Secret Chef (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Previously on Secret Chef...

- Chef Millie... Chef Millie's here?
- No...

A special guest made a big entrance...

- Yes, round of applause!
Standing ovation!

A chef had to keep his mouth shut.

I think I'm getting pretty
good at hiding my emotions.

- It's so obvious.

The reviews got a little spicy.

The pink and the purple
looks like Pepto-Bismol.

- Who said Pepto-Bismol?
- That's kinda janky.

- And Danielle got sent packing.
- Son of a gun.

- Oh!

Six chefs remain. The game continues.

How does a chef take a meal from meh

to magnificent?

It's all about the ingredients.

10 chefs compete

through 10 levels of cooking challenges,

secretly judging each other

for a $100,000 prize.

This is Secret Chef.

- This is all of us.
- Hoo!

- I'm feeling really confident.

A professional went home yesterday,

and I'm still here for another day.

I almost wanna pinch myself,

but I still know, in the back
of my head, it is still a game.

I need to be more secretive.

I'm like, I already told
everyone I'm from New York.

I'm gonna keep my mouth shut.

- Interesting.

Moving forward, I think
I'm going to be a bit more strategic

about how I'm interacting
with the other chefs,

and I need to figure out who is who

because Cheffy mentioned
it could come in handy down the line.

- How does everyone feel with Danielle
being eliminated? That was--

- That kept me up last night.


- What the... What?

- Yesterday was just chaos.

I feel like I have not been doing my best
in this competition.

Maybe I need to learn how to be a little
more calm and just go with the flow.

Go on low, not high. What am I doing?
Ah! Chaos!

I'm a fairly new full-time private chef,

so I'm definitely a slower cook,

but I'm really gonna try
and give it my all today.

- Good morning!
- Cheffy!

- Hiya, chefs! I see six chefs left,

and after today, there will only be five.

And five of you will be one step
closer to winning my $50,000

plus the other $50,000

matched from our grand prize sponsor,

That is $100,000. Hooray!

It's time for a challenge.

In your kitchens, you'll receive

a special delivery from HelloFresh.

While they offer many options, today,

you'll receive one of their meal kits,

including either steak or shrimp.

They make cooking
super easy for home cooks

because inside every box
are multiple recipes,

and all the necessary ingredients

are already measured out
to make delicious meals.


You don't get it that easy.

- Of course not.

- You'll get a box full of ingredients
that are perfect for a HelloFresh dinner,

but that's not the dish
you're gonna make.

You'll take whatever ingredients
are in that box

and reimagine a classic dinner.

The meal you'll make
will be chosen for you

by the winner of the signature dish,
which was...

Chef Donut.

Hopefully, you're good friends.

I won two wins in a row.

But I feel like Chef Donut's
gonna come for me,

but I'm ready for it.

- Whoever wins this challenge
will receive a secret advantage

for the next one.

Let's go!

- The rest of you will win... nothing.
I'm sorry.

- Wah, wah, wah!

- You have 60 minutes. So long!

- Goodbye!
- Bye, Cheffy!

- Let's go.
- Peace out, homie.

Congrats on winning the advantage,
Chef Donut! Good job.

- Yeah. Let's get it.

The chefs will be receiving
either a Szechuan shrimp kit

or a truffle steak kit. Yum!

But, you get to assign each chef

a completely different meal
to make with those ingredients.

Now, get to it! Chop, chop, chop!

- So, in this challenge,

we will have to create a dish
from a HelloFresh box

that's meant for one thing and then
turn it into something entirely different.

I choose for myself a chicken pot pie.

As a private chef,
I make this dish for my clients

at least once or twice a week.

That would be my signature dish.

I like to keep the competitive energy
day after day,

so I'm going straight for Chef Arugula

just because of his success
in the challenges.

I'm assigning chili to Chef Arugula

because chili requires a lengthy process

to develop a complex flavor.

And I wanna see them struggle.

- Yeah, that's a meaty chili.

- I'm not even worried
about another contestant

because if I wanna win this competition,

I gotta cook better than Chef Arugula.

- Thank you, Chef Donut.

- That's right there is why
you wanna win a challenge.

It's because then,
it's just up from there.

- Okay. Courtesy of Chef Donut.

Fried chicken and slaw.

It looks yummy.

Classic. Spaghetti and meatballs.

I'm stoked to have tacos.

Thanks, Chef Donut.
Picked my favorite food.

A burger. I can do that.

A lot of times, like in my line of work
as a prep chef,

you have to use what's available to you.

So I have the confidence that I need

to push myself for this next challenge.

Chefs, now you all have your assignments.

You are ready to go!

Beep boop beep! Please hold.

Beep boop boop!


You'll have access to basic staples,

but the pantry will be... closed.

- Are you kidding me?
- Wow.

- This is crazy.

You have one hour.
Chefs, begin the challenge

in three, two, one, go!

- Hello, fresh!

- Sirloin.
- Shrimp.

- I have green beans
and a lot of potatoes.

I have to make tacos,
but I have a box of ingredients

that don't add up to tacos.

So, I have shrimp, fry seasoning blend,

green beans, arugula, and parsley.

Oh God.

How am I gonna make this into a taco?

- Fried chicken with...


I have to make fried chicken and slaw
and re-imagine it

using a steak and potatoes dinner.

I hate dealing with steak.

I'm coming up with a thing that
will resemble the fried chicken.

I have steak, so I know how to make

a chicken fried steak and slaw.

You can chicken fry anything.

- I get to make chicken pot pie,

but it looks like I have the ingredients
to make a steak dinner.


A stock! A stock. A stock, thank God.

Oh, my gosh.
Okay, mushroom concentrate.

I'm getting hyped because this
is everything I would need

to make a "steak pot pie"
and make it taste good.

My plan is to use the steak as the chicken

and treat that as the protein.

- I'm supposed to be cooking
spaghetti and meatballs,

but I have an Asian shrimp dinner box.

So, if I have to re-imagine it,
let's get weird with it.

We're gonna make Asian-style
spaghetti and shrimp balls.

I am a home cook, and I've used
HelloFresh multiple times.

Everyone in the pool.

I'm just gonna put my own twist on it

because I'm here to win.

You come on top.
Yeah, you go down there too, bud.

Does anyone else talk to their food?

I don't know if
this is gonna work, but I hope it does.

I got all the ingredients to make

some sort of Szechuan
shrimp lettuce wrap.

So, I have to reimagine it into something
that resembles a chili.

It's a challenge because you gotta be
more creative with what you have.

I gotta make it look like a chili,
so I'm like,

I'm gonna use the shrimp.

I'm gonna chop it up
kind of into small pieces,

and I'm gonna make the base of the chili
be the Szechuan sauce.

I think Chef Donut assigned it to me
because they don't think

I know how to cook
a good old bowl of chili.

This is very cool.

I have to make burgers,

but the ingredients
from the HelloFresh box

are some type of mushroom stir fry
with sirloin steak.

So, with the ingredients that I have,

I'm gonna somehow figure this out

and make a black truffle burger and fries.

Chef Donut might be looking out.

I guess they're trying
to gauge my creativity,

what I can really do with this.

Chefs, 30 minutes remain!

Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God. Oh!

I was born and raised a vegetarian,

so I hate working with steak.

It just grosses me out.

I like eating steak when
someone else does it for me.

Eating meat when I left my parents' house
was a new thing.

I'm sure when they watch this,
they won't love that.

Given that this is my first time
cooking a steak,

I have some unlearning to do.

They look like fried chicken.

- I'm living, I'm laughing, I'm loving.

So, tacos have tortillas,
and I have nothing to make tortillas.

So, I'm going to try and make a tortilla

with my potatoes.

This is a huge risk.

I've never done this before.

I'm feeling really chaotic

because this is just not working.

I don't know what to do.

You better figure it out
because, chefs, you got 15 minutes left.

- Holy crap!

- We got a lot to do
in a short amount of time.

I know what I'm going to do
with the filling,

but the crust situation
is a little sketch.

Typically, the pot pie I make
is with store-bought puff pastry.

It's lighter, it's fluffier,

and that's the way
that my clients enjoy it.

I don't have pie crust, but I do have
ice, water, flour, and butter.

So I'll make a quick biscuit dough.

I'm just gonna roll it out thin

so it bakes faster,
which I think will happen

if I can get these in the oven in time.

My God! I, like,

thought that this
tortilla thing would work.

I just don't think it's gonna work.

I'm starting to feel the chaos...

come over me.

There's stuff everywhere.
I'm just a mess.

Okay, let me focus
on something else right now.

I don't know where my brain
is at right now.

For a shrimp taco, it needs to be a taco.
I need a taco shell, and it's not...

not having it right now.

And then I think, wait.
We have a deep fryer for a reason.


If I fold it in half in the fryer...

See, we're problem-solving.

It is so important for me
that I win this advantage

because I haven't won
any challenges so far,

and it's really testing me.

Evil laughter in the distance.

Chefs, 10 minutes remain.

- Ten minutes on the clock.
You know what I'm gonna do?

I like that I had arugula in my box,
and I wanna incorporate it somehow.

You know what?
I kinda like the fried arugula.

Maybe they're gonna take it as a hint.
Like, "Ooh.

Maybe this is Chef Arugula."

Or it might throw them off. We'll see.

Here's how they're gonna know
you're a chef. You can cut chives nice.

- I don't think that there's enough time
to be able to make real buns,

so I go with my next best guess,

which is, for my low-carb friends,
is to do that lettuce wrap.

Even if you have kind of
like these odd-end things,

you'd be surprised at some of the things
that you could really come up with.

It can be actually very fun.

Chefs, five minutes remain.

I'm using every second in that oven,

getting some color on that--
on the pot pie.

Ten minutes went by fast.

I taste my Szechuan sauce...

It's terrible.

Chef Donut,
you may have got me good, bud.

I would love to win this advantage,

but that sauce could kill my dish.

Alright, I'll use it--
I'll just use it sparingly.

Those flavors are gonna dance.

They're gonna party.
They're gonna mellow together.

They're gonna dance.
They're gonna party.

They're gonna dance...
They're gonna party...

It's gonna be good.

Should I cut 'em?
Steak is usually sliced beautifully.

Yeah, I should cut 'em.
This is impossible to eat.

And I hope I'm cutting it
in the right direction.

- The pot pie is in the oven.
We're pulling it out now.

The whole day just falls apart for me.

The pie crust ends up turning
into, like, raw biscuit dough

'cause I don't have enough time.

I'm right now at the mercy of the oven.

The crust can ruin the dish.

This is actually gonna be a huge problem.

Oh, my God.

Last time we checked,
Leon's dough was still raw.

I hope we don't poison our chefs.
- Oh...

Pot pie, you gotta nail two components.
Filling and crust.

And my pot pie crust
ends up turning into...

raw biscuit dough.

I get a torch to toast

the "biscuit pie dough"
to kinda get it some color.

Now, I'm freaking out.

We just hope there's some color to it.

Chefs, one minute left!

- Uh, I'm gonna start plating. Oh God!

- I feel pretty good.

Visually speaking, it's burger and fries.


These look cool.

- I'm feeling pretty good.
I'm plating up now.

Have to get the garnish on the plate.

Hopefully, the ingredients come across.

I'm feeling pretty good.
It's a good-tasting dish.

Maybe other people had
a really hard time with it, too.

I don't know.
- This dish is a hot mess,

just like myself.

The inner me wants to change it.

This is called being a Libra.
You can't make up your mind.


four, three, two, one.

Time is up.

The challenge has ended.
- God!

- I am not feeling great
about that at all.

Feel like everything went wrong.

- I feel absolutely wonderful.
Very proud of that dish.

I would eat it.
I would very much enjoy it,

but the texture.

I think that's gonna be
the only thing they get me on.

I'm not feeling very confident,

but I am proud of the execution on this.

- It looks good.

I just hope it tastes good.


please head to your tasting rooms.

It's that time again! Hoo hoo hoo!

- Woo!
- Please taste and review each dish,

assessing the taste, execution,
and presentation. Bye!

- The challenge was taking
a HelloFresh box

and turning it into something different.
And now,

I'm really interested to see
how this is gonna taste.

Let's go.

- So, I assigned every single
one of these dishes.

So it's my goal to kinda see

if they were able to make what I assigned.

- Whoa.

Chef Radicchio got assigned
the fried chicken and slaw,

and they reimagined the dish

as chicken fried steak with slaw.

- In terms of presentation, very clean.
I really appreciated that.

I think it's great. Meat's tender.

- It has good flavor, but it's just burnt.

The steak has been cut with the grain,

so it's very tough to eat.

That was a mistake.
- Hm...

- This is one of
my favorite things to eat.

Take on burger and fries.

This is a black truffle burger with fries.

- In an hour, this is what they did?

There's no bun.

Is it a burger without a bun?

I don't think so.

Ai! What is this?

This was a chicken pot pie.

And now, you have a steak pot pie?

I think Chef Donut is Leon.

He has the skill to make a dough
for the pot pie.

- Actually, this dough's looking
like it's kind of undercooked.


- Good flavor.

- I do like the flavor
of the gravy inside.

Gave me green casserole vibes, you know?
Protein's cooked nicely,

but the crust is a bust.

- Next.

This dish was spaghetti and meatballs,

and we get reimagined
Asian spaghetti and shrimp balls.

- Look at that.
That's a beautiful, long noodle.

I love the take on it.

- Those are raw.

Yeesh. The texture of the shrimp
was just a bit tough for me.

That one's rough.

So, this is a take on tacos. Shrimp tacos.

- Ooh, messy plate. Messy plate.

- Yeah, it's a potato taco shell.

Actually, I really like that.
When you taste it,

it's executed better than how it looks.

This is Szechuan shrimp chili.

- I cannot believe it.

Good flavor.

Great spice. That's great, Josh.

I gave Chef Arugula chili,

and Chef Arugula kicked my ass.
Just whooped me up.

- I wasn't hungry, but I wanna eat
this whole entire thing.

- Alright, stiff competition.

How does mine fall in line with those?

- I'm pissed because I recognize that

I should've gave Chef Arugula
the spaghetti and meatballs

to put them on their toes,

but I gave them a dish that they
could excel and highlight in.

I need that advantage though.

The other dishes,
I don't think are beating me out,

but Chef Arugula is leagues
above everyone else.

It's a tough one.

Chefs, here come the reviews!

Be cool.
- Stress.

Oh boy. Here we go.

- Review time.
- Oh.

Chef Radicchio says, "Very creative."

Chef Macaron said,

"Love, love, love the taco shell." Okay.

Chef Donut said,
"Wonderful balance, nice garnishes."

Chef Arugula said,
"Beautiful dish, taste was solid."

That feels nice to hear from Chef Arugula
because they've won multiple challenges.

- Chef Macaron said,
"Great cook on the patty."

"Wish it had a sauce and perhaps
wrapped it up in the cabbage

so it looked like a bun."
I hear that. I hear that.

- Chef Macaron said, "Cutting the steak

with the grain made it tough to eat."

I am formerly a vegetarian,

so this was my first rodeo.

My literal first rodeo with making steak.

- Chef Donut said,
"Presentation lacking." Agreed.

Chef Gherkin said,
"Needs more flavor.

Felt like I was just
eating raw potatoes." Okay.

- Chef Couscous said, "Beautiful plate.
The size of shrimp is too small."

You tripping.
Like, \when have you had chili

where the pieces of meat
was any bigger than when I served?

Chef Arugula said,
"Crust was undercooked."

Yeah, I kinda just threw
that dough together.

Chef Macaron said,

"Great job turning box into this ditty."


I feel like the only person
who would say "ditty"

in their everyday language is Lanky.

I already thought Lanky was Chef Macaron.
I feel like this confirms it.

This is definitely this dude right here.

- Leon. I believe you are Chef Donut.

Because he's always very positive.

He said yesterday he doesn't really like
to give negative feedback

because he's just too nice of a guy.

- Yeah, I'm definitely not one
of the negative review writers.

Here come the results!
Who got that advantage?

- Oh God.

Who's it gonna be?
On the edge of my seat!
Oh, I don't have a seat.

- Be something I love.

"I'm sorry, you did not win."

- Ah... So, what would have beat me?

- Womp, womp.
- Eh, I figured I didn't win.

Maybe it didn't get
the crust that I wanted,

but that mushroom filling was wonderful.

So, even though Chef Arugula's chili
is absolutely amazing,

I could still win this challenge.

- I think Chef Donut
tried to set me up for failure,

but I hope my reviews were good enough
to carry me over the line.

Josh and Leon await their fate

to see which one of them will
receive the elusive advantage.

I want this advantage
very badly, and, honestly,

not even for the actual advantage,

but the perception that Chef Donut
is the front runner for this competition.

No way.

I won again.

I'm just tripping.
Like, am I reading this right?

I get the advantage, but I don't know
what the advantage is yet.

I'm in total shock.
Like, I don't believe it.

Are you kidding?

I'm one step closer
to winning $100,000.

We got a baby on the way,
and that stuff's expensive,

and the prize would
help out with that lot.


So I'm here to let everybody know
I'm a good chef.


- Oh, my God.

That's great, Josh.

I gave Chef Arugula chili,
and Chef Arugula kicked my ass.

I can't believe he won.

That's the third time Chef Arugula
has had the best dishes,

and I wanna cook better than Chef Arugula.

If I can't beat him in these challenges,

then I'm not gonna win.

So, I'm like, alright.
The elimination challenge is coming up,

and we get another chance to go

and I'm about to whoop him up.

Chefs, please exit your tasting rooms.

- Just me? Oh, hey!

Hello! How'd it go?

- There were some
twists and turns in there.

Wouldn't it have been great
to be able to use the pantry?

- What's your favorite pantry item?

She's trying to dig into Lanky.

I'm spilling no beans. No beans!

- The beer. I answered for you.

Yeah. Okay.

- Got a pretty good idea of who everyone's
alias is at this point, I feel like.

- Really?

- I gotta get in Sydney's head.
I feel like Sydney talks

and is very invested in the game,

so I wanna know where Sydney's at.

So you know mine.

Yes. Absolutely. 100. 100%.

- Is Leon messing with me around here?

Damn! Am I giving it away that easily?

I have no idea, so that's fine.

- I'm not gonna say,
but everyone has their tells.

Chefs, please head to your kitchen.

Let's do it.

- I'm going to my kitchen.
- I'm jumping through!

I'm pretty hurt.
I had lost the last challenge,

so I really wanted to have
a chance at redemption here.

Hiya, chefs. It's time for a challenge.

I want you to make a dish
using ingredients

that represent
every color of the rainbow.


In a moment, you will receive
a kaleidoscope of ingredients.

You'll each start on a different color,
and you'll pick one item.

Once you take it, that is only yours,
and you must use it.

You will continue picking
through the rainbow

until all the ingredients are chosen.

For this challenge,
the fully stocked pantry is open.

You're welcome.

- Thank you, Cheffy.

The winner of the last round

has received a special advantage.

They get to pick their starting color.

- Wow. That advantage
makes a big difference.

There could be some really odd ingredients

on the conveyor belt,

and if you pick last,

you could be left with something
that could really mess up your dish.

The winner of that round was...

- Chef Arugula.

Chef Arugula! Yay!

- Shocking.

Chef Arugula is
all of our biggest competition.

They've been really killin' it.

- Chef Arugula and Chef Donut
are really on a roll,

so they definitely have
a growing target on them.

These are the people that
I'm gonna have to beat out.

For this challenge,
you will have 60 minutes.


Let's go.

There is not a lot of blue ingredients

that I can think of
off the top of my head.

So, I'm gonna go blue.

I feel like that's gonna be
the trickiest ingredient to incorporate,

so I wanna make sure I get
the first decision on that.


Jelly beans?

I'm going with butterfly pea powder.

Chef Arugula
has chosen their starting color!

I have randomly assigned the rest.
Happy picking!

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Good luck.

- What is that? Spicy onion chips!

I'll go with radishes.

- I need to make a decision,
and I need to be fast.


But the thing is some other chef

will be picking ingredients
off of the trays,

so by the time I get the last one,
I'm gonna only have one option.

So, that's where it will be
a little difficult.

Someone's gonna have grape soda.

I think that's crazy.

I'll take the flank steak.

- Brussels sprouts!
- Açaí.

Oof. Jelly beans.

I didn't wanna cook with those.

I didn't even wanna touch them.

Things are just getting worse and worse.

- Purple potato chips.

Spicy hot onion rings or dry hibiscus?

I'm taking it because I don't want those.

See what I get with the last ingredient.

I'm feeling pretty confident
in all of my ingredients.

The only thing I'm nervous about
is crispy onions.

They're throwing me for a loop.

- Oh, they're just orange lentils?

Yellow mustard.

Who's afraid of the olives?

- Jelly beans.

Grape soda?

Can I just drink this?
This is crazy.

I don't know why I chose
these ingredients,

but I'm on a winning streak,
and I think I could take this one.

I just have to find my focus,
and I really wanna win this challenge.

Chefs, begin the challenge

in three, two, one...


You must have everything
on the conveyor belt when time is up.

Just start fire-roasting these.

The challenge is to make a cohesive dish

using all the rainbow ingredients.

What am I gonna do with blue jelly beans?

The strategy doesn't necessarily
have to win a challenge.

It's stay in the game.

I chose butterfly pea powder.

It doesn't have a lot of flavor,
but it has a really cool effect

of changing the colors
of ingredients with acid in it.

This is the rainbow challenge, so I'm
trying to get as much color as I can.

So I'm gonna make a purple hot sauce.

I wanna get the melons in there.

All the fruits. Carbonated grapes.

I wanna do that somehow
with the grape soda.

I'm thinking like a summer roll.
We'll call it a rainbow roll.

- What do I wanna put in this?

I picked corn, habaneros, scallions,

blueberries, purple potato chips,
and spicy fried onions.

And I was thinking I do corn purée,

then like some kind of pork
coated with the purple potato chips

and then have a blueberry habanero sauce.

I don't really know what
I'm gonna do with the onions.

Maybe I'll add it into my corn purée.

Kinda looks like Hot Cheeto dust.

I can finally win one challenge.

I think that actually sounds kinda good.

Let's just hope for the best.

I decided to make a salmon cake
with roasted cauliflower,

green olive tartar sauce.

What can I do with these?

The most difficult ingredient
I have to work with

are the cherries.

When you're thinking the salsa
to top a savory salmon cake,

you don't think about
a sweet cherry salsa.

Feta might be a good addition here.

We'll just have to see
how everything comes together.

- I might be able to slip this stuff in
without it being too weird.

So, as a home cook, this is stuff
that's way outta my element.

My game plan is to stick with what I know.

So, I'm just gonna make a seafood stock.

I'm making a pan-seared salmon

with a green curry coconut broth.

And then, I have these blue crabs
to give it even more seafood flavor.

I'm winging it.

And lentils, I don't even know
how long to cook them

because I don't cook with them.

So, I'm kinda nervous
this might not work.

I have never made
anything like this before.

- I just wanna get all these done.

I decided to make
a garden steak and potatoes.

My sous vide for my veg,
I wanna turn it up to 183.

I also am thinking,

how can I use different
equipment in the kitchen

to really elevate my dish
and kind of maybe throw off

the other contestants as well?

There's still some air in this.

With that sous vide machine,

it's like a slow cooker
water bath, basically.

I'm realizing I haven't sealed
this completely.

The bag is supposed to sink to the bottom
and be completely enclosed in water.

Mine is floating at the top,
but I need it to work.

I do not wanna go home.

Chefs, 30 minutes remain.

- Even though I got the advantage,
I'm still left with grape soda.

So, I'm just like...


It's really sweet.

This is crazy. I don't know what
I'm gonna do with grape soda.

- I need to come up with a plan

for the jelly beans.

But, I have a few minutes.

I'm loving all of my decisions

and what was actually
eventually left for me.

The thing is, how am I gonna
incorporate these blue jelly beans

into a nice, savory, cohesive dish?

I throw it in a pot,
I add vinegar in there,

and I use it to pickle the grapes.

This is that pickle liquid here.

I'm thinking I can make this
into curry sauce.

Without the sauce being delicious,

the dish is essentially
just a bunch of raw vegetables.

And if it doesn't work out,

that's gonna be enough to send me home.

- I'm gonna put them in the stock.

Jelly beans are basically corn syrup,
aka sugar.

This could truly fail,
or this could work out according to plan.

You can kinda taste it,
but it still tastes good.

These salmon filets
have to be absolutely perfect.

I'm very confident with salmon, so I know

I'm gonna crush this.

God, I kinda like this dish.
Except for the lentils,

but I'm stuck with them.

- With yesterday's surprise
that Danielle's gone home,

I recognize that there's
actually only one person here

who I need to be better than,
and that's Josh.

It's very important that Chef Donut
come out on top of Chef Arugula

because it's another statement win.

Today is more of a personal match
versus Chef Arugula.

If I keep coming up second to him,

I'm not gonna win overall.

- We're getting
the veggie garnishes ready.

I feel like people are onto me,

but I'm trying to think of what I can do

to get them off my back.
Like, what do I do?

Should I just make
a dish taste bad?

Then if I go home on that,
I will never forgive myself.

I feel like people are
figuring out who Chef Arugula is,

and they're gonna come for me.

But I wanna put the best
food out every single time.

If I win every single challenge,
then that's fine with me.

In the end,
when no one knows whose dish is what,

then I'ma play like that.

Hey, chefs? You got 10 minutes.

The blueberry sauce is great.

This corn is really great,
has good flavor.

Everything's going super smoothly.
I am feeling super confident.

But then I realize that my pork
is not cooking fast enough.

if my pork doesn't cook fast enough...

I don't know.

This pork has to be cooked.
I can't serve it raw.

It's the main component of the dish.

I can't just sprinkle potatoes
on top of corn purée.

Oh, my God, I'm freaking out.

I'm running out of time.

I'm starting to panic.

I have no idea what to do,

and I cannot mess up today

because I don't wanna be in the bottom,

and I'm not ready to go home.

Sorry, Sydney, but undercooked pork

won't bring home the bacon.

I really don't know
if this is gonna work!

- Oh, my God, I'm freaking out.

We left Sydney struggling with raw pork.

She'll have to turn up the heat
to stay in this competition

and not break any health code violations.

- My pork is taking way too long to cook.

At this point, what if I turn the oven on?

Maybe I could put it in the oven,

but that takes a long time to heat up.

So, I just throw a sheet tray
on top, hoping that

at least, maybe,
it gets a little hotter in there.

Chefs, you have five minutes.

I'm coming down
to the final moments,

but I'm behind schedule,
so I'm rushing,

and I'm trying
to get everything on the plate.

Anybody can take this.

So, I'm going in here

like I'm cooking against all pro chefs.

Okay, let's see.

Oh shoot.

Carrots still got a little crunch to 'em.

This whole experience
is about going for it,

and if using the sous vide
is the thing that takes me out,

it is what it is.

The color actually on these
are so gorgeous.

You're done.

You're done.

But, I have to let them rest.

Now, I worry that
my pork's a little overdone.

This is so stressful.

- So the way I wanna serve this
is like a sushi roll kinda.

- Remember,
we're thinking good bites here.

Every component, you gotta be happy with.

Chefs, one minute remains.

- Oh!

- This is so pretty to me,
and I'm very happy.

Oh! So hot.

No time for gloves or tongs.
You just gotta do it.

I used my hands,
and now, they're all burnt.

Oh, my God.

- But I wanna show
all that color in them.

That looks nice, I think.

- This has gotta be the dish that wins.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Time's up, chefs!

The challenge has ended.

- Oh, my fingers!

Please go back to your tasting rooms.

Chefs, it's time for a tasting.

Please review each dish,

assessing the taste,
execution, and presentation.

And, audience, they make me
say this every single time.

Pay particular attention to how the chefs

used their rainbow of ingredients.

- Okay, let's do it.

- "Risotto with roasted vegetables."

The presentation's really pretty.
I also love a Parmesan crisp.

I just don't understand
where the jelly beans are.

I'm guessing there were
some jelly beans melted down

into the risotto.

You do get this really
weird blue raspberry flavor,

if that's where it is.

- Overall, it's a pretty good dish.
I'd order that somewhere at lunch.

Beautiful. "Smoked salmon cakes."

I love it. I love the texture
these blue corns add.

I took one bite of that with
all the components together,

and it was just like
beautifully harmonious flavors.

- It's not making sense to me.

Salmon cake in like a dill sauce.

Yes, but then everything else
just felt like

it was just put in a bowl.

- I feel like this is not cohesive at all.

I think a home cook made this dish...

...because they didn't really think of

how to really incorporate this
and really make it a new dish.

- Okay! "Rainbow roll."

Gorgeous. Beautiful.

And it's a rainbow challenge,
so that's pretty neat.

- Where is the grape soda?

- Probably in the sauce.

I think that Chef Arugula
made the rainbow roll.

Just the execution, the flavors.

It's just clear as day.

I gave it everything I had,

and I still didn't beat him out.

- This is really pretty.

Wow, look at this.

- We have "garden steak and potatoes."

This is definitely
a really great way to do this.

I feel like everything
is really incorporated.

I'm intrigued by these purple carrots.


- Could have been executed
a little bit better.

- Sauce is...

very blue cheese.

- I taste the blue cheese. That is strong.

- Not really my favorite.

- Wow, this is stunning.

"Pan-seared salmon
with a green curry seafood broth."

Okay, let's try the salmon.

- Ooh, no.

I feel like this person doesn't have
experience cooking with curries.

- Squash is a little overdone.

- Lentils are undercooked
and under-seasoned.

Just feel like it's missing some flavor.

"Pork and corn with blueberry reduction."

- All of these things individually

are some of my favorite foods.

Let's see how this works together.

- I've got the blueberry reduction.

It's nice. It's very light.

- I really like that blueberry sauce.

- This pork is overcooked.

- Now, the pork is a little dry.

Overall, this one isn't doing it for me.

- After trying everyone's dish,

I actually feel
pretty confident right now.

Six chefs remain.

After today, there will be five.

Leon's great at cooking and math,

but how are his reviews? Let's find out.

- Oh, lord.

- Another day, another piece of paper.

- Chef Couscous said,

"Playfulness of blueberry and corn
very cool,

but pork was overcooked."

I know.

- Chef Donut said,
"Every component was executed well.

"I love the balance and the creativity.

Maybe too much sweetness."

- Ah!

- Macaron said,
"Fantastic dish and very pretty.

Wrapper a bit crunchy."


- Alright. Chef Couscous said,

"Crispy skin and texture of salmon
is perfect. Lentils undercooked."

Yeah. My lack of knowledge
with lentils hurt me on this one.

The lentils were
pretty much an afterthought.

Chef Donut said, "Curry was tasty,
and squash needed to be cooked longer."

Thank you, Leon,
because I know you're Chef Donut.

Okay. Chef Radicchio said,

"Beautiful. Carrots could have been cooked
a little bit more."

I hear you, and that's why I need to learn

how to use a sous vide correctly.

- Alrighty, let's see what we got here.

Chef Macaron said,

"Salmon cake had a great flavor,
but the dish wasn't very cohesive."

Chef Couscous said,
"Super moist salmon cake.

Feels like six separate items."

Okay, so the problem was its cohesion.

The execution might not have been there.

I'm a little nervous at this point.

- Right now, from my reviews,

I don't feel like I'm going home.

- I'm not upset with the reviews.

I'm feeling okay about my reviews.

I know that my pork was overcooked,

and I will just hope for the best.

- Unfortunately, someone must go home.

Good point! Someone must go home,

and guess what?
It's not me because I work here.

So lucky me!

- Oh, the lobby.
- I'm feeling confident.

I know my risotto tasted good.
It looked beautiful.

I can't imagine that I will be
on the bottom, but you never know.

- How you feeling?
- I feel good.

I'm really-- At this point,
it's a, like, it's a numbers game.

I wanna see what Cheffy has to say.
- It's a numbers game.

So, how many chef aliases
do you think you have yet to figure out?

- Two.
- Zero.

Danielle's actually really shocked me.

I thought Kumquat was someone else.
- Same.


You know, you've been awful quiet, man.

- Man, I don't know
what Chef Leon's deal is.

- Hm...
- Where are you from?

- Me?
- Yeah.


- What part of Jersey?

Leon is really grilling Josh.

You can see his focus,
no question about it.

I'm happy with any focus off me, though.

- But how central?
- Like, north central.

- North central? You're not from Jersey!

He's really getting in my business

and wanna know where I'm from.

He's like testing me,

like he knows more about Jersey than I do.

- North central is what
I would say when I'm lying.

- You agree?
- He's really just grilling me

and trying to get me to slip up somehow.

It don't matter you know who I am.

I'm still gonna beat you.

- Best of luck to everyone
before this happens.


- Hello, chefs.

- Hello, Cheffy!
- I have all the ratings,

and I have the results.

I'm not fully confident
after reading these reviews.

I don't wanna hear my name called.
I just wanna play it safe

and move on to the next challenge.

- Chef Donut.

And Chef Radicchio.

Chef Arugula.

And Chef Gherkin.

This was actually a switch-up.

There are four chef aliases called,
and I'm like,

okay, well, my name's in here,

so we're looking pretty good.

- There's no way that my dish
could have made me go home.

I'm in shock.

Was there a tie for top?
Was there a tie for bottom?

Are four people going home today?

There are so many different ways
this can work out.

- I am freaking out.
I have no idea what this means.

Is this a good thing?
Is this a bad thing?

Like, what is happening?

This game is so unpredictable.

It's time to shake it up around here.

- Welcome back.
We've got four nervous chefs

awaiting their fate.
Who's going home?

- I'm confused because, usually,

Cheffy only say two names,
and now, Cheffy said four names.

I don't know what's gonna happen next.

Chef Arugula and Chef Radicchio.

You are both in the top two.

This is mind-blowing.

I didn't think I was gonna be
in the top two,

but this is a great feeling.

Me and Chef Radicchio
on the top of this round.

I gotta sleep with one eye open.
Whoever this chef is

is right there on my back.

- Chef Gherkin and Chef Donut.

You are both in the bottom two.

I feel okay.

I don't think I'm gonna be
the one going home today.

I feel like I played it safe.

I'm just pissed
because I spent all day making this

a one-v-one competition with Chef Arugula
versus trying to just cook.

And I'm nervous now because I'm like,

I should have just been thinking
about all the chefs' palates.

Chef Gherkin.

I'm sorry. You did not win.

- I'm just in utter shock

and just so disappointed.

Alright, gimme,
gimme another day. I'ma be straight.

I'll see y'all next time in the kitchen,

and it's not gonna be
like it was last time.

- Please step forward.

Oh no...


- Sydney, why don't you tell
the other chefs about yourself?

- So, I am a private chef.
- Oh!

- I recently started doing this.

I've been cooking
since I was 3 years old.

- Well, I'd hire you any day.

Oh! Thanks.

Please do because I'm broke.

- Y'all, I've had the best time.
I've had so much fun.

- Yeah.
- What was your dish?

- The corn and blueberry dish

with the pork.

At the end of the day,
my pork was overcooked,

and I think that's what really
brought me down.

I'm so bummed.

- Well, that blueberry sauce was awesome.

- Thank you.
I was really proud of it, too.

- Chef Gherkin, thank you for playing.
- Well done!

I'm super sad to leave.

I feel like I've really bonded
with everyone,

and even just from eating
other people's food,

you can really learn a lot.

I'm giving you all hugs!

I'm gonna go back to New York,

and get some more clients

and really just
kick some more ass.

Alright, bye, Cheffy. Bye, y'all.
- Bye, Gherkin!


I hate to love you,

but you really helped me grow
to be a better chef.

So I wanna thank you for that,

even though you're a pain
in my.

Chef Gherkin signing off.

- I just sent home another chef.

- Dang.

- That we made it, 50%.
- This is top five.

My ego got the best of me.

I made this entire day
about a personal competition

with one contestant,
and now, I'm in the bottom.

Another day!
- Alright! Yeah!

We live to fight another day, gang!

I haven't won a challenge since day one.

I need to up my game,

make these guys worried about me.

It feels really good
to be in the top five, but now,

playing it safe is not enough.

Anything and everything that I do
is going to be critiqued,

so I have to step up.

Baby, I'm about to win this.

Bye, Cheffy!

- Until next time... Cheffy out!

Next time on Secret Chef...

We've arrived!

It's party time...

Eh! Eh!

...but it's not all fun and games.

- I don't trust the hat.
- Things get a little heated.

A clothing steamer?!

Oh, no, no, no.

- Unfortunately, yes.

Damn it!

The chefs are in for quite a shock.

- Why is it flashing?

Is it lights out for two contestants?

You two chefs are not...


Tune in for level five of ten
on the next Secret Chef.