Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 3 - Episode #3.3 - full transcript

Janet and Rachel interview eighteen year old Danny Gallagher,who discovered his father Ed had been murdered and his house robbed. Rachel is surprised when Danny's mother Sarah suspects her son of the murder as they clearly have their differences and Sarah regards the boy as a disappointment. A neighbour claims to have seen Danny leave the house on the night of the murder but a new line of enquiry opens when Sarah admits that her husband was gay and picked up young men for sex. When one of them is discovered with Ed's car another suspect is added to the list. Janet persuades her mother to move in as Adrian leaves to live with his new girlfriend and Sean becomes suspicious after a man rings asking for Susie,the name Rachel used with her one night stand.

- Me and Sean are getting married.
- No!

- Why don't we call it a day?
- Is that what you want?

- Can I stay at yours tonight?
- You've been married five minutes!

You are aware this is a public place
and you're committing a lurid act.

I pulled this bloke last night

and then we checked into a
hotel room and I shagged him.

Scott & Bailey
Season - Episode 02

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So last night I did this thing,

- I said this thing.
- What thing?

This daft thing.

- I did! Last night?
- You did? What did you do?

Well, it wasn't what I said,
it was more what I...

- No, go on. What did you do?
- Well, it was more what I said.

I don't get this. You've spent
the last four nights at Eleanor's.

- Yeah?
- You come back here to do your washing,

argue with the kids,
make a mess, and then you're off!

- I haven't made a mess.
- You've had your bike

- in bits on the kitchen table.
- Yeah, I put newspaper down,

and I cleaned up after myself.

And I did everybody else's washing
as well as me own,

- and when did I argue with the kids?
- Tea-time.

I spent an hour making their tea!

You'd be cross too if they were
too busy tweeting and twittering

and farting about to come to the
table when you'd called 'em four times!

I think you've got to make a
decision about where you want to be.

Why don't you just move in with her
and have done with it?

Janet, I'm here because you're not
90% of the time.

I thought I was helping.

I thought we were
making the best

of a situation
until the house sells.

I thought we were doing really well.

I'm thinking about asking my mum
to move in permanently.

She can help with the girls,
I can keep an eye on her,

and you can do what you want.

Right, yeah.

Have a word with Dorothy
and see what she says.

I don't even know
why I started on him.

He's been very good actually.

Yeah, well it's no fun for you,
is it?

Left on your own every night

while he's off having it
off with somebody else.

Well, no quite.
Not that I want to be having it off with him.

- God no.
- But...

- yep, just...
- No, I know.

How about you?

Your phone's ringing!

Well, answer it then!
Dozy sod.



Hold on.


Actually, I think you might have
the wrong number, pal.

No, it's...

Well, it's not anybody's called
Suzie, put it that way.

- Ta-ra.
- Who was it?

Wrong number.
He wanted somebody called Suzie.

It was only that talentless plank
I shagged in that hotel room.

- Shit!
- I know,

I must've been so pissed.

I gave him a made-up name,
but then a proper phone number.

God you really are, aren't you?


Straight faces.

I'm Detective Sergeant Scott,

this is Detective Constable Bailey.

We're sorry to be meeting you
under such difficult circumstances.

- Are we looking at a break-in?
- No, nothing.

- Who found him?
- The son.


I was cross with him...

..when I got there.

I thought he'd forgotten to turn up
like we'd arranged,

and then I assumed he wasn't
answering his phone on purpose

cos he couldn't be arsed.

It never occurred to me
he might be in trouble.

Describe to me what happened
when you arrived.

I let myself in.

I was going to leave a note saying
"Where the hell were you yesterday,

you selfish..."


I thought it was paint.

All across the ceiling.

I thought...
vandals, idiots, morons

breaking in,
throwing red paint everywhere.

God knows why I thought that.

It wasn't till I saw him...

lying there...

..the penny dropped.
And I realised that it was...

- Legenda sem tradu?ao -

- blood.
- What did you do next?

I got my phone and rang 999.

Has my mother not got here yet?

- Not that I'm aware of.
- No,

someone will let us
know when she arrives.

So going back, the last time
that you spoke to your dad was when?

Saturday tea-time.

Did you speak or text?


And he was fine.

All right, boss?

- Our Sammy's got engaged.
- Has he?

- He's 19.
- Right, Is she not...

No, she's fantastic!
I love her.

She's brainy, she's sorted,

she's sweet-natured,
she's pretty.

Pretty enough.

I just keep thinking it's
too good to be true.

- Is there a car in the garage?
- No. Nothing.

Don't tell me a twat this rich

doesn't drive a big flashy car.

Where's his mobile?

Where's his wallet?

Sarah Gallagher?
I'm Rachel Bailey,

I'm a detective constable
with the Major Incident Team.

I'm going to be your family liaison

That means I'm
here to support you,

and to keep you informed
as to how the investigation's going.

I'm sorry that we're meeting
in such unhappy circumstances.

I don't even know what's happened.

The pair that told me
seemed to know next to nothing.

- Have you been offered some tea?
- No.

- Could we...
- Sure.


I'm sorry.
Is he actually dead?

I'm afraid that's...

Yes, one of the paramedics pronounced
him dead at 11.30 this morning.

Would you like to...

Mrs. Gallagher,
your husband was found

just after 11.00 this morning

by your son, Daniel, at your house.

Our Senior
Investigating Officer -

Detective Chief Inspector Murray -
is there now.

As soon as she gets back
I know she'll want to speak to you.

- Is my son here?
- Yes.

- Have you arrested him?
- No.

Two of my colleagues are with him
talking to him.

But no, he's not been arrested.

Can I see him?

Yeah, sure.

OK, Daniel, this is difficult.
But because you found your dad

and at the moment you're the last
person we know of who spoke to him,

we're obliged - and this is purely
a matter of routine -

and you must understand that,

we're obliged to eliminate you
from our enquiries.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

So after you spoke to him
tea-time, Saturday,

can you take us
through where you went

and what you did right up to
when you found him two hours ago?

House to house. Did anyone see
somebody arriving at the house?

Did anyone see Eddie's Aston Martin
being driven away?

Did anyone hear the garage doors
being opened?

CCTV, a lot of those
houses in that area

are going to have close circuit
television. Let's not miss anything.

We believe his wallet
and his phone's missing,

so let's find out where
his phone was last used,

where his bank cards were last used.

His car's missing.

Let's just check it's not
being serviced at a garage.

His car keys appear
to be missing,

so any ANPR sightings, any CCTV.

This is a very new
Aston Martin DB9,

registration MK12 KNH.

It's gonna stand out like Lady
Penelope's pink Rolls Royce

unless it's been torched,

let's monitor any
cars reported burnt out

since 5.00 on
Saturday tea-time.

- Murder weapon -
- I think it's still

out there somewhere.

The car.
Why steal it just to torch it?

Not every little crime
thinks these things through.

Not when they've got an Aston Martin
key in their sweaty hand.

They have to torch it
after they've driven off in it.

Murder weapon -
got to be a blade of some sort.

We'll have more information on what
we're looking for after the post-mortem.

Continuing to interview
the wife and the son.

I want to know everything
about this man life style.

Who his friends were,
who he'd argued with,

who owed him money,
anyone he'd pissed off.

I want to know
every move he made

between 5.00 on Saturday
and 11.00 on Monday.

I want to know the last
time he wiped his arse

and the last time he farted.

This is either a domestic
muddled up to look like a robbery,

or he's let someone into his house
and they've killed and robbed him.

But I keep coming back
to the dressing gown.

Who do you let in,
in your dressing gown?

Somebody you know. Friends. Family.

- A neighbour.
- Somebody you trust.

- Was he having an affair?
- Lover?

A lover who robbed him.

Well, we've turned over Daniel's
flat, taken clothes from the washer

and we've taken what he was wearing
when he found his dad this morning.

And four pairs of trainers,
which didn't go down well.

- Bit of a tantrum.
- Has he given an alibi?

Sunday, Sunday night, yes.

But Saturday night's not great
for him.

In his flat all night,
watching DVDs,

playing on his X-Box, sleeping.

I'm getting a cell-site map,

see if that can locate him.

What about her? The missus.

I haven't even said
hello to her yet.

She was in Leeds.

She left Manchester
10.00am Saturday

stayed over there
Saturday and Sunday night -

I'm verifying that.

She's staying with a neighbour
in Altrincham.

I've got the address
whenever you need it.

Odd thing was, she asked me
if we'd arrested him - Daniel.

It was more or less the first
thing she asked when she got here.

Is it just me or is that odd?

Detective Constable Bailey, MIT,

here to see Sarah Gallagher.

- Thanks.
- Don't pretend you're upset!

You couldn't bloody stand him!

Her son Danny has turned up.

They are arguing.
Can I take your coat?

- Who are you seeing?
- Sorry.

Am I intruding?

- Do you know anything?
- No, not as yet.

I just came over to update you
with where we're at.

- Is there a problem?
- No.

I've got a problem

with you turning
my flat inside out.

Right. You did give us permission
though, Danny.

Yeah. And what would it have
looked like if I'd said no?

And as Sergeant Scott
explained to you,

often it's a matter
of routine procedure.

- You better not think it's me.
- I don't think anything.

- Can I sit down?
- Of course.

So, Ed's body has now been
removed from the house.

It's been taken to the mortuary, where
he'll undergo a post-mortem examination,

which DCI Murray will attend.

- Subsequent to that -
- Can I see him?

Sorry, I was going to say

normally we'd ask you
to visit the mortuary

and formally identify his body.
But given that Danny found him,

- that isn't going to be necessary.
- I'd like to see him.

Yeah, sure.

I can take you there myself.

I can drive you there,
I can go in with you,

I'll can bring you
home again after,

if that's something you'd like me
to do.

Thank you.

He's been and gone.

Did he say anything about anything?

Like what?

Right, well, this is the thing.

Three nights a week - more -
you're round.

Anyway, looking after
the girls, right?

He's off every fart's end he gets at
bloody Eleanor's.

Well, the thing is I'm thinking
when the house sells...

- Oh, God.
- What?

Right, just feel free to shoot
this one down in flames, OK?

But what if...

Look, why don't
you just spit it out

and then we'll know
what we're dealing with.


What if you sold your house,
bought out his half,
and came to live with us?


Are you serious?

I don't want to move house.
I haven't got time.

Could you stand me?

I don't know.
Could you stand me?'

Well, I put up with you for 18 years
before, once, didn't I?

Well, it wasn't all bad, was it?

No. I always thought we had a lot
of fun together, you and me.

On the whole.

I wouldn't want you to think
I'm using you


I am, I would be,
I need someone.

But it could work, couldn't it?
I mean, for all of us.

You wouldn't be on
your own so much.

What d'you think?

- Well, I'd love it. But -
- What?

If I sold my house,
there'd be no going back.

I know, I get that,
it's a big thing.

Suppose you got married again?
You'd wouldn't want me there.

You know I'd never
see you high and dry.

I know that, love.

Right, well,
I've thrown it out there.

So, shall we sit on it for a bit
and see if it squeaks?

If you like.

- OK, so is that...
- Yeah.


- Listen, Mum, I've got to go.
- OK, love. Tata.


I am so not cut out
for being an FLO.

I don't know how I got through
the course.

I don't even know why I applied.

Do you want to do some house
to house for me instead?

Yes, please.

Are they making mincemeat of you,

Na, they'd have to try a bit
bloody harder for that.

Have you learned anything new?

Danny was a disappointment.

She told me that
after he stormed off.

Expelled from school,
dropped out of college,

constantly on the cadge
for money off his dad.

She thinks that was why he was
meeting him on Sunday in the pub -

to wheedle some wonga off him.

"Always drawn to
the wrong thoughts."


Smacked her about more than once.

She's saying all this like it's
an excuse, an apology

for him mouthing off about us
turning his flat over.

Right, who can we pair you up with?

DS Scott to PC Whittaker,

can you come over to my caravan
please, you lucky boy?

Sammy's getting married.

Sammy Murray?

The lovely Orla.

- He's 19.
- It must be lurv.

Yeah, well, someone needs
to tell the lad.

And bloody hell, what about her?
Poor kid?

Gill Murray as your mother-in-law?

Now that is a nightmare
waiting to happen.

See you in a bit.

The blade's gone right
through the carotid artery.

It's a very clean cut.

There's a knife missing from
the block in the kitchen.

The smallest one.
Probably two, three inches.

Japanese steel.

That'd do it.
There were no signs of a scuffle.

There wouldn't be.
The blood loss'd be too rapid.

His heart would go into arrest
within six, seven, eight seconds.

It's an efficient death.

Somebody knew what
they were doing?

I think if you know
what you are doing,
you'll find something
just as efficient

without risking dousing yourself
in evidence.

Opportunistic. Spur of the minute.
A lucky hit.

Using a weapon
that's already there,

not one you've thought to
bring with you yourself.

Someone who's
threatened, trapped,

He's a big bloke.

Maybe she's pregnant. Orla.
Have you asked?

Right, pegs on noses,
let's cut away the blubber.

He died from cardiac arrest.

But what caused that
was rapid blood loss.

The carotid artery was severed -
that's in the neck.

In layman's terms, Mrs. Gallagher,

someone slit his throat.

Someone he either let in
or who came in with a key.

Someone he felt
comfortable with.

Someone who didn't necessarily
go there to kill him

because they didn't bring a weapon.

I'm sorry to ask this.

Did Ed...

Could he...

Was he someone who ever
had a bit of a temper?


Yeah, he...

he was never violent.


But, yeah, he could be very...


If he was that way out.

I mean, I've thrown things at him
before now.

Could you describe to me Daniel's
relationship with his father?

- So how's married life?
- Shit. On the whole.

I heard congratulations are in order.

- Are you taking the piss?
- No.

It's nearly 8.30.
Are you winding up here?

I want to be home by 11.00.
Pete's just been talking to a fella

who was walking his dog past here
on Saturday night.

He lives next door but two.

He says he saw Danny reversing
the Aston Martin out of the drive,

- 11.20, Saturday night.
- How close was he?

He says within 20 feet.

- How well lit is it?
- It's good, I've looked.

There's a street light opposite.

How well does he know Danny?
How good's his eye sight?

He's seen him around.

He's been for drinks at
the house at Christmas.

There is no doubt in his mind
that it was Danny.

- Did Danny see him?
- He's not sure.

Said he looked away
like he didn't want to be seen.

Do we know where Danny is?

He reconned to be
going back to his flat.

Rachel saw him earlier.

Let's get a statement off this bloke.

Then it looks like we will be needing
to talk to Danny again.

Hey, you're home?

No, I'm in Timbuktu.

I heard a bang.

Well, it was me slamming the door
because you were snoring.

- I don't snore.
- Right.

And I'm chairman of
the United Nations!

- You'd be good at that.
- I'd be shit at that.

I'd be going,
"Oh, just all shoot each other

- if you're going to be like that".
- No, you wouldn't.

You'd wade in there, you.

Have y'ad a good day?

I've had a long day.

I wonder who that fella was?

Are you gonna give me any clues?

That was trying to
get hold of Suzie.

- Yesterday.
- I've got no idea.

I should've asked him what number
he was trying for.

I'm amazed you've given it
a second thought.

I could call him back.

Give us your phone.

- It's 11.35.
- Well?

You can't ring somebody
you don't know at 11.35.

Why not?
What's he gonna do?

Call the police?

Well, what y'gonna say?
"Have you found Suzie?"

- Yeah.
- And then what?


Knock yourself out.

Which one was it?

I don't know, love. You spoke to him.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe it is a bit late.

I'd have said so.

Night night.


Did you borrow your Dad's car
at all this weekend, Danny?

No, I've told you.
I don't know where his car is.

He never let me anywhere near
his fff...flaming car.

I think I sat in it once,
and even then he was like,

"You better not have mud on
those shoes, Daniel".

And what would your
response be, Danny,

if I told you that a neighbour
- on Saturday night -

was out walking his dog
and he told us that he saw you

reversing your dad's Aston Martin
out of your dad's drive?

That's just not true.

He recognised you.

Well, he must be blind
because it wasn't me.

- Who said it?
- Somebody who knows you.

I wasn't at their house
on Saturday night.

I've told you, I was at my flat.

You're trying to fit me up.

Why would we want to do that, Danny?

- We just want to find out the truth.
- To get a result.

We've had someone tell us they
saw you, leaving the house,

on Saturday night
in your dad's car.

We have to follow that up.

You know me and him
didn't always get along, right?

so you're fitting me up.

I want a lawyer.

You're not under arrest.
You're free to leave at any time.

Right, well...

But really, Danny,
if you have nothing to hide,

you need to be working with us -
not against us.

I wasn't at their house
on Saturday night.

Do you want to be on your own?


No, it's fine.

I just wanted to see him.

He wasn't a bad man.

Often the opposite, really.

Just over the years we...

- Are you married?
- Yeah.

Well, you probably haven't been
married long enough.

Three months.

I know it's not
all black and white.

We should've got divorced.

Certainly after Danny left home.

Except I've...

never been confident Danny
has actually left home.


We both -

me and Ed - have had
relationships outside the marriage.

But we never actually fell out.

And we both loved the house.

It's such a big house you can rattle
around inside it happily enough

without even knowing
the other one's there.

Was Ed having a relationship
with anyone recently?



About six or seven years ago

he told me...

I found out,
I found some DVDs.


On other men.

So he told me he liked boys.

Not little boys.
Young men. Adults.

Daft thing is
I think I always knew.

I didn't mind.

I didn't care.

It didn't make any difference
to anything really.

We hadn't had sex
for a good few years.

He'd pick lads up on Canal Street.

- They have got hotels where you can...
- I know.

I asked him to be careful,
which I think he probably was.

And I asked him not to bring people
back to the house

even if I wasn't there, which

I don't think he would've done.

He isn't daft.

Wasn't daft.

Sarah, sorry, but... it possible he could've been off
cruising up Canal Street this weekend?

Oh, yeah.
Very likely.

Danny doesn't know anything
about this.


In here.

- Boss.
- What's the lad said?

Denying being anywhere near.

What's this?

Statement I took off the bloke
walking the dog?

Yeah, he identified him
off his baseball cap.

He didn't see Daniel Gallagher.
He saw a baseball cap.

He says,

"I recognised him
because of his cap."

I don't know where you trained,
but identifying someone's cap

- is not identifying them.
- I -

I was on the verge, I was
on the cusp of raising this lad

to being a suspect last night
based on your misinformation.

How many years' experience
have you got? Eh?

You are walking on ice
this fucking thin.

I've had results back from the lab.

They've identified 37 different
sets of fingerprints in the house.

One fingerprint we have a match
with on the database.

Andy Ibbotson.

Previous for a burglary
- at knifepoint -

assault, shoplifting, deception.

low-life dick-head.

That's his address.
Let's send someone round

and see if he knows anything
about anything.

Ed's bank card was used
on Saturday night at 9.36

at an ATM on Sackville Street
in the middle of Manchester.

And it was used again evening
for an online purchase from Ebay

on Sunday of £5.98.

Can you get me a delivery address
on that?

Let's see if it was somewhere
other than Ed's house.

If it was, let's get some
intelligence on the address.

- Yep.
- OK.

It was all Rachel's mother.

I'm not saying...
The thing is...

I was pissed. I must've been
or it would never've happened.

She persuaded me outside,
she were all over me.

We were...

We were in the car park.

- I can trust you, can't I?
- You know you can.

I had sex with her.

Yeah. Me.

Go on, laugh.

Next thing I know there's a torch
in my eyes and it's her.

Theboss, yeah. Jesus.


She's saying, "You're aware
this is a public place,

"you're aware you're
committing a lewd act".

Then she sees it was me.

I could died. I wish I had.

I'm amazed she's not flirted me
off to another syndicate.

I'm amazed I'm not back on division.

And it's not just that.

It's Lynn.

I can't look her in the eyes.

- She knows summat's up.
- Don't tell her.

It's not worth it.

Pretend it never
happened and move on

for the greater good
of your marriage.

You've had your fingers burned,
you know it'll never happen again.


Is this why you've been so
shirty with Sherlock lately?


Which is ridiculous.
I love Rachel. She's a pal.

Yeah, well, lighten up, eh?

She'd be the first to sympathise.

She knows better than anyone what a
poisonous lightweight her mother is.

- What's his name?
- Andy Ibbotson.

Number 89.

'Ello 'ello 'ello.

- Parked up outside the house?
- Yup.

- They haven't knocked?
- You haven't knocked?

The boy wonder nearly did,
but I managed to stop him.

- Tell 'em to stay put.
- Boss says stay put.

- Keep obs on the car.
- Keep obs on the car.

We'll pull together
an arrest team a

forensic team, and we'll
get round there asap.

- Did you get all that?
- Yeah.

He's just come out!
Just now!

It's him, he's heading for the car!

He's just come out, just now,
he's heading for the car.

- Go go go, arrest him!
- Arresting him?

- Arrest him.
- Arrest him!

Andy Ibbotson?

Stay where you are!

Hands behind your back!

Get your hands behind your back!

- You're under arrest.
- What for?!


can you describe to me

your relationship with
Edward Gallagher?

I just knew him.

Where did you meet him?


Up Canal Street.
On Saturday night.

He was a nice guy, nice fella.

Quiet, polite.

I can't believe he's dead.

That's weird.

But I'm telling you,
when I left him,

he was fine.

Hand on heart,
he was absolutely...

He was just fine.

Can you explain to me how it is
you've got possession of his car?

I was borrowing it.

He lent it me. Just till Wednesday.

So generous.

He wanted to give me some
money, but I'm like, "Eddie?!"

So how long've you known him?

I've seen him about once or twice.

It's the first time
I'd been with him though.

- You had sex with him?
- Yeah.

Where did you have sex with him?

- His house.
- So just to be clear,

you were in his house
on Saturday evening?

- Yeah.
- You met him in Canal Street.

And he took you back to his house
in Altrincham.

- Yep.
- And you had sex.


And then what happened?



He just...

He was really happy,


I told him I needed
to go to Wolverhampton

to go see my dad.

My car was in hospital.

And he said,
"It's all right, take mine."

I said, "Eddie, I can't,
it's an Aston Martin",

but he just said, "Don't be daft.
I don't need it this week".

That's what he was like.

What time did you leave the house?

About half eleven.

- What were you wearing?
- Clothes.

Can you describe them to me?

Oh, I borrowed a hat,
a cap,

a baseball cap
and a jacket.

So someone's...

He said he was expecting his son.

Daniel is he called?

He said he was expecting his son
to turn up pissed later.

He'd been on the phone,
laying the law down

and he wouldn't be surprised if he turned
up trying to throw his puny weight around.

- But I dunno.
- But,

But, just to go back,

you said Edward was relaxed
and happy when you left.


Well, he wasn't frightened of him,
was he?

The little twat.

Why did you run away
when you saw us?

Because you were chasing me.

Living with your mother.

It could tick quite a lot of boxes
for everybody.

- D'you think I'm mad?!
- No.


- Tamsin Henshall?
- Yeah.

Manchester Met Police
Major Incident Team.

We're investigating a murder.
Have you got five minutes?


You can sit down if you like.

Is that your parcel?


It's got your address on it.

I don't know whose it is.

That item was
bought fraudulently

using a stolen credit card.

I don't know anything about it. I was
going to take it to the post office.

This isn't just about a
stolen credit card, love.

Someone's been murdered.

Someone's had their throat slit.

And unless you can do
better than "I don't know"

you're going to be arrested
on suspicion of murder.

It isn't her, it's him.


Tamsin Henshall is the sister
of a Tanya Henshall.

She lives with Andy
Ibbotson at the address

Lee and Kev picked him up from.

Was she not there this morning
when we turned the place over?

Not that I know of, no.

And this isn't the
first time it's happened.

Tanya's always
getting stuff sent

to her sister's address
using stolen bank cards.

No kidding!

Did you get a phone number
for her off this sister?

Yes, I did.

Give her a ring, find her,
pick her up.

Tanya, we're investigating
the murder of Edward Gallagher.

What can you tell me about that?

- He didn't murder anyone.
- Who didn't?


Look, he might nicked the card.

And the car and the phone
and the watch.

But he didn't kill no-one,
he wouldn't kill no-one!

He'd've told me
if he'd killed someone!

Has he nicked cards before?


Are Lee and Kev still
in with Andy?

Yeah. Can you pop in there for me
and give Lee a message?

There's no need to be embarrassed.

I'm not embarrassed.

So I'll ask you again.

What kind of sex did you have
with Eddie?

Sort you'd expect.

Can you describe it to me?


I think we'll take a break there,

Half an hour.

But just to let you know, Andy,

some of my colleagues
have been talking to Tanya -

your girlfriend Tanya.

We've picked her up.

And when we come back,

I'm going to ask you about
some of the other men

she's telling us you've picked up
in Canal Street

and stolen bank cards
and car keys from.


All right, all right, all right.

I stole off him.

But I didn't hurt him.

I didn't touch him.

I didn't kill him.

He says they got back to the house.

He persuaded Eddie to
take him back to the house

because he saw he had a Rolex,

which was no good
without the certificate.

So, he want the certificate.

So, they got there.
Eddie went to have a shower.

Andy took what he wanted -

car keys, wallet,

mobile, the watch
without the certificate -

and sneaked out.

- So no sex?
- No sex.

So Eddie thinks they're going
back to the house for sex.

Andy knows they're going back
so he can rob him.

But then Andy's still saying
Eddie was fine when he left.

Fine as in, in the shower.

So either Andy's killed him
or someone with a key's

gone back after Andy's gone -

- Daniel possibly -
and he's killed him.

At the moment, we've got no evidence
Daniel went back there.

His car hasn't cropped up
on any CCTV?

- Nope.
- Yeah, but

that doesn't mean he
didn't go back there.

Where are we up to verifying
the wife's alibi?

She's in the clear.

She was definitely in Leeds.

Who are these other blokes
who Andy's nicked stuff off?

We're trying to find out.

I'm wondering if he's
targeted the kind of men

who wouldn't want to
report being robbed

cos they wouldn't
want anyone to know

they were cruising on Canal Street.

So he's a small-time con-man.

So how does he end up stabbing
someone - if it was him?

How come he got the watch?

If Eddie went off to have a shower

and that's when Andy sneaked out
with the other stuff -

wallet, car keys, mobile -

you'd leave them lying around.

But you wouldn't take your watch
off till you went into the bathroom.

You might do.
A posh Rolex.

Have we got the watch?

We've recovered a
Rolex from Andy's house.

We can verify if it's Eddie's
when we've located the certificate,

- or from DNA if we have to.
- Have we sent it to the lab?

If he took it off him
after he stabbed him,

it might have blood on it,
even if he've tried to clean it.

If it's got a metal strap, it'll have
all sorts of nooks and crannies.

That'd put him in the room
after the murder's happened.

Let's do that.

How thick is that though?

To murder someone, and then let
your girlfriend use his bank card

and park his Aston Martin
at the front of your house?

I hate to break it to you, Kevin,
but 99.9% of the time

we're dealing with people
who are thick.

It's the point though.

If he's been dealing with
blokes who'd be too embarrassed

to report him stealing their stuff from,

he's not going to worry too much
about hiding stuff, is he -

not if he has been
getting away with it?

You mean, which would suggest
he did leave Eddie alive and well.

Let's keep talking
to Andy and Tanya,

let's fast track
the watch to the lab.

Were there any results from
the lab on Danny's clothes?

No. Nothing. Clean.

How's the missus?

Yeah, she's...

I was gonna pop by and see her
after we finish here.

It's Rachel.


Jesus, Sarah.
What happened?

- Danny.
- Why?

- Why not?
- Yeah, but...

He gets frustrated,

he gets angry. And of course he
has to take it out on someone.

- Frustrated with us?
- Well, yeah.

With everyone thinking it's him.

So he takes it out on you.

He's frightened.

We've had a development today.
Can I sit down?

Yeah, course.


when we met yesterday,

when you arrived at the station,

one of the first
things you asked me was

"Has been arrested?"

Could I ask you why you thought that?

Because I wouldn't put it past him.

- Hello.
- You doing owt?

- Nope.
- Me neither.

I'm just watching telly.

It's all rubbish.

So what did you want?

Nothing. I was just ringing you
cos I'm bored.

Yes! Bingo. Hallelujah!
God, I'm good!

Results from the lab,
ladies and gentlemen.

Microscopic traces of Ed's blood
inside the strap of the Rolex

and on Andy the-little-twat's

You fancy popping downstairs
and putting it to him?

- I would love to.
- See what he comes up with this time.

- Well done, kid.
- I'll go tell Sarah.


- Have you got time to come with me?
- Why?

- Hello?
- Danny? It's Detective Constable Bailey

and Detective Sergeant Scott from MMP.
Have you got a minute?

Yep, I'll be down.

I wonder what happened?

Why does a
small-time con-artist

end up slitting
someone's throat?

Well, Ed's dead and Andy
isn't speaking to us, so...

Maybe Ed wasn't taking no
for an answer.

If Andy's plan
wasn't to have sex

maybe Ed trapped him.

- And Ed was a big bloke.
- Maybe.

What's up?


Ours not to reason why,

ours just to catch the bastards.

You don't always get neat answers.

As long as we can
prove who did what,

who gives a toss why?

Do you not wanna know?


I'm too long in the tooth
and life's too short.

Hello, Danny. We've charged a man
with your father's murder.

Yeah, I know.
Me mum said, she rang me.


And now I'm arresting you
for assaulting your mother.

You don't have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention when questioned
something you later rely on in court.

D'you want to get some shoes on?

- Hello.
- Helen?

How long has she had the idea
that he was there?

Ever since she
helped Joe bury him

33 years ago when she was 13.

This afternoon we found,
in the cellar,

the remains of not
one but two bodies.

Joe, how would you
respond if I told you

we'd found human remains

in the ground of the cellar at
your house in Peverall Street?

Subtitles by Deluxe
Sync: Marocas62