Secret Chef (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let's play a little game.

Welcome to our secret cooking facility.

In here, 10 chefs--

some pro cooks, some home cooks,

and even some social media cooks--

face off in wild culinary challenges...

...that test 10 levels
of their chef skills.

And you might be saying to yourself,
"Gee, talking chef hat, hm!

This sure sounds like every other
cooking competition show."

But wait, hold on to your stand mixer

because there's more.

- Hoo! Oh, what is going on?

In this competition,
there are no judges.

Only the chefs can judge each other.

The good...
- Yes!

...the bad,

and the "What just happened?"
- Oh, dang it!

But to make sure they judge fairly,

they'll cook in secret,

they'll taste in secret...

- I don't know who made this.
- ...and they will rate

one another's dishes in secret.

- That is not good.
- That's why we call this

Secret Chef. Makes sense, huh?

In the end,

the chefs' ratings are all that decide

who stays, who goes...
- I'm freaking out.

...and who wins $100,000.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

- I can't even process that right now.

The game starts...

- Let's go!

Oh my God.

Our 10 chefs are learning the first rule

in applying to be on a television show.

Always read the fine print
on your contract.

- What have I signed up for?

- I don't know where I am.
It's not a kitchen,

so I'm really unsure what's happening.

- Conveyor belt?

- Is something gonna come out from here?

- What the hell is that?

If you know anything
about buzzers and red lights,

that's not a good sign.

Let's see what we got here.


- Uh...

- Alrighty.

- I-I'm guessing I'm gonna open this.

- I'm scared.

- "Read me."

- Ooh, it's like Alice in Wonderland,
but so much scarier.

- "Dear Chef."

- "You may talk the talk,

but does your culinary game
walk the walk?"

- Yeah, damn right, it does.

- "Hello, and welcome to Secret Chef."

- "This card contains
your official Secret Chef alias identity."

Each chef has been assigned
their own chef alias name.

They must use it when writing reviews,

but shh!

They must keep it secret.

I don't like to keep secrets.

- "One last thing."

- "One chef will win $100,000."


- That's a lot-- That's a lot of money.

- That seems a little intense.

- Alrighty.

- An egg.

- Little egg.

- "Bring the egg to the lobby."

- Can do. What lobby?

This is very, very different
from what I was expecting.

Just you and me.

The second I walk into the hallway,

I see separate kitchens.

I look around.

Out comes these other chefs
from their respective rooms.

Immediately, in my mind,
the game has begun.

- Hi!
- Hey.

- It's nice to size up the competition.

- I think I got a total count
of 10 people, including myself.

I'm nervous, trying to break the ice.

See if we can get comfortable
with each other, but not too comfortable.

Y'all see this? Y'all see this green here?
Hold on, y'all see this?

I noticed this wooden crate

with cabbage and money attached to it.

This is weird.

Weird? What do you mean, weird?

You don't leave your money
laying around everywhere?


I'm feeling this.

This is cool.

It's very 1960s, 1970s.

Lots of shag carpeting.

This looks like Hugh Hefner's place.

I think everyone feels
a little more relaxed.

It's a little lighter in the room.

Oh, this is crazy.

- The phone rings.

I'm wondering

who is on the other end of that?

- Who is it?
- I'm scared.

You gonna pick it up?

Can somebody pick up the phone, please?

I can't be here all day.
Let's get this game poppin'!

- Hello?

- Hello!

You don't know me,
but you soon will.

Let's play a game.

A chance to get to know your competition.

The best test of a chef

is to show off their egg skills.
Let's see yours.

All of you must make an egg dish.
Are you ready?

- Yes.
- Oh, there is somebody there!

Yes, there is! And I will be watching.

- Okay. We have to make
an egg dish for all of us.

- For everybody?

- Yes.
- Alright.


- I don't like this part!
- I don't like it at all.

I'm assuming we grab a box.


this one's heavy.
- Got it?

I don't know the other chefs.

We don't know who the chef aliases are.

So, during this challenge,

I'll be trying to find out who is who

because it could help me down the road.

- Oh, my goodness gracious.

I don't know these chefs,
but I've got my eye out,

and I'm gonna figure out
who these people are.

There we go.

We're cookin'.

I'm a home cook.

I don't know what the skill set is
of everybody else.

- Are these professionals?

Are they chefs? I don't know.

I know I need to step up my game

because there's $100,000 on the line.

Separating eggs over here.

I know the first thing
that people are going to go to

is either a frittata or egg bake

or shakshuka

because those are easily made
family-style, and I don't want to make

either of those things
because everyone's gonna make them.

Hey, guys! I'm making egg salad!

I hope you like it!

- Here we go!

What are you making?

- I'm making Florentine eggs.

- Florentine? Leek? Okay, yeah.
- But with leek instead of spinach.

- Wait, so are you French?

- Yes, I am.
- Yeah, you have a French accent.

So, this is my first time
seeing everybody cook,

and I'm pretty nervous

about what everybody else
has expertise in.

I see Anthony.

He is French as and
I hear his knife skills and I'm like...

These people are good.

I'm Alexa.
I'm a social media home cook.

Once upon a time,
I was a TV news reporter,

and I absolutely hated it.
So, I quit my job,

moved to New York City
to get a job in the food media space.

You need a lemon?
- Yeah, do you have one?

- Yeah.
- Awesome. Thank you.

I want everybody to know
that social media cooks

can actually hack it.

- Alexa, what are you making?

- I'm making Turkish eggs on sourdough.

What are you making?

- I am making street-style anda bhurji.

We need this to come together, baby.

- I'm burning butter!

So, I'm, like, scanning the room.

I see spills, messes, and it's just like

this might be a little bit
of a walk in the park.

- We've got some spicy stuff in here.
Hope it's not too much.

I'm gonna be making
a Mexican-style shakshuka.

The trick is to reserve all this
chili oil to cook even more.

I'm conscious of the fact
that I'm probably

one of the lesser
educated chefs in this room,

but I know how to play with flavors.

I think I'm gonna make it
pretty far in this competition.

Oh. Yay!

I can do this.

- Leon, what you cooking over there?
- I'm making a traditional shakshuka.

I have to play it as safe as possible.

I need to execute good flavor,

just show that I can cook
and execute a dish.

That's-- Oh. That's it.

My name is Leon. I've worked in

over 12 kitchens over 12 years.

My current job is I'm a private chef
for a family five nights out of the week,

and I'm also opening my own restaurant.

I'm going to win this competition
because I have a stronger work ethic

than the people around me at any moment.

Would you look at that.

Chefs, you've got 30 minutes left.

- Lanky, what are you making?

- Oh, me?
- Yeah, you!

- I'm making a Tex-Mex shakshuka.

- Ooh! That's right up my alley.

- My name's Lanky, and I'm a home cook.

I'm a cheesemonger by day
and a bartender by night.

Since I was a child,

I spent a lot of time in front of the TV.

Some of my favorite people
to watch were TV chefs.

So my dream is to do that.

My signature egg dish is
a Tex-Mex shakshuka.

Needs a lot more salt.

What you working on? What you making?

- Don't worry about it, sweetheart!
You'll taste it!

One of my biggest strengths

is observation.

To my right,
I have somebody who has shakshuka.

Smells good.

I'm thinking to myself, we're making,
like, damn near the same thing.

It's the land of the shakshuka today.

- Stay there. Here we go.
- Five, four,

three, two, one.

Time is up.

We're done.

- I think the other chefs
are gonna love this dish

and get to know
that I am big trouble for them.

This all looks so good.

I'm really intimidated
by how well everyone else

seemed to have their together,
both with, like, the plating

and the execution.

So, I'm like, oh, like,
I hope mine is edible.

Alright, welcome to the party,


So, I take charge.

I'm gonna be the host of this party,

but I'm also playing the game.

I'm trying to figure out who is who here.

This is a competition,
and I plan on winning this thing.

Joshua, what'd you make, bud?

- So, I made deviled eggs today.

My take on this deviled egg
is a traditional Thai salad called larb.

- Yeah, I've had a larb before.
This is really good.

- Oh, thank you so much. Yeah.

- It's not a party without deviled eggs.

- Right? This is impressive!

I hate deviled eggs.

He made amazing deviled eggs.

So far, I think Josh is the chef to beat.

- Anthony, please tell us what you made.

Wow, that's so good.

Oh, my God!

Anthony's eggs Florentine
was absolutely incredible.

I think that Anthony
is a very famous chef.

I definitely have competition.

- We've got a lamb shakshuka.

- What I have today is shakshuka.

Out of all the shakshukas here,
I made a Mexican-style one.

- In these mountains of shakshukas
that you guys have got on your plates,

there's the Moroccan-style shakshuka.

- Here I thought that I was being,
like, super creative.

shakshuka, shakshuka, shakshuka.

There were literally four.
So, like I said, I was right.

- Shakshuka.
- Shakshuka.

- I ate, like, four shakshukas.

- Of all the shakshukas, I think Lanky's

definitely tasted the best.

Lanky is the nemesis.

That guy
is gonna be a problem.

- Mm!

- Okay, so I made Turkish eggs on toast,

but then I also added
some roasted tomatoes,

a bunch of herbs,

and it should be a little bit spicy,
but not too spicy.

- That's amazing.
- Oh, my God!

- You like it?
- I love this.

This is so good.

- I'm pumped that
it's going over as well as it is.

- What did you make?

- So, I made a street-style anda bhurji.

There's a lot of spices going on.

I have garam masala,
turmeric, Kashmiri chili.

- Poonam's dish is stunning.

You can just tell that she's a legit chef.

- Yeah. Oh, yeah.
- You surviving the spice?

After tasting everyone's dishes,
I don't know who is a chef

and who's a home cook,
but, then again,

my competition doesn't know who I am.

This is anybody's game.

- Y'all, this was great.

- Right, one of the best parts is that

there's so many different textures--

Chefs! It is time to watch television.

- Okay.
- Over there?

- Oh, behind us.
- Oh, boy.

- What do we have...

Oh, my goodness.

What? Wow. Alright. Okay.

- What's going on?
- Who is this goofy little bastard?

This chef hat
with these goofy-looking eyes

and this, like, weird smile?

There's something sinister about it,
making me definitely nervous.

I don't know what's gonna happen.

Welcome back
to our Secret Chef facility,

where the chefs are about
to meet a new friend.

- Oh my goodness.
- What?

- Hello. My name is Chefy.

- Who is this goofy little bastard?

And I know all of your names.

I know all your aliases, too.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Take a look around you.

There are different kinds of cooks.

Home cooks, pro cooks,
even social media cooks.

But none of that matters now

because in here,
the only thing that counts

is the food.

The game is simple.

I'm going to give you cooking challenges,

and you will do them.

Whichever one of you is
the last chef here with me will win.

I'm giving you $50,000,

and HelloFresh, our grand prize sponsor,

has matched that for another $50,000.
That is...


So, hooray for whoever wins it.

I have a son right now, 18 months old,

and my wife is pregnant
with another baby on the way.

Winning $100,000 would change my life


- It's time for your first
elimination challenge.

The sign of a good chef is
their ability to work with others.

That's right!
I'm randomly assigning you

a teammate.

This challenge tests your teamwork.

You'll have a companion in the kitchen

except you won't know who they are

because you'll never work
together at the same time.

- Oh Jesus.
- Oh, my God.

- And like a team,
if you do not make the best dish,

you will be asked to leave together.

- What?
- So, two people?

Two people are about
to be eliminated,

and that kind of pisses me off because

I don't ever wanna go home because
of somebody else. I wanna go home

because I didn't deliver.

- No pressure.

- This challenge will have four rounds
and will take 60 minutes.

It's time to start.

So long!

- I barely know any of these people.

Working with another chef
is going to be challenging,

and now we know that a whole team
is going to be eliminated.

I'm nervous. How do you cook

without knowing who your teammate is?

I'm praying to God my teammate
is not a home cook.

I got a lot at stake.

I came out here to bring back something
to my family to provide for them.

I definitely don't wanna be
the first person to go home.

Chefs, begin the challenge

in three, two, one, go!

- Here we go.

I'm gonna write down exactly
what I'm gonna make.

I'm so stoked that I'm the first chef,

so I can actually take control.

Let's get started.

Obviously, we don't know who
we're gonna be working with,

so at least I can control something.

I'm gonna be making shrimp and grits

with, like, a red gumbo sauce
and collards.

- Little bit of that... shrimp risotto
with butternut squash purée.

- Um, first thing, let's...

I'm a professional chef,
but I don't know who my partner is.

Might be a chef,
maybe it's more of a home cook.

So, my strategy is to make

something really easy
for my partner to cook.

Fried shrimp, Korean style.

And then, we're gonna do a gochujang
barbecue sauce and a kimchi aioli.

I'm first here,

so I wanna create
the foundation of the dish.

I'm thinking if I make the sauces,

everything else will fall in place.

So, thinking of making some tacos.

So I'm trying to hide my identity
from all the other chefs.

This will be good.

I didn't wanna stick to my Indian roots

and just keep putting
Indian food on a plate

because I'm the only
Indian person or someone

who looks visibly South Asian.

I can do this.

- We're gonna go ahead and get
this beautiful marbled ribeye marinated.

I decided to go with a Korean bulgogi.

I'm trying to get everything
prepped and ready to go,

get as much seasonings that I can,

write everything on the list,

and I'm good, right?

This is crazy, yo. Like, cooking a dish,

having someone pick it up,
and then trusting them to finish it.

Chefs, one more minute left
until you swap.

- Ah!

So, I took the ribeyes
that was in the fridge,

the scallions, the onions, the ginger,
all the Asian sauces,

and I'm marinating them right now.

We are set.

All he's gotta do
is a vegetable and a sauce.

- Please... do... the... beans.

My hope is that they see
all this communication,

and then they hopefully communicate
with me when I come back.

Okay. My rice.
- Three, two, one.

It's time to tag out.

- Oh, my God.

My rice is still going.

I've been cooking rice since I was 5.

This is not good.

I am sweating.
I am nervous. I am freaking out.

I'm really hoping I don't go home.

It's gonna get burned. Oh, my God.

Welcome back to Secret Chef.

It's time to tag out.

So, say goodbye to the old
and hello to the new.

And can anyone else smell that?

- Okay, let's see.
Where are we? Where are we?

That's not what we want happening.

I immediately go over to the stove
because I smell something burning.

- Oh, my God. My rice is still going.

- It's rice. The bottom of the pan
is a little scorched.

Try to save what we can here.

Little salt, little citrus,

but I think we'll be okay.

- Okay, let me taste these.

There's obviously food that's cooking.

I see that there's, like,
collard greens in the pot.

Then I find the note.

They chose shrimp, grits,

and they went for
a collard greens direction.

All the things that I feel like
are in my wheelhouse.

So, I'm like, yes.

Whoever this is,

I love you for doing shrimp and grits.

But we don't have any grits,
from what I can tell.

But I do love a cauliflower mash.

Cauliflower is something that's gonna
take a very long time to cook,

so I wanna make sure that
I'm starting that immediately.

- Try this risotto.

The butternut squash is coming along.

There's a notepad,

and it's very feminine handwriting.

Coulis, butternut squash, ginger,
spicy risotto, turmeric,


I don't know anything about that.

Poonam's egg dish was super unique

and really flavorful,

so I'm immediately thinking
this is Poonam.

This is a flavor profile
I'm not super comfortable with,

that being curry.

I'm a home cook without
any formal culinary training,

but I know what I'm doing.

- So, we're going
with a Korean barbecue bulgogi.

It's a great idea
for such a short amount of time.

It was really quick thinking,
whoever did that.

So now, I have to create something

that can go along with that.

So, I think I'm gonna do parsnip purée

and then Asian slaw.

We'll have a nice little balance
of flavors and textures.

- I wanna add a nice vegetable

since we already have
the protein and the rice. So,

I think I'm just gonna
slice this cauliflower.

I wonder if the oven's on.

Is it already on?

Oh, I'm so stupid.

Okay, I'm gonna put it on broil
'cause we don't have a lot of time.

Let's ignore that, the fact that
I didn't know how to use the oven.

- Come on, Lanky.

I don't want to let my teammate down,
whoever it is.

The first ones to go home

is always, like, just gotta be
the worst feeling in the world.


Son of a.

I cut myself.

Oop. I just need a Band-Aid.

- That has no flavor.

I'm not really digging that vibe,

so, at this point, I'm incredibly nervous

'cause it isn't really there.
It still needs a lot more flavor.

So, there are some things
that I want to change.

So, the tomato sauce.

I love to add salt and honey to it,

because I like something
a little bit sweet.

- I think what I'm the most
concerned about

is the fact that this dish
seems a little bit simple.

We need to step it up in this competition.

We're gonna make
coconut kimchi fried rice.

So, my partner,

they have a really good base
of what we wanna serve.

But, I see, like,
a plain bowl of white rice,

and if we wanna make it
far in this competition,

I feel like we just need a little bit
more oomph if we wanna stand out here.

I don't know if, like, coconut milk
goes with Korean food,

but I think it'll be delicious.

- Alright. First person
to cut myself a bit, huh?

Alright, so now, I'm just
slicing up this little Napa cabbage.

I feel good, I feel confident,
I feel strong,

and I get to work.

Damn it!

I cut myself

not once, but twice.

My soul just drops.

Time is the enemy.

just one minute left until you swap.

- Alright.

- Kimchi, kimchi, kimchi...
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
- I need notes.

I need to leave them notes.

- Oop. We got a goner.


I'm hoping and praying
that this person realizes

that I didn't fully season the shrimp.

So, I'm stressed out about that.

Time to tag out
with your partner. I love a relay!

- You got this... person.

Off you go, and in they come.

This is really working as I pictured it.

- Jesus.

This is crazy.

I see half-cut cauliflower
on the cutting board.

A burner on with kimchi in it
getting glued to the pan.

It's, like, burning. I'm just like,

oh, man, what is... what is going on?

This person doesn't have that much skill.

- How... What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?

So, the dish changed.

I was gonna make grits,
but we didn't have enough time.

So, my team member came up
with making cauliflower mash.

Oh God!

- I don't know the strategy
with this shrimp.

I need to think about
how we're gonna marinate.

I'm thinking maybe I use this thing.

I want to put the shrimp
in that fancy zip thing

'cause I want the flavors
to get into this shrimp.

Might be a waste of time, but I really
wanna get these really flavorful.

- Blank purée... Oh, I can't read that.

"Will finish slaw with Asian dressing."

The note says, "Will finish slaw,
will finish purée."

That's all they said.

You know, you got a couple different
things kinda going on right now.

We are incredibly behind.

- Oop... Damn it!

You're gonna have,
like, 15 minutes.

I-I gotta do one of these things.

This slaw with Asian dressing is awesome,

but the parsnip purée
is a little left field,

and that's the only thing
I'm kind of like.

Immediately, I'm like, Anthony.

Anthony, that French bastard,

only knows how to purée vegetables.

one more minute left until you swap.

- I'm gonna trust him on the purée.

Let it go.

- I wanna show them one plate.

Maybe they'll get the idea.
- Seven...

- Oh, my God. Uh...
- ...six, five,


three, two, one.

It's time to tag out again.

I'm nervous at this point.

I'm powerless. All I can do is hope that

my partner listens to me and just gets
everything on the plate in time.

Chefs, this is your last switch-around.

It's up to you to make it count.

Okay, good.

So, it's round four right now,

and I see that all the shrimps
have been cooked to perfection.

The rice is fried.

Cauliflower is done. Okay.

Most of it's looking pretty good.

But, I think that this was
a little bit too messy looking.

We need another style of plating.

We definitely need to be a little bit
more fancy when it comes to plating.

This rice vermicelli
will be good to plate.

I decided to make some crispy rice squares

to kind of do, like,
a deconstructed Korean tostada.

- Shrimp is looking good.
I'm very happy with this.

I think I have enough time

to do exactly what it is
that I need to do.

- Where'd my shrimp go?


I'm very confused to find my shrimp

in a vacuum-sealed bag.

I don't know what the point of that was.

They also weren't further seasoned.

- We're gonna get this going.

This parsnip purée

probably isn't gonna match
with this dish too well,

so I have to spin it.


So, I throw in some kimchi

and make it more Korean.

Kinda tie this whole thing together.

I might carry myself with a lot
of swagger in the kitchen,

but sometimes, I just wing it,

and that's totally what I did.

I've never done this before.

This could be risky.

Ooh! Hoo!

That's spicy.

I'm kind of nervous
to be the one who finishes

because I'm not a food stylist
nor professional.

But my teammate made a plate for me

to see exactly how to do it.
So, I'm quite literally

just following instructions at this point.

Chefs, three minutes remain.

Ah! Plating

is my least favorite thing to do.

But I do think it's a better look
than that bowl.

- These are not the prettiest-looking
beans I've made before,

but it's okay. The flavor is nice.

And hopefully, that gives me
a little more leeway with presentation.

- You're the man now, dog.

So, being the second chef in the kitchen,

I didn't get to take charge.
But what I am in charge of is plating,

which I friggin' love.

I think this might just
come friggin' together, gang.

- We don't have a lot of mash,
just portion-wise.

Just wanna make sure everybody
gets a little bit of a bite.

Chefs, one more minute left.

- But I got long arms.
That's why they call me Lanky.

Oh, my goodness.

I'm worried about the cauliflower mash.

That's not enough. I need it to work.

I do not wanna go home.

- This is the most stressful thing ever.

Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six,

five, four, three...
- Okay.

...two, one.

- Oh, my God.

Time is up!
Chefs, the challenge has ended.

Please go back to your tasting rooms.
- Okay.

Chefs, you will now receive
a dish with a rating card.

Use your secret alias to write
down what you really think,

and don't hold back.

Remember, your ratings are vital

because today, two of you are out of here.

I'm just hoping and praying
that whoever's judging this

is gonna like the food,
that they think it's a composed dish,

and that we hit all the criteria
of presentation, taste, and execution.

Chefs, please begin the tasting.

- Bone apple tea.

I recognize this one.

Tropical shrimp risotto.

My ratings don't count for this one,
but I'm gonna write it anyway.

- The presentation itself
is really pretty, very beautiful.

- See how it tastes.

- There was just so much of it.
It was overwhelming,

and there was-- I couldn't avoid it.

- Mm.

We have to score by taste,
the execution, and the presentation.

This dish has way too much ginger.

None of the flavors really worked.

The colors were pretty, I guess.

I hope it gets better.
Actually, no, I don't

because that's my competition.

Taco Tuesday. My dish.

I like how my partner plated it.

- Well, I know this one tastes great.

- I'm not a big fan
of tails on a taco here.

- Shrimp tails? Big no-no in a taco.

I think it was well-composed.

The negative for me is it was
missing, like, that wow factor.

Deconstructed Korean tostada.

That's my dish.

What the heck? No way.

Honestly, I didn't even
recognize it at first.

Took it so crazy.

That's an interesting take
on the original dish,

but okay. They did their own thing.

- Let's-- Let's ignore that happened.

- Wowza.

How am I supposed to eat this? I...

- Mm. I don't know about that.


- Oh. That's good.

The shrimp are fried beautifully.

Super, super tasty bite.

That shrimp was better than mine.

- Has some good spice to it.
I love this one.

This is excellent.

I am wildly impressed.

This team has a knowledge

of technical execution.

The flavor's there.
I thought it was a great dish.

- Oh!

I see my dish.

I think my teammate did do it justice,

but I just wish
that there was more purée.

- That's so smooth.

- Someone's from the South.
They know what they're doing.

- No.

The second I eat that dish, I'm like,

this dish is going home.

Cauliflower mash is not
really there for me.

The braised greens felt more like
they were just sautéed in water.

That, for me, was not it.

Okay. I know this dish.
It looks familiar.

Might be a little biased.

- Oh, my God.

I open the cloche.

I see the parsnip purée is now pink.

What is this? Why is this pink?

- The kimchi purée I made with parsnips.

What the just happened?


I think I'm going home.

When we last looked in,

Leon was not tickled pink
by the color of Lanky's kimchi.

What's the verdict, Leon?

You guys still got beef?

- Yup, it came through.

I can't believe it. It's awesome.

This is absolutely insane.

Hoo! I was so worried.

My teammate carried that dish,
in my opinion.

- Maybe a little wacky, but real nice.

- Oh, that's really good.

The parsnip purée,
I can't stop eating it.

I want this over and over and over again.

This one's got me shaking in my boots.

This is really good.

I take one bite, and I'm like,

sheesh! These people are good.

- The parsnip's weird
with the kimchi for me.

Okay, easy, Joshua. Everyone's a critic.

Well, actually, turns out they are.

But in here, they're a chef, too,
so buckle up

'cause it's time to hear
what they really think.

At this point, I'm in the room

and I'm just like, whoa.

What... What is this?

I have no idea what to expect.

- Nah. Y'all buggin'.

At this point, I've only cooked
for my family, my friends,

so these are gonna be
the first non-biased criticisms

that I have ever received.

Let's jump into this.

- "Reviews for Chef Radicchio."

- "Reviews for Chef Kumquat."

Chef Couscous said, "Solid composition
of tacos, rice, and beans.

Feels a bit generic."

- "Wanted something interesting
to add." Fair.

I feel like Chef Couscous
is probably a professional chef.

Someone who is observant.

Clearly, they're thinking about plating,
so that's, like, mental note.

- Alright, here we go.

- "Reviews for Chef Donut."

Chef Blueberry said,

"The salad and the vegetables
missing something."

I agree.

I think, overall, what we were missing
was a true vinaigrette.

- I wish I could have
made that vinaigrette.

- And they had left me
that note that said,

"I'll dress the salad." So,

if I had just listened.

- Let's try to figure out who
would say these kind of things.

- Okay.
- Chef Donut said, "This was my favorite."

- Whoever Chef Donut is, I like you.

"Everything was delicious. Well-seasoned.

The barbecue sauce needed to be
less gochujang-based."

I liked everything except the last part.

- Chef Gherkin says,
"Really beautiful plating."

- "The flavor together
were a little overwhelming."

The butternut squash
was too much on the plates.

I understand that review.

Chef Arugula says,
"The flavors of everything

seemed to be
fighting on the palate."

I felt really good
about this before.

- Chef Radicchio said, "Taste was okay.
I like the presentation."

I did, too.
I thought it was awesome.

So, whoever I was with
did a really great job.

Chef Macaron said,
"Shrimp lacking flavors and undercooked."

Well, that's a bummer.

- Chef Arugula said,
"Gravy needed more flavor.

The purée was smooth,
but didn't pair well with the greens."

Does this mean I'm going home? I hope not.

- I am not feeling confident anymore

and I feel like
I may be going home today.

- Let's see.

- I don't wanna be eliminated
over something I had no control over.

- There are some things I can learn from
and, uh, get better next time.

If there is a next time.

- I know I have more in me,
and I definitely will not hold back

moving forward.

Yeah, it's scary.

It's a lot more than I thought
it was gonna be.

- Like, the second challenge was,
like, insane.

- And if you're the second person,
you have no control over it.

At this point, I'm positive
my partner is Anthony

because it's a parsnip purée.

That's something
a French chef would make.

- You know, we all come
from different places.

- Mm-hmm.
- You don't know what people's palate are.

So, I-I'm really excited
to see what people come up with,

what's next, and how we can push it.

- Well, hopefully. You know.

: Definitely.
- We gotta make it
to the next round first.

- Oh, I like the definitely. Say it firm.
- Definitely! You gotta affirm it.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
- That's it, right?

You can't really do anything else,
you know?

You're sitting there--
- You can't! You can't.

Chefs! It's time to watch television.

- Oh boy.
- Let's do this.

Let's do it. TV.

Chefy's back,

and this is our first elimination.

We are all feeling nervous.
We don't know who the chef aliases are.

I don't know what's about to happen.

- Hello, chefs.
I hope you enjoyed your dinner.

It all looked delicious,
but I cannot eat it.

Do not feel sorry for me.

In today's challenge,

I tested your teamwork skills,
which were then rated

and reviewed by a jury of your peers,

which happen to be all of you
standing here together.

I know. It's awkward.

I have the results from
all of your ratings,

and I'm about to reveal to you
the winners and the ones who,

well, you know.

: I mean, it is a competition,
so someone's gonna leave.

- Oh God.

- Remember, do not react
when I say your chef alias name.

Chef Donut.

Chef Bologna.

Chef Macaron.

And Chef Blueberry.

You are either on the team
with the highest rating

or the lowest rating.

Out of the four aliases that are called,

my name's on there.

I don't know what's about to happen.

Who tested my poker face
going into this?

Because I know

I'm definitely not known for,
you know, keeping it


I genuinely want to vomit.

Chef Donut.

Chef Macaron.

Your dish...

had the highest rating!

- Let's go.

Good job,
team who don't know each other!

You have both won today's challenge.

Keep it to yourself.

I am so happy.

I have done the job
of not getting eliminated first,

and I showed out on the first episode.

After hearing I have won
with my teammate,

I have to keep a very stoic face.

I don't want anyone
to get any sign that I am happy,

so I look like this.

So, thank you to whoever it is.

Chef Bologna. Chef Blueberry.

I am sorry.

You did not win.

- I'm very frustrated
to be going home first.

I feel like I really didn't get to show

anything about what I am,

which is sucky.

- Please step forward.

At this point, I am positive
my partner is Poonam.

I look over at Poonam.

She doesn't step up.

- What?
- What?

Anthony steps up!

I'm like, what?


I am shooketh to my core.

Anthony wasn't my teammate?


Whoa-okay. This is interesting.

There's no way.

What did y'all cook?

I can't believe you went with that dish.

It was beautiful.

It was very beautiful.

- I think you guys are all amazing.

Tasting your food was when I realized

I was out of my league,

and I'm inspired by everything
that all you guys did.

So, thank you.

- Good luck, buddy.
- Next one, next one...

Chef Bologna and Chef Blueberry.

Thanks for playing.

The nature of Secret Chef
is bonkers.

- Bye, everybody.
- Bye, friends.


Being an amazing chef
and executing dishes

is probably half of it. The other half

is making things
that you think the other people will like.

It's a really cool experience to be able
to test yourself in that new way

and get outta your comfort zone.

I was really inspired

by the stuff that the other chefs put out,

so I definitely am taking
that inspiration home with me.

This is Chef Bologna signing off.

- I have just sent home two chefs.
- Yes, you did.

I'm shocked that Anthony got eliminated.

He obviously is a real chef.

I can't believe that
he is going home first.

For the eight chefs that remain,

that means one of you
is closer to winning

the $100,000 grand prize

stuffed in the cabbage crate behind you.

- Oh, yes.

I didn't really feel any type of way
to see the chefs leave,

but I think that's just
because I'm focused on

this $100,000.

- I'm here. I'm in it to win.

I've tasted everyone's dishes
during this competition,

and I'm staying here till the end.

Bye! Bye! See you later, Chefy!

- Until next time, so long!

Next time on Secret Chef...

Things are happening!

We cook up something good for the chefs.

Lots of interesting
things happening in here.

And it's not just the food!

: You'll need to deconstruct
all the ingredients

all from memory.
- I know what goes in it.

That's all that matters.
- This is not a dish

I'm very comfortable making.

One more thing.

Place all knives on the conveyor belt
at this time.

It's knives out.

- You're killin' me.

The chefs get some insider information

on level two of ten
and an all-new Secret Chef.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!