Secret Chef (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Previously on Secret Chef...

Stephenie and Joshua took the stage...

Bring it on, Josh.

- You might say "name that tuna," please.
- Oh.

...but only one made it back.

I guess that's just it for Stephenie.

It was the great conveyor belt freakout.

- Mayo?
- Pork chops?

- Mustard, no.
- Do I want a pineapple?

My brain can't keep up with all of this.

A shocking twist.

- "The chefs will decide
your fate together."

- What?
- Cheffy, why are you like this?

The chefs have spoken.

Chef Couscous, I'm sorry.

Four chefs remain in level seven of ten

as Secret Chef starts now.

Chefs must handle anything thrown at them.

Today, I'm whipping curveballs...

to see how well they improvise.


Wasn't me!

It was the other chef's hat!

- Hello?

Ten chefs compete...

through ten levels of cooking challenges,

secretly judging each other

for a $100,000 prize.

This is Secret Chef.

- What are we doin'?

I'm ready to go.

My mind's racing. What's the challenge
gonna be? I'm super excited about it.

Let's go.

The top fours.
I'm staying here till the end.

I can't believe I'm still here.

I almost wanna pinch myself.

- I think I could do this. I can do this!

I'm a home cook.

I kinda feel like a little fish
in a big ol' ocean.

- Hi, chefs!
- Sup, Cheffy?

We started with ten. Now we have four.

You've all come a long way.

- Okay, Cheffy.

You know what?
You've worked so hard
through all of our challenges.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

You must be exhausted.

Who needs a break from cooking?

- Yes... No.

- Do you need a break from cooking?
- No...

- Trick question.

- Break from cooking? Anybody...
- I'm ready.

I'm kinda confused.
Something's cooking up for sure.

Alright, save your energy!

Go back to your tasting rooms.

And I'll send in some nice,
lovingly handcrafted snacks.


- Oh, no.
- Snacks.

I'm nervous.
I have no idea what's happening.

- Cheffy, that's a tricky...

I know it's not a break.
I know Cheffy has a trick up their sleeve.

I know you're tricking us.

Not a trick! A surprise.

And a challenge. Perhaps even...

a chance at redemption.

I'm sorry. You did not win.

- This is Chef Bologna.

- Chef Blueberry.
- Chef Gherkin.

- Chef Couscous.
- Chef Kumquat.

Signing off. Signing off. Signing off.

Guess who I'm signing back in?

They just don't know it yet.

It's good to be back,

but I'm not sure why we're back here,

and I'm really not sure what's going on.

- Oh, look. They got the pantry in here.

It's exciting because

it's like a whole new set of nerves
all over again.

I'm feeling the same way
I felt on the first day.

Should we answer it?
- I guess.

This is a joke, right?

It's good to be back,

but I'm really not sure what's going on.


Welcome back, Stephenie.

I wanna see how well chefs can improvise

when faced with the unexpected,

and today will be very unexpected.

Good luck.

- Good luck.

It's an ominous message.
It's a little creepy.

I think we all know deep down

something wonky is about
to happen.

Well, what'd they say?
- Good luck.

Oh no! I did not miss that sound.

- I just look at everyone and I'm just
like, okay. Oh no. This again.

- Everybody's ready?
- Garçon.

Garçon? One. Two.

"Hi, Chef."

- Says, "Want to come back?
Then make a snack."

Oh no.

"Everything you need is in this room.

"A pantry, appliances, and even a broom.

"The other chefs will taste and rate!

And then you will know
one chef's fate."

- Uh-huh.
- Alrighty.

"Then they are back where they belong.

You have 30 minutes. So long."

- Oh, goodness
- Oh, my God.

What the hell we got over here?

Here we go.

I'm really excited for this opportunity.

When I got eliminated,
it was definitely disappointing,

but I think I'm in a different mind space.

This'll be my redemption story.

- Let's see. Let's see.
- Any ideas?

I'm sweating.
I can tell you that much.

Chefs, begin the challenge

in three, two, one.

- Ah!

Do we have to?

You have 30 minutes!

Did y'all think we were
gonna be back so soon?


But, I'm okay with it.

- Behind you.
- Yep.

- Danielle, what are you
making with the strawberries?

- I'm making a bruschetta

with some fresh fruits
and pickled blackberries.

I'm doing garlic brown butter toast,

heirloom tomatoes,
a little prosciutto di parmi.

- Ooh, I love bruschetta! Broo-sketa?


I'm excited to be cooking again.

The dish that sent me home

was my duck fried rice.

My nerves got the best of me.
The gameplay got the best of me.

I'm hoping that I can get back in the game

and win this money after kinda
going out on a sour note.

- What I'm thinking is making
kinda like a spicy hummus.

I'm gonna top with some crunchy nuts
and add, like, garlic bread.

The dish that got me eliminated

was the crispy rice crab bites
with celery purée.

Social media cooks,
we kinda get a bad rap.

We're not taken super seriously,

so I definitely have a little
bit more to prove to the chefs

that are still in this competition.

Speaking of, let's check in on them.

What are they up to?
- This is so crazy.

Did you decide on anything, Sydney?

Yeah, I'm gonna make
a Mexican-style dumpling,

I think, with dipping sauce.
- Ooh!

How badly do you wanna
get back in, Sydney?

I mean, I would really like the money

'cause I wanna open my own cafe.
- Oh!

- So, you know, I got eliminated,
and I was really a little defeated

because I didn't win any challenges.

Oh... Eh, I figured I didn't win...

My family is gonna murder me...
Today was not my morning...

I just wanna prove to myself
that I am the talented chef

that everyone tells me that I am.

- I'm making latkes.
Like avocado toast latkes.

Lat-- Latk-- Latvacado--

- A latvacado toast!
- There it is!

Latkes are cooking.

I feel like your thing
would be good with my latkes.

So, let's do it together.

- Yeah, that went really well
for us last time.

The last time you saw me,

I was eliminated
on the tag team challenge.

We made shrimp risotto.

It was something
my partner came up with

that I kind of jumped on board with.

I can't believe you went with that dish.

How did you like working with me, Anthony?
I was really clean and tidy, right?

You can see the mess over there?

That's how it was.

- I'm really excited about this
opportunity to cook my own food.

But it does feel like a lot of pressure

because there's six of us.

I have to beat five of them,

and that feels like a very tall order.

- Anthony, what are you making?

- I'm making like a crostini
with Granny Smith apple,

almonds, some honey, and white vinegar.

I still know I belong in the kitchen,

and I'm back in the game.
I can show what I can do.

What did you miss, Stephenie?

- I just left, so...
- She's like, "I don't miss it."

- Yeah, no, I do miss it,

and that's why I'm just
really focused right now, honestly.

- Yeah, this is the quietest
I've ever heard Stephenie in my life.

- I'm more than anything very focused.

I've had the benefit of being
in this competition the longest

before I was eliminated,
before this challenge.

I know how to strategize
and play the game better,

so, for me, it's a matter of
do what I need to do

to win this $100,000.

Alright, so I'm making kind of like
a little bougie Charcuterie plate.

I've got some roasted nuts,
some marinated olives,

and then I'm doing a baba ganoush
with a fried chip.

Chefs, 10 minutes remain!
Get to it and do it!

- Barf, barf, barf. Barf-barf-barf. Fire!

I never have a plan, man.
Oh, Hello.

I'm just not as good in the kitchen.
If I'm not chaotic.

I don't know why I'm doing this
like this, but here we are.

You trying to sear something?

Yeah, I just wanna get
the bread nice and crispy.

It's literally getting soggy
because it's not hot enough.

- You don't want a soggy bread, so
whatever you have to do, I will go do it.

What's burning?

Something's burning... Oh no!
- My toast is burning!

I feel the clock just ticking down.

I'm kinda getting nervous right here.

Let's ignore that.

Of course. Of course, it's me.
My toast is burning,

so I kinda try to salvage the toast.
Everything's a mess.

Oof, that is so hot!

Seven minutes left

to earn your way back onto the show

and into my 64-bit heart.

- Much better.

- Lucky me. I got to go home first,

and it's scary to not know what
our judges, the other chefs,

they are gonna like and not like.

I haven't cooked since I was eliminated,

so I have literally no idea
how this is gonna go.

Hopefully, you know,
it's like riding a bike.

Anthony, we're both doing crostinis.

Battle of the bread.
- The battle of the crostinis.

- I think my biggest
competition right now

is Anthony simply because he has
really refined techniques.

He didn't get a chance to really show
everything that he's capable of.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good. Thank you.

Chefs, one minute left.

I really wanted to focus
on my presentation

because it's always a hot mess.

We're in this together, y'all.

I think we're all very
strong competition right now.

Five, four,

three, two, one.

Time is up. The challenge has ended.

- Yeah.
- How you feeling?

- I feel really great.
This is definitely me.

Get a hug.

I'm feeling really good
about my final dish

because it's gonna stand out
from the other dishes,

and I'm not gonna be compared against

four different types of toast.

And it would mean everything
to be able to come back.

So, who will come back?

That decision lies
in the hands of these chefs.

They just don't know it yet.
- Okay...

- "Hi, Chefs!
As I promised, in a moment,

you will enjoy some delicious snacks."

"These snacks were
lovingly prepared by..."

- "The eliminated chefs."

- No way!

- That's crazy.

- "You will rate each snack

"for taste, the execution,
and the presentation.

And your ratings will decide
which one of these chefs comes back."

Why are they coming back?

- Ugh, so there's more people
we gotta knock off again.

I'm thinking
I don't want Danielle to come back

because she's a very veteran pro,

so if she comes back in,
that could be quite the challenge.

It's one more person in my way
for the $100,000 grand prize.

"Crostini with apple,
honey, and white vinegar." This is pretty.

I love a good crostini.

- It is a very fresh-tasting bite.

- Lovely dish. Apple.

I could tell a lot of precision
went into it with their knife cuts

with all the apples.

And I'm thinking it's Chef Anthony's dish.
It just seems like his style.

What a banger to start the day.

"Avocado toast latkes."

Ah, so you used some latkes as the toast.

- This is right up my alley.

I love latkes. Shredded potato and onion

and some egg and flour.
Mix it up, and fry it.

Flavorful, fresh. Needs some salt,

but good.

This is very New York,

and I immediately think
this is Chef...


- "Spicy hummus with crispy toast."

- Mm. Mm!
The almonds have a nice spice on them.

I like that.
- This hummus was out of this world!

- Burnt.

- The bread is kinda oily and kinda burnt.

- The burnt toast would have
to knock it down just a little bit.

"Bruschetta. Bruschetta."

"With roasted tomatoes
and mixed berries."

- Lots of toasts.

- Aesthetically, it looks nice.

I'm just worried about these berries.
Berries and tomatoes? Is that common?

It's so confusing.
Like, berries, tomatoes...

Is that a thing? Tastes kinda weird.

- "Mexican-style fried wonton with salsa."

- This is delicious, whatever this is.
The salsa's great.

Acidity, spicy, salty, creamy, fatty.

It's like, solid.

That was really good.

"Charcuterie plates with baba ganoush."

The word "Charcuterie" means meat,

and I don't see any meat on this plate.
So, right now,

the title's just throwing me off

because I want some meat on this plate
if they're gonna tell me there's meat.

That's gonna knock you some points off.

This is for 100 grand,
so I gotta be nitpicking.

- The baba ganoush is delicious.






- They were all great. I mean,

any chef put in
a redemption opportunity

will excel, I think.

True, Leon,

but I've only got room
for one to come back.

- Bye-bye, snacks.

Who's coming back?

- Go to the lobby, welcome them back...

That's one more person
standing in the way

of my $100,000. That's what it is.

Chefs, please exit
your tasting rooms and go to the lobby.

- I gotta figure out what's going on.

We are no longer the top four.

I'm hoping some of the contestants

who got eliminated later
in the competition

are the ones
who have a chance at redemption.

What was everyone's favorite?

- I liked the wonton.

- I thought the baba ganoush was great.

- The baba ganoush was solid!

- That was my top.

- It's not Charcuterie, though.

- I would've preferred
it just been called baba ganoush.

- Yeah, baba ganoush snack plate!
- Latke was delicious.

I liked the latke.
If I was on the street,

and I got that in like a little paper bag
and was eating it, I would love it.

- Little latke food truck?
Is that your next venture?

- That's our next venture.

I've been thinking this whole time
that Leon's a professional chef,

and that he could possibly have
a really nice food truck.

So now, my mind is like dead set on this.

Lanky-Leon Latkes! They're all L's!
- The Lanky-Leon Latkes.


I do not own a food truck,

but it sounds like Lanky thinks
I own a food truck,

and I'ma let him think
whatever he wants.

- Hiya, Chefs!

What's up, Cheffy?

- How were the snacks?

I bet they tasted good.

- They sure did.
- Delicious.

- Fun fact!
All I taste are binary numbers,

dipped in loneliness.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them,

and so do the chefs who made them

because they are here!
Come on in, chefs!


- Why did I expect anything less?
- No, no, no. No, no, no.

Jazmin's here!

- It's really cool seeing all the fellow
contestants that have been eliminated.

How are you?

They're all very nice people,
but overall, they're my enemy.


They're in the way
of my dreams and this prize.

So, while I'm happy to see them,

I can't wait for them to leave.

- It's a Secret Chef reunion.


Well, don't get too happy to see everyone

because it will be
a waste of your emotions.

Only one of them is gonna stay.

Like, I'm nervous.

- Lanky, why are you nervous?

- I don't know, man!
This whole show is freaking me out!
- You need to calm down.

- Alright.
- The energy's a lot.

- This whole thing's a lot, brah. Come on.

- Well, I have the ratings, brah.

Oh God.

- When I say your dish name,

do not react until I announce the winner.

The two highest-rated snacks were...

The Mexican-style
fried wonton with salsa...

- Cheffy just said my dish,

and I can't keep my cool.

I could actually be back
in the competition.


the Charcuterie plate
with baba ganoush.

- It would mean everything
to be able to go back.

I've been fighting so hard,
and I absolutely think

I've done enough to get back
into this competition.

The highest-rated snack was...

Welcome back. Two dishes still alive.

One chef back from the dead.
Who will it be?

The highest-rated snack was...

Mexican-style fried wonton with salsa!

Whoever made it,

please step forward.

Oh yay, Sydney!

Congratulations and welcome back!

Phew! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!


I really can't believe it.

Hoo! I wanna throw up.

You know, I thought I was going home,

and now I'm in the top five.

The queen of chaos is back, baby!

To the other five chefs,

I'm sorry.

- No, you ain't.
- What can you say, you know?

- You will have to leave. Again.
So long!


- Well, Sydney's back,

and I know she's a professional now.

She told us she was a private chef.

I'm just a home cook,
so it's just one awesome chef

that I have to beat again.

- Welcome back to you, Sydney.
Is it good to be here again?

- I really don't know how to feel
because I'm really nervous.

- Aw, well, I'm happy to see you.

- You better be.

- So, today will be
a test of improvisation

because that's a skill every
resourceful chef should have.

Does that sound like the five of you?

- Oh, hell yes.
- Yeah.

- Yeah...
- I hope so,

but we'll see

because it's time for a challenge.

- Oh...

- I have a question for you.

Would you say I'm sweet?

- Yeah!

Would you say I'm salty?

- Yeah!

What about saucy?

-: You got some sauce.
-: Some sauce.

- Well, I like to think I'm all three.

And that's why I want you to make

something sweet, salty, and saucy.

Now, you can make whatever you want.
Sounds easy, right?

- Yeah.
- Sure.

- Wrong!

Oh gosh.


The conveyor belt.

Every 15 minutes,

two boxes like these will roll out
in front of you in your kitchen.

Each has an ingredient inside.
You must pick one of the boxes.

Which box will you use?

What will be inside?

You've got to pick one to find out,

and you have to make it
a tasty part of your dish.

This meal could totally change.

You're just gonna have to improvise.

Have fun! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

- I don't know what I'm feeling about
this challenge. I'm very indecisive,

but I'm very adaptable,

so I really don't know
where this will take me.

- You'll have 60 minutes
on the clock. So long!

Aiya aiya aiya.
I'm here to win.

I got a family that's depending on me.

I got a baby on the way.

I got a lot of weight on my back,

so I'm gonna give it my all.

I ain't gotta wait.
- Oh, I don't miss this!

I'm pretty quick on my feet.

I'm really good at throwing
anything together.

But, I'm the only chef who has gotten
a second chance in this competition,

so I cannot blow this.

Chefs, begin the challenge

in three, two, one...

- Back again.

- Every 15 minutes, two boxes will
roll out on the conveyor belts.

We have to pick one of these boxes,
not knowing what's in it,

and use whatever's in that box
in our dish.

So, for me, the challenge
begins with picking a dish

that can take on some random ingredients.

I'm gonna be making a Japanese curry.

It's pretty malleable,
so I can make it work

in any way that I need to.

I'm happy Sydney's back.

I feel like she's the heart
of Secret Chef,

but I will probably say
her time here will be short-lived.

- I really wanna throw up, being back.

I'm pretty nervous. I feel like

I haven't been in the kitchen
in a little bit,

but, as we all know,
I like a little chaos.

So, I'm trying to start simple
because then I can go

with whatever I get.

My plan is no plan.

But, I wanna start out with the basics.

So, I wanna make couscous,

and I'm gonna build it slowly.

I just don't wanna get eliminated again.

The math on this got redistributed

because Sydney's back.

The likelihood of winning
is now back down to 20%,

so I really need to bring my A-game.

Looking at what I have,
I would love to make a jajangmyeon.

It's a Korean black bean noodle.

It's one of my favorite noodle dishes.

I also really hope that people
know what this dish is.

I'm a little worried. This was risky

because this is a dish
not many people know.

It's serious, people.
When I'm cooking at home,

no one is holding $100,000 over my head.

- Right now,
I'm just gonna cook some rice.

I'm thinking I'm gonna make
a fried rice of some sort

because whatever comes at me,
I can incorporate it somehow.

I'm thinking fried chicken's always good,
so let's fry some chicken.

- My mind goes straight to wings.

I think I'm gonna do
like a kind of Asian sauce.

My game plan for this challenge

is to make a boneless wing
because I can make it

sweet, salty, and saucy.

Pick up the pace. Pick up the pace, Lank.

What goes with wings?

So, I've got sweet potatoes

because, hey, the challenge
is something sweet.

Sweet's right there in the name,
so can't get knocked points for that.

And whatever comes out,

I'm hoping I can incorporate tastefully.

- I just want that first ingredient to
come out because that can help me.

Right now, I'm just blindly in the blind.

Hey, chefs, what's up? It's me, Cheffy.

Listen, you have 45 minutes left,

and here comes your first round
of secret ingredients.

Time to choose a box!

What's in the box?

- I have no idea what I'm gonna get.

- My biggest nightmare.

Because, as a Libra,
making decisions

is basically impossible.

I struggle with this all the time.

Today, we do not have time
for indecisiveness.

We're just gonna go for it.

Tamarind paste.

I can use tamarind paste.

I can mask it because it's already brown,

and the black bean paste
I'm using for my noodles is also brown.

It could be worse.

It is what it is.

Tamarind paste. Beautiful.

It's like a sweet and tangy
Asian-style condiment

that I can just add to this curry.

If anything, it makes my curry stronger.

- Alright, what are you?


My improv skills in the kitchen,

I think, have been going
pretty well so far.

Think I'm gonna grind it
in a spice grinder,

and maybe make a dusting
for the sweet potato fries.

- Coffee.

I hate coffee.

Like, don't overthink it.
Just cook good food.

I'ma go ahead mix it in this flour
for my fried chicken.

- Coffee?


I love coffee,

but it's not what I was expecting.

I have no idea what I'm gonna
do with coffee.

I've never cooked with coffee,

even though it's my main source of life.

I should have gone right.
I'm literally lost.

I have to figure this out

because I just got back
in the competition.

I'm not ready to go at all.

Oh, my God, I am...

not feeling well right now.

- I have no idea what
I'm gonna do with coffee.

Oh, coffee?

I would love a mocha double
half-caff three-pump oat milk

caramel fat-free hot, no whip.
- I literally have no idea.

Oh, you're busy. Sorry!

- Alright. I think I'm gonna do duck.
I've never done duck before,

and, um, I just feel like duck
and coffee goes together...

Now that I have this coffee,

I'm thinking of some kind of
Asian-glazed duck.

I'm just gonna hope for the best.

I chose this duck because I feel like,

you know, I came back,
and I should take a risk

'cause I feel like before, I was just
doing stuff that I was comfortable with

and feel like all the other chefs
really love taking risks.

Chefs, 30 minutes remain.

Oh. Thirty minutes left? Okay.

Here come two more boxes.
Choose your fate.

Dandelion greens. Okay, cool.

- Hey! I kinda like dandelion greens.

Thinking maybe I could braise them...

- I went with right last time.
I'm gonna go with left this time.

Apricots. Okay.

- Ah!

Apricots! Sweet!

- Apricots.

- We got dandelion greens.

I've gotta applicate it some way.
I don't wanna just use it for garnish

because that's gonna be pretty weak.

So, my plan for the dandelion greens
is just chop them up

in maybe like a celery slaw
because there's wings.

What do you get with wings?
Carrots and celery.

Do-do the slaw sauce. What?

- You got apricots, which is sweet.

That can still work.

I can incorporate
the apricot in my kimchi.

I'm having a great time. This is great.

Okay, so we already have two ingredients.

I'm just expecting one thing
to throw me off,

but it will be fine.

If you don't see it, it's clean.

Just kick it under the stove.

- I love apricots.

I might even blend this into my sauce

and make a nice little
apricot chutney-type dealio.

But the sauce is gonna
bring everything together.

- The apricots are gonna add

a much-needed level of sweetness.

The salty is the only thing

that I feel like I could
probably add some more of.

And so, I'm gonna try and top it
with a fried chicken cutlet.

So, I believe Chef Radicchio is Poonam,

and I wanna make sure
that I'm considering Poonam

when it comes to my food

because she has been the harshest critic.

Chef Radicchio said, "It's confusing.

"Steak was slightly bland.

"Top layer is raw.

"No. What was that?

That looked like soup."

I'm feeling really good
that I made it this far.

It's actually mind-blowing that...

these people are chefs,
and they're losing.

I'm just like, I do this for fun.

It's a hobby to me--
Okay, wait, I can't talk anymore.

Chefs, 15 minutes remain.

- We're at our last 15 minutes right here.

I have one more box to come,

and depending on that ingredient,
it can really throw off this dish

and spin me in a spiral.

Oh no...


- Anchovies. Meh.


In a Korean dish. Okay, great.


- No!

I got some anchovies.

Ah! So salty.

I'm gonna chop it up,
and I'm gonna mix it in with my fried rice

to add some more salt
and a little bit of that funk.

Attention, my saucy, salty, sweet chefs.

Ten minutes.

Lemme try this first.

It tastes good.

So Halloumi is not Korean at all.

It's a Mediterranean firm cheese.

The best way to incorporate it

is just kind of masking it in the sauce.

It's not ideal, but it will work.

What can you do?

- With this last box,

I got Halloumi,

which is a Greek cheese

which has no business in an Asian dish.

Maybe I can crumble a little bit

on the sweet potato fries.
We'll see how it goes.

In my mind, the chef to beat right now

is Chef Donut,

who I believe, still think since day one,

is Leon.

I think he's a pro.
I think he's a very good pro.

He's won multiple challenges.

Not a whole lot of people have.

- No, I might just sear it,
call it a day.

My goal for this challenge

is I don't wanna get eliminated,

but I think I'll be just... fine.

Alright, let's check on this duck.

I'm having PTSD.

Back to when I had my pork,

when I wasn't cooking enough,
and it got me eliminated.

Okay, if my pork doesn't
cook fast enough... I don't know.

You did not win...

And I'm freaking out because
I don't wanna serve undercooked duck

or overcooked duck,
as it's my first time doing it.

Me having a meltdown.

This is me having a meltdown.

Chefs, five minutes.

- Where does the time go?

Focus. Okay.

- Oh, looks great. Yes!

- Right now, I'm plating up my couscous

because I'm waiting
for my duck to finish cooking.

So at least I have something down,

even though it has
none of my ingredients in this.

- Chicken is crispy.

- Okay.

This is solid fried rice.

One minute remains.

- Yep. Th-Th-That will do it.

Time's running out, per usual.

I'm running, waiting to the last minute.

I have to pull my duck
and cut into it.

If it's not cooked perfectly,
I am screwed.

I'm trying to figure out what piece

looks the most done at this point.

I feel like I'm definitely
gonna be going home.

Okay, I hope these people know
the sauce is supposed to go on top.

- Oh, don't do this at home, kids.
These are hot.

But, when 100,000 bucks are on the line,

do it up, baby.

- Every plate must look good.






Time is up.

The challenge has ended.

- Let's go.

- Sweating!

This dish was the biggest risk
I've ever taken.

To be eliminated again would suck

because I could really use the money.

But, I have never cooked duck before,

and I've never made a coffee glaze.

So I'm hoping it all pairs well together.


Did not miss this.

Monkey butt.

Still around for now.

Challenge after challenge,

I feel like I'm becoming
the chef that I can be.

I'm putting so much flavor
into these dishes,

and it's a really happy time right now.
I'm having a blast.

Feel like this chair has gotten taller.

- I'm in the tasting room,
waiting for dishes,

and nothing's coming out.
Do I need to wait?

I don't know what's happening.

- Mm, what's happening?

The chefs picked
three random ingredients

and had to improvise to make a dish

that's as sweet, salty, and saucy as me!

Now, their fate is up to you...

Eliminated chefs!

You decide who goes home today.

Please review each dish,
assessing the taste, execution,

and presentation.

Oh, how the tables have turned.


- Back again. Back again.

- It's tasting time.

"Jajangmyeon with tamarind,

apricot, and Halloumi."

- I like the kimchi. I like the noodles.

- I really wanna like this

because I love Korean food,

but I need more sauce.
Not a fan of the noodle.

- I would have appreciated it

if the sauce was mixed in with the noodles

because at this point, the noodles
kind of just clumped up together.

And where's the Halloumi?

Oh, fancy.

"Korean-style fried rice
with karaage fried chicken, coffee,

apricot, anchovy."

- Mm.

Chicken is super juicy.
- That pickle sauce is bomb.

Spice is perfect.

- This is a really bland dish.

Sorry, whoever made this,
but I didn't get any coffee,

any anchovy...


- It only tastes spicy,
so it might be good

if you don't like coffee or apricot
or anchovy.

This would be a good dish.

If I'm taking into account the fact

that they had to include
those ingredients,

I don't know if this dish
was properly executing that.

It definitely tasted really good,
but I don't know

how well it adhered...

to the challenge.

"Coffee Asian duck with coffee,

dandelion greens, and anchovy."

- Plating is tough on this one.

- That's a nice, tangy flavor.

- Duck seems to be cooked well.

I think it's very ambitious to do duck

in this competition,
so I'm impressed by that.

- Really nice sauce. Mm.
The coffee comes through.

The greens are salty. Delicious.

It's definitely very tasty.
I feel like this is something

I'd eat like at a five-star restaurant.

"Japanese curry,
tamarind, apricot, Halloumi."

- I love how they left the Halloumi
in a big chunk,

so I can really appreciate
the flavor in it.

And I love that curry.

Nice cook on the chicken.
The curry is tasty.

The pickled vegetables are good.

- Each element is really good,

but, as a whole,
I'm not getting the full picture.

That is like
the weirdest thing I've ever tasted.

I'm very undecided on this one.

"Sweet and spicy boneless wings."

We've got coffee,
dandelion greens, and Halloumi.

- I was not expecting the depth
of flavor on the chicken.

I think the coffee is in the chicken,
and I think it works really well.

It's saucy, it's sweet, it's salty,

it's crunchy. Everything that you
would want in boneless wings.

- Ooh! This is the first time
that I'm seeing sweet potato,

and I was Chef Ube, sadly.

So, I like my sweet potato.

- Where's the Halloumi, though?

Everything is kind of too sweet.
I don't feel the coffee at all.

- I would've loved to see you play around
with the bitter notes of coffee

because I feel like that would
have really elevated this dish.

That was very fun.

- I enjoyed that thoroughly.

- Bye.

Altogether, it was fun to be back,

and I'm really curious to see

who made what food.

And these chefs
will be curious to find out

who ate their food.

Time for reviews!

- Huh.

I've been sitting in my tasting room
for a very long time.

We didn't taste anything,
and now we're getting reviews.

What the hell is going on?

So, clearly the reviews

are from the eliminated chefs.

Is it great, or is it not great?
I have no idea how to interpret this.

Chef Kumquat says,

"Radish and kimchi didn't add anything."

Danielle doesn't seem to be
familiar with this dish.

Ube said, "The noodles are dry
and could have had sauce."

Chef Ube is also unfamiliar with the dish.

Chef Bologna said, "Creative."

Creative meaning they probably
don't know what the dish is.

A lot of people didn't know
what this dish was. This was a risk.

But also, how did chefs
don't know what this dish is?

I don't understand.
I thought y'all were foodies.

I don't know if this was
a good risk to take.

- Chef Bologna said,

"Didn't see or taste
the three secret ingredients."

I'm really hoping that they don't knock
too many points off me

for not using a ton
of the secret ingredients.

- Chef Couscous said,

"Three ingredients shine.
Coffee sauce is delish."

- Chef Blueberry said,

"The apricot flavor is here.
Great dish, good balance of flavor."

I kinda had a rough stretch
the last two episodes,

but these reviews are wonderful.

I think I'm gonna win this challenge.

- Chef Ube said,

"Very tasty, but the coffee and apricot
flavors didn't shine through.

It mainly just tasted spicy." I mean,

I didn't want the coffee
to be overpowering, man.

Chef Bologna said, "Couldn't taste coffee
or anchovy. Delicious though."


I should've highlighted

the mystery basket ingredients.
That's everybody's review.

Chefs, please exit your tasting rooms

and go to the lobby.

- I made good food, but is
this enough to send me home?

We'll see what happens.
It's out of my control.

Oh God.


On Secret Chef,
one good dish can make or break you.

It can give you a second chance,
or take it all away.

After these reviews,
I have no idea where I stand.

God, if I'm going home in the same day,
I'm gonna lose my mind.

That was interesting, huh?

I have been working so hard.

There's so much on the line right now.
I'ma bring it home.

- I'm... down. I'm in deep doubts.

Even though I made good food,

maybe I should have highlighted
the ingredients more.

You gotta play the game,
and I feel like I did not do that.

This could send me home.

I don't know what to expect. Clearly,

the eliminated chefs
didn't even know what I made.

Not a great feeling.

I'm really hoping I don't go home.

- It's just like day one!
All of us in the lobby,

but they just picked someone to send home.

In about three minutes,
it's about to get real.

- Hiya, chefs.

Hi, Cheffy!

- Boy oh boy, what a day!
- Yeah.

- It was nice to see
everyone together again...

before I make them leave
for the third time.

- Oh goodness!

- To the chefs on my left,

at this very moment,
you're all still in the game

with a chance to win my $50,000

and the $50,000
matched by our grand prize sponsor,


That is $100,000.

But soon, that moment
will be over for one of you.

To the chefs on my right,

even though you're no longer in the game,

you're still very much in my heart.

- Aw... Thanks, Cheffy.
- Us, too.

So, I asked you to rate the food today.

It is your ratings that have
decided which chef will go home.

- I'm feeling kinda guilty.

- I know. Me, too. I don't wanna
send anybody home.

- Remember, only reveal your chef alias

when I ask you to step forward.

- Oh God. Okay.

- Chef Gherkin...

Chef Arugula...

...and Chef Radicchio.

- My heart sinks.
I have no idea what this means.

Cheffy changes it up
on a minute-to-minute basis.

This could mean I'm top three.
This could mean I'm bottom three.

I am freaking out.

Chef Radicchio...

You did not win.

But, you are safe.

Oh, my God.

I am feeling so relieved.
I am so proud of myself.

I have a new pep in my step.

Damn, why he do it like that?

- Chef Gherkin?

Cheffy announces my name,

and I just think I'll be so crushed.
I'm not ready to go home.

Your dish was rated...

the highest!

You have won today.

That means, Chef Arugula,

I'm sorry. You did not win.

Please step forward.


I just cannot believe it.

Like, my spirit leaves my body

because this dude has just been
putting out excellent food

every single week,
and he's about to go home?

I was ready to see him
in the final! Like...


It's surprising.

Chef Arugula was dominating the
competition when I was in the competition.

Anything can happen, literally.

I'm in a state of shock.

I wasn't really sad when other people
left, but I'm sad for Josh.

- I don't even know what to say,
you know? It's, uh...

It's an honor to cook with y'all.
For real.

I'm super bummed out.
You know, I think...

I put a lot into this dish,

but I didn't utilize the ingredients

and bring out the flavors
to their fullest potential.

I was willing to play the game, and I...

I didn't play good enough, so...

It is rough for me because, like, I got...
you know, I do have a family,

so I really did want this.
- Yeah.

Oh, my goodness, Josh.

- If I get to go home and see them,
then I'm not mad about that either,

so there you go.
- Yeah.

- What did you make for this?
- Uh, today,

I made Korean fried rice
with the karaage chicken.

- What's your culinary experience?
- I'm a private chef.

I have Michelin-star training.
I worked in three
Michelin-star restaurants.

Ooh! Okay!

- I do restaurant consultation,
and I did sushi for three years.

- Have you made a roll at any point?

- Uh, rainbow colored...
- The rainbow-- I did the rainbow roll.

And I gave it everything I had,
and I still didn't beat him out.

I was mad eating that dish! I was like...

It's so pretty. Your plating...

It felt good to come on and say, "Yeah.

Some of your favorite dishes
you had on the show, I made it."

And even though it was a loss,

a little bit, it feels like a win.

You know, if you win cooking your food,
that's gonna be the best feeling.

- Yes.
- Bring it in!

You're gonna kick some ass, I know it.

This is not the end for me.

I've been around, and now, I feel like

people are just starting to see what's up.

So, anybody who's just catching me now,
you missed out on a lot,

but definitely there's way more to come.

Chef Arugula signing off.

- Chefs?

Another one of you is gone.

That means four of you
are closer to winning


- Whoo!
- Dang.

Three Michelin-star restaurants?

- I honestly can't believe that I won.

Am I dreaming?

Did I seriously just beat Chef Arugula,

the one who has been winning
every single round?

Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?

Today has been the weirdest day
of my life.

Welcome back.

Chef Arugula is my biggest competitor!

Now, he's gone!

So long, bud.

So long.

Next time on Secret Chef...
- Roll the dice.

The chefs are going places...

We have to make a dish
that takes us on a journey. they're on their way
towards the semifinals.

We are in the top four.
You better bring it.

But it won't be an easy landing.

All the chef aliases are blanked out.

And who is sitting
in that captain's chair?

- Another person's coming back!
- I'm starting to panic.

It's level eight of ten
on the next Secret Chef.