SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 0, Episode 0 - To Be or Not to Be - full transcript

Captain Nathan Bridger is hauled out of retirement to command the new submarine SeaQuest, under the authority of the United Earth/Oceans Organization. His ship goes up against pirate forces commanded by Marilyn Stark, a former Sea...

Are kicking back data.

1 typhoon class,
delta 4.

Power station

reporting major
structural damage.

Life support systems

Survivors are gathering
in main complex.

Delta 4's
on the move,

heading 2-0-7
degrees, 30 knots,

she's moving away
from the station.

Give me eyes,
Mr. Ortiz.

Now, bring us around 2-0-7.
Intercept course.

Coming around.

Intercept course.

Sound battle stations.

All hands,
battle stations.

All hands,
battle stations.



Securing the bridge, sir!

Coming through!

Targeting profile up.

Target gridlocked.

All ahead full.

All ahead full?

I want this one.

a moment please?

I'm busy.


There might
be some other
considerations here.

Such as?

The lives of people
in that power plant.

If that sub gets loose,

it'll be free
to attack elsewhere.

If! you're talking

I'm talking

This boat is
a 1,000-foot long
Swiss army knife.

Use your options.

Have one of your
w.S.K.R.S. Tag
the renegades.

Deal with them

No, the manual said--

forget the manual!

Use your instincts.
Use your guts.

That's why
you've got them.

If anybody's interested,
that boomer's turning.

She's moving
into an attack posture.


Flood forward tubes.

Prepare e-plasma
torpedoes, 60% charge.

Loading, 60% charge.

Helm, reverse engines 1/4,
6 degrees down angle.

Reverse 1/4 down,
6 degrees.

8 degrees.

6 degrees.

Delta 4's
forward tubes are
flooded and opening.

She's preparing
to fire.

is coming around.

Should we initiate
a firing solution?


Impressive, isn't she?

we have the advantage.

We should fire
before it's too late.

Not yet.

I want them
to sweat a little first.

She'll blow us
out of the water.

I don't think so.

What do you mean,
not responding?

The helm control
is frozen.

I can't
take the reins.

Lieutenant commander.

On it.

Delta 4's 800 meters
and closing.

Open forward torpedo tubes.

Can't, sir.
Control isn't
accepting commands.

Go to redundant systems.

They won't engage.

Great. What else
can go wrong?

Target ship
has just fired.

One electrostatic
torpedo away...

She's locked
and headed in.


aren't responding, sir.

Sound collision.

[Alarm rings]

All hands,
brace for collision.

Everybody hold tight.

Torpedo 100 meters
and closing.

50 meters.


Grab him!

Get out of here!

Just stay calm!

We got you.

Don't worry, now.
We got you.

Damage control?

Port-side strike.

We're taking on water.

Damn it!
Where are my
battle systems?

Inoperative, sir.

Delta 4 is flooding tubes,

preparing to fire
a second strike.

Your orders, commander?


Flood ballast tanks
fore and aft.


Do it.

How deep
is that rift?


22,000 feet.

Are you o.K.?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?

I'm fine!



Crash dive
into pacific plate
rift at...


Aye, sir.

seaquest's heading
into a canyon.

I don't care
where she goes.

Stay with her.

We should fire now.

Not yet.
Maintain pursuit.

Get me closer.

8,000 feet and dropping.

More systems

Delta 4's position?

Still pursuing.

Let's see how bad
they want us.

Take her to
the bottom, please.

Captain, this ship
wasn't designed
for a crash dive.

You have
any better ideas,
I'm wide open.

This mean
you're captain now?

No, chief,
just trying
to save our necks.

10,000 feet.

Captain, we can't
go any deeper.

Maintain pursuit.

We're approaching
collapse depth.

If we let ourselves
get crushed,

seaquest wins.

15,000 feet.

Delta 4
is breaking off.

She's moving away.

Don't let her
out of our sight.

We don't want her
to double back on us.

Level her off.
We can't drop any more.


We need to talk.

And admiral noyce knew
about the rebel sub
the whole time.

Well, the admiral figured
you'd never come back

if you knew
the real reason.

You're damn right
I wouldn't.

And how long
have you known?

Almost two months.

We tracked it
from up in the aleutians.

It's been making its way
along the seamount chain,

raiding outposts
for valuables, supplies.

They never took
any lives.

Up till now!

You knew we were
going to run across her.

And then what?

You'd give up the command.

I'd subdue her
with the supership.

Bingo! I'm back
on the team, right?

I can't judge the merits
of the admiral's plan,

but he couldn't
have foreseen
our current situation.

I recommend you
take command

for this mission's


Oh, now it's a mission.

Let me tell you

Six years ago
I walked away
from all of this.

I erased all of it.

I did it
for a reason.

Your son.

What about him?

I know
he was in the Navy,

that he was
killed in action

in the north Atlantic.

That's right,
and I made a promise

to my wife
and myself

that I'd never
have anything to do
with the military again.

With all due respect, sir,

I've got hundreds
of people

aboard this boat
who wouldn't give a damn

about your promise...


We're only
a few kilometers away.

We can go back
and wait for her
to come up.

Come up? She never
has to come up.

Even in her
crippled state,

she could stay
down there for months.

No, we're going
to have to draw her out.


The west Ridge
farming community.

That's nothing
but a bunch
of homesteaders.


Yes, ma'am.

Welcome to seaquest.

All visitors report
to ueo customs

with inoculation papers
before proceeding.

How's she doing?

She's in shock.
She'll be all right.

O.k., sick bay five.
Let's go.

[Announcement in Spanish]


Trying to pass.

Careful, people,
careful, please.

How's she holding up?

Hull integrity
isn't great.

Outer pliant skin
resealed itself
as designed.

We still don't have
full engines.

Lieutenant Hitchcock

11 other systems
have crashed,

primarily weapons
and propulsion.



Has anybody checked
out the warranty
on this thing?

Well, we should
be glad about
these people, anyway.

I've got lieutenant
commander Hitchcock

doing a thermal trace
of the power station.

Hyper-reality probe?

Yes, sir.


As you can see
from the data

lieutenant Hitchcock
got from the probe,

the power station
is built over
a volcanic vent.



They use trapped heat
to run their turbines.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

to the probe data,

the venting cap,

at the base
of the station,

is in the process
of tearing.

What happens
if it breaks?

A nightmare.

The poisonous gases,
which are usually

and disposed of,

will spill
across the ocean floor.

How big a spread?

With thermal currents
in this area,

it could be
hundreds of miles.

Every living organism,
plant and animal,

will be destroyed.

Could it be fixed?

Given the proper

You mean
military equipment?

Who cares
whose equipment it is?

Wait a second, captain.
This ship is operating

under very unusual
and dangerous circumstances.

I'm not sure we should
divert our efforts.

An armed rebel sub's
out there.

If I read your ueo
mandate correctly,

this boat
cannot sail away

from a potential
ecological disaster,

if it can do
something about it.

Yes, sir.

We're ready to proceed,
Dr. Westphalen.

We'll need precise

of the venting cap

I think we need
a troubleshooter.

A what?

I don't think
what's happening
on this boat

is an accident.

Someone needs
to go into the guts
of her computers

and dig around
a bit.

Lieutenant commander

No. She's working
for the repair team.

I was thinking
of someone
from your section.

It's the wrong

Well, there is one person
who might be able to help.



It's dying.

What's dying?

The core of the main
computer has a virus

gnawing at the systems.

But if it's
in the core,

why isn't it
affecting the whole ship?

Oh, it will.

It just started
with weapons and propulsion.

Wouldn't diagnostics
have found it

in a routine check?


intelligence just
makes a quick pass,

unless you
fixed that, too.

I've got parts on order.

I still don't see
how it was missed.

This sucker
is buried so deep,

the diagnostic sweep
couldn't even find it.

Whoever planted this thing
knew what they were doing.

Then it's not organic?

No way.
No, it's too specific.

Can we tell how long
it's been in there?

Not until I peel back
the layers of data

between me and him...

[Arf arf]


Whoa, what?

It's got dogs.



to protect the virus.

If I mess with them,

the whole ship
could crash and burn.

Life support,
navigation, defense--

the works.

Captain to the bridge.
Captain to the bridge.

I think that's you.

Just keep doing
what you're doing.

Hey, kid...

Good work.

Don't get cocky.

Oh, thank you, Darwin.

I've already had lunch.

Picking up a sat-link
video transmission.

Distress call.

From where?

A small farming outpost.

It's a pretty weak

Let's try it
on the main screen.

Yes, sir.

My name is Raymond brenner.

I'm the territorial

of the westridge
farm community.

We've been attacked
without provocation

by a renegade craft.

We're in trouble.

We need help.

If there's any ship
out there, please help us.

We need help!


Why would they attack
an unarmed housing

They're baiting us.

We've got to stop them.

They'll slaughter
those people.

We can't do anything
until we get this
boat running.

Don't worry.

This isn't over yet.

Are you familiar
with the boat's

Nathan, I am
the mainframe.


Then you should
be able to detect
the virus.


My capacities
are limited to the data

fed into my memory units.


This information
upsets you?

If you're a computer,
how do you know
I'm upset?

Your vocal patterns
deviate severely
from the norm.

Has your family
come aboard with you?

Your data banks
are a little behind.

My family's dead.

I see.

Is that the reason
you left the service

before finishing seaquest?


I went to this island.

I thought I'd be safe.

Ha ha.

But I knew
coming back here

I'd have to let people
in again.

And risk losing them.


You must have
missed your work.

No, I had plenty.

I missed this.
I missed the ocean.

I missed
what it does to me.

My pulse slows down.

My metabolism...

Why am I telling you this?

Perhaps because
I am listening.

There wasn't
a day went by

I didn't think
about all this.

I can't seem to get it
out of my mind.

Why should you?

It's a part of you,

The best part.

You know...

I'm really pleased
that you've come aboard.

You never saw
a uniform before?

long-range sonar
still shows nothing.

They're not
coming after us.

They will.

I don't mean
to question you,

but the crew
doesn't understand

why you're provoking
this fight.

I understand,

but I think
you should
explain it to them.

This isn't the first crew
to question me,

but it will
be the last.

What have you found?

I was able to nail
time of entry.


Judging by
the layers of data

between us and him,

it was planted
over a year ago--
13 months exactly.

Keep at it.

Seaquest, this is
e.V.A. Repair team one.

Power station vent cap
is in place and sealed.

Roger that.
Return to base.


Ford here.

Commander, repair team
just returned.

Venting cap
sealed and locked.

Good job.

Commander Ford
to the bridge.

You wanted
to see me, sir?

I think I've found it.

The virus?


The saboteur.

I went back through
the boat's service logs

from the past year.

Nothing unusual.

Then I checked
the personnel manifest

for the same time.

The seaquest
was in dock

with a minimum crew
at the same time, too.


So the log shows

there was one
senior officer in charge
the whole time.


You served under her.

I was her ex-o
at Livingston trench.

She was
relieved of command.

Nor-pac recommended
psychiatric evaluation,
but she refused.

Then she just

She's good.

She should be.
I taught her.

Oh, dear.

I sponsored her
for her officer's bars.

She's after you?

No. I'm just
the icing on the cake.

She's after the seaquest.

She wouldn't
destroy her own ship.

If she can't have it,
no one can.

If there's no seaquest,
the rebels run the sea.

She didn't count on
this old tourist aboard

whose knowledge of
the ship's systems
predates hers.

Now, listen, we may be going
about this the wrong way.

Instead of attacking
the virus head-on,

what if we just
went around it?

It might work.

It probably won't have
full propulsion
and weapons.

Anything's better
than nothing.


That's what this
is really about, isn't it?

Just a minute.

No, it's not, doctor.

It's about saving lives.

I hope so.

Now, let's get to work.

[No audio]

[No audio]

Captain to the bridge.
Captain to the bridge.

Westridge farming community
is under attack.

Repeat. Farming community
is under attack.

Renegade sub
is attacking.

They're trying
to fight it off
with their minisubs.

It doesn't sound good.


1/4 normal.


Still no weapons
or targeting.

Send coordinates
to navigation
and plot a course.

Speak to me,
Mr. O'Neill.

The colonists' munitions
have been depleted,

They're helpless.

Delta 4 has fired.

Four torpedoes away.


Two direct strikes.

It's gotten too easy--

we fire torpedoes,
we shoot missiles,

we extinguish lives
without thinking.

I'll remind her
that her targets
are people

with names and faces.

I don't think
she'll care.

Do you think
it's possible

for someone
to change that much?

The delta 4's receiving
an outside transmission.

I'll piggyback the signal
and get us through.

Proceed, lieutenant.

Nathan Bridger.

Where are you?

I'm disappointed in you,

Four torpedoes fired
and only two hits.

I thought I taught you
better than that.

I'll do better
next time.

I promise.

There won't be a next time.
We both know that.

Too many innocent people
have died already.

What world are you
living in, Nathan?

There are no
innocent people.

Everybody's guilty
of something.

Maybe, but don't you think
we deserve a second chance?

To change?

To live peacefully?

I don't want to change.

You didn't teach change
at the academy...

Or peace.

You taught war, Nathan.


And I intend to use
what I learned.

I taught something else--

never take on an opponent
unless you expect to win.

You're on
the seaquest.

Give up, Marilyn.

I made that mistake

I won't make it

You are as impotent
as your boat...


I'm warning you,
if you don't surrender
right now,

I'll use every resource
to bring you down,

and I'll succeed.


We found your virus.

It's over.

You want to kill me,
don't you?

The warrior in you
want to taste
some blood?

Isn't that funny?

I kill for power,

you kill for peace.

We're just
different sides
of the same coin,

each heroes
to our own causes.


Let's see who
gets the parade.

Status, commander?

Minimal weapons control.

Tube one, manual firing
capability only.


It's still down.

So, we may be able
to fire one torpedo,

but we have no way
to tell it where to go.


Do our torpedoes
have tracking options?


Can they lock into
a frequency?

If we need to.

Keep me in the loop.
Open the door.

Darwin play.

Yes. Play.

Not like other games.

I need your help.

Darwin help.

You might hear
what it is first.

Trust Bridger.

We're at 600 feet.

That's the limit
of a dolphin's tolerance.

He's gone deeper
than 500 before.

I know his tolerance.

You're taking a chance
with his life.

You have
a better idea?

What about air?

Need air.

With this, he won't have
to come to the surface
to breathe.

Need air.

Yes. You'll get it.

Just try it.
Put it on.

Flood the tube.

Aye, sir.

I don't like this.

Don't like what?

You're going to fire him
out of a torpedo tube?

No. He is going to swim
out of a torpedo tube.

I still don't like it.

Darwin breathe!

You know what to do.

You swim out
and tag the marker.

Darwin play.

Just like on the island.

You swim down,

and you tag the marker.

Tag the metal boat,

Metal boat?

Darwin, you don't have
to do this.

Swim like Bridger.

Like me?

No suit.


What was that
all about?

It's an inside joke.

Ha ha.

Are picking up
the delta 4

2,000 yards
off our starboard bow.

Punch up
forward screens.


Status, please.

Tube one
locked and loaded.

Torpedo is
fully charged.

Negative. 20%.

I want to stop them,
not destroy them.

You heard the man.
20% charge.

Yes, sir.


Seaquest is back.

Relax. She's a shark
without teeth.

Come to 0-6-0
and reload all tubes.

Reload all tubes
and prepare to fire.

Delta 4 is bringing
her barrels around.


0-6-0. She's moving
straight at us.

Open the low band.
All the frequencies.

I want everybody out there
to hear me.

Yes, sir.

Low band open
and transmitting.

People of westridge farm,

this is Nathan Bridger,
captain of the seaquest,

representing the united--

the uni--

what the hell is it?

United earth
oceans organization.

We are here to protect
and defend your facility.

Please move to safe ground

Move clear immediately.

Attention, delta 4.

We are prepared
and willing to accept

your immediate and
unconditional surrender.

Otherwise, we shall be
forced to fire on you.

I repeat,

we are prepared to accept
your unconditional surrender.

Weapons control,

open all outer
torpedo tube doors.

Yes, sir.

Uh, captain,

only tube one
is armed.

I know that,

but they don't.

Seaquest is opening
all torpedo tubes.

Any targeting sweeps


drummed it into us--

first thing you do
is targeting sweeps.

If he's not targeting,
he's bluffing.

Mr. Maxwell,
initiate fire sequence.

Open all six tubes.

All tubes?

That'll take
almost a minute
to initiate.

I know that.

I want to blast her
out of the water.

It's time the student
became the teacher.

Delta 4 is settling into
an attack position, sir.

O.k., Mr. Phillips,
let 'em go.

Delta 4 is targeting.

Sir, our torpedo doors
are open and ready
to fire.

Delta 4 is flooding
all her torpedo tubes.

All her tubes?

Yes, sir.

She never did know
when to quit.

It's all yours, Darwin.

What the hell
is that?


He tagged us.

We have
a targeting signal.

Tracking system
searching for target.


Residue acoustic noise

Still searching
for target.

[Static fades]

Acoustic noise

Targeting system
acquiring tag signal.


we have torpedo lock.


Why aren't we firing?

Launching sequence
ready in 13...


Seaquest has fired.


Torpedo has lost lock.
We do not have lock.

She's hunting.
The torpedo's
hunting for us.


Torpedo has
reacquired target.

Get to the minisub!

The minisub!

Stop! Get back!

We got to attack!

That is
a direct command!

We're going down!

No! This is all your fault,
you cheapskate!

We can still beat them!

You cowards!

We have a direct hit
on the delta 4.

She's going down,

Sir, we've lost contact
with the delta 4.

We've confirmed sounds
of a torpedo strike

and a sub breaking up.

My son?

We don't know.


Captain, sir.
Well done, sir.

Thank you.

the re-con party's
just returned

from the downed delta 4.


They're being
brought aboard.


She wasn't listed,

and the boat's minisub
was gone.

I want to apologize

for not being honest
with you.

I was wrong,
and I regret it.

I was just...


Obeying orders?

Yes, sir.

I suppose
somebody has to,

but I want you
to remember

that this
underwater shoot-out

is not my idea of
keeping the peace.

Yes, sir.

If the re-con party
is ready,

we can
get underway.

Would the captain
like to take the helm?

Oh, I think
you can handle that...


Thank you, sir.


Darwin, boy.

Well done.

Clever Darwin.

Yes, well done.

Well done.

The door was open.

Come on in.

I'm still trying
to improve it.

She's pretty.

Yeah, she was.

I just came by
to tell you

I thought
it was very....


the way you handled
the situation today.



So, you going
to stay or what?

Not that simple.

Why not?

Come on.
You like it here,
don't you?

I mean,
it is your boat.

I made a promise.

To her?

Her name's Carol.

Were you two happy?


We were.

My parents...

They were never happy.

They can't even stand
to be in the same room

I remember wishing
they would get a divorce

and get it over with.

Why didn't they?

Well, they said
when they got married,

they made a promise
to stay together

I guess they didn't
count on things


You're wanted
on the bridge.

I think that's me.

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