Secret Chef (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Efficiency - full transcript

Two chefs attempt to "tuna-round" their luck in a fishy challenge. The others tune in to make a retro classic dinner. Cheffy forces the top-rated chefs to make a game-changing and heart-wrenching decision.

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- Previously on Secret Chef...

- I'm feeling... thievish.

Lanky stole Josh's heat...

- I'm taking the iron, man!
- Oh!

- What?! I am Iron Man!

...the chefs weren't cooking with gas...

A clothing steamer?!

Oh. Okay.

...and who doesn't love
an uncomfortable family dinner?

- We have to talk about the food
without talking about who made it.

- It's a little quiet.

- That was a hash brown?

I wasn't feeling too well...

Am I shorting out?

...which delayed the fate of two chefs.

- Cheffy, you aight?

You two chefs are not safe.

Come back later.
- What?


- Today's challenge tests
the chefs' efficiency.

That's it. I'm being efficient.
Play the show!

Ten chefs compete

through ten levels of cooking challenges,

secretly judging each other

for a $100,000 prize.

This is Secret Chef.

Five chefs still remain.
For now.

- Yo. You alright?
- Chef? Chef?


- I'm super lost. My life is on the line,

and then Cheffy comes out here
and falls asleep.

The audacity.
Like, just tell me if I'm going home,

or if I get to stay. Wake up, man!

- I feel better.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
- Oh, good for you, Cheffy.

That means... That means...

something different...

- Oh, what is going on?

: Hey, everybody!
Welcome back to the cooking show

that could win you a fabulous prize,
if you don't get sent home first.

These two chefs are on the chopping block,

but one of them could change
their fate with a little game

I call Name That Tuna!

- Woo!
- Name That Tuna! Let's go!

In the last challenge,

I was feeling at my all-time low

because of these tater tots,
and I feel like I should be going home.

And now, I'm on a game show.

Let's have some applause.

Let's meet our two contestants
who are playing for keeps.

Come on up, chefs!

Chef Stephenie!
- Alright!

And on my left, Chef Joshua!

Alright! Well, let's get started.

You both know how
the game is played, right?

- Absolutely not.
- Nope.

Oh! Well, the name of the game

is Name That Tuna, which means

you guessed it.
The main ingredient is...

Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding.

JK, folks, JK.

The main ingredient is tuna,

the saltwater fish that's delicious

raw or cooked,

can come solid, chunked, or flaked,

that goes great with most anything!

That's the ingredient you must use.

But how long do you have
to cook this fishy dish?

Well, that's up to you.


- Today will test your efficiency
in the kitchen. That's right!

Now, you have
30 minutes on the clock.

You'll bid against each other

to see which chef can go lower
with their cooking time.

Whoever commits to cooking
in the least amount of time

will earn a rating bonus.


- The other chef will get
their full 30 minutes to cook,

but no rating bonus!
- Aw...

- Remember that taking less time is risky.

The risk is all up to you.

And the winner will be on their way
to maybe taking all my $50,000

plus another $50,000 matched
by our grand prize sponsor,


That is $100,000 in the cabbage crate,

and the losing chef... Well, let's not
talk about what happens to them! Okay!

We know.

That's great.

- Thirty minutes is still fairly short,

but I'm immediately
thinking to my strengths.

I can be pretty speedy.

I can get my chops done in enough time.

Let's go for it.

- I want those bonus points
no matter the cost,

because, in the end,
there's $100,000 at stake.

- Chefs, are you super speedy
or time-needy?

We're about to find out on...

Name That Tuna!

Okay, Chef Joshua, you're up first.

We start the clock at 30 minutes.

How many minutes can you...
Name That Tuna?

- Cheffy, I can name that tuna

in 28 minutes.

- Ah...
- Twenty-eight minutes, alright.

Chef Stephenie.

I can name that tuna in 24 minutes.

- Twenty-four minutes. Alright.
Chef Joshua?

- Cheffy?
- Yes?

- I'm gonna name that tuna in...

22 minutes.


- Alright, Chef Stephenie!

Do you think you can do it
in less than 22 minutes?

I say, bring it on, Josh.

- You must say "name that tuna," please.

Oh. Not that.

- I just told you this
about two seconds ago.

- I'm sorry.
- Why you not paying attention?

Can you even make tuna?
- Ooh...

I... Alright, I don't know

who back there, but you can come out.

Oh yeah? Oh, you wanna try?
You wanna go?

Chef Stephenie,
Josh said he can name that tuna

in 22 minutes.
What is your game plan next?

- Josh... Name that tuna.

Whoa! Name that tuna.

Okay. Alright, alright, alright.
What a game! Okay.

Here's what happens now.

Chef Joshua, you have 22 minutes
on the clock to get that tuna made.

Chef Stephenie, you'll have
the full 30 minutes, but no bonus rating.

Are we ready?

- Yes.
- Okay.

So long.

Chef Stephenie will start first

while Josh entertains himself.

Meanwhile, the other three chefs,
remember them?

They have no idea what's happening.

Chef Stephenie only.

Begin the challenge in three,

two, one, go!

- Both of us are going to have
to make a dish with tuna.

Let me get this skillet ready...

However, I have
the full 30 minutes to cook

while Josh gets 22 minutes
and a rating bonus.

I got eight minutes
just to stand there.

My brain is racing,

but I can't do anything.

We gettin' in a fight, man.

I got a family that's depending on me,
and this is my redemption time.

I do not wanna be going home.


- This is my fight moment

where I prove that I deserve
to stay in this competition.

I need to do something true to me,

and so I'm doing a classic tuna melt.

I need to name that tuna,
make sure I get enough tuna.

With only 30 minutes,
I have to do something efficient,

and I know I can nail both taste
and execution with this.

So, I'm going with that attitude,

and I am counting on that
to win over my fellow chefs.

five minutes until you start. Get ready...

- I think I can do it,
as long as I don't try to do too much.

It's risky to use canned tuna,

but then again, I'm thinking, sometimes,

it's not the most impressive plates
that are actually winning.

It's the ones that are
just really well done.

And I really know how to do this.

I know all the seasoning.

I wanna get this all mixed together
with the tuna,

and then get started on frying it.

I don't know what Josh's
actual time management skills are.

I think that 22 minutes
is very, very quick

and I'm thinking that'll be to my benefit.

- Chef Joshua.
- Standing by.

Three, two, one.

Please begin the challenge.

- I'm going. Let's go.

I go and I open the fridge,

and I got a beautiful
loin of tuna in there.

Don't run with knives.

So, I'm gonna make a tuna nachos

with a poke ponzu sauce.

Poke is a risk because it's so simple.

Since nothing is cooked,
my knife work has to be perfect,

and the flavors have to be spot-on.

Jesus! My hands are shaking.

Ponzu's gonna be the dressing.

I gotta make my own. I can make it taste
exactly how I want it to.

I got my ginger,

sesame oil, soy sauce,
rice vinegar, mirin.

Get some more flavor in it.

I'm most nervous about timing.

My timing's been off
the last couple of days.

I'm not gonna be sent home.

I'm sorry, but my goal is to send
Stephenie home at this point.

Let's go.

I need to make sure
that the bread is cooked correctly,

so it has a nice toast on it.

So, what I'm gonna do is flip them.

I want that cheese to kinda get
some warmth on it real quick.

I'll turn you off,
so they don't burn. Okay.

Chefs, five minutes.

- These come out.


Gotta salt 'em.

The clock is tickin' down.

I had all my components in front of me.

Yo, this looks crazy.

My tuna is cut so unevenly.
I need to figure out how to hide it.

So, I'ma make an avocado espuma
to cover it.

This will add creaminess.
It'll cut down that acidity

from the ponzu sauce.

There's no doubt in my mind
Chef Stephenie can make good-tasting food.

It's just that can she do it
in this time limit?

I'm really interested to see
what she can pull out.

Chefs, one minute left.

- Save this one... If anything,

I can cut them at the very end.

- Oh, baby, come on. Oh, hell yeah.

- I'm nervous about
the aspect of that melt,

but I know the flavor is there.

- Don't forget any components.
- Ten...




Six... Five...
- Come on now.

- Let's go.
- Four...

Three... Two...

One. Time is up.

I'm glad I didn't take less time.

I did what I felt like my heart
was telling me to do.

- It's out of my hands now.

I'm still feeling good,
but I don't know what Chef Stephenie made.

I'm nervous.
Like, this could be my last day.

Chef Stephenie and Chef Josh

contemplate their place in the competition

while Chef Lanky
has his mind on other things.

- Lava lamp and monkey butt

are easily my most
favorite things in this room.

Ugh! Cheffy, can you tell me
why I've been in this room for hours?

I would like to be doing things.

I'd like to be cooking.
I'd like to be aware

of what is happening.
Can someone tell me?

It's that time again!

Please taste and review each dish,

assessing the taste, execution,
and presentation.

My job here is done
until I say this next time.

- Oh, my goodness.

I totally know what's going on now.

From the previous challenge,

I think the bottom two chefs

are gonna have to have a duel.
- Ooh, okay.

- Holy crap.

And in front of me are two tuna dishes,
so I'm thinking...

battle tuna.

"Classic tuna melt." A sandwich
on a plate like Mom would make.

Not that anything moms are doing is wrong

because everything moms
are doing are great. Good job, moms.

I am surprised.

You served a tuna melt
on a food competition?

This was a risk.

Looks like American cheese.

I hate tuna.

Okay, let's try it.

It's actually kinda good.

High in flavor and great execution.

Delicious. Tuna melt was nice.

It's a pretty decent sandwich.
Like, there's nothing at fault here,

but there's nothing
surprisingly awesome about it.

"Tuna nacho poke."

Ooh. I wish there would've been
more cooked components.

This dish is beautiful,

but very simple.

- Beautiful presentation.

There's a crunch.

Seasoned well.

Definitely got a good ponzu
in there for sure.

This seems like a Josh dish.

- They thought about garnish.
There's sesame seeds.

- A lot of sesame throughout.

Um, the knife work
could have been a little better.

There's like some really
big chunks of red onion.

- Tuna could have been a bit smaller.

- Alright.

- Whose dishes did I just eat?

I'm safe, but who is not safe?

Funny you ask, Leon,

because here comes the answer.

- "Reviews for Chef Couscous."

Chef Radicchio said,
"Great flavor and texture."

Chef Macaron said,
"Slightly underwhelming,

but good crunch on toast."

This doesn't feel significantly negative,

but was it the difference
of winning or losing?

- Chef Donut said, "Home run.
The sesame's throughout each bite.

It could be a bit strong at times."
So, I'm thinking too much sesame seeds.

Uh, maybe less?

Chef Macaron said...

I was pretty sure
Chef Stephenie is Chef Macaron,

and I was wrong, huh?

"Great overall taste and presentation.

Perhaps a finer dice on the red onion
to avoid big onion bites.

Yeah, I guess I could have
cut a little smaller,

but is that big enough
of an issue to send me home?

- There's a very, very high chance
that I'm gonna be going home.

This is the most
uncomfortable I've ever been,

and I don't know what's about to happen.

Like, these two little negative comments
that can really make a huge difference.

But, I have bonus points
for cooking in less time.

So, again, it's anybody's game.

- I feel like I'm in a tornado
at this point.

Nobody's safe.

I really don't want to be sent home.

Yeah, this is... This is not looking good.

Is it Arugula's poke

or Couscous' melt?

Tuna back in to find out.

Joshua and Stephenie
just named that tuna, made that tuna,

and now pray that tuna
does not send them home.

I like seeing that.

I'm beyond joy right now. I...

This is, this is, this is my moment.

Thank you.
Thank you.

I'ma make them regret bringing me back

because it is a competition,

and I'm here to wipe it out.

- "I'm sorry, you did not win."

I thought maybe going
with this nostalgic dish

would have given me the marks that I need,

but I'm disappointed.

"You did not win.

"But you still might not go home.

Stay tuned."

So, is this a frickin' death match
at this point?

It doesn't mean that this is the end.

Like, I keep saying, "I don't know,"
but I really don't know

what's about to happen.

Chefs, please exit
your tasting rooms, and go to the lobby.

- How's it going? Good.
- Good. How are you?

- The only person missing
is Chef Stephenie.

- Cheffy, did you just eliminate
someone without telling us?

- I gotta play dumb and make it seem like
I don't know where she is,

just like everyone else doesn't.

It's a weird feeling right now, right?

- Yes.
- It's like confusion.

- Cheffy!

- Hello, chefs.

Hello, Cheffy.

- Once there were five of you.

- Yeah.
- Now, there are four.

Is that correct?
- Yeah.

- So hard to keep track.
We lose chefs left and right around here.

We'll all miss Stephenie!

I hope wherever she is, she's okay.

I guess that's just it for Stephenie.

We're just moving on,
gettin' to the nitty-gritty.

I never know what to expect around here.

- It's time for a challenge.

This one's a real laugh!
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

I love TV!

Which is good because I live in one.

Classic shows are my favorite.

There's an old comedy where two funny
humans have to wrap chocolates,

but they can't do it fast enough.

- I Love Lucy.

I know exactly what this is.

This is the conveyor belt episode of
I Love Lucy,

a show that I've watched in my childhood,

and I immediately know
there's a conveyor belt,

and they're talking about chocolates.

- What happens in I Love Lucy?

Immediately, I'm like,
I've never watched that show,

so I don't understand.

Lights, camera, chocolate.

- All of a sudden,
chocolates are on the conveyor belt.

- I'll go for one.
- So now,

we're all in suit to grab
as many chocolates as you can.

- I feel like this means something.
Cheffy, y-you're tricking us.

- "This was the only chocolate you have

to cook for the challenge."

That was very, very funny!

But, for your challenge,
you won't actually need those chocolates

unless you want a snack.
- Oh...


Now, go to your kitchens,
and I'll tell you more.

So long!
- Oh, my gosh.

- What the heck?

- There's no pantry!

- Okay... Everything is gone.

The shelves are bare.

There is nothing.

- Hiya, chefs!
- Hi, Cheffy.

For this challenge,
you need to make a fancy TV dinner.

- Yes! We got the trays!

I want you to make a full meal:

A main course, side dish, and a dessert.

- We love these.

I'm pretty familiar with
TV dinners and frozen foods

because that's really
all we had growing up.

As you see, the pantries are empty.

How will you ever get your ingredients?

The ingredients will only
come out on your conveyor belt.

If you choose it,
you must use it in your TV dinner

or there will be deductions.
I'm sorry.

Now, I'll keep sending out new ingredients

until the last five minutes
of this challenge.

But, once an ingredient passes you by,

it's gone forever!

Ever... Ever... Ever...

Choose wisely because one chef
will go home today.


I did not grow up
eating TV dinners often,

so I am stressed.

Most TV dinners should take
about, mm, five minutes to microwave,

so that should be plenty of time, right?

- No, Cheffy, no.
- Not even close.

Come on.

I'm just joshing ya.
I'll give you 90 minutes.

So long.
- Cheffy a little feisty today.

I feel confident from the last round.

I'm coming with momentum,
and I'm gonna hit this thing
outta the park.

But what am I gonna make?
I have no fricking idea.

There's a lot that could go wrong

with three components on a plate.

Chefs, begin the challenge

in three, two, one.



I wonder what's gonna
come out on the belt.

Oh, my God, it's one at a time?
Like, do I want a pineapple?

- That's so fast. I want pineapple.

- Mayo, no. Mustard, no.

Not gonna grab the tofu.

I think I'm gonna stick with,
like, TV dinner, you know?

- I feel like crab is always nice.

What is that, butter?
Hell, no, you ain't getting away from me.

- Bread, no.

Bourbon, I need to drink that.

- Ground lamb?

Oh God.

I could have done some good stuff
with that, but, eh, don't know yet.

- 100% grabbing the ground lamb,
without a question asked.

Our ingredients will be coming out

on a conveyor belt
throughout the challenge.

If you grab the ingredient,
you must use it. And you have to make

a dessert, a side, and an entrée.

Pork chops. Gonna pass on those.

Pork chops with crab?

I'm hesitant. I wanna grab them

because they're thick cut.
They look great.

But I pass on it

because I got crab,
and I think if steak comes out,

I'd much rather have steak and crab.

I don't want ground beef.
Not with crab. Th-That's weird.

These ingredients are flying by.

My brain can't keep up with all of this.

I am losing it.

Rice... Couscous...

Maple syrup... Puff pastry...

Spaghetti... Mayo... Noodles.
I don't want noodles.

Holy cow. Do I want this?
Do I want that?

Ugh, do I need it?
Do I leave it? It's insanity!

Okay, pasta. Great. It's very versatile.

I feel like my strategy for today

is to be quicker, more efficient

picking ingredients
off the conveyor belt.

Ground beef.

I should salt my water,

get my pasta going.

I don't usually ever cook with beef,

but I know it should pair well
with the spaghetti.

- Ooh... I'll take crab, too.
I don't know what I'm doing yet.

As a private chef, I'm used to making
a menu on the fly for my clients.

But right now,
my clients are the other chefs,

so I wanna cater to them.

Salmon. I have crab and salmon?

You know what? Let's do it.

They like really bold, hearty dishes.

I wanna do that, but then put
a little of my own flavor into it.

It's a win for me.

I'm gonna do a salmon roulade
stuffed with a lump crab salad.

I wanna throw that in sous vide,

so I can just not worry about it
and let it cook.

This challenge,
it's just all about efficiency.

- Oh, beautiful.

Mayo, mustard, Worcestershire.

And some fingerling potatoes.

Starch for the side.

I have gotten enough components to make

exactly what I was anticipating.

A Hamburg steak.

The base for the Hamburg steak.

I want more punch.

I'm adding another round of seasoning

just because I heard that
in a previous review.

I'm not cooking for one person.
I'm cooking for the judges.

So, I have to be intentional.

The sauce I'm gonna make
for this Hamburg steak

is gonna have a lot of flavor
and nuttiness and miso and heat.

And I know Poonam loves bold spices.

I think that Lanky may
appreciate its thoughtfulness.

- Oh, my God. I really hope this is not
the only protein I have right now.

If so, I'm gonna grab cornmeal.

Right now, I can make crab cakes.

Ooh, yes!

Panko and garlic.
If I have to do crab cakes,

I could do panko and cornmeal.
That will give me extra crust.

- I just had an awesome idea.
Fried russet potatoes.

So I'm gonna make a batter,

and I'm just gonna coat the potatoes
in there before I fry it.

I've worked at Michelin-star restaurants.

I've opened multiple restaurants
across the country.

Let's go!

I've cooked for celebrities,
politicians, millionaires, billionaires...

What the hell?

...and I suck at opening cans.

Damn cans.
I don't know why I grabbed cans.

I don't know how to use a can opener.

These damn can openers
are childproof or something.

I don't know. I can't use them.

I hate cans.

Oh! There you go.

Okay. That's ridiculous, know what I mean?

- Okay, let me try this sauce.

Okay, need to season.

Cheddar, no. Salt on here, yes.

I would love, love, love, love,
love Parmesan.

Culinary gods, please send me Parmesan.

I have been dreaming and praying
that Parmesan cheese comes out.

Cheese is my religion.
I cannot serve a pasta dish

without Parmesan cheese.
I keep looking at the conveyor belt.

I'm hoping that magically
that the cheese gods send Parmesan.

I'm, like, constantly looking...

I'm just doing it like this.
I don't have time.

I'm just gonna pop these in the oven.

I'm gonna get my greens going

because those are gonna take
a long time to braise.

I wish I could be
the goofy Lanky right now.

It would make my life a lot easier,

a lot happier to not be so...

focused and crazy,

but there's a $100,000 prize.

I think it's got my name
written all over it.

- I'm gonna grab all these
because I like dairy.

Even though I'm lactose.

Aight, I think I have an idea for dessert.

So, this is gonna be an eggless mousse.

So, it's whipped cream, chocolate.
That's it.

I've never made desserts before.

My wife is a professional pastry chef,

so whenever it comes down
to dessert, I gave it to her.

She handles it, and she crushes it.

I'm doing a miso air cake.

I'm gonna try to.

Should be able to microwave this cake.

I'm just hoping that it works.

Chefs, you've got 25 minutes.

- For the dessert, I'll do like a small
strawberry shortcake with puff pastry.

Chocolate. Can make brownies.

I mean, it's a very basic brownie,
but requires baking chemistry,

so I hope this turns out well.

- Ah. Yes. Excellent.

I'm gonna make a trifle.

Usually, a trifle is made
with a sponge cake,

fruit, custard, and whipped cream,

but I'm trying my best
to just put something together

that I know I can do.

I know how to make whipped cream.

Cut up fresh fruit,
and then toast some bread.

Oh, that's a little burnt.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Ow, ow.

- Man, I'm feeling really good.
That was really traumatizing

for me to be on the bottom today.
But, you know,

we're back now,
and we forget about that. We move on.

I don't wanna
waste this till the last minute,

so I'm just gonna see
where we're at with it.

Oh no, it's not done yet.

Just falling apart.

This salmon is crucial

because it's the main entrée for my dish.

My God.

If this salmon doesn't work out,
I'm screwed.

I don't know what I'm doing with it.
What if the salmon's not cooked?

Oh no, that fish dish has gone squish!

Hey, welcome back to the show.

Joshua has just realized that raw salmon

might get him a raw deal in the ratings.

The heat is on.

The salmon is not cooked,

but time is running out.
I gotta cook this another way.

Right now, I'm just hoping
that I can get a nice char on it,

and hopefully the proteins will rebuild.
I'm thinking if I can get

a nice enough crust on it, I can save it.

Chefs, 15 minutes remain.

Make sure to grab any final
ingredients for your TV dinner

before I stop the conveyor belt.

No time to slow down.

Alright, I think
I've used everything. The panko.

I forgot to use the panko.

Oh, my God. This is so stressful.

I absolutely have to use it,
or I get points taken off.

I've got a lot of people
back home that believe in me,

so I don't wanna let them down.
I don't wanna let myself down.

Let's just... Yeah, there you go.

So, just a little cornmeal breadcrumb

with the panko crust.
Come on, dude!

I can't serve people raw panko.


- Ah! Yay!

The Parmesan cheese has arrived!
The Holy Grail.

Thank you, culinary gods and goddesses.

They listened!

I got a huge hunk of Parmesan.

Chefs, that's it!

The conveyor rolls no more.
- Finally, it stopped.

Five minutes left.

- Alright, so now,
I have this beautiful cake.

This is gonna go on top

with chocolate mousse, mixed berries.

- Smaller ones, for sure,

so the bites are much better.

- I hope it toasted those breadcrumbs
enough, so it's not just raw breadcrumbs.

Chefs, one minute left.

- I'm not playing no games today, baby.
Let's go.

- Let's make it look pretty.

Puff pastry,
you better be done.

Those are good, those are good,
those are good.

- Whoop. God, no, get over there.

- Five.
- Oh, my God!

Four. Three.

Two. One. Time is up!

- Yeah!

That was crazy.
I feel good about it.

I made a freakin' dessert today,
and I just lost my wedding ring.

Hey, I'm screwed, guys.


It's too late. How did that happen?
Anyone find a ring anywhere?

I found it.

Hey, babe. Look, don't worry.
I got it. I got it here.

It's right here. See it?
Oh God.

The challenge has ended.
Please head to your tasting rooms.

It's that time again.

Please taste and review each dish,

assessing the taste, execution,
and presentation. So long!


"Spaghetti, spinach puff pastry,
chocolate chip walnut brownie."

Very cool.

- It's good. It is a little salty.

- I don't know if I've ever had
pastry as a side dish.

That's not bad. Pastry's just kinda bland.

The brownie has
a really crunchy exterior.

It's just hard to chew and a little dry.

And the strawberries saved my life

because I felt like
I was about to choke my brains out.

"Crab stuffed salmon,

smashed potatoes, and chocolate mousse."

It looks nice.

- Salmon is cooked perfectly.

The presentation,
kinda middle of the road.

- I thought the salmon was cooked great.

I think Lanky made this dish
because it has this rustic style

of just food and flavor
and has his touch all over it.

Let's try a potato.

It tastes okay.

The mousse is good. What is this?

Some sort of... sponge?

"Lamb hamburger steak,
fingerling hash, strawberry shortcake."

Oh, this is lamb burger.
Sorta like a Salisbury steak kinda thing.

This dish looks very good.

First thing I notice is the color.

Bright, vibrant orange sauce,
and it matches with the carrots.

It's like a very well-composed dish.

- This is good.
I love the lamb, the sauce.

Strawberry shortcake using a puff pastry,

so it's not a shortcake.

False advertising.

But it tastes good.
- It's got a nice little tang to it.

- Ah! I don't like that.

Thing is a shortcake
because it came short.


"Southern-style crab cake
with greens and a trifle."

- I've lived in the South 27 years,

and I've never seen a crab cake
that looks like this.

- Oh no. It's just raw panko.

Was this a last-minute thought?
Was it late?

Like did it not make the plate
and they just sprinkled panko on the top,

thinking it was gonna go unseen?

- Try the trifle.


They just used the entire bread!

- This is just bread
with whipped cream on it.

- And it's burnt. Like, come on.

The greens. Absolutely outstanding,

but this didn't wow me.

Knowing what I had just tasted,

I feel okay. I don't feel great,
but I don't feel like

it's the worst dish
out of the group at all.

- That was quite the challenge.
I'm exhausted.

- Back to my couch.

I feel like there were some dishes
that really stood out,

and there was one dish that did not.

I don't know how I compare those,

so I actually have no idea what to expect.

- Oh...

All I can think about

is how terrible of a dish I just put out.

I know my dish was by far the worst.

- That was so fast.
- Gah, this is nerve-wracking.

- Time to read the review.

- Chef Radicchio.
"Steak was slightly bland.

Nice side. Shortcake.
It's not a shortcake. It's a puff pastry."

I knew the shortcake
would look like an afterthought.

Chef Arugula said,
"Flavors were out of this world.

"Only issues was the shortcake.
Not good at all.

Everything else,
I wanna box up and take home."

Every single review,
this guy loves my food!

- Chef Radicchio said, "Dessert was good!"
Exclamation point.

Great flavor on the salmon.
Potatoes were basic."

Basic doesn't mean it's not good.

When was basic bad?

- Chef Arugula said,
"The crab cake was hard to swallow.

Felt like the panko was forgotten."

The broiler didn't turn on,
and I didn't catch it in time

to totally bake the top.

Chef Donut said,

"Best greens I've had in a while."

So, that's pretty good.

Hopefully the taste from that
bumped me up a little bit.

- From Chef Macaron.

"Good, lovely tray. Brownie too dense."

You just don't like chocolate.

Brownies are supposed to be dense.

When have you ever had
a light, airy brownie?



I notice that Couscous
is not on my review sheet.

And so, Couscous is not there,

and Stephenie is not there.
Couscous is Stephenie.

Stephenie is not Chef Macaron.

So Lanky is Macaron.

- Well, monkey butt. This might be
the last time we hang out together, bud.

I know. I'm not happy with it either.

But I promise you this.
If I make it through,

I'll just do a little better.
Whatever I can.

Thank you. That means a lot.
I love you, too.

Time to meet your maker.

Oh, my God. I'm freaking out.

- Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi...

- What is this?

"Go to the lobby."

- No way.

- Really?

No way. No frickin' way.
Last time I got sent to the lobby,

I was bottom two.
I'm like, there's no way in hell

that I was even close to the bottom.

I don't friggin' believe this.

- This might be it.

"I'm sorry, you did not win."


I didn't expect to win.

I know my dish was not good.

Am I at the bottom?

"But you still might have
a chance to stay."

So, what does this mean?

Welcome back!

Chef Lanky just received
a mysterious card

singling out his TV dinner.

But who was on the bottom?
What does it all mean?

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Lanky is not here.

I'm very confused.

I see Leon. I see Josh.

I don't see Lanky.

I have no idea where Lanky is.
I also have no idea where Stephenie is.

Oh, y'all...

This is not a good sign.
- Think he was saved?

- So you think you're saying
we're bottom three?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Though I don't know.

I can't keep up with anything anymore. Oh!

TV time.

Oh lord.
- I'm freaking out right now.

Are we safe?

Are all three of us up for elimination?

what's gonna happen?
We have no idea.

Hello, chefs!

- Hey, Cheffy.
- Hello, Cheffy.

- That last challenge looked tricky.

- Yeah.
- I now have all the ratings

and the results!
- Oh God.

- Remember. Do not react
when I say your chef alias name.

Chef Arugula...

Chef Radicchio...

and Chef Donut.

- All three of us were just named.

He can't send all three of us home.

What the?

All of you...

- Oh God, oh God...

- ...are safe.

- We're safe.
I am feeling so relieved.

I am so proud of myself.
Top three, baby.

Oh, man!

- However...

...there are two chefs
in the tasting rooms.

One is Chef Macaron...

Oh goodness.

- ...and the other is Chef Couscous.

They have had the lowest ratings today.

One will stay.
The other will be asked to leave.

- What's in store for me?

It's a big decision.

That is why...

I'm leaving it up to the three of you.

Who will stay? Who will go?

- Oh, my God...
- Cheffy, why are you like this?

Oh. It is not top three.

There is a whole other twist,

and now, we need to send someone home.

You kidding me?

- "The chefs will decide your fate...

So, not winning
the Name That Tuna challenge

and knowing that I'm up for elimination,

I'm feeling mixed.
I wanna be hopeful,

but this might be it.

- What are they gonna grade me on?

My fate is in
the other contestants' hands.

I am scared to death right now.

One rule for this deliberation.

You can only discuss the two chefs
using their alias names.

You have 15 minutes to decide.

I'll be right here,
listening and waiting for an answer.

- Alright.
- Okay. Let's do it, friends.

- We have a very unique decision
we gotta make.

The twist is we get to decide
who goes home

between Chef Couscous and Chef Macaron.

That's a lot of pressure.

We're setting up
who we're going up against,

and we're really crushing
somebody's dreams of wanting to be here.

There's no good choice.

- So, I like... competition.

My philosophy is that

Chef Macaron was Lanky
and Chef Couscous was Stephenie.

I like the fear of, every single day,

I might go home because there's talent
around me, at any moment,

so I feel like we should pick
the most talented chef

to enrich the competition.

For me, it's incredibly important
to have a competitive top four

and have the strongest chefs present.

I also want to be able to say

I beat the strongest talent.

I wanna be beating the big dogs.

- I immediately know my stance.

Pick the weaker link.

It's a competition.
There's 100,000 on the line.

- Okay...
- I'm trying to win money.

I don't want to bring back
the person who's more skilled.

I want to bring back the weak link, so
they can get eliminated in the next round.

And then, it is us truly
still being the top three.

- So, which one do you think
has more skill?

- The more talented chef is Chef Macaron.

Chef Macaron has more wins than Couscous.
- Yes.

- Do you agree that Chef Macaron
is more skilled than Chef Couscous?

- I want to say yes.

- So with that, your initial reaction
is to go bring Chef Couscous back.

- Right.

- If the dish that we had today,

the Southern crab cake dish,

I think is Chef Macaron.

That was the worst dish
I had this entire competition.

- Whoa. Whoa.
- Like, straight up.

Being this far in the competition,

I did not expect to have
a plate like that.

Poonam wants to bring back
the weakest link,

but I think Chef Couscous
is a stronger cook.

So this is just making us disagree more.

- This is tough. This is tough.

Okay, we need to make a decision.

- Wish I could count my steps
right now with my watch

because I probably would have
climbed Everest by now.

No sherpa needed.

Unless that sherpa
knows how to make crab cakes.

Then, I will gladly invite him along.

Have you made a decision?

- Yeah.

- Yes.

- Cheffy, we have an answer.

- You know, I don't feel good about this.

I don't feel good about this.
I feel like we made the wrong decision.

- You know, it's Chef--
- Oh, okay--

Chefs, time is up!

I need your decision right now.

Less than a minute.

- I feel 100% in my gut,
feel like we made the wrong decision.

The chefs are making a crucial decision.

One chef must go,

but will it be Chef Couscous
or Chef Macaron?

Chefs, please go to the lobby.

- Do we have to tell them what we decided?

Like, to their face?

- I want this whole experience to be over.
I want to close my eyes and run away.

- Best of luck.
- Yes.

How y'all feeling?

You look miserable.
- Oh, you know...

Penny for your thoughts?

Oh, my God...

Lanky is babbling.
He is clearly nervous.

Stephenie has not blinked once.

I'm feeling sick to my stomach.

- I'm sorry. I was just trying
to lighten the mood.

Yeah, this isn't fun.

I knew it couldn't have been fun
on your side either, guys.

- Hello, Stephenie and Lanky.

While you were waiting
in your tasting rooms,

these three chefs had to make
a very difficult decision

about which one of you would stay

and which one of you would leave.

The vote is in.

Chef Macaron.

- My gut drops to the floor.

You... are staying.

Chef Couscous, the chefs have spoken.

I'm sorry.

I'm disappointed
that I'm gonna be going home,

but I definitely feel very proud of myself
regardless of what happened.

I'm grateful to be here.

- Tell us about yourself.

- So, I'm a prep chef
for a catering company

and a party chef as well.

Chef Couscous,

I will miss you.

- I know you will. I'll miss you, too.

If it's any consolation,

I would have voted for you to stay.

- I know. That's right.

- Am I chopped liver?
- Paté, really?

Chef Couscous,

so long.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

At the end of the day,
I'm glad I made it this far.

Bye, chef.

I know that there's things
that I could have done differently,

but I've done what I came to do.

Best believe I'll be practicing
with the sous vide.

And I'm gonna get
a lot better at these things.

This is the end here,
but it's just the beginning for me.

This is Chef Couscous signing off.

- Well, thanks, dudes.

I was that close to elimination,

and I never wanna be there again.

I've gotta bounce back,
and I've gotta bounce back strong.

I've gotta prove that

Lanky is here to keep fighting,

and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

- Chefs,

four of you are closer to winning


Please go back to your tasting rooms.

So long.

Is your stomach right in that booty,
ain't it?

This was a hard decision to make,

but, at the same time,
I feel like we made the right decision

by bringing back Chef Macaron,

so that we have a competitive top four.
Point-blank period.

"Chef Donut,
in case you were wondering..."

"You won the TV dinner challenge today.


I'm like no way!

That is incredible.

It is right there.
$100,000 is right there.

That's good stuff.

That is great.

But tomorrow, definitely a new one.

Next time on Secret Chef...

I'm keeping everybody on my radar.

We give the chefs a little break...

Do you need a break from cooking?

- No.
- Yes... No.

...but not for long.

- That looks great. Yes!

What's in the gold box?!


And who's coming back?

- "Hi, Chef." No way!

I don't want anyone to come back!

It's level seven out of ten
on the next Secret Chef.

- That's crazy.