SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 13 - Nothing But the Truth - full transcript

While operating on a skeleton crew the Seaquest is taken over by terrorists who want to use the computer access to steal codes to polluters around the world.

Come on, Jonathan,
don't do this to me.

How often do you get offered
your own submarine?

It's just Bruno Class.
It's a sausage with a propeller.

It's your own command.

- Well, I'm thinking about it.
- Misgivings?

Yeah, where else am I gonna get
the opportunities that I have here?

Bridger allows me
to be captain a lot.

And whenever anything happens,
we're always the first vessel called.

Okay, well, that's the argument for
staying. But what about the other side?

It's my own command!

Commanders Ford and Hitchcock
to the Bridge, please.

Thank you for riding Mag-Lev.

Captain Bridger for you.

Your experiment's ready to go, sir.
Only seven of us left on board.

We'll join you in the aircraft
carrier's control room, shortly.

All right, very good.
But first

A vessel from the University of the
Philippines just radioed us for help.

They've lost rudder control
about a mile and a half off your port bow.

Rendezvous and bring those scientists
up to the surface when you come up.

We can do that.
There's room in the last launch.

If you're going to leave us, Commander,
at least you're going out in style.

You'll be remembered as the only man
who got a chance to sink the seaQuest.

You maneuver
this beast by yourself?

I have been waiting
two years to try.

If you stay, you're not going
to sign my Officer Review, are you?

I'm not trying to get you drummed off
seaQuest, if that's what you think.

But that's
what's gonna happen.

I have the right to choose
my own executive staff, Krieg.

- It's nothing personal.
- How else am I supposed to take it?

I mean, I know you can't fault my work,
so it's got to be my style, right?

Character, Krieg.
You're supposed to have it, not be it.

Why aren't you in Launchbay
with the others?

Lucas and Darwin
stay on seaQuest.

Lucas, we can't do anything
to jeopardize Bridger's experiment.

Now, if he's right and these hull siphons
can automatically refloat a sinking ship

imagine how many lives
can be saved, not to mention cargo.

Yeah, but you're only flooding
the passageways, right?

The rooms will stay dry.
If I stay inside to record

Did Bridger ask you
to stay on board?

Actually, he didn't ask me
for anything.

Who cracked the program that allows
us to understand fish face here?

- I did.
- You and who else?

This is the reason Bridger
came back here in the first place.

You heard him, fish face.
We have to leave the ship.

We got them, Commander.
The university vessel is secure.

Bring them aboard and we are
out of here. Nice driving, Katie.

I'll reengage autopilot
and meet you in the Launchbay.

Docking procedure completed.

- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you.

- Are you all right?
- We had a bit of a scare back there

but we're fine, I think.
There is just one thing.

Security Alert.

Just drop the bag and go. Go!

Let's move it.
Disable communications.

Communications dead, Colonel!

Launchbay? Bridge?



Surface Cruiser Quayle

if you can hear me, this is seaQuest,
Lieutenant Commander Hitchcock.

I have an unidentified
security alarm.

I am locking down all weapons
starting with sea-to-air missiles.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Wolenczak. Find him.

How many others
are still loose?

- No one else.
- He's lying. Deck by deck search.

If anyone approaches this room,
I want them held for interrogation.

No killing.

Bridge. Keep schedule.

Katie, can you hear me?

Katie, if you can hear me,
rev auxiliary engines.

- Darwin, have you seen the others?
- Not free. - What?

New people. Attack with guns.

- Where are they now?
- All places.

Down this way. Move!

Scrambling reactor control.
All systems disabled.

SeaQuest is now dead in the water.

Bridge is compromised. I have no time
for emergency surfacing procedures.

She shut everything down.

- She'll work with us.
- Don't need it.

Long as there's power
to make an outward link.

- And you are?
- Lieutenant Commander Hitchcock.

U EC), N7738656.

Beyond name, rank, and
serial number, Commander

what surprises have you laid
into the controls?

My friend can make you talk.

- I'll lie.
- He can make you tell the truth.

Routing past fused con-circuits.

We'll have a secure satellite
hookup in 1O minutes.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Is anyone else free?
- I don't know.

- As soon as I get a chance,
I'm in the water. - No. Stay here.

I want to control what they know.

No matter what I do,
no matter what happens,

- I want you to tell them the truth.
- Jonathan, I

Even if it's classified.

I need to know
you won't lie, Katie.


I said no killing!
Who was that?

Commander Ford.

- She told the truth.
- For now.

But later on, when she thinks
we're starting to trust her, she'll lie.

- How you doing over here, Shep?
- I think it might be broken.

All right.
Hang in there, will you?

Chief, there was even money you didn't
have any blood vessels up there.

- Looks like the bleeding's stopped.
- I'm seeing double, Ben.

All right. Keep an ear to the door. I'm
gonna try to get us the hell out of here.

It'd take you hours to wiggle through
that air duct to the filtration housing.

And even if you make it

the turbine blades would
just chop you to pieces.

Last dry dock all galley vents
were routed to refrigeration.

How the hell do you know that?

Studied up
for my Officer Review.

Hey, buddy.

I'm through! UEO central computer
recognized our inquiry.

It thinks
it's talking to seaQuest.

It is talking to seaQuest. She just
has a different captain, that's all.

Nothing. She shut down
all direct controls.

This Bridge is useless.

Just like the manual says.

But what about
detection capabilities?

If someone tinkers in the bowels
of the ship, will it still show up here?

Systems check
is still active.

I want you to follow these men.
Tell me where they go.

- Men hurt seaQuest?
- Not if we can help it.


Down here.

- Commander.
- Lucas.

- Did anybody else get away?
- No. No, just me.

If we get back to your quarters, can you
contact Bridger on the surface?

It depends on
what they've done to the ship.

Okay, let's go.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

Let the fear
work for you, Lucas. Use it.


Fear makes us alert.
It pumps adrenaline, slows down time.

When I was under the grate
I just shut my eyes.

- I don't want to let you down.
- You came out on your own.

I'm not worried about
you letting us down.

Come on!

There are two of them.
Heading your way.

Roger. I got them.

He's right behind us.

- He's coming!
- No, he wants us to think he is.

He's pushing us forward.

This way.

Still haven't come past me.

What do you mean
they didn't come past you?

Work back toward me,
room by room. They're here somewhere.

Got it.

Come out. Hands up,
or l shoot

Where's your friend?

Hey. Hey, kid.
Hey, listen to me.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Is it too tight?

- Thank you.
- Is that better?

Two of my men
haven't checked in.

I thought you hand-picked
the best, Jackson?

They're panicking.

- Where are you going?
- Hunting.

What are you doing here?

You're in a submarine
all your professional life.

Do you ever sample
the substance around you?

- Water? All the time.
- And what do you find?

The slow death of our planet, pollution.

Be good. Stay alive.

Reap the benefits
of our efforts.

All nuclear reactors and chemical plants
accounted for, Colonel.

Moving on to fertilizer
and paint manufacturers.

- How long till you're finished?
- Half-hour, max.

Right on schedule.

Damn it!

There are conduit cables I can't tear
out. I'll need something to saw with.


Sorry, Lieutenant,
I keep going in and out.

All right.
Just relax, all right? Just relax.

I've reprogrammed the WSKR
for laser communications.

If I've routed it right
the satellite over Panama

should microwave us
through to Captain Bridger.

Will the commandos
know about it on the Bridge?

Lasers don't make
acoustic noise.

They'll have to be paying
very close attention.

What is that?

Someone is using a WSKR
to make contact outside the ship.

- Bowman! - Got all paper mills
and lumber manufacturers.

Security codes
from waste plants starting to come in.

Trace down the source
of this laser. Now!

We've been trying
to contact you.

That wasn't a research
submersible, sir.

We've been taken over
by commandos of some kind.


- Who are they? What do they want?
- I don't know.

Lucas and I are the only ones free.
So far they control the Bridge.

All right, Commander, basics.

Identify the enemy. Determine
his objectives. Counter his plan.


I'll have some aerial sub destroyers
sent to you as soon as possible,

but you realize

if they try to activate
any of our long-range weapons


Lucas says I can call you from
anywhere on the boat with this.

I'll keep you apprised.

I'm all right.

You stay in your cabin
and lock the hatch.

Darwin, go to the Bridge.
Watch Hitchcock.

What did he mean,
"if they activate our weapons"?

He'll have to destroy

See if you can tap
into the security cameras.

But don't do anything
they can trace.

- Where are you going?
- Gonna need some help.

I've got to find Krieg
and Crocker.

Got it!

The laser communication originated
from a WSKR hovering outside,

something called
Mammal Engineering.

It's listed under
the name Wolenczak.

He's just a boy.

Jackson, are you there?

This Wolenczak is on port side
of Sea Deck number 4. Go get him.


Someone's coming!

I'm stuck.

No, it's the Commander.
It's the Commander!

I couldn't get past
the electrical conduit.

Your efforts showed up on engineering's
diagnostic. That's how I found you.

I've disabled
three of their men.

Get his uniform, tie him up.
How are you guys for travel?

Broken ribs, maybe internal bleeding.
Compound leg fracture.

Crocker's got a concussion.
How's Katie?

She's all right.

Take this weapon,
get to Medbay.

Lock yourselves in
until I send for you.

Let me tell you
what we've found out.

They're using the seaQuest
to raid security codes

to sensitive industrial plants
throughout the confederations.

There's no telling
what damage they can do.

Captain, I'm going to
carry out the original plan

- flood the boat and send it
to the bottom. - Go on.

If we can throw them off their
game get them running scared,

maybe we can regain control.

Good plan. Do it.

They've ended communications
with the surface. Find that kid.

- Where are we?
- Got the whole wish list, Colonel.

As soon as I use seaQuest's computer
to unscramble the security codes

we're outta here.

- What's happening!
- She's erasing the computer's memory!

- How bad?
- She got the cipher file's automatic mode.

We're gonna have to do
all these codes manually.

That's gonna add
another half hour at least.

Start with the nukes
and the chems. Work back.

Chain her to the rail.

Stupid. Stupid.

These guys didn't just pick
this day by accident.

They knew
we'd be a skeleton crew.

They looked pretty damn professional
coming through the Launchbay.

They aren't gonna panic
that easy. I can tell you that much.

Unless they're submariners, when water
starts flooding in, they'll freak.

Won't the hull siphons kick
in and refloat the ship?

Not if we disable them.

- Freeze! Don't move!
- Hey! - Somebody, help!

Stop it, I'm not doing
anything. Come on!

Take him to the Bridge.
Find out what he knows. What he's done.

Let go of me!

- What are we looking for?
- I don't know. A message from Lucas.

That code on Lucas' monitor
was the old man's circuitry ID number.

Oh, this thing
always gives me the willies.

Commander Ford, as the ranking officer
aboard seaQuest

I recognize your authority
to access my program.

Captain, Lucas left a message
for us with Professor Martinson.

- I thought you should see it with us.
- Where is Lucas now?

- He's on the Bridge with Hitchcock.
- Proceed.

Before Lucas was interrupted,
he was feeding images

from the Bridge
into my video enhancer.

I direct you
to the other monitor

to UEO Personnel scan.
Active search.

Colonel Shraeder
recently retired

from the UEO's Environmental
Enforcement Division.

All of the security codes
that they've stolen

are from industrial polluters,
grade six and above.


We don't know yet.
Check in on intervals.

- Whoa, Chief?
- Here. Ready, ready.

We got to get him to Medbay.

No, I go with you guys.

I won't turn it down.

Are you strong enough
to get up into the electrical wiring?

Just tell me what you need,

Scramble Launchbay, but good.

When they think they're opening the
pressure seal, I want the toilets to flush.

Got it. Make the toilets flush.

We won't count on him.
You up for some trouble?

- Always. - I've got to
shut down the hull siphons,

then open the Mag-Lev sea valve.

- I need some time.
- I can play fox to the hounds.

So, can I ask you a favor?

Where is this signal coming from?

Looks like somewhere
in the science section.

The captain's quarters.


Move ahead. B-Deck.
Starboard side.

And then by saying

I don't think so, young man.

Colonel, there's
an incoming message.

Someone's trying to contact us
from the surface fleet.

Put them on,
but don't let them see me.

Camera shy, Colonel Shraeder?

If anything happens to my crew, I'm
holding you personally responsible.

And if any of your gunfire
ruptures any bulkheads

you won't even feel
the explosion that kills you.

You're losing every bit of credibility
you had with the Green movement.

I can't believe that you convinced
others to do this. It's too radical.

Unfortunately, I did have
to hire a few mercenaries.

It's not often
seaQuest is without her crew.

I'm cutting off your access
to the UEO computers.

I have what I need. The shutdown codes
to polluters all over the world.

The Crystal Water Act of 2006

is useless, Captain.

I was in Environmental Enforcement.
I saw the bribes, the payoffs.

There was always some reason
to let the sludge keep flowing.

If you use those shutdown codes,
you might as well bomb those plants.

It'll take years
to put them back on-line.

How many years will it take
for the Earth's water system

to come back on-line, Captain?
Two billion?

Ninety percent of our drinking
water is already tainted.

- I agree with your principles.
- But not my tactics.


What's going to happen
to cities without electricity?

What'll happen in winter when people
freeze to death without heating oil?

Who's going to feed them
when agriculture fails?

What else can we do?

Corporations have no soul.

Earth must find a new way
to use her water, Captain

but nobody changes
until they're forced to.

Oh, and you're that
self-appointed force, is that it?

Why not? You've had this ship
for some time, and done nothing.

Now, it's my turn.

We have enough codes
if you think we should leave.

Keep working.

I want them all.

I can't take long. I think they
track my location when we talk.

Whatever you do, don't let Shraeder
get off with what he's stolen.

I'll stall him as long as I can.

The hull siphons are disconnected.

When I flood seaQuest,
she will go down.

I don't know what to do
about Lucas and the others.

There's nothing you can do,

I know that.

Good luck, Jonathan.

There are UEO ships
all over the surface

and your vessel isn't rated
beyond 5,000 feet.

- Where can you go?
- Seven thousand Philippine islands

packed closely together.

I invite anyone to find me.

How far away is the nearest
UEO sub that could track us?

Three hundred miles.

Why are you telling him the truth?

Because Commander Ford
gave me an order.

He could be dead
and you're helping him anyway.

I don't expect you
to understand, Lucas.

I have to follow orders
until I know for sure.

Do you want me
to tell the truth, too?

You do what comes naturally.

Give him a hard time.

- What is it now, Captain?
- I want to show you something.

Cleveland's Cuyahoga River.

It was so polluted it actually
caught fire in the 1960s.

That was a half century ago, Colonel.
There's been progress since then.

Thousands of waterways
have been reclaimed.

The fact that industrial shutdown codes
even exist is evidence of that.

Is that supposed to
convince me to quit today, Captain?

I was hoping you'd find another way
to accomplish your goals.

Carbon tetrachlorides cause cancer.

Lead oxide deforms the unborn.

There's only one way to deal
with that kind of madness.

You're not going
to be seen as a savior

you're going to be seen as
some kind of a zealous nut!

They'll just rebuild on the ruins.

You think I'm worried
about my reputation?

What is the point

Wait a minute, you're stalling me.

Your commander is doing something
down there and you're stalling me.

Uncuff them. Get ready to move.

- They stay on the boat.
- They'll be fine

if you don't do anything.

- What are you doing here?
- I came to open that sea valve.

That's my job, Krieg.
Climb a ladder out of here.

- That's an order.
- "The senior officer in charge

shall not put his life at risk
when there is a capable substitute."

I appreciate your volunteering, Ben
but I can't let you take my place.

I've got a few more reasons.



If you die here, I don't have the expertise
to rescue them and save this ship.

It's a laser sight. They found us.

Stay put till I can cover you.

Krieg, go!

- Krieg, get out of here!
- Ben!

What the hell was that?

SeaQuest sinking.
Water inside. Lucas leave.

Get out of my way.

We're taking on water.
E-Deck is completely submerged.

Wasn't that the whole point
of Bridger's experiment?

- Shouldn't those siphon things
pump it dry? - They're not working.

Somebody's disabled them.

We're out of here! Now!

Darwin! Darwin, go! Go free!
Get off the ship!

Come in, Jackson.

What are you doing here? Why aren't
you down in the Launchbay?

I went to see what the noise was
about. I almost got swept away.

Everything below us is underwater.

Come on.

Commander Ford. I have
six men unaccounted for.

- It's a big ship.
- I don't have time to explain,

- but I am not your enemy.
- I can't let you leave seaQuest.

I'm afraid that's not your choice.

Open the pressure hatch!

- Something's wrong with the
controls. - Try the manual override.

I don't have time for this,


- Captain, Commander Ford here.
- Go ahead, Commander.

We've blocked the intruder's escape.

I suggest you storm the boat and
torpedo any small craft leaving her.

Understand. I'll have amphibious
troops there within a half an hour.

How long will it take
to cut through this hatch?

- At least an hour. - Commander,
what do you have in mind?

- I'll trade your escape
for my people. - Jonathan, no.

- I'll set one of them free.
- Commander Hitchcock, then.

- What about the boy?
- What about him?

All right, Mr. Ford.

You open the hatch and
I'll set her free, unharmed.

This isn't right.

I can't be involved with holding
women and children hostage.

- We're letting them go, Bowman.
Are you ready? - No.

I'm not one of your mercenaries.

Make up your mind! It's time to go.

Fine, stay here.
You hold her till I'm inside.

You'd better close the hatch,

I'd hate to be responsible
for sinking your ship.

- Colonel, wait!
- Hold it! - Colonel Shraeder!

Drop your weapons and get out of
there! He's opening the sea doors.

Sit down.

Krieg, take Lucas.

Turn on as many hull siphons
as you can.

Ben, keep this boat
off the bottom.

- Can we keep Shraeder inside?
- No.

Shraeder, do you read me?
Don't open those outside doors.

Goodbye, Captain.

The water pressure
is going to crush you.

SeaQuest has been sinking
for 15 minutes.

You're a hell of a lot deeper
than when you came aboard.

- Commander Hitchcock,
are you there? - Yes.

If I go outside, will I be crushed?

Yes, Colonel, you will.

That's the lie I was waiting for.

What the hell was that?


Congratulations, sir. Your hull
siphons were an incredible success.

They'll save a lot of lives.

Are you using flattery
to forestall your decision, Jonathan?

Come on, what's it gonna be?

I'm staying, sir.

I like this boat.
I like the people.

I think I still have
a lot to learn here, if you're willing.

You bet I am.

Lieutenant Krieg's
Officer Review.

- You won't regret this,
Commander. I promise. - Ben.

He already does.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

For centuries we've relied upon mineral
deposits on land to support our industries

but land only covers 29%
of the earth's surface.

As our population grows, we'll rely upon
the ocean for future mineral resources.

Today, coal, oil and gas
are taken from the sea

but researchers are finding
new deposits of cobalt,

copper and nickel in the
mountains beneath the sea.

Join us on the next exciting
episode of seaQuest DSV.