn.

The drugs have worn off.

I'm really alright.
I've been to an ER often enough.

You feel that uncomfortable around me?

I'm sorry.

Take a taxi, OK?

Sure. See you tomorrow.

Didn't you say you'd take a taxi?

If you were hoping I'd come
and ask if you wanted a ride,

and if that?s why you
sent your boss ahead...

Where are your manners?

I'm not done speaking. Where's your taxi?

What's it to you
whether I take a taxi or not?

Do you drive a taxi?

Why do you keep assigning jobs to me?

First I'm an errand boy
from some hick town.

Now I drive a taxi?

What do you do?

I asked why you're not taking a taxi.

I've never asked a woman this before.

Is it...

because you're poor?
Then I'll drive you. Where to?

What a wacko.

I'd just love to beat you up.

What if I put up the top?

OK, I'll put it up.

Why should I get in your car?

Because I want to drive you.


I want to drive you.


What do you mean why?

Does one need a reason
to want to fly? Or be happy?

It's the same thing. I want to drive you.

Why won't you let me do what I want?

I said I'd put up the top.

What's wrong with you?
Why won't you pick up?

I said we can talk at home.

I'm right here.
That's how desperate I am.

I called Ji-hyun and
she said some strange woman...

Man, what's Ji-hyun's problem?

Calling someone strange like that.

Nice to meet you.

- Do you know who...
- Hey.

Save your PR for TV.

His manners need some work.

That look in your eyes.

I remember it.

Here he goes again.

And the beads of sweat on your forehead.

You looked up at me so nervously.

-I did?
-You don't remember?

You were really nervous that day.

It was a pretty bold
introduction, wasn't it?

You two hung out?

No way.

I think you think I'm someone else.

No, I'm right.

Right, it was that movie.

''Welcome To Dongjakgu.''

A lowly civil servant becomes the mayor.

You were Kim Sun-ah's double.

You still look great.

Miss Gil Ra-im.