Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 2 - One More Notch - full transcript

Due to the power surge that Mary and Otto caused in bringing Pritchard back to life, two notorious murderers escape from prison. Still determined that this is his city to protect, Pritchard...

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What we're about to do
should be left to god.

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Previously on "second chance"...

Disgraced sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life today.

You're the first to journey
all the way back...

To get another chance.

I know you. You're one of
those rich computer twins.

Otto re-coded
your white blood cells

to fight the cancer in my blood.

You brought me back to save you.

He's stronger than predicted.

Mister, do I know you?

What is your connection
to my father?!

Who the hell are you?

I'm sheriff Jimmy Pritchard.

Wake up!

Wake up!

I don't know what the hell
you're laying down for anyway.

There's something in the genes,

made it so that they could
bring you back.

One in 10 million.

You're very rare.

We're dead.

Wake up, sheriff.

Both these men were doing life
for a meth-fueled double murder.

Once locked up, they got
some real violent religion.

Called themselves
"reborn in blood."

Seattle P.D. has asked us
to help track them down.

Work your contacts and the data.

They stick their heads up,
I want us there.

Go get 'em.

Agent Pritchard, a word.

Pritchard, I know
some of these other agents

are looking at you sideways

for turning your partner
and your boss in,

but from where I stand,
that was damn fine work.

You took an oath, and you defended it.
Thank you, ma'am.

Listen, right now, it's about
getting those two convicts,

but then you and I need
to have a talk

about exactly what happened
on that bridge.

Who the hell are you?

What is your connection
to my father?!

Not right now.

I'll make myself available.

After the first round of
regenerated blood transfusions,

Mary's numbers are no better.

At this rate...

Her cancer will spread
to her lymph nodes.

If nothing changes,

my sister will be gone
by the end of the year.

But the donor grows stronger...

Much stronger than
any of my models anticipated.

Just days
after his regeneration,

his maximum oxygen uptake is
342 milliliters...

Six times that
of an elite athlete.

His dynamic muscle recovery

following isokinetic
fatigue testing is 100%.

His body,
so recently old and frail,

is now operating at the very
limits of human capacity.

His blood will save my sister.

It has to.

So that nothing happens to him,

he will be confined to
this house until that happens.

In other news, convicted killers

Leo Stax and Edward Hume

remain at large after escaping
from pine creek prison

following a riot that broke out

during the city-wide blackout
three days ago.

Authorities have now confirmed
that the riot began

when backup generators
failed to activate.

A third prisoner
captured in the shootout

remains in custody
at king memorial hospital.

Mr. Pritchard,
Mary is waiting

for her transfusion
on the second floor.

You know, if this works,
then we try it on others.

You know how many lives
you could possibly save?

Must make my blood
pretty valuable.

It does.


What are you doing?

Alfred, show her
what I was just watching.

It is Arthur.
Showing now.

A few days ago, there was
a city-wide power surge

that shut down security
at that prison.

There was a riot.

Three cons escaped.

Cops caught one,
but there are two murderers

out there in Seattle.

I did the math,
and I know what was happening

right before
those lights went out.

Well, so do I.

That's when we brought you back.

The power Otto used
from the grid to regenerate you

caused the surge and blackout

and shut down
the prison security system.

By the time
they got the lights back on,

those prisoners had
already escaped.

Through our foundation,

we've been funneling money
and tech to local authorities.

I know we caused this,
and we're helping to fix it.

Now... Can you please
let go of that tube,

or are we still negotiating?

Those two killers
are out there in my city.

I'm the sheriff.

You want to find those men,
I'm the man to do it.

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!


I'll give you
the full power of Lookinglass

to help you find those men.

The convict they caught is
in the hospital.

Took a bullet
during his capture.

I'd like to question him.

I'm sure the police
already have.

We may have different methods.

How you doing, deputy?

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm with the prisoners'
rights commission.

Prisoner what?

I'm just here to make sure

the prisoner has everything
he's entitled to.

Department of corrections
should have cleared me.

Name is Steven Decker.

Bypassing department
of corrections database now.

Been with the department long?

Going on 20.

So you were there
under Pritchard.

Guy got a bum rap.

You can go in.

Prisoners' rights, huh?

Yeah, like I said, be sure
he gets everything he deserves.

Who the hell are you?

I'm from prisoners' rights.

How did this happen?

I wasn't even planning
on escaping.

The lights when out,
the riot started.

Stax and Hume got through.

What the hell
was I supposed to do?

It was like god was
telling me to go.

You can't shoot a man
for listening to god, can you?

You guys have a plan?

Way out of the country,
place to lay low?

What the hell's that got to do
with my rights?

You in a lot of pain?


Nowhere near as much pain
as you're gonna be in

if you don't help me
find those other two.

You're not from
prisoners' rights.

No, I'm not.

Then go to hell.

You're gonna help me
find those other two escapees...

Who might be helping,
where they might be hiding.

You three were
on the run together,

so you must have had
some kind of plan.

I'm gonna tell you a secret.

I have no idea how strong I am.

Now, that egghead at the house,

he says like five times
a normal man.

Do you want to find out?

He's resting comfortably.

It's me, Pritchard.

How'd it go?

He was very chatty.
They're gonna get their guns

from an ex-con
called Luther Verneck.

Can you get me his address?

Give me a minute.


It's you.

What are you in for?

Oh, they put a stent
in my heart.

I had four done right here.

You'll be on your feet
in no time.

Yeah, they say 70 years of
red meat is what did it to me.

That's what they said
to me, too!

Not... 70, obviously.

I mean, more like 35, 30.

Not 70.
That's crazy.

This is my floor.

Mr. Pritchard?

The man those escaped convicts
are going to

has been arrested several times

for trafficking
illegal firearms.

I'll send the address.

So, New York conference call
at 10:00,

then you have London
at 10:45.

And then, um...

Then you have a lunch

at the civic club
about the college endowment.

Alexa, are you okay?

Yeah. Yes.

I am great.

I'm not okay.

Mary, you've stopped your chemo,

and you're not going to see
your oncologist?

Hands up.
On the floor.

And you're trying to
keep this whole thing a secret,

and you're not even easing up
on your work load.

And you're being so nice
and giving me a tissue,

and you're the sweetest ever,

and I think
it's too much for me.

It's going to be okay,
I promise.

Alexa, why don't you
go clean up.

That's a great idea.

Arthur, show her.

I've hacked into
the cops' body cams.

This is happening right now.

On the floor!
Do it now!

I'm not the guy
you're looking for, all right?

I said now!

This what happens
when he goes out.

Unknown variables,
unintended consequences.

It is complete chaos.

It's a puzzle, Otto...
Solve it.

Please don't come any closer.

Get down right now!
Get on the ground!

I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Get down!

Hey, back off!
He's not listening, man.

I'm gonna hit him with my taser.

The potential for violence

and Mr. Pritchard's arrest
is now 98%.

Arthur, who makes those tasers?

This is your last warning.

Mr. Pritchard?
Mr. Pritchard?

What just happened?

There's no way I could
possibly explain it to you,

but I would recommend
that you run, now.


Oh, please, mister,
don't be dead!

I'm so screwed if you're dead.

Are you dead?

I used to be, not anymore.
I gotta go.

He is your cure. Why would you
let him walk out the door?

'Cause he's a person, Otto.

He is our person.

We made him.

If he gets caught,
what happens to us?


This is because of us.

Those lives are ended,
and we can't bring them back.

Pritchard thinks he can
get the men who did this.

If he gets caught,
that's a chance we have to take.

He ran guns.

It seems our cons Stax and Hume

killed him and took his stash.

We can now assume that Stax
and Hume are both heavily armed.

Agent Pritchard, tasers fried
the body cam footage,

but we managed to get this.

He was standing
over the dead guy

when the cops rolled in.

Maintenance initiated.

I was hoping
to talk to security.

When miss Goodwin
heard you were here,

she asked to see you herself.

Agent Pritchard,
how can I help you?

Well, like I told
your assistant,

I was hoping
to talk to security.

I'm not sure this is
a C.E.O. matter.

Not sure what is
a C.E.O. matter?

I'm looking for the man
who is driving this car.

That car is registered
to your corporation?

That's not really a question,
is it?

You can see
it's registered to us.

Ma'am, I'd like to see that car.

Why are you here,
agent Pritchard?

I want to know who that man is.

You show up without a warrant,

you want to talk to my security
because you figure

since they're ex-lawmen,

they'll share information
with you in confidence...

Without a warrant.

There was a killing today.

I think that man is involved.

And I will look into that.

But have you told
your superiors this?

Will they know that you're here?

I can tell this means
a lot to you, agent Pritchard,

and that you want
to get this done.

But, please, you need
to have your organization

deal properly
with my corporation.



Thank you.

Maintenance complete.

There will be some soreness,

but the tank healed
the fractured ribs.

You think my son's
just gonna walk away

'cause you gave him
a spanking in your office?

I think I made it clear
he has no choice.

What do you think?

I think Duval is
an honest-to-god good person.

I think that's probably

something he got
from his mother.

I think with lives on the line,
my son will ruin his career.

When he's gone to jail,
he could tell the FBI about me

and the bridge, about the car
tracing back to Lookinglass.

Duval will expose it all
if it helps catch those killers.

So, what do we do?

I'll need my old name back.

This guy is connected
to those two escaped cons.

Are you telling me no one here
can find out who he is?

And where the hell is
Duval Pritchard?

All right, these are
the bank statements,

college-fund insurance.

I'm not sure I understand
what you're saying to me, Duval.

What I'm saying is
that I have done something

that I shouldn't have.

I got myself jammed up,

and I need to go into the FBI
and talk about it.

You'll get it straightened out,

I mean, you always
take care of things.

That's what I'm trying
to tell you, Helen.

I may not get it
straightened out this time.

And if that happens,
I'm gonna need you

to take care of things
for a while, okay?

Okay, now you're scaring me.

I mean, what does that
even mean?

It means that I need you
to do whatever you have to do

to take care of Gracie.
What did you do, Duval?


Gracie, honey, I didn't...

Dad, there's someone here
to see you.

All right.

Gracie, step away from him.

What are you gonna do, Duval?

Shoot your own brother?

You're my what?

You're my half-brother,
that's what you're saying.

You must have
a lot of questions.

Oh, yeah, just a few.

Like who's your mom?

She that waitress from coco's?

Do I have other siblings
I don't know about,

or are you just a one-off?

No, scrap those.

What I want to know
is what is your relationship

with the Lookinglass

Actually, no,
let's not start there.

Why do you keep showing up
at my crime scenes,

and what are you doing

standing over the body
of a murdered gun dealer.

I know you think you
ought to turn yourself in

and come clean about me
and the bridge,

but that's not
what you really want.

What do I really want?

You want to catch those guys.

They're gunned up now.

They're gonna do something
with those weapons in my...

In this city.

You want to stop them,
then you got to come with me.

Every cop in Seattle
is looking for you.

You first tell me why I don't
put you in cuffs right now.

Your father told me
that family is

the most important thing
in the world to you.

I can see it's true
by the way you look at your kid.

I'm family.

You look in my eyes,
and you can see that, can't you?

What's your name?

Do you really think
he's my uncle?

If only because it makes him

one less available man
in this town.

Well, they stopped talking.

Well, now what are they doing?
Is it a stare down?

It is a stare down.

Oh, here they come.

You must be Helen.

And... Gracie.

I am totally flipping out
right now.

A brother...
A secret brother.

Are you totally flipping out
right now?

You really knew my grandfather?


Yeah, I knew him pretty well.

You got something to show me,
then show me.

Well, can I ask you a question?

Do you think
that he killed himself,

because I don't think
that he would.

Let me tell you something,
little lady...

There is no way that
Jimmy Pritchard killed himself.

You, we're leaving, now.

He's got kind of a cowboy vibe.

More like a sheriff.

We think he killed
that gunrunner.

We know he tuned up
your brothers.

All right, let's find this guy.

James Pritchard.

He gave you his name.

I wouldn't make too much of it.

I'm walking around with Duval.

Duval, and he gives you
his name.

It didn't sound like
he wanted his name anyway.

Make a right here.

Why are we going here?

You got a problem
with this place?

My dad used to bring me here
when I was a kid,

and my mom thought
he was taking me to the park.

I'd sit in a back booth
and do my homework.

And your dad?

Oh, my dad said he was working.

He was working.
Peng runs Chinatown.

He and your dad had
an understanding

that kept the peace.

And every time your dad
put a bad guy away,

he cut a notch right here.

He took you here, too.

Look, I appreciate
the trip down memory lane,

but seeing you're
a wanted man...

Maybe you can get to the point.

The point is
two heavily armed cons

are hiding out in
the criminal world of Seattle.

We need a criminal network
to find him.

We need Peng.

Then you'll be disappointed.

My grandfather is dead...
10 years.

I'm sorry to hear that.

He was a great man.

He was.

So, uh...
Who's running things now?

He left the place to me.

You're little Emma, aren't you?

I was little Emma.

Who the hell are you?

Sheriff Pritchard...
's kid.

Sheriff Pritchard's son.

Uh, in fact, two of us.

We're his sons.

When sheriff Pritchard was
under investigation,

he never gave up my grandfather.

He could have.
It would have helped him,

but your father
kept his mouth shut, so...

I just want to thank
his two sons for that.

There's something else
you could do.

That I can't do.

It would be bad for business

if I helped you
track down escaped cons.

Drinks here are free.

There are other diversions
downstairs, free,

but what reason do I have
to find that out for you?

You owe Pritchard.
He kept his mouth shut.

We kissed on it.

Plus, you know, you said it
yourself, he was a hero.

Pretty sure she didn't say hero.

And you're not
sheriff Pritchard,

so the debt is not
a debt to you.

Can I have a word alone?

Let's go get those killers.

What just happened in there?

I love the smell of this alley.

You smell of history, you know,
old Seattle.

Pritchard, wait!


Three passports
have been requested

through a forger Emma knows.

There are two cons.

One's for Stax, one's for Hume,

and one's for a little girl.

I'll find out if Stax
or Hume has a daughter.

Where are we going?

Why do we have to leave?
We just do.

When are we coming back?

I'm not sure yet, sweetheart.

I'm not going.

Just come with me now,
and I'll explain in the car.

This is my house.
I'm not going.

Lisa, please,
we don't have time.

Then tell me why.

It's about your daddy.

My daddy's locked up

in pine creek
federal penitentiary, though.

He was, but he got out somehow.

I'm worried
he might come for us.

And I can't let that happen.

We have to go, okay?


That's my good girl.

Run, run!

Who've you been seeing,
huh? Hmm?

Beth, this is my friend Hume.

You call him the minister.

You're gonna feel
a whole lot better

once we get in the car.

No record of a relationship for
either Stax or Hume.

No prison visits, no wives,
no boyfriends, no girlfriends.

Check for a restraining order.

See if either one of them had
a restraining order.

Restraining order
taken out against them.

Can I get an R.O. Check
on both men?

How did you get that woman

to give you
the passport information?

Your father and her grandfather

had this understanding
that kept the streets safe.

I told her you're an FBI agent,

and if she watched your back,
you'd watch hers.

What, did I compromise my badge,
you told her that?

You want to catch
these guys or not?

Yeah, I do, but I didn't get
the corrupt cop gene.

Stop boo-hooing.
Grow up.

This is how the world works.

You really are his son.


That's fantastic.
All right.

Great. I got it.


Before going to jail, Stax had

four restraining orders
taken out against him

by the same woman.
There's our relationship.

Yep, and I got her address.

Good. Let's go.

Let me see your phone.

My battery died,
and I need to call Gracie.

Oh, come on.
You really gonna do this?

I really am gonna do this.

You like the smell
of this alley,

enjoy it until
I come back for you.


I changed since you went away.

I put down the pipe.

I'm not who you knew.

I know you're mad.

I understand.

But I have a life now.

You have a life now, huh?

Tell her the word, minister.

That's the life
he's come to get.

You had our child, and you kept
it a secret from me.

You changed your name...

So I couldn't find
my own family.

Our child should have my name.


I was hoping you'd have
one of these.

All right.

So I guess
we can get started then.

If anyone got any objections,
speak it up now...

Or forever hold your peace.


I guess not.

Go, go, go!

All right, all right.

Okay, it's all right.

Come here.

Come here.

It's all right.

He took her.
He made me say "I do."

When she came home from school,
he took my baby.

She's my life!

You have to find her!

We have the address
your son got,

but Stax and Hume are gone.

They didn't take the woman,

but they took a little girl,
her daughter.

You to figure out
how to find them.

You did this,
you need to fix it.

The girl's on you.

There might be a way.

She's eight years old,
second grade.

Lookinglass gave a tablet

to every student
in the Seattle school system.

If she has hers with her...

We can pinpoint her location.

Please hold.

I have an address.
You ready?


80143 Mercator.

GPS has a location
at 50 feet off the ground.

He was seen in this area
about an hour ago.

We go door to door.

You still got that door

that leads to the building
across the street?


You bricked up the escape door?
Why would you do that?

What are you doing?

Oh, god!

That wall is three feet thick.

Okay, well, three feet
of bricks is a no.

That door was too public.

I put a pen out the back
of the walk-in freezer.

It takes you to the building
basement one street over.

Use the handle, okay?


Agent Pritchard, you may have

cuffed someone to this van,
but there's nobody here now.

But there's definitely
something going on down here.

Local P.D. is
all over this place.

Let me see if I can get
anything useful off this phone.

It's been wiped clean.

I need a tail put on someone.

Mary Goodwin.

I wiped his phone. Even the FBI
won't get anything off it.

But, Mary, with no phone,

he will have no timer
to warn him

when he starts breaking down.

It won't matter.

Pritchard's not gonna stop
until he gets those men

and that little girl is safe.

You seem certain of that.

He was corrupt,
he crossed lines,

but never for himself,
always to help others.

He won't stop.

Where are you going?

What happens when he starts
to break down?

Who helps him?
We'll send a drone.

And if he's inside the building?

If he starts breaking down then?

It is too dangerous.
Don't go.

I have to.

No, you want to.

I was watching you
and Pritchard.

Your pulse was elevated
when you decided

to let him go after those men.

Do you know what caused that?

I know your mom hasn't
told you about me,

but I'm here now, all right?

Me and your mom,
we're all married up now.

So it's gonna be
all good and proper.

Please, can't I just
go home now, please?!

J-just one more night!




I'm sorry I screamed.

I'll never do it again.

Be a good girl,
and you do your homework.

Go on!

Otto, look at me.

Otto, please look at me.

It's not just us anymore.



Activate the camera
on the girl's tablet.

Lisa? Lisa?

She's scared.

Who are you?

I'm Mary.

You must be scared.

Yes, the men here have guns,

but there's somebody else
down below.

He's come to help you.

Who are you talking to?

No one!

Lisa? Lisa?!

Hey, listen.


I don't hear anything.

Whatever's downstairs
has gone real quiet.

Go see what it is.

Me? You go see
what it is!

She's pulling into
a parking lot.

Do not engage.

Give me the address
and clear out.

I've got it from here.

Your little girl?

That's right.

I know you don't want
to hurt her.

Not if I don't have to.

You know, I got married today.


Yeah, the preacher,
he ministered it.

I got married to make her right,

I mean her mom and the bond.
You know what I'm saying?

I was married once.

Real good woman.

A chance for her.

Got myself reborn.

You think that's possible?

Yeah, I do.

What do you say we, uh...

Put the guns down.

Is that what
you want? Huh?

Want daddy to put his gun down?


Move them away
a little bit, huh?

Me and her are
walking out of here.

Let's talk about that.

There's nothing to talk about.

Because I know how much...

You cops hate seeing
anything happen to little kids.

So, me and her are
walking out of here.

Who the hell are you?!

The lady on my tablet.

Otto, now.

I was reborn in blood,

and I will re...

You talk too much.

We should go.

It's all right, sweetie.

Let him carry you.

Let's go.

Hey there.

How you doing?

It's all right, honey.
You can go to your mother now.

I'm not the kind of guy
you would have picked

for this experiment of yours.

Hell, I wouldn't have picked me.

You worried about
who you brought back?

Should I be?

Mr. Pritchard?

I think you can call me Jimmy.

You don't seem
like a Jimmy to me.

What about James?

Yeah, sure, okay.


You're starting to break down,
aren't you, James?

I think we should get you
back in the tank.

I think you're right.

I think you should drive.

Agent Pritchard?



They found her.

The little girl,
it just came over the radio.

Someone dropped her off
in front of her house.

We saved that girl's life.


Now he can get back
to saving yours.

I want to check your numbers.
Let's take some blood.

Not now.

I don't want to think about
cancer right now.

I thought I'd find you here.

Want a drink?
It's free.

other diversions downstairs.

No thanks.

This used to be a photo
of you standing over that body.

I saw it.

But by the time
the FBI cleaned it up,

you were gone,
and Stax was there.

Your friends over at Lookinglass
swap you out for him?

Well, he was the killer.
It says so in the paper.

You know, this turned out okay.

That little girl back home
with her mom,

these two crooks
where they belong.

What do you know about it?

Just what I read in the paper.

Says here that you put cuffs
on the one with the knife.

That's good police work.

And the other?

What about him?

You were there, weren't you?

What if I was?

What if it was you and I
that got this done

and got that girl home?

What if I told you there's a
whole city of animals like this

that we could do
something about.


I don't think so.

Too proud to ask for help.

You sound just like him.


You here to take me in?

Not today.


Well, you just think about
what we can do together.

The offer's always open.

You've just watched
second chance.

Now here are a few more shows
to check out from fox.

They spy on us,

tell us that makes us safer.

We've never been in more danger.

I'm special agent Dana Scully, and
this is special agent fox Mulder.

What if our work, the x-files, everything
we've been led to believe in is a lie?

Then do something about it.

So, you're the devil,

and you've left hell behind to
take a vacation in Los Angeles.

Well, where else would I go?

People like to tell me things...

The naughty little desires
that are on their mind.

- You're not actually in love with him, right?
- God, no.

- What's your name?
- Lucifer.

Like the devil?