Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 2 - Episode #3.2 - full transcript

As they pursue estate agent Adam Armstrong who accidentally killed a homeless man by shoving him Rachel confesses to Janet that she had sex with a stranger the night before and that she bitterly regrets marrying Sean. When Dominic killed Nick Rachel was implicated and,though exonerated,had to face a tribunal where Gill spoke up for her. Rachel was feeling down at the time and to marry Sean seemed to the right thing to do as he had been so kind to her. Recollections of the wedding are not happy for either woman as Rachel's estranged mother Sharon turned up and got embarrassingly drunk at the reception,where Adrian also suggested to Janet that they split up.

- Sean bores me shitless.
- You've been married five minutes!

- Get your mummy a little drink.
- No!

Nick Savage died half an hour ago.

If you had anything to do with this,
I'll hang you out to dry.

It was Dom that attacked
Nick bloody Savage.

- But why?
- For you!

Scott & Bailey
Season - Episode 02

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Detective Sergeant Scott,

Manchester Metropolitan Police.

I'm looking for Adam Armitage.

- Well, he's not here.
- Can we come in?

Well, he's not here!

- This is where he lives?
- Yeah, but he's not here.

- Where is he?
- What are they doing?

This is a search warrant.
You can read it if you like.

- Are you his wife?
- Yeah.

Gill, he's not at the address.

His wife's saying
he's gone to work.

I'm thinking, he's shitting himself.
The wife certainly is.

Yeah. We need to do
this softly, softly.

Is it all right if I send the
others back and me and Rachel go in

- and winkle him out?
- Apparently,

he doesn't know he's killed him.

- He thinks he's given him a hiding.
- Yeah.

Ta da.

- I did this thing...
- Sorry?

I did this thing.


But, I don't regret it.

Mitch, would you lot
like to go back to all them?

Me and Rachel are going
to take a subtler approach

to Mr. Armitage
at his workplace.

OK, thanks.
See you in a bit.

Ta da.

Are you going to give me some clues?

I pulled this bloke
last night in bar

and then we checked into
a hotel room and I shagged him.

- OK...

I don't regret it when
in fact I do but...

Only because it was crap.

If you're going to be unfaithful it
might as well be spectacular anyway.

I left at just gone two.

I told him I was called Suzy

and left him my
pretend phone number.

He probably thinks it's the
beginning of a relationship.

Sad twat's probably married.

Still, who cares, 'ey?

What's going on in there?

I married Sean
for all the wrong reasons,

but you know that, don't you?

Well, no, I didn't think you had.

I thought at the time you married him
for all the right reasons.

I married because
I was terrified.

- Of what?
- Of everything!

Twelve Months Earlier


You stupid, stupid...

I did it for you!

- For me?
- I couldn't stand to see you crying.

I didn't want, I didn't want you
to worry any more.

He died!

He's dead!


You're under arrest.

I'm arresting you...

..on suspicion of murder.



Go on.
Keep running.

You can't hide forever
but you can try, just run.

Met Police Service.

Detective Constable Rachel Bailey.

MIT collar number 31-23-1.

I'm chasing a murder suspect.
I'm off duty.

He's heading up
Longacre towards Ancoats.

He's wearing a grey shirt,
a black puffer jacket.

Twenty-eight years old
carrying a black hold-all.

He told my sister what he'd done
and then she told me.

She said he was at
Piccadilly train station.

He was going to get on
a train to London.

So, I went along there, I found him.

He ran off, I chased him.

I managed to catch up with him,
I told him I was arresting him,

but he got away from me.

How did he get away from you?

I er, I couldn't pin him down.
I didn't have my cuffs on me.

And look, I-I was upset.
He's my brother.

- Is there anything else to add?
- Yeah.

I've got the name and the
number of the taxi driver

that drove me home at the
time Nick Savage was attacked.

So I can prove I
was nowhere near.

- Boss, it's Rachel.
- Oh, hello.

It was my brother, Dominic,
that attacked Nick Savage.

He's confessed.
He's been arrested.

- OK.
- And I...

My boyfriend Sean

found the taxi driver that
drove me home that night

So I can prove I was nowhere near.

Good. Good, well, that's, that's...

So, I want to come back to work.

I need to talk to the SIO.

- Why?
- Because,

Rachel, from an
SIO's point of view

the fact your brother's in the frame
does not exclude you, does it?

Think about it,

- Yeah, but...
- in fact, if anything...

You know what I'm talking about.

Your Dominic on his own had
no argument with Nick Savage, did he?

Or do you know something I don't?


Do you understand what I'm saying?

You think I'm the brains behind it.

You think I persuaded my feckless
little twat of a brother...

I need to talk to the SIO,

I need to be clear where they
are with everything.

Yes. Thank you, Ma'am.

Are you all right?


- I'll phone you.
- Right.


Why did he?
Why the hell did he do...?

He never did think
things through, did he?

Right from when he was tiny...

..his brain just never worked the
same as everybody else's, did it?

He thought he was doing me a favour.

Now I'm up to my neck in it,
taxi driver or no taxi driver.

It will all settle.

You know you haven't
done anything wrong.

He's going to get banged up
for 18 years minimum. More!


I really don't think that I can face
going to meet my mother on Friday.


Is it all right if we come in?

- Why?
- You don't want to do this on the doorstep.

We're here to arrest you
on suspicion of murder.

. *

How would you respond if I told you
your brother Dominic

had told us you incited him
to attack Nicholas Savage?

I didn't.

And you said you'd like to
see him dead.

I didn't.

Can I take you back
to the 14th of March?

You'd been out drinking
with your friend

and colleague Detective
Constable Janet Scott.

You damaged your hand.

- Can you remember that?
- Yeah.

Can you tell us what
state you were in?

- Drunk.
- How drunk?

- What, on a scale of one to ten?
- If you like.

I don't know.
I was...

Seven-eight, five point two.

Do you remember
your colleague, Janet?

She came into your flat
with you. She put you to bed.

- Right.
- After she'd gone,

you had a conversation
with Dominic,

remember that?


Can you tell me about it?

I told him about Nick.

He wanted to know
why I was upset.

Can you talk me through
the conversation?

I just explained to him
what had happened between us

and I told him why I was upset.

And how did he respond?


I don't know.
He was quiet.

Did you suggest to him at any point,

you'd like to see
Nicholas Savage dead?

- No.
- Did you suggest to him

you'd be grateful if
someone beat him up?


Would it surprise you if I told you

we took a statement from your
sister Alison this afternoon,

and she told us that
when she told you

Dominic had confessed
to her what he'd done

you could remember nothing
about that conversation

you'd had with Dominic
on the 14th of March?

Because you were so drunk.

I didn't tell him to attack Nick.

You're now saying you can
remember the conversation.

No, but I know what I said
because Alison told me.

I didn't incite him
to do anything stupid.

How do you know?
If yoy can't remember

Did Alison say that he'd said
I'd incited him?

No, but Dominic's
telling us you did.


it sounds like it's his
word against mine then.

Doesn't it?
You have to do better than that!

Because, what you're saying
is that you can't remember

what you said...

so it isn't exactly your
word against his, is it?

What's happened?

They're releasing me
on police bail and...


They're seeking
authority from the CPS

to charge me with murder.

You said you wanted him dead!

That's what you said,
you wanted him dead!

I think I might
give up drinking.

That's one option.

- I'm not an alcoholic.
- I don't think you need to be.

- I am frightened.
- Keep your nerve.

It just never ends.

You haven't done anything.

No, I know.

I've got to go.

What's Godzilla said?

To me.

Is it today you're meeting your mum?

Yeah... yeah.
If I turn up.

Well, let me know how you get on.

Even if I do come through this
all in one piece,

I don't think I can stand working
for this bunch of twats any more.

I know.
I know the feeling.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

Well, there's no loyalty
when it comes down to it,

or if there is,
it's all one way, upwards.

Pissed me off.

The trouble is, I don't know
what the hell else I'll do.

I don't even think about the future
at the moment anyway.

You could do anything, you.

- Yeah, like what?
- Anything!

Anything you set your mind to.

Stand up comedy.

Stand up comedy?

Well, you make me laugh.

Sod them.
I definitely think

you should be making plans.

It's bullshit.
It's all bullshit.

They're just flexing
their muscles.

CPS aren't going to touch it.

Shall I come in?

No, get a pint somewhere else.

I'll ring when I
want picking up.

Yeah, I decided...

I will marry you.

I'm not...
making excuses.

There are no excuses
for leaving you kids.

It was tough.

Well, it was tough for all of us,

with your dad,
drinking like he did.

Never any money,
always handy with his fists.

And I'm sorry.

I am...

Anyway, look...

The point is,
if you'll accept it... that I'm a very
different person now...

to what I was then.

I know it's too little,
too late but...

I just couldn't cope, love.

And that's the top and bottom.

But, you thought that we would.

No. You could always
look after yourself.

Could I?

Dom was eight.

Well, at least you had a roof
over your heads where you were.

You went to live with
a fellow in Wiggin.

I assume he had a roof.

Oh no!

You'd not have wanted to go there.

You know Dom's in prison.

I thought Sean said he was out.

No, he's back.

He broke the conditions
of his licence.

He murdered someone.

What do you mean?!

He attacked someone
and they're dead.

They'll throw the book at him,
he'll get 18 years or more.

You see?

Alison could have
done more for him,

- I always...
- Don't...

Don't dare criticise Alison,
Alison did everything.

She didn't want
me to come today.

She's pissed off I'm seeing you.


She was born sensible you see.
That's the difference. I wasn't.

I'm in it up to my neck as well.


The police think I put Dom up to it.


I'm a mess. I'm a total mess.

No, Sean says you're a high-flyer.

He says you work for like
the top department of erm...

What is it?

- Well, I've been suspended.
- What for?

It doesn't matter.
I've said enough already.


Today, as it's turned out...

..isn't really a great day
for me to do this.

Well, it's all right, love.
We can do it again.


I know that things...

Things aren't
always black and white...

and you were 32,
my age with three kids,

I can't imagine that.

Not when things were
as bad as they were.


I agreed to meet you because,

I do want things to be better.

I've just had a really shit week,
that's all.


- Shall I buy a bottle?
- No, not for me.

I'm stopping drinking.

I think you're very wise.

We're getting married me and Sean.
He asked me, I said yeah.

Well, that's lovely that, isn't it?


Oh, he's a good lad, Sean.
You'll be all right there.

You inviting me to the wedding?

We haven't really
discussed any of that.

- You know?
- Yeah.

I didn't say anything
that would incriminate you.

If they're implying I did,
they're lying.


When Dominic told you
he'd done what he'd done

and told you about
the night I was pissed,

there's nothing...

that I said then that could
have given him the idea

I wanted Nick Savage dead?

I didn't say that.

I said, I didn't say anything to the
police that would incriminate you.

He did say I'd said something.


Do they bug places?

No idea.

Do you want to go?

You did,

Apparently say to Dom
you'd like to see Nick Savage dead.

But, hell's bells,
there's a stretch between saying that

and actually seriously inciting
someone to do something.

You know it's...
It's our Dom we're talking about.


In his head,

when he's telling them
you put him up to it,

he obviously thinks you did.

But, I didn't tell him anything.

Even when they asked me directly.


Thank you.

So, what does it mean,
seeking authority to charge?

Well, they're going
to go to the CPS

with whatever flimsy
circumstantial crap they've got

hoping to pin it on me
as well as him.

It shouldn't wash but

his dad's a liar,
his mother's a liar.

His sister's a liar.

They'll just push
and push and push

and they know all
the right buttons.

How did it go last night?
Did you turn up?

Yeah, I did.

The other big news is,
me and Sean are getting married.

- No!
- Yeah.


Assuming I don't get sent down
for the next 300 years

for something I haven't done,
but yeah!



Hey! It's good that
you're making plans.

That's exactly what you
should be doing, bugger them!

That's what...

This is such good news,

He thinks the world of you.
He always did.

- So, what's on the agenda?
- Oh well...

- The big, white dress?
- No!

No, none of that.
Just small, modest.


You can be my best woman...

Can I?

Wouldn't you rather ask Janet?

The thing is,
Mum will probably come.


She regrets what happened.

She regrets not having
any contact with us

and she regrets the fact that...

we might have
missed out on things.

Like you going to college.

Don't be taken in by her, Rachel.

She's a leech. She's a user.

- She might have been in the past...
- She's after something.


I don't think she is, Ali.

desperate bitches

do not change their spots.

Maybe they do sometimes.

I don't know.

She's unhinged.
You know that, don't you?

Something up there doesn't work.

It's "Me, me, me"
first and last.

I'm warning you!

Detective Sergeant Scott,
Manchester Met Police.

I'm looking for Adam Armitage.

Well, he's not here.

- Does he work here?
- Yeah.

He's showing a client
around a couple of properties.

What properties, where?

- Well, I can give you a list.
- Thank you.

- Shall I print them for you?
- Would you mind?

Did you get his mobile number?
Do you want to give him a call?

- Has something happened?
- Yes.

Mr. Armitage,

this is Detective
Constable Rachel Bailey

from the Manchester Met
Major Incident Team.

I need to talk to you
regarding an incident

two nights ago in Withington

in which a man was
fatally injured.

If you can call me on this number
as soon as you get this message.

Thank you.

Even if they get the bastard
and do find him guilty,

you know what will happen,
don't you?

Some judge will sentence him
to five seconds behind bars,

know why?

Don't wind yourself up assuming
you know the out...

Because, Janet he is a posh
tosser from a public school

and the bloke he murdered is a sad
lowlife who never stood a chance.

That's why.

.. he would have gone
through Bickershaw.

Come in.


Sit down.

It's good news.

We heard back from
York this morning.

The CPS aren't going to be
pushing charges against you.

The thing is though, you're not
completely in the clear, not yet.

The Police Complaints Commission
have picked it up.

That means they'll be making their
own inquiry into what happened

and then there will be a hearing.

So, what's the worst
that can happen?

You could lose your job.


How are things at home?


- I heard you're getting married.
- Yeah, I was gonna invite you.

Thank you.

So, it's good, things
are otherwise good

- is the point?
- Yeah.


They'll put you through it,

but as long as you've
got people around you,

people at home and friends,

- you're going to need them.
- What are you...? Why?

In a discipline
investigation like this

there's a lower burden of proof
required than criminal case.

In a criminal case we have to prove
guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

In discipline cases,

the burden of proof is on
balance of probabilities

or what a reasonable person
would believe to be true.

Will they ask you about me?


So, what will you say?

You don't need to worry about that.

Who erm...?
Who will be there?

There will be someone from ACPO rank.
It could be the Chief Con.

It could be the Assistant Chief Con.

It will be quick, there is that,

but you'll be on the floor and
need to be ready for that.

And, if they do decide

I've done something stupid.

- What will happen?
- You'll be sacked.

They could...

refer it back to the CPS to
reconsider for prosecution.

In your favour, there's the fact
there's still no real evidence.

But, like you say,

you don't know who Savage's clan
is pissing in the same pot with, do you?

Have you set a date for the wedding?

Next month.
Saturday 22nd.

. *

So, you're not
going on honeymoon,

he's moving into your flat.

You're spending two and six
on the wedding

and want to get married
in a dress like that?

Are you sure you're
committed to this?

I don't want to look flashy.

Not much danger of that, kiddo.

Can I have some grown-up feedback?

I think it's nice enough,

but I think that Alison's point is
that perhaps for a wedding it's...

- What?
- You know.

- What?
- a bit...

- What?
- On the plain side.

- It's classy.
- Well...

- Maybe if you stood up straight.
- Piss off!

- You're slouching!
- I'm not slouching!

If you'd said it,
she'd have a ramrod up her back!

It's whatever you feel
comfortable in, Rachel.

Thank you.

Is she OK?

Is she?
She's terrified!

She can't eat. She can't sleep.

It sickens me.

It sickens me about Dom as well.


Do we know what's
happening with Dom?

He's pleading guilty.

Is he still claiming
she put him up to it?

No, he's starting to accept that,
that never happened.

Did he think that it had?

Our Dom is a little mystery
to himself, Janet.

His thought processes
go so far and no further.

I can't second guess
what's going on between his ears

more than anybody else can.

Have you been to see him?


Has she?

God, no.

Why are they doing this now?

Why don't they wait till it's over
and then get married?

Well, I wondered that.

On the other hand, if she didn't
have something to distract her,

I think she'd be climbing the walls
and howling at the moon by now.

Could you tell us
your name and rank?

Gill Murray.
Detective Chief Inspector.

And your relationship
with DC Bailey?

I'm her line manager
at Syndicate 9.

- How long have you known her?
- Two years, seven months.

In that time, what has been
your impression of DC Bailey?

Rachel's hard-working,

highly-trained, dedicated.

She's reliable.

She's incredibly
well-liked and respected

by her colleagues and supervisors.

She's currently working
as a Tier 3 interviewer.

In that role she's been interviewing
and gaining convictions

of people involved in murder,

rape and other violent crime.

In was through her meticulous
attention to detail

that she was the officer,
the officer,

who identified Geoff Hastings
as a serial killer.

If there was to be a punishment,

which I don't
believe there should,

because I don't think
she's done anything wrong.

Frankly, I'm appalled on her behalf.

It's come this far on such
slender circumstantial evidence.

I would ask any punishment
does not stop her

doing the role she's now in
at my syndicate,

role in which she is highly effective in
serving the people of Manchester

and the Manchester
Metropolitan Police.

- What time is it?
- Time to get your skates on.

Janet and Ali will be here
in 15 minutes.


Right, I've got my suit,
I've got to pick the boy up

and make sure he knows which way up
his sporran goes.

Then we'll make our way to Kevin's.

I can't believe you're
making him wear a kilt.

It was his idea!

I can't believe you asked
Kevin to be your best man!

He's all right, is Kevin.

You don't even know him!

You're not even Scottish.

Who cares?

Is Kevin wearing a kilt?

My God! That's brilliant.

Why didn't I...?
I wonder if I've got time.

- God...
- That's...

- They'll look like a pair of...
- Twats.

Now, how is he going to
make a speech about you?

Well actually,
I've written it for him.

Nice, so you've written
your own speech about yourself.

I say written,
I dictated a few notes to him

a couple of weeks
ago down the phone

after a few beers.

Whether he's written it down
I couldn't say.

You are winding me up!

Ask one of your proper mates
from the rugby club.

Got a nice day for it,
pissing down as usual.

Have you got the ring?


Have you got the other ring?


All right then.
Well, I guess I'll see you there.

I'll see you there.

All right, come on.

There's a fellow from an agency
showing a client around a flat.

Second floor.
I don't know which flat.

That's OK.
I do.


Going back to the
other business.

You know, I think it
was just bad timing.


After the hearing,

if there had just been like maybe
one more week before the wedding,

maybe it would have been clear,
or clearer, but it wasn't.

I knew in my heart
on the morning of the wedding,

but I just thought that was
how you were supposed to feel.

I think I tried to tell you.

- It's normal.
- It's natural.

It's a big thing.
It's a huge thing.

Everybody gets cold feet.

- I did.
- I did.

Yeah and look how you...

Yeah, all right!

It isn't perfect
but you know...

Do you know what...

Marriage isn't perfect
and nobody should pretend it is.

It's bloody hard work sometimes,
it's ups and downs but...

Are you and Adrian...?

We're trying to make it work.

Yeah. Yeah.

But the point is,

you made a commitment and
it's about acknowledging that

the good times are worth having
and you've got this far.

There's a reason you've
got this far and it's...

It's... it's because you're...

you're right for each other.

And you know what?

You've been through
a lot lately.

You're bound to be a bit
all over the place,

but if you let it get to you now,

it's like letting that bloody
Nick Savage win all over again.

- Exactly.
- Exactly.

I'm sorry, I just...
It's not your fault, is it?

It's not anybody's fault.

It's my fault.

I don't think he's in there.

It's him!

How did he do that?
There's only one lift.

Down the stairs, his friend at
the shop tipped him off.

This is gonna take ages!

. *

- I'm so proud of you!
- Is everybody here?

There's a lot,
I don't know if it's everybody.

- Where's Sean?
- He's about. I've seen him.


This is Janet.
Janet, my mum.

Sharon, hello.

Me and Janet work together.

Making me nervous,
all these coppers!

Who's giving you away?

Nobody's giving her away,
she's a grown woman.

- Here he is!
- Oh, my God!

I've had more women
looking at me in this than...

Yeah, I bet you have!

- I thought you weren't coming!
- As if!

Isn't he cute?

Why don't you go and sit down
before you fall over?

I've had one little tiny...

A gin?
I can smell it on you.

Don't bicker.

I'm not rising to it.

Good luck, chicken!

Is it bad luck
to say "good luck"?

Well, break a leg anyway!

Sorry, love.
Didn't see you there.

They're not even Scottish!

No, but they've got lovely knees.

Well, it's now or never.

I remember thinking...

..just before I'd got hold
of his arm,

"Well, we can
always get divorced."

How bad is that?


Good thing about a kilt is I
haven't got any knickers on!

Neither have I!

I have!

- We're going to lose him.
- We know where he's going.

Only if he goes
where he's supposed to!

- He will.
- How do you know?

Because, he's trying to avoid us

but he's passive,
he's shitting himself.

In his heart, he wants us to
catch him and get this over with.

Don't stop me now!

You know...

I don't actually care.

Just shut up, then.

No one else has had a look in
on that damn karaoke.

- Knock yourself out.
- I don't mean me!

- I'm not making a fool of myself.
- All right, well...

Who can we pay to wrestle her
to the floor for that microphone?

I want you all to raise your glasses
to my lovely daughter Rachel

on her wedding day
to the lovely er...

Sean, that's right!

You're a nice man!
Get a bit of that!

What's up?

It's just dumb.


Twenty-eight years.

Twenty-eight bloody years.

He'll be...

I'll be dead.

No, you won't.

Right, get off then now,
you mad bitch!

- She didn't just...?
- Yes, she did.

- She did, I'm not just seeing...?
- Yes, she did.

You know what I just thought?

I spent the whole of my life
trying to get out of that world,




shit-faced squalid,
little world.

And, I just bought my way
back into it

because I was terrified
and someone was nice to me.

You know he's not like that.
You know he is nice.


But, that's not what I want.
That's never what I wanted.

And I knew that.

He's good for a laugh.
He's good for a...

..a shag.

And, I was grateful to him but...

I should never have married him.

I've been thinking, this might not
be the right time but...

No, go on.

Why don't we call it a day?

Why don't we just admit
that it hasn't worked?

Put the house up for sale,
we can...

live there as
amicably as we can do

for the girls' sake
till it sells then...

Is that what you want?

Well, do you think it's working?


Have you met someone else?


Well, it won't sell.

Well, no, I know,
but it might eventually.

Well, if it's what you want...

Well no, it's if what
both of us want, isn't it?

Do you want me to ring
an estate agent or will you?

I'm off.

- Right, thanks for coming.
- Thanks for asking me.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm just...

You've been on an emotional
roller-coaster, haven't you?

Oh, I never did say thanks properly
for what you said at the hearing.

- Yes, you did.
- No, not properly.

Well, it was all true.

Listen, I hope you'll be
very happy together.

- You deserve something nice.
- Yeah, he's nice.

He's very nice,

- A bit of a bloke.
- Yeah.


- See you Monday, first thing.
- Can't wait.

You ought to go on honeymoon!

Hurry up.

Come on.


Are you aware this
is a public place

and you're committing a lewd act

contrary to the Sexual
Offences Act 2003

and Public Order Act of 1986?

I hate coppers!

Has your wife gone home, Pete?

Who's your friend?
Hello. It's Tina Turner.

- Who's she?
- Why don't you

totter off back inside
before I arrest you.

I'll see you in my office

half past seven Monday morning,

and I hope for your sake
you're not too pissed to remember.

..and we'll sign the papers.

Mr. Armitage,
I'm Detective Sergeant Scott

Manchester Met Police
Major Incident Team.

This is Detective Constable Bailey.

I'm arresting you on suspicion

of the murder of
Duncan Whitefield.

You don't have to say anything
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention when questioned
something you later rely on in court.

I didn't...

I just shoved him.
I didn't...

He was badgering me!
He was off his head!

- Can I take that?
- He wouldn't leave me alone.

I told him to back off
but he kept on and on at me,

"Give me some change,
give me some change!"

I didn't even shove him that hard.

If he hadn't been so pissed
he wouldn't have fallen over.

I-I-I wouldn't hurt a fly, me!

You can ask anyone!

I've never touched anyone
never been in trouble for anything!

I've never even had
a speeding fine!

I need your mobile phone and
I need you to come to the station.

I've got my client to see to.

I'm afraid you're under arrest,
Mr. Armitage.

Your client is the least
of your concerns.

I was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

Yeah, well.
Join the club, pal.

You are walking on ice this thin.

You've got the
wrong number, pal.

Not anyone called Suzy.

It was that time I shagged him
in the hotel room.

In layman's terms,
someone slit his throat.

I wonder who that fellow was.
Give us your phone.

Go, go, go.
Arrest him.

- Arrest him?
- Arresting him!

Get your hands behind your back!

Subtitles by Deluxe
Sync: Marocas62