Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

After Lynne Stott's body is found wrapped in bin bags on a building site the details lead Janet to believe that she is another victim of the serial killer who murdered Veronica nearly forty...

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You said there was nobody else.

Say he is married,presumably
he's got another address.

I could PNC his vehicle.

You played silly buggers
with the wrong woman.

I'd work so hard to make you happy, if you'd give me the chance
- you and the girls.

Veronica Hastings
- she was only six. She turned up dead.

Is that what you wanted to ask
me, if we could reopen it? Yeah.

This Tom Walters reckons
that whoever killed Veronica

has gone on and committed other murders.

I made copies ofeverything
connected to the case.

Can't interest you in another, then?

I said I'd be getting back.
Just off, then, were you?

Is it true that you said to him
as he was being locked up,

'Sweet dreams, pretty
boy'? No.

(I just perjured myself.
I just lied in court.)

You want scene experience,

get yourself kitted up.

Gill! Sean.

Three kids found it, bunking
off school, 40 minutes since.


The site belongs to
Hollinwood Construction.

They ran out of cash six months ago,

and the place has been deserted since.

Good morning.

Morning. All right, mate?

Right, come on, you. You're the SIO.

What's your first three thoughts?

Is this the scene of a
murder or just a dump site?

The fact that the body's in
bin bags is a bit of a clue.

Was it dumped from a car or on foot?

Look for access points.

Did he carry it here or drag it here?

If he's carried it
here, he's a big bloke

OR there's more than one of him.

Never underestimate the weight
of a dead body, however slight.

Next, opportunities.

Lines of sight
- CCTV, houses, flats, trains, buses, trams.

Who saw something?

Hello, it's DCI Murray, MIT.

I want the duty pathologist
at Godfrey Road, Middleton.

Well, at the minute all I can
tell you is it's dead, it's human

and it's wrapped up in bin bags.

This morning when you and Gillwere waiting to go
in wi' the CPS,and I went to get the coffees...

Don't I know you?

Bolton Crown Court.

Three years ago.

I was on t'jury. You
were giving evidence.

It was an armed robbery,
seriously well organised.

It went on for two months, cos
there were so many people involved.

Seven defendants, seven lead barristers,
seven juniors, and that's without the CPS.

And they all got sent down,
all except one.

Oh, God, do you remember that barrister?

Er, Nick Savage? Yeah.
He were a bit of a one.

Was he?(I had a fling with him.)


Er, yeah, cappuccino, please.

So, do you work round here?
McHains. Insurance.

Yeah, that's up on...
Peter Street, yeah.

So you had a fling with him
while the trial was on?

Oh, and after. Whirlwind.

Mm, that voice.

He took her to his flat,

definitely, while the trial was on.

I got her to repeat it. She didn't
have a clue how bad that was.

They saw each other for a couple
of months after the trial finished.

Then guess what
- she found out he was married.

Still, what were you again?

At the trial. I remember you
standing in t'witness box, but...


And his client got off?
Carl Norris.

No! Oh, he was the big bollocks
behind the whole thing.

Everyone else got sent down,
but they couldn't touch him.

Blonde. Natural. I want
you to get hold of all...

I could so get Nick with this.

Yeah. You could. He'd get sent
down. He'd never work again.

But before you do, you want to
think about it very carefully.

Do I? Why?

Then any CCTV we can get hold of.

If you blow the whistle on him,
he'll be so thoroughly investigated,

he won't know what's hit him,
and the first thing that'll emerge

is that you PNC'd his car
however many months ago

for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

So how will you explain that

And that's before he gets vindictive

and starts highlighting
other areas of your behaviour

which have fallen
slightly shy of professional.

Perjury. Which
he can't prove, but...

Improper disclosure of information -

'Sweet dreams, pretty boy,'
-to name but two.

No. I'm sorry, Rache,

he's got you by the wire wool
as far as shopping him

or nailing the delectable Carl
Norris to the post is concerned.

Janet! Boss.

See if those kiddies'
parents are due any time soon,

so we can get out of here.
We'll statement 'em tomorrow.

20 past 12. Please, God, tell
me that tent's on its way.

Mr Docherty! Good
afternoon. DCI Murray, MIT.

I'm at the job on your division.
I'm just ringing you with an update.

I don't anticipate being able to
move the body before this evening.

I'll let you know the cause of death first thing,
unless you want me ringing you in the small hours.



'You have two new messages.

Message one.'
'Hi, Rache, it's only me.

Give us a ring. If you're around at the
weekend, we might take the little 'uns to...'

(BEEP) 'Message two.'


'Hello. Rachel. It''s Nick.

I was wondering if you ring me when you can.

Yeah. If you would. Thanks.

Bye.' (BEEP)

GILL: We're waiting for dental
records, but general appearance -

height, love-heart tattoo
on the left shoulder -

we're confident our victim is

Lynn Stott.

46 years old.

- 137 Bernard Road, Milnrow.

She was reported missing 15 days
agoby her daughter, Caitlin.

She worked as a packer for a mail-order
warehouse in Royton, Aspinalls.

She lived on her own,
and she was recently widowed.

The last known phone call
was from Caitlin,

three days before
she was reported missing,

7:20 in the evening, Friday evening.

Caitlin rang her work on the Monday
to see if she'd turned up for work.

She had compression marks
on her ribs,

indicating she died from a heavy
amount of pressure on her chest.

So she asphyxiated, or - according
to the pathologist's report -

cause of death
- vagal inhibition.

The time of death, the pathologist
is telling me, is two weeks ago,

which I could've told him myself...

Hollinwood Construction. I wanteverybody that's
ever worked theretraced, interviewed, eliminated.

I want all the druggieswho've
ever set foot in the place...

We're getting all
the CCTV from the area.

I want a full picture
of her private life.

Husbands, ex-husbands,
girlfriends, boyfriends,

anyone she was involved with,
anyone who had a thing about her,

anyone who'd had
an argument with her.

I want her mobile phone
and any home computers.

What we're looking to do initially
is create a time line.

Exactly where she disappeared from.
Who last saw her alive.

When her body was put into
that building site.

Definitely Lynn Stott.
Lynn Stott.

Vagal inhibition. Veronica
Hastings. Uh-huh.

What? I'm just saying.
Blonde hair. 46 years old.

It's a nice ideawith
just the one screaming flaw.

What? If Tom Walters' theory's right
- if his theory is right,

and all of these murders
are linked to Veronica -

we know that the offender doesn't
dump on the same doorstep twice.

Unless he's come home
to sunny Manchester,

back to where it all started,
completing the circle.

You're wasted here.You should be in
Quanticowith the Behavioural Analysis Unit.

Yeah, you said it, baby.
Think horse, not zebra.

You what? When in the jungle.

Shall we trot along themore
traditional lines of inquiry

before we waltz off
down the more exotic ones?

If you like.


JANET: Caitlin, did your mother
have a dispute with anyone?

I don't know anybody she'd fallen
out with or argued with or anything.

And do you know of any relationships
your mum may have had since your dad died?

Anybody showing any unwanted
interest, anything of that nature?

She'd have said.

Moving forward now to that Friday
evening whenyou spoke to her on the phone...

I know it's tough, Caitlin.
If you want a break, just say so.

(SOBS) I'm fine.

During that conversation, according to what you
told the officer when you reported her missing,

she told you that she
was going swimming, yes?

And then she was gonna ring after,
if she felt like going for a drink,


that's what we'd normally do.

Except for the last four or five
weeks, she's not been that bothered.

So I didn't think nowt of
it when she didn't ring.

And she goes to Chadderton?

She likes that new big
pool they've got, so...

On her own? Yeah.

Yeah, and she must have gone,

cos when we let ourselves
in the house on the Sunday,

when I were starting
to get a bit bothered,

her bag were next to the washing
machine with all her wet stuff in it.

And I've thought that were odd
since cos she has this thing

about sticking it straight in the
machine the second she gets in.


So she gets home from the baths.

On her own, or has
she picked someone up?

Either way, before she puts her costume in
the machine,somebody's stopped her doing it,

in which case the house
is probably the crime scene.

Tell me we've still got security
on that address. Course we have.

Can you get me the CSM here in
15 minutes and the exhibits officer?

Tell me about this lad, the husband.

We picked up a vibe that things weren't
necessarily as cosy as they looked.

Has he got an alibi?

I've got the action to TIE him.

Ma'am.Turns out
Lynn's been moonlighting.

She's been working for a chat-line,
based in t'city centre -

Shagaholics Anonymous.

There's a fella downstairs
asking for you What fella?

5'4", ginger, mid-forties.

Beard. Smells of turpentine.

Looks like he's got
part of one ear missing.

Name? Sounded double Dutch to me.

Jesus. Rachel.

I've been ringing you.
I've been ignoring you.

Can I talk to you?

Yeah. But not here.

Just one glass?

Damn. You knowI like
to sink it by the vat load.

I can get a bottle.
What do you want?

You spoke to Martine Cooper

yesterday in Manchester.

Erm...she rang me. I haven't
seen her for...well, since then.

But she's aware that she may
have said something compromising.


Compromising to who? Not her.
She works in insurance.

Well, no. To me, obviously.

Just in the interests of clarity,
was I one in a long string of...?


Not that I give a monkey's,
obviously. Obviously.

You don't expect me
to believe that, do you?

There may have few.

How many? One or two.

How many? Six,

but the point is that
you know and I know

that you can cause me a lot of
problems with this information.

And I know now that with you I bit
off more than I could ever chew.

And, look, I am aware
that you owe me nothing.

And that it's in your
power to destroy me.

And I'm asking you not to.

I rang your wife
and I apologised to her

and I said,'I didn't
know that he was married

and I certainly didn't know
that he had children.'

I can't sleep, I can't think. I need
to know what your intentions are.

We told this girl today that
her mother had turned up in bin bags

and that she couldn't see her
-her own mother -

because rats, not that I mind them
cos they're just doing their job,

have eaten her face.

You're right, I owe you nothing.

I owe you less than nothing.

And if I don't shop you,

it will only be because
I just can't be arsed.

I can live with that, if you mean it.

Right, well, there you go, then.

Can I trust you?
Who knows?

Look, I'm sorry that I hurt you

and I'm sorry I evicted you from
the flat like that when you were...

Yeah, I'm made of sterner stuff.

It takes more than that
to throw me off kilter.

Six of one and half a
dozen of the other. What is?

You and me.

Oh, you think?I should've
appreciated you more.

I'm sorry that I didn't.

You're clever.

Did you think I was a knob-head?

No, I don't think I ever thought that.

Cos Martine Cooper, she strikes me
as being pretty lightweight.

Yeah, well, you're certainly not her.

Was she unhygienic as well?

Rachel, I never said that.

Rachel, erm...

This isn't a threat at all.

Please don't go away and think
it because it really isn't. What?

I accept what you said and that you're
not inclined to blow the whistle on me,

which I am VERY grateful for.

I just wanted to say that if at
any point you change your mind,

just remember it isn't just me
for whom the shit will hit the fan.

It'll be Carl Norris too.

And you don't want that
man on your back, Rachel.

You really don't. I know
what he's capable of.

I'm an officer with
the Manchester Met Police.

My gang's bigger than
Carl Norris's gang.

If you think I'm frightened of that
little bastard,you've got another thing coming.

Good. I'm glad that's how you feel.

I didn't want you to
be unaware, that's all.

(Are you all right, boss?)

Five weeks, zilch.

So guess what.

They're bringing the review team in.

Headed by...

guess who.

Her ex, Dave Murray.

He's acting head of the review team

because Mandy Saunders
is on maternity.

Chief Superintendent Dave Murray?

(Is he her ex?)

He once made a very
vivid proposition to me

at a Christmas party when I was
working in the sex crimes unit.

You and everyone else in a skirt.

I hope you didn't.

Although I've got to
admit, he was unusually...

Charm the birds
out of the trees,

which he frequently did.

The only person that didn't know
what a shag-arse he was was Gill,

until he told her that
he'd got a 23-year-old uniform

from Pendlebury up the duff and
he was gonna go and live with her.

At which point it emerged

that he'd been at it behind her back
for years with all and sundry.

Odd, isn't it? That she's the one
left feeling humiliated.

Why have you never told me this before?

I thought everyone knew.

We know a huge amount
and, at the same time,

we're no closer to the killer now
than we were five weeks ago.

What we do know, broadly...

Andy, do you want to...?

Whoever killed Lynn was waiting for her,

probably outside the house cos
there's no signs of forced entry,

and we found no evidence
that any keys were copied.

We think it's someone she's let in
because she recognises and trusts him.

There's evidence of a scuffle in the sitting room,
which is where we believe she was asphyxiated.

He then put Lynn's bodyin her own car,
and droveto the building site in Middleton.

We've got eight separate CCTV sightings
of the vehicle with him in it.

That's the best image, enhanced.

No CCTV from the building site,

suggesting he'd recced the place
or certainly was familiar with it.

He deposits the body
at approximately 4:20am

and returns the car -
more sketchy CCTV -

to Lynn's street.

Returns the keys into the house,
into the handbag.

The point is it's an odd mixture.

It seems opportunistic
on the one hand

cos he's using stuff from the
houseto wrap the body.

On the other, he's conducted the rest
likeit's a carefully premeditated plan.

Our biggest lead was the call
centre. Shagaholics Anonymous.

But nobody we TIE'd looked
like a viable suspect.

We did initiallyhave
doubts about the son-in-law,

but we had a warrant for his arrest
over non-payment of fines,

so he was a bit jittery.

His alibi is cast-iron.

As for a motive, we've found
no evidence of any vendettas,

nobody angry with her over anything.

She didn't appear to
owe anybody any money,

and nothing was taken from the house.

Over to you.

You sent the papers to SCAS?

I sent you a copy of their reply.
Have you not read it?

Maybe we should invite someone in from
the National Police Improvement Agency?

We can go down that route.

You've spoken to a profiler?
The BIA.

Martin Hines. And?

It's all in there.

He says we're looking for a white
male, between the age of 35 and 55,

working below his intellect,

local, sociopath.

Someone who knew her by sight,

somebody she might have known
to say hello to,

but not well enough
to be in her address book.

Someone that anybody close to her
might not even know she knew.

Someone who may have done it
before more than once.

Someone who gets sexual
gratificationfrom the act of killing.

Let's get someone in from the NPIA.

What is there to lose?

JANET: You knock yourself out, kid.

She'll listen to you.
She'll wipe the floor with me.

Look, Rachel, link it to what you
like, but at the end of the day,

we still have to find
out who killed Lynn.

Tempting as Tom's theory is, SCAS
would've come up with something if...

What are you scared of?
Same as you.

Looking like someone who
watches too much telly.

You know and I knowif
Tom Walters' theory is right,

there are reasons why it might've
goneunder the radar, even with SCAS.

Right, I'm only doing
this to shut you up.

I can live with that.

You'd better be ready to
scrape me up off the parquet.

Can I run something past you?

Look at him, the bastard.
Did you hear him to Andy?

'You've done a very thorough job,
nothing to beat yourself up about.'

While Gill's just been sat on her
fanny for five weeks doing fuck all.

I know it's off the
wall, but you always say

that the only stupid question is
the one that doesn't get asked.

So...Veronica Hastings.

Janet, I'm sorry,
I really can't think...

No, no, I'm talking about Lynn Stott.

Just let me satisfy myself that I've
said it to you before you dismiss it.

OK, now, I know it sounds bonkers,

but Tom Walters' theory is
that whoever killed Veronica

has gone on to kill at least
six other females, right?

They were all asphyxiated.

Now, that's obviously one of the more
vague - I accept that - linking factors.

But cause of death in four of them,

including Veronica, was
attributed to vagal inhibition.

Loads of people die
through vagal inhibition.

You know what a useless
minefield it is.

These are all unsolved deaths.

I know it's unlikely,

but there are other factors.

All of the victims were blonde.

Not peroxide, but
natural blonde, like Lynn.

They were all petite, like Lynn.

The absence of any distinct similarities
almost in itself is a factor.

And I know that sounds stupid,

but maybe that's why
it's gone under the radar.

There's a meticulousness, a
fastidiousness, that does link them.

All of the other investigations
were like this one,

where the SIO feels that they know
everything, but they've got nothing.

It looks personal, but it isn't.

The killer knows his victim just
enough to satisfy his criteria.

And the biggest thing, the oddest thing,

if they are genuinely linked,

and this isn't just a
big, mad coincidence... that everyone that he's killed...

..has been the same age that Veronica
would have been, had she lived.

Veronica would've been 46, same as me.

Lynn Stott was 46.

How far have you got
sifting through the case papers?

I've got an overview. I've done
some detailed work, quite a bit,

but nowhere near as much as I'd like.

You ran a day book?Yeah,
but I'd still need more time.

How much?

Two days. And you can say no.

But it'd be easier
if I worked from home,

and then I wouldn't have to bring it
in. There's yards of the stuff, Gill.

Fine. Really?

When was the last one
in Tom's theory?

Two years ago. Bexhill.

Tracy Dixon?
How do you know that?

That's the one similar suggestion
SCAS came up with.

But I didn't think there were enoughsimilarities
because whoever didthat pulled her front teeth out.

There was nothing like that
with Lynn.

No, that's the one area where
Lynn doesn't fit the picture.

All of the girls - the women -
that were murdered in Tom's theory

had things missing
- hair, body parts, jewellery.

Trophies. Souvenirs.
Yeah. But everything else fits.

Finish what you're doing today, then
work tomorrow and Thursday at home.

I'll let Andy know when he's
finished talking to Captain Underpants.

You not gonna run it
by Dirty Dave, then?

I wouldn't tell that dickweed
if his arse was on fire.

I'll put it in another memo
that he won't read.

Erm, yeah, one second.



Did you?

Oh. OK.

Yeah, well, I can meet you
for half an hour at six o'clock.

The Grapes. The pub opposite here.

Yeah. OK, OK.


Geoff Hastings?
Tom Walters rang him up.

'Did he know about Lynn Stott?'
He's made a connection?

He's mustard, that bloke!
Mm, isn't he just?

So Geoff wants to know
what's going on

and if it's connected
and blah-la-la.

What did she say?
Oh, she's buying it.

Yes! Genius.

Hey, do you wanna come and meet him
- Geoff?

Oh, go on, come for a drink.

I run out of stuff to say to him
after about ten minutes.

Yeah, go on, I can do.


That reminds me.

I wanted to apologise. I was a bit
sharp last time we met. I'm sorry.

That's OK. We go back a long way,
me and Janet. We trained together.

Two days at home on the beach?
I know. Thanks, kid.

Here, give that to Geoff,
will you, and that to Andy?

And I'll bring yours over in a minute.

And some nuts. I'll get these.

No, I'm getting this.
I'll get it. I'm getting this.


I've apologised to him.
Mm. Well done.

It's been six weeks, Janet.

I wasn't gonna push it. I wasn't
gonna mention it again till you did,

but, you know...six weeks.

I can't do it to Ade.

I can't do it to the girls. I'm
sorry, I've thought about it and...


I'm sorry, Andy.

Can you tell me? We can't talk
about it cos it's an on-going case,

but I said straight away -
didn't I? - to Janet,

I said it was vagal inhibition.


You know your vagus nerve
in your neck? No.

Right, there's a nerve in your neck,

that's connected to your heart at
one end and your brain at the other.

You can tell I trained as a doctor
before I became a grunt, can't you?

Anyway if it's struck or squashed
or inhibited in any way,

then it shuts your heart down
like that. It's like a Vulcan grip.

Instant death.I mean,
you've seen Star Trek...

And is that how our Veronica...?

Do we have to get gruesome, Rachel?

Oh, sorry. Oh, no, no, no.

It's all of interest.

And do you really think it's
him,the same person?

Well, it's tempting,
but we're a long way off.

We've got to convince our DCI,

and she's got to convince
force command, and...

What would happen, if she did?
Oh, it'd go stellar.

There'd be a massive,
massive investigation.

This is across six or seven
forces, and they'd all want it.

That'd be a logistical
nightmare in itself,

getting six chief cons to sit down
together at the same time in the same room

and actually talk to one another.

And of course, we'd still have
to find out who'd killed Lynn.

So, um...

But no.

If they decided that we've got a
serial killer going back 30 or 40 years,

it'd be on the Six O'Clock News.

And some!

Where's Andy?

Thanks. That's very kind of
you.It was on my way.

So have you seen the reports and so forth
about Veronica, the same as Janet has?

Well, I was staying at Janet's for a bit after
I'd split upwith this bloke that I was seeing

and I shared the spare room
with these files.

So, yeah, I read 'em.

Not all of 'em, but...

Do you want a cup of tea?

Yeah, go on, then.


Chris Latham. Detective Sergeant. NPIA.

Gill Murray.

You don't know what a
pleasure it is to meet you.

I've spent hours reading your reports.

I learned more from them than I learned from ten
weeks on the DO course and four weeks at Quantico.

Smarmy bastard.
Guilty as charged.

How's Alan Burniston?Does
he still walk like a cowboy?

He's very well. He sends his regards.

Sit down.

Do you miss it?

I miss it like I'd miss breathing. But
if you tell anyone, I'll leg you.

What made you leave?

My marriage broke down.

My son was 14 at the time.

So buzzing off all over the country solving other
people's murderssuddenly got a bit too complicated.

And they keep me busy enough
here, so...

I don't know what I can
spot that's got past you.

Well. Chris, something has.

Oh, hello, good morning.

Yeah, could I speak to someone in
your personnel department, please?

It's Detective Constable Rachel Bailey,

Manchester Metropolitan
Police Major Incident Team.

The thing that's
intrigued me the most...

..I don't know if this is something
you've latched on to -

I'm sure it is
- Lynn's fingernails.

Has anyone asked what condition they
were inthe last time she was seen alive?

She had lovely nails. False nails.

Rats wouldn't have eaten them,
so why weren't they at the scene?

He ripped her nails off.

It puts you no nearer
to knowing who he is.

No, no, no, it does. Kind of.


fingernails were missing.

She wore false fingernails,
and it looks like he took 'em.'

These others on Tom Walters' list -

Veronica. Was there
anything else like that?

Well, they varied.

He cut Veronica's pigtails off.

But hang on...

'Marie Booth. She died 1979.'

Her hair was cut off.

Claire Biddle, died in 1985.
He cut her lips off.

'Rena Curtis, died in 1992,
she had all of her rings missing.

She liked a lot of jewellery.'

Anice Doyle, she died in 1997.

She had a tattoo on her leg
that was cut out and removed.

And Carol Brannigan,
who died in 2003,

well, that's back to hair.

Thanks, cock. I'll
get back to you. Ta-ta.

The thing is, you see, Chris, we think
we've possibly got a serial killer.

And if we have, it's one that
goes back nearly 40 years.

Have you flagged it up to command?
No. It's only just becoming clear.

Boss, sorry. Have you got a minute?

This is DS Latham from the
National Police Improvement Agency.

Sarge. DC Bailey.

Hi. Hi.

What have you got?
I think I know who it is.


Hi. Geoff.

I was just passing and Rachel said that you
were workingfrom home today. So I thought...

Come in.

He invited me in for a brew.
I don't know why I went.

I don't normally take tea
with strange men.

But I didn't think he was strange.
I felt sorry for him.

He seemed like he wanted to talk.

I thought I'd find out
more about Veronica. So...

How long have you lived here?

Six months.

I must have just assumedthat
you lived at your mum's house.

God, no.

Turns out he's liveda
very nomadic kind of existence.

I did some digging this morning, when
I was supposed to be doing something else.

Obviously I've not had time
to dig up tons.

Did you not get on?

With my mum? No, not really.

It must have been tough
after Veronica died.

Well, yeah, yeah. And before.

He worked for this haulage firm
in Sheffield for a while.

There was a calendar.
So I called them,

and he was on a job in Eastbourne

two weeks before Tracy
Dixon's body turned up.

Eastbourne's what...
it's 20 minutes from Bexhill.

He was on a job in Sunderland

a week before Anice Doyle's
bodyturns up in 1997.

The other thing,this
newsagent's that he works at,

it's on the route thatLynn
is most likely to have gone

from her place of work
to Chaddy Swimming Baths.

I know we've looked atthe
CCTV footage of her route back

from the pool to her house,

but did we look at the CCTV
of her journey there?

Not from her house, but from work.

See, if she goes in his shop
every time she goes swimming,

that could be the nodding acquaintance
that the profiler has told us about.

And he's insidious, this fella.

Andy knows, he's met him.

Last night, I told him where I live,that I fell out
with my boyfriend,that I never got on with my mother

and that my sister's a touchy-feely
twerp. My whole life story.

Let's get on to any CCTV
of her journey to the pool.

Pick him up?
No, no, no, not yet.

But get someone to draw up an arrest
strategy. Not Rachel, I need her.

And get onto Tyneside and Sussex,

see if they've got some DNA
from the Tracy Dixon murder

and this other Anice doo-dah Doyle one.

Hilary, hi. It's Gill Murray.

I need ten minutes with
the Assistant Chief Con.

Two weeks on Wednesday? Dream on, girl.

He'll want to hear this and
hear it now. Knock on his door.

I got a little bit worried
that I might have given Rachel

the wrong impression last
night. That's all.

Rachel? No, she's like me, hide
like a rhinoceros. (CHUCKLES)

She came in for a cup of tea
when she dropped me off. Rachel?

Did she? Yeah.Did she
not say anything to you?

Well, I haven't been in today, so...
Oh, no, no, no. Course not, no.

I thought maybe she'd
rung you or something.


Um, how did you know where I live?

Elise told me. Is it Elise?
Your eldest.

Um...I rang up once andyou
weren't in, so we got chatting.

Am I missing something
about you and Rache?

You didn't make a pass at her or...?


No, no.

Sometimes I...

I talk too much.

Well, if you're worried that you've
made a fool of yourself with her,

she won't even have noticed.

She's a fantastic copper, but
anything personal, she's thick.

I mean, God, this latest
fella, don't even go there.

Is she a fantastic copper?

Yeah, she doesn't miss a thing.

When she first joined the
MIT 12 months ago, I thought,

'We've got a right ditzy one here,'

but, my God, was I wrong.

We call her Sherlock,
because she... (PHONE RINGS)

Oh, excuse me.

You are not gonna believe

It's Geoff. What's Geoff?

'He's only looking like
a knocking bet

as being involved with Lynn AND
the last two on Tom Walters' list.

Did they never question him
over Veronica?



Put the phone down.

Fuck! Janet!


He's cut me, Rachel!
He's got a knife!

Boss! He's there! He's at Janet's house!

He's got a knife. He's cut her.

DCI Murray, MIT. Officer requires
20 Clough Road, Oldham.

I don't want to hurt you, Janet.
Put the knife down, Geoff.

I don't want to hurt you.
Well, you already have.

Put the knife down.
You're not going anywhere.

Janet, get off! Get off!


Please! (STRAINS)




Oh, my God!






Is he still here?
Check upstairs!

Remember he's got a knife!

Don't let them put me
on a slab, not naked.

I'm not having a
post-mortem. Promise me.

Let's not wait for the ambulance.

You're not gonna die. If you
die, I'll fucking kill you!

Come on!

This time of day we can get
her there faster than they can.

Get on to A&E at Oldham, tell
'em we're bringing an officer in

and she needs blood, lots of it.

I love you.

You, blues and twos. Foot down!


This incident where
we've got an officer stabbed,

I want obs for Geoff Hastings.

White, male, 50 years of age, 5'6".

Last seen in Clough Road, Oldham.

Clothing not known, but
likely to be blood stained.

He's very possibly armedwith
a knife and willing to use it.

I hope you twatted him back.


Parted his hair for him,
gave him a bloody headache.

Jan! I need you to stay awake, Janet!

That's an order from me
to you, mate! Come on.

Janet, you've got to stay awake!


She's still in resus. They're
prepping her for theatre.

Can I have a drag?

Here,I wanna get
out of these clothes.

You'll just have to wait.
You're part of a crime scene.

Someone's on their way to bag 'em up.

Bu... (SOBS)

You all right?Why did
I have to say, 'It's Geoff'?

You didn't know he was there. What
should have told you he was there?

What?Nothing. Exactly.

Lighten up, kid. This is not your fault.

Oh, shit, Adrian.

Look positive. Adrian!

Where is she? Getting ready
for theatre. I'll walk you down.

She's lost a lot of blood, but she
was conscious when we got there.



Hi, Rachel, um...did you get my text?

Er, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I did. Yeah.

Are you OK?
'Janet's been stabbed.'

Oh, my God! Is she all right?

I dunno. I don't know.

They're gonna operate on her.

She's lost a lot of blood.

I tried to keep her awake, but...

'Are you OK?'


Yeah, I...

She's my best mate.
I don't want her to die.

Can I do anything?
(BITTER LAUGH) Like what?

'For you.'

No, no, no, I don't think so.

OK, well, I was just ringing to see
if you wanted to have dinner some time,

but obviously, that's not something
you want to think about right now.

When? 'Whenever.'

I've got to stay here,
until I know something definite.

'Do you want me to
come and pick you up?'

Yeah, could you? I've not got a car.

Yeah, course. When?

'I dunno. I'll ring you.'

'All right, OK. Bye.'

Right, bye.


That car was meant to hit me. The guy
had something to do with Carl Norris.

Don't be ridiculous!
Rachel, I don't know!

I'm not attracting a thing.
On your bike, mush! Cheerio.

I'll work my way back in.
You'll never work in MIT again.

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