Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 3 - From Darkness, the Sun - full transcript

Pritchard tries to prove to Duval that he was a better police officer and man than his son ever knew. Meanwhile, he and Duval go up against a deadly psycho and another father-son duo that is out to cause trouble.

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Previously on "second chance"...

Woman: Disgraced sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life today.

[ Zapping ]

You're the first to journey
all the way back.

To get another chance.

James: I know you.
You're one of those...

Rich computer twits.

Otto re-coded
your white blood cells

to fight the cancer in my blood.

You brought me back to save you.

Otto: The donor grows
much stronger

than any of my models

You really knew my grandfather?

There is no way that
Jimmy Pritchard killed himself.

Duval: What is your connection
to my father?!

Who the hell are you?

I'm sheriff Jimmy Pritchard.

Mary: You have 12 hours before
you need to be back in the tank.

Set the timer on
the phone for you.

You worried about
who you brought back?

Should I be?

Gracie, step away from him.

What are you gonna do, Duval?

Shoot your own brother?

I'm family.

You think my son's
just gonna walk away?

[ Muffled screaming ]

Is that it?

Not even gonna leave a $20
on my nightstand?

I'm sorry.

Thank you for, uh...

My blood?

Not at all. Thanks for bringing
me back from the dead.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

I'm not handling this well.

I didn't consider the, um,
intimacy of the situation.

So you felt something, too?



It's just that...
I don't even know you,

and now we're...

Exchanging body fluids.


It's just that you are a,
uh... A certain kind of man.

And I live a certain kind
of life...

One that has not been
full of surprises.


So you'll understand
if I need a moment

to, um...


I'll be right here.

I don't understand.

Is the DNA sample a match
or not?

Gloria: From what I got off
the glass you gave me,

there are enough points
of commonality

for it to meet the criteria
for a familial match,

but the rest of it seems
almost transgenic.

I'm sorry, trans...?


Yeah, like, the way you would
modify corn against insects

or cows to give more
protein-rich milk.

But the sample came
from a man, so...

Something's either funky
with my machine

or real funky with that DNA.

Can you get me another sample?

Yeah, but the match.
You sure?


He is family.


[ Beep ]

Match to what?

You know,
if that's a dating service,

you should try badge bunnies.

They love guys with guns.

I gave the FBI lab a DNA sample

of the guy who says
he's our half-brother.

Came back a positive
familial match.


Like, for sure positive?

That's right.
You can't date him.

We're all pretty bummed
about it.

Background check has him
serving overseas

for the last 15 years,
but he is lying about something.

I've got calls in
to the units he was in.

Or you could invite him over
for dinner and just ask him.

Did you run my prints

when they brought me home
from the hospital?

I had an idea
where you came from.

So dad had another woman.
Is that such a shock?

[ Chuckling ] No.

I mean, we might
have enough siblings

out there for a baseball team.

The big question is why would
he want to join this family?

I mean, I've been looking
to get out since I was 13.

That's exactly the question.

The guy shows up out of nowhere,
and he knows all about me.

The way he looks at me,
he's working something.

I need more answers.

And I think I know where
I can get them.

[ Glass clanking ]

Can I help you?

I'm looking for the mustard.

That's not what that means.

When I say,
"can I help you?"

I mean you have to help me
understand who you are

and why you're here
before I call security.

I said I'm looking
for the mustard.

But the yellow kind,
no, not this...

This stuff with seeds in it.

Who puts seeds in mustard?

Those are mustard seeds.

That's what you make
mustard out of.

No, mustard is yellow.

You know,
you go to the ball park.

You put it on a hot dog.

I don't need to be learning
new things at my... Age.

I'm calling security.

I'm a friend of Mary's.
Oh, are you?

And where exactly on the Venn
diagram of Ms. Goodwin's life

does your circle overlap
with hers?

The Venn...?

Corporate? Academic?

I'm quite intimate
with all of her circles,

and I don't remember you
being in any of them.

I'm just curious.

When you were a little girl,

did you ever think you'd be
the kind of person

that grew up to say
you're intimate

with another person's circle?

I'm calling security.

It's okay, Alexa.

I see you've met my guest.



So sorry.

I am here because I brought you
the research reports

for the conference call
that you have later.

And I did that.
So now I can go.

And it was so nice to meet you.

And you have that,
and I'm going.

So... Bye.

She thinks we're having sex.

Yes, I got that.

I'll talk to her.

And tell her what...
The truth?

A version of it.

Arthur: Good morning,
sheriff Pritchard.

You asked me to alert you
to crimes

that met your specific criteria.

I'm sorry.
You did what?

Just ones that need
my particular skills.

Oh. There are crimes
to be solved

involving drinking
and arrogance?

This is unfolding currently.

We have to warn you...

Some of these images
are very disturbing.

You can't see in these pictures,

but the letters
"f," "d," and "s"

were carved into the foreheads
of the victims.

Police and the FBI
are trying to determine

if these letters match
any known terror groups.

We're hoping that surveillance
footage of the scene

will help to identify
the killer or killers,

although that footage
still has not been recovered

at this time.

Mary: Pause. Enhance.

That's the criteria you gave
Arthur to search for...

FBI cases your son is working?

Did I?

We're doing everything we can.

We're cooperating...
Turn that guy up.

To the families of the
victims of this tragedy.

The right to peacefully protest
is fundamental to our nation,

and we are cooperating fully
with the FBI

to find whoever did this.

That's who has your missing
footage... that guy.

Those people are dead.

Yeah. Good eye.

Mary: You really think
Duke Davis

had something to do
with an axe murder?

No, I'm suggesting that
he took the video footage

to cover up
whoever he had do it.

I knew this guy back
when he was starting up.

The union tried to squeeze him
out of a contract.

He had the organizer dumped
in the bay.

What do you mean,
"dumped in the bay?"

I mean he was alive
and then he wasn't

and he was dumped in the bay.

And guess what,
security footage was missing.

So now you think he needs
a visit from the sheriff.

Damn right he does.

No. Mary,
can we sedate him now?

No, it's okay.
I'm just gonna talk to the guy.

[ Sighs ]

Duke doesn't know you.

You'll never get past
his security.

But he does know me.

Mary, no!

I can offer Lookinglass' help
to update his security.

If I get access
to Duke's systems,

you can search
for the missing footage.

And since I know you won't stay
here even if you promise to,

you can come,
but I will do the talking.

[ Speaks foreign language ]

Just talking.
It's okay, kid.

I won't let her
get in any danger.

That security footage
is electronic.

It can't be erased unless
someone inside Davis northwest

wanted it to be.

Get a warrant to search
the offices

and find out
what those letters mean.

While you're doing that,

I'm gonna take a few minutes
personal time.

Hey, Otto,
we got a fed at the curb.

Why are you talking like that?

Mr. Pritchard
has been helping me

with my vernacular phrasing.

Don't listen to him.

And show me
who's at the gate, please.

My sister isn't here.

I know.
I want to talk with you.

Arthur, run the possible
scenarios if I let him in.

Analyzing all the variables,

including your social skills

and what he might find
in this house,

the probability of you
ending up in prison is 62%.

Go away.

I know you're a genius,

so maybe you can
help me understand

why the guy your sister is with

has DNA with a, uh,
what do you call it,

um, transgenic mutation?

Why is he saying those words?

Those are our words.

Read his facial expression.
What does he know?

For that data, you will need
to engage him in conversation.

[ Grunting ]

Keep your hands up!

[ Yells ]

How are you, Duke?

Hey, Mary.

Sorry I couldn't, uh,
meet at the office.

My people don't want me out
after what happened today.

Terrible thing.


And to get right to it,

your company is built
on an old-school model

without the digital
infrastructure needed

to identify future threats.

Case in point,

the unfortunate loss of
the surveillance footage.

I want to personally put
all the reach

and resources of Lookinglass
at your disposal

to help in any way we can.

That's very...
Very generous of you.

Mr. Pritchard here
is my head of security,

and he can coordinate
our resources with yours

to track down any leads
to who did this.

I think you'll be amazed
at what we can do.

Thanks for the offer.

If I need the help,
I'll be in touch.

Unless you're not that anxious
to find who did it.

Can't be an easy time
for coal energy...

Legislation, protestors.

Anything that discourages

might not be so unwelcome.

Always good to see you, Mary.

You mind if I give it a try?
It looks fun.

That is, if you're done
beating up your kid.

That is your kid that
you're beating up, right?


I won't hurt him.

Just keep him busy long enough
for you to look around.

See if you can find something.

Okay if we sit?

Yes, just not in my chair.

Which is your chair?

All of them.

[ Chuckles ]

What can you tell me about
transgenic mutation?

You're the one who said
those words

when you were standing outside.

Yeah, but it involves
Pritchard, right?

What can you tell me about him?

About Jimmy Pritchard?

A guy in your position doesn't
usually surround himself

with people he doesn't know.

I don't surround myself
with any people.

You and your sister
are very close.

You mean to tell me
you don't know anything

about the guy she's out with
right now?

I didn't say
I didn't know anything.

I said I couldn't
tell you anything.

Where did you learn to box?

Army. Saigon.

Wait, no, not Saigon.

I was in Fallujah.

Come on. Hit me.

You know, Mary's right.

No one stands to make more out
of this mess than you do.

You think I benefit

from having my name associated
with this butchery?

It's been associated with worse.

Do I know you?

Oh, I know you.

I know how you beat
the unions in '85.

Oh! Pritchard!

I remember a Pritchard.

Drunk ex-sheriff who killed
himself in disgrace.

I see a resemblance.

Arthur: Mary, Otto has let
an FBI agent in the house.

It is not going well.

The agent has begun
to touch things.

You know, I read that you have
issues you deal with...

The need for order
and predictability.

This Pritchard...
I'll bet...

I'll bet he's not predictable
at all, is he?

I'd rather you not touch that.


You haven't had dirt under your
nails in years, have you, Duke?

But you know who did.

Why is this
any of your business?

What happened to those people?

[ Grunting ]

Someone's gonna pay for that.



Mary: Stop!

We're done here.

[ Duke groans ]

Good round.

I was close.
He was gonna talk.

He was not going to talk,
and you were going to hit him.

We'll get him another way.

We'll get him?

Look at you.

Wait! Dude.

You just owned my dad.

Totally punked him.
It was awesome.

No one does that.

Thank you.


Even the kid
wants to bring him down.

Let me go talk to him.

No. We have to get back
to Otto now.

He let Duval into the house.

Those glasses work both ways?

How long have you
known him, Otto?

You have to talk to Mary.
Mary talks to people.

I do not talk to people.
I-i think you should go.

When did you first meet him?

You have to talk to Mary!

Just tell me when he showed up!

December 5, 2015.
Now go!

[ Whimpering ]

Do you know what that day is?

Leave the kid alone, Duval.

Gonna ask anybody anything,
ask me.

And what will that get me...
More lies?

Tell him you have information
about the case.

I saw something that ties Duke
to the crime.

I, uh... I have a line on who
hacked up the protestors.

Meet me at
1081 Woodlawn Avenue...

In the back.

What do I know?

What the letters carved

on the victims' foreheads mean.

Wow, I'm very smart.

Duke: Asher!

Asher, can you hear me?

I know what those letters are.

I had the video brought to me
because I was afraid.

For god's sakes, Asher.

Please tell me this isn't you.

I wish I could.

Now be a good father
and clean it up for me.

[ Bird chirps ]

Interesting spot to meet.

I picked somewhere I knew
we'd never run into anyone.

I've been meaning to come down
here and pay my respects.

We're not here to pay
our respects to him, are we?

No. We're here because I want
the truth... About you.

About him.

And why you showed up
at Lookinglass

the same day our dad died...
That day right there.

I needed Mary Goodwin's help.

How did you know her?

Met her at a conference.

I was in private security after
my last tour in Fallujah...

That's where I was.

We just kind of hit it off.

You and Mary Goodwin.

Yeah. Even had a thing
for a while.

You and Mary Goodwin?

Yes, and I don't appreciate
your tone.

When I heard about dad,

I didn't believe for a second
that he'd killed himself.

And frankly, Duval, I'm
disappointed that you did.

[ Chuckling ] Why?

I expected that call every day
for 15 years.

Because the Jimmy Pritchard
I knew was no quitter.

So I asked Mary
if I could use her company

to help find out
what really happened.

And you did.

So why are you here?

'Cause dad asked me
to keep an eye on you.

I've got information
on these killings.

Do you want it or not?

Yeah, I do.
What do you have?

Duke Davis went to this
fancy prep school.

The motto was
de tenebris phoebus.

And that's the initials carved
on the victims' foreheads.

Except the letters
weren't "d," "t," and "p."

They were
"f," "d," and "s."

When you translate it
into English,

it means, "from darkness,
the sun"... "f," "d," "s."

You know Latin?

[ Chuckles ]

You don't think
I could know Latin?

Say something in Latin.

Go on.


Wants us to look at Duke Davis

and his old school, so...
All right.

I'll check the names of his
classmates when he was there,

see if anything happened.

It should take a day.

Paperwork will take a day.

I've got a quicker way.

Everybody that went to
highland hall with Duke,

everybody that's been there
since then,

where they are now,
and what they're doing.

Mary: So the information
I gave you helped?

Can we get him?
She gave you the clue?

It was a collaboration.

Is that FBI agent Pritchard?

Ms. Goodwin.

Agent Pritchard,
some of the information

I may or may not have on hand

may or may not have been
obtained legally.

Do you still want to hear it?

He's nodding "yes," Mary.

Do you want to catch Duke
or not?

So, yeah, it's all done
with, uh...


That was my guess.

Narrow down the search.

Anything bad or newsworthy

when Duke was at highland hall?

No. Nothing comes up.

Oh. But some things did happen
when his son was there.

That's the kid.
My... my fan.

"Dormitory burns down
in fire."

First thought to be arson,
later ruled accidental.

Looks like Asher Davis
left school after that.

And Duke Davis'
only connection then

is a large donation made
to help rebuild the dorm.

In exchange for making
the charges disappear, I bet.

Maybe so.
Follow Asher.


Where'd he go next?

One year at holy trinity
preparatory academy.

But he left there, too,
after being suspended.

Any dorms burn down?

No, but a lacrosse player was
put in a coma after an attack.

[ Exhales sharply ] No charges.
Where'd he go next?

Ecole Mont-Leclair in Geneva

and then two colleges
in the northwest.

Coinciding with
an attempted assault...

No charges, rape...
No charges filed.

Duke just keeps
moving him around,

making the charges disappear.

And now to make surveillance
footage disappear.

This kid's gone from burning
down dorms to axe-murdering.

He's escalating fast.

I think he's trying to get
his dad's attention.

"Out of darkness, the sun."

It is a message...
For Duke.

It's a pun.

"Out of darkness...
The son."


No, if this is about that man
this morning,

no need to explain,

but I do have to tell you
I am so happy for you.

You work so hard, and you take
care of your brother.

And if you want to enjoy
the pleasures of a man,

even one who doesn't offer any
intellectual challenge at all...

Alexa. No.

He's just a donor.

A donor?

You're gonna have a baby?

Oh, I'm so happy for you.

You are going to make the
best mom... no. Blood.

Blood donor. For me.

An experimental
cancer treatment.

We put him up at the house
so news doesn't get out.

I should have told you.

[ Sighs ]

It's already working.

There is a light in you,
and I can see it.

I didn't tell you to be here.

Why... why are you here?

I know these people.
I know how they work.

Been picking up after them
for long enough.

And you know them from where?

Dad told me stuff.

I am inclined to believe
almost none of that,

but the truth here is FBI...
Not FBI.

So everyone here who's not FBI
should take a nice walk.

Feed the ducks.

Dad, I think that FBI agent
is here to talk to you

about those dead protestors
chained to your fence.

Why do you say that?

Oh, you know, they hated coal.

My dad hated them.

Now they're dead.

Close your mouth, Asher.

I mean, it's all over the news.

Do you watch the news?

I don't,
but I hear old people do.

Shut your mouth!

I'm not here to talk
to your father, Asher.

I've got a few questions
for you.

Just need to cover the bases.

If you don't mind,
I'd like to know where you were

during the hours before
and after those killings.

Let me see. Let me see.
Let me see.

I know I was somewhere...
With someone.

Well, now you're here with me.

So where were you, Asher?

I have thought about it...
As a dad,

what would I do if, god forbid,
Gracie got in serious trouble?

It's not easy.
I get it.

But this guy... this...
This Duke Davis...

Didn't go well?

He made it clear that if I
wanted to talk to Asher again,

I'd have to wade
through his lawyers.

And the kid?


He said he was with
the cart girl.

Maybe let me take care
of this one.

Again, FBI... not FBI.

She's just gonna blow smoke
up your ass.

Then lying to a federal agent

is one more thing
I'll get her for.

[ Engine shuts off ]

You take me
to the nicest places.


You don't belong here.

Yeah, I've been feeling that
a lot lately.

What are you
doing here, Bobbi? Huh?

Something for Asher?

You don't know anything
about Asher.

I know he's a prince,
and you're a cart girl.

I've seen this movie.

It doesn't end well
for the cart girl.

What are you doing for Asher?

[ Door creaks ]

Ah, well, if it isn't Mary
Goodwin's head of security.

That's what you are, isn't it?

That's what you're wearing?

Okay, well,
don't just stand there.

Let's go down.

[ Door creaks ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Man, that really pissed
my dad off

when you took him down
in the ring.

Yeah, you liked that,
didn't you?

Look at you trying
to get all up in my head.

Oh, don't worry about her.

Right now you got a choice
to make... red or blue?

Hey, I know you want to talk
to me tonight,

but party's over
if you don't swallow.

You first.

[ Chuckles ]

I'd put your seat back
and tray table up if I were you.

[ Conversations echo ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ Growling ]

[ Distorted camera clicking ]

[ Conversations echoing ]


Did you come here to save me
from the evil prince?

Do you want me to save you?

Hey, do you want her, man?


It's cool.
She's the cart girl.

Everybody wants the cart girl.

Asher, cut it out!

You ass!

[ Chuckles ]

Does your dad beat on you a lot
in the ring?

Yeah, it makes him feel big.

You know, if you want, I could
maybe teach you a few moves,

get inside that right cross.


No, I don't think I need that.

Hey, this pill makes me want
to tell secrets.

You want to hear a secret?

I know you're here for me,
and I'm ready, okay?

I'm ready for it.

[ Laughs ]

You should see your face
right now, dude!

You're so wasted.

[ Laughing ]

[ Groans ]

[ Snoring ]

Yeah, he's definitely
my dad's son.

I recorded the whole thing.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Okay, well, you're just gonna
have to trust me.

He brought it up.
He wants to get caught.

He called me out.

[ Sighs ]

Oh. Hi. You okay?
[ Device shuts off ]

You look a little bit
like grandpa.


No, I mean,
the way that he used to look.

You know, sometimes,
in the morning.

[ Moans, chuckles ]

Why... why don't you just be
a good girl, huh,

and make me that, uh,
famous hangover cure?

It was just one time.

Gracie, Gracie, Gracie.

Don't do drugs.

But dad brings me all the good
stuff from the evidence locker.

Hey. Not funny.

The designer drugs kids do
these days...

In my day, all you needed

was a little Mary Jane
and some whiskey,

and you were set.

Your day?

Oh, I got to run.

All right, so, to recap,

you spent a night
of illegal behavior

with our murder suspect,

had him drop you off

on the investigating
FBI agent's lawn...

[ Voice echoing ]
And got no information.


That's great.

No. Wait.
I-i-i forgot.

I got this from the cart girl.

You stole that
from our cart girl.

She's his favorite toy.

I don't think he'd go anywhere
without her.

[ Voice echoing ]
Where's he going?

You're the FBI agent.
You find the clue.

I got to go, okay?

Sorry. See ya.

Her dog.

She put her dog in the kennel.

She kenneled her dog.

Why would anyone
kennel their dog?

Just go ahead and say it.

They kennel their dog
because they're leaving town.

Or in this case, fleeing.

Yes. Good work
with the wallet.

Maybe next time you can get
some legally obtained evidence

so that I have something, you
know, to put in the report.

Life is not reports.

More like him every day.

He knew how to tail someone.

You lose her, we get nothing.

So I won't lose her.

Driving like this?

You ever tailed anyone before?

Never. This is very exciting.
It's my first tail.

[ Airplane whooshes ]

I guess Duke Davis' jet?

Taking the kid and the girl
out of the country?

He's still covering
his kid's tracks.

[ Bobbi screams ]

I'll call for backup.
You stay put.

Duke? Duke?

Where's your kid?

Are you a father?

Yeah, I am.


He was such a tiny baby.

Weighed almost nothing.

My hand covered his whole back.

[ Chuckles ]

He was always in trouble.

Just boy stuff.

His mother saw.

I just thought rambunctious.

Then came the business
at highland hall.

Then he did it again.

And the company...
Oh, that kind of publicity

is gonna hurt all of us...
Family, friends.

What was I supposed to do...

Destroy everything just because
I couldn't handle my kid?

So many.

At some point,
I... I was in too deep.

No one would understand.

Not if they weren't a father.

Oh, Duke.

Officer with a 10-33,

med response at the airfield
off Cole Avenue.

A stab wound, loss of blood.

But this...
This last thing...

With the axe...

that was enough.

But you were taking him
out of the country,

letting him get away
with it again.

He thought so.

He didn't want to go.

But he... he wasn't...
He wasn't getting away with it.

None of us were.

I only put in enough fuel
to get us an hour...

Over the ocean.

You have kids?

Did I ask you that already?

[ Screaming ]

You want me, kid?

Here I am.


Sweet, stupid Bobbi.

I saw you do the math
on that little cart girl.

I knew you'd follow her.

Follow her sad, little car.

Putt, putt, putt.

Why'd you kill your dad, Asher?

Oh, he couldn't stop me.
He was weak.

You wanted him to stop you.

[ Blade scraping ]

I wanted him to try.

If you wanted
your daddy's attention,

you should have gotten a
piercing like a normal kid.

I didn't want his attention.

I wanted him to be a man,
like you...

Like us.

I know you understand
what being a man is.

I saw it.

And now you want me to stop you.

Is that it?
To try.

That way, when you're dead,
I'll be the strongest.

You know what, I've been dead.
It's not for me.

[ Yelling ]


Drop it!

I told you
to watch the right cross.

Where's the girl?

She doubled back.
Her car's gone.

Did you set up a perimeter?

You mean have
I done this before? Yeah.

Now I'm gonna cuff him
'cause he's a bad guy.

Leave him alone!

[ Gunshot ]


[ Gunshot ]

[ Gun clicks ]

[ Gasps ]
[ Grunts ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

On your knees!
Get down now!

Hands behind your back!

Is Asher okay?

[ James coughing ]

Is Asher okay?

Oh, god.

Now what the hell did you do?

[ Straining ] I got shot.
What's it look like?

All right.

You hang on.

The ambulance is coming, okay?


No ambulance.

Yes! Yes. Yes.

That's shock from the loss
of all that blood.

You hang on, all right?
You hang on!

Now I'm gonna get you
to the hospital.

No, I just took a bullet
for you.

So you just listen to me,
all right?

Just once in your life,
just listen to me.

Take me to Mary Goodwin's.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Engine revs ]

This is agent Pritchard.

You'll find Duke Davis dead
in his plane.

He was killed by his son,
who's in an ambulance.

An accomplice is cuffed
and in a hangar.

I'll make the report
after I pursue another lead.

[ James breathing heavily ]

Why the Goodwin house?

Why does it always
take us back there?

And I want the truth this time.

I always told you the truth.

I just told you
what you needed to know.

You didn't need to know

You were just a boy.

You were just a boy.

I should have gone
to your ball games.

I should have...

I should have been better
to your mom.

A child's father
is supposed to...

Protect him from the bad things,
not be the bad things.

Sorry, Duval.
I was just...

I was just trying
to protect you.

What the hell
are you talking about?

[ Cellphone rings ]


This is FBI agent Pritchard.

He's dying.

He begged me to take him
back to you.

He said you could fix him.

Can you do that?

What's wrong with him?

Multiple gunshot wounds,

cuts, massive blood loss.

I'll meet you at the gate.

No, we're coming in together
or I take him to the hospital.

No more lies.

[ Beep ]

This is not good at all.

I realize that, Otto.

To compromise the security
of the operation

is to put us at risk,

but to refuse will put you
at risk.

I understand that, Otto.
Let me think.

[ Breathes heavily ]

What the hell is he?

Not "what." "Who."

He's James Pritchard.

You know that.

[ Speaking foreign language ]

He was saying things
in the car...

Going to ball games,

like he thinks he's my father.

He said he was sorry.

Why did he say that?

[ Speaks foreign language ]

Why did he say he was sorry?

[ Speaking foreign language ]

Why does he think
he's my father?

Because he is.