Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript

I'm Rachel Bailey.
Collar number 31-23-1.

Good. That's who we think you are.

Are you clear about the process?



Janet Scott.

6th floor, please. Thank you.

I think, on Category C murders,

detective sergeants should be able
to be the senior investigating

Category Cs are generally
straightforward, so you could
have a small team, headed by a DS.

You could even run the investigation
on paper.

So that would save you
time and money.

And the DCIs would have a bit less
on their plate. That's definitely
something I'd do.

Sergeants are very busy already.

Yeah, but like you said, there's a
20% budget cut so we're all gonna be
working our socks off, anyway.

I think sergeants would rise
to the responsibility.

I would.

Is there anything you'd like
to tell us about yourself?

I've had an intense few years.

Sometimes I got caught up in other
people's mess.

Sometimes I did a pretty good job
of making my own.

But I have well and truly got my head
screwed on these days.

This is the job that I am meant
to do.

It fits the way my mind works.

I've always had the instinct.

I'm clocking up the experience.

I'm a worker. I'm not a liability.

I'm a safe pair of hands.

We'll give you a ring within
an hour or two to let you know
if you've passed.

If you have, you'll be told where
and when you'll be posted some time
over the coming month.

Right. Thank you.

How did you get on, Sherlock?

She says nothing.
He thinks he's a comedian.
He's about as funny as sewage.

Come on in.


Good luck. Ta.


MIT resources have been on. They've
got a Missing From Home they're not
happy about.

He's 18. He's got learning
difficulties, on medication.
High risk.

72 hours missing.
Does he live at home?

Yeah, but his mum and dad didn't
report it.

So, who reported it?

His boss. He washes pots in a pub.

The landlord's a retired copper.

Hm. Would you ever do that?

Run a pub? Anyway, he's
downstairs, the landlord.

Right. And then he said,
"By the way, Gill, you can tell
your DS where we're sending him."

Sorry, who said?

The fella at MIT resources.
They want you to have a "Multiple
Enquiry Experience".

What sort - They've put you
on historic child abuse cases.

Start date's the same.
First of the month.


Go on. Don't keep him waiting.

The landlord. Yeah.

Sorry, I can't read this -
what's the lad's name?

Robin McKendrick.

Thank you. Nearly done. there anything
you want to tell us about yourself?

It might seem odd to be applying for
promotion at 50, so I'd just like to
say a bit about that.

I took a long career break when my
children were small,

so I've actually only clocked up
20 years service.

In that time, I think I've become
one of those steady, competent,
quietly indispensable types.

I've seen plenty of officers
fly over my head and up the ladder,

and I suspect that most of them
haven't been as good as me.

I've got at least ten years' service
to offer.

My children are practically
on their way.

I'm in the best position I've
ever been in to push forward.

I am 50, but I'm not trailing off.

I'm gearing up.

He didn't hear me compare him to

No. The door was shut.

Was it nerve-wracking enough for you?
I don't think I've sweated that much
since I was arrested.

I used one of those deodorants that
blocks your sweat ducts for 48
hours, then kills you.

Oh, what if I don't pass?

I'd be extremely surprised
if you didn't.

It didn't go badly in there, did it?

Well, it went somewhere between
brilliantly and shit.

See you later. Bye.

If I pass, I want Rob's job.

Detective Sergeant, on our syndicate,


Me too.

Briefing room at half past.

Right you are.

Hiya. How did you get on?

I haven't got a clue. Don't know.

Robin McKendrick. 18 years old.

Vulnerable adult. Reported missing
by a John Rivington, the landlord of
The Angel in Ashton.

He's a retired copper, a bit scary,

and his concern is...

The family's iffy.
They're known to the police.

Also, there's a problem in the area
with gangs.

Is Robin involved?

Robin'll run with whoever'll have
him. He's simple.

No-one but me would employ him.

And when did you last see him?

Thursday night. He was working.

Some of the lads he knows were in
on the Friday without him.

He had a shift on the Sunday but he
never turned up. And Sunday's when
he gets paid. Are you with me?


I must have rung him 20 times.

And he never has that phone
out of his hand.

Let's talk to these lads he knows.

They go to the pub after football
practice on a Wednesday. Tonight.

Should we get some interviews,
get a sighting of Robin between
Thursday and Sunday?

Yes. And Robin's family. I want
a full background history.

I'm not relying on the information
of his employer, even if he is
a lovely ex-officer.

Did he say anything else?

You've very young to be a sergeant.

Yeah. I'm er...on a fast track.

Tipped for the top.

No, he didn't say anything else.

Right. Eh! Before I forget,
stop hiding the car keys.

It's gone through the roof since we
moved into this building.

We are sharing - sharing, with
another syndicate.

We've got 12 MIT cars between
30 detectives, which I'm not
saying is easy,

but hogging or hiding the car
keys is not the solution.

It could be downright dangerous.

So you'd better stop before I'm on
to you or you won't be driving

Right. CCTV.

CCTV inside the pub,
outside the pub.


Well, well, well.

Get a load of us, Janet!

How do?

Guess what? We passed the board!

Of course you did. Well done.

Rob's job's going begging
in a fortnight.

It needn't be one of us. We could
be offered a job anywhere.

They could appoint someone
from outside.

Who knows? It'll all come out
in the wash one way or another.
Do you know what?

We should enjoy this.

We did it. We passed.

It's great.

No car keys on the hook. Any ideas?

Gill's wrong. It's not hogging,
it's strategic retaining.

Yeah. Strategic retaining.

You ready?


I passed the board.

Robin McKendrick's dad sounds nasty.
Just had an intelligence officer
from Lancs on.

They've got a flag on him for
armed robbery. Intelligence suggests
he's still active. So be careful.

Bathroom with no window between the
bedrooms. Meter box above the door.

Do you know it?

Grew up in one exactly like it.

So when did you last see Robin?

We've already told the other lot.

It's with us now, so we have to go
over it.

They searched the house.

I'm sorry. It's routine procedure.

When did you last see Robin?

When he come in Thursday night.

After his shift in the pub?

And was he at home on the Friday?

Don't know.

We had a lie-in. He wasn't about
when we came down.

What time was that?

Dinner time.

Did you see him at all after he came
home on the Thursday night?

John Rivington reported him missing
on Monday, after he didn't show up
for work on Sunday.

It seemed like no-one had seen him
for three days. I was just wondering
why you didn't report him missing?

He's his own boss. He's got a job.

Is that normal - for Robin to be
away from home for a few days
and not tell you where he is?

Thought he might have got lucky.

Is that prescription Robin's?

Dunno whose it is.

Yeah, it's his.

Can I have a look?

Thank you.

He was put into care age 12,
cos his brother was picking on him.

After an incident where the brother
tried to strangle Robin,

Mrs McKendrick said she couldn't cope
and requested he be put into care.


Social Services returned him to the
family home two years ago, age 16.

His parents are horrible.
He wasn't looked after.

They didn't report him missing.
They were the last to see him.

Where's this brother?
Glasgow. He is. We checked.

What's the prescription?
Hydroxyzine. It's an antihistamine,

sometimes prescribed for anxiety
disorders. His GP is going to get
back to me.

See what house-to-house throws up.
Let's eliminate this family
as a priority.

Hello. I'm Detective Constable Janet
Scott. We're investigating the
disappearance of Robin McKendrick.

He was working in the pub
last Thursday night.

We're here to ask a few questions,
see if anyone knows
where he might be.

Did you ever see him at all?

We'd like to have a quick chat
with you individually.

Get your names and addresses,
take a quick photo.

So when was the last time
you did see Robin?

A few days ago.

This week?
Not sure. Not for a while.

It's a Joey.

I've radio'd in the details
you gave us.

A body check. You don't show
as living at that address.

It's me girlfriend's flat.

Can you tell us the address where
you're known?


Need to go. Sorry about that.

I'll just take your details and
we'll arrange a time that suits you.
Don't mind if I take a quick photo?

Most of them were pretty
uncooperative. A few Joeys.

I had two bolting for the door on
urgent business. They weren't who
they said they were.

Did you get photos?


No sightings of Robin since

During house-to-house, neighbours
said they often hear screaming and
shouting at Robin's house.

I've been in touch with uniform
operations. We've briefed a POLSA.

First thing tomorrow a team's going
back to that house to search it
thoroughly - with a cadaver dog.

He's disappeared without a trace.
His phone's dead. I'm not
expecting to find him alive.

OK. Thank you all for another
late one. Night-night.

Congratulations to Janet and Rachel,
who have both passed
the promotion board!

No bombs, no lunatics.

Thank you. See you tomorrow.


I do cook food sometimes.

Like what?

Like, fish fingers...sometimes.

And I bought some onions.


When I was ready for 'em, they had
these plants growing out the top of
'em, which is why I hate onions.

You weren't ready for them
for a while, then.

Life is too short for chopping up
things that make you cry

and make your fingers stink -
the other reason I hate them.

Rache, can I call you back?

I'm doing you a routine.
Don't you like it?

No, I do, but I think something's up
with Elise. I'd better go.

Bye-bye. Bye.

Are you all right?

I need to talk to you.

What is it?

I want to live with my dad.

Why did you tell her she could live
with Dad?

Because she can.

Why did no-one ask me?
It's got nothing to do with you!

Of course it has. It affects all of
us. But it is Elise's choice.

It's my legal choice.

It's so rude to Mum!

I don't think it is. Why do you look
like you've been crying, then?

I'm 18. You only want to live round
there cos you fancy Alfie.

That is rubbish. I want to live
round there because it's fun.

There's other kids there, Dad and
Eleanor come back from work at
normal times,

they eat tea together
and dance in the kitchen.

I'm left here on my own with Granny!
Stop shouting.

You love being with her.
Not all the time! Shut up now!

Don't worry. I heard every word.

We'll all miss Elise.

I'll miss her like crazy, but
she's not going to the moon.

It is her choice.

It's something that she wants to
try, and we'll all get used to it.

And we'll be fine.

And I'll try not to be too boring.

Thanks, Mum. You're brilliant.

You'd better get to bed, Missy.

You've never happy
with how I do that.

Oh, for God's sake!!

What are you shouting at me for?

I don't want to fall out
over the dishwasher.

Well, stop twiddling about with it,

I'm supposed to be a help around
here. I just seem to be a hindrance.

The search is underway.


Are you all right?

Fine. Just had a phone call.
Fine, thank you.

I've got to choose between Rachel
and Janet for your job.

That shouldn't be down to you.
Damn right.

The board are set on having
one of them. Continuity blah-blah.

They were the two best candidates,
nothing in it, HR say I'm the one
who's got to decide.

Well, you will.
And you'll make the right choice.

Who would you choose?

Ma'am, that's not for me to say.
No. You're right, I will.


Thank you.

And then it says,
"Fry until translucent."

Yeah. Do they want me to get a bit
of onion out of the pan and hold it
up to the window?

No, it means when it's not
white and hard anymore -

when it's gone a bit floppy and
shiny and a bit...well, yeah,

I don't mean see-through like -
Glass or something actually

Well, yeah. Sort of vaguely

We've had a call in. Says his
name's John. He's prepared
to talk to us about Robin.

Not on record and not at his home.
Gill wants us to go.


I think that's him.

Where's he off to?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I'm Janet. We met in the pub.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm talking about Robin.
Being worried about Robin.

And I think you probably are too.

That's why you rang in.

You can talk to me.

They were all laughing about it.

We was all laughing about it.

They said they'd roughed him up
and shut him in the boot of a car.

Whose car?

Jackie Boy's.

Jackie Boy was saying,
"I'll let him out in a bit."

I'm like, "You're joking.
He's still in there?"

He goes, "Just let him stew on it
while I have a pint."

And then...

they went off to let him out, but...

they said they was gonna come

And then Jackie Boy came back on his
own, and I go, 'How's Twister?"

Is Twister Robin?

You seen seen his face?

I goes, "How's Twister?"

And he goes...

"I let him out the boot,
and he ran off like a scared cat.

We won't be seeing him
for a few days."

There's two of them.
Stephen Jackson.
His nickname is Jackie Boy.

He's a squaddie, or was,
that's not clear.

And his pal, who's called
Nick Hennessy.

Your timing is immaculate.

Why? The search of the McKendrick's
house was a wash-out.

The cadaver dog was like, "Game on."
They ripped the floor up. Nothing.


Mm. Mr McKendrick's doing his nut.


This'll pacify Her Majesty.

If we're on the right track.

We're not relying on the opinion of a
dog, so that's got to be progress.

Jackie Boy and Nick brag about
locking Robin in the boot of the
car. They think it's hilarious.

The two of them go off to release

And Jackie Boy comes back not long
after, just Jackie Boy, not Nick,

and he says they let Robin out of
the boot of his car, he ran off
like a scared cat,

but the following day, Saturday,
Jackie Boy reported his car stolen.

I looked on Jackie Boy's Facebook
page. Every time he so much as farts
he shares it with Nick and Ethan.

So I went looking on Ethan's Facebook
page to see what he'd been posting,

and I found this photo that he'd
shared at 9:15 on Friday night,

which was still on some of his pals'
pages, but which he'd taken down
from his own, ten past midnight.

It's a photo of Robin
looking messed up and petrified
in the boot of a car.

Did Ethan take the photo?

I don't know.

Robin's missing. Jackie Boy's
reported his car missing.

The last sighting of Robin we've
got, potentially,

is this photo, Friday night,
in the boot of Jackie Boy's car.

So have they killed him?

I think that Ethan was possibly
Facebooking from home when he posted
the photo.

There's a lot of activity for someone
who's on the move. But if Ethan
took the photo,

and he didn't go on to the pub, maybe
he doesn't know what happened next.

Or maybe he found out later,
and whatever he found out made him
take it down. Mm.

We need to concentrate on that
timeline - when the photo's posted,
to when it's taken down.

I want telecoms for these three -
who's phoning who.

CCTV from the pub should show us
who's bobbing in and out and when.

We could arrest Jackie Boy for
assault. Assault and abduction.

The photo verifies
what this witness told Janet.

I think it might be an idea
to talk to Ethan first.

If he's caught up in some of it,
but not the worst of it,

he'll be scared, and want to save
his skin. He might tell us
what he knows.

What d'you think, Boss?

I think we could arrest Jackie Boy
for something bigger than assault
and abduction

once we've spoken to Ethan,
so let's start with Ethan.


Detective Constable Rachel Bailey.
Detective Constable Pete Readyough.

Is Ethan in?

He is, yeah. Come in.

Thank you.

Ethan, the police are here!

He had nothing to do with it.

I'm delighted to inform you
that you have been selected
to be our new sergeant.


What do you mean, you can't?

Sorry. Timing's not good.



You went before the board yesterday.
What's happened?

Last night, I found out everyone
still needs more looking after than
I realised.

And what they don't need is more

Who needs all this looking after?

Well, um...Elise has decided to move
in with Ade and Eleanor Goodhead.

And Taisie and my mum are in
meltdown about being boring,

left behind, rejected.

So it doesn't seem a good time to be
more absent than I already am.

Are you being a martyr?

No. Cos it just gives you cancer.

I'm not aiming for that either.

They'll all calm down. They'll get
used to you being busier.

I will be a sergeant one day,
no question, just not now.

It's for my own satisfaction.

They've nearly flown the coop.
I've nearly done it. I just don't
want to mess up this last leg.

I'm really sorry to mess you around.

You're not just scared of the
challenge? No.

Do you want time to think?


OK. Listen. Erm...

I was asked to choose between you
and Rachel.

Because you were - you are...

neck and neck on merit,
you're just different animals.


what I'm going to do, in the light
of this conversation, is erm...

offer it to Rachel.


Please don't tell her
I offered it to you first.

It won't serve any purpose.

The last thing she needs
is to feel insecure about it,

which she's prone to,
in spite of all the bluster.

What do you reckon?

I won't tell her.

Thank you.

OK. We've had the first account.
Ethan's opened up to us,
and what he's saying is...

They beat him up.

Jackie Boy and Nick.

Jackie Boy mostly.

What about you?

I just watched, really.


That's what he said to me before
what's happened's happened, so...

After they put him in the boot,
I came straight back here.

He did.

I swear.

Next thing I knew about anything,
I got a phone call off of Nick.

Five past midnight.

Woke us up.

Thanks, Claire.

What did Nick say?

He goes, "Twister's dead."

You've got to tell them everything,

He goes...

"He's dead, and we've left him
in the car and dumped it."

Have they killed him?

Ethan swears he only knows
that he ended up dead.

That's good enough. Write in
the policy book, we're pursuing it
as a No Body murder. Go on.

Nick dumped the car and the body.

Ethan says Audenshaw. We think -

In the quarry. Flooded quarry.

Let's scope out the quarry.
Call the underwater search lads.
We need their services tomorrow.

Get a proper statement off Ethan.
See where we are after that.

Just a sec, Rachel. I want a word.

Sit down.

You're going to be our new sergeant.


Are you pleased?



I didn't expect that.

Are you OK with staying here?
They want continuity. It's unusual.

Yeah. You have to conduct yourself
differently as a sergeant.
You just do.

You're going to have to do that
in front of colleagues who know the
old you very well. It won't be easy.

Yeah, but...

They do know the old me,
good and bad.

They've seen me be flaky, but
they've also seen me be good
at my job.

If I went somewhere new, I'd
have to prove myself, anyway.

You have to prove yourself
wherever you are. I know that.

Don't be defensive.
I believe in you. That's the
attitude you need to rein in.

If you keep up the self-discipline,
as you are doing,

if you don't let your personal life
get ridiculous again, I know you'll
do brilliantly.

Thank you.

Don't let me down.

I won't.


What's up?

I'm going to be sergeant here.

Well, that's good, isn't it?

Yeah, Janet, it's brilliant.

Best thing that's ever happened
to me.

Is it a bit much, then?

Yeah, it's a bit...


I'm sorry it wasn't you.

I mean, I was convinced it would be,
cos you've already been
acting sergeant.

I'm glad it's you. I'm fine.

Really? Yeah.

Will they make you a sergeant
somewhere else? We'll see, won't we?

This is so big, Janet. It feels like
I've been banging my head against
this wall,

and someone's shoved a door open
and said, "Come in, step out of
the shit, into the sunshine."

I'm talking bollocks.

I liked it.

It's a line in the sand.

Yes. Chaos behind me.

Yup. I am talking bollocks.

No, you're not. You're saying big,
true things. When we do, there's
always a risk that it'll sound -

Like bollocks.

I don't want to make a statement.


And what's made you change your mind,


Is it to do with loyalty?

Loyalty to your friends?


Because from what you've told us,

you didn't do any harm to Robin,
so you've got nothing to worry about

We can help you.

I've made up my mind.

What will Claire say, when you tell
her that you haven't made a
statement, when you said you would?

And what about Robin's family?

Because they need to know
what happened to him.

Imagine if that was your brother.

I'm not going to do it.

Ethan refuses point blank
to make a statement.

He won't shop his mates
now his girlfriend's not in the room.
I spent an hour with him.

We could arrest him for assault
and interview him under caution,
but I reckon he'll no comment.

Without a statement, everything he's
said is just intelligence, not
evidence. Keep working on him.

The more I push him,
the more he refuses.

I could try his girlfriend.

OK. Let's back off now. Let's house
Jackie Boy and Nick tonight,
go knocking first thing.

Arrest them on suspicion of murder.

Hi, Janet, what are you thinking?

We've found tyre marks
at the water's edge, and there are
oily patches on the water.

And there's oil on the grass
at the water's edge,

as you'd expect if a car had been
submerged, so we're thinking -

Turn out a diving team.


Police! Open up!

Someone in. Just seen 'em. OK.

Police! Show yourselves! Police!

Got him. Take the car. You stay here.


White male making a run for
it. Giving chase.

31-23-1. Chasing!

DC 31-23. Any update?

Ginnels. Thompson Road, north.

DC 31-23 requires assistance.

DC 31-23. What's your location?

Canal. Canal!

Nick. I can see you.

Stephen Jackson, I'm arresting you,
you bastard.

You're locked up.

He's trussed up in plastic. He was
lying on the bottom of the quarry.

I'll get it in a body bag as is
and follow it to the mortuary.

How long before
they get the car out?

A couple of hours.

Should Janet hold off?

No. Tell her to get cracking.
We can feed things in as we go.

According to our system, you
reported your car stolen on

Can you tell me a bit about that,
please, Stephen?

My car went missing.

When did it go missing?

Friday night.

Where was it when you last saw it?

I gave all its details
when I rang in it was stolen.

Yes, you said you that the last time
you saw it, it was parked on
Skinner's Lane in Ashton

at about 8:30 on Friday evening.
Is that right?


Do you know Robin McKendrick?

Everyone knows Twister, yeah.

Did you see Robin
the night your car went missing?

I think I did, yeah.

We spoke to a witness who chatted
to you in the pub that night,

and they told us that you told them
a story about you and Robin.
Can you tell me what that story was?

I can't remember.

Was it the story that you put Robin
in the boot of your car?

Oh, it was a joke.

We found a photo of Robin in the
boot of your car, on Facebook.

Ethan Fearnley posted it.

Can you tell me anything about that?

We only put him in there
for a laugh.

It was just for a bit.

And when we went back,
the car's gone.

The little so-and-so's nicked it.

Robin hasn't got a driving licence.

Doesn't mean he can't drive.

I don't reckon the lad'd be capable.

Hi, Gill.

It's a woman!

You're joking.

I'm not bloody joking! It's a woman.
Scary Mary just unravelled it.

There's this woman in a flowery
dress! This is what happens when you
poke about in quarries!

It's not gonna be Jackie Boy's car.

That's what I thought. But Mitch
rung - they found the registration
plates dumped by the quarry.

You didn't report your car stolen
until Saturday - the day after it
went missing.

What was the reason for that?

I thought it was just a wind-up.
I wound him up, he wound me up back.

The witness remembers you saying
that when you let Robin out of the
boot of your car,

he ran off like a scared cat.

I wasn't gonna let on that
he'd got one over on me
and pinched it, was I?

In your stolen car report, there's
no mention that you suspected Robin
McKendrick of having stolen it.

What was the reason
for you not mentioning that?

What was the reason for you winding
Robin up in the first place?

He doesn't control his dog.

He let it mess on our doorstep.

So I told him.
He told me to "eff off".

So that's when we've decided to
teach him a lesson.

He'd have done well to drive
in that condition, wouldn't he?

Hello, boss.

It's Mitch.

So I asked him if he knew anything
about this woman's body wrapped in

And erm...he had quite a strong

No, no, no, I don't know nothing
about that! Nothing!

OK. Now, we also found your car
in the quarry, Stephen,
with Robin's body in it.

Yeah? Well, he'll have driven it
in there, won't he?

What explanation do you think there
can be for Robin removing and
dumping your number plates,

and then driving himself
into the quarry?

We found the number plates from your
car buried in silt by the quarry.

Do you think we're going to find
Robin's fingerprints on them?

I need to talk to you in private.

Confession time.

They're compiling it now.

Godzilla rang me from the mortuary.
She said, "Come and meet your first
body as a sergeant."

The woman?


Bloody hell, Rache.
You're off.


Deep puncture wound.

Two to six weeks in the water,
you're saying?


Could I have a look at her teeth?

What are you thinking?

Could you be years out?


Could a body that had been killed a
long time ago but preserved

Preserved how?

I don't know.

Frozen? Could a body that had been
killed a long time ago and then

and then dumped in water recently,
look like that?

How long ago are you talking?

22 - no, 23 years ago.

Are you saying you think you know
who this is?

This is mad. You'll think I'm mad.
It is.

But I think this could
possibly be Mandy Sweeting.

Mitch just told me.

What? You think it might be
Mandy Sweeting.

It's pie in the sky.

My dad worked on that case.

So he did.

I'd love to work on it.
It doesn't exist. I know it doesn't.
But if it does, can I stay?

It's not up to me.
It's completely hypothetical.

All I'm asking is, if it's got legs,
then Rachel will need someone
shadowing her cos it'll go massive.

All I'm asking is, if it is -

can I apply to stay on for a bit
and you let me work on it?
It'd mean the world to me, Gill.

Debrief. Now.

Congratulations, Rache.

Thank you.

No disrespect, I didn't see that
coming, you getting Rob's job.

You and me both, pal.

Classic Rachel. Toast hits the deck
butter side up. Jammy side up.

Thank you for staying late.

Quite an eventful day.

Well done.

The PM on Robin McKendrick
is now complete.

Cause of death -
he choked on his own vomit.

Bruising on his wrists shows he was
restrained, presumably while in the

Professor Jackson's theory is he was
unable to clear his passages because
his hands were tied together.

Panic attacks can make you sick.
He was on medication for that.

Nick has no-commented.
But Jackie Boy's made a confession.

He's saying it was all an accident.
When he and Nick went back to the
boot, they found Robin dead.

He said Robin was in a mess because
he'd vomited.

Nick drove the body to the quarry,
propped Robin up in the driving seat
and pushed the car in.

He's saying they never meant
to do him any harm.

They bloody did. They used that boy
like a punch bag. Everybody did.

They just didn't mean to get into
trouble for it. Jackie Boy says he's
got anger issues.

Join the club.

The only proof we've got on him is
for assault, which he's never

And concealing a body.

It's manslaughter.

But we can't prove causation.
We can't prove they knew that what
they did could cause Robin to die.

His solicitor knows that. That's why
she advised him to confess.
She's going for accidental death.

They attacked, confined and
restrained a person,

which caused his death, and they've
pulled out every stop to get away
with it.

Charge them both with assault,
abduction and concealing a body,

and put in an advice file for

And Ethan?

Jackie Boy says he did nothing.

Yeah, we still want a statement off
him. Keep on at him. And his

Housekeeping. Rachel is, as of
today, acting sergeant, running the
investigation on the second body.

She'll become sergeant proper in two
weeks time when Rob leaves.

Ma'am. Yes, Chris.

Is it true you think the second body
might be Mandy Sweeting?

Apart from the fact there's nothing
to suggest a connection between her
and Jackie Boy,

I haven't the foggiest who she is.
I had a guess,

which I stupidly voiced.

If it is her, which it won't be,
we'll deal with it.

We're getting her dental records.
I will look like an imbecile,
something you can look forward to.

Until that time, I don't want to
hear another word breathed about it
in this building or outside it.

Is that clear?




Mandy Sweeting.

The pathologist's view is the body
had been frozen.

Are you telling me? I'm advising you.
We're an equal rank.

My dad worked on the investigation.
It's unbelievably shallow and

It's one of the most depressing
things I've read.

How's the online dating?

This week, I am mostly
attracting widowers.