SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 15 - Whale Song - full transcript

Bridger is instructed to go after someone who sinking whaling ships. He refuses because he doesn't support whaling so he resigns. But he later finds out who is doing it; an old friend, so he returns and goes after him.

Scandinavian Whaler.

- 300 meters off port.
- Get me closer.

- Okay, that's it. I got her.
- Give me the numbers.

Hull number:
4, 5, alpha, 7, bravo, 3, 8, zulu.

It's the Irish Ocean.
7 minutes, 53 degrees, north latitude.

9 minutes, 5 degrees,
west longitude.

They had a humpback in their nets.

I should tell Max.

Let him sleep.
We'll tell him in the morning.

He doesn't sleep anymore, Gerry.
None of us do.

We're losing.

I know.

- Scandinavian?
- Yes, sir.

- Is it a kill?
- I'm afraid so, sir.

But we can ID the numbers.
Got them cold.

This is the third time.
We have a great case against them.

But no one cares, Wiggins.

You care.

Maybe that's
not enough anymore.

Whatever it takes, sir.

You don't have to say that
unless you mean it.

- I do.
- And Corbett?

He's with me, sir.

Thank you, Wiggins.
Get some sleep.

A direct hit, sir.

We've crossed over, boys.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: The ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest and its crew,
we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

This is a perfect orange.

Perfectly round,
perfectly fresh, and perfectly

Well, perfectly orange.

Fulfilling the government's
suggested daily requirement

for a natural vitamin C
supplement perfectly.

That's not a supplement.

That's an orange, the real deal.

That's my point. It's not.

Then what is it?

It's a chemically engineered,
hydroponically grown

citrus-like replacement food.

I mean, just once
I would like it bruised or not quite ripe.

Something, anything.
Make it taste real!

Its just breakfast, Krieg.
Try the egg product.

But they're not eggs.

- No cholesterol, no fat.
- And no chickens.

No chickens!

This boat never has to
stop by a grocery store.

The crew's menu is created in the lab
out of altered DNA and chemical pies.

The ice cream has a half-life
of 1,400 years.

I mean, who knows
what this stuff is doing to us?

I like it.

Oh, yeah?
Then where's your breakfast?

I just got off watch.
This is dinner.

No, this

is a freeze-dried protein patty,
a lookalike beef product.

Raising cattle was outlawed

because their methane gas
was deteriorating the ozone.

So some cow passes air,
and I can't eat a cheeseburger?

The North Seas frequently
produce unpredictable weather patterns.

I've been in the Irish Ocean.
It can be rough.

But three ships
lost in the last two months?

What about a rogue wave?
We could run some wave patterns.

Rogues don't discriminate,
and the vessels involved are all whalers.

The first one, Scandinavian.

And two weeks later,
a Japanese commercial disappeared.

And now the wreckage
of an unidentified trawler

washed up off the coast of Norway.

That's why the Pentagon
wants to see you.

You know, this is not
my end of the rope anymore.

And whaling's been illegal
since the turn of the century.

So is smoking cigars in restaurants,

but people still do it.

We've got trade agreements
with those guys, Nathan.

We're partners with Japan
in the Super Collider

and we don't want to compete
against the Saab Space Lab.

- And people are dying.
- So are whales.

- Sorry, Nathan. It's an order.

A chopper will pick you up
off the launch at 05:00 hours.

Nathan, bring a coat.

It's raining in Washington.

No can do, Lieutenant.

Look, that's not the answer
my superiors want to hear, Chief.

- Tough.
- Come on, I could ring your bell on this,

but I'm a good guy, so I won't.
But you're refusing a direct order.

No, I'm not.
I'm obeying one.

No red meat,
no natural eggs, and no alcohol.

Anyway, you still owe me
for those interactive video headsets.

- They were stolen.
- Try again, Krieg.

Harmson told me
you traded them for a still.

You can't brew beer
out of genetically cultivated barley.

They bred the buzz out of it.

- I've tried.
- Look, this is a medical emergency.

Two pounds of ground beef?

Come on, Bickle.
Pretend we've got a sea cow on board

in need of a transplant.

Try a 900 link-up. Naked women dancers,
it's more your speed.

Let's keep this easy, Nathan.
We're all old friends here, aren't we?

- Well, not exactly.
- No?

Matt Smith,
Jack Jones, Nathan Bridger.

I thought you guys would have met
on the golf course back on Guam.


- Captain.
- How do you do? - Captain.

Let's have a drink.
Scotch rocks with a twist, right?

No, not for me.
Thank you, sir.

Come on, Nathan.
It's Frank.

Relax, have a drink.
We're off duty.

If we're off duty, then why
was I flown in with a military escort?

Couldn't get you a seat
on the Navy shuttle bus.

You have to try this
roast beef, Captain.

It's from Argentina.

They must feed the cattle
something special down there.

I didn't know they were supposed
to feed them anything down there.

Still going by
the rule book, Nathan?

I turned in my rule book, sir.

- It's Frank.
- Frank.

I've been very impressed
with your work on seaQuest, Captain.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

From "damn the torpedoes"
to talking dolphins.


If I didn't have rank,
it would have put me out of a job.

Science is the job, Frank.
At least for me.

Come on, Nathan,
this isn't a fundraiser.

And don't tell me you don't miss
some of the old run and gun.

Not since I lost my son
in combat, no.

Why am I here, Frank?

We've lost three UEO-allied vessels
in the last two months.

Ships that were whaling illegally.

I don't care if they were
floating whorehouses.

These guys are on our side.

But they were breaking UEO law.

They were blown out of the water.
An outright act of aggression.

Our intelligence tells us
there's a sub cruising the North Sea.

Apparently it's armed and active.

We want you to find the sub

and then sanction
with extreme prejudice.

You mean hunt them down
and kill them?

This is within the UEO charter.

I'm sorry.
I think you've got the wrong man.

But we've got the right boat.

Meaning what?


- Captain.
- Captain.

Sit down.

I want you to search out
this submarine and destroy it.

The seaQuest's mission
is search and rescue, sir.

Not this time, Captain.

With all due respect,
you can't order me to do this.

No, I can't.

But every young hotshot
on that boat of yours

can forget about a career
in my navy if you don't.

I'll make their lives miserable.

And I'll make your life miserable.
You know I will.

I expect an answer in 24 hours.

I'm sure you'll come
to the right decision, Nate.

- Captain on board.
- As you were.

Welcome back, sir.
How was Washington?

Redskins lost. Where's Lucas?

- I think he's sleeping, sir.
- Wake him up.

Come in.

- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah.

- Are you awake?
- Yeah, sort of.

I was in the middle of this dream about

driving some girls
to the beach on a motorcycle.

I hope you were
wearing your helmet.

See, that's the weird part.
I was just wearing my underwear.

- I'll try and get you back
to it as soon as I can. - Right.

I think you've done some terrific work
for us here on seaQuest.

- And there's a lot more to do.
- Yes.

And I hope that this has been
an experience to help you decide

what you want to do
with your future.

Well, this is what I
want to do with my future.

Maybe and maybe it's just something
you try on to see if you like.


Am I being fired?


But I'm pulling you off the seaQuest.

- What?
- I'm sorry.

Look, if I've done something wrong,
just tell me. I can change.

No. No, it's not you.
It's me.

I'm resigning.

Commander Ford
is taking over temporarily.

And after that, I don't know if this
is going to be a place you want to be.

What happened to you
at the Pentagon?

I can't tell you that.
It's military.

I'm your friend.

There's been a submarine
in the North Seas sinking whaling ships.

They want me to hunt it down
and destroy it.

But I can't do that.
I can't take sides on this issue.

But in this case
aren't the means justified by the end?

Machiavelli said that
and wound up in prison.

I know.

Lucas, I don't know what I'm going
to do about this, but for now

- I'm going to do nothing.
- You're quitting.

Yes, I guess I am.

But, at least,
I wanted you to hear it from me first.

Well, thanks for telling me.

I can't accept this, sir.

I'm afraid you'll have to.

It'll be the last order
I ever give you.

Please send it to
General Thomas immediately.

I've ordered a launch
to take me ashore at first light.

I'll get home from there.

But this is your home, Captain.

Not anymore, Jonathan.

Request granted, Nathan.
Thank you.

- Captain, I
- Consider it said, Chief.

Take good care of her
for me, gentlemen.

Time to go, pal.

- Go where?
- Time to go home.

- Bridger sad?
- Yes, I am.

Go on. Go.

You heard.

It's a small boat.

What do you think?

Well, I'm not sure
it's what I would do, but

I think that for you,
you're doing the right thing.

Thanks for that.

And for everything else.

I'm going to miss you.

We've got her.
She's in range.

Fire when ready.

Fire one.

Oh, my God!

We just hit a cruise ship.

The attack,
labeled by the UEO

as an outright act of terrorism

is the fourth
in the last 3 months.

But this is the first time
a luxury liner has been targeted.

The first three ships
were whaling vessels.

And speculation is that this tragedy

may have been a case
of mistaken identity.

Rescue ships are steaming
toward the scene,

but casualties
are expected to be high.

The identity of those passengers
on board have yet to be released.

- Look what they've done!
- Other news, former president Bill Clinton

has celebrated his
72nd birthday at his home in Arkansas.

Well, look who's decided
to come home.

What are we
going to do now, Max?

I'm sorry, I don't
understand the question.

We just sunk a boat
full of innocent people.

Yes, I know that.

This goes way
beyond activism, Max.

The whole world
is going to be looking for us.

I doubt it, Wiggs.
It's unfortunate, but I doubt it.

An innocent country is invaded
and 2 days later

everyone's watching
the soccer championships on television.

A passenger jet is shot down and
the airline offers super-savers to Hawaii.

The headlines of the day
are about busboys who win the lottery.

No. No, it's not
like that anymore.

Wiggs, it is
exactly like that.

It's an intermission, Wiggs.

And you are either
a soldier or a victim.

But now we're as bad
as they are.

- This is wrong.
- Why? Tell me why.

Because a bomb
delivered in a suitcase

is less moral than one
delivered by a Navy jet'?

I don't think so.

We are going to leave.

And do what?

And turn ourselves in.

Victim or soldiers.

You've made your choice,

And I've made mine.



- Who is he?
- Who's what?

Now, don't take me
through the tide pools on this.

You know everything
that's going on underwater

or you know somebody who does.

Who's been sinking these ships?

I made a decision a long time ago
to stay out of this game.

No one wins,
so I don't play it anymore.

When it comes to people
and whales, it's close.

But people win.

You know who it is, don't you?

So do you.

Maximilian Scully, the noted
oceanographer and undersea explorer,

was tragically lost in a boat explosion

earlier this week while
on expedition off the Great Barrier Reef.

Scully, most known
for his work with whales

and his radical tactics
to preserve undersea life,

may have been the victim
of an assassination.

Throughout his career
he was the target of harsh criticism

by the commercial
fishing industry.

And efforts
to thwart his activism

had increased in recent years.

Max Scully is not dead?

And it was his bomb
that exploded.

He was planning
to sabotage a Whaler.

Probably forgot to reset his watch
when he crossed the dateline.

Have you seen him?

And he doesn't look good.

His face was badly burned.
He's turned a corner, Nathan.

He wanted me to give him money
to buy an old Russian Foxtrot.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Didn't know what he was planning to do.

I just thought
Max wanted to disappear.

Like I did. Like you have.
Like the Regulator has.

We've all reinvented ourselves.

It was his business.
It wasn't my place to tell you.

I spoke at this guy's funeral.

I know.
And he was very touched.


- Lucas, where are you?
- I'm in here, Ben.

What are you doing?

I'm a stowaway.
I had to get some socks.

Well, I brought you some food.

- It's sort of food.
- I'm not hungry.

Look, you can't be
sneaking around the boat like that.

If Bridger finds out
I didn't take you up-world,

I'm gonna end up
running a marina on Lake Chautauqua.

Bridger's never coming back.

And I don't even care.

Lucas, the Captain did
what he thought was right.

- But he didn't do anything!
- Yeah.

And sometimes that's
the hardest thing to do: Nothing.

But you can't get caught
still here or I'm baked.

- I'll take full responsibility.
- How?

I'll tell them I blackmailed you
because I found out

that after you took me up-world,

that you were going to smuggle
some ground beef aboard.

You had no choice.

Do yourself a favor.
Forget law school.

And I didn't take you up-world
because you're a member of this crew.

I just got to let it
blow cool for a while.

Then, when everybody
starts missing the Lucas-man,

I will be a hero.

- How's it coming?
- Not good.

It's been frozen at absolute zero
since it was outlawed.

- Well, put it in the galley microwave.
- Yeah, right.

Crew gets a whiff of this
everyone will want a bite.

It's dead cow, Krieg.

And you haven't lived
until you've had some.

Cooked over an open grill
with melted cheese

and mustard and relish
on the 4th of July.

Just like my father used to make them
for me when I was a kid.

All officers not on duty

report to the Launch Bay.

- Hands off the beef.
- It's not a problem.

Captain on board.

Request permission
to come aboard, sir.

This is your boat, Captain.

No, it's not.

I resigned. Don't you remember?
You sent the letter.

I never sent the letter, sir.

- That was an order, Commander.
- I know, sir.

But once you wrote it,
technically you were no longer a captain.

I was under no obligation
to carry out the order.

What should I do
with this, sir?

Do with what?

Thank you, sir.
Well, then make way for the Irish Ocean.

We've got a submarine to catch.


Green player, winner.

You play me again, huh?
Come on, play me again.

No, I played this thing
out in Frisco

but that one had two women
with hooks for hands.

This damn game
gives me a headache.

Besides, you owe me a beer.
Come on, ante up.

Give you a headache.

So when are you
shipping out?

I'm looking to crew up.

Check the board,
plenty of ships going out.

Yeah, well, I need something
that pays a little good, huh?

What are you, a seaman?

I had a first mate rating,
once upon a time

but the Sea Commission
lifted my papers.

I harvested a little coral,
some reef hugger took it personally.

I was thinking
maybe the Whalers would be hiring.

Where did you hear that?

Where did I hear?

Where did I hear that?

You know,
maybe I didn't hear it.

Maybe I guessed it.
Three big ones down.

Crews might be a little spooked.
I might find some work.

Yeah, dangerous work.

If that guy out there shooting torpedoes
doesn't get you wet,

the Sea Commission will put you
in a room without windows

for the rest of your life.

But they've got to
catch you first, don't they?

Pays good.

You gonna help me?

Got a commercial fisher
out of Liberia leaving at 02:00,

named the Saint Renee.

We're going whaling.

You show up,
you sign on.

We ain't gonna wait for you.



- You're back!
- Man bad. Bridger wrong.

- Yes, I know.
- So do I.

- What are you doing here?
- That's my question.

I thought I ordered you ashore.

Look, it's not Krieg's fault.
It's my own.

And if you're wondering,
we made it to shore.

But then I made Krieg
turn around and come back

because I told him
I was gonna run away and get a tattoo

- and join the Italian Navy.
- All right. All right.

SeaQuest is my home, too,
you know?

Yes, I know.

I guess I wasn't even
in command when I gave the order.

Why'd you come back?

It's not a perfect world.

And sometimes you have to
do things you don't want to do.

And, because I missed you.

I missed you, too.

I like mine
with lettuce and tomato.

Heinz 57
and French fried potato.

Big kosher pickle
and a cold draft beer.

Well, good God, Nolan.
Yes, your grandfather was a great pitcher

but I'm afraid you just couldn't
hit your way out of the minors.

Cheeseburger in paradise.

Medium rare with mustard
would be nice.

Not too particular,
not too precise.

I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise.

- Entering the Irish Ocean, sir.
- Sound the alert.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, great.

Ladies and gentlemen,
what we have here

is a Russian submarine,
category type Foxtrot.

Approximate length, 300 feet.
Tonnage at dive, 2,500.

She is fully armed. Runs on diesel,
so we'll be-scanning for kerosene.

Mr. Ortiz

Begin to sonar sweep on all frequencies.
Let's see where this fish lives.

- Aye, sir.
- And then we'll go get her.

I've picked up a pod of whales
on our passive sonar, sir.

Follow them.
Update WSKRS readings.

That's our bait.

Let's keep the energy up, boys and girls.
This guy's no Easter Bunny.

Chemical scan.

Traces of kerosene, sir.

Parts per million?
Two parts per million.

Rotate sensitivity,
3, 5, niner.

Five parts, sir.

Now 7,
populating at 10:00.

I'm picking up
a low frequency prop noise.

Run it through our acoustical library.
See if it confirms Foxtrot.

Then come 16 degrees port.
I think this is our man.

I've got him, sir!

Come starboard 2O degrees,
half-speed ahead.

Split the difference.

- Gonna run a down-field block here.
- Aye, sir.

- Arm forward lasers and torpedoes.
- Arming forward lasers and torpedoes.

Inflate the outer skin
with maximum ballast.

Shell protection at assault ratings.
He may take a shot at us.

What can we take
at this depth?

Well, we're specked at 29,000 pounds
at impact. I hope that's enough.

I thought
you were in your room.

- I'm scared.
- So am I. Back up Ortiz.

Let's go to alert.


He's fired on her, sir.
1:00 at 300 yards.

- Full speed ahead!
- Aye, Captain.

Damage report.

Second deck starboard,
A-3 and 4.

- We've got water.
- Lock it off.

- Sub's cutting and running, sir.
- Good.

Crocker, take a launch over
to that Whaler and arrest the crew.

Aye-aye, Captain.
On my way.

- Disable the sub, Commander.
- Aye-aye, sir.

Come in.

Max Scully, do you read?

Can you copy?

He's not responding, sir.
Maybe he can't hear us.

He can hear us.

- Get me a sea crab. I'm going over there.
- Alone?

- I can't let you do that, sir.
- This time it's an order.

And besides,
it's between me and him.

Take it easy, Lucas.

You, too.

You've come here to kill me,
haven't you?

I hope not, Max.

I knew it would be you.

I didn't.

Well, it's appropriate, isn't it?

We're both on the same side,
and look what they've done to us.

This one is all yours.

And what you're doing is wrong.

Yes, it's wrong, Nathan.
But if I don't do it, who will?

And if not now, when?

I'm a hero, and let me tell you
something I've learned about heroism.

It's most often done by men
who are frightened or stupid.

I don't like to think of myself
as stupid, Nathan.

But I am frightened.

For you, for me, the world,
my seas, the whales, everything.

So I'm willing to make the final sacrifice.
Eternal damnation? So be it.

Because that is heroism, Nathan.

Knowing there's no return,
doing what you think is right, regardless.

That's why I'm here.

I know.

I'm going to have to
take you back with me.

Then you're killing me,
and you know it.

The choice is yours, Max.

May I have a moment
with my ship, Captain?


Oh, Nathan.

Firing torpedo number one.

You better get some sleep.

- Did you kill him, sir?
- No.

That was his choice.

- Sir!
- I just wanted to say thanks.

For what, sir?

For disobeying my order
to take Lucas ashore.

Well, technically
it wasn't an order, sir.

I know.

- Don't do it again.
- I won't, sir.

But he's like
a little brother to me.

I hope not.

What's that I smell?

Smells good. What's this?

Cheeseburger, sir.

- A real cheeseburger?
- Just like my dad used to make them.

- Lieutenant, those are illegal.
- Still?



Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The largest creature to
ever roam the earth was not a dinosaur.

It's the blue whale,
and thanks to efforts to protect them,

many species of whales
once threatened with extinction

are now making a comeback.

Whales and dolphins
like Darwin...

are the smartest creatures
in the ocean.

They once lived on land,
but returned to the sea.

And we have much to learn from them

as we look to the sea for our future.

Join us on the next
exciting adventure of seaQuest DSV.