Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 4 - Admissions - full transcript

A case from the past comes back into play as Pritchard and Duval investigate a series of murders involving young prodigies. As the investigation unravels, Duval comes to terms with the ...

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Previously on "second chance"...

Woman: Disgraced sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life today.

[ Zapping ]

You're the first
to journey all the way back,

to get another chance.

I know you. You're one of those
rich computer twits.

Otto recoded your white blood
cells to fight the cancer

in my blood.

You brought me back to save you.

Otto: The donor grows
much stronger

than any of my models

[ Gunshot ]

You hang on, all right?
You hang on!

I should have gone
to your ball games.

I should have...

I should have been better
to your mom.

Duval: He's dying.

He said you could fix him.

I'll meet you at the gate.

No, we're coming in together.

No more lies.

Why does he think
he's my father?

Because he is.


No, no, no, no.

No, it can't be.

It is.

It is not.
It's impossible.

This doesn't happen.
It... it... it never happens.

If by "it" you mean me,
it's happened.

Look at me.
You know who I am.

- Shut up.
- Shut up?

How long you been waiting
to say that to me?

You two.
I need an explanation

that doesn't involve my dad
coming back from the dead.

[ Both speaking
foreign language ]

What is that?
What language is that?

What are you saying?!

Don't even bother.
It's some twin thing.

It freaks me out, too.

[ Stammering ] That's what
freaks you out?!

Hey, get your panties
out of a twist,

take a deep breath, and admit
you know who I am, kiddo!

- Don't call me that!
- Don't call me that!

Now, you hate being called kiddo
'cause you're a grown man.

You took care of the family
when I wasn't around.

That's right, isn't it, kiddo?

It's a mind-bender.

I know.

Imagine how I felt.

No. No.

Don't backslide. Stay with it.
No, no, no, no!

I know this is a lot to take in.

No. Do... no.

My... my father never looked
like that, so he can't be.

He isn't.
He isn't, he isn't.

But he is.

He's the best version
of your father.

Physically, his cells were
recoded for optimal capacity.

he is the best version.

Inside, however,
I'm still just me.

You saw it.

I think Gracie saw it, too.

Don't you say her name.

Arthur: Agent Pritchard's
facial effect

indicates he is at
54% acceptance.

What the hell is that thing?

Agent Pritchard, let me take you
through this slowly,

from the start.

You're not taking me
through anything.


You two, this...
This apartment, this...

That tank out there.

That... that thing
in the mirror.

I'm not...
- Duval!


It's me.

I'm back.


I buried you.



I told you, hmm?

She is perfect.

[ Russian accent ] No.

Not yet.

Let me have her
and I will make her perfect.


No. Not this one.

[ Music ends ]

[ Cheers and applause ]






[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Breathing deeply ]

[ Door opens ]

Helen: Yeah, I would love to see
what you have, honey.

- That's the picture...
- What is that?

It's granddad from the memorial.

I'm using it
for my presentation,

remember, at school?

All right,
listen to what I have so far.

- Yes.
- [ Clears throat, sniffs ]

"Jimmy Pritchard was not
your typical granddad."

He loved loud music,
putting bad guys away,

"and his bourbon neat...
Not always in that order."

That's cute.

"[ Chuckling ]
Some people say..."

Duval: Stop.

What's wrong?


I don't want to hear
any more of it,

and put that back
where you found it.

What's... what's wrong?

You okay there, Duval?

You said that I could do this.

Well, now I'm saying you can't.

Just because
you don't talk about him,

doesn't mean
that no one else can.

I'm your father and I told you
to put it away!

So put that thing away now!

[ Cork rattles ]

I know.

That was wrong.

I know.

I'll apologize to Gracie
in a minute.

Did something happen at work?


No. I...

Let me ask you a question.

If dad came back, right now...

What would you say to him?

Oh, my god.
It's happening.

It's finally happening,
isn't it?

What's happening?

Well, you're letting in
that dad is gone.

He's gone.
He's not coming back.

It's because our half brother
is here, isn't it?

He's helping you.

Oh, it took you a while,
but I'm...

I'm just...
I'm so proud of you, Duvie.

Just let it in.

You know,
you... you can say it now.

"My father is gone,
and he's not coming back."

[ Mountain's "Mississippi queen"
plays ]

If your dad screws up...
Cut him some slack.

That's rule number two.

* Mississippi queen *

If you've got food
and a roof over your head

and you get taken to a prize
fight every now and then,

just say "thanks, dad."

Rule number one.

Is that so hard?

Are you listening to me?

Are you listening to yourself?

I wasn't talking to you.

That's the problem.

You're not talking
to the right person.

You know,
it's been a long time...

Since I could do this.

I've never been able to do that.

Look, I got it, all right?
I got it.

You want me to talk to my son.

He'll accept who you are.
You saw it.

He's almost there.
- That's the problem.

If he accepts who I am, he'll
want nothing to do with me.

You want to go on pretending

to be the brother
he's never heard of?

We were getting somewhere.

Then get somewhere honestly.

As his father.

Is that what this is?

You just want me to make good
with my FBI agent son

so he doesn't go tell them
about it

and they come close this little
science project, and then bam!

There goes your cure.

I know you didn't throw yourself
off that bridge.

Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard would
never walk off that bridge.

Damn straight he wouldn't.

But sheriff Jimmy Pritchard
ended up all by himself

in a crappy apartment
paying for hookers.

Watch it.

And getting visits from his son

only when the neighbors

about the noise
and cigarette smoke.

He knows who you are.

Show him who you can be.

I've seen that person.

I think Duval
should see him, too.

You done?


You ever think about
coaching sports?

That was a humdinger
of an underdog speech.

There's only one way
back into Duval's life.

He asked me for help once.

Only time he ever asked
for my help with a case.

And when he asked for your help,
what did you do?

Gracie: Those are my granddad's
old boxes,

and my dad's case files
are over here.

[ Chuckles ]

Does my dad know you're here?

No, he doesn't.

You know, I'm not a kid.
I can see what's going on here.

You make my dad angry just like
my granddad made him angry.


The situation with your dad
and me is complicated.

What are you looking for
in his old case files?

Just something that'll
make him less angry.


You know, I'm glad you're here.

My dad's done so much
by himself, you know?

He really needs you.

I'm glad he has a brother,
and I'm...

Glad I have an uncle.

Can you just...

Can you just promise me
that you're...

You're here to help him?


Of course.
Yeah, I promise, okay?

Why don't you, uh, go make me

one of those double-bacon
BLT sandwiches, huh?

Your grandfather told me
all about them.

You got it.

The name's Kevin Whitfield.

It's a junkie.

Yeah, but this kid has
no history of drug use.

He was going to college
in the fall.

Dad, just go through it with me.

See if I missed something.

These parents came to me.

They said their son
was better than this,

and I believed them, dad.

I did.
- Tell me.

Please tell me you have
something more than that.

His backpack.

He never went anywhere
without it.

It's missing.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Man: Hey, Duval.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ]


James: Question.

Remember that promise you made
to Kevin Whitfield's parents?

You want to make good on it?

What do you know
about Kevin Whitfield?

Just what you told me back then.

I've been going over it.

You know, uh, the backpack
that was missing.

You thought it was connected
to the killing.

Are you reading my notes?

I, uh, I took a picture of it,

and I sent it to my friends.

They did some kind of search.

You know, like the dents
and scratches on the backpack

make it like a fingerprint?

Did you know that?

[ Beeping ]

They looked
at 5 million pictures

and finally came up
with the perfect match.

One double-bacon BLT sandwich,
nice and hot.

Thank you.

Where are you?

Are you at my house?

I found the backpack.

The dead kid's best friend,

a nice young man named Liam.

He took it.

Funny how he didn't mention that
in his statement, huh?

You stay away from my daughter.



I'm heading to the best friend's
house right now.

Maybe you should, uh,
just meet me there.

[ Sighs ]

[ Phone beeps ]


Did I tell you how much I missed

Gracie's double-bacon
BLT sandwiches?

But even on my cholesterol meds,
the doctors...

They just never let me have one.

[ Sighs ]

You remember Kevin Whitfield's
best friend Liam,

don't you, Duval?

Say hello, Liam.


Right, now tell
the nice FBI agent

what you didn't tell him
last time.

[ Panting ] I...

I took Kevin's backpack.

He stole his best friend's
backpack after he died.

Liam: I just wanted
his headphones.

He didn't need them anymore.

I swear.


Anyway, he kept the backpack
and, uh, this was inside.

Can you guys let me down now?

How did you convince Gracie
to let you into my stuff?

Did I tell her who I am?

Who you think you are.

Oh. Oh, we're back to this.

Who's Gracie?

Tell me what this means.

I-I don't know.

I swear.
I-i just wanted the headphones.

Cut me down!

That's the break
that you wanted.

Now, if we'd had that
before I went

and told you to let it go...

You were right.

There was more to this.

Now, you can give it
to your cipher unit,

or we can give it somebody
who thinks in code.

Otto Goodwin.

You're gonna want him on this.
Just trust me on that.

Otto: It's beautiful.

We thought it was
some kind of...


Some kind of
drug accounting book

that the names would be
suppliers, dealers.

The numbers would be amounts,

delivery dates, maybe payments.

It's chess.

It's what?

It's not drugs.
It's chess.

These names are grand masters.

The owner of this notebook
was playing them,

anticipating moves, countering,
often beating them.

This notebook is the work
of a genius.

He was just 17.

And a prodigy.

- How do you know him?
- I'm sorry, Duval.

I thought this was some
drug deal gone south.

I thought he'd give us
someone to go after.

Go after for what?

The kid who wrote this...
He's dead. He OD'd.

It's not uncommon.

Exceptional intellects
don't fit in.

Without the proper care,
many self-medicate.

Based on data from our users,

83% of those
with an IQ higher than 150

use some form of medication.

Yeah, but heroin.

Searching for prodigies
OD-ing on heroin.

Should I show you the others
in this geographical area?

What others?

Margo Mallory.

Julian Edlun.

Fluent in eight languages.

Victor Ruiz.

Passed the bar
and practiced law at age 16.

Duval: This has been happening
all along.

All OD'd like Kevin Whitfield.

All within 18 months.

Maybe there is someone
to go after.

Babar Quereshi just published
a mathematical formula

for perpetual calendar

I know you think he's perfect,
but not yet.

You must let me have this one.

He needs to be pushed
just a little more.

[ Tires squealing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

What's the feeling, Otto?

They were all outliers.

Their gifts set them apart
from the world.

Like you're set apart?

There was no one
to protect them.

What would happen to me
if you went away?

Same exact heroin compound
found in all five victims.

None had a history
of street drug use.

This is a homicide
investigation now.

Us or local pd?

[ Chuckles ] Five victims
over three states.

I think we take this one,
don't you?

Yes ma'am, I think we do.

Kevin Whitfield's parents
came to us.

Said his death wasn't an OD.

If I'd have stopped it then...

No, the bureau didn't.

So I'm telling you
to stop it now.

Use whatever you need.
No more bodies like this.

Yes, ma'am.

Agent Pritchard.

How'd you make the connection?

Kept digging.

Then just got lucky.

Helen: Okay. Are you really
serious about this?

I told your dad
grandpa was gone,

but now you coming
into our lives

and digging up this case,

well, that was the last time

dad and Duval were ever civil
to each other,

so now I think
he might still be here.

Just holding on,
something left to do.

All right. Come on.

Both of you.
Fingers on.

[ Sighs ]

Thank you.
Close your eyes.

Sheriff James Pritchard,

if you are here,
make your presence known.

James Pritchard.

Are you with us?

[ Door slams ]

You. Outside.

Right now.

[ Door opens ]

They sure do this a lot.

Maybe they like it.

When we were kids,

your grandpa would take
your dad out there

when he was in trouble.

I can't imagine dad in trouble.

They'd stand there just...

Like that.

Why are you here?

I told you to stay away
from my house.

You'd only come
if you had leverage.

I'd only come?

So you admit it's me.

Just tell me what you have.

The dead whiz kids...

They all had one more thing
in common

other than their talents.

He found a pattern.

They all applied to
Seattle state university.

Kevin Whitfield apply?

Just like all the others.

You gonna talk to their
admissions officer?

Yeah. I am.

Take me with you.

The only other person
that knows as much

about this case as you is me.

You came to me once, for help.

I saw where it was going,
I told you to drop it.

And you did, and I just...

Watched that eat away at you.

I was there.

I know it's you.

But if I say it out loud

it means I'm either crazy
or it's true.

You just said it out loud.

[ Sighs shakily ]

Gracie and Helen,
you don't tell them.

I do when it's time.

Let's solve this case, Duval.

When we get there,
I do the questioning.

You don't talk.

They were so rare.
Each of them.

I remember some of their essays.

Who could want to take
these lives?

That's what we're trying
to find out.

Maybe you can help.

The only thing they have
in common,

other than being gifted,

is an application
to this school.

As admissions director,
you see every application.

You don't think I had something
to do with this.

Just want to know how
the admission process works.

I'm sure privacy
is a major concern here.

Who has access
to the applications?

I see them all.

Then I divide them
into four groups.

So there's four admissions
officers and two assistants.

That's seven of us.
No one else is permitted access.

We'll need to talk to them.

I'm gonna give you
a list of dates.

I need you to tell me
where you were when...

[ police radio chatter ]

[ Car doors close ]

Is there a problem?

[ Police radio chatter ]

I need to speak to you
for a moment.

I kept my mouth shut.

More agents.

I called for a warrant
before we left my house.

I'd rather not explain
that you're... Not FBI.


[ Elevator bell dings ]

Here's the warrant for you, sir.

All right, we are looking for
anything to do with high iqs,

exceptional talents,
anyone who is gifted.

Let's go.

These are Duval Pritchard's
last four cases.

He's doing good work,

but it's as if something is
left out of these reports,

something he's hiding.

So let's find it.

There was another one...

Sammy park...
An overdose two years ago.

The kid was 15.
Here on a full scholarship.


Carl, the admissions director?

He's got solid alibis.

Yeah, he's hiding something.

And you know that how?

Five decades in uniform
is how I know.

Same way I knew that you busted
my car window playing ball

even though you said you didn't.

I didn't bust it playing ball.
I hit it with a bat.

How the hell did you put a bat
through a window playing ball?

When you do it on purpose.

[ Inhales sharply ]
This physics prodigy...

He was seeing
the school therapist.

Maybe he said something in
session that will help us.

You hit my Chevy on purpose.

You made mom cry.

If you've got a problem
with a man, you go to him.

You don't take a bat to his car.

I was 8 years old.

I knew you lied
about that window.

Well, it looks like you two
are in the right place.

Exceptional people like Sammy...

They're hard on themselves
to begin with,

and when you push them to see
how far that genius can go,

the stress here
can be unbearable.

But he sought out treatment.

Well, we're understaffed.

At most, I saw him once a week.

I mean, it wasn't enough.

he was like a child.

Did he ever mention any of those
names in that file there?

Did he ever mention
a Kevin Whitfield?

I'm sorry, he didn't.

May I ask...
Do you not speak?

He asked me not to.

Well, that's something
you should work on,

along with what was going on
in my, uh, waiting room.

I can refer you to somebody.

Can she access the applications?


I want agents put on the people

with access to the applications

and reach out to anyone

who remotely meets
the killer's criteria.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


I've never seen you work
the field before.

It looks good on you.

We won't be able to get
the admission files now.

So maybe we stop.
Maybe it's over.

That's what's wrong with you.

You don't push hard enough.

You're lucky I am in your life.

Why you?
Why bring you back?

And not someone worthwhile?

I asked that question myself.

Something about my DNA
makes the process just... Go.

And you just signed up for it.

No, I didn't.
They just did it.

So, it's been nearly two years.

Why are we here?

Your son Kevin was the first...

Only after we found
the others...

We knew it was homicide.

So like we told your people.

I can't imagine what these last
18 months have been like.

So what do you want from us,
agent Pritchard?

I want to start again.

If you have anything
of Kevin's from that time...

We haven't touched his room.

So you can take whatever
you want if it helps.

[ Sniffles ]

But don't call us again
unless you have answers.

This is everything
from Kevin's room?


So, start your time line
at zero.

What's your first event?

I'm gonna start
with the suicide at ssu.

It happened a month before
the first killing.

I'm not ready to call that
a coincidence.

All right.
We'll call it event one.

Kevin Whitfield's event two.

God, it's weird being here.

It looks just like
your old place.

Yeah, I kind of like it here.

Kevin Whitfield's
condolence book.

Hey, you don't have mine,
do you?

I'd like to see who came
to my funeral.

No, you wouldn't.

[ Scoffs ]

Duval, did you really bust
my car window

'cause I made your mom cry?

Yeah. I did.

Good for you.

Liz Kenyon.

The therapist.
What about her?

She's written her name

in Kevin Whitfield's
condolence book.

Look. Right here.

She did.

And this name...
Emile Sayles.

Same handwriting.

Looks like she signed
him in, too.

Funny... she didn't mention
that earlier.

So, first, she treats the kid
who committed suicide.

Then a month later,
she's at Kevin's funeral.

We got to find out what happened
in those therapy sessions.

We got to go look
at those files.

You want to get into the
psychologist's confidential

patient files off of a signature
in a condolence book? No.

First, you look deeper into her
and this Emile Sayles.

Then we go to the judge,
get a warrant,

and then we go get her.

You understand?


Say you understand.

Don't pull that "say you
understand" thing with me.

That's my thing.

Well, don't you have a tank
to get into or something?

"First you dig deeper,
then you get a warrant."

Yeah, right.

The killer's sitting poolside
in Acapulco

drinking dollar beers
and knockoff pain killers.

Liz Kenyon...
A piano prodigy

from the time she was
6 years old.

What she was 12, this man...

Emile Sayles, enters her life
and takes control

not just of her piano but nearly
everything she does.

He pushed her until she broke.

And you think she's still
under his influence?

Yes, ma'am.
I do.

They are going to come for us.

Let them.
Please let them.

Look at yourself.

You could have been
so much more.

But maybe this is all
you were meant to be.

[ Gasps ]

Where's your partner?

You know about Emile?

You have to get him.

Please. He won't stop.
You have to get him.

He's going to...

Okay. Okay.

Don't move.

I tried to stop him.

[ Sighs ]

[ Panting ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

- Duval.
- It's her.

The therapist.
We were right.

She's involved
in these killings.

Listen to this.
She was a prodigy.

Had a breakdown at 16
and was institutionalized.

Took a while to get
these records.

Emile Sayles was her teacher.

Duval, listen...

Oh, it gets better.

Both their names are on
the condolence books

of the other victims.

And [Chuckles]

You were right about
the admissions director.

He did have a secret.

Liz Kenyon was sleeping with him

to get access to
the applications.

He was afraid of getting fired.

That's what you saw.


I have the warrant to
Kenyon's home and office.

We're mounting up now.

This was good work.

She's been killing these kids.

We're gonna stop her.

Skip past the part where even
though I asked you to wait,

you broke into her office.

Then what?

She was on the floor
when I got here.

She was gone when I got back.

When you got back from where?

I went after Emile.

You saw him?



Emile Sayles, her piano tutor,
has been dead since 1997.

There is no Emile.

She signed both names
in those condolence books

because Emile is only
in her head.

It's just her.

And now she's in the wind.



Go back to those twins.

They're your family now.

This was a bad idea.

[ Creedence Clearwater revival's
"fortunate son" plays ]

So... You.

This is what?

You giving up on working
with your son?

Duval doesn't care what I think

about this case
or anything else.

You can't really believe that.

Your son wants very badly
to please you.

Why do you think he became
an FBI agent?

You don't follow
in the footsteps

of someone whose opinion
doesn't matter.

You matter to him.

I never thought of that before.

He got into law enforcement
because of me.

He wanted to please me.
[ Chuckles ]

His whole life,
he just wanted to please me.

If he's her and I'm him...

Why am I here?

Because you want me to shut up.

I'm good with that.

No, no, no, no, no.
You want me to shut up.

You really want me to shut up.

And yet you still
keep on talking.

Not now.

I mean, probably now,
but even when I was dead,

did you ever hear me then?

"What the hell are you doing,

So who was I?

You were the voice in my head.

Like Emile Sayles is...

Like Emile Sayles is a voice
in Liz Kenyon's head.

Only she wants him out.
That's what she told me.

Now, when you used to hear
my voice, where were we?

Where we were
putting in the work.


You making me work
the heavy bag.

So when she thinks of him is
where they put in the hours.

He started working with her
in middle school.

So she wants him out.

Maybe she takes him back
to where he climbed in.

I've got agents covering
100 possible targets

up and down the west coast.

I can't drag away assets

because you and I are working
out some family crap.

Well, you know, I thought

we were catching
Kevin Whitfield's killer.

Me and you.

It's a three-hour drive
from here.

We can make it by opening bell.

Let's go.

[ Bell rings ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Can you tell me...
Why are we here?

I don't want you anymore.

It's been long enough.

I'm leaving you here.

You think you brought me here?!

I brought you!

So many choices.

It's not even practice and
that one there is doing laps.

Isn't she pushing herself
hard enough?

Remember when I pushed you?

It was just upstairs
in the music room.

Yes, I remember.

Do you remember
the music you made?

[ Piano playing ]

It was perfect.

It made you perfect.

She can be perfect.

She shouldn't have to be.

[ Gasps ]

How long ago?

She was seen heading toward the
pool about five minutes ago.

Where is it?

Just around the corner.

He can't get you now.

You're safe.

Open them up.

I can't.
They lock from the inside.

That area is shelter in place.

Get around the corner.

Get around the corner!

There's something else about me
that you should probably know.

[ Groaning ]

[ Metallic clatter ]

James: There you are.

- You shouldn't have bothered.
- Come on. Just breathe.

The drug will take her soon.

Heroin antidote.

All the agents
looking for you have it.

[ Gasps, coughing ]

Liz Kenyon, you killed
Kevin Whitfield, didn't you?

I took him to protect him.

Yeah, well, now I'm taking you.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Handcuffs click ]

James: Just breathe.
Just breathe.

So why would you ever
promise those parents

you'd find his killer?


They believed in him so much

that it made me
believe in him, too.

[ Young woman coughs ]

You're a hell of a lawman.

Thank you, son.

So are you.

But I got to ask you
to stay away from Gracie...

Until I figure this out.

Figure what out?

She's my granddaughter.

She misses me.

Because you died.

Just give me some time
with this.

[ Bell jingles ]

[ Sighs ]

So, this is Peng's.

It's, um... Nice.

[ Chuckles ]

That booth over there...

I watch tiny Nando Gordon flick

get stabbed by his wife
and his girlfriend.

Bled right out.

And what is that?

That's a fog cutter...
10 types of rum.

I didn't know there were
10 types of rum.

Mm, used to be a time
I could name them all.

[ Laughs ]

Is that why
you asked me to come?

Ply me with fog cutters

and tell me stories about
tiny Nando Gordon?

Would that be so bad?


No, it wouldn't.

It was helpful what you said
about Duval and...

Me and Duval
and our relationship.

You know.

I'm glad it was helpful.

But he's not here
drinking with you.

No, he's not.

I need to ask you a favor.

What can I do you for, sheriff?

[ Chuckles ]

Agent Pritchard.


Gonna be Frank with you.

You've been closing
a lot of cases,

but I've been going over
your reports

and they leave me disturbed.



I know your last boss
was corrupt,

so I understand why you didn't
trust me with this,

but I'm hoping we can be
more open in the future.


Your confidential informant?

He reached out to me.

I had to up
my security clearance

just to open his file
on the bureau server.

My C.I.?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

You take good care of him.

A source like that
is hard to find.

You've just watched
second chance.

Now here are a few more shows
to check out from fox.

You ready to do this?

What grown man invites people
to call him "Rosie"?

A secure man.

There is a serial killer
on the loose.

We're gonna catch him.

You come at me again, the law
won't be able to keep me off you.

- Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
- I'm looping you in right now.

Okay, I forgot
to put you in the loop.


Returns Wednesday, march 2
on fox.