Secret Chef (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Resourcefulness - full transcript

There are three chefs left and one has a secret advantage, but doesn't even know it. Cheffy finds out just how resourceful these chefs can be with just ONE ingredient.

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- Previously on Secret Chef...

A special guest turned
the competition around.

Chef JJ Johnson comes out.

The chefs took a trip around the world.

I'm gonna pair two countries,

and I'm gonna look for you
to pull flavors from there.

Leon made the most of his advantage...

- I would just like a little bit more
inspiration coming from Greece.

- Mix the feta in with the ground lamb.

...and a new friend.

- Okay, Donut, I see you!

- I would like to note that
the names have been crossed out.

But Poonam's trip got cut short.

Three chefs remain,
and soon there will be two.

Secret Chef starts now.

When life gives you lemons,
you make lemonade.

But what if it hands you a turnip?

Then you have to get resourceful.

Ten chefs compete...

through ten levels of cooking challenges,

secretly judging each other

for a $100,000 prize.

This is Secret Chef.

Welcome to
Secret Chef's semifinal showdown.

And then, there were three.

I honestly can't believe
that I'm in the top three.

It has been such a journey.

- Chef Gherkin, thank you for playing.

- From getting out and then coming back in
and winning two challenges.

Your dish was rated the highest!

- Top three.
- Top three, baby.

- Surreal.
- Feel like there's, uh, two too many.

I am so grateful to still be here.

I've been that close to elimination.

I think it was Chef Macaron.

That was the worst dish
I had this entire competition.

But thanks to Cheffy
and their wonderful twist, I'm still here.

I've gotta bounce back,
and I've gotta bounce back strong.

- So, if y'all won,

what would you use the money for?

- Man...

- I would open my cafe
that I've been talking about for years.

I like to entertain.

I would take this show on the road.

I'm gonna pursue my dream
about being a TV personality.

I would just love to be able
to show the world

how much I really love food.

When they put the TV on,
they'll say, "Oh, cool. Hey, Lanky's on!"

That would be the dream.

Hiya, chefs!

- Hi, Cheffy.

Oh, wow! It's another exciting day!

You three have made it
into this semifinal.

Hip, hip, hooray!

But, who will go all the way

and become our Secret Chef winner?

I don't know. I can't see the future.
Stop asking me.

- Ooh, I've never seen you so angry!

Chefs, I was up all night

just thinking about my $50,000

and the other $50,000
matched by our grand prize sponsor,

HelloFresh. That's $100,000!

I like to dream about money.



Okay, it's time for a challenge.

And just to make today extra zany,

the winner of this challenge
gets a very special advantage.

They will not go home today.

- Ooh. Big one.

The winner of this first challenge
gets a fast track to the finale!

A direct road to the finals.

This is so big. This is like nothing
we've ever seen before.

That means one of the other
two chefs will be in jeopardy.

- Someone's going to automatically
go straight to the finale,

and I cannot mess up today
because I need to make it there.

I don't wanna be in the bottom

with either of these chefs
because it could go any way.

Like, one of us could
mess up one tiny thing,

and you can be sent home.

Please approach
the conveyor belt and pick a cloche.

Golden cloche rolls out, and obviously,

granted immunity
will not be given to us that easily.

What is it, Cheffy?
What you got for us today?

One, two, three.


We were like...

- There's a recipe card.

Today's challenge
is going to be your own recipe!

But I don't want any ordinary recipe.

No! It should be a recipe

that holds a special place in your heart,

which is something I don't have.
A heart.

- Oh God...

We see the recipe card,
and immediately I'm thinking,

"Okay, we're all gonna have
to write down a recipe."

But it can't be that easy, right?

Chefs, take those note cards
and pens to the kitchen.

There, you will have 15 minutes
to write down your recipe.

Then, you will have
90 minutes to cook. So long!

- Here we go.
- I want this advantage.

I want a trip to the finale.

I don't wanna cook anymore.

I just wanna get one step closer
to that 100 grand.

But I have no clue what I'm gonna do.

Chefs, you have 15 minutes
to write down your recipe.

It starts now.

- Alright.

This is a tough one.

This is tough because I do not
write recipes as much as I should

because it's very important
to have every detail of the food.

So, let's see where it goes.
Let's see where it goes.

- I don't know, like,
maybe a fourth-cup parsley?

So I'm writing a recipe today

for clams linguine in a white wine sauce.

It's something I grew up eating
with my grandpa.

The last time I saw my grandpa,
before he passed away,

me and my dad made this dish,

and it just means a lot to me.

My recipe for a chicken mole tostada.

In Texas, you find mole on a menu,

you better believe I'm gonna go for it.

With a normal mole,

it could take days to make.

I have 90 minutes to make a mole.

But, making my own recipe,

I feel pretty good.

That's the easy part.

- Hiya, chefs!
- Sup, Cheffy?

we're testing how resourceful you are.

You'll have 90 minutes
to complete your recipe,

as well as the recipes
of your competitors.

Beep beep, pow!

- We have to make all three?

- Oh. We're cooking all three?

That's right.
Ninety minutes to make all three recipes.

What, did you think
this was gonna be easy?

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

You must follow their instructions,

but use your own resourcefulness.

You'll be judged solely
on the final dishes you present.

- Oh, my goodness.

This is the hardest challenge so far.

Not only do I have to make my own dish,

I have to make Chef Donut's
and Chef Gherkin's dish.

In 90 minutes.

- Oh, man.

I'm not feeling great.

Honestly, this is the most
difficult challenge so far

because you have to really pay attention
and stay organized.

Well, this is the semifinals.

- God, I hope everyone
has good handwriting.

Our three chefs just got
handed their most difficult challenge yet.

- We gotta cook three different dishes,

and two of them aren't even ours?

- Crazy.

Please put
your recipe cards under the cloche.

Thank you.

- Oh, man.

Oh, these chefs are gonna hate me

for having them to make mole.

Oh, my goodness.

- I have a feeling
that the other two chefs

probably have something
way more complicated.

It's gonna be really tough to do
all three in this amount of time.

Oh God...

- Oh, my goodness.
"Cornbread and agrodolce."

- "Clams in white wine sauce."



you have 90 minutes.
Please begin the challenge

in three, two, one.

- I know I've got plenty
of time to cook my dish.

Now, what am I gonna do with these two?

We've got 90 minutes to make three dishes.

I read both of their other recipes
from front to back,

like, multiple times
to try to form a plan of attack.

- With three recipes,

you wanna make sure
you're as organized as possible.

The difficult part about
executing multiple recipes at once

is understanding which
components need to start first.

Time management can make
or break you here.

So, I decided to start with the cornbread

because the cornmeal
needs a second to rehydrate.

And it's also--
I'm the most familiar with it,

so I can get 15 minutes in

and basically be done with one recipe.

- Cornmeal.

So, the cornbread and the mole are
definitely a longer process than my dish.

So, my game plan is I want
to start with the cornbread

just because I wanna make sure
that it's cooked and it's in the oven,

and it has time to set and cool.

Really get this incorporated.

And then, I'll get started on the mole

because there's a lot of steps to it.

I need to read this.
Eggs. Honey, one-third cup.

I've made cornbread
so many times in my life

just because of my family from the South.

I'm definitely confident in this,

but I just wanna make sure
that it's in the oven and ready to go.

Putting my batter in the cast iron
that's in the oven.

Okay. See you in some time.

- If I was at home,
because I am a home cook,

I wouldn't be doing three
different dishes all at once.

But, you know, this is Secret Chef,
and Cheffy wants what Cheffy wants.

I need to get the things that are gonna
take longer and develop flavor on first.

What's gonna take the longest?

The mole,
so I wanna get the mole done first.

And this is gonna be to start
the building of the mole back there.

First thing's first with the mole,

you've gotta start toasting
your dried chilies,

your seeds, nuts,

and the herbs and spices.

The natural oils in the chilies
are coming out,

so it's gonna flavor this whole pot.

It's difficult, it's intricate,
it's very complex.

So I've got the advantage here
because I know how to make mole,

and this is probably
the most difficult thing

throughout all three menus.

You're welcome, Sydney and Leon.

Chefs, one hour remains.

One of my first chefs told me
that if you can make a mole,

you can make any sauce.

It is one of the hardest
technical sauces to execute.

It's got so many different ingredients.

I'm actually gonna put
some more raisins in here,

so it gets some sweetness.
Because the sweetness

is what's gonna balance this dish.
I mean, I know it already.

There's a lot of things
that can happen with mole,

and that it has enough time to cook down.

Add the chocolate into the mole
at this point.

But, I'll tell you, 90 minutes for a mole?
That ain't it.

It's starting to get that nice,
rich, dark color we want.

This is gonna take a long time.

I truly believe that
this chicken mole tostada is Lanky's.

Lanky always had Tex-Mex flair.

Now what?

"Mix and boil in," uh...

"In the..."

And let me tell you.

This handwriting is trash.

"Cook raisins plump."

"Start to pop," not be plump.

Work on your handwriting!

I can't read anything.

It just doesn't make sense.

"Seal and" something "chicken."

"With everything, just fard in the lard."

That's literally
what I'm reading!

There's a lot of things going on.

I think maybe I have
to marinate it in it, and then...

Oh, I have to braise!

Oh, my God! Lanky!

But at this point,
I have to just follow this recipe

and hope for the best.

You make no sense.

I'm gonna smack Lanky when I see him.

- See, it's already
taking on a deeper color.

It's what we wanna see.

I've got my mole going.
It's on the back burner.

Now it's time to start on this cornbread.

Alright, let's really get this going.

I love cornbread. I'm from Texas.

It's like a staple at every table.

I might be a home cook,
but I am rolling in

with so much confidence right now

because I know I'm cooking my butt off.

These are gonna be hot
when I pull them out.

That's gonna get crispy.

Chefs, you've got 25 minutes!

- On to the last recipe.
Let's get a little pasta going.

- I need to boil some pasta.

- Feel like that's enough
for three people.

Linguine takes 12 minutes.

With the linguine pasta,
the big key is making sure

that you nail the sauce,
that you render the bacon,

and you cook the clams perfectly.

- Wine in. Clams in.

- These guys just going into the party.
Little steam.

- Starting to open. Not quite, though.

So let's keep this on low.

- Alright, so this mixture
looks absolutely perfect.

But I gotta have lots of bacon.
Can't short anyone their bacon.

That's just flavor, baby.

This is a very, very difficult challenge.

It's not just three plates of food.

It's nine plates of food.
This is so hard.

It's a big deal.

Doing so many things at once.
This is absolutely insane.

Chefs, five minutes remain.

- I'm about to pull this mole to the side
because it's, like, done,

and I really need space here.

So, my mole's done,
but then I look over at my sheet tray.

The cane brown sugar

is still on my tray.

You didn't write
what I do with this!

I look back at my recipe,

and there is nothing about including it...


- ...that is at least legible.

I'm just gonna throw that in
and crumble it,

and hopefully the residual heat
will melt that

because he didn't say anything
of what I'm supposed to do with it!

Lanky, you're in trouble with me, bud.
I'm comin' for you.

- I'm gonna move straight over
to finishing out this mole.

And we don't want it to be like...

We don't want it to be thick-thick.

We got more chicken stock,

and we're just gonna
whisk this guy together.

Chefs, one minute remains.

This cornbread looks bomb though.

I'm not gonna lie,
I'm pretty proud of this.

- It's got great texture.

- Put these big open ones right on top,
pour some of that sauce.

Make it pretty, like I envisioned it.

Clams are open. Hell, yeah.

The mole will go over the top.

Beautiful mole cooked to perfection.

- That looks beautiful!

Five, four,

three, two, one.

Time is up.

The challenge has ended.

Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go.
I just ripped that, man.

That's nine plates.
That ain't easy. I'm hype.


Please return to your tasting rooms.

It's that time again!

Please review each dish,

assessing the taste, execution,
and presentation. So long!

- Let's get started.

My recipe is up first.

"Clams in a white wine sauce
with linguine."


Presentation's really pretty.

- Lot of sauce. That's what I want.

The wine flavor really comes through.

Lots of clams,

but never serve me a clam that's not open.

- It was executed well,
just little error on the techniques.

Claims are overdone.

Pasta's cooked great though.

The broth...

It's a little too much lemon.

Yeah, that's way too much acid. Hoo!

- I wish there was more broth.

It's a white wine sauce,
and there's really no sauce.

That's a little disappointing.

- Noodles are cooked well.
Had some spice to it.

This is great.

The main reason I believe
that this is Chef Gherkin's dish

is that it was exactly
like the recipe said.

It's got every ingredient on there.

It was executed perfectly.

This is the recipe that
I gave the other contestants.

How's the mole is my question.

- That's pretty good.

Very thick. The color looks right.



That is dreadfully overcooked.

What is this? Is this the sugar?

Yeah, this is the sugar.
They didn't cook down.


The presentation looks really nice.

I like this presentation
more than that one.

The chicken's cooked much better.

It's way more tender.

- Not enough flavor
in the mole sauce on this one.

I just taste broth in this.

I'm not getting that toasted,
that roasted flavor.

I like the presentation more/

But, overall, the execution
was not quite there.

Beautiful. Chicken mole tostada.

- It looks pretty.

Looks nothing like mine.

- I like the mole. It's sweet first,

but it's got depth for sure.

- Has like the perfect amount of heat.

Chocolate comes forward, but not too much.

- I think that Chef Macaron made this.

I think Chef Macaronis Lanky,
and I think this is his recipe.

He executed this perfectly.

Cornbread! Yeah! Alrighty.

I am interested to see
how they interpreted my recipe.

Cornbread texture's good.
This is kinda what I want.

You know, that this isn't
like a cakey cornbread.

It's like a moist cornbread.

So, some of the cornmeal
didn't hydrate all the way,

so it's got this gritty taste to it.

- How are the peppers?

Agrodolce needs to be a little sweeter.

- I like the, the bright acidic punch
from the agrodolce.

- Presentation is not good.

I mean, it's completely bubbled over.

- Yeah... See? This is cornbread.

It's crumbly, it's sugary, it's dark.
Really good.

Peppers are great.

Woo! Spicy.

"Cornbread with agrodolce."

Nice crispy edge,

which is also another thing.
By putting it in a small cast iron,

you get crispy edges,
which is the best part.

There's not as much crust
as I personally would like.

Mm, it's a little dry, too.

- This is delicious.
This is a really fine julienne,

so I'm thinking this is Leon's.

I pray this gets me to
the finals. It's gonna be close.

These chefs brought it.

I may not win the advantage.

I hope I can get to the next round.

- I think I crushed this thing.

I think I'm the only one that followed
every single direction.

Look at that, Mom and Dad,
you did a good job. I follow directions.


Time to follow this direction.

Pay attention to the dot matrix printer,

because here come the reviews.

- Alright. Redacted said,

"Bit less batter needed.
Nailed agrodolce."

I did have a little overflow
on my cast iron.

I thought it kinda looked cool though.

- "Your cornbread was delicious.

Wanted a bit more sweetness
in the agrodolce."

"Peppers are incredible.

I wanted more crust on cornbread,
and it was dry."

"Your linguine was cooked perfectly.

Dish was beautiful.
Broth had too much acid."

- "There were some lovely clams.
Those need more cook time."

- "Where's the white wine sauce?

Everything was tasty,
so I wanted more sauce."

Yeah, well,
three dishes in one day is tough.

"I have nothing bad to say.

I think some people might think
it's too spicy, but I love heat."

I'm thinking that one might be Sydney
because I think she likes spicy food.

Going back through all of the other ones,

there's been hits from, from Gherkin.

"There was a large sugar cube
in the mole."


I had to add it in the last minute.

- "Mole just missing so much flavor.
I could only taste chicken broth."

When you're gonna put
chicken broth into something

and not cook it out,
that's all you're gonna taste.

I spent all that time developing
this nice, rich mole flavor,

and I shoulda just thinned with water.

A huge cooking error
that I just had at like the wrong time.

I'm in the semis, and I get these reviews,
and it kills me.

It just kills me.

Oh, my God...

- Finale, finale, finale, finale.

So I'm feeling great.
I know my dishes looked great,

and now, I know they tasted great,

so just move me on to the finals already.

- It was really hard to do three dishes,

but overall, I should be
really proud of myself,

and I need to win.

I need to win today.

Oh God.

Chefs, please exit
your tasting rooms and go to the lobby.

The lobby.


Well, that was a doozy.

Once again, heading to the lobby,

and we're gonna figure out
who won this challenge

and who's going to the finale.

- You know what the hardest part was?

One of y'all had the worst handwriting.

I think I spent the most amount
of time trying to decipher.

- Hello, chefs.

- Hey, Cheffy.

- I have the ratings,

and I do know the winner.

That winning chef will not
be rated in the next round

and will jump straight to the finale.

Who's excited about this?

I'm gonna throw up!

- Please do not
because I'll have to clean it up.

The chef with the highest-rated dish is...

- I'm starting to panic
because this is a big deal.

Someone's going to automatically
go straight to the finale.

Hit the panic button.
Sydney's about to hurl!

The chef with the highest-rated dish is...

...going to be revealed
at the end of the day.

- Oh, my God! Dude!
- Oh, my god! Cheffy!

- But I know which one of you
is going to be in the finale.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

- I am so friggin' pissed.

I've never been more pissed off at a hat

in my entire damn life.
- Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Because I still want you
to cook in the next round.

This is a cooking show.

- I don't even wanna
look at you right now!

- Someone in here thought they were
about to pack it up, call it a day.

We all gotta cook again.
I'm fine with that.

As long as we're all on
the same boat that's sinking, I'm cool.

- It's time for a challenge.

Chefs, I want to see
how resourceful you truly are.

You'll be offered
a selection of vegetables.

You must pick only one.

Use it as many ways as possible,

but it must be all in one cohesive dish.

Grill it. Fry it. Boil it. Bake it.
Hash. Simmer. Stew. Purée.


We wanna see how many ways you can
deliver one ingredient in one dish.

You have 90 minutes.

So long!

Let's go.

Everyone gotta cook,
and we don't know who's protected.

At this point, the pressure's on.

I mean, $100,000 is a couple
of challenges away.

Let's do it.
- Stretch it out.

Oh, yeah.

Alright, chefs.

Select your vegetable
and begin the challenge

in three, two, one, go!

- Go.

- Okay.
- Just gonna grab all these.

I chose the zucchini

because it's pretty versatile.

This dish is gonna work,
and it looks beautiful in my mind.

I want to do a soup because I love soup.

It's right there on the arm.

This dish is a lot about texture.

I wanna keep this very visually stunning.

I'm thinking I can make
a little ring of purée,

put the soup in the middle,
and just put some fried chips around it.

So, you have three different textures
and three different tastes.

Oh. Yeah,

it'll be helpful
if you turn the pan on.

It's alright.

You got 90 minutes. Keep calm.

- Cauliflower...

Cauliflower is probably one of
the most versatile vegetables.

You can really do anything with it.

You could fry it, you could bake it,

you could steam it, you could rice it.

I mean, literally, you could
do anything with cauliflower.

We're really about repurposing everything,

so I'm actually really, really,
really excited about this.

Today, I'm gonna make
Greek cauliflower steak,

braised cauliflower greens,

tabouli cauliflower rice,

and a whipped feta
with cauliflower purée.

So, a lot of cauliflower.

- Some beautiful carrots.

Carrots are pretty versatile, but I know

I'm not gonna make a carrot dish

that would be strong enough
to get me in the final.

I'm gonna do a braised beef pupusa

filled with meat and cheese.

After all the stuff I've learned
and all the mistakes I've made,

I'm here now to win.

It's $100,000 on the line.

Let's go. Come on, man.

- I think I can do anything
because the last challenge was brutal.

You know, after getting back
in the competition,

I've never wanted this
so much in my life.

I deserve to be here.
I know that I can do this.

I could win.

I just can't believe I was eliminated,
and I'm back.

I still feel like
I'm being tricked right now.

Chefs, one hour remains.

I'm breaking out
the pressure cooker for the first time.

I just kinda wanna see
if I can do something with that.

I've been wanting to grab

this stovetop pressure cooker
since day two,

but I don't know how it works.

I don't know the special touches to it.

I don't know how much
to put the gas high on to it.

But, like, we're in the semis.
I wanna take a risk.

If I open that pressure cooker,
and the meat is done,

and it's perfect like I want it,

I'll be in the finals tomorrow.

If that meat doesn't happen,

I could be eliminated.

- See what this
cauliflower steak's looking like.

These are not looking, like, pretty.

I'm not super confident
about the cauliflower steaks.

They're just not turning out
the way that I wanted,

and I wonder if I should
kind of have a plan B.

I really wanna wow everyone,
and I made Greek meatballs before,

and they're really, really great.

So, I'm going to try both at the end
and decide which one I want

to be on the plate
and just hope for the best.

You know, I feel like so many times,
I haven't had a backup,

and today, I definitely need
to have a backup.

Today is not the day
for Sydney to go home.

- I am trying to get

everything around this zucchini.

I wanna show these cats
just what I can do, you know what I mean?

Ow. That's hot. Don't touch that.

Chefs, 30 minutes remain.

So now, let's work on the carrots.

We wanna make it the highlight.

You gotta transform it three ways.

Right now, I've got no idea what
I'm gonna do with these carrots.

I just keep peeling them.

Caramelized onions and carrots? Nah.
Ginger-- Oh, Asian carrot...

: Serve these here.
It's gonna look like

I just put carrots on the plate...
I need to hide the carrot...

Carrot crema doesn't sound wonderful.
We could take these carrots...

A carrot pasta... Carrot soup...
with roasted carrots and herbs...

Carrot grilled cheese...
Carrot baba ghanoush...


At this point, I'm wondering if carrots...

were the best vegetable to pick.

I feel like I'm struggling.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

This could be a complete failure
and send me home.

I don't wanna say I've met my match,

but it's not looking great.

Welcome back.

For the "one vegetable
several ways" challenge,

Lanky picked zucchini,

Sydney picked cauliflower,

and Leon picked carrots,
which he is not very happy about.

- I just don't feel very natural
with these carrots, you know?

Usually, the ingredients will speak to me.

I ran into a lot of creative problems.

I've never had to make carrots
and use it in different ways

in a dish, and make it cohesive.

Fried carrots? Nope.
Carrot purée?

Let's think. Carrot slaw?


And then, boom. I remembered
a pupusa is traditionally served

with a salsa and a curtido slaw.

So, if I can make them with carrots,

I might be on to something.

Little worried for a little bit,
but I think I'm good now.

- Now, I'm gonna work
on my whipped feta.

The feta cauliflower purée is so good.

I mean, who doesn't like whipped feta?
Plus, you get cauliflower,

so you're also getting vegetables in it.

Put in some acid,
as I've learned from my friends.

"I love the textures.
Just a little more acidity would be good."

"Tofu needed acidity."

"Could've had more acidity."
I really tried.

Gonna put in some red wine vinegar.

Just really wanted to add
as much flavor as possible.

Chefs, 15 minutes remain.

- I'm wishing this purée
would have been a little thicker.

While my soup looks pretty good,

my purée looks exactly like it.

I don't wanna do soup two ways.
They're gonna be too similar.

I don't have a whole lot of time

so I'm just gonna try to doctor this.

And the way I'd thicken up a soup
is with a cornstarch slurry,

so I think, why don't I try it here?

Well, I don't think that quite worked.

It's not working at all.

Ah... It just looks like a soup still.

I'm freaking out a little bit, man.
I'm not gonna lie.

Now we're gonna release
the pressure on this guy now.

Time is running out, and I gotta
open the pressure cooker.

And having never used
this pressure cooker before,

I'm a little nervous at this point.

If the meat doesn't come out
the pressure cooker,

and it's not pull-apart,
fall-apart, it's a wrap.

I taste the meat.

I'm going to the finals.


I'm about to pull this off for sure.

Thank you, pressure cooker.

Meatballs are done.

I'm gonna check on
these cauliflower steaks, too.

Turns out, my Greek meatballs are awesome.
I make these all the time.

Alright, you're as done
as you're ever gonna be.

And then the cauliflower steaks ended up
turning out really great as well, so...

Oh, that's good.

I'm gonna put both on.

Because I realize that I tend to really
let the vegetables

and whatever I'm working
with shine too much,

and it might be nice
to have some kind of protein.

Think we're ready
to go to the conveyor belt.

- Alright.

Chefs, one minute remains.

Let's see it will even
hold in a ring mold.

If I pull this ring mold,

and that purée just slides in the plate,

I am so screwed.

That ain't bad. Okay.

That is a huge relief.

They're gonna be like,
"Who is this plating?

This plating is absolutely incredible."

What a fast 90 minutes.

This is the last dish before the finals!

Five, four,

three, two, one.

Time is up.

Please return to your tasting rooms.

It's that time again.

Please review each dish,

assessing the taste,
execution, and presentation.

- Oh boy.

"Beef and carrot stuffed pupusa

with grilled carrot salsa
and a carrot slaw."

Beautiful presentation.

- The beef is super tender.
- The meat in this,

I think, is honestly the star of the dish.

But, there's not many carrots in pupusa.

Oh, this is supposed to be salsa?

It's like grilled sweet carrots,

so I don't really know how that's a salsa.

- The grilled carrots,
I'm not thrilled about.

- Mm! A little quick pickle slaw.
That's the best part of the whole dish.

- Overall, it tastes pretty good.

I just wish that they tried to go
above and beyond.

Carrots are so versatile.
You could have

really incorporated it
into every part of this dish.

That's delicious, but,

cohesively, it missed the mark.

- Oh, this is nerve-wracking.

"Greek cauliflower steak
with whipped feta,

"cauliflower purée,
and cauliflower tabouli salad

with braised cauliflower greens
and a Greek meatball."

- You know, this dish sounds
delicious without the meatball.

- It looks like maybe they used
the cauliflower for the tabouli

and kind of, like, made rice. Not bad.

The tabouli was great.

I love the consistency of that purée,

but, man,
there's a bunch of acid in there.

Like, it puckers the mouth.

The problem is
I can only taste the purée.

- Meatball, nothing to write home about.
It's pretty bland.

- Meatball's delicious.

And then again, nestled in the purée.

So, in every bite,

I can't even escape the purée
if I wanted to.

This dish is about six ounces
too much cauliflower purée

for me from being perfect.

Textures are fine.

Used cauliflower
in different ways, but then...

I can't escape the purée.

"Grilled zucchini soup

and zucchini purée
with fried zucchini chips."

Texture of this is, like, a one note.

I think this is delicious.

I think the soup and the purée

probably could have been
a little more creative.

There's a zucchini purée in the middle

with a zucchini soup on the outside.

Come on, man.
Don't give me two purées

and tell me you did
different preparations.

- I really don't like this.

Zucchini is one of the best vegetables.

There's so many different ways
you could have done this.

I think, honestly, this is Chef Macaron,

and, sorry, buddy,

but you can do better than this.

You could have done, like,
fried zucchini fritter.

You could've done a zucchini red sauce.

I don't know, even zucchini pasta.

This is super disappointing.

There's only one way to let
the chefs know how they did,

and that's with the reviews.


- Here we go.

Alright, monkey butt.
Let's cross our fingers.

- Redacted said,

"Cauliflower tabouli stole the show.

- Redacted said,
"Love the slaw. Delicious."

- "Wow. Delicious.

"This would be a home run,
but wish there was

a different zucchini texture
other than purée."

- "Way too much purée.

"I couldn't enjoy the other
wonderful cauliflower flavors

because the purée overwhelmed everything."

- "The pupusa lacked flavor
other than the beef."

- "Overall, the flavor was okay.

"The texture really was tough.

I felt like this was safe."

I thought just making the zucchini
the focal point was pretty tough.

It may have looked safe,

but it sure as heck didn't feel safe
cooking in the kitchen.

- "Pupusa meat is to die for

and felt like it was the star
of the dish, not the carrots."

Oh, this is so annoying.

"The tabouli was delicious
as well as the meatball,

but the meatball was a distraction
from the cauliflower."

I'm feeling really nervous
after these reviews.

You know, I thought my dish was
the best that I put out,

and now, I'm feeling
like I could be the worst.

I don't know.

God, I hope
I won the first round.

- This is a tough one.

I don't know if they liked it or not.

After the reviews, I do have uncertainty.

I'm wondering if carrots
were the best vegetable to pick.

Maybe I should have reached
for something else.

I know that the carrots
weren't the star of the dish.

Maybe this sends me home.

I'm still hoping that I won the first--

Chefs, please go to the lobby.

- Well, the final three.
Someone's going home.

- Oh, my God, it's time.
It's time.

Only two of us
are gonna make it to this finale.

I'm scared.

- God, I hope it's me.

Let's figure this out.
Am I in or am I out?

- This elimination is so stressful

because I'm next to two people
that I respect and I care about.

But, at the end of the day,

I really genuinely feel
like I could win this,

and I'm not ready to go home.

How's everyone feeling?

- To be honest, I kinda felt better
with the first 90 minutes than this one.


I'm gonna throw up!
- Yeah?

You always wanna throw up.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

Oh, my God, I wanna throw up.

It's gonna be my thing the whole time.

- This is serious. Like...
- Someone's going home.

The apron feels like it weighs
a million pounds right now.

There's just so much pressure.

It's been an honor
to go into battle with y'all.

- Same.
- Yeah, absolutely.

It's been a fight every single day.

Hi, chefs.

- Hi, Cheffy!

You made some crazy dishes
using only your one ingredient today.

- Hoo!

You're all very resourceful.

I have all the ratings...

and I have the results.

- Oh, my God.

- The chef with the lowest-rated dish...


Welcome back.

But not for long because
someone is about to go home.

The chef with the lowest-rated dish...


Chef Macaron.

Please step forward.

- My heart just sinks.

I am pretty crushed.

Feeling really shocked.

It's a lot to take in

because hearing that Lanky lost.

I'm really sad,

but I really could win this,

and I deserve to be here.

Chef Macaron.

You had the advantage
from the first round.

So, you will not be going home.

- And I'm going to the finale, baby!

Woo! Let's go!


Oh, thank goodness.

Oh, my God.

- Wow, that was a way
to really do it, Cheffy.

My stomach drops completely.

I'm in jeopardy,

and I am feeling so nervous

that I'm going to throw up in my hands

or on Leon or Lanky.

That means Chef Donut and Chef Gherkin... is between the two of you.

- I'm hurt, man! I'm, like, salty!

I'm mad! I'm in the bottom two?

How did this happen?

Chef Gherkin.

I am sorry.
You did not win.

Please step forward.

Oh, my God.

I'm happy for both of you.

That's all I can say.

I just am so devastated.

It's so frustrating because,

you know,
I was feeling so confident today,

and I was so proud of both of my dishes,

and here I am,
for the second time, being eliminated.

- Chef Gherkin,
you were a worthy adversary.

- Should be very proud of yourself.

Bye, y'all.

Kick some ass.
- Bye, Sydney.

- Put your head up!

There you go! There you go!

I didn't win today, but that's okay.

At the end of the day,
when you have passion

and when you really love something

and love what you do, it doesn't matter.

I hope one day that I'm able
to open my cafe,

but it's just gonna take me
more time to get there. That's okay.

This is Chef Gherkin signing off.


- I have sent home one more chef.

The two of you will go
head-to-head in our finale.

Only one can win $100,000.

That one will be
the ultimate Secret Chef.


- My man.

- Hoo.

I had to beat all these talented chefs.

I had to play the game.
I had to be creative.

I had to listen to the reviews.

I had to put the discipline in,

and it all paid off.
I'm in the finale.

- Oh, dude...

- You next!

You made it through today, but you next!

- I hope you know I don't have any fear

when I walk in that kitchen anymore.

I was this close to being eliminated,

but now, I'm this close to winning,

and I feel great, so bring it.

Final two.
- Oh, my God!

Next time on Secret Chef...

We started with ten
and we're down to the final two.

They'll face off in our first-ever
three-course meal showdown.

- My guests want a cold appetizer.

- Main is gonna be a noodle dish.

- For dessert, they want chocolate.

The exiled chefs are back,

and they're hungry.

- I'm expecting solid plates.
- White glove service.

But are they power-hungry?

And guess who's coming to dinner?

- Culinary icon!

It's the final level, ten of ten,

on the Secret Chef finale.