Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Rachel is carpeted by Gill, the inspector, who feels that her affair with Savage was partly responsible for the Stelikos case collapsing. Then nervous Janice Jadzowski reports the disappearance of work colleague Gary Birkinshaw, whom she believes has been killed by his ex-porn star wife Vicky and her 'lodger' Ashad Sodunke. Vicky claims that she did not report his disappearance as she believed he was in Basingstoke with his mistress. Whilst the male officers find her alluring Gill, Janet and Rachel are less convinced of her innocence and Vicky's flirtation with the camera and love of jewellery may prove them right. Sergeant Andy Roper, who once had a fling with Janet, tells her he still has feelings for her.

I just perjured myself.
I just lied in court.

I don't make bad calls.

Some things
you don't talk about to anyone.

So how come I just made one?

I need the flat back.

I lost the baby.

Here you go.
It's hardly the Malmaison.

Veronica Hastings. She was only six
and then she turned up dead.

Is that what you wanted to ask me?
If we could reopen it? Yeah.

Taisie, you've got Games, remember.


RADIO: ...a lot of regeneration
in Manchester.

# And I'll never love again

Go on, Gary.






So much crap on your desk, Kevin.

Janet, how are you doing?
Yeah, I'm good, thank you.

I hope you saw I put down
the phone this time. Rachel.

I've had a phone call
from a Caroline Savage.

That mean anything to you?

I told her it's none of my
business who my officers sleep with,

but if she wants
to take it to Professional
Standards, that's her call.

Did ya?

I gave her their number.

And what will they do?

It's none of their business
who you sleep with.

I didn't know he was married.
Did I ask? You can ask Janet.

She knows I was gutted when...
And is it really that...barrister

who got that murdering,
raping, lying scumbag, Stelikos, off
that we're on about?


When I read the transcript
of the court proceedings,

with great interest, wondering
where the hell we went wrong,

I couldn't fathom
how Nicholas Savage knew

how much you'd badgered Hannah
Conway to give evidence in court.

Cos that was the cornerstone
of his defence, almost. Wasn't it?

How we targeted that innocent man.

I was sitting there, reading it,
thinking, "How the hell on earth
did you know that?

Who the hell on earth
told him that? Not Hannah. Not you."

And then this woman,
out of the blue, rings me up

and tells me that one of my officers
is sleeping with the man himself.

In my position, Rachel...
what would you be thinking?

I wouldn't jeopardise
the case. I don't know how he knew.
Maybe he assumed...

Stelikos is dead
because of that verdict

and Sian Cook
is gonna spend 12 years or so
staring at the same four walls.

You still don't think I've made
that leap, do you? And I have.

I don't anybody
about what we do.

If I find out at any time in
the future that you've lied to me,

you will apologise to every member
of this syndicate... I swear...

..and Hannah Conway, and walk
through that door for the last time.

Is there anything I've said
that you're struggling with?


(TUTS) Sleeping with the enemy?

Piss off, Kevin. You'd shag roadkill
if it was still warm.

D'you know, you shag one sheep...

A woman at the front desk
wants to speak to a non-uniform
about a missing from home.

This is the Major Incident Team.

Division's just had two armed
robberies so CID's all tucked up.

D'you mind?

Hello. Would you like
to come through?

And who is it you want
to report missing, Janice?

A fella I work with.
OK. Can you tell me his name?

Gary Birkinshaw.

And what's his address?

47, Coldhurst Road, Chadderton.
I don't know the postcode.

And is there anyone else
living at the address, do you know?

His wife and his daughter.

Oh. So why haven't
they reported him missing?

She said she had. Four weeks ago.
His wife. But er...

I'm not convinced she did.

You see, er...
I think she's done something to him.

Her and her nasty little boyfriend.

"Done something to him"?
What sort of something?

I think they've killed him.

And I think she's twigged on
that I think that.

And I'm frightened.

Cos this woman...

she makes Myra Hindley
look like a Blue Peter presenter.

When she said it,
I thought, "Is she mad?"

But honestly, five, ten minutes
later I'm agreeing with her.

So she told you
that he was in Basingstoke. Yeah.

So I'm like,
"Why isn't he answering anyone's
calls, then?" Texts, anything.

What makes you so sure
they've done something to him?

We know he wasn't happy at home

because of this affair she's been
having with this Sodunke bloke.

This what bloke?

Ashad Sodunke. He's a...layabout.

Arrogant. He's a right tosser.

The thing is,
when I went round their house,

Sodunke sat on the settee in front
of the telly, in his boxers.

There's no way
he'd be there like that

if there was any danger of Gary
walking through that door. No way.

Gary's a big bloke.
He's handy with his fists.

Gary would have to be on the moon,
never mind Basingstoke,

for Ashad Sodunke to be carrying on
like that in his house.

They know he's not coming back.

They know.

The wife did report him missing
ten days after he was last sighted.

After Janice,
the woman from this morning,

went round there
and said that if they didn't
report him missing, she would.

At which same time, the wife...

Vicky, she's called. telling everybody he's
with another woman in Basingstoke.

If you're convinced
that your husband's in Basingstoke
with another woman,

why d'you allow yourself
to be put under pressure to report
him missing?

That is, unless you're hiding
something. You don't.

Rachel's made
a couple of phone calls

and his mobile hasn't been used
since Uniform checked it out
in March.

His bank cards haven't been used
since March 18th.

Plus on March... When was it?
March 22nd.

Three days
after the last sighting of him,

Vicky puts the rent book
into her name.

And we still haven't turned up
any ANPR sightings of his vehicle

at any time in the last five weeks.

Plus she hasn't been in once since
the initial reporting him missing

to find out how we're getting on
looking for him.

But neither has anyone else.

And there's a daughter. Eve.
She's 16.

So...there's no body. But there's
no signs of life, either.

Leave it with me.
I'll flag it up to Command. But
we're up for the next job, anyway.

Just give me a couple of minutes.

That... That bitch of a wife
has rang Her Majesty

and told her that I've been at it
with her husband.

Of course, she's read
the flaming court proceedings

and she's put two and two together

and she knows it was me
that told Nick about Stelikos.

How can she know? She can't know.
Not for sure.

No, course not. Would I be
stood here in one piece if she did?

All I've ever wanted, all my life,
was to work on MIT,

and if I lose my job
because of that bastard, Janet,

I don't know what I'd do,
but it wouldn't be good.

Keep your nerve.
Keep your nose clean.
Keep your head down and move on.

Sian Cook is gonna spend 12 years
in prison because of that verdict.

Sian Cook made a decision to kill.
You can't take that on yourself.

Oh, hello.

We're going for it. Can you draft me
a quick op order for the arrest?

Her and Sodunke?
Yeah. If he's there.

I've told Andy to keep researching
that address

and I've told everyone
to come in at 6am. We'll be knocking
on her door at 7.

Vicky Birkinshaw?

Manchester Metropolitan Police
Major Incident Team.

Can we come in, please?

Have you found him?

Is there anyone else in the property
besides yourself?

I've a lodger. He's in bed.

What's his name?

Sudonke. Why?

Mrs Birkinshaw, I'm arresting you
on suspicion

of the murder of Gary Birkinshaw.

It may harm your defence

if you do not mention,
when questioned, something which you
later rely on in court.

Is your daughter in the property?

Can you tell me where she is?
I dunno.

At her boyfriend's.

KEVIN: Oh no, you don't, sunshine.

Just do what they tell you!
We'll get it sorted out.

You've got the wrong end
of the stick.

Have you got an address
for your daughter's boyfriend? No.

What's his name?

Reece what?
I dunno. Just Reece. Why?

Where does he work?
I've got no idea.

I ain't even dressed.
You'll do.

Put your shoes on.

DC Scott will escort you upstairs,
if you'd like to get dressed.

Is he dead, then?

Is Gary dead?

We'll discuss that down the nick.

You really have got
the wrong end of the stick.

After you.

What's up? Have you never seen
a ball gag and a dildo before?

Get dressed, Mrs Birkinshaw.
You've got three minutes.

Hey, if you want a laugh,
pop down to the custody desk.

This woman is like... Oh, God knows.
Off the Rocky Horror Show.

And they are all over her.
Who are?

The fellas. There's me,
trying to get her booked in...

Sarge, this is Victoria Birkinshaw.

Get you a nice, hot cup of tea
in a minute, Vicky.

She was arrested at ten past seven
this morning at her home address

on suspicion of murder.

That tie really suits you.

I'm the arresting officer.
Detective Constable Scott.

Kevin, you'd expect. But Andy?

Vicky, would you mind
slipping your jewellery off
and popping it in the tray?

The sergeant will give you
your rights.


Detective Constable Scott,
collar number 6274.

"Would you mind?"
Would you mind kissing my arse?

She's murdered her flaming husband.
So is she gorgeous or what?

I think she's got a face
like a bust shoe,

but she does something to fellas
that goes right over my head.

Are you the exhibits officer?

I've given Forensics
an hour or so to get cracking.

Well, you're in for a real treat,
I'm telling you. Why?

Hardcore porn merchants.

No way.

"What's up with ya? Have you never
seen a ball gag and a dildo before?"

You'll love meeting this one.

I'm not meeting anyone
till we charge her.

Was Sodunke there?

And the daughter?

Andy, I want the daughter found
as a priority. I'm on it.

I had a call from the CSM.
They found all sorts in the cellar.

Lights, cameras,
editing suite. They got their own
porno industry down there.

That'll keep somebody busy,
viewing all their home-made DVDs.

"Vicky, would you mind slipping
your jewellery off and popping it
in the tray?"

So, Mrs Birkinshaw, your solicitor's
explained the situation to you

and you understand
why you've been arrested. Yes?

I understand that you believe
that my husband is dead.

Even though you've not found a body.

So no...I don't really understand
why I've been arrested.

The fact that your husband's now
been missing for over five weeks

and the fact that he hasn't used
his mobile phone

or his car or his bank cards
in that time

leads us to regard his disappearance
as suspicious.

He's in Basingstoke.

We'll come to that later.

Can you tell me,
starting at the beginning,

anything about your relationship
with your husband around the time
that he went missing?

My husband. He might be dead.

And OK, we weren't together
any more, but it's...

It's still...

You know.

When you've been close to someone...

Would you like a glass of water,

Can I call you Vicky?



VICKY: You've been bad,
haven't you, slave?

On your knees. Start licking.

Whoa, put it away, love.

Go on.


I want it harder!
Want it harder, do you?




Very controlling.
That's what we fell out about.

(SIGHS) Had a temper
like you wouldn't believe.



In know what?

I've worked it out. I've worked out
what's happened.

Oh, what's that, then, Vicky?

Someone's come along and
put this idea in your heads.

That me and Ashad's done something
to him. Haven't they, eh? Mm?

You know he's shagging her?

Janice. Don't ya?

Oh, yeah.

He's making it look like
he's disappeared. Deliberately.

He's set us up. For murder.

He's laughing his socks off

And you are helping him.

He's using you.

You wanna search her house.
I bet he's there.

Gary Birkinshaw
employed Ashad Sodunke as a porn...

Well, I'll say "star",
but I use the word loosely. perform with his wife.

But Gary
gets upset when he finds Ashad
doing unpaid overtime with Vicky,

so Gary beats Ashad up.

But Vicky and Ashad
continue to see one another

because they're "in love".

That's a motive.

Interesting thing, though.

She never once refers to Gary
in the past tense.

Everything she says is consistent
with him not being dead,
in her mind.

It's the same with Sodunke.
He hasn't slipped up once.


Ma'am, just because they're into
a bit of kinky hardcore,

it don't make 'em murderers.

Where's the daughter?

We've got no reason to think that
anything has happened to her.

There are calls between Vicky's
phone and Eve's till yesterday.

We're doing everything we can.
We're talking to her schoolfriends.

I've got FIOs out.
Got the neighbourhood police on it.

We've got house-to-house on
Coldhurst Road. We will find her.

Did you get anything from the DVDs?

Bad acting, rubbish storylines,
shit dialogue.

Sorry. No, nothing
that tells us anything about
what happened to Gary.

And absolutely nothing from the CSM

to indicate
the house is a crime scene?

Is it not something you want to take
seriously at all -

this suggestion that
he's faked his own disappearance?

I want the daughter.
Right, thank you. Night-night.

So I said I'd cook for the girls
tonight. Well, all of us. about a takeaway?
They'll love it.

Yeah? What, Chinese?
Er, I'll be back about ten.

Why, where are you going?
I'm meeting Geoff. Hastings.

I promised him I'd catch up
ages ago, but I keep cancelling it.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

I'd ring ahead and check
that they haven't already eaten.

Where's she racing off to?
She's meeting her boyfriend.

Taisie, it's me, kid.
Have you eaten yet?

I AM cooking for you.
D'you like Chinese?

It'll be about ten minutes, love.
All right. I'll just be outside.

Hello. Is that Caroline? Savage?

WOMAN: Yeah.

Please don't hang up.
It's Rachel Bailey.

I-I need to say something to you.

I... I...just wanted you to know -
and you may not believe this,
that's up to you -

I didn't know that he was married

and I certainly didn't know
that he had children.

Mrs Savage, are you still there?


Some women don't give
a damn about how they affect other
people, but I am not one of them.

And I hope I never will be.


Look, I'm genuinely...deeply sorry.

You'll be wanting to get off.

I'm sorry, I've got nothing more
to report.

No, you're fine. I know you're busy.
I'm touched that you bother, Janet.

It's no bother. I just wish that
there were more hours in the day.

And, you know, I'm still optimistic.
I'm more optimistic the more I read.

Can't interest you in another, then?

I said I'd be getting back -
Good evening.

Oh, hi, Andy.

Can I buy you one?
No, thanks.

We were just...
Well, I was just leaving.

Just leaving?

This is Geoff.
I think I've mentioned him.
I was at school with his sister.


Not really. She was murdered.

Janet's very kindly
been looking into the records.

Oh, yeah.

Andy's my sergeant.

Oh, right.
So you help facilitate the...

Er, no. That's Jill. She's our SIO.

So you were just off then, were you?
No. I was.

Well, yeah. Erm...I was, yeah.

Stay and have another.


Geoff, erm... Look, I'll ring you.
I'll be in touch, OK?

Yeah, OK. Erm...

Well, thanks again for your time.
Nice to meet you, Andy. Bye.

That w... was just so
entirely unnecessary.

He fancies you.
No, he doesn't.

You can't see it. Because I don't
have paranoid beer-goggles on.

And anyway, how dare you?

I'm having a drink with a friend,
a man whose...

He was 15 when his sister
was violently raped and murdered.

He's lived with that
all his life and...'ve just been...

He's the sort of man that, normally,
you'd be kindness itself to, Andy.

And you've just made him
feel like shit.

Oh, God, Janet, I'm sorry.

That was just...
It was just thuggish.

Janet, I'm sorry.

And what was that today with
that woman? "Vicky, just slip your
jewellery off. Would you mind?"

I said to Rach, "Kevin, you'd
expect -" I'm sorry. All right?

Were you jealous?



I'm sorry. Janet!

Can I say something, one thing,
before you drive off?

Look, I hate this.

Being like this. I...

I go on banging me head
against a wall.

I know it's not attractive, but...

What happened between us,
it was so...

..precious. And...

..I can't let go of it.

I will never feel about anyone
the way I feel about you.

I knew it 20 years ago in
training college and I know it now.

And I know
you're not happy with Adrian.

Because you told me.

I would work so hard
to make you happy.

If you'd give me the chance.
You and the girls.

We could have such a...
a good life together.

So please, just...

Please just think about it.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Please let me apologise to him
the next time you meet up with him.

Will you think about it?



I'll think about it.

Yeah. You should cook more often.

Yeah. Indian, I'm good at, an' all.

I bet you are.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, there's no end
to my talents.

And I get 'em all off Janet.
Is that right?

I was an empty vessel
till I met her.

Now I'm full of shit.
Close, aren't you? You and Janet.

Well, I'm shagging her.
Did you not know?

I'm lying. I don't even fancy her.

Have I said something?

Has she ever...
Has she ever what?

..cheated on me?


Grow up.

This last year, right... I mean,
we've always had us ups and downs.

It was just this one time last year
and...well, I... I...

I started to wonder.

Are you serious?

It was going up to Christmas.
Some bash last year.

That night
that she slept at your flat.

I didn't want to go.

I've had enough police Christmas
parties to last me a lifetime.

So what happened?

Like I say, it...
it was afterwards, really.

We had a row
about me not wanting to go,
but normally, when we have a row....

we don't speak for a couple of days
and then one of us - her -

apologises and that's it, you know,

until the next time, but...
this were different.

She couldn't apologise fast enough
the next morning, but...

..but then, since then,
it's like...something happened...

..and everything changed, somehow,

Oh, I dunno.

Well, you're not going to
get anything if you can't agree on
what you want.

I hate mayonnaise. It makes me ill.

I'm not eating egg whites. They're
rubber. Calamari. That's rubber.

Is she making
calamari sandwiches?

Were you born stupid
or was it something you developed?

Hey, I was thinking yesterday
we're daft going in separate cars.

I was surprised
you were in bed when I got home
last night. I wasn't that late.

I just assumed
we had a late one tonight, so...



Ooh, sorry.



I've got the whole MMP looking
for the daughter and she just turned
up at the front desk.

And Reece, the boyfriend -
old enough to be her granddad.

She's asking to speak to whoever's
dealing with her mum. Good.

Are you and Andy having a fling?

Shut your mouth.

Eve, hello. I'm Janet. Come through
and I'll explain what's happening
with your mum.

Should I come in, as well?
Reece, is it?

Reece Birtle, yeah.
I'm a friend of the family.

I'm DC Bailey. We'll have a chat
about what's happening. Thank you.

OK. Eve, er, we've arrested your
mother on suspicion of murder.

As yet, we haven't found a body.

But the person
we suspect her of having murdered

is your father, Gary Birkinshaw.

Me dad's in Basingstoke.

Reece, how well d'you know
Vicky Birkinshaw?

Erm, Vicky I know quite well.

Could you tell me something
about your relationship with her?

I did him. Gary.

I slit his throat and then
me and Ashad got rid of the body.

But it had nothing to do with Vicky.
Or Eve.

RACHEL: Reece, how did you persuade
Gary into the warehouse in Moston?

I told him that we'd found these
premises that he might like for...

you know, his filming, what he does.

So I said that I'd meet him there.

And we'd arranged that Ashad would
be there already. With this machete.

And when you say "we"?
Me and...Ashad.

And Ashad had a machete?

Where did he get this machete from?
I didn't ask.

So you lured him to the warehouse.
Ashad was already waiting there
with a machete.

But you say it was you
that slit his throat.


What happened to the machete after?

Erm...we put it in a suitcase.

With the body parts.
After we cut him up.

What happened to the suitcase?

Ashad said he'd deal with them all.
Er, there were three. Suitcases.

And you don't know
what happened to them?

Ashad said he'd deal with them.

Where did he get
these suitcases from?

Ashad got 'em. He organised it all.

I just had to make sure that Gary
got to the warehouse at two o'clock.

OK, Reece, so if I took you to this
warehouse in Moston...


How's Eve?

Er, you know weird?
And then there's the Planet Weird.

Well, if this household
is the Planet Weird,

we don't even get light from it.

Eve is sleeping with Reece.

Vicky gave her to him
for his birthday.

This poor child has been so twisted
and perverted and corrupted,

she doesn't know which way is up.

What does she know about
what happened to Gary?

Vicky told her he's in Basingstoke
with another woman

and wouldn't return her calls
because he couldn't give
a toss about her.

But Eve's made any number of calls
to his phone over the last five
weeks. I had Telecoms run up a list.

If you "give"...
your daughter to someone... must be expecting
something pretty major back.

What, like...bumping off
your husband for you?

He's just the numb-nuts
that's done it. I'm convinced
Vicky's the brains behind it.

Are you OK?

You got a minute? Just outside.

Would Rachel have told Nicholas
Savage things off the record...

when she was having it off with him?

No. She knows better than that.

Are you all right?

D'you hate me?

So was he the er...
the er...swarthy, dark,
Mediterranean-looking one?

No. He was the one
that looked like a pound of
wet tripe in the moonlight.

Sorry what I said.
I'm sorry what I said.

It's not...probably,
quite what you think.

No, no, it's none of my business,

How did you know?

Just something
that Adrian said last night.

Ade knows?
No. He wondered.

Not about Andy. Just generally.

Last Christmas you had an argument,
nothing he could put his finger on,

but the night that you slept
at my flat...

I didn't tell him
that you've never slept at my flat.

It only happened once.

It's not what I do.

You don't have to tell me.
I've regretted it ever since.

It's like you and...
telling Nick all that stuff.

you just have to shoulder the burden
of your mistakes and carry on.

And sometimes you want
to confess, but you know damn well
it wouldn't do anybody any good.

Rach? Sorry.

I need exhibit PT3
before I go back in with Sodunke.

No, no, you're fine.

If I told you, Mr Sodunke,
that Reece Birtle told us

that on the afternoon
of Saturday 22nd March

you weren't
at the Trafford Centre with Vicky
like you told us you were,

but in fact you were with him
at a disused warehouse in Moston,

what would be your response
to that?

I don't know where Moston is.

I'll be honest with you, Mr Sodunke.

He told us
quite a bit more than that.

If he's done something stupid
and he's trying to implicate me,
he's off his head.

OK, I'm now showing Mr Sodunke
exhibit reference PT3.

Is that your credit card statement,
Mr Sodunke?

Can you confirm
that that's your name at the top?


And your present address -
47 Coldhurst Road, Chadderton?


Can you look at the purchase
you made on Thursday 20th March?

It's just the one.

Can you read it out to me?

Mr Sodunke?

You bought three suitcases
from Robinson's in Cheadle.

Is that correct?

Can you confirm that for me,
Mr Sodunke?


Can you tell me where those
suitcases are now, Mr Sodunke?


Where are they now,
those suitcases?

Mr Sodunke?

45 minutes ago,
POLSA retrieved three suitcases

from the canal
right next to the warehouse

where Reece told us
Gary Birkinshaw was murdered.

Each containing what appeared to be
dismembered body parts.

Oh, yes.
That were lucky, wasn't it?

Sodunke doesn't drive.
The assumption was the body would be
within walking distance.

The body's on its way to the
mortuary, the cases are in the lab.

But what we still haven't got
is anything to directly implicate
Vicky Birkinshaw.

Both blokes say the same thing -
Vicky had nothing to do with it.

You wanna believe that, don't you?

Why are you so keen to believe
that she was involved? Ma'am.

Because she's an evil bitch.

Who gives their daughter
to a paedophile for his birthday?

It's like finding out Father
Christmas doesn't exist, isn't it?

And if she's not involved,
what's their motivation?

There is none. They're enthralled
by her. They're obsessed with her.
Same as you lot are.

That's why
they're covering up for her.

What's happening with the girl?

I've rung Social Services,
but...she's 16.

She knew he was dead when she filled
in this Missing From Home form.

Sorry, who did?

Janice, the one that
reported him missing - it struck me
as odd when I read it.

She knew he'd broke both his legs
three years ago in a car crash.
In the Any Injuries section.

Why's that odd?
It isn't in itself.

But in the form Vicky fills in,

she says he has never had
any serious injuries. So?

So if, in the future,
a body turns up

which by that stage was only
identifiable by skeletal remains,

and there's scar tissue
from where the bones healed...

Vicky has put that her husband
has never had any serious injuries,

well, we probably wouldn't think

to identify that body
as Gary Birkinshaw.

Do you think
you might have shared this
with the group earlier, Sherlock?

I would have done,
but I've only just seen it.

D'you think she genuinely thought
that far ahead?

Yeah. I do.

Clever bitch.

Her. Not you.

Not that you aren't. Clever.
Obviously. Or a bitch.

Yeah, keep digging, Scotty.

That's not enough -
with all the circumstantial
we've got on her - to charge her.

No, course not. But provable lies

might be just enough to fluster her
into saying something she regrets.

Yeah, it was a bad accident.
He was laid up for months.

And yet, on the Missing From Home
form, which you signed... put "No serious injuries".


Well, why did you say that
when you knew it wasn't true?

He didn't have any serious injuries
when I reported him missing.

No, the form asks

if the missing person
has ever suffered a serious injury.

I dunno.

I'd say I was upset.

I was flustered.

Must have misunderstood.

And how would you respond if I said

that I think you knew he was already
dead when you reported him missing?

And that's why you gave us
misleading information -

to throw us off the trail if
we should find his decomposed body

at some point in the future.

I'd say I'm probably not as clever
as what you're giving me credit for.

In fact, Vicky - and I know
I've asked you this before,

but I'm gonna ask you again -

why did you report him missing
at all?

When you believed he'd "gone off
with another woman in Basingstoke".

You know what I'm thinking?

I'm thinking...

if this is
all you've got to throw at me...

after three days,

you haven't got a tiny, single scrap
of proper evidence

to suggest
that I had anything to do with it.

And because...

I didn't.

I'd had enough.

I felt under-appreciated at home

..I like Andy. He's...

He's got a bit of a thing about me.

You know that we trained together?
Well, we had a bit of a fling then.

But then I met Ade and...

Weird thing is, the other night,
when I was with Geoff. He's...

He's jealous. Andy.
He was watching me.

You don't want that.
No. It's...

He wants me to move in with him.

And the girls.

Would you?


I said I'd think about it,
but...I'm not.

I wouldn't do it to the girls.
I wouldn't do it to Ade.

Stupid, isn't it?

No. It's what makes you
one of the grown-ups.

Or someone
who just can't take a risk.

That's a lot to gamble with.

My mum
buggered off with someone when I was
a kid. It did my head in for years.

What d'you think?

He bled to death.
There are clear indications

that dismemberment began
while he was still alive.

Why would you start dismembering
someone before they're dead?

If you didn't know any better.
Didn't know they weren't dead.

Soon find out, when blood
starts spurting out. Yeah.

They must have spent a while
cleaning that warehouse.



Lab results on the suitcases -
Ashad's prints,

Reece's prints, but...
Nothing off Vicky.

Can you bail Myra Hindley?
Or we'll be out of time before
we get something on the bitch.

What you gonna do?


Resign. Sulk.

Get pissed. Shag someone.

Watch telly.

Come on, genius. Think of something.

I was talking to myself.


You are clever.
I will give you that.

You might drive me
round the bend and up the wall,
but you're not Kevin.

Wow. Thanks, boss. I'm not Kevin.

I mean I really have arrived,
haven't I?

What was it? That little twat, Luke
Farrell, when you copped him.

What about it?
Struck me.

I could hear you and Kevin
bitching about something.

What? His watch?


Ring Janet. What? Now.

Right now.
What am I saying?

It's the one thing
we nearly always overlook.
Did she have any jewellery on?

Myra? Yeah. Andy was all gooey over
her when she got booked in. Andy?

Janet, boss wants ya.
Can you hear me?


Get down to the custody office NOW
and don't let Vicky Birkinshaw
take her jewellery home.

Bag it up.
I want it sent off to the lab.

If she was there
when they cut that body up,

there's a tiny chance something's
still got blood on it. I'm on it.

Hold on. I'm sorry, Mrs Birkinshaw,
I know you've been released,

but our SIO wants to keep
your jewellery for the time being.

I don't think so, love.
Give that here.

You! Get that off her. It's mine.
I've been released.

What's so interesting
about this, then, Vicky?

Let's have a little look.


Better put her back in her box,
boys, until the boss gets back.


Is it true?

She's made the world's first
bona fide prosecutable snuff movie.

For God's sake, Ashad!
Finish him!

So is that her behind the camera?



Can we prove it?
- Yea. - How?

Silly bitch filmed reflection from window.
Clear as a bell.


Who said you were saying, Jill?

next time...