SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 14 - Greed for a Pirate's Dream - full transcript

After gaining advance knowledge of volcanic attack, SeaQuest needs to convince treasure hunters to cease excavations, or die trying.

Final testing, drain reduction.

Hydrothermal vent platform systems
are operational, sir.

Thank you, Commander.

I am now free to tell you what the
primary purpose of this mission is.

The platform will become a launching pad.

- We're going to fire a probe.
- A magma buoy, Nathan.

Magma buoy. Which, if successful,
will predict earthquakes

and volcanic eruptions.

- WSKR-view, Mr. Ortiz.
- WSKR-view on forward screen.

Firing key, Raleigh.

- Stop it.
- No.

Stop it.

What the hell is

- What the hell ...?
- What is it?

- It's a bomb.
- It's not a bomb.

The damn thing's hot.

Oh, no. No.
Damn it, not when we're so close.

- Oh, great, it's the UEO.
- Quiet. Dad?

Dad, it's making a high-pitched noise.

It's a military probe. You're hearing
the homing beacon engage.

Why now?

Daddy? I'm sorry.

I know, honey. Me, too.

They're gonna find us, you know.

And when they do, I'm gonna kill them.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Deck officer, report to Requisitions.

- How long will you stay in Pearl Harbor?
- A week.

Good. Why don't you give this number a
call if you can give the old man a slip.

- Ask for Candy. She's got a - He's
not going to be giving anybody the slip.

- This trip is for training, not
recreation. - Yes. Have a good trip, sir.

Pre-launch maintenance crew
to Docking Bay 2.

- She's all yours, Commander.
- Thank you, sir.

- And, keep an eye on him.
- You got it, Cap! Safe trip.

- Lieutenant.
- Yes, sir?

- How old is this Candy?
- Forty-three.

But she's got a 16-year-old daughter.
They're lovely people.


Geological survey team set
for launch at 1300 hours.

- Captain to the bridge.
- What is it, Mr. O'Neill?

- Satellite secure alert.
- On my way.

Still time to get the Captain back,
not that it would be necessary.

Raleigh Young's
magma buoy has surfaced.

It did? Mr. O'Neill.

Sat's sending homing beacon coordinates.
67.9 degrees west, 18.1 degrees north.

Let's see a map.

Windham Worther's Trough.

Monito is a few hours from here.

I've got Adm. Noyce
in the ward room vid-link.

- Lay in a course for Monito.
- Yes, sir.

Dr. Westphalen.

Adm. Noyce, Capt. Bridger
just left for the symposium.

- That's fine. Hello, Dr. Westphalen.
- Adm. Noyce.

- Raleigh Young's magma buoy surfaced.
- We laid in a course to Monito.

Well clone. Proceed immediately.

- Helm, this is Ford. Proceed to Monito.
- Aye.

Raleigh'll chopper to Monito tomorrow.

I want you to wait for sunlight,
then find the magma buoy.

But don't touch it.
Raleigh should supervise that.

We've hit some luck
having it surface on an uninhabited island.

But urgency is a factor.
I'll let Raleigh explain.

Transferring vid-link to mobile unit.

That's our turn! Take the Beltway!
Are you listening to me?

- Yes, sir.
- Well, Commander.

- It's about time. Where's Nathan?
- He's on his way to Pearl Harbor.

Then I'm in charge.

- Uh, Raleigh. Relax.
- I can't relax.

- The magma buoy's on land.
- Apparently.

Its purpose is to track the flow of lava.

Wherever it spit out, it stands to reason
molten rock will follow.

- You're absolutely right.
- Of course, I'm right.

You don't have to adhere
to the speed limit. We are the government.

Am I to understand
you're expecting a volcanic eruption?

That's right.
I'm expecting a force of nature

more devastating than a hydrogen bomb.

Hey, Grant. Grant?

- Do you wanna tell him?
- You. Out!


- Mack! Get out of that tree!
- Somebody's got to do this.

'Cause somebody's
gonna come for that UEO thing.

That's right!
That's why we should be digging.

They're gonna make us stop.

This isn't illegal, it's just stupid.

And unless somebody comes
from the Board of Education

we're probably very safe.

All right. Yeah. Laugh.
Go ahead, laugh.

- He's lost his mind.
- I know.

Look, everybody.
Nothing changes till they get here, okay?

Maybe they'll just pick up
their shell and leave.

Maybe they'll tell the
Dominican Republic what we're doing

and we'll be annexed.

- Stop!
- What?

Look! We found something!

I can't believe it. Dad!
Dad, hurry! Come here!

Oh, God!

No! Mack! Mack, it's fragile.

- Fragile, Mack! Bobby.
- Mack, relax, you might break something.

Stede Bonnet.

It's his desk from the Royal James.

The Wood's gone. But it's his desk.

Oh, God!

- What does it mean?
- It means we're there.


Oh, no.

Oh, no. No.


We shouldn't stay longer than necessary.

This island's about to go the way of
Atlantis. What are they doing?

Don't start haranguing the crew.
We only just got here ourselves.

It looks like they're preparing a picnic.

- What kind of a boat is that?
- It's a launch.

- A launch from where?
- Submarine. Big submarine.

Then we're finished.

How much dynamite we got left?

- What?
- Oh, no. Mack!

- Here, what are you doing?
- Getting some sun.

This is inexcusable.
Time is of the essence.

Do you know what we're dealing with?

Lt. Krieg volunteered
to man the base camp, Dr. Young.

If he wants to do it out of uniform,
I don't have a problem.

We don't have time for a base camp.
We've got to find the buoy.

As soon as we calibrate
the beacon monitor.

- Mr. Ortiz?
- Another minute.

All right, Doctor?

I still think that's inappropriate.

Raleigh, why don't you
take your jacket off and cool down.

I'm just fine. Thank you.

Mack! Hey, Mack!

Bobby, don't let him get to that dynamite!

- Will you stop it?
- You can't stop it, Bobby. They're here.

Mack, that's enough!
It's that probe they're after.

And they'll march straight to it.
'Cause it's got a homing beacon, right?

He's right about that.

That'll lead them straight by the dig.

- All right, then let's move this thing.
- The equipment sling.

Mack? Mack, let's help Bobby
move this thing, all right?

We'll move it to the north side
of the island, all right?


Here, I got it. I got it.

Okay. Push it.

Look out!

Let's go! Let's go!

Watch your feet!

- Just wait. - Wait a minute.
- All right, ready? 1, 2

- 3!
- Hang on.

_ okay' B°bby7
' Go! '

Come on.

It's moving. Cmdr. Ford, it's moving.
The buoy's moving.

- Chief, we have a security breach.
- The buoy is moving.

- Break out the field weapons.
On the double. Let's go. - Yes, sir.

- Mars, stand guard here at the
base camp. - Yes, sir.

Dr. Westphalen, you and Dr. Young
reload the launch. Mars, help them.

Oh no. Here.
You take it, I couldn't possibly

Use mine.

Notify UEO that a third party has the buoy
and I'm treating it as a terrorist act.

- Let's move.
- All right, move out.

On the double. Let's go.

- Jessie, come on.
- Nuts, Bobby.

- You guys, hurry.
- I got the stretcher.

- Hurry.
- You can't hurry this thing, Jess!

- Jessie, go on ahead, we'll deal with it.
- No! You need help.

- You got it, Mack? Go.
- Yeah.

Come on. We gotta go that way.

Oh, come on. Are you nuts?

Mack, Walter's up there.

- Walter?
- Walter.

- This is crazy.
- Partners.

How far away are they?

- About 300 yards. - They're not
moving very fast. They must be on foot.

Commander, look at this. Dog food.

- Maybe we're not dealing with terrorists.
- Could be homesteaders, or tourists.

Maybe college kids looking to
tap a keg on spring break.

All right. Let's be careful.
Try not to hurt anybody.

Let's get the buoy.

Forget it, they're on us. Come on.

- Chief, Ortiz, get the buoy back
to the launch. - Aye.

Give me your weapon. Krieg, come on.

Bobby, split.
Go. Come on, honey.

Stop! I said stop.

On your belly.



All right. Stay down!

- All right, who are you?
- Mack Stumpp.

- Who do you work for?
- Myself.

What country, government,
confederation? Answer me!

Nobody. I work for myself. You just
take your thing and get out of here.

- Who's Walter Ohio?
- Walter was his dog.

That's right.


They're treasure hunters. So they claim.

Commander, this scratch plate
came from Stede Bonnet's desk.

Bonnet was Blackbeard's partner.

Men have been searching for that
treasure for 300 years. We just found it.

Well, congratulations.

But, at least temporarily,
you're gonna have to leave the island.

You're in imminent peril.

- From what?
- I can't say.

Mack and I gave up
tenured teaching positions

just to search for this treasure.

My daughter, Jessie, has delayed her
own career just for this moment.

We won't pack up and leave
this island without some explanation.

I'm not authorized
to give you an explanation.

What I can tell you is that your life,
all of your lives, are in danger.

From what?

It's classified.

Bobby and I had wives leave us.
Our lives turned to mud.

Everything we have is
this treasure we're standing on right now.

I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving.

And I don't think you have
the authority to make me leave.

- Commander, the launch is ready.
- Right there, Chief.

- Does he speak for all of you?
- Yes. He speaks for all of us.


- Good luck to you.
- Thanks, Commander.


I might be able to find some
state-of-the-art digging equipment


Corning. Wouldn't want much.


I bet you wouldn't.

- Didn't you bring the others with you?
- They won't leave the island.

- But they have to leave.
- I can't force them, Doctor.

- Are you going to do nothing?
- Can we declassify the buoy?

- Of course not.
- Then there's nothing I can do. - But

I have no authority
to explain the danger they may be in.

And I don't have the manpower
here to drag them off the island.

Security, take the wheel.
Get us out of here.

I'm calling Titusville
to get UEO to declassify the buoy.

- It's sonar, right?
- Yes.

How can sonar tell you
these people are in danger?

If it works, it will show
the density of molten rocks.

The pressure points
of the chambers it has traveled.

In simpler terms, it will show us exactly
where the Earth is about to explode.

Explode and kill people.

Well, Doctor, I tried. UEO won't budge.
All they care about is the buoy.

So there's nothing we can do?

I did it. I did it!

I did it!

- Raleigh, get a grip!
- Not with me!

Kristin! Look at it!

- I did it!
- Yes. You did it. Now, what does it mean?

It's a Nobel Prize, Kristin.

No, you egomaniac. I mean, what does it
mean for those fools on Monito?

I feel very odd.

I know you're
the Captain's prerogative, but

I don't know,
I feel very odd about this.

The UEO refused my request
to declassify the buoy.


They said it was enough to give the four
people on Monito an emphatic warning.

That to reveal the existence of the buoy
is to ask that it be held hostage

- the next time it's used.
- And what do you think, Jonathan?

I think the UEO is too big
to care about four treasure hunters.

They don't see them
as individuals, as people.

Would the UEO care about the treasure?

I didn't mention the treasure.
I don't really know that there is one.

All I know is they found a scratch plate
from a desk belonging to Stede Bonnet.

Bonnet's treasure is believed
to contain the crown jewels of France

and the plays of Francis Bacon.

- How much
- The crown jewels are worth $1 billion.

The plays of Francis Bacon are priceless.

No wonder they don't want to leave.

Can you be rich and dead, Jonathan?

All right. Here we go. Ready?

Go get it. Attaboy.
All right! Attaboy. Come on!

Yeah! That's it, come on!

Way to go, Darwin.
Way to go, that's good!

We're gonna go again.
Ready? Here we go.

Go get it. Well, go get it.

- You get it.
- What?

Get it yourself.

Chief. What are you doing?

Lucas asked me to play with Darwin
while he was gone, Commander.

Crocker get toy.

No. I throw. You fetch.
Go get it. Go on. Go.

Chief, I'm thinking of forcing
those people off Monito.

That's a tough call, Commander.

These sonic stun guns
don't work out-of-doors.

Kind of hard to hit
a moving target with a tranquilizer gun.

Plus, they could be
just sitting there waiting on us.

Tough call.

How much time we got?

I don't know.

And the buoy coursed upward
and remained for a while

in a shallow magma chamber
under the island.

The pressure in the chamber
continued to rise

and then suddenly, it dropped.

Which must be associated
with the surface eruption

that ejected the buoy.

Is there a chance
that could be the only eruption?

I doubt it.

The pyroclastic event that ejected
the buoy will be followed by an eruption

that could blow up the entire island.

The WSKRS we deployed
are picking up micro-seismic events.

The sea floor is swelling
as the magma chamber is filling up.

Our computer modeling predicts
a major eruption in 10 hours.

You're certain?

The data is consistent.
It will be exactly 1O hours.

Doctor, I'm gonna take
a civilian launch and get those people.

Even if it means violating
the security classification.

Commander, if we're going to
put a career in jeopardy, let it be mine.

I'm going with you.


- Jessie.
- I'm not leaving, so forget it.

- He said "imminent peril".
- It's still my choice.

I know it's your choice,
but it's making me sick.

- It's her choice, Grant.
- Trough!

Honey, please.

I've put 30 years into this.
You have your whole life ahead of you.

So am I supposed to struggle
my whole life searching for something?

It's here! Right now.

I've put in as much time
on this island as you have.

- She's got you there, Grant.
- Shut up, Bobby, and dig.

- Yeah, shut up and dig, Bobby.
- I liked you better in the tree.

Excuse me. Hello.

- What do you want?
- I want you to meet Dr. Raleigh Young.

- Hello, Dr. Raleigh Young.
- Hello.

He's one of the world's leading geologists.

Well, a geologist.
If you're looking for rocks, help yourself.

- I'm looking for reason.
- You want a reason?

How about this for a reason?

Or this?
Now do you wanna get out of here

And despite the playground
bravura of your unlettered ruffian,

this island will be vaporized
in a backwash of volcanic ash in exactly

- seven hours.
- Does this have to do with that probe?

I can't say.
But I assure you, the bell will toll.

I understand
why you don't want to leave.

You have no idea.

The crown jewels of France,
the plays of Francis Bacon.

I gave away my life
just for this moment.

I've endured 30 years
of ridicule and doubt.

I'm not leaving this island.

And you don't have the slightest idea
what it means to devote your entire life

to one, just one, glorious moment.
You haven't lived that long.

I have. Please.

My life has been given over
to a single moment.

It's ironic that your moment and mine

have found themselves
arriving together on this island.

I designed the probe.
It's a magma buoy.

Four months ago it was fired
into a thermal vent 9,000 feet deep

along the mid-Atlantic ridge.

It traveled a river of lava
to get here and I can assure you

that river of lava is not far behind.

By telling you this,
I have just violated a sacred oath.

Thank you.

If we don't get off this island,
we're all gonna die.

- Are you leaving?
- Jessie?

- I'm gonna stay with you.
- Well, then I'm leaving.

- Damn it. It's five years!
- I know, Bobby.

All right. Yeah. Fine.
I mean, who cares?

Hey Mack. Come on, Mack.
We're getting out of here.


- Burn, baby, burn!
- Stop! Stay where you are!

- God. Notify seaQuest.
- I can't.

The transmitter's built into the launch.

Well, they'll send
another launch, won't they?

Five years and this is it.

I could've gone swimming
and gotten more than that.

You got more than this, Grant.
You just can't take it with you.

But you've got proof.

Try spending that
at your local Jeep dealership.

Whatever we get out of this,
let's take with us with some dignity.

- You hear me, Mack?
- I ain't leaving, Bobby.

Don't stay here and die
just because you blew up their launch.

I'm not leaving this island
to end up in prison.

They understand, Mack. If they didn't,
you wouldn't be sitting in that tree,

you'd be tied to it.

I'm not leaving here, Grant.

This is as close as I'll ever get to rich.
I might as well die here.

This whole thing?
It was your idea, you dumbbell.

Good bye, Mack Stumpp.

SeaQuest, tracking procedures
complete at Sat-Link 4.

UEO central command reports
all data received from magma buoy.

- That's it. Pearl's confirming.
- Copy central reconfirmed.

National's confirming.
Buoy data's been received.

SeaQuest, analysis shows an offset
on the ICG. I think it's about two hours.

Fast or slow?

Thank you. SeaQuest, out.

National requests that Dr. Young check
the internal chronometer on the buoy.

- It's off by two hours.
- Fast or slow?

- Slow.
- By two hours?

- National thinks so.
- Get Cmdr. Ford immediately.

They've been gone for seven hours.

Cmdr. Ford estimated
an eight-hour round trip.

- I'm not getting any response.
- Well, how can that be?

If the launch is okay,
we should have been able to reach them.

If they ran into trouble, we should have
heard a signal from the distress beacon.

No. Not necessarily.
The launch is civilian, not military.

There're no redundant systems on there.
If it got hit,

the distress beacon could've been taken
out before it got a chance to activate.

There's been nothing on sonar
to indicate that kind of explosion

between here and the shoreline.

Should I have UEO scramble
a chopper out of San Juan?

It would take 45 minutes
for a chopper to get to Monito.

If they're still on that island
and if National's correct,

it's too late.

Oh, God. It can't be.

I'm getting serious seismic activity.

- Where?
- It's subsurface. I can't pinpoint it.

I assure you,
there won't be time to feel the pain.

It will wash over us
like a blanket of fire.

We'll be like
the head of a match when it's struck.

Will you shut up?

Jessie, I love you.

- Bobby, for God's sake.
- Bobby.

I've loved you since the first hole we dug.

I love the way you smell,
like New Orleans bougainvillea in April.

- I love the way you glide across the sand
like a rolling fog. - Bobby

Love me back, Jessie.
Just for a minute.

- Lie to me, but, please, just love me
back. - I can't lie to you.

- It's getting louder.
- Play back the buoy data.

I want longitude and latitude.

There's an inertial navigation system
in the buoy.

Mr. Ortiz, take navigation!

Stop the data at the point
the pressure drops.

There! Can you hit that?

- Weapons Officer.
- Yes, sir.

- Can you hit that?
- Yes, sir.

- Then do it.
- I'm not authorized to fire torpedoes.

You're not firing a torpedo,
you are firing a research tool at a volcano

- under the orders of the Chief Scientist.
- Chief?

Doctor, I'm not authorized to fire either.

Oh, for...

Fire the torpedoes!

- All of them?
- I don't know.

We have to blow a hole
through the side of the sea floor rise.

We may be able to vent
the lava into the sea

before the volcano explodes
over the island.

Helm. Bring us around to O50.

Coordinates 67.8 degrees west,
18.9 degrees north.

Flooding Tubes 1 and 2.
How big a hole do you want?

200 feet deep.

Flood all tubes. Maximum charge.

Torpedo firing sequence initiated.

Flooding all tubes.
100% charge. All torpedoes.

Firing sequence.
All tubes in sequence.

Adm. Noyce on emergency link
from Pearl Harbor.

- Oh, not now.
- I have to.

- What the hell's going on down there?
- We have a crisis, Admiral.

You're at Def con 1.
You've activated global defense systems.

Firing sequence engages in 5O seconds.

Who are you shooting at?

Why is she in charge? Where's Cmdr.
Ford? Have you all lost your minds?

Turn him off!

Hey, Bobby!


- Forty seconds.
- We're getting tremors off the sea floor.

Adm. Noyce on emergency link.

- Thirty seconds.
- Kristin, what's going on?

We're receiving a seismic swarm.

A lava backwash
is about to devour an island.

Cmdr. Ford, Dr. Young and half a dozen
other people are still on it.

- Twenty seconds.
- Measurable activity.



- Fifteen seconds.
- Kristin!

We are trying to
cut a vent in the sea floor.

I order you to stand down.

- Nathan.
- Ten seconds.

You've done the right thing.
Just pray that it works.

In 3,2, 1.


I Qot m I got m.

Check it out, Bobby.
The plays of Sir Francis Bacon.

You told her?

- Mack.
- What?

- I wanna talk to you.
- Bobby, no!

What are you, a dummy?
I told you to keep your mouth shut!

The years went by so fast.

I didn't notice you grow up, honey.

- I guess, maybe it's time.
- I know.

- Captain on the Bridge.
- Carry on.

- Nathan.
- Welcome back, Captain.

Thanks for cutting my trip short.
What is this?

Capt. Stede Bonnet's cutlass.

And this is Jessie Fagin.
Jessie, Captain Bridger.

- How do you do?
- It's nice to meet you.

- Had some excitement here, huh?
- Yeah.

Thanks to Dr. Westphalen,
we're here to talk about it.

My father asked me to give this to you.

Well, thank him.

He's found the second most sought-after
buried treasure in the world, hasn't he?

He has. And now that he found that,
he thinks he's got a shot

- at finding Blackbeard's.
- I wish him luck. Will you excuse us?

I didn't want to discuss this
over the vid-link,

but the UEO is very unhappy
about a science officer

who was able to call up
the full firepower of the seaQuest.

Well, what was I supposed to do?
We had a crisis.

I know.

But, you tore up a mile and a half
of the ocean floor.

You fired nine torpedoes
when five would've been enough.

- I didn't know.
- That's my fault.

Adm. Noyce and I are still arguing.

He wants to know who's gonna pay
for the four unauthorized torpedoes.

You know what I'd say? I would say:

"Damn the torpedoes
and full speed ahead."

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Each year scientists are getting better
at predicting when a volcano might erupt.

Using seismographs,
they're able to hear molten rock

flowing into the magma chamber.

They're also able
to accurately measure the ground swelling

as the chamber fills
just before an eruption.

With more people
living on Earth each year

our ability to predict when a volcano
erupts could save many lives.

Join us on the next exciting episode
of seaQuest DSV.