SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 21 - The Good Death - full transcript

The Seaquest inadvertently fires on a sub carrying children. During the rescue a few crew members end up in an evil dictator's country, on the run from the government which is trying to kill the children.

General quarters we are in pursuit of
an unidentified contact, Romeo-Class.

Engines way over specs. I can hear
their main drive bearings disintegrating.

Its power plant's gonna seize.

These damn fools will kill
themselves over a few precious rocks.

Torpedoes away.
Two fish in the water.

- Counter-measures away.
- 1,500 meters.

- Counter-measures closing.
- 500 meters. Contact.

- Fish down.
- Mr. Obatu, on their propeller.

- Target locked, sir.
- Fire.

- Impact. - Propeller noise is gone.
- She's dead in the water.

- Romeo has hull distress.
- We're coupling to a sinking boat.

- Put your best pilot on the second launch.
- Sir. Request permission.

- I was about to call your name,
Helmsman Shan. - Mr. O'Neill.

Positive seal on the docking collar.

Detail, ready your weapons.

This is Cmdr. Jonathan Ford of the UEO.
Surrender and prepare to be boarded.

Mr. O'Neill.

Prove you're UEO!

This is Capt. Bridger. You're taking
on water. No time for debate.

All right, we surrender.

- Med team, on the double!
- Are you really Nathan Bridger?

Yes, I am. Who are you?

- Cynthia!
- Morn.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

- Commander, get back.
- All right, let's evacuate!

- Let's go. We don't wanna drown here.
- Come on, let's go!

Move it! Move it! On the double! Let's go!

- One at a time! Take it easy!
- You heard him! One at a time!

All right. Take it easy.

Come on. Next.

All right. Keep them coming.
There's room up front.

Stay out of the cockpit!

Don't touch that button!

There are more up in the bow,
but there's no power.

- Get us alight.
- What are you doing here?

- She's trying to save the children.
- Death squads are the regional method

- of birth control. - Weren't we supposed
to be stopping smugglers?

So I was told.

- Nathan! I need a med unit.
- Here, take this.

- All right, you're next, partner.
- Hold it. I've got to get a med unit.

- Med unit! Injury in the bow. - I'll
take it. Noyce is trying to reach you.

- We've got to rotate the launches.
- Fine. What's the head count? - 35, sir.

"He ain't heavy, Father.
He's my brother."

- Welcome to seaQuest.
- I've got one more run, Chief.

- All right, Lieutenant. - Let's clear for
the Captain. Clear out of the way, here.

Habla Ingles?
Anybody around here speak English?

I need your room, and you're needed
in the Launch Bay. Come on, move!

- And shut the door.
- Fine.

- Nathan. - Bill, I was told
to stop a submarine carrying emeralds

- not to attack children.
- I'm as shocked about all this as you are.

- I fired on them! - Amazonian
Confederation asked for our help.

- Not to commit genocide.
- Maybe there's another sub.

There's not another submarine
for 100 miles.

- We can't assume that they knew there
were children on board. - Mr. Secretary.

This confederation has been killing
children for decades, Bill!

They've be hunting these kids down
in the street like vermin!

How can these people join
a community of nations

if they deal with poverty like this?

We responded
to the plea of a member confederation.

- You mustn't hold yourself responsible.
- Yes, but if we condone their actions,

- then we encourage the killing.
- You're making assumptions.

- Oh, please! - Would you at least
listen to what Gen. Guzmano has to say?

I have to listen
to these guys all the time.

Now all he wants to do is extend his
thanks to you for stopping the sub.

- He knows? - Yes, we notified him
of your hit on the Romeo.

Apparently he thinks it was a clean kill.

I'll be more than happy to inform
the general of his misconception.

Give him the benefit of the doubt. He's
the military leader of his confederation.

And we still adhere
to the democratic principles

which demand
the presumption of innocence.

- Seal it. Boat's clear. It's just us.
- We're full, Commander.

- Shan will dock after we pull away.
- Okay! Go! Go!

We'll be out of here in a minute.

Captain, surface vessels arriving.
Amazonian cutters a mile out.

- Where are the launches?
- MR-4 is docked at the launch bay.

- MR-3 is still at the Romeo.
- Tell Ford to hurry.

I'm sure these Amazonians
don't want us to keep these boys.

- Hey, you boys put that box down!
Put it down! - Chief? - What the

- No, no, no. Here, here, here!
- Crocker!

- Aye, Cap. Hi, Cap.
- They've got cutters coming.

- Make sure the kids
are tucked away safely. - Aye, sir.

Lucas, thank goodness.
Listen, give me some help here.

Let's see if we can gather up all these
kids and get them over to C-Deck.

They need to eat.

- How about the crew mess?
- That's fine. That's a great idea.

- Let's get them
in a column of twos, okay? - Okay.

- I'm Lucas. - Malique.

Captain, an urgent transmission
from a Gen. Guzmano.

Amazonian Confederation.

- Captain Bridger.
- General.

Thank you for your swift action.

I've sent ships
to take care of the salvage.

You sent cutters. Those are
for confrontation, not recovery.

- Our cutters can handle the salvage.
- We sunk it, we'll mop-up aftenuards.

Emeralds back our currency.
I cannot allow you on the Romeo.

It would be like America allowing me
to wander around Fort Knox.

- I'm obligated to pick up survivors.
- I don't want you on that boat!

I have to protect
my confederation's interests. Sorry.

- Captain! Depth charges!
- Sound collision.

We're not attacking you.
We're only keeping you from the Romeo.

That's garbage, General, and you know it.

There are no emeralds,
just scared little boys.

I didn't say you can board the Romeo!

You're holding our citizens in our waters.

International law requires
you return them.

I'm holding political refugees.

You're giving
sanctuary to revolutionaries.

Revolutionaries from what?
The Little League? Shut him off.

Get me the launch.

Depth charges interfering
with communications.

Sediment swirl. I'm losing sonar.

- Solutions on the cutters.
- Firing solutions prepared.

- Is the launch clear of the Romeo?
- Yes, sir.

Then don't fire. I'm not going
to take part in their bloodbath.

- What's the ETA on the launch?
- I'm totally blind.

I just know it's away. The WSKRS
can't see through the mud cloud.

- Captain, we have to back off or fire.
- Wait a minute. What mud cloud?

The charges are kicking up a huge cloud
of it off the bottom. It's sonar opaque.

- Commander, take us to the bottom.
- Yes, sir.

We're going down below the silt, the mud
that covers the bottom. The nepheloid.

- We can stay hidden down there.
- But what about the launch?

They're not going to stop dropping the
charges until they think we've run for it.

If we stay hidden we may be able
to come back and save the launch. Got it?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Hull integrity compromised.

- Initiate emergency surfacing.
- Strap yourselves in and hold on!

- Cynthia, strap yourself in!
- Hull integrity compromised.

Cynthia! Oh, my God!

- Where's seaQuest?
- Jonathan!

Initiate emergency surfacing.

Take it.

Med unit, there!

- How is she?
- We've got to get her back to seaQuest.

That's a problem, Doctor.
SeaQuest is gone.

The cutter's gone. So is the launch.

Use all your assets.

- Commander, send out your probe.
- Yes, sir.

They'll parade those boys
before the world

and the world will vilify us.

There will be embargoes, restrictions.

This is an economic disaster.

Foreign economies profit more
from our resources than we do.

There won't be any embargoes.

Maybe a dip in tourism but that money
doesn't stay here anyway.

It goes to travel service conglomerates
headquartered throughout New England.

Tourism is how the world perceives us.

We're an exotic tropical destination
full of simple, colorful people.

- If the world sees past our beaches
- The world knows we're poor.

Let them keep these kids. We should
invite them to back up their fleet

and take as many of them as they can
catch. We should thank them for it.

They're not kids, they're witnesses.

Now you go out and find them
before they testify.

They're gone.

SeaQuest is the fastest ship in the water.
They vanished like a ghost.

I'll chisel that on your tombstone.

Why are you threatening me?

Because you're stupid
not to see the ramifications of this.

Can you say "Baa", Miguel?

Because the world
will want a scapegoat.

I'll find them.

I've got the launch.
It's dead in the water.

Send your probe in for a look.

- They got out.
- Surface check.

- Nothing there.
- Damn!

We've got to get out
of these uniforms. They're targets.

- What is with those searchlights?
- This is a police state.

Those lights are everywhere.

The salt water has turned
the antibiotics to jelly.

They're hunting children.
They're not looking for us.

- They're still looking. They'll find us.
- She can't take much more jostling.

We don't have a choice.
There's a patrol right behind us.

- Where are we going to go?
- Chityana.

The favela. The slum.


How did you get involved in this?

Cynthia was a tourist.
My brother hustled her money.

She's so tough.

She left the beach district
and went right to the favela to find him.

She found me.

When she saw how they kill us,
she tried to stop it.

She made me want to help.

- How did you get a submarine?
- Cynthia raised the money.

We bought it at an auction from
what used to be the Cuban Navy.

Is your brother here now?

The death squads killed him.

He was ten.

I'm sorry.

Malique sad.
Malique swim. Lucas swim.

Can we?


- I'll take the clothes.
- Here, give me the water.

- Morn, what's wrong with me?
- You're an idealist.

That's why I'm cold?

You have a slight fever. We'll have
to get some antibiotics into you.

And, what else?

You'll be fine. You will be fine.

This is what you need
to make you all better.


They're the children, Mommy.
I'm an adult.

What's wrong with me'?

You're badly bruised.
You've probably broken a few ribs.

- A hospital will be able to tell us more.
- No hospital.

- Not here.
- Oh, Cinnie.

What on earth possessed you to do this?

- Why are you boiling rags? - It's to kill
bacteria. I have to clean out her cuts.

- We have to get her to a hospital.
- No, we'll be arrested.

- We're just going to stay here?
- Here is safe.

Can I speak to you outside?

Her wounds were infected.
She'll get gangrene if she's not treated.

- I'll try to make it to the consulate.
- She needs medicine, not diplomacy.

Well, if I can't make it to the consulate,
I'll rob a drug store.

This is no time for joking.

I'm not joking.
Write down what you need.

SeaQuest won't find us here.

- They'll find out where we came ashore.
- We must go back to the water.

- Commander, it's a risk.
- Well, this place isn't safe.

It's the favela.
The military won't come in here.

To them, it's already a prison.

- Who are they?
- S50 lrmés de Boa Morte.

- What?
- Sisters of the Good Death.

They ease the dying into the next world.

They're kept very busy here.

- How can these people kill children?
- Commerce.

Favela kids survive by begging
on streets frequented by tourists.

- They kill children for annoying tourists?
- When they're little.

See, the ones that survive to be teens,
they deal drugs, guns and flesh.

You notice there are
only little boys, no girls?

- Yeah. - They kill the boys
before they reach puberty.

Don't want them to procreate.

You want to rob
that drugstore, Commander?

Yeah. We'll be back.

We found six lungs in a raft
on the beach below Chityana.

- SeaQuest is still here.
- Yes, but we haven't found it yet.

Did you try calling?

- Si, General?
- Call seaQuest.

Your assassins left these on the beach.
Do you deny it?

Has UEO sanctioned my execution?

I am not afraid to fight or die.

Their blood is on your hands, Captain.

You return the boys
and I will let you have your people back.

- Say something!
- I think you are.

- I am what?
- Afraid to die.

Move the desk!
Move the desk away from the window.

Put tanks around the office.
No one gets in. Find seaQuest.

They sent assassins for me.
Find these killers.

- We should be rational.
- Find them!


- He'll kill our people.
- He doesn't have our people.

If he did,
he would have shown them to us.

He's got their scuba gear.

He's let us know that they've come ashore
but he doesn't know where they are.

He thinks we've sent assassins
and that they'll find him.

- Mr. Ortiz.
- Sir?

Pick a likely spot where Ford and his
company would have come ashore.

Yes, sir.

Mr. O'Neill, based on that

- I want all the maps and images
you have of the area. - Right away, sir.

- Get me Malique.
- Yes, sir. Come with me.

Commander Ford knows we're tracking
him to the point of entry.

I just hope he's able to stay there.

Relax, Jon.
You look like you belong here.

Yeah, but I'd feel a lot better
if I could speak the language.

How do you know
so much about this place?

I was born here in better circumstances.

My grandfather was one
of the Vietnamese boat people

and this is where he ended up.

- Over there.
- What?

That says "drugstore."

Let's go.

This says penicillin. That's antibiotics.

Hold up the bag.

Let's get out of here!

This is bad. They've seen us.

We'll try not to draw
attention to ourselves.

Don't worry, they're just local police.
They never talk to the military.

- Why not?
- They're scared of Guzmano. He's insane.

Let's get out of here!


- I'm not going to do it.
- Morn, please.

- Take the children. Leave.
- I am not leaving you.

I'm not important.

You're a bloody saint.
Why can't you be a normal daughter

and worry about things
like your own well-being?

I don't have a normal mother.
How could I be a normal daughter?

- What were you going to do
with them all? - Dad's beach house.

- He knows about this?
- No.

You were just going to land up
on his doorstep with 60 kids.

- Have you thought this thing through?
- Yes.

Your father is not
very sympathetic to causes.

He never says no to me.
He's my father, and he always

And he's a public figure.

Actually, it's quite a good plan.

Yeah, until you showed up.

I'm very proud of you.

I wish you'd told me what you were doing
there. I might have been able to help.

- You would have had a fit.
- No, I wouldn't.

You would have made
me feel guilty about causing you to worry.

You think I'd prefer
to get a call from the UEO

telling me that your body
had been dredged up out of the Amazon?

I saw them kill a child.
I had to do this.

- I understand.
- Kristin!

There're soldiers everywhere.
We've got to get out of here. Shan!

With all the progress we've made I still
think we're still living in the dark ages.

- Why? - I don't know. Why are
dolphins interested in humans?

We always manage
to destroy our own futures.

- Man is good.
- And bad.

Does not matter.

Bad sinks. The future floats.

I'm sending a launch
to help Commander Ford.

I want you to stay close to it.
I need you to help keep our future afloat.

Darwin help.

- Commander.
- Yes, Captain.

- Pressurize the moon pool
and open the hull doors. - Aye, sir.

I'll be in the Ward Room if you need me.

Well, with no current to fight, I think
they would have come ashore about here.

- Why aren't there any village markings
here? - That's a shantytown.

- There's no streets mapped there.
- Chityana favela.

I swept the area for communications.
They didn't respond.

Their phones could have
shorted out if they got wet.

They probably don't have weapons
to defend themselves with either.

They have the favela.
The military hates to go in there.

Guzmano thinks we sent in assassins.
He'll go in there.

- I can take a team in, Cap.
- No. Do you speak Portuguese?

- I do. - Yes, but can you
look like you belong there?

I can.

I'm Cuban. I speak Spanish.
It's not Portuguese, but it's close.

This is my confederation, Captain.

- Okay. In and out.
- Yes, sir.

- I'll assemble a team.
- No, Chief.

I think two men will look
less conspicuous than eight.

He's just a kid, Cap.

No, he's not.

- You know where they are, don't you?
- I know exactly where they are.

- Can you treat her on seaQuest?
- Yes.

Okay, we've got to get back
to our point of entry and then pray

- that seaQuest figured it out.
- We can't move her without a stretcher.

- We don't have a choice.
- I think she is bleeding internally.

Bending and twisting down
those narrow paths would kill her.

If we're going to move her,
she has to be kept completely still.

Otherwise, I'm gonna stay here with her

and we'll just take our chances
with the soldiers.

Here's our stretcher.

- What are you doing?
- Hiding it.

It'll hold position
100 yards out.

We're dry.

Where do we go?

- What is it?
- It's the head honchos. Great.

- They're searching for your people.
- I know.

That's Guzmano. We can still go in.

- How do my eyes look?
- Like you're drunk.


- And you smell drunk.
- That's the point.

All right, if they stop us, you're going
to have to do the talking.

- They shoot drunks for sport.
- You got another way in?


Then make this work.
Step back. Let me look.

- We doing this or not?
- Hang on. It doesn't feel right yet.

They're stopping our people.

Ford sees me.

All right, they're through.

I'll get the boat.

What is it?

Luis, it's a funeral.

Go! The boat's at the beach.


Go! Now!

Oh, dear God.

Way to go, Darwin!

I didn't know a face could be
that many colors. - Got that call, Captain.

Oh, she's been quite colorful
ever since she was a child.

- Morn.
- But it's true.

You know what they said
when I was a kid? Word to your mother.

Excuse me.

- Captain Bridger.
- Colonel.

We have investigated
and found you to be correct.

- Have you? - Yes.There was a secret
society of soldiers murdering children.

It was led by General Guzmano.

He confessed to his atrocities
before committing suicide.

His allies have all been arrested.
The boys can return to their home.

Which is for them:
Voltar a casa.

They'll come home, Colonel.

But first,
they're going to visit my home for a while.

Go to school. Maybe even to college.

Some of them might even go
to Annapolis or West Point.

Then they'll be coming home, Colonel.

With all the memories that you
and the General have given them.

All right, Mr. Shan,
get us out of here. All ahead full.

- Yes, sir! All ahead full.
- All ahead full. Aye.

Don't we have any
ice cream or anything?

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

In 1963, the U.S. Submarine Thresher

was lost in 8,500 feet of water
with all hands aboard.

In response to that disasterand the loss
of the submarine Scorpion 3 years later

the Navy developed 2 deep diving rescue
submersibles, the Mystic and the Avalon.

What's unique about these submersibles,
is that they can attach themselves

to a downed submarine
and safely remove it's entire crew.

Join me on the next exciting
adventure of seaQuest DSV.