Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 6 - Palimpsest - full transcript

A killer that mangles his victims beyond recognition is on the loose. Meanwhile, Otto becomes jealous of the growing bond between Pritchard and his sister and considers finding another donor.

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Previously on "second chance"...
Disgraced sheriff Jimmy Pritchard
took his own life today.
You're the first to journey all the way back,
to get another chance.
I know you. You're one of those rich computer twins.
Otto recoded your white blood cells
to fight the cancer in my blood.
You brought me back to save you.
The donor grows much stronger
than any of my models anticipated.
Why does he think he's my father?
Because he is.
I'm here about finalizing the merger.
I need to know you'll take care of Otto.
After me, you're the only person he trusts.
I'll take care of Otto.
What's wrong with him?
The glitch did not exist in the subject's original code.
His genetic code is evolving.
His own body's rewriting it.
The numbers from your most recent blood labs,
they're improving.
His blood is making you better.
For some reason that defies me, she connects with you.
She will be a beautiful monster.
I'll be back in a few hours.
Bury the other girl outside while I'm gone.
Make sure the hole is deep.
Let the drugs hold you down.
* high ho, triple sow cow *
* I've got a feeling like a tired old flow *
* but I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* gasoline
* saccharin
* I got no reason for the state I'm in *
* but I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* hotel
* taco bell
* I got the hit that you know damn well *
* but I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* cut, tease
* better believe
* I got a feeling that I'm underneath *
* but I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* but it's all right, it's okay *
* I got the time, but the time don't pay *
* it's all right, it's okay *
* I got the time, but the time don't pay *
* it's all right, it's okay *
* I got the time, but the time don't pay *
* it's all right, it's okay *
how many are we going to have to bury before he gets one right?
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
damn, lady!
Monsters! They're monsters!
* so let me be
what a day, Otto.
The kind of day that makes you feel young.
Well, I am young, but still.
You know the kind of day that just makes you want to grab it with both hands?
You don't look out there and think there's just a world
of trouble I can't wait to get into?
Well, you wouldn't. Where's Mary?
I got the supercharger hooked up to the riviera.
Maybe she wants to celebrate her remission
by taking a ride up the coast.
Throw back a few clams and pitchers of beer.
Mary doesn't throw back clams or pitchers.
And, anyway, she's in a hotel having sex with Connor Graf.
She's where, doing what?
She's in a hotel, having sex...
With Connor Graf.
Who the hell's Connor Graf?
Connor Graf, age 34, C.E.O. Incentric Biosystems.
Estimated net worth... $1.2 billion.
Interests include artisanal small-batch bourbon,
rock climbing, French new wave cinema.
That bothers you?
No, I just didn't know she was seeing someone.
Connor's the man she has sex with.
I don't believe she's seeing him.
I... I guess
I'll just take a ride up the coast on my own, then.
Before you do, you might be interested to know
that there should not be another glitch in your code.
Good to know.
I replicated the code in these.
Any further changes should show up in these subjects first.
Actually, I'd like to draw some blood from you
and run a quick series of tests
to ensure that you and the rats are all lined up.
I needed that.
Needed that or needed me?
You know what I mean.
We need to talk about the merger.
I don't want you to worry about that, all right?
Your company and Otto are in safe hands, I promise you.
You have enough to deal with,
so I don't want you to worry about that.
When we first started discussing the merger,
I'd just been given six months to live.
I needed to make sure Lookinglass was in good hands.
That Otto's place there would be secure.
I have more than six months to live now.
Not fully but improvement.
My numbers are better.
That's great.
Well, we need to celebrate. We... we need to go somewhere.
We need to... Connor...
The merger.
I don't want to plan for my end anymore.
I need to call off the merger.
I know it was a lot of work.
Look, don't... Don't even mention it.
It's all lawyer stuff. One phone call, it all goes away.
That's perfect. So Davos or Rio?
Neither. Work.
I feel good. And I want to work.
Yeah, what do you have?
She said she woke up on a table.
There were three people in the room,
but she only got a good look at one of them.
Can she I.D. him?
Well, you should maybe go ask her that yourself, sir.
I'm in the middle of something.
All right, what you working on? You need any help?
No. I have to go now, all right?
Are you, uh... You, grace, and Helen
still coming to Peng's later?
Look, Gracie's away on a class trip.
Mm, right. Yeah, she is.
Uh, you and Helen, then... Pritchard family dinner.
Sounds good, right?
I'll do my best.
Is that police radio?
Are you on a crime scene, Duval?
That was definitely a police radio.
What are you doing, Duval?
Agent Duval is currently
investigating a kidnapping case.
Well, now we're talking.
Artie, do any of the deputies on the scene have those, uh,
body cams?
Artie, if you weren't some creepy little kiddy cartoon,
I'd kiss you.
Oh, they've got cadaver dogs.
I love cadaver dogs.
Means they're looking for a dead body.
Turn it up.
What the hell's going on out there?
I'm agent Pritchard, FBI.
You said you got a good look at one of the men.
Not men..
Monsters? Monsters?
You should come and see this.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Stay with her.
Arthur, what's that address?
How did you find out about this? Lookinglass.
What, the radios?
Body cam?
Yeah. Look, I heard what happened.
Why don't you let me work this one with you, huh?
This means something to you. Why?
I heard what the witness said.
Never seen a real monster before.
And you're not going to now.
Look, if what she thinks she saw is real,
these people need to be stopped, and it's what I do.
So just let me stop them.
There is nothing to do.
What, why? You already caught them?
Them? There are no them.
There's nothing out there.
There never was anything out there.
It's empty. Clean.
No DNA. Luminol shows no blood.
No body.
And certainly no surgical table or instruments.
What we have are the drug-induced delusions
of a party girl
who works part-time for a high-end escort service.
Test her blood?
Mm-hmm. Positive for mdma.
She was high, and she saw monsters.
Okay, well...
I'll let you get back to whatever it is you were doing.
All right.
Uh, dinner at Peng's, though, right?
Yeah, dinner at Peng's.
You another agent come to say you don't believe me?
I'm not with the FBI. I just work with them sometimes.
Uh, I heard your statement.
That I'm some whore,
high on Molly, seeing things?
You know, that house was empty. It's...
You know what? Screw you and screw this.
There were monsters, they were real, and they were after me.
And now no one's gonna stop them.
Ma'am, I can drive you home now.
Hey, I... I think I can help you.
I'm not asking anyone for any more help.
If what you saw is real, you might want to rethink that.
You live here?
Okay, so exactly what kind of FBI consultant
has this home?
It's not his home.
You can't have people here.
Oh, yeah? Why?
I assume you know why,
and you're baiting me with that question.
What does he mean, not your home?
He's joking. I'm incapable of joking.
Who is she, and why is she here?
That's my business. Nothing to do with you or Mary.
It's my business, Otto,
and if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to it.
My sister lets you go out because she thinks you need it.
That was twin speak.
Why do you live with Otto Goodwin?
I work for them sometimes.
Them? Does Mary live here, too?
Jilly, let's just talk about last night, huh?
What's the last thing you remember?
I went for a run, and I ended up in that house.
This monster you saw, describe it to me.
I've seen enough things in my life to...
Believe you.
May I help you?
Artie, she's gonna describe something to you,
and I want you to make a sketch.
Okay, Mr. Pritchard.
Whenever you're ready, Jilly.
Um, he...
It had an oval-shaped face.
And a shaved head.
Horns, little ones.
No, under the skin.
Is this everything?
Yes. From the house?
We watched the feds from up in the hills.
There's nothing of us left to find.
They think the girl was just tripping.
We'll get someone else for you to work on.
Can't be someone else.
I chose her. It has to be her.
He had dark eyes, piercings, I remember.
On his nose and above his eyebrows.
I don't think I want to do this.
You... you're doing great. Come on, you got this.
Keep going.
His ears were pointed.
I just came back to change in between meetings.
Everything okay? Yes.
I'm working, and Pritchard's upstairs with a prostitute.
Initiating facial-recognition software.
It's real. It really happened.
You must be the...
Jilly. This is Jilly.
You were gonna say "hooker."
Just a word. Go ahead, say it.
Jilly's in trouble. I'm helping here out.
Is there a problem here?
I'll just give you some space.
Can I ask if she's in trouble
why the police aren't handling it?
They don't believe her.
For some reason, you do believe her?
She's in trouble. I brought her home.
I mean, this is my home, isn't it?
If I want to be with someone,
I can bring them back to where I live.
I don't have to sneak off to a hotel.
Wait, are we talking about me now?
Those the same clothes you wore last night?
What has gotten into you?
Your brother's code.
Sometimes I forget you're...
What am I?
You're one of a kind.
You must get lonely.
You must get scared.
Facial recognition match.
Caleb the widow maker.
That's him.
He's real! That's him!
Arthur, what am I looking at?
I matched this sketch to a photo
from an underground body modification website.
A what?
Body modification is the deliberate altering
of the human physical appearance
for aesthetics, sexual enhancement,
or rites of passage.
And this Mr. Widowmaker, any idea where I could find him?
He works at a bar called the inkwell.
Jilly, you sure this is the guy?
I'm gonna go take care of something.
Jilly's gonna stay here till I'm done.
Look, I didn't mean to mess up
whatever situation you have going here.
I really do respect you.
A strong woman in a man's world.
Would you like some tea?
But tea with wine and no tea.
Good idea.
And maybe a change of clothes.
First time alone with an escort?
I think so.
Well, he seemed to know his way around.
With escorts?
Yes, I believe he's had some experience from before.
Before what?
Before he came to live here.
Just so you know, uh, he and I didn't do anything.
That is none of my business.
We're not in a relationship.
So he's with your brother.
No. Why would you say that?
Just the way you both were real unhappy
that he brought me back here.
I figured he must be with one or both of you.
What do you think of him?
I think he's a badass.
But what?
Something else.
He's kind of an old soul, you know?
* ...Tell some more lies
* it's spreading like a disease *
Caleb the widow maker?
Do I know you?
This is you.
I'm just wondering is "the" your middle name,
or is "the Widowmaker" your last name?
Where do you think you're going?
Just want to ask you a question.
I know what you did to Jilly in that house, Caleb.
Well, he said he'd be here.
He says a lot of things.
Maybe we should just go ahead and order.
Look, he grew up not knowing us.
Imagine what it was like for him
knowing we were his family and not being able to see us.
I mean, he's... He's a bastard, Duval.
Yes, Helen, he is a bastard.
If he wants a Pritchard family dinner,
I think he should have one.
Well, if he wants a Pritchard family dinner,
then he should show up for it.
Duval, Helen.
Well, three siblings. Here we are.
Should we order drinks?
The man Jilly saw, he's real.
Who's Jilly?
The escort he drove off with from my crime scene last night.
Well, you're not a very good boss to let that happen.
He's not my boss. We work together.
He's not a monster, either.
He's a man, and he works at the inkwell.
You went after him, didn't you?
I'm guessing he's either in the trunk of your car or long gone.
There was a little bit of a fight, and I did lose him.
But I have this.
Now it's a Pritchard family dinner. That's...
He has some kind of elf ear on him.
The don't use their real names in there,
but with this, we could find him.
You want me to get a DNA sample of the blood from an elf ear?
No, he tried to grab it back.
I want you to run this bloody fingerprint right here.
Swelling's gone down nicely.
Now, don't be surprised
if someone mistakes you for your daughter.
Dr. Lesueur, a patient keeps calling.
I told him you were in a consult,
but he says it's an emergency.
I'll be right back.
I told you never to come here.
Some fed came to the bar asking questions.
What did you tell him?
Nothing. I swear it.
I got away.
Looks like it hurts.
Meet me at the garage, I'll make everything better, all right?
Okay, that fingerprint is a match to a Caleb Hammond.
First offense.
18 years old, killed his neighbor's dogs...
With a garden trowel.
Caleb at 21. In for possession.
Caleb at 24. Now in for assault.
Can you connect him to the house they found Jilly in?
Bank owns that house.
It's been empty for the past six years.
Caleb's last known address is here... With his wife.
You pay him a visit.
You can flash him your badge, ask him some questions.
I'll just stay out of it.
I will. I'll just stay out of it.
Thank you.
Are you leaving?
Yeah. I got to get back to my life.
Which isn't here, you know?
James wanted you to stay. Are you sure?
I have a cab waiting.
I thought he brought me back here to save me.
And don't get me wrong...
He was the only one who believed me.
Why did he bring you back here?
To show you he was saving me.
Although, him being a man, it's 50-50 if he even knows that.
See ya.
We have nothing on the guy who lives here.
Well, he is a dog-killing monster.
Took you long enough.
Come on, the sink's this way.
You're not the plumbers.
No, ma'am. FBI.
It's about Caleb?
I threw him out last year
when he started calling himself the widow maker.
So whatever he's done, you're gonna have to
go ask whoever it is he's making miserable now.
This the, uh, sink that's giving you trouble?
Yeah. Ew.
Lucky for you, I made sure Duval knows his way around a j-trap.
Remember the house on elm
when you stuck a toy soldier down one of these things,
some kind of crazy rescue mission?
Your mom had guests over and it was gonna be...
Don't just stand there.
Ask the nice lady where a wrench is or find a bucket.
You have a wrench or a bucket?
It's about time. It's throbbing like crazy.
All right. Well, sit down, and we'll get started.
I thought you liked pain.
Only when I ask for it.
Can you tell me why you asked your husband to leave?
He got too weird.
How did Caleb get weird?
He'd go on about beauty,
how some beautiful people are monsters,
they just don't know it.
But he was gonna show them.
Caleb had some bad times. He had it rough as a kid.
But he was putting it all behind him.
All behind him until...?
Until he started hanging out with this cutter.
Cutter? What's a cutter?
The illegal doctors who do the more extreme modifications.
Like horns?
Yeah, horns, branding,
scarification, penis-splitting, you know...
W-wait, what was... What was the last one?
These cutters, they use surgical tools, right?
Yeah, they do.
You have the name of this cutter?
No names.
That work they do is so illegal.
Caleb was always so freaking Voldemort about it.
Okay, good. Well, what can you tell us about Voldemort?
He's kidding.
You're paralyzed, but I know you can hear me.
I want to thank you for all you've done, but...
It's all about Jilly now.
You've been in love, you understand.
When she looks at you and knows you for who you are.
You see, I can't risk getting caught.
And that fed knew you, and you know me,
so I'm gonna push this blade in deeper, and you will die.
Now, I know you only like pain that you ask for,
so don't worry, my dear and sweet widow maker.
It won't hurt.
Caleb Hammond, AKA Caleb the widow maker,
came under the influence of a cutter who uses surgical tools.
Surgical tools is what Jilly says she saw at the house.
This is real, Duval.
Yeah. Okay.
First thing we do is get Jilly somewhere safe.
I didn't exactly like that talk
about Caleb showing beautiful people
how they're really monsters.
She is somewhere safe. I left her at Goodwin house.
Thanks for coming to get me.
Of course. My pleasure.
You just let her walk out the door?
She's a grown woman. What was I supposed to do?
Did she tell you where she was going?
Did she give me the name of the man who is going to pay her for sex?
So tonight, the usual three hours?
Yes. Why don't you go run a bath,
and, uh, I'll get us some drinks?
That sounds really nice.
I can't find her phone.
You sure you gave me the correct number?
Yes, I'm sure.
Even if it's off, you should be able
to push through and find it, right?
Even if the battery's out, we should be able to find it.
Well, what the hell does it mean?
Who was the last person she contacted?
Jilly got a text before she left.
Did you pull it off the cloud?
Yes, from a disposable phone.
He must be a regular client, someone she trusts.
If he's the cutter, then we got to find him.
I've got a more low-tech idea. Let's go.
I have something to ask.
What is it?
Will you marry me?
It's beautiful.
Just like I always knew it would be.
What happened? W-why'd you stop?
No, I'm just... I'm having a little trouble
getting into it tonight.
Do you mind just giving me a minute and we can start again?
Sure, yeah. Okay.
A-are you okay? You, uh...
You seem distant.
I had this thing happen to me.
What? Were you hurt?
But it made me feel like I couldn't take care of myself.
And I've spent my life taking care of me.
No one's gonna take that from me.
Good for you.
That's important.
Hmm. What's in this?
I know that taste.
Pharmaceutical mdma.
That's what I put in your water bottle
before you went for your run the other night.
After I left, they said that you cut yourself free
and you... You ran for it.
You can take care of yourself.
That only makes me love you more.
We are gonna be so happy together.
You were there, behind the light.
You were the man behind the light.
* you know I need more
* baby, I need more
* gonna get down on your floor
my friend Mr. Widowmaker around?
No, not since you beat the crap out of him.
What do you want?
Oh, uh... I'll take a cutter.
Cutter? Don't know what that is.
Sure you do.
The cutters are the ones who do the extreme work.
Like penis-splitting.
Okay. Why don't you act your age?
Hmm? Yeah.
We just want to have a talk with him.
Listen, I can't help you.
We don't mention their names for a reason.
They make all this possible.
We turn them in, we go against our community.
Even if one of them is a killer.
We don't say their names. Ever.
There he is.
Hey, you know, why don't you just let me
show you a little old Seattle, huh?
Maybe you'll learn something.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Y-you're FBI.
You can't do this!
No, turns out he's not FBI.
Then what is he?
Oh, you'd need a science background to understand it.
I just want to show you something.
This is the hospital.
I'm having a little trouble figuring out,
you know, who I am, where I fit in.
But I feel like in this alley, I fit right in, don't you?
I can't give you a name. Please.
You see, this guy...
This is the morgue.
You got a pen?
That's how you used to do it?
I'm a monster. I know.
The things that I've done.
Now, I know you saw one of my mistakes.
Right? There were others before you, I admit it...
Weaker women.
I was looking for someone strong, like you.
Because no one deserves to be alone,
even a monster like me.
And you said you'd be mine.
You took my ring over and over
and said that you'd share my life.
So if I'm a monster and you love me...
You must be a monster, too.
I promise you, Jilly, I will make you a beautiful monster.
But monsters...
Don't have soft, pure skin.
See, some monsters have leathery skin.
Some have scales.
Some monsters...
Well, some monsters are covered in feathers.
Black feathers.
We'll tattoo the feathers, then I think we'll implant the claws.
Then we'll take that face of yours off and give you another.
All right.
What... no! Wait, no, you can't go in there!
Mary, I tried to stop them.
They barged.
It's okay, Alexa. You can go.
This is about Jilly?
These are the drivers license photos of the six cutters
that we got from the bartender at the inkwell.
We need to know if any of them has spent any time with Jilly.
So use your facial-recognition software
that I'm not supposed to know about
to see if you can put any of them with her.
I'm not a monkey that jumps
every time you say "solve a puzzle."
Get on your machine right now. I'm not gonna ask you again.
I'll do it myself.
Yes, Mary?
No. Arthur is mine.
No, Mary.
Implement my override.
Override implemented.
Should I use Lookinglass facial recognition
to associate any of the photos on your desk
to the woman who was in our house yesterday?
Yes, Arthur.
Go ahead and do that.
That was taken last year. He's wanted her for a long time.
Now I'm making this official.
You need to go home.
What? Go home?
Your gut was right.
Now let the people with badges finish this.
We'll get him. You go on home now.
He's wanted in Florida under a different name.
Eight dead prostitutes, all surgically altered.
The coroner said they all died during the process.
We're gonna hit his apartment, his office,
and any other known residence.
Check the bedroom, over her.
Clear. Place is empty, Si.
They waited six hours for him to show up
hoping he'd lead them to Jilly.
But she's not in there.
And now he knows the FBI is on to him.
What about her?
Tell you what I used to tell my men.
Sometimes you do everything right
and the bad guys still win.
I used to hate giving that speech,
some deputy trying his best not to cry.
You're saying the world is, you know, full of bad men...
I mean, real bad men out there just laughing at you.
The best thing about my last few years in this chair
is I didn't have to give that speech anymore.
You don't have to be the sheriff.
Oh, then I wouldn't know what I was.
It's all I have left of me.
I solved it because I couldn't help myself.
So you might as well know.
Solved what, Otto?
She said they used a light.
The previous location the doctor was using,
the house in the woods, was owned by the bank.
The banker handling it...
Is a client of Dr. Lesueur's.
I compiled a list of the other bank-owned properties
handled by the same banker.
They total 136, all empty.
But Jilly said they used a light.
So I had Arthur check to see
if any of those abandoned properties
are now pulling power off the grid.
And we found one.
The hard part comes next. There's always so much blood.
Oh, no.
Where is she? She was the one!
She loved me! Where is she?!
I'm right here.
You think killing him will make this all go away?
It's a start.
I get that, I do.
But if you kill him...
It will change you.
There's no coming back from that.
It's up to you.
It's your choice.
Those tattoos, what he did to you...
you can get them removed.
These feathers are me now, not him.
It's what I've been through...
How strong I can be.
You need to go with him now.
What am I gonna find in there?
Just a couple of guys who thought they were bad.
But you showed them, didn't you?
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
* I know what I am, they know what they are *
* so let me be
Now that the merger's off,
I'm not going to be able to get Otto.
I can't do the science without him.
I-I can't make this work without Otto.
You're gonna have to work harder.
I tell you everything they tell me.
I need you to get me Otto's lab work and notes.
If I can't have Otto, I need his work, all right?
All of it.
Well, that's inside their house, then.
I'm the only person Mary trusts there.
You're a good person.
And you hate to violate her trust.
But this is how we get what you want.
Don't forget what you want.
I'm home.
Did you have a good day?
What is it, my dear?
Do you think you can do the wrong things
for the right reason?
I used to have a scar on this ankle.
This body doesn't have it.
The scar you got in the tank is the only one that doesn't heal.
Each time you go back in the tank,
you're restored without imperfections.
I got that imperfection climbing over a fence
separating me from a secret swimming hole.
I proposed to my wife that day.
The other day, Duval told me to go home.
I came here.
This is your home...
if you want it to be.
You've just watched second chance.
Now here are a few more shows to check out from fox.
What happened here?
Bad guys in this town are changing.
I don't know how bad it's going to get.
They think guns can stop me?
This is not a game.
Troubled times.
You ready to do this?
What grown man invites people to call him "Rosie"?
A secure man.
There is a serial killer on the loose.
We're gonna catch him.
You come at me again, the law won't be able to keep me off you.
- Thanks for keeping me in the loop. - I'm looping you in right now.
Okay, I forgot to put you in the loop.
Returns Wednesday, march 2 on fox.