Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 3 - Episode #4.3 - full transcript

Why did she get the job?

Gill offered it to me. I turned it

Rachel doesn't know anything about
that. OK? Ta-da.

You're not behaving like a sergeant,

What is it?
I want to live with my dad.

I want a boyfriend.
Do you?

And the other bit of good news is: I'm
retiring. Four months and counting. Cheers.


Right-footed. It's a Hexalite sole,
so I'm saying Reebok.

Size nine.

Morning. Where are we up to?

He's had a bit of a night of it.
Welts, dents, broken bones.

The state of him.
Yeah, but no blood. Not a drop.

No cut lips. No bloody nose.

Smacked about like this, you'd
expect some.

Most of those bruises are the wrong

There's a nice set around the neck.

Yeah, that's as you'd expect.


He dies. His blood pools.

Then the rest of the beating happens
postmortem, which gives bruises and no blood.

Done this before?
Gifted amateur.

The towel position's a bit weird.

He's not gone down wearing it. It's
been placed over him.

These black bits...

Yeah, I reckon.

Same one as mine, that. Mine's

Bloody hell. Look at that.

I've got those cushions, as well.

'Please! He's not breathing.
He's not moving. He's dead.'

'What's your name?'
'Adam. It's my husband, Rich.

He's dead. That bastard Keane's done

'What's your address?'
'115 The Macksons.'

Fairy Towers.
'I don't know what to do.

He's killed him. That bastard
Keane's killed him.'

It's half-three in the morning, and
Adam Hutchings hangs the phone up.

Goes upstairs to 125 on the 12th

drags 'that bastard Keane' out of
bed and gives him a good kicking.

Why's Adam so sure Barry Keane
killed Rich?

I've not read the hand-over
messages. Soon as.

But apparently, he'd committed an
assault on our gay couple.

So, Keane went and finished the job

That's what Hutchings reckons, so we could
be dealing with a hate-motivated murder.

The living room has been trashed,
but just that.

I don't think anything's been taken.

And there's some nice stuff, worth
taking, so I'm not thinking burglary.

Adam had been for a night out with
his mate. His mate's name's er...

Tim Radcliffe.
Yeah, that's him.

Same block. Tenth floor. They'd been
for a night out. Got slaughtered.

Adam'll need interviewing, but if he
was in a bar all night with Tim,

it should be simple to check his

I want CCTV, bars, taxis, buses,
statements from staff. Yeah.

We've got Keane and Hutchings locked
up down Duke Street for last night's fight,

waiting to be processed.

Duke Street have got another six
hours' processing time,

so we should be able to get all our
preliminaries done before we bring them in.

What sort of state is Adam going to
be in?

Finds his husband murdered and spends
a night in the cells for attacking
who he thought did it.

Yeah, OK. Make sure he gets time
with his family liaison officer
before we interview him.

Let him get his head around what's

Last night's duty detective was from
the fraud squad.

They've got next to no understanding
of how to approach a murder.

Only immediate neighbours have been
interviewed. It being 4am,

our friend from Fraud didn't want to
wake anyone.

Or catch the murderer cleaning
himself up.

Practically no witness statements. At least
they didn't tamper with the crime scene.

Next time, I'll tell them

to stick a sign on the corpse saying
'Back soon' and leave it till we get in.

When you go through the messages
Fraud submitted, look at how
thorough the officers have been.

See what needs doing again. My
suspicion is: most of it.

You know which of the first 50
actions we need doing? Yeah.

Good. Get 'em done.

Do you not want to look first?
I trust you.

I've got a meeting, then a jolly
down the mortuary.

Barry Keane's wife and Adam's mate,
who he went out with, erm...

Tim Radcliffe. Yeah. Both of them
interviewed, soonest.

Why can't I remember his name?
We should get Adam Hutchings today.

Again, they might not have been
dealt with forensically.

They were taken in for fighting, so
their clothes might not have been bagged.

I want all of that double-checking
by you.

Any possible cause of DNA

Did they use the same police car to
bring them in?

And shoes. I want shoes. Have either
of them got size-nine Reeboks?

Ready for a trip down Fairy Towers?

We are dealing with a potential hate

so I want everybody to consider
their words as carefully as their actions.


It's just what the gays call it.

They call it Fairy Towers themselves,
the gays, cos there's loads of gays...

Yes, ma'am.

Put him on CCTV. He can't do any
harm there.

Right. Do you know what you're
doing? Yeah.

I'll be a few hours. Three, max.

Tell me about your husband's
whereabouts last night.

I can't.

I mean, I was working. When I got
home, he was here.

What time was that?

What time did it happen?
We're not sure.

Well, me and Barry hadn't spoke since
the fight, night before last.

Can you tell me a little bit more
about that?

I don't know how it got so bad.

But when he was at his worst...

I used to go round the boys', Rich
and Adam's.

But he thought they were trying to
get me to leave him.

Why did he think that?

Maybe they were.

I was just having a minute, clearing
my head.

Then Barry started banging on the
door, but the boys wouldn't let him in.

These were an accident.
What kind?

The other night, it got a bit heated.

He was just trying to get me back

He's not a bad man.

He can't help it.

He says they make his flesh creep.

All of them.

Sorry. I can't think.

Er... we got changed. We had a
livener. We went out.

What time was that, Tim?

Must have been about...

Well, Adam didn't go home first. He
must have got here about five-ish.

We had a few pints in Molly's Bar.

They have a happy hour till eight.

Then we went to Bar Hippo for


Karaoke for Bears.

Big, hairy guys.

Practically had to prise the
microphone from Adam's hands.

Did anyone see you at Hippo?
Are you kidding?

It's all over Facebook.

Hang on.

# Some other guy who gives you the

# You don't give nothing to me

I hate karaoke.

That's cos you're dead inside!

Posted last night at 12.27 by Tim

A couple of hours later, Adam's
screaming murder on a 999.

Find out what time it was recorded.

Oh, we got Barry Keane's shoes. You
were right - size-9 Reeboks.

Watch and learn, folks.

Which puts Barry in pole position.

Arrest him. I don't want him going
anywhere tonight.

Adam Hutchings is a bit of a mess,
but he's agreed to answer some
questions in the interview room.

Me and Tim had wanted to
get straight out.

Rich didn't.

Didn't fancy it.

Are you sure you're OK to carry on?

So, the last time you saw Rich alive

Yesterday morning.

We'd had a bit of an argument about
me going out.

That happens.

He was right.

I shouldn't have.

With all the Barry stuff...

..I should have been there.

I could have stopped him.

Can you tell me what happened when
you came home last night?

Me and Tim - we knew summat was up.

The door was bust.

Go on.

We walked into the living room and
he was just lying there.

This weird shape.

On the 999 call, you said, 'He's

How did you know?

I just knew.

I wanted to hold him, help him.

But Tim said we shouldn't touch him.

So I didn't.

Don't say it again.

See, I think 'arrested' is kind of
worse than 'fiance'.

Stop saying it. What about,
'Downstairs. Help'?

You see, when you say it like that,
that sounds pretty bad, as well.

You should wear your hair down more

Gender reassignment?

Toxic U-bend.
Sounds rough.

Do I have to go and see her? I mean,
I know I should, but do I have to?

No, you could hide in here and wait
for her to come and find you.

Yeah, she would, an' all.
She'd be kicking Gill's door open.

'Have you seen our Rache?
Her new dad's locked up.'

What do you think he's in for?
Drunk and disorderly.

Well, you say that. It could be
anything. Anti-terrorism act?

I hate people seeing me and her
together at the best of times,
never mind her stumbling round here.

I need to sort it.

Hiya, Mum.

Oh, hiya, Rache.

I told you she'd come and sort it.

I want you to give me away.

Well, Rufus does as well.

I know.

Oh, and there's a great boozer next
to the registry.

Ah... you're gonna love him.

You're marrying a drug dealer.

All right, high and mighty.

It was only a bit of weed.

Are you telling me you've never had
a puff on a doobie?


He was doing a favour.
Outside a primary school?

To a lollipop lady with MS.


Something shit up with her beginning
with an M.

She could barely hold her lollipop.

Cos that's what he's like.

He's a good man.

He looks after me.

Right. Well, sorry, I can't help
him. Not in my gift.

I just came down to see if you were
all right.

I've got to get back to work.

Erm... can you not give him a
character reference?

No. It's my job to lock 'em up, not
let 'em out.

Well, you can put in a word.

About what? I've never even met him.

Oh, can he not just have a caution?

It's got nothing to do with me.
But I'm your mum.

No. Literally, it has got nothing to
do with me.

How do you think this works? We all
sit around voting who should go to prison?

Look, I'm not asking for much.
Perverting the course of justice?

I'm not asking you to break him out.

You... here... isn't right.

It's not on. Do you understand me?
It's not on.

I only came down cos I thought -
I am gonna go in there and ask...

cos it really hasn't got anything to
do with me.

I'm gonna ask the Custody Sergeant
if he'll allow you to see him for
five minutes.

And that is it. I'm not answering
any more calls for help.

No more SOSs. We're done.

OK. Thanks, Rache. I'll get you a
drink at the reception.

Oh, and bring your mates.

Not Pete, though, eh?

No. I can't have you near me.

I just need you to leave me alone.

Come off it. We're all right, me and
you. We're good.

Go and get married. Be happy.

Go and live your life.
Stay out of mine.

All right - here.

What's it for?

I don't know.

Taxi home, food, wedding present.
Call it what you want.

What, that's all I'm worth to you?
A couple of quid?

Keep the change.

Rufus Wilton. He's a real dreamboat.
ABH, GBH, domestic violence.

Do you know what, Stan?
I shouldn't be bothering you.

The solicitor's insisting on Barry
Keane having a bit of food and a few
hours' rest,

which pretty much puts us out of
action for tonight.

Postmortem, current last sightings
and time of death

put our alibi times between 4pm and

Adam's boss said he left work at

Quicktyres on Temperance Street.


We've got footage from the entrance
showing Adam getting back at 5pm.

Him and Tim leaving at 6.27pm.

Returning 2.10am.

No idea about Barry yet?

We know he spent all of yesterday in
the tower block.

CCTV at the entrance to the flats
didn't pick him up.

But the woman next door said she
bumped into him coming out of his
front door at about 7.45pm.

She'd nipped out for some fags
during the adverts for Emmerdale.

She didn't hear him come back, but
she remembers loud music coming from
the house at 9.30.

She was trying to get her kids to

Could have been someone else in the

Charlotte says she was working. Easily
checked. They might have had a visitor.

Ask her who else it might've been.
It's well within our alibi times.

Anything from Barry's phone?

Nothing particularly jumps out.

Even if we get a GPS fix for the
alibi times,

it still doesn't tell us which floor
he was on.

Are there any skin samples under the
victim's fingernails?

Yeah, there were.
Forensics'll be in tomorrow.

But, because he was involved in this
fight the previous night,

the victim could have Adam's or
Barry's skin under his nails.

Probably won't get us very far.

Even if he's only got Barry's?
When it goes to court,

they'll say the evidence is

Rich was naked, except for a towel.

Maybe he was about to take a shower,

but we'll keep other possible
reasons in mind.

Could have been waiting for someone.
Sexual liaison.

It'll need looking into. Hook-up
sites, text messages, E-mails.

The interesting thing for me is how
the towel was placed - over his
midriff, covering his genitals.

It could have only happened

You can see, clear as day, how
carefully it's been placed over him.

To protect his decency?
Not the sensitivities

you'd expect from a frenzied hate

Because none of the black fragments on top
of the towel were found underneath the body,

we know that the place was smashed
up after the murder took place,

and after the towel was placed on
the body.

Barry might have freaked out, felt
remorse, put the towel over him.

Not impossible. We've got some nice
prints in the flat.

Seems to have been a lot of traffic,
but we're only interested in people

whose prints appear on all the items
that were moved, damaged, chucked about.

Obviously, Adam's are gonna be all
over them.

Let's see if we find Barry's prints.

His motive seems pretty hate crime.
Any other thoughts?

Adam, Rich and Tim get a bit frisky.

Bit of sexual misadventure.

Gay sex game gone wrong.

What's a gay sex game?

I don't know. I'm just saying.

Let's explore it. We've certainly
not ruled Adam out at this point.

Tim's account is all right, but he's
a mate.

And you're right - Tim could have
been involved.

Next few hours, let's crack on with
lifestyle enquiries and holistic review.

Let's speak to friends, family, work
colleagues at the garage.

We should have forensics on the door
back by morning, which will confirm
if Barry Keane kicked it in.

He did.
Yeah, course he did.

We just have to wait until forensics
prove it.

No, we've got three statements from
the night before.

Great. Who?

Tim, a neighbour and Barry's wife.

But you knew that, didn't you?

No, cos you're only telling me now.

We thought you knew.
Why? How?

On the night of the murder,

Charlotte said Barry had kicked the
door in when he came round to drag her out,

the previous night.

So, not on the night of the murder?

Wait. Adam made it sound like this
was done last night.

If this was told to division
last night, why wasn't it in the messages?

Erm... Unless we've made a mistake.
We can check.

Check! Did you check the messages
I gave you this morning?

I haven't had a chance.

You're telling me you've been too

You said that everything needed
doing again. I was just prioritising.

Because you failed to pinpoint when
that door was kicked in,

we've spent the day prioritising
Barry Keane.

Everything points to him.
Conjecture. Hearsay.

We could have been pursuing other
leads -

Adam, for example, who seems to have
lied about when the front door was broken.

He might have been confused.
Or lying.

And now we've sent him away. God
knows what he's doing.

Destroying evidence? Corroborating

I want him arrested.

Concentrate on the job.

Deal with your mum on your own time.

How long's she got left?
You've got another four months yet.

She'll postpone her retirement so
she can extend her window of torture.

Serial killers take less delight in
their victims' pain than she does.

She'll have forgotten it by

Well, nobody bleeding died.

Apart from Rich.

Could you not have mentioned it
earlier? Me?

I didn't see you properly until the

That's when we mention things - the

Yeah, but if you thought something
was odd...

Why would I pull you to one side -

Anyone for a pint down The Welcome?

Yep. Lee?

Are you?

Yeah, I'll have a quick one.
Me and Chris will.

No. Gonna stay behind, do a bit of
work. Can't.

So, why would I pull you to one side and
tell you something I thought you already knew?

I'm not being funny, Rach, but this
one's on you.

All right.

I just feel a bit of a dick. They'll
love this down the pub.

No, they won't. Well, they will a bit, but
only like we would if it was one of them.

We've all messed up.
Pete sees it as a career choice.

I heard that.

Best thing you can do is go with
them, have a drink, clear the air.

Can you imagine the looks she'd give
me? I mess up on a case, and then I
go out on the piss.

You know, she mentioned my mum.
Sorry. I forgot to ask. How was she?

Yeah, brilliant!

That good?
So, come on - when's the big day?

Are you and your Alison gonna be
flower girls?

Yeah, we're gonna chuck condoms out
of little wicker baskets,

in case they decide to breed.


Morning. All right?

Rache in yet?

If you're going to ask me to go easy
on -

Do you mind? Get out!

I'm really not in the mood.

She messed up. End of.

And how are you?

A mate of mine always said, when
people say 'fine', it stands for F'd off,

insecure, nervous and exhausted.

Well, then. Now you know how I am.

How was the pub?
I didn't go.

Oh, right.
I went on a date.

Kind of.

Who with? You don't know him.
Like a proper date?

My mum's signed me up to a new
dating site.

She's signed up too. Oh, the shame.

Oh, nice. He looks nice. Good for

Oh, shut it. Just take the piss.

I prefer it to your pity.

I got out of the car, took one look
at him and thought, 'I can't.'

I couldn't face trying to sell
myself to some random stranger.

Doesn't usually bother me.

We had half a second of looking at each other
before we both started doing the maths.

Fatter, thinner, taller, shorter?

Shorter. Oh, he was definitely

I don't know what I was, but I
couldn't bear to see his disappointment.

Hey, you look great.
I do! I know.

It's not that.

Once we'd got over the anti-climax
of seeing each other,

we'd have spent the next few hours
showing off our assets,

like the warmed-up leftovers
from some all-you-can-eat buffet.

'I like long walks, open fires and
decaying corpses at crime scenes.'

Then one of you decides to leave at
the exact moment

that the other one's inviting you back for
a glass of port and some James Blunt.

You got all that in half a second?
Doesn't take me long to weigh 'em up.

Adam, tell me everything you can

about what happened when you got
home that night.

Take your time.

We knew summat was up as soon as we were
in the corridor, cos the door was bust.

The front door to your flat?

What did you think when you saw it
like that?

I don't know. I was drunk.

Shocked. Confused.

I was just worried about Rich.

What did you think was the reason
for the door being bust?

Someone had broke in.
That night?

Several witnesses have told us that
the door was broken open by Barry
Keane the night before.

It was. Yeah.

So, if the door had been broken the
night before,

why did you feel shocked to see it
like that 24 hours later?

Sorry. I'm confused.

Me too. Don't worry.

Take a minute.

It was bust open by Barry the night

Then I fixed it. Bit of a botch-it
job, but it was lockable.

Then when we came home, it was
kicked in again.

Sorry. I didn't make that clear.

I'm just a bit freaked out.
It's all a bit...

No, I've got my head round it now.

So, what did you use to fix the


Can't remember.

Sorry. Head's gone.

It'd be really helpful if you could

It'll help us confirm your account
of events.

We've sent the door to forensics, so
we'll see any sign of a repair.

Can you remember any tools you used?

I'm really sorry about yesterday.
Good. You won't do it again, then.

I got carried away.
Followed my instincts.

People go on about a copper's
instinct, but it's rubbish.

It just means guessing. We have to
be precise, exact, vigilant.

We're not psychics. We can't know
things we don't know.

But I've seen you trust your

You knew it was Mandy Sweeting in the mortuary.
I was there. You knew it. That's instinct.

Well, as a general rule, it's

I know you've given an account over
at Duke Street, Barry,

but I'd like you to tell me
everything that you can remember

about the fight between you, Adam
and Richard.

Why? What's he said?
I haven't spoken to Adam yet.

I'd like to start with your account. Give you
a chance to tell your side of the story.

They were sticking their noses into
things they shouldn't.

Adam and Richard?

What sort of things?

Private stuff.

Difficulties with your wife?

I don't have difficulties with my

We have spoken to her, Barry.

The only difficulty is, she talks to
them two when she should be talking to me.

She confided in them?
About her relationship with you?

Well, they like nosing into other
people's business, hearing gossip.

They were whipping her up, and I'd
had enough.

What did you do? I went down there and
I banged on the door and I shouted at them.

I knew they were in there, so that
annoyed me, and I kicked the door.

They're so ignorant, they can't even
open the door.

So, yeah, that annoyed me, and I get
myself in and I hit 'em.

What did you say to Adam and Rich,
Barry? Can you remember?

Well, I told 'em I was annoyed.

Can you remember how you put that?


But I didn't kill him.

I know what you're trying to do and
I'm not having it. I'm not saying owt else.

You've got a history of violence
with a man who's now dead.

Your wife says you hated him, and
you don't seem to disagree, Barry.

The night before, when you assaulted
him, you kicked his door in,

which could be viewed as 'preparation',
before finishing him off the following night.

If you refuse to say anything,
Barry, people will join the dots.

Now, if they're the wrong dots, you
need to tell us.

I was in all night, watching the


Were you alone?

Your neighbour says she saw you
around 7.45.

What's your reaction to that?

I was visiting someone upstairs.

Oh. Who were you visiting?

Friend of ours.
Yours and Charlotte's?


What's your friend's name?

Moira... Austen.

OK. What's Moira's flat number,

It's 167. It's on the 16th floor.

What was the reason for not telling
us this before?

What do you think?

I don't want Charlotte to know that
I was up there.

See if we can confirm his alibi.

It's not something you'd lie about -
'I was shagging my best mate's missus.'

Even if it's verified, we keep going
with him.

It's someone he's sleeping with.
Who's to say she's not involved?

He's still in the frame.
Are you ready for Adam again?

Say hello to the lying twat from

You told my colleague that you went
round to Tim's

because you wanted to get 'straight

You were there for an hour and a
half. That's not exactly 'straight out'.

What were you doing during that

Got there. Showered.

I went first, got ready, then drank a
couple of Stoli Bolli Red Bulls.

Listened to some music.
That's it?


Apart from Tim, did you see or speak to
anyone else whilst you were at Tim's flat?

Didn't phone anyone?

Like I said, we just got ready, had
a few drinks, listened to some music.

What I'm getting at is: could anyone
else other than Tim corroborate that?

He's a bit specific.

Yesterday he was all, 'I don't know.
I can't remember.'

But today he's just really certain.
Really specific.

Let's bring Tim in.
See how specific he is.

I need some advice.

Gill'll be fine.

About my mum.
I saw her new fella's record.

And it was handed to me
by the Custody Sergeant,

so I haven't done anything wrong.

Are you sure?
Yeah? Yeah.

No butter. Cheese and beans.

ABH. GBH. Restraining orders.
Ex-wives. Girlfriends.

Oh, Rache! What are you gonna do?

You're gonna tell her?
I told her to stay away from me,

so, if I go and talk to her, I'm
just inviting her back in.

No, I think it has to come from you.

I can't keep seeing her and hating

If anything happens, I want you to
know you did what you could.

Go and see her. If you tell her and
she throws it back in your face,

at least you know you did your best.

Come on, Rache. It's not for her.

I'll think about it.

So, Tim, I know that you've given us
an account of what happened,

but I'd just like to go over some of
that with you again, if that's OK.

Can you tell me about when Adam
arrived at your flat?

He arrived at five. We got ready.

We had a quick shower. Adam went

Then got changed. Had a couple of

Stoli Bolli Red Bull.

Listened to some music.

That's exactly what Adam said.

They must have swapped stories last

You think Tim's involved? Nah.
I reckon he's only lying about the alibi.

The bigger question is what he
thinks he's covering Adam for.

It's still perverting the course of
justice. If he's lying.

We haven't heard back about Barry

Say Adam did do it. How do you kill someone,
then go out for a night of Karaoke?

That's what I said. Karaoke?

Oh, you were doing so well.

I can't concentrate with these.

Well, if Adam's guilty, that's some
performance on the 999.

The whole thing's impressive -
trashing the flat before he went out

and then attacking Barry when he
came back in.

Well, he's made me look a right

so, if he's guilty, I'm gonna get

Do you know Adam's overalls?

From Tim's?
What exactly did you send off?

Overalls, boots.
Nothing else?

His going-out stuff that he was
wearing when he was picked up.

The thing is, you don't just wear
overalls, do you?

Where's his underwear, socks?

He was wearing a shirt under his
overalls, so where's that?

We didn't collect anything else from

I bet it's not at Tim's flat, and it
should be. Good.

Get onto Adam's work. See what you can find
out about what he was wearing that day.

Barry's alibi just evaporated. Moira's having
none of it - says she hasn't seen Barry for days.

She says she never shagged him?

But it was her husband who answered
the door.

Tell him his alibi denies it. Press him
further. He's not out of the loop yet.

She may be trying to save herself.
Well, she's not trying to save HIM.

Any news on the house-to-house?

Nothing significant so far, but
we've got two floors to do.

Make that a priority. I'll ask if I
can get some more bodies on it.

In Tim's next interview, can you
budge him from the broken-record act?

Yeah, I reckon.
Great, because, as soon as you have,

I'm going in after Adam.

I swear. That's it.

That's the only reason I lied.

People'd pay to watch this.
And we get it all for free.

OK. I think that's a good time to
take a break.

Right. My turn.

How long did you take getting ready?

I'd say about... 30 minutes.

And Tim?

I wasn't paying attention.

My colleague interviewed Tim
earlier, and he told us...

About 20... 25 minutes.

Sounds about right.

At least we can all agree on that
time frame.

How many drinks do you think you

No idea.

Tim thought it was about five.

I think.

That's why I'm a bit unsure about
some other bits. We were a bit drunk.

If he says so. Yeah.

I'm just thinking that's quite a

Five drinks in an hour?

That's one every 12 minutes.

No, no. I didn't say an hour.
I said 90 minutes.

From 5 until 6.30.

It were five drinks in an hour and a

No. You said you didn't start drinking until
after you'd had a shower and got ready.

Which took half an hour in total.

I haven't done nothing.

You seem upset.
I am upset,

cos you're trying to make it out
like something else.

Tim changed his mind about the time
you arrived at his flat.

What time do you think he changed
that to?

It were 5.30.

He's wrong. He's lying.

Why would he lie?

I lied cos he asked me to.

He told me he'd gone up to the top
floor to score some drugs.

He couldn't tell you that, could he?

Cos you'd do him for it.

So we lied.

I only said five o'clock so he
didn't get done for buying drugs.

And that's the only reason?

I swear. That's it.

That's the only reason I lied.

OK. I think that's a good time for a

He's wrong. He's talking bollocks.

Could you explain where the clothes
were that you got changed out of?

Er... where I got changed.
Tim's spare bedroom.

Yeah, we looked, but we couldn't
find all of them.

Must have been tidied up.

Did you check the washing basket?

What exactly are we looking for?


Pants and socks.


Anything on that T-shirt? Colour?

Don't remember.

Your work colleagues said you were
wearing a Superman T-shirt that day.

If they say so. Well, they remember
it quite clearly.

They said they took the piss.


How many of those do you have?

Just the one.

We couldn't find that T-shirt at
Tim's flat.

Tim doesn't remember seeing it.

He doesn't know what you had on under
your overalls, because they were zipped up.

But when we looked at the CCTV of
you entering the flats,

they were unzipped and you were
wearing it.

What would you say if I told you
that we found your Superman shirt

in your flat, in your washing basket?

Suggesting that you went home before
you went to Tim's.

I think that you went home straight
after work,

got changed and the row that you told
us about got out of hand,

and that's when you killed Rich.

Then you put the overalls on top of
your clothes

to make it look like you hadn't been
home before you turned up at Tim's.

What would you say to that?

Have you got any more dates lined
up? Supposed to.

Things can't stay as they are.

Mum's great, but she acts like we're
a couple.


She was showing me walking holidays
in the Rhine the other week.

For us. Sharing a room.

She cooks me my favourite tea. Buys me
the wine I like every Saturday night,

because there's no doubt in her mind that
we'll be curling up together watching telly.

And she's right, because that's what
we do.

I'll swap you. I've got to get out
and get a fella before she proposes.

Oh, blokes are overrated.
Love's a load of bollocks.

Look at those two today.
Adam kept saying...

He was my soul mate.

He was everything.

I've never touched him before.
I haven't. Wouldn't.

He just kept on and on about me
going out.

I was trying to ignore him.

But then he started grabbing at me,
pulling. Calling me.

Making me push him away, calling me
fat, useless.

Just grabbing and digging at me.

He kept on and on.

Do you believe him?
Well, he was a bit fat.

So, yeah, maybe.

Anyway, who gives a toss? The point is,
'He called me fat' outweighed 'I love you.'

Well, it wasn't some weighed-up
judgement call on Adam's part.

We don't make those excuses when
it's a bloke hitting a woman.

Adam Hutchings is not some innocent.

He murdered his husband because he
called him tubs, then tried to cover it up.

He might have been his soul mate,
but he still wrung his neck.

And Barry Keane's wife - she could
be bruise-free and safe,

but she'd rather take a beating and
have someone to cuddle up to than be alone.

She was warned, told, helped.

And she's still gone back to him,
and she's still making his tea tonight.

It's funny how you warn me away and
then come search me out.

I mean, what am I? Some car crash
that you can't not look at?

Or are you just here to get a
glimpse of your future?

I've come to tell you about the man
you're living with.

Oh, there's no need. We tell each
other everything. Soul mates.

Has he told you he's had numerous
convictions for domestic violence?

He's told me what a bunch of evil, lying bitches
he used to shack up with. It's bollocks.

You can't stay here. Oh, you're
gonna take me home with you, then?

I'm just passing a message on.
Thought not.

There are other places.
Our Alison's?

Oh, you're not doing this to me.

You're not doing this!

You can't turn up here, telling me I can't
stay, without giving me somewhere to go.

You can't tell me my life is shit,
without offering me an alternative.

No, you're right - I can't.

He loves me. He would never turn his
back on me.

Not like you. You're bloody nothing,
you're not.

I gave you everything!

I've told you what I needed to tell

Go on. Go back in there, if you

Have another cider and get slapped
about a bit.

But some of us know when to walk

There was somebody in room 514 at

and it sounds like whoever was in
there was having sex.

We heard a woman scream.

Dying naked in a hotel doesn't make
her a prostitute.

I've never found anything casual
about sex.

Why didn't you speak to me about

You weren't here, so I spoke to

I let it slip.
Yeah, and left me in it.

I need to know what's going on.

We're all on the same side here,
Rachel. Are we, Janet?