Secret Chef (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Previously on Secret Chef...

Chefs, you may now begin.

- Ooh, it's like Alice in Wonderland,
but so much scarier.

The game began,
and our 10 chefs quickly realized

all is not what it seems.

- What have I signed up for?
- Someone answer it.

You don't know me, but you soon will.

A new friend materialized.

Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!

- Who is this goofy little bastard?

- My name is Cheffy!

And the challenge was in play.

I'm randomly assigning you a teammate.

The chefs had to work
with a partner they never saw.

- How do you cook without knowing
who your teammate is?

And for most, it was not
a match made in cooking heaven.

- I don't know
the strategy with this shrimp.

- Food was served.
- That's good.

- Reviews were served.
- "Noodles didn't work."

- I felt really good about this before.

Judgment was served.

Chef Bologna, Chef Blueberry.

You did not win.

Thanks for playing.

Now, eight chefs remain.

They move on to the next level.

A chef must have exceptional taste.

No! Not fancy fashion!

Taste like taste buds,
like on your tongue...

This is a food show!
We're testing palates!

Come on! Get on board! Hello?

10 chefs compete...

through 10 levels of cooking challenges,

secretly judging each other

for a $100,000 prize.

This is Secret Chef.

- I feel pretty good going into day two.

I got the first-day jitters out,

and I had yesterday's number-one dish.

Chef Donut, Chef Macaron.

Your dish had the highest rating!

Onto next day,
another step closer to $100,000.

I'm winning it all the way.

- So, yesterday...
- That was a journey.

- It was crazy.
I had a good teammate, though.

We were like pretty much on the same page.

- I don't know the strategy.

I want to put the shrimp
in that fancy zip thing.

- Where did my shrimp go?

But, I wanted to go pork tenderloin.

But we ended up going shrimp.
- Mm!

Yeah. Yeah.

The strategy is to be very reserved

because we have aliases.

If they figure out my alias,
they could target me.

Less is more in this case.

- Oh, chefs...
- Oh!

Things are happening...

Oh, I'm not ready.

- Come on, come on, come on. What we got?

It's a dish I am not
too familiar with.

Oh, okay.

Lots of interesting things
happening in here.

- Is that okra?
- Yes. Okra...

- I don't think I've ever had okra.

Oh, I love okra!

- I love gumbo. This reminds me
of my trip to NOLA.

Gumbo is the type of dish
where it kinda all marries together.

- Is this, like, kinda jambalaya or...

What's the term for this dish?

- I don't know...

"Oh, what is this?"

"It looks like this." I'm like,
"Oh, girl, it's a stew. I don't know."

And I'm pretending like--

like I don't know
what the is going on.

But like my entire family
is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

I know gumbo. This is a game,

and I don't wanna give anything away.

- This is controversial,
but I don't really like gumbo.

- What is it that
you don't like about it?

- I don't like a dark roux
because it tastes burnt.

- That's the best part.

Chefs, please return your bowls
to the conveyor belt.

- I ain't even done yet.
- Right?

I just got into it.

- Y'all are eating, eating.

I don't think Cheffy is that nice

to just let us relax
and have a nice lunch.

And my instincts tell me

something's coming around the corner.

Hiya, chefs!

- Hey, boo.

- I see eight chefs closer to the prize.

My $50,000 and the other $50,000

matched by our grand prize sponsor,

That is $100,000 on the line.

So, it's time for a challenge.

I hope you enjoyed your gumbo.

- Oh, it's gumbo? Gotcha.

- Now, I'm going to test
how sharp your palate is.


You will need
to deconstruct this exact dish

into its mise en place.

That's French for everything in its place.

That means getting all the ingredients

for the gumbo you tasted.

I want them measured, prepped,
and ready to cook.

Do you understand?

To put you to the test,

you'll have to do that all... from...

memory. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

The chef that lists
the most correct ingredients

will win an advantage for the next round.

- Oh.

I'm definitely
gunning for the advantage.

My whole reason I'm in
this competition is to win it,

so I'm gonna really try to study

what's on my tongue still
and figure out what's in the gumbo.

- You will have 30 minutes.

- 30 minutes?

- Yes, I said 30 minutes!
Feel free to file a complaint

on your way out, and I'll throw it away.

30 minutes. Wow.

Gumbo's got a ton of ingredients.

And also, it's a very difficult task

to break down ingredients
of recipes just by tasting.

So, it's a very hard challenge.

So long!

I am stressed,

but I feel very confident
about this challenge.

I've ate gumbo my whole entire life
with my family.

It's definitely a mix of Southern
and what I love to eat.

Chefs, begin the challenge in three!

Two! One! Go!

When the 30 minutes are up,

you must have everything
on the conveyor belt.

- That's the most important
part of cooking is mise en place.

Everything in its place.

Last time I made gumbo
was in culinary school.

That was almost nine years ago, I think.

This is not a dish
I'm very comfortable making.

Some things, you never experiment with.

And this is one of those things
I haven't messed with.

I fell in love with cooking

after I took some cooking classes
in my high school,

and I was like, I wanna do this.

After that, I went to culinary school.

I moved through the ranks quickly,

and I've worked at some
Michelin-star restaurants.

Tasted it, it's delicious,

and I just wanna try to replicate
the flavors that I tasted.

I can still taste it in my mind.

I can taste it when I burp a little bit.

That's my technique.
If I wanna taste it again,

just give a nice little--

little burp,
so I can taste it again.

- And I just burped, so I think I got some
more flavor back, so that's solid.

Strategy is relying on my palate,

which I think is pretty good.

Especially because I am self-taught,
so I got that going for me.

But I don't know. I don't know anything
about my competitors much,

except their names.
With my experience of gumbo,

it looks like a pretty classic roux
with some seafood,

maybe some chicken
and some other stuff in there.

Oh, eggs.

Huh. Egg wash.

See? The little things.
It's the little things.

Like how do we fry this okra,

and just throw cornmeal on it
and magically make it stick?

Oh, just.
Who cares about making a mess?

You're not at home.

- Chicken... Shrimp...


What else? What else? What else?

My strategy going into this,

I gather, on sheet trays,

by sort of categories.

So spice cabinet, dry goods,

protein, produce.

I actually don't like gumbo,

but I know what goes in it,
and that's all that matters.

I consider myself a chef.

In 2020, I decided
to open a sandwich shop.

It became very successful very quickly.

I'm here to prove that I am
the chef that I think I am,

but haven't had the chance
to show the world

what I can actually do.

I hope I get it right.

- My family is gonna scream at me
because I should know this.

I'm gonna need paprika, gumbo filé,

cayenne pepper, definitely.

- For my seasonings, garlic powder,

onion powder...

Is this Italian seasoning?

With this challenge, I feel good.

Like I feel I know the basic spices

that are going into my family's gumbo.

So, really, any advantage
makes a big difference.

It's a very difficult task

to break down ingredients of recipes
just by tasting,

but I feel so good.

I've made gumbo so many times,

was one of the first soups
I had in my very first kitchen.

My culinary dream is to renovate
a lakeside cottage

in Tallahassee, Florida,
and open it as a restaurant.

$100,000 would be catapulted
into the future.

- Okay.

Garlic. Salt.

Pepper. Olive oil?

On social media, I pretty much focus
on really simple and healthy recipes.

Welcome to episode one
of Healthier Cookies.

Winning this contest would be amazing
because I really hope to prove myself

in the culinary space and, long term,

I would love to open my own restaurant.

Due to the way I cook,
which is very intuitive,

never measuring, and just kind of
throwing things in there,

I can kind of get an estimate
of what goes into the stew.

I found something called gumbo file,

which sounds like it should be in gumbo.

Uh, it's pronounced gumbo fee-lay.

- It's not file?


- Brown sugar, gumbo file.

- Oh, this says gumbo on it.

I don't know how to say
the latter word of that.

Fee-lay! Not file, fee-lay!

- Write that on here. It is fillet.
That's what I thought.

It's pronounced fee-lay!
You'd think these chefs would know.

- We're gonna just wing it here.

Even though if I own two restaurants,
I'm not from the South,

so I'm not trying to offend nobody.

Hope I have everything I need.

Feel a lot better.

And not to jinx it, but, you know,

I haven't cut any appendages off yet.

In this gumbo, for sure,
it's gonna be your holy trinity.

So you get your bell pepper,
your onion, your celery,

because there's no gumbo without it.

- This is classic like the trinity.

Bell pepper, onion, celery.
Like, we always,

always, growing up, had this in my house.

Chefs, five minutes remain.

- Then I gotta chop up these onions.

I feel very confident about this challenge

because I literally have
ate this dish so many times,

and all my family
has made this for me.


Mise en place is like
an art, almost.

I enjoy it when I'm doing it at home.

It's therapeutic.
I have a glass of wine.

This is nerve-wracking.

As a home cook,
my skills can be comparable,

but I'm stressing a little.

There's a lot of technique
in these dishes.

The andouille sausage needs to be chopped

at a diagonal into like
half-inch medallions.

I'm not sure if we will be cooking these.
I have a feeling we will be,

or someone will be cooking them.

Chefs, one minute remains!

- Protein, check.

- Oil, cayenne, hot sauce.

Oh, my God, the rice! Ho ho ho ho ho!

- If someone beats me on this one,
they earned it. They earned it.

Gumbo filé.

I really believe that competition
brings out the best in me.

If we're competing,

it's 100% to be better than you.

If I lose, the next day,
I'm right back at it.

- The dish is made how I think it's made.

I really thought
this was gonna be a lot easier.

- Chicken, mussels, crab, oysters?
Question mark.

Mussels, oysters, question mark.

Ten, nine...

- Bon appetit, boo.
- ...eight, seven,

six, five, four...
- I think that's pretty good.

...three, two, one.

Time is up! The challenge is ended.

- I know I'm top.

No question. No question.

- I feel relieved.
I have no idea how I did.

- I really hope there wasn't
clams and chicken in there, but...

- So long, gumbo.

- Bye...

- See you later.

What the?

I felt pretty confident.
And then, I'm like,

I messed up.
I forgot andouille sausage.

I forgot to write garlic on there.
And I was like...

I don't know how that happened.
I swear I saw it in there.

Oh, Joshua.

Hold on to your hat 'cause
it's about to get worse.

Everyone has their limits.

We tested our chefs to find theirs.

They broke down the ingredients of a dish

using only their palate for guidance.

So the conveyor belt starts rolling,

and I see the card
listing all the ingredients

that are in the gumbo,

along with all the ingredients
that we guessed correctly.

I had a lot of gumbo ingredients.

I almost feel like I should win this.

Hiya, chefs.

Whatever you see in front of you

are all the ingredients you got right.

Some did a good job. Some did not.

- Oh. It was clams,
and it was not oysters.

So I should have trusted my damn gut.

The flour is not on the tray!

How do I forget

that the main thing is the roux?

Open your cloche
to review your results.

- Okay, okay.

- Oh...

I lost! Oh, my God.

I'm so embarrassed.

Oh, my God.
My family is gonna murder me.

In order to prove
that I'm the frontrunner,

I have gotta win this challenge.

If somebody else beats me,
then there's some talent out here.

"I'm sorry. You did not win.
Try again soon." Ugh.

Oh... Ah...

The chef who did the best was...

Chef Kumquat!

They will receive an advantage.

- I'm feeling great.
I definitely knew I was gonna win.

I definitely got everything that
was in the dish that we tasted.

So, I'm excited to see what's next,

and I'm kind of trying to figure out

what could the twist
on this competition be?

- They won the challenge? Then,

I think Chef Kumquat's gonna be an issue.

Now, I've got on my radar Chef Kumquat

and then this mysterious chef
who was my partner in the first round.

They're gonna be the ones to beat.

Chef Kumquat, your advantage

is that you can ask
one of the other chef aliases

a cooking-related question,
and they have to answer it.

It will be helpful to learn more
about them since later in the game,

you may need it.

- Being on this competition,
it's not just about the food.

I mean, this is a game we're playing.

God, I wish I woulda had
that advantage. Okay.

- First winner of an advantage. Let's go.

At this time,
please review your ingredients list.

The salt and pepper.
If that wasn't on the conveyor belt,

do we not get salt and pepper?

I forgot to put some of the essentials.

The rice, the salt, the pepper.

- Forgot hot sauce...
- Onion powder, garlic powder...

- Flour. That will be a challenge.

- I swear there were oysters in there.

- Didn't get the clams,
but that's okay.

- Hot sauce... I should've known.

- The fact I don't have an oil
is kind of frustrating.

- I know I missed out on bay leaves.

There's no chicken in this.

There was no chicken?

- So... chicken...

- At least I was right about the chicken.

I knew there wasn't chicken in there.

- I put olive oil,
but it's supposed to be canola oil.

Yeah, th-that's not a good sign.

Chefs, it is time
for the elimination challenge.

You have everything you need.
The pantry is closed.

- Ooh.

You have to take these
ingredients in front of you

and make something totally new.

- I knew that was gonna happen.

The chef with
the lowest rating will be leaving today.

- Come on, dude.

I'm sorry. I will give you 45 minutes.

One more thing.
Since you already did the cutting,

you will not need your knives.

You did all the cutting, right?

- I can't use my knives,
and the pantry is closed.

Nothing about this is good.
I'm freaking out.

Please place all knives
on the conveyor belt at this time.

- Cheffy, you're killing me.

- Ouch.


I didn't cut the sausage,

so I am all over the place.

This is annoying.

- Yeah. No salt and pepper
gonna be rough.

Do you guys think
you made this one too hard? Argh!


you have 45 minutes.
Begin the challenge

in three.

Two. One. Go!

- Alright, so what I'm going for today
is a shrimp cake mousseline

topped with fried okra
and then a mussel sauce.

I'm nervous because I don't know
these people's palates yet.

I wanna know what they want
so I can give it to them

because, in the end,
there's $100,000 at stake.

We can't use anything in the pantry.

And then, yeah, of course,
andouille sausage, the garlic,

I didn't write that in,
so I don't get to use any of that.

So right now, I'm gonna be
relying on aromatics and spices and...

It is a weird feeling
to not have your knives.

- I will be making some
Creole-style arancini,

or rice balls.

I'm gonna make
a New Orleans-inspired flatbread.

It's gonna have andouille sausage.

It's gonna have sweet crab,
scallions, and bell peppers.

I automatically
was thinking paella jambalaya,

but I told myself I'd push myself,

so I'm gonna do something
a little bit different.

I come from a long line of cooks,

starting with my grandmother,
my grandfather.

The reason that I'm here is to really find
my identity as a chef.

Sometimes, I do feel intimidated by people

that are professionally trained.

I'm gaining more confidence,

but I need to keep betting on myself.

I'm making an andouille sausage
and shrimp fritter

with a paprika and gumbo filé sauce.

I'm gonna do like Mariah Carey says,
the best with what I got,

and I'm doing it!
And I got 30 minutes, so I feel good.

- I'm not gonna use the shrimp
or the clams or the mussels

because I have no idea
how to prepare that.

Kinda scary to think about the fact

that I have to create a totally
original dish with ingredients

that I've never really worked with before.

Like, obviously,
I know how to cook shrimp,

but using this specific type
of like spices and stuff,

and, of course, having no access to oil,

that's a little bit concerning.

I'm gonna add the only two spices I have.

Gumbo file.
- Fee-lay!

- I'm also gonna add a hint of cayenne,

and I'm gonna add lots of salt to this.

I'm so glad that I chose salt
and pepper like correctly

because imagine having to cook
without salt and pepper.

That would be disastrous.

- I don't have any salt, any pepper.

So I've gotta make use
of all these seasonings I've got

in Cajun cooking.

I recognize I could
potentially go home tonight.

I've gotta season these grits some way.

I'm gonna use the andouille sausage
to season the grits.

Without noticing the cornmeal
on the okra that they had today,

I would've been in some trouble.
I wouldn't have had a starch.

I woulda just served a soup.

- Can't be gumbo.
Everything here screams gumbo.

What else the hell am I gonna do?

Chefs, 25 minutes remain.

- I am at a total loss.


Oh, my God. Alright. Get it together.

Get it together, Lank. Come on, now.

I'm losing my mind

because I have no clue
what I'm gonna do.

There are so many things

scrambling around up here.

I could do, like, some kind of fried rice?

New Orleans fried rice?

I think that might be my best bet,
actually. Okay.

I am so thankful I grabbed that rice
just in the nick of time.

Oh, my God, the rice! Ho ho ho ho ho!

Oh yeah. And kick up the andouille gravy

with some heat.
Think this could work.

I don't know. I might be talking
completely out of my ass.

What am I making again?

Okay. There's too many things.

My cooking is defined definitely by chaos.


I really hope this works.
Just gonna do straight rice, no flour.

Where the frick is my spatula?

Could not even taste this.
Let's just hope it works.

Feel like this is just like... Picasso.

Live for the chaos.

- I didn't chop up the sausage earlier
because I thought

I would have my knife for later.
I knew there was gonna be some twist,

but I played myself.


I've got a secret.
I have no idea what I'm doing.

Cool. Alright. I do. Composed.

Uh, that's flat.
That looks like it'll work.

I don't have a knife.

Thinking on my feet, used a metal spatula.

Pop it down. Scrape it off.

Toss it in.

This is taking way more time.

Just this tedious work.

This is gonna come down to crunch time.
This is so hard.

- Alright.

I'm gonna go
a totally different route.

I'm gonna put this sausage
in the blender.

I can do an Italian spreadable salami

that's called 'nduja.

And I'm like, you know what?
That's gonna be my sauce.

That looks so gross.

I put it in the pan, and I'm like,

this is still not turning into anything.

It looks disgusting.

Oh, my God.

I feel like I should
pack my bags and go home.

Welcome back to Secret Chef,

where Danielle likes to start her day

with a blended sausage smoothie.
All the vitamins.

That looks so gross.

- I'm checking in on my cakes,

and they are not frying up as well
as I thought they were going to.


I wanna get a nice crust on top,
and I'm freaking out.

I'm... not doing well.

- I'm gonna throw in some oregano.

Everything will be eyeballed.

The okra.


All of it. Okay.

Get this going.

I'm a home cook,
and I'm here to prove that you can live

in a tiny New York City apartment

and whip up really great dishes
that can be comparable to folks

who have gone to culinary school
and work at Michelin-rated restaurants.

When I actually roll these into balls,
the okra will help

because it has
a natural stickiness to it.

That's how I live my life
when I cook in my own kitchen

because I don't always have everything,
and I'm too lazy

to walk to the grocery store
for one ingredient.

So you just--
you just do with what you have.

- I'm gonna make
kinda like a celery purée

to serve some crispy rice bites with.

I'm being super spontaneous

and not measuring anything
and just going with my gut.

I am so surprised by how well
these are holding up,

even though I don't have a binder.

It's almost like the rice is
acting as its own binding agent.

- Okay, I'm definitely happy
with the stretch.

These are working out so well.
I'm so happy.

I am not a baker,
but I decide that it's worth the risk

to try to make a quick flatbread.

I do realize that I don't
have a leavening agent,

so I don't have baking soda.
The pantry is closed.

So, I go with this recipe

that I have off the top of my head.

Okay, I need these to all work out

because I only made eight.

Oh, I missed.

Chefs, 20 minutes left.

Time is making it a little stressful.

Alright. This is just a little cayenne.

I'm just gonna put some color--
Ooh! A lot of color.

I'm just gonna put some color--
Ooh! A lot of color.

Wanna add a little cayenne pepper.
I add a bunch of cayenne pepper.


So there is quite a bit of cayenne.
It does have a kick.

I gotta think quick.
I gotta somehow sweeten this up.

I don't have sugar.

I can't use the pantry.
Use the old noggin.

But you know what is sweet?


Creamy butter.
That'll help sweeten it up.

- Where's my dough?

Chef? Hey, chef, chef, chef, chef?

- Yeah?
- Come over to the speaker.

Closer! I don't want anybody to hear.
- I'm here!

- I have something to ask you.
- Okay.

Which chef alias
do you want to ask a question to?

- I waffle between

Chef Macaron, Chef Donut.
The top two.

No one else has really
given anything away,

so I don't really know who is who yet.

And I picked Chef Donut.
I love donuts,

so that's literally the only reason
I pick Chef Donut.

I wanna know
if Chef Donut can make pasta dough.

Hey, Chef. Chef, hey! Come here! Psst!

Chef Kumquat has a question for you.
- What's going on?

Do you know how to make pasta dough?

- I think that Chef Kumquat
asked me if I could make pasta dough

because it's a sign
of a professional chef.

The question, um...

I think really talks a little bit
more about expertise.

If you're making pasta dough from scratch,
it's a labor of love.

It's very simple,
but it's still a labor of love.

So maybe almost like a question
to find out my skill level.

But that's when strategy
started to play for me.

Do I lie? Do I say,

"No, I don't know how to make
pasta dough," and kinda mislead them?

I don't know if I answer truthfully.

It's interesting.

- Chef.
- What's the answer?

Chef Donut... can make pasta dough.

- That tells me a little bit about
their skill set in the kitchen.

Based on what they made in the egg dish,
bangin' out fine dining.

I think Leon, Lanky, and Josh could
all potentially be professional chefs,

and therefore could be Chef Donut.

But we're gonna find out and see.

Alright, that's good to know.

- Kind of an interesting target,

why I was selected.

Listen, I'm hyper-competitive,
but I ain't gonna lie.

Even if it means that I expose myself
as a professional chef

and risk being targeted
because of my skill set,

doesn't make a difference.

I wanna be beating the big dogs.

I don't want any excuses.

- I can't sauté anything,
which is gonna be tricky.

I don't have oil.
However, I do have access to a fryer.

So, I'm just doing the best I can
frying things.

So I'm gonna fry this
because I don't know

if andouille sausage is pre-cooked.

I'm also gonna fry some garlic...

I'm gonna fry this a little bit, too...

The crab, maybe fry some onions, too.
I'm gonna fry some rice...

I might be about to start a crazy fire.

Uh, Chefs, please try
not to light your kitchens on fire.


Thank you. Chefs, five minutes.

- That spoon.

This is the star of the dish.

I throw the shrimp
in the sous vide bag.

I'm like, oh, this needs to cook.

Am I flustered? Hell, yeah.

- I gotta get an intense flavor
with these grits.

Things are pretty rough.

Now, I pray that the andouille

is gonna give me enough flavor

with no salt, no pepper.

So, I'm not in a position
that's gonna put me where
I wanna be above Chef Kumquat.

So, little frustrating.

- Taste is like important,
but people eat with their eyes.

Unless it tastes absolutely disgusting.
That's another question.

But if it's pretty and interesting,

I think that's what's
gonna be enough for me.

- This might be pretty salty
because of the mussels though. We'll see.

- Alright, that's bangin'.
Alright, it's time to go.

Alright. There's some color on that.
That's what I'm looking for.

That means it's fried.

This one's not getting that much color,

but we're outta time.

- If I don't get this on the plate,
Cheffy's gonna say, "You're out."

Oh, my God.
That one's burnt. Whatever.

Chefs, one minute.

- I literally don't have knives.
My okra's burnt.

That's hot.

My crab shrimp cakes
are not cooking correctly.

My gravy is just too floury tasting...

That's what I get for just, like,
not measuring, per usual.

...and I just am gonna have a meltdown.

Where to put anything?

My hands are shaking.
Y'all see that? That's crazy.


Haven't shooken this much
since my first date.

So, this is as good
as it's gonna get.

- Ooh!

Five, four, three...

two, one.

Time is up.

The challenge has ended.
- Oh boy.

Get out of the kitchen
and to your tasting rooms.

It's that time again.

Please taste and review each dish,

assessing the taste,
execution, and presentation.


- Alright. Let's get it.
- Alright. Let's eat.

- Here we go. The first one.

A NOLA flatbread.

- Impressive.


I really like this!

- Someone was quite ballsy
to make their own flatbread,

and that turned out really well.

Someone blended the andouille.

Smart idea, but... that's a lot going on.

Texture is horrible.

This is the okra-crusted
shrimp cake with mussel sauce.

Mussel sauce? Who made this?

- Whoever made this is
a Michelin- starred chef.
I already know it.

- The influence, the finesse,
the execution reminds me a lot

of the deviled egg
that I had in day one.

Josh definitely made this.

Tough competition.

Quite a bit of salt,
but that was a really good dish.

Creole-style shrimp cake
with spicy herb butter sauce.

I think this is pretty creative.

Taste, though...

It's lacking for me a little bit.

- It's nice and crispy, which I like.
I had a hard time getting crisp.

- Good sauce, good crunchy cake,

but I feel like it's just rice.

Shrimp and sausage fritter
with mussel sauce.

- Great concept.
Seasoning was actually decent.

- I did like the presentation though.

- Overall, it's like really perfect.


After seeing everyone's plating
and food so far,

it really is making me very anxious.

Oh, my God. If I'm going home,
I'm gonna lose my mind.

Y'all, I might be going home
because this is...

This is gettin' insane.

We left our chefs
in their tasting rooms,

but after tasting four dishes,

Sydney's feeling a little uneasy.


Will her seafood cakes
stack up to the competition?

Seafood cake with gravy.

That's cute.

- I'm liking this already.

Ooh! Okay. It's definitely crunchy.

- The inside's good. The outside isn't.

Not too good on texture.

I mean,
definitely there's some burnt parts.

- Mm. They tried using
the rice to bread it.

If they ground up the rice
maybe even finer,

it might've been able to work.

- Sauce was way too thick,

and that, um, is not good.

I gotta be fair,

and if that was served to me
at a restaurant, it'd be going back.

- If I see another fritter,
I'm gonna lose my mind.

Crispy rice andouille
crab bites with celery purée.

This presentation is...

- All the other fritters I had
were very, very crispy.

This one might have
a little textural difference.

I like that we've got a celery purée.

A lot of us did like the mussel and other
things like that, so that's pretty cool.

- Celery purée. Interesting choice.

Oh, my God. That's not it though.

That is not good.

- I like the spice

and flavor of the purée.
I just hate the texture.

I don't wanna eat the rest of this.

That's not a winner there.

New Orleans fried rice
with andouille sausage. I'm into this.

I mean, it's pretty.

- Andouille sauce honestly
just tastes like the oil.

And some butter, but okay.

- Boring. Flavor is fine,

but anyone could have done this.

You should've really tried to do
something completely different.

Ooh, seafood and grits?

This looks like seafood and... water.

It said grits. I'm seeing soup.

Immediate docking of points.

- This is beautiful! Are you kidding me?

I don't like the smell, though.

- To be honest, it's a little bit bland.

I'm just missing something from it.

- In terms of creating something new,

this is basically gumbo for grits.

- What they were going for,
I think they got it,

but the execution of it
was not quite there.

- I don't know if I'll be
going home today,

but the grits are really concerning.

Right now...

I could be on the chopping block,

but there's still some criminals afoot.

We still have the person responsible

for the burnt seafood cake.

That was the first burnt food
that we'd had all competition.

- Oh, well,
what do we have here this time?

- Oh, this is great.

- "Reviews for Chef Radicchio."

Chef Arugula said, "great texture,
flavor complemented nicely."


- Chef Ube said,
"I love the bolder flavors."

See, someone knows what's going on.

- Chef Radicchio said,
"excellent bread and flavors.

Wish there was a sauce."
There was a sauce!

"But the good spices."
Yeah, because I season my food.

- Chef Donut said, "creative idea,

couldn't taste anything
but char-burned bottom."

He definitely got the burnt crab cake.

- Chef Ube said, "nice and crispy.

Could use a little bit
more flavor in the sauce."

Chef Radicchio said, "love the plating
and crunch on the fritter."

I feel a lot better.

A lot better.

- Chef Macaron said,
"great flavors and presentation.

Lay back on the salt."

God dang.

I do admit I get
a touch salty sometimes.

That's the nerves coming in.

Chef Arugula said,
"looks great. Flavor lacking.

Only flavor was sausage."

Salt was lacking everywhere.

Now, I pray that the andouille

is gonna give me enough flavor
with no salt, no pepper.

If I had salt and pepper,
that woulda been a wonderful dish.

That kills me.

- Chef Kumquat said,
"celery purée is not good at all."

Chef Donut said, "fritter is tasty.

"Rice coating on bites were overcooked

and there were stale and hard bites."

I had a rough time with those rice bites.

I was definitely surprised to see

all these different iterations
of like fried rice balls.

I just hope my rice bites were
better than at least one person.

Home sweet home.

I don't know about sweet.

I'm nervous, I ain't gonna lie.

I'm not feeling 100% safe

because I got a lot of reviews
about being salty.

I don't even know what's going on still.

- Yeah.
- This is all a mystery

since secret everything...
- Mm-hmm.

- What did y'all think about the food,
though? That's my question.

There was one that was horrendous.

- Uh, yeah.
- I was like, why?

Why would you ever do this?

- I, uh, I needed, like,
a spit bucket at one point.

- Yeah.

At this point, I am looking out to see

if I can kinda read body language.

Not anyone has really given anything away,

so I don't really know who's who yet.

- I'm glad that that challenge is over...
- Same. Yeah.

- It's like whoever Kumquat was,
I wonder what their question was.

- That's what I was thinking.

- I didn't-- No one asked me a question.

Chefs, it's time to watch television.

I've never heard so many
people sad to watch TV.

I've learned a lot
about the other chefs' palates today.

I know that I'm the best chef here,

but it's these dishes in that moment
that determines the outcome.

So, making it a touch salty
could send me home.

Hello, chefs!

- What's up, Cheffy?
- Hi, Cheffy.

- What a day. What a challenge.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

I am ready to reveal
the top- and bottom-rated dishes.

Oh, my God. I wanna throw up.

- Remember, do not react
when I say your chef alias name.

- I think that this is gonna
be the dish that sends me home

because of my lack of attention
to the fine details.

I'll never make that mistake again.

I literally am losing my mind.

I'm not feeling great
after this challenge,

and I'm just hoping

that Cheffy doesn't say my name.

- Chef Gherkin...

Chef Ube...

and Chef Arugula.

One of you has the lowest-rated dish.

Oh, man. Oh...

Which one will it be?

Chef Ube,

Chef Arugula,

and Chef Gherkin.

One of you has the lowest-rated dish.

- I hear my name,

and I think that I'm in the bottom.

Chef Gherkin, you made one of the...

lowest-rated dishes.

But you are safe.

- I am just happy to be
in the middle right now.

Chef Ube...

and Chef Arugula.

One of you has the highest-rated dish.

The other has the lowest-rated dish.

Chef Arugula.

The other chefs rated your dish...

the highest!

This is a good thing.

- Yes! I'm like, inside, just like...

chanting, my arms all flailing,
but like, outside, I'm just like...

If they know it's me, I feel like
they're gonna come after me.

That means Chef Ube,

I am sorry. You did not win.

I don't wanna go home yet

because I feel like
I definitely have more to show.

I feel like this challenge was difficult,

but it was so cool to participate

against so many amazingly talented chefs.

- Please step forward.


Chef Ube, if you have
anything to say to the other chefs,

now is the time.

- I honestly thought that
I was gonna enjoy

cooking the most, but, honestly,

it was just tasting your dishes.

It was like a gourmet meal
every single day.

So, thank you, guys,

and good luck with everything else.

This was so fun.

As an influencer,

participating in this cooking show
was really about me proving to myself

that I had what it takes to just be

in this ultracompetitive environment.

- Well, Chef Ube, thanks for playing.

- It was a pleasure.
- Bye, guys.

I think this was one of
the greatest experiences ever.

When I post my YouTube vlogs
and all my recipes,

I'm definitely gonna be influenced

by all these amazing new gourmet meals

that I got to taste test.

Chef Ube signing off.

- So long.

Bye, Cheffy!

- I am so relieved I made it through.

I had fun. Next day is coming up.

We're gonna be faced with
much more difficult challenges.

I feel great.

Friends, we made it.

Uh-uh-uh, chefs! Not so fast!

Please go back to your tasting rooms.

- Quite...

the day.

- Okay. Cheffy is a trickster.

I'm just literally wondering
what could be under there.

There is aliases. There are secrets.

If I could pick one alias
and chef to go home,

easily Chef Donut.

- This is Secret Chef,
so you never know what's going to happen.

- Okay... Uh-oh...

Next time on Secret Chef...

Josh cuts the cheese.

Extra sharp cheddar, Gruyère, Gorgonzola.

- I hate cottage cheese,
but we gonna make it taste good.

The chefs realize they're not alone.

Chef Millie Peartree.


- Yes, round of applause,
standing ovation.

And one chef
cooks up a big advantage.

The winner with the highest-rated dish

cannot be sent home in the next round.

It's level three of ten...
- Woo!

...on the next Secret Chef.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!