Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 1 - A Suitable Donor - full transcript

Jimmy Pritchard, a 75-year-old former King County (Seattle) Sheriff who was morally corrupt and later disgraced and forced to retire. After he is killed in a robbery at his son's home, Pritchard is brought back to life in the body of a younger man by a billionaire and a bioengineer. However, despite having a new life and a chance to relive his life and to help fight crime, the temptations that led to his career being tarnished continue to haunt him.

What would you do
with a second chance?

Before you answer,
let me give you some advice.

Second chances can be
a real monster.

I'm gonna call the police.

No need for that.
* I see a bad moon rising *

that same music over and over.

I'm gonna get the cops up here.

FBI. Will that do?

* I see trouble on the way *

* I see earthquakes
and lightnin' *

neighbors are complaining
about the noise again, dad.

* I see *

why don't you go ahead
and let me have that smoke, too?

Come on.

I was having a lot more fun
before you showed up.

It's 3:00 in the afternoon.

Are you planning on
getting dressed today?

I will take it under advisement.

What's all this?

Is this my case?

You're working my case now?

Someone has to.

Six bank jobs in 12 months,

dead security guard,
nobody locked up for it.

In my day, we would've done...

What needed to get done.

Yeah, I'm pretty much
aware of that.

Dad, is somebody else here?

Oh. Hey.

I was just on my way out.

Duval, this is Bettina.

Bettina is a member of my,
uh, music appreciation club.

We meet once a week.

Don't worry.

He's too old to really
do much of anything.

And how much does not really
doing much of anything cost him?

Don't answer that!

It's impolite
to talk about money.

My son should know that.

Don't be rude, Duval.

I'll see you.
You know where to find me.

Oh! Hello.

Oh, geez.

Are you here for
the music appreciation club?

The music... I'm sorry.
The what club?

Gracie, I thought I told you
to wait in the car.

Well, I wanted to come
say hi to grandpa.

I'll see you next week.

Who was that?

No one. Gracie,
as long as you're here,

go ahead and empty
the rest of that bourbon

in the kitchen sink.

Grandpa, what does the doctor
say about mixing your meds

and bourbon?

Oh, that I had to
give one of them up.

Can't remember which one.

Oh, you know, I used to
have a lot more records.

You know what happened to them?

Yeah, they're with the boxes
from when we shut down

your house...
After mom died.


They're up in our attic.

I can go up there
when we get back.

Remember? Dad's taking me
on a college Gracie tour.

You can take the time?

It's two days with my daughter.

I've been on this case
for a year.

You know best.

Gracie, come on, let's go.

I, uh, I poured a little
of the bourbon

into a glass by the sink.

Oh, you are
an understanding child.


You'll always be the sheriff.

Don't let your father
hear you say that.

He doesn't like it.

I'll see you later.

* every day,
you wake up in the morning *

* trying to ignore
the way you feel *

* reading all the bad news
in the papers *

* of all the people that
are sleeping at the wheel *

* can't believe a thing
your daddy told ya *

* couldn't ever even
walk a line *

* mama always had
her best intentions *

* telling you everything
will be fine *

I don't know what face that is.

It's my reassuring face, Otto.


I thought maybe it was anxious.

Maybe it's a bit of both.

The board needs me
to do interviews

to ease the shareholders' minds.

They'll ask what
you've been doing, Otto.

Not in twin-speak, Otto.
In English.

You won't tell them, will you?


I won't tell them.

It works with the fish.
I want to go to human trials.

After mice, rats, and chimps.
You know that, Otto.

But we can't wait.

You're too sick, Mary.

They were dead.

We brought them back.

* so, don't close your eyes *

* or time will pass you by *

* oh, oh *

* don't hear, don't see,
don't speak no evil *

* don't hear, don't see,
don't speak no evil *

* don't hear, don't see,
don't speak no evil *


What the hell are you
doing in my son's office?!

Just take it easy.

I asked you a question.

Answer me!

Look me in the eye!

Or we will both find out
if I remember

how to throw this knife.

No, don't do it!


Get what we need.

Clean this place up
like it never happened.

Go to hell!

I got a better idea, sheriff.

You were depressed,
drinking too much.

After what you put
your family through.

I'm surprised it took you
so long to do it.

All right, get him over!


Do it!

He's seen our faces!

Come on, man, do it now!

My son will catch you!

No, Mr. Pritchard,
he won't.

In what is
being ruled a suicide,

ex-king county sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life
nearly 15 years

after stepping down
from his office

in the wake of a widespread
corruption scandal.

Pritchard is survived by two
children and one grandchild.

4-year-old Otto goodwin,

unable to connect with
the world around him,

constructed a private language
consisting of over 3,000 words.

His twin sister, Mary, was
the only person he taught it to.

He would speak to her.
She would speak to the world.

Within a few years,
he would give Mary the algorithm

for looking glass,
and she would turn it into

a $10-billion
social-media giant.

Mary, when you
and your twin brother

started looking glass
nearly 10 years ago now,

did you ever imagine you'd
end up with a billion users?

Otto wrote that code to
help people connect.

That number one billion
shows how hungry people are

to connect with each other.

But human connection
is something that Otto

has always struggled with,

and he spoke only to you
till he was 9 years old

and then only the language
of his own invention.

And people are saying
two things.

I want to put these to you
very strongly tonight.

The obvious question for you...

Come on, Mary.
Is Otto burnt out?

Say yes. Can looking glass
survive without him?

Say yes.

Otto's become very distant,

almost disappeared
off the face of the earth,

and his absence has created
a vacuum where competitors

can pounce into the market.

I'm sorry, Otto.
Mary says no.

Why? Doesn't she know that by
the time we find another donor,

it'll be too late?
Why would she say no?!

You know why, Otto.

Your sister still hasn't given
the go ahead for human testing.

But it's the only thing
that'll save her!

A lot of waiting.

Arthur, how long will Mary
be in New York?

She has one more day
of interviews.


He's essentially
just disappeared.


Most concerning...

Switch the serial numbers.
Procure the body.

She is going to be angry.
You know that.


What did you do, Otto?

Please don't be mad.

Arthur, terminate the process!

Turn it off!
Turn it all off now!

Yes, Mary.
Give me a moment.

Please, Mary, don't.

We had no right to do this...

To take a body without asking!

Shutting down in 25 seconds.

Please, Mary, don't!

We need to send him back.
He shouldn't be here!

Please, let me just tell you
who he is first.

It's who we've been waiting for.

You don't have to die, Mary.

His genetic variation
is 1 in 10 million.

15 seconds.

It works with him, Mary.

He's here to save us.

Please don't leave me alone.

My father, Jimmy Pritchard, was
in the department for 30 years,


They didn't even send
a couple of lousy motorcycles.

Without departmental honors.

He didn't expect
anything of anyone.

Didn't expect anything of me.

All right, that's...
That's enough now, Helen.


You've had too much to drink.


Well, it's the only thing
he taught me.

Meet me in my office.

You remember the guard
they killed on the first job?

You've got to be kidding me, partner.
We're not working today.

I got to thinking,
maybe he was in on it,

and they were cleaning up
when they killed him.

So I pulled his phone records.

Pulled his phone records, and...

Nothing connects him to it.

Why can't we get these guys?

Duval, that's for tomorrow.

Today's about your family,
your dad.

My dad would've wanted me
to work today, believe me.

His cells, recoded for
optimum growth and capacity,

will allow us to begin
Mary's treatment on schedule.

Otto, may I ask a question?

What is it, Arthur?

If the specimen in the tank
regains consciousness,

what should I refer to him as?

Jimmy Pritchard is dead.

Refer to him as...

Proprietary goodwin technology.

Should I run that name by Mary?

Mary? Your oncologist
is on the line.

Thank you, doctor.

As always, I appreciate
your discretion.

What's our current price
per share?


Still holding even... good.

The interviews you're doing
have stabilized the stock.

Let's line up some more.

Set a meeting with PR.

Right away.

Ted talks have always
wanted you, as well.

They've always wanted Otto,
but they'll take me,

so make that happen, and, uh...

Okay, Alexa.

What's with the mother hen look?

I'm sorry.

Can I ask what the doctor said?

My numbers are getting worse.
Chemo still isn't working.

Then is it time to let the board
and the public know your ill

and that your illness is
what's distracting Otto and...

Get ahead of the story?

Of course, you've already
considered everything.

Otto's not ready for anyone
to know I'm sick.

I'm just your assistant.

And this is probably
not my place,

but if the chemo isn't working,

won't Otto have to
start getting ready?

There are no other treatments,
are there?

Phase one complete.

Should I attempt to restore

Mom and dad believed
in god, Otto.

They would've said
what we're about to do

should be left to god.

They would've said
we'd be punished

for what we're about to do.

They would've wanted us
to take care of each other.

From now on,
no more decisions on your own.

Do you understand?

I promise.

Initiate phase two, Arthur.

Mary, please restate.

I am not programmed
to recognize twin-speak.


Phase two complete.

Your cigarettes
have been removed.

And who would you be?

My name's Mary...
Mary goodwin.

I don't want you to be afraid.

Do I look afraid?


Did we, uh...

Do I owe you for something?

No. You don't owe me

What are you doing in
my apartment, Mary?

You know this is your apartment?

That's really good.

Yeah, I know this is
my apartment.

I want to know what
you're doing in it.

And why you took my smokes.

Because they cause cancer.

And what about your name?
Can you tell me your name?

Well, let's see.
I've had it for 75 years.

It's Jimmy Pritchard.

What are you... some kind of...
Visiting nurse?

Social worker?
Is that it?

Did my kids send you
to check on me?

Well, you can put in your report
to my special agent son

that I know who I am.

I don't need anybody
to take care of me.

And I feel fine.

I even got my appetite back.

I thought you might be hungry.
I made a sandwich for you.

Mmm, god, that's good.

Usually, my teeth would bother
me with something like this.

Mr. Pritchard, can you tell me
the last thing you remember?

Why is my hand like this?

Who are you?

His respiration rate is rising.

Mary goodwin.
I'm here to help you.

Then why is my...

Hand not my hand, Mary?

My voice sounds funny.
Was there an accident?

No. Not an accident.

You've been through something,

but it's going to be
okay, I promise.

What do you remember?

My son's house and...

A bridge.

There used to be a mirror
right here.

Why did you take it down?

Because we need to
do this slowly.

Do... what... slowly?

I know you.

Blood pressure 170 over 120.

I know you.
You're one of those...

Rich computer twits.

The hell are you doing
in my apartment?

I think we need to
stop now, okay?


We need to stop now, okay?

You're gonna feel tired.
Get out of there!

I need you to sleep.

When you wake up,
we can start again.

Okay, but right now...

I fell!

I hit the ground! I...

I hit the ground.

I died.


Why didn't the sedative

It did release.

His body needed 12 times
the prescribed amount.

He's stronger than predicted.

We need to know how much.

Keep him sedated until
we run more tests.

I can't. The capsule under
his skin is now empty.

Open it!

Let me out!

He's broken through
the back wall of the room.

He's in the house.

We're offering you
another chance.

What? Why did you
do this to me?

You have a very rare
genetic precursor

which allowed us to recode
and regenerate your cells.

I don't know what any
of that means, but this...

This is me.
But this isn't me!

This is the best version of you.

You're the first to journey
all the way back.

To get another chance.

Don't you want it?

With another chance,

maybe you don't have to
end it that way.


Is that what people think?

They think I jumped...

Off that bridge?

Your memory's been through
a shock.

You might not be ready
to remember what you did.

No! There was a break-in
in my son's house.

I caught them, and then
they threw me off that bridge.

No, wait.

It was not a... not a...
Not a break-in.

They were...

They were looking
for something, but...

I was just an old man,
so they just...

Tossed me like a bag of dirt.

I was just an old man, wasn't I?

I don't care if you believe me.
My son is in trouble.


Nice day for a hike.

Yeah, it is.

Trainer, right?
Gym or private?


What do you do... trx,
p90x, kettlebells, slt?

You feel this?

No matter what I do, there's
like 2% that I can't get rid of.

Feel that.

Yep, I feel it.

Are you taking new clients?

Um... no, not right now.


See you then.


He was in the sheriff's
department for 30 years.

He'll try to find out who
broke into his son's house.

He'll try to solve the crime.

Mary, I don't mean
to disagree with you

about Mr. Pritchard's
current intentions,

but my list of his priorities
ranks law enforcement

below women, alcohol, and music.




It's loud in here!

Do I know you?

No, but...

I know a friend of yours.
Jimmy Pritchard.

He said you hang out here.

Sheriff Pritchard
killed himself.

Yeah. Yeah,
I read about that,

but he said that if I ever need
anything, that I should see you.

And what do you want?

I want to go to your place.

You say you're a friend
of Jimmy's?


I didn't see you at his funeral.

You were at m...

You were at the funeral?


How was it?

Real sad... I guess?


There was hardly any weeping.

Big turnout?

Would you like to
buy me a drink?

The thing is, I'm kind of
tapped out right now.

And so concludes
our time together.

But... but I'm a friend
of Jimmy's.

Then you should understand
the nature of our relationship.

Don't move.

Room's single use, bro.

You look fit.
You do kettlebells?

Do I do kettle...

Found your secret.

You a cop?

I'm just gonna need
your bankroll now, buddy.

Huh, I'll have to get
a handle on that.

This will do.

What kind of cop are you?!

Sonny, I'm the sheriff.

* don't do it, don't do it *

* don't touch the bass *

* don't do it, don't do it *

* don't touch my *

you just want to use
my computer?

It has the Internet, right?

Yes. It has...
The Internet.

That's all you want to do?

My computer?


Well, I'm gonna go
take a shower.

You can get
your cyber-freak on.

What are you doing,
Mr. Pritchard?

Here, Mr. Pritchard,
on the screen.

Your friend Bettina's
on looking glass.

We've been listening for
your voice pattern.

On her computer?

On two billion computers
and devices.

Is it your plan to have sex
with that woman?

Is it my plan to have what?

If you do, you're most likely

Do you have protection?

Super... lady, I'm just
trying to find out

about the break-in
at my son's house.

There's no record
of a break-in.

I've searched every database
for one.

Well, then he doesn't know
they were there.

I mean, how could he not notice

that somebody's gone
through his things?

I mean, where's his head at?

I have to sit him down
about that.

Mr. Pritchard, you can't
sit him down about anything.

Your family buried you.


Make it bigger.

Son of a bitch.

My killer was carrying
my own damn casket.

"John Strayburn."

I know that name.
That's my son's partner.

You done?

We need you to get back here

Baby, it is messed up
if you would rather do it

online like that... than when you
have someone here in the flesh.

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

* boom, boom, boom *

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

this does nothing for you?
* boom, boom, boom *

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

* boom, boom, boom * you know...

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

Pritchard told me that

he, uh, was too old to really
do much of anything.

I don't really like to
talk about my other clients.


* boom, boom, boom *

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

* boom, boom, boom *

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

* boom, boom, boom *

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *
mm, uh...

* boom, boom, boom *

do you have protection?

* ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom *

there's a chance
I might be super-potent.

* don't touch my *

there you go! Good!


That's it! That's it!
There you go!

A lot of hustle there!

You girls will be in
in a minute, all right?

Damn it, he's the coach.

Bring it around!

That's it!
There you go!

Give her a target on the wing!

I ask that parents
stay over there.

Jackie, watch that left foot!

Oh, yeah!

I'm not a parent.

I knew your father.

And, uh, there's something
we need to talk about.

Nice job, Sarah!

Cut down that angle!

Block, Gina!

Let me guess.
He owed you money?

No. Nothing like that.

I'm coaching my girl's
soccer game, all right?

Wait over there, and I'll give
you five minutes when it's over.

This is important.

So is this.
We'll talk later.


Can Robin and I switch?

She wants to play right-mid?

Say it's okay.

Mister, do I know you?

You don't know me.

There you go!
Watch that left foot!


Tell Robin right-mid,

Why are you still standing here?

I'll wait over there.

That's it, that's it!
That was good!

Lots of hustle!

You're gonna have to
cut that off!

Team looks good, girls!

Make sure you're ready.

Saw you talking to super dad.

He's my big brother.



Are you okay?


Something's wrong. It's...

The process is like
a transplant.

Your body's going
into rejection.

My son is in trouble.

You can't help him like this.

Come with me now
before it's too late.


I know you can see me, so look.

I'm going to help you
help your son.

Deposits into Strayburn's
account after each robbery.

Texts to Strayburn
before each robbery.

Show this to Duval.

Why'd you really
do this to me, Mary?

I have cancer.
There's no cure.

Chemo stopped working
six months ago.

Otto recoded your red blood
cells to fight off death.

Now he's using them to fight
the cancer in my blood.

This is you going in me.

You brought me back...

To save you?


That in there, that's...

That's me?

Look, I'm 75 years old.

I've seen a lot of my friends go
to cancer, and it ain't pretty.

I feel for you.

But other people don't do this.

Otto is not other people.

You're the one dying.

Otto can't be without me.

Maybe Otto could find himself
a woman who isn't his sister?

My room, 1988!

You know you're not supposed to

manage your feelings this way.

Mary prefers you stay present.

I spoke for him until he was 9.

He experiences
the world through me.

If I go, he'll retreat
into himself.

He'll be lost.

So go save your son.

But then come back to us.

You'll be needing a car.


It was our father's.

Suits you.

You have 12 hours before you
need to be back in the tank.

Set the timer on
the phone for you.

Maybe you dig this
cops-and-robbers stuff.

* but they said it
at the big and tall *

* a faded king, like a prince *

* and a joker's pair
of coveralls *

* when the motor chase starts *

oh, yeah.

This will do.

* there's no getting out
of this one *

you've got 10 seconds to explain
why you're outside my house.

Read this.
Then we'll talk.

It's a nice house.

Looks like a real nice place
to raise a family.

Until I figure out
what you want,

it's best you don't
mention my family.

This is crap.
I don't believe it.

You go check it out then.

And you came by this how?

Your father didn't trust

My father?

I didn't think he knew
my partner.

I looked through these records.
I didn't see any of this.

Just use the file, Duval.

Close the case.
It'll make your career.

And how exactly did you
know my father?

I did some work for him.
Used to talk about you.

Said how proud he was
of you raising that little girl,

Gracie, on your own.

He wasn't always amazed
at how well you turned out

seeing what a terrible father
he was.

You're not gonna
dispute that, huh?

Why don't you come in with me?

Just put this under
anonymous tip.

Just keep my name that way, too.

It's funny.

My partner was more family
to me than my dad ever was.

You know,
he did what he had to do

to keep this county
and his family safe.

"What he had to do"?


You mean like planting evidence

instead of coming home at night?

No. He did what
he wanted to do.

He was selfish to the end.

Like walking off that bridge.

You sound relieved he's gone.

Okay, kid.

I'll stay gone.

Mr. Pritchard
has left his son.

He seems to be entering a bar.

* I see the bad moon rising *

* I see trouble on the way *

* I see earthquakes
and lightnin' *

I didn't want to believe it,

but it all checks out, chief.

He's dirty.

What if it's not just
my son's partner?

What if it goes deeper?


Hey. Remember that guy at
the soccer game the other day?

Sure, I remember him.
Why? What about him?

I saw him today.

You and me made a deal
with these guys,

so this needs to go away...
Right now.

It's like I knew him,
but I'd never met him.

He was close with dad.

You know, dad wasn't always
exactly faithful to mom.

What are you saying... we have
a brother we didn't know about?


You've reached the
voice-mail for Duval Pritchard.

Please leave a message.

Thought I was done with him, but

you're never done
with your kids.

Please, just...
Help me find him.

You have less than an hour.
Look at your timer.

You need to come back now.

Full rejection leaves us
with nothing to work with.

Death this time is for good.

Are you showing any signs
of rejection?


Where'd you get the file, Duval?

How could you get into
business with these guys?

You're my partner.

And you know how it is.

You take a little,
and then you take a little more,

and then you can't get out.

You should've come to me!

Where did you get that file?!

Go to hell.

That's what your dad said.

All right, we're here.
Bring him out.

Your son's phone should be
50 yards straight ahead.

Do you see him?

He's not here.

I was never there for him

Maybe I'm not just back
to save you.

The men who took Duval have
their phones turned off.

Your son could be anywhere.


Not anywhere.

Easy there.



I told you my son would get you!

Don't you do it!
Don't! Aah!


He killed your father!

He was gonna kill you!
He was in your house!

Then he's my case,

if I want to bring
the rest of them down!

Put your hands behind your head!

And get down on your knees.

I'm not gonna do that.

Who the hell are you?!

What is your connection
to my father?!

Like I said...

I did some work for him.

What if we took a blood test,
you and me?

What would that show?

Not right now, no.
I have to go.


Mr. Pritchard?!
Mr. Pritchard?!

Mr. Pritchard?!

Mr. Pritchard?!

What is...

What is that?

Prototype looking glass.

U.A.V. Rescue.

Can you open the door
and reach for the straps?

Mr. Pritchard,
can you open the door for me?



Arrests were made today
tying upper-level FBI agents

to a series
of local bank robberies.

We appreciate
your difficulty in turning in

your partner and boss.

Your work has allowed us
to clear the bank robberies,

as well as uncover corruption
in the bureau.

But this hearing focuses
solely on the events

on the liberty bridge,

so please tell this panel
exactly what you saw.

What happened was, we fought.

I used a tire iron
to render Kernie

and my partner unconscious.

There were only the three of us
on the bridge that night.


Arthur, zoom in on Mary.

I don't know what face that is.

I believe those
features represent longing.

I stand here
accused of corruption,

witness intimidation, brutality.

I confess to doing my job.

I confess

to keeping this town's peace.

Do you know who you are?

Yeah, miss goodwin, I sure do.

I'm sheriff Jimmy Pritchard.