Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - Scratch That Glitch - full transcript

Mary's life is in danger when a dead pool predicts her death for the same day as an important Lookinglass product launch. Meanwhile, when Pritchard is needed the most, he fails to show up ...

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Previously on "second chance"...

Disgraced sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life today.

You're the first
to journey all the way back,

to get another chance.

I know you. You're one
of those rich computer twits.

Otto recoded your white blood
cells to fight the cancer

in my blood.

You brought me back to save you.

He's stronger than predicted.

Why does he think
he's my father?

Because he is.

He'll accept who you are.
You saw it.

He's almost there.
- That's the problem.

If he accepts who I am, he'll
want nothing to do with me.

No, my father never looked
like that, so he can't be.

He isn't.
He isn't, he isn't.

But he is.

He's the best version
of your father.

His cells were recoded
for optimal capacity.

he is the best version.

It's me. I'm back.

For so long,
the unrivaled high-tech leader

spanning social media,
hardware, and killer apps,

Lookinglass has seen its price
per share slip recently

as always enigmatic
chief technology officer

Otto Goodwin has become
even more reclusive.

Lookinglass aiming
to reassert itself

in both the corporate IT,

as well as the personal use
market with the launch

of its new operating system.

A two-year
product drought is ending today

as Lookinglass rolls out
its new operating system.

Will this answer the question

of what has Otto Goodwin
been doing?

Will this new product
be just what Lookinglass needs?

Mary Goodwin will appear

on several national
morning shows

before officially rolling out
the new product herself

at the Lookinglass campus.

As important
as the new technology

of the operating system is,

what's more crucial
to the Lookinglass stock price

is consumer confidence
in the corporation itself.

Can they remain relevant?

Lookinglass is down another 1%

off yesterday's opening bell,

continuing a slow and steady
slide with sheer volume

nowhere the numbers C.E.O.
Mary Goodwin wants it to be.

And add to this mix
unconfirmed rumors

that the lack of new products
and innovations is due

to an illness somewhere high up
in the Lookinglass camp.

It's clear that today

Lookinglass wants the world
to know they mean business.

You've been a very patient
board of directors,

and today your patience
will be rewarded.

By tonight, investors will be
assured that our company

is where the smart money
should be,

that we are a good buy
at this price

because we're only going up
from here.

I will see you all at
the launch. Thank you.

You think maybe one of them
could smile every so often.

It's a big day.
Were you able to sleep?

I wasn't. Not a wink.
Too excited. A little nervous.

When do we leave
for the first interview?

We should get in the car
as soon as you're done

with your blood transfusion,
which should be starting now.

Or have you already done it?

No. Mr. Pritchard
has not shown up yet.

I'm not sure where he is.

We should push the interviews.

No. We need to set
the tone for today.

and this announcement

need to own the news cycle.

If I cancel interviews,

then that is what they
will talk about.

Your transfusion.
You need it.

It can wait until Mr. Pritchard
returns from wherever he is.

He's probably doing
something important.


Guess this just ain't
your night.

Never is.

You remember this guy?

Real son of a bitch.

You're telling me.

He'd have had this figured out
by 3:00 A.M., though.

See, my problem was,
I was looking for one cheater

when I should have been
looking for four, right?

Hey. Everyone's having
a good time.

No one likes a sore loser.

One of you scratches your ear
means you got Jacks or better.

The other raises the pot
till you fold,

leaving me to fend for myself.

Then what? You guys, uh,
you split the pot and then,

well, I just go home,
lick my wounds?

Time to start licking.

I guess it's just
not your night.

And today's launch
of the Lookinglass 9 phone

is just the next step
in that journey.

Well, it's been a while
since the last product launch.

Will we have to wait another
three years for the next one?

I hope not.

Look, Otto and I

and everyone at Lookinglass
really like to get things right.

Why rush something into
an over-saturated market?

After a while,
people feel cheated

if the product doesn't match
the hype.

But with this, I can
promise you that we're...

I'm sorry, Ms. Goodwin.
If I could just interrupt you,

we are receiving
unconfirmed reports

from several Internet
news sources,

and since we have you here,

sources are saying
that you've been diagnosed

and treated
for anaplastic myeloma,

an aggressive form
of blood cancer,

which is always known
to be fatal.

Ms. Goodwin?

You handled things brilliantly.

Our stock is already dropping.

Get the board of directors
on the phone.


Don't bother.

Hello, Craig.

Yes, you and everyone else
in America.

Well, I'm sorry, but I felt
it was a very private matter.

As a matter of fact...

Ms. Goodwin!

Hey, driver, slow down!

Hang on, ladies.
We got photographers.

Come on!
Just one shot!

One shot!

Hey, Mary! Mary!

Over here!

Mary! Mary!

This way!

Hey, Mary!

Yeah, right here!

Look at the camera!

Just one... one picture!

Go, go, go, go!

All right, speed up!

You okay back there?

I'm fine.

I'm sorry.
You were saying?

an unusually aggressive cancer,

and recovery rates are very low.

A diagnosis like this...
I say six months at best.

Look who's here.

You're mad.
That's a mad smile.

Where were you this morning?

That's not really
any of your business.

It's been made clear to me

that you do some kind of
private investigative work.

But here your primary purpose
of business

is a blood donor to Mary.

You weren't here.
She missed her transfusion.

So, yes, it is my business.

Schedule a separate presser
two hours before the launch.

I'll answer whatever cancer
questions they've got then.

Okay, I get this wasn't a day
to miss a treatment,

but if you're mad at me,
then just yell or something.

And push the product team
meeting to 3:00

in the conference room.

Is this your version of
the silent treatment?

You'll be shocked to hear this,

but not everything
in this world is about you.

in a high-speed chase

that ended with Ms. Goodwin's
car damaged and disabled

on the shoulder of highway 35,
4 miles south of Seattle.

No injuries were reported,
and as yet,

no charges have been filed
in the incident.

You want to tell me about that?

Now a look at our forecast.

Nothing for you to worry about.

I'm sure you have a lot
on your mind.

I said I was sorry.

I didn't ask for an apology.

We have a problem.

Actually, a series of givens,

which, when factored together,
create a paradox.

Tell me.
Givens... "a,"

you have anaplastic myeloma,
which is now public knowledge.

"B," you discontinued

traditional therapies
months ago.

"C," the board of directors
are demanding an examination

to evaluate
your current state of health.

Mary. Sorry.
Have you seen this?

Arthur. Display.

What's that?

It's, um...
It's a...

It's a dead pool.

What's a dead pool?

A dead pool
is a game of prediction

which involves guessing
when someone,

most typically an elderly
or ill celebrity, will die.

Whoever picks the right day

Oh, no. This is bad.

Someone bet on today.

It's almost time
for my conference call,

if you'll excuse me.

And it doesn't matter
how she dies.

As long as she dies
by midnight tonight,

they win the entire pool.

Why would they bet on today
when it's all over the media

the doctors gave her six months?

Tell me about the car accident.

Ms. Goodwin is here.

Thanks, Owen.
I'll take it from here.

Hell of a day, huh?


It's incredible you kept
the lid on your cancer story

as long as you did.

It was bound to come out.

I'd rather it wasn't
on the same day

we're launching
our new operating system.

You know, maybe it's
good everybody knows.

You can be honest with
your employees and Wall Street.

I appreciate your advice,
but that's not why I'm here.

So I take it you're not here

for a stress-reducing,
therapeutic quickie.

I'm not.

I'm here about finalizing
the merger.

Our legal team's
been on it full time.

They'll have the deal
papered by next month.

And then if...

Then if your cancer wins,

your company
will be taken care of.

If something happens
to me today,

I need to know my brother
will be supported.

Wait, is this about
that dead pool crap?

I need to know
you'll take care of Otto.

He trusts you.

After me, you're
the only person he trusts.

Promise me.

I promise.

I'll take care of Otto.

Thank you.

And what about you?

You need help.

I can take care of myself.

So no therapeutic quickie?

I have a product to launch.

I thought you were
a multi-tasker.

We were driving down
the highway,

and everything is normal.

And then, all of a sudden,

there are three cars speeding up
on both sides of our car.

And then this minivan,
it pulls up on our right,

and all of a sudden,
it was like bam! On the window.

What are you doing here?

You sent me an urgent text.

Why did you drag me out here?

He didn't. I did.
I used his name.

Mary's in trouble.
We need help.

You've got help. Me.

Your liability quotient
is 4.7.

Out of...?

10. Mary's safety requires
someone who is at least an 8.

Duval is an 8.5.


There's no way
he's double what I am.

Where you getting
these numbers from?

Hey, thanks for
the high ranking,

but next time you're in trouble,

just dial 911 like
every other taxpayer.

Got to get back to my job now.

Hey, hey. Are you still pissed
about this whole C.I. thing?

Being a confidential informant
is a smart move.

Your boss was beginning
to ask questions.

You don't want them
finding out about...

About my working with
the privacy-invading

wonder twins
and my dead-not-dead dad?

I mean, it's a gray area.
I get it.

But it's gonna make
your life easier.

Nothing about any of this
makes my life easier.

That was exciting.

Was that exciting
for anyone else?

No. Okay.

Arthur and I gathered
every available photograph

that was uploaded
from the accident.

The images will advance
every five seconds.

You will be able to see each car
in relation to Mary's vehicle.

See? The minivan
moving up

right before it ran us
off the road.

What exactly are we looking for?

Otto, can you show us
where the van passed Mary's car?

We're missing a sequence.

The images of the minivan
came from the photographer

in the last car.

For some reason,
they weren't uploaded.

But I do have this...

That was even more exciting.

Mary said there was an explosion
when the tire blew.

Maybe a gunshot.

Someone is trying to kill Mary?

Yeah. There's this thing.
It's called a dead pool.

Now, a dead pool is this thing
where they gamble...

I know what a dead pool is.

Right there.

The metal is scooped out
smooth. See?

All along there.

Huh. 9mm.

Here's another.

It took at least two shots.

Show us the van driver's face.

He doesn't appear
in any of the photographs.

Whoever's in the minivan,
that's your shooter.

On the breaking news

of Mary Goodwin's
cancer diagnosis,

the price of Lookinglass stock
has lost 8%

since the opening bell

and looks to keep dropping
as this day goes on.

It's not just the fact
of her illness,

but the fact that it was kept

from board members
and shareholders alike.

She's not canceling the launch.


She thinks it'll show weakness,

so she's insisting
on going out in public.

Where she'll be a target.

For once, you and I actually
agree on something.

Then stop her, Otto.
Use that twin speak of yours.

Tell her not to go.

I tried.
She won't listen.

For some reason that defies me,
she connects with you.

You have to talk to her.

Make her stay home.


Someone tried to kill her.

They'll try again.

I have 10 more minutes in here,
then it's all yours.

Actually, I wanted to maybe
show you a few moves,

teach you how to
defend yourself.

I can defend myself.

Yeah, against a bag.

I'm talking about
street fighting.

Now, listen, there are
six basic moves.

Those six?

Yeah, well, you know, three
and five were a little slow.

No wonder you're sluggish.

Not taking care of yourself.

Out all night with women.

There were no women.

Mary, the real reason
I'm here is,

we've been talking, you know,
Duval, Otto, Alexa.

We've decided that, uh,

you're not gonna do
your presentation today.

You decided?

Yeah. Someone wants to
kill you, Mary, today.

Arthur, display the list.

I run a high-profile company
with millions of users

and twice as many haters.

We put out one update that
doesn't improve their lives

instantly, I get death threats!

Kind of making my point
for me, Mary.

But why don't you just
postpone it one day?

Why? So he can move
his bet to tomorrow?

Or the next day?
Or the next?

Or you want to keep me
in lockdown forever?!

You may have called the shots
when you were sheriff,

but this is my company,
my responsibility.

I take my responsibilities

Mr. Pritchard,
are you feeling okay?

Just a little dizzy.

It's only been 12 hours since
you've been in the tank.

I think I had too much
to drink last night.

I've identified
the paparazzi photographer

who has the missing footage
you've been looking for.

Can you track his phone for me?

I want to have a little
talk with him.

Of course. But perhaps
I should alert Otto about...

No. I'm fine.

Just a hangover.

Ah. The attentive car owner.

Who are you?

I've got a few questions
about the Goodwin accident.

You took a few pictures
of a black minivan.

I don't think you uploaded them
all, and I want to see them.

Screw you.

What the hell, man?!

Well, it was either the car
or your face.

Did I make the right choice?

I said show me the driver.

You're showing me
somebody's arm.

Take it easy. Look.

A cobra tattoo?

I need a name.

How should I know?
I've never seen him before.

He's not one of us.

Special agent Duval Pritchard.

Leave a message
and I'll return your call

at the first opportunity.

Aw, a reunion with
my poker buddies.

Jared brought a friend.

Look, guys,

as much as I'd love to spend
all afternoon

handing you your asses...

I'm a little bit busy today,
so why don't you...

Oh, that should have done more.

Agent Pritchard, can I help you?

I arranged to have myself
assigned as lead agent

on your death threat.

That was a good idea.
I'm high profile.

The FBI was going
to send someone.

And we can't have federal agents

digging around out here, can we?

It bothers you, keeping secrets.

You mean from the bureau
I swore an oath to?

Yeah, it does.
But now I got to ask why.

Your father has a rare genetic
precursor that allowed us...

No, that's how, not why.

Your father never told you?


Otto recoded his white blood
cells to fight off death.

Now we're using them
to fight cancer.

Your cancer.

And if it continues to work,
others, as well.

So he comes back younger
and stronger,

lives in some architectural
digest model home,

drives that car,
and he cures cancer?

So, where is this gift
to mankind?

I have no idea.

We had an argument.

He stormed off.


He's probably at Peng's halfway
through a bottle of bourbon.

Sir, can you hear me?

Sir, do you remember your name?

Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard.
Get away from me.

I got to find Mary,
tell her about the cobra.

Dumb idea, kiddo!

Why am I over there?

Sir, I-i think you just need to
lay back and just relax, okay?

You're in the stew now.

Possible brain trauma,
extreme disorientation.

Let's get a psych evaluation
just in case.


You better pull it together.

I feel like hell.
I feel like I'm...

75 years old again.

Don't you get it?

There's something going wrong
inside your body.

And your little girlfriend's
in trouble, too.

So you got to get out of here.

She's not my girlfriend.

Whatever you say.

I really need you to consider
canceling this presentation.

You have to, Mary.
You have to cancel.

I can't.
Our stock is cratering.

If they don't see me out there
today, it's all over.

It's too dangerous.

You almost died this morning.

Why risk it?
I'm not risking it.

You're here.

I appreciate that vote
of confidence, but...

I'll do it.

If people need to see
the face of the company,

they can see mine.

That's not a bad idea.

When you spoke with the nurse,
you told her your name was,

uh, sheriff Jimmy Pritchard?

The man who died recently?

Well, there's dead
and there's dead.

Do you ever feel depressed,
worried, or anxious?

Nothing any good glass
of bourbon wouldn't fix.

Could I just use your phone?

I'm sorry.
I can't do that.

Have you ever had feelings
of wanting to harm yourself?

Others, sure.
But myself?

I just need to get a message
to somebody.

Maybe you could just let me
borrow it for a second?

Um, do you ever drink
to get drunk?

Why? How do you do it?

Or feelings of insecurity?

Is this really a job?

Can you just call the FBI,
ask for my son?

Your son works for the FBI?

How old could your son be?

Just ask for agent Pritchard,

Whoa, whoa. Take it easy.
You're blowing it.

Just get a message
to agent Pritchard, okay?

Tell him that the guy
he's looking for

has a cobra tattoo
on his left arm.

Oh, boy.

A cobra tattoo?

I know this sounds crazy.

Well, we don't like
to use that word.

Well, try "idiot."

Will you just shut the hell up?!

I think a 24-hour

observational hold
might be advisable.

This pooch
is officially screwed.


You get your ass in gear
before they lock us up for good.

What the hell's happening to me?

I bet that egghead knows.

Oh, no.
I'm never gonna make it.

Stop whining.

If you don't get out
of here soon,

your girlfriend's
gonna be a goner, too.

So get your ass up
and call Duval.

You need to tell him about
the guy with the cobra tattoo.

Will be starting in 30 minutes.

Upon going through
the security check,

please follow directions
to our main theater.

Governor's agreed to send
another 100 state troopers.

Maybe the extra security layer
will be a deterrent.

Maybe. But I'm not
taking any chances.

I'm coordinating with
local law enforcement,

making sure our comms
are in sync.


All right, next in line.

Cardiology attending
to the ER, please.

Cardiology attending to the ER

Okay. Uh...

I should really learn
to use one of these things.

Uh, hello?
Mary, Otto, anyone?

Anyone read me?

Hello, sheriff Pritchard.

Arthur, it's... it's me!

I have established
your identity and location.

I have been scanning
for your voice pattern.

Tell Duval
the guy he's looking for

has a cobra tattoo
on his left forearm.

I'll communicate your message.

And, Arthur...

I could really use a cab.

You don't have to do this.
You know that, right?

This time...

I'm gonna take care of you.

Do I have to wear this tie?

You don't have to wear this tie.

Here to present the cobra9
operating system

is Lookinglass founder
and co-chairman Otto Goodwin.

I, uh...


Um, uh...

They're uneven.
It's the banner. He's stuck.

He'll fixate on the banner.


I'm sorry, Otto.

I almost missed my cue.

You all know that Otto and I

lost our parents
when we were very young.

And since then,

our family has been me, Otto...

And all of you.

And I know that you're now
aware of the struggle

we've been going through
behind the scenes

for the past few months.

There have been a lot
of conversations

about the future
of this company.

Suspect is a male with
a cobra tattoo

on his left forearm.

Repeat... suspect is a male
with a cobra tattoo

on his left forearm. But despite
what you're hearing everywhere,

I am getting better.

Lookinglass is growing stronger.

I've got eyes on target.
Section three.

And we are both going to be around...
You've got a green light. Take him down.

For a very, very long time.

Get on the ground!
Don't move!

Don't move!

Search his backpack.

Sorry. No dead pool payout
for you today.

This is Griggs, sector 6.

I have the suspect
in custody, sir.

I have a suspect, as well, sir.

Cobra tattoo.

I've got one here, too.


It's just their stuff.

They're clean.

All right.
Who wants to explain

the big meeting
of the cobra club?

You. Start talking.

I don't know what's going on.
We work for Lookinglass.

Who's we?

We're software developers.

We designed the cobra system
for the Lookinglass 9.

The messaging app.

So we all got cobra tattoos.

We just got a tip that someone
with a cobra tattoo

might be here today
intending to kill Mary Goodwin.

Is there anyone else
on your team?


Malcolm who?

Total dick.

Halfway through the project,
he just stopped showing up,


Ta-da! Me.
I replaced him.

He was weird, angry.

Not a people person,
even for a coder.

Malcolm Sprague filed
six lawsuits against Lookinglass

in the last year in the amount
of $50 million

for a copyright violation,
breach of contract,

pain and suffering,
and personal distress

caused by
"the bitch Mary Goodwin."

I'm pretty sure "bitch"
isn't a legal term.

This is our guy.

You'll have the search warrant

by the time you hit
Malcolm Sprague's door.

Stairs! Down!

We cheat everyone
at Lookinglass.

We're using people,
and I like it.

Hi. I'm Mary Goodwin,

and I promise you
I'm going to lie.

We cheat everyone
at Lookinglass.

We're using people,
and I like it.

Hi. I'm Mary Goodwin. That
is seriously messed up.

He's been all alone
with this anger.

Nothing else matters to him now.

Don't scream.

Just start the car
and drive where I tell you.

Malcolm, please,

if you're mad at me because
I took your job...

My job?

You think I care about my job?

Mary took more than my job.

It was the team, wasn't it,
Malcolm, that designed it?

They were my ideas.

My mind. Me!

All right?
Now she's gonna pay for it.

Start the car and drive.

Because of him,

they identified the man
who's trying to kill me.

The FBI's searching
for him right now.

What's wrong with him?

His endocrine system is failing.

But the tank will fix that.

It hasn't so far.

There's a glitch in his code
that the tank is not correcting.

He's shutting down.

You mean dying?

Yes, dying.

I don't know why.

My code was perfect,
but there's a glitch.

I can't fix it.

I'm worried, Mary.

Are you worried?


But I'm worried about him now.

And what do we think if he dies?

Mary, a personal message
was just posted

to your Lookinglass page
that I think you should see.

Go ahead.

You owe me
for what you've taken.

And now I've taken something
of yours,

one of your precious
Lookinglass family.

You've ignored me,
ignored my lawsuits.

Then you go on TV

and you wear
your little white dress

and you lie to the world.

Go to the iron horse campsite,

30 miles off highway 61
at the Holston exit.

I'll meet you there.
One hour.

Come alone or she dies.

One hour.

wear your little white dress.

I'll make you a trade...

You for her.

I can't believe they're
actually doing this.

Doing what?

They're going to meet him,
the man who wants to kill Mary.

They're really
going to meet him.

No, that's crazy.

We have to stop them.

I mean, you need to stop them.

I could stimulate you.
But what if I kill you?

If you die, then Mary dies,
it would be like I killed Mary.

But if I don't,
then Malcolm could kill Mary.

Arthur, calculate risks.

Incomplete data set.

Factoring givens,
there is a 19% chance for...

Otto, just do it.


This is pure adrenaline.

You're going to feel
a little kick.

But please...

Don't die.

I'll do my best.


Are you wearing the dress?


Good. You're obeying.

There's been a change of plan.


You're gonna be looking for
an abandoned barn.

Listen to me.

I can pay you for your work
and your time.

Just let Kelly go.

You do not have enough money

to pay for what you
stole from me.

Malcolm, please.

If you would like to see
your precious employee again,

you're gonna do what I say.


Get off at exit 2.

Go to the barn.

This is Adair.

Malcolm Sprague
just made contact.

He's changed plans.

He wants us to pull off
a mile north

off of exit 2,
an abandoned barn.

Okay, we'll shift resources
down to you.

Stay put until they arrive.

Not sure we have time for that.

Agent Pritchard...

Agent Pritchard!

Oh, no.

You got to be kidding me.

What the hell are you
doing here?

I'm here to help.
That's what I'm doing here.

How are you even moving?

Otto gave me this big needle
of something.

You thought I ran off?
Is that what he told you?

That I was on a bender?
What? That I was at Peng's?

Was that it?

You wrote me off,
but now you need my help.

So just... just say it.
Go on. Just say it.

Just you're happy I'm here
and you need my help.

Just say it. Say it.

Oh, for god's sake.
Just say it.

Or we'll never get out of here.

I'm glad you're here.


And we need your help.

You're welcome.
Now let's go.

Otto says I'm gonna pass out
in about 10 minutes.


Put my vest on under your coat.

My backup.

This is my old service weapon.

Your backup piece is my old gun?

Let's not make a thing of it.

Wasn't gonna.

All right. Sprague will want
to be on high ground

far enough way
to make an escape.

The sunset will be at his back,
so he's somewhere over there.

"At 7:50,
walk towards the barn."

That's in four minutes.

Get in the car and keep
the doors locked.

Stay there until you
hear from us.

And if four minutes goes by
and I don't hear from you?

No safety.
Just a long trigger pull.

Just point and squeeze.
She'll do the rest.

What about you?

Kind of want to get
my hands on him anyway.

Look, why don't you stay here?
I'll go up ahead.

You don't even got a vest on.
Get behind me.

You worry about yourself.

I'm fine.

Where the hell is he?

I heard a shot.

Are you okay?

Pritchard, Duval, are you okay?

It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.

Oh, god.

I thought you were dead.

You know, I'm getting a little
tired of you saving my life.

You just saved my life.

What... what are you
talking about?

I've been carrying this around
ever since I found out...

Who you were, deciding whether
I should give it to you or not.

It's got a big dent in it.


If you don't want it,
I can take it back.

No, no, I want it.
I want it.

Keep my gun, though.

I like knowing
that's your backup.

The glitch was impossible
to predict

because it did not exist in
the subject's original code.

His genetic code is evolving.

His own body's rewriting it.

We can expect
there will be more changes.

Otto, there is
something else you should see.

It's about Mary.

I need to say something.

When you didn't show up
for my blood treatment

and then when you stormed off...

I did not storm off.

And then when you disappeared

and then when you
were half-dead

and then suddenly you show up...

This is the worst apology ever.

It's not an apology.

It's just...

When I thought you weren't there
for me, it hurt,


I wanted you to be there for me.

What do you think that means?

I think after 75 years,

I know that when a woman asks me
what I think something means,

she knows what it means.


The numbers from your
most recent blood labs...

What about my numbers?

They're improving.

It's not a cure.
It's not even full remission.

But it's
the first clinical indication

that the treatment is working.

His blood is making you better.

We need to go public with this.

With the new cobra9
product launch

and my numbers getting better,

Lookinglass will be
stronger than ever.

Arthur, call Alexa.

Mary. Mary!
And then get the board...

Listen to him.

You're alive.

You're not dying.

At least not today.

No, not today.

And neither are you.

You've just watched
second chance.

Now here are a few more shows
to check out from fox.

What happened here?

guys in this town are changing.

I don't know how bad
it's going to get.

They think guns can stop me?

This is not a game.

Troubled times.

You ready to do this?

What grown man invites people
to call him "Rosie"?

A secure man.

There is a serial killer
on the loose.

We're gonna catch him.

You come at me again, the law
won't be able to keep me off you.

- Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
- I'm looping you in right now.

Okay, I forgot
to put you in the loop.


Returns Wednesday, march 2
on fox.