Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 5, Episode 1 - Episode #5.1 - full transcript


Can you give me a minute?

Yeah, all right.

Have you brought me a prezzie?

You look great.

So do you. Well...

Where did you get that
two-headed confidence monster?

Oh, she's great, Anna.

Is she?


- I thought so.

- I just called you. Janet's out on a shout in Hulme... a knifing.

She said I should take you
down when you got in.

She wasn't sure what time it'd be.

Late night?

Sorry, I'm sat here.

I'll be back in minute.

So, London. How was it?

Yeah, it was great, you know?

Hello, stranger.

Put on weight? We need to get on.

Nice to see you, too, Mary.

We've got a Michael Edgerton in there. 24.

He was opening up around 6:30,

bloke comes out of nowhere

attacks him... stabs him in the back.

He died on the spot. His
girlfriend witnessed it.

Would you mind getting her first account?


Sure. Who's SIO?

Gill wasn't replaced... cuts.

So we get different SIO cover from
the other syndicates, case by case.

Depends who's busy, and
this morning everyone was.

So while they decide, we just do
what we do until someone says stop.

It's my fault.

Why would you think that, Wendy?

We were arguing when it happened.


Wendy, what can you tell me
about the person that did this?

When he came into the yard,

I thought he'd come in
cos he'd heard us arguing.

I thought he'd come in to help.

But he just...

he just walked straight
up behind Mikey...

and stabbed him in the back.

How would you describe him?

Clothes? Height? Race?

I couldn't see him.

He had a black hoodie on and,

like, a scarf across his face.

And he was white. Taller than me.


Can you tell me anything about the hoodie?

It had a bloke running on the
back. It was a black outline.

Anything else?

He was wearing blue gloves,

like a nurse or a dinner lady.

Did he say anything?

He went to the gate and touched
the wall. I don't know why.

Then he turned back to us.

I thought he was coming back for me.

But he didn't.

He got his phone out and took a picture.

I couldn't scream for help. I didn't
know what he was going to do next,

or I would have screamed.

He just stood

and took a picture on his phone...

watching Mikey die.

Why come out here to take a photo?

Why not be closer in?

Getting distance for safety?

No, he's getting a clear view and Wendy
could call for help at any moment.

So he's taking photos for what?

Evidence? Proof?

Was this a professional hit?

Ten minutes in Vice and
everyone's a Triad.

Stiletto blade?

Quick, clean, no blood
spatter, no trail...

Saw a lot of it in Vice. Just saying.

Can we make sure we get
some shots of this?

I've just had an interesting statement.

Suspicious man running, a few streets
away, at the time of the murder.

Witness described him as wearing a black
hoodie with a running motif on the back.

Said he got into a car. They could
only give us the colour of the car,

but they did get a
partial number plate.

And he remembers it was a left-hand drive.

Did you get the witness's
name and address?

He didn't want to give it.

Get POLSA to check the road where
the witness saw the suspect.

Yeah, and can you run the partial
number plates through the DVLA?

Left-hand drive should narrow it down.



You only popped out for a pint of milk and you
were gone for a year. Thought you'd forgotten us.

No! I've missed you lot.

And all of this.

Though I've got our Alison and the
kids at the flat. Tony trouble.

You should see the state of the place.

Got weeping angels and
wooden ducks everywhere,

which she's bought me as a thanks.

The flat reeks of air freshener.
She's got six different stinks.

Woke up the other day,
thought I'd been embalmed.

So, when DID you get back?

Er... Thursday.

We've got a mother and son with a
website, wanting to talk to you.

First nutters of the day?

They're on a video link from Australia.

He's seen this website.

He was too scared to show it
me. It was on the darknet.

He's not going to get into
trouble for looking at it, is he?

It's not illegal to access the
darknet. What did you see, Maurice?

I was messing a couple of weeks ago.

I ended up at this page with a password,

so I thought I'd see if
I could hack into it.

It had this map of back home on it,

with all these sick pictures and
videos... dead bodies and stuff.

We're gonna need the password.

I didn't know he was
doing any of it.

One of his mate's Whatsapped him this morning 'cos
of a murder that happened near his old school.

I saw him on the website.
- Michael Edgerton?

Yeah, his murder was posted
a couple of hours ago.

I watched him bleed to death.

What was the website called?

Taking Out The Trash.
- Charming.

We'll have to ring Special
Branch to even use the password.

Some 14-year-old on the other side of the world can
access it, but we have to ask if we're allowed.

No, we don't. I've got
permissions already.

I did the course on my secondment.
Got the software on here.

You couldn't wire a plug 12 months ago.

The software's shit slow because
it bounces info around the globe.

It's how it keeps the
darknet users secret.

Here we go.

This is where we were this morning.

That's Wendy.

Jesus, he was filming Michael dying.

We now believe Michael Edgerton's murder

is linked to several other cases.

As Syndicate 9 has no dedicated DCI,

it makes sense to take
advantage of Rachel's return.

Eh-up. If it ain't Mary Poppins!

So we're appointing her as
Acting Detective Inspector

for the initial stages
of the investigation.

I hope you'll give her your full support.

Thank you.

Be ready to brief a
Gold meeting at 12:00.

And... don't come dressed
like Little Mix.

Nice entrance, you knobhead.
- I didn't know.

Nice to see London hasn't
changed you, you chippy cow.

You can't talk to her like
that, she's the boss.

You could never talk to her like that.

No, you couldn't. So wind
your neck in, chunky.

Does Dodson know what she's
unleashed, leaving you in charge?

Godzilla, the next generation.


The bitch is back.

OK, well, we'll do a full briefing later
on, but this is what we've got so far.

We've got a web page, which people
are accessing via the darknet.

You go on to the site and you
get a map of Greater Manchester.

As you can see, it's
covered in these icons.

Click on an icon and it
takes you to either an image

or a video of a murder scene,
or a victim's home address.

This is Michael Edgerton's home.

He's not the only person on there.

They're all unsolved murders.

This is Richard Hazelmere.

The drug addict we found in China Town?

That would be five, six years ago.
- No, it was seven.

Can you all be aware this
next clip is pretty full-on.

Are we all OK?

So, the perpetrator draws a
chalk star at the murder scene.

This one, you'd mistake for graffiti.
That's if you noticed it at all.

These chalk stars appear
at all of our crime scenes.

It's just that we hadn't
spotted them previously.

They also appear at all of
our victims' home addresses,

this one being Michael Edgerton's.

There's a discussion page on
the website, which is encrypted.

I've got people over at SCAS going through
it to try and can get us more information.

How many people are on the discussion page?
- We're not sure.

Is there any connection
in our victims' profiles?

None that we've found. Michael
Edgerton, no previous offences.

Richard Hazelmere was a drug addict,

but nothing else stands
out about his life.

Mark Winstone was murdered at a
neo-Nazi rally three years ago.

Danielle Hallows was a member
of a small-time girl gang.

But nothing big. And the list goes on.

It's a wide spread of
age, race, sex, occupation.

How many murders are we talking?

Ten so far that we've ID'd.

Maybe 11. I know. It's huge.

There are two home addresses on the website
that have no murders associated with them.

And we have a star at an
unidentified stretch of canal,

that we're treating as a
potential crime scene.

That could mean there's an
undiscovered body in that water.

That'd only explain one of the addresses.

Which means that the other address
could be a potential victim.

Someone still alive,
who is being targeted.

Someone that we can save.

Do you know what I hate about up here?
- Serial killers?

No. If you're not wearing

a 200-quid, shit blue suit, you're not dressed right.
- Mm.

No, not yours. Yours is nice.

Oh, and it only cost 180.

I was looking at a lovely
beige one for the wedding.

I don't fancy a wedding dress.
Can't dance at the disco.

Me and Chris are thinking of getting
matching bride and groom suits.

You still with him?
- No! We broke up in June.

I thought so. You texted me.

Oh, you got it, did you?
You didn't text back.

Didn't I?
- No.

Shit! Sorry. Are you all right?

Yeah. Now.

We had a lovely time. It was nice

and then we'd done that,
and I got fed up of nice.

Nice isn't knicker-ripping, is it?
- No, it's not.

Oh, I've really missed you.


She really has!


A Gold meeting sounds exciting!

Yeah. People being slaughtered in the
streets. Better than Blackpool.

No, I just meant, it must be exciting for
someone of your rank to be invited to one.

What you gonna wear?

I'll get back to work.

She's OK. You'll get to like her.
Well, you'll hate her for a bit,

because I've said you'll like her.
Then you'll get to like her.

I can't go dressed like this.

Can I interest you in a shit blue suit?

'It's come down from the top corridor.'

As this is a potential critical incident for
Manchester Met, all days off are cancelled.

We should expect to be working
overtime for the foreseeable future.

I've got an important weekend comiing up.
I'll struggle to...

You'll be here.

It's his wife's...
- Unless you're about say funeral, you'll be here.

OK, Lee. See what we can
find out about the stars.

Any significance in the
patterns? Any symbolism?

Have we accounted for
the two home addresses?

Erm... One is a flat in Ardwick.

We've got a Jenna Mawson, 18,
registered as living there.

The DVLA sent her picture
from her provisional licence.

And the other?
- Levenshulme, currently empty.

And ther's no reports of a missing
person at either address.

I want you to try and
trace the witness

who gave you the statement
at the Edgerton murder.

Do a photo-fit. Ask
around the local area.

Could be crucial down the line.

Have we located the structure
canal where the star is placed?

We're sure it's the
Rochdale Canal.

That canal is on its
fair share of deaths.

No bodies recovered so far associated with
either the Levenshulme or Ardwick addresses.

Go to Ardwick, check out Jenna Mawson.

Anna, speak to the owner
of the Levenshulme flat.

There's a good chance one
is dead and in that canal.

Well we need to identify
which one is still alive

and get to them before
the killer does.

The people accessing this website
could be from all over the world,

which means we might be liaising internationally,
working with Europol and Interpol, so

I expect everyone to pull their fingers
out. No northern plod behaviour.

And we all know each
other, so there's no need

to call me ma'am or boss.

I'd prefer it if you call me Rache.
- Or Godzuki.

I swear, and I am being
absolutely serious,

if I hear that Godzuki shit again,
I'll have you on a discipline.

Are we clear?

Love what you've done
with the place. How is it?

It's like walking in a dead woman's heels,

while she's still watching.

We've got something. One of the matching
licence plates belongs to a Steve Dench.

His car was picked up on the ANPR in
the vicinity of the Edgerton house

on 3 occasions in the weeks
prior to Michael's murder.

It's a left-hand drive

and he's a recorded offence
as a juvenile for knife crime.

Let's go pick him up.

Pete, have we got an update?

We've got a star. No sign of Jenna Mawson.

The neighbours are about as
useful as a snorkel on a fish.

Right. Look for a phone number so we
can zap it and find out where she is.

Make sure you get a description out.
- Will do.

I need to take this. It's Mum
and she's using the Bat Phone.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of
murder. You do not have to say...

What are they doing to Daddy?
- It's OK.

Hello? I don't want to panic you,
love, but Taisie's been arrested.


I'm not worried. She was in a car
with boys. They had some Class Bs.

She was with Sam, her boyfriend.

Oh, I want to sew my own mouth
up every time I say that word.

It's fine, she's growing up.

He's five foot squeak with the
sexual threat of a castrated mole.

Taisie said that she didn't
know the other lads.

They were the ones with drugs.
So, I'm staying out of it.

Mum can cope.

If Taisie says that she didn't know
anything about it, I totally believe her.

Yup. You certain? I know what
I was up to when I was 16.

She still sleeps with her Furby.

So unless she's using it
as a drugs mule, yeah, I am.

Hey, have you noticed,

He isn't in any of these pictures?

Maybe it was Steve taking them?

There's not one family shot.

I've still got pictures up of Abe, and
I'd happily unblock a sink using his face.

Two hoodies that might be of
interest. Same colour, same logo.


We need to get Wendy
to take a look at them.

Mum's at the station picking up Taisie.

She's asking if I want to pop down.

Like it's mother-and-daughter day.

Probably brought her selfie stick.

Makes a nice change having your
family arrested instead of mine.


So what are you gonna do?
- My job.

Taisie's safe.

There's people out there who
need me, like Jenna Mawson.

Yeah. If she's still alive.

Yeah, well, maybe Steve can
shed a bit of light on that.

Before we start, my client
has prepared a statement.

'I have no knowledge or involvement
in the murder of Michael Edgerton.

At the time of his murder, I was at home.

I left at 7:00am to drive to the gym.

I feel that the manner
in which I was arrested,

the level of intrusion and distress
caused to me and my family,

has left me with no alternative

but to refuse to give any
further co-operation.'

Let's start with where you were
on the morning of January 18th.

I'd like to direct you to my
client's written statement.

Come and get your chips.


We've found the star on the canal.
Dredging starts at first light.

And Michael Edgerton's girlfriend recognised
the logo on the hoodies from Steve's house.

Where's Pete?

Well, where are we at with Jenna Mawson?

We know she's a foster
kid straight out of care.

She was put into that flat six months ago.

The flat search hasn't given us much.

It was practically empty. We're stuck.

We'll know more when we speak to
her case worker in the morning.

Don't wait until morning. Wake her
up. What about Jenna's phone number?

Not yet. Nobody has a number for her.

Basics. It's just...

it's basics.

Do we at least know what network she's on?

Did you check the flat for
a charger? Top-up cards?

Have we looked for her on social
media? What's Pete been doing?

Boss. Chief Superintendent
Dreyfus from Europol.

Chief Dreyfus, Acting DI
Bailey of Syndicate 9.

Good to speak to you, sir.
- 'Bonsoir, Madame.'

Bonsoir. How can I help you?

'Listen very carefully.

I shall say this only once...'

Do you mind? That couch
is knackering my back.

I looked like Quasimodo's
nan on my till today.

Don't snore.
- I don't snore.

How's work?

Ah... Can we leave this till morning?

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Everyone's being a bit weird.


Why? What are you doing to' em?


No, it's them.

They're just all stuck.

Is Janet being funny with you?

I dunno.

Stop staring at me, you dickhead.

If you're looking for your vibrators
they're on top of the wardrobe.

I caught our Callum under the duvet

using the glow-in-the-dark
one as a night light.

Well... at least that's what
I told myself he was doing.

Photo-fit of the witness Anna
spoke to after the Edgerton murder.

I've attended a meeting
about Jenna this morning.

Social Services might have some
idea as to where she might be.

How we doing with Steve's alibi?
- His wife confirmed his story, and

We've got him signing into the
gym on the morning of the murder.

He owns identical hoodies to our suspect.
His car was spoted around there,

and innocent people
don't refuse to speak, so

When you get back from
MAPPA, I want you to try

trace those whose signatures appear
before and after Steve's at the gym.

See if they can narrow
down the time for us.

Partial number plates throw up another
left-hand drive car, owned by Kenny Medford.

One of his previous address was a couple of
streets away from Jenna Mawson's care home.

We'd a few problems tracing him
because he moves around a bit.

We managed to make contact
with his girlfriend.

She was jumpy. Claimed she'd no knowledge of his
whereabouts, they'd been separated for months.

But Uniform spotted Kenny's car
parked a couple of streets away.

Speak to the neighbours. Get
a forensic lift on the car.

Have we had forensics back on Steve's car yet?
- Clean.


Can't find Kenny Medford.

We've got Steve Dench, but his
car's spotless, computer's clean,

no murder weapon, no motive.
Oh, and he's not talking.

Got a teenage girl, hopefully still alive,
walking around with a target on her head.

And the forensics are
back on Steve's hoodies?

Never been worn. What d'you reckon?

You've been back at work a
day. You've got a promotion.

You'd a Gold meeting. You blew up at

the prime suspect in a serial killer
case. Going all right, I'd say.

And if there are two unworn
hoodies in Steve's closet,

who's to say there isn't a discarded
one somewhere covered in blood?

Sorry I wasn't in touch more.

It was just full on down there.

Hadn't noticed. I was too
busy planning my wedding.

Would you give Pete a kick up
the arse about Jenna Mawson?

Rachel, Neil Simpson from Serious
Crime is on his way over.

I can't, I'm on my way to oversee the canal search.
- Well get him to meet you there.

All right.
- Janet...

Taisie's not going to
get off with a caution.

I can't tell you why, but
it's looking serious.

I just wanted you to be prepared.

Janet, have you seen my day book?

Erm... No.


Where are we at with the website?

We're nowhere. We can't
trace the IP addresses.

There's a double encryption
on the discussions page.

I thought we could get past all that stuff now.
- Yeah? Who told you that?

I don't know. I read it.
- Maybe people can. They don't work for us.

In terms of internet crime, police are like
your granny programming the video player.

But we've done stuff like
that before, haven't we?

Or how have we managed to
break online paedophile rings?

We've got lucky, or we've
caught the stupid ones.

They cracked Silk Road. That
was hidden by Tor, wasn't it?

As fas as I know, Silk Road
was done with legwork.

Looking for mistakes, someone
giving away a first name

cross-referenced with
part of an email address.

Same way you catch people every day, piece
evidence together and hope they get sloppy.

Great. Do that.
- It took years.

Then do something else.

We hope to hack the Taking
Out The Trash site and get

a piece of malware on there
in the next 24 hours.

If we succeed without
anyone spotting us,

we should be able to
trace anyone who uses it.

Although we can't decrypt the
discussion page, the way it's laid out,

we're pretty sure there's
only two users of the site.

The metadata backs that up.
(Found something) - Which means?

Well, for example, one person
posts an image of someone's house

in one size and the crime
scene is a different size.

Is it always one person who
posts the image of the house

and the other the crime scene?
- No. They take turns.

Because they're challenging each other?
- Could be.

One person is posting
a target for the other

and the other one commits the murder?

They're playing a game.

The body is Lukas Balusek, an overseas
student from the Czech Republic.

We spoke to his landlady in Levenshulme.

She thought he'd done a
runner, gone back home.

He missed rent payments before
he went missing last year.

OK. This is footage from around the
date our landlady noticed him missing.

This leads to the stretch of
canal where we found his body.

Just finished with Rae.

She says that from a forensic
psychologist's perspective,

your game theory makes sense to her.

These people are thrill
seekers, evading the authorities,

outsmarting us, makes
the game even more fun.

Historically, they were
forced to act alone

but modern technology means they can
find people with similar interests.

These people don't have
to play alone any more.

We reckon that this is
Balusek meeting his killer.

They seem to know each other.
- Or they are happy to have just met.

This part of the canal is a
well-known cruising ground.

Have we got any footage of our suspect leaving?
- 20 minutes later.

But none of Lukas.

Confirmed. Steve Dench was in Edinburgh with
friends the night Lukas Balusek was murdered.

Jenna's social worker couldn't
help us much. Jenna's a quiet girl,

introverted, no friends to speak
of. No presence on social media.

Still no phone number?
- No.

But she signs on.

But the job centre didn't
have a number for her.

If she signs on, she's got a
bank account that they pay into.

So we check to see if there are any payments
to a phone network for credit top-ups.

And then we contact the
network, and get her number.

Did Steve's gym alibi check out?

A woman at the gym said
she knew Steve to nod to

and remembers seeing him
there at around 8:00am

on the morning Michael
Edgerton was killed.

Which still doesn't help us. Come
on, we can do better than this.

Steve's solicitor is
pushing for a release.

Would it be better if we bail him, while
we get ourselves into a stronger position?

Have we traced our other suspect?

No luck yet.

When did his girlfriend
say she last saw him?

I've left my daybook in
the office. I'll check.

Initial forensics have found traces of
blood in the driver seat of Kenny's car.

It could be nothing more than a nosebleed.

As far as this enquiry's concerned,
he's a bloke with a foreign car.

I want him TI'd and move on.

Look at those faces and tell me
you're happy with where we are?

Look at Jenna Mawson's face and tell
me you're happy knowing she's out there

and we are nowhere near getting to her
before she is the next victim in this game.

I can't do this on my own.

And I can't do the
thinking for all of you.

Go home.

Get your feet off my sofa.
- You've got yours on it.

I paid for it. Shift 'em.
- Get your feet down.


Don't let him speak to you like
that. He's learnt that from his dad.

Yes, he bloody has.

But he wasn't saying it to me.

So what's wrong today? The
big kids still picking on you?

I'm thinking of putting my flat on the market.
- And do what?

Move back to London.
- Er... No, you're not.

What would I do without
you? Don't be so selfish!

I am selfish. I'm dead selfish.
And I love it that way.


You're just bumping into bits at the
moment, because you're not used to them.

You've got to let things get
comfy for once in your life.

I know the thought of
settling down terrifies you.

Why would I wanna settle?

The Baileys aren't particularly
famous for great relationships.

Hey, our Dom's going steady.


Probably helps that they share a cell.

But, just saying.

If he can find happiness,
there's hope for us all.

Right, I'm gonna give that
little shit a talking to.

Is there anything you haven't told me?

No significant DNA was found
on Michael Edgerton's body

and the partial DNA found on Balusek
wasn't a match with Steve Dench.

So we're releasing Steve on bail.

Can I... Can I ask you a favour?

Yeah. Sure.

Oh, I... I want you to
try Kenny's girlfriend.

God knows why he's playing hide-and-seek.

Probably hasn't paid his TV licence.

Just reassure her. Tell her
we're trying to eliminate him.

Or we'll have to start doing a full number on him and
we haven't got the time or the resources for that.

And take Anna. I could do without
her needy little eyes all over me.

I couldn't even get into my own bastard
bathroom this morning. I hate kids.

Sorry, what was the favour?

I hate myself for asking. You can say no.

You should say no. I'd say
no. But, erm... I have to ask.

Dodson's told me that they're
taking Taisie's case further.

And I need to know more.


We've got Jenna's number. We've
zapped it. She's at Victoria.

Rachel Bailey, DCI. Hi.

I irritate her, don't I?

I shouldn't worry. You're at
the bottom of a very long list.

Go play upstairs Roxy.

We're trying to eliminate
Kenny from our enquiries

in relation to a series of violent crimes.

So we'd really appreciate your help.

When was the last time you saw Kenny?

Must've been two, three weeks ago.

Which? There's quite a difference
between two and three weeks.


And which day of the week?
- Thursday.

Just before Anna writes that down.

Are you certain? You weren't too
sure of how many weeks it's been,

but you're rock solid on the day
of the week? Certain it's Thursday?

Yes, I'm sure.

He hasn't made any contact since?



Jenna Mawson?



Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Calm down. Calm down.

We're just trying to help.

Get off me, please!
- Calm down.

We're just trying to help.

We've got reason to believe
that you're in danger.

Whose are the trainers in the hall?

They're her grandad's.

I'm going to play out.

Just getting my coat.
- No. Come away, love.

Oh, stop!

Stop. I am arresting you for.
...what am I arresting him for?

I am arresting you on suspicion
of the murder of Michael Edgerton.

You ready?
- Hm-hm.

Indecent images of Taisie's boyfriend...
- Sam?

have been found on her phone. A few
have made their way on to social media.

What sort of images?

No. Don't.

OK. OK. Tell me.

Explicit pictures... of him
naked and of his genitals...

of him aroused.
- Stop.

That's awful.

So what? I-I mean... I don't mean...

I don't mean 'so what?'

But... they're only photos.

They're going out together.
That's what kids do. Don't they?

He's only 15.
- She's only 16. They're in the same year at school.

Because Taisie is 16, the police
have to be seen to be complying

to government guidelines, so the case
has been forwarded to Safeguarding.

Once they've looked at it, then
it could... it won't. But it could

be sent to the Serious Sexual Offences unit.
- This is mad.

Possession and distribution of
indecent images of a child under 18.

Common sense will kick in.

Safeguarding will take one
look at this and throw it out.

I hate to say this, but you can't repeat any
of this to Safeguarding, your mum or to Taisie.


Rache, Dodson wants to see you.

We've got a leak.

A blog has posted details of the
murder website and our investigation.

It means we can no longer
choose to withhold information.

Everything that we know is
now in the public domain...

including the password to the
Taking Out The Trash website,

which has now been
accessed over 1,000 times.

People have started posting their own stars,
their mates' pictures, home addresses.

Any hopes of monitoring that site

for future leads and
potential victims, have gone.

The blog also posts
details of our suspects,

Kenny Medford and Steve Dench,
just short of naming 'em.

So, what are we talking?

Bad practice? Human error?

Corruption? I don't know.

You can be certain that it won't
just be me asking those questions.

Did you find your day book?
- Not yet. But I will.

Unless someone's found it
already. Find it or fess up

before Professional Standards
blame this leak on any one of us.

Kenny's solicitor's just quit. Apparently,
it's not appropriate for her to represent him.

Do you think he's confessed,

but told her he's going
to plead not guilty?

Kenny, I'm sure you'd be more
comfortable if you sat down.

Can you say what's stopping
you from sitting down?

I will not answer any of your questions.

My name is Kenny Medford.

I will not answer any of your questions.

How is any of this a game?

We've seen some mad shit.

But the thought that this is
someone's idea of a jolly...

I will not answer any of your questions.

Last night I dreamt of these
hands all over my face.

Give me loo-la's with a
basement full of bodies any day.

You knew where you were with them.
- You did.

It used to be them and us.

Why is that, Kenny?
- It feels like they're everywhere.

My name is Kenny...

I sometimes think we should get all our phones and
computers and smash 'em up for all the good they do.

I won't answer any of your questions.

What have you told Jenna?

As much as I had to and
as little as possible.

Does she know why she might be targeted?

She has no idea. She goes to
the train station every day.

I just like disappearing into the crowds.

The people and the noise,
they stop me thinking.

I like it.

Spends most of her time
trying to be invisible.

She's a ghost.

Makes her the perfect target.


What can we do for her?

I don't know. I can't just kick her
out and say keep your eyes peeled.

Can't we offer her protection?

If we can, that won't be my
call and it won't be tonight.

The best I could offer her
was a bed in the cells.

There's no money for anything else.

I need to go home and give
Taisie a good bollocking

and then... give her the biggest cuddle.

Imagine if all this madness had
happened when you weren't here.

I would've been on the first train.


If you'd read the text.

They've agreed to place an officer at
Jenna Mawson's flat for the next two weeks.

Is erm...

Is Janet busy this morning?

No. Well, yeah.

She's got a second interview
with Kenny Medford.

But I can get someone else on it if you need her?
- How's her daughter?

Yeah. Fine, I think.

If you can spare her, you might
want to send Janet home early.

Go home.
- Mm?

Dodson thinks you should go
home and see Taisie straightaway.


I think our Holly's pregnant.

I found a test in the bathroom bin.
It's positive.

It's mine. It's no big deal.
- 'Why didn't you tell me?'

I've been here before.

I wanna see if this one sticks
before I make any decisions.

Oh, Rache, I'm so happy for you.

It's fantastic...
- Look, I've gotta go. I'll see you tonight.

I'm DI Hollister. This is DC Cotlow.

We're from the Serious Sexual
Offences Unit. Can we come in?

Taisie Scott. We are
arresting you...

- For the possession

and distribution of...
- Mum. Mum, do something.

You don't have to say anything...
- It's OK, love. This is madness.

I haven't done anything!
Tell them to stop.

This is crazy. Look at her.

Anything you do say may
be given in evidence...

We've just found the body of
a teenager in Victoria Park.

Will Hudson. He's
registered disabled.

He was nominated on the website.

But with so many hoax
postings, we missed it.

Then his death's our fault.

We are doing everything within our powers to bring
these craven, spineless murderers to justice.

Any other mother would be
round at Sam's mum's house.

You don't get act like any
other mum because I'm a cop.

If there's any chance that this leak isn't
down to you, then you'd better grab it!

You're nobody's favourite
person right now.

The rules are going out the window.
He's started picking his own victims.