Scooby's Laff-A Lympics (1977–1979): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan - full transcript

First time featuring Interview with Guest Spectators following Mumbly's mother Mrs. Mumbly, Downhill Skiing Contest, Free Style Figure Ice Skating, and 4-man Bobsleigh Race are all held against Time in Swiss Alps. Then in Tokyo, f...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics.

Starring Scooby-Doo and the gang...


...Blue Falcon and his mechanical misfit,
Dynomutt, Dog Wonder.

That's me. Ha-ha-ha.

And introducing the world's
first superhero, Captain Caveman...

...and his mystery-solving companions,
the Teen Angels.

Captain Caveman!

And it's round-the-world
triple-team competition...

...with the Scooby Doobies...

...Yogi Yahooeys and Really Rottens.


Forty-five stars in the Laff-A-Lympics.

Yes, it's
Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics.


ANNOUNCER: Welcome, sports fans,
to the All Star Laff-A-Lympics.

ANNOUNCER: Welcome, sports fans,
to the All Star Laff-A-Lympics.

First, we'll take you
to the awe-inspiring Matterhorn...

...high in the Swiss Alps.

Then around the world
to magnificent Tokyo, Japan...

...for the wind-up
of today's exciting contests.


Now to the Swiss Alps,
where the Yogi Yahooeys...

...Scooby Doobies...

...and the Really Rottens
will compete in the first event...

...the downhill speed contest,
a race against the clock.

And now,
down to our on-the-scene announcers...

...Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf.

One thing for sure,
there'll be no quarter given.

- Right, Mildew?
- They're all savages.

Here's how the scoring works.

The winner gets 25 points.

The second place team will receive 15.

And the third place receives 10.

Now, back to Snagglepuss.

Suffering slaloms.
What is this? Trick or treat?

Is Huckleberry Hound, incognito even,
racing for the Yogi Yahooeys?


Howdy. This is my first time on skis.

I know. I know.

So I figured I might as well be comfortable
on the way down.

And there he goes.

And who is this?

It's the captain of the Scooby Doobies


And now, ready for the takeoff
are some Really Rottens.

Five of them even. A really loaded team.

And we aims to use
every lowdown, scurrilous...

...mean, cheating, rat-fink trick to win.

Or my name's not Dinky Dalton.

If that's not cheating,
my name's not Snagglepuss.


And here's Scooby-Doo
in a remarkable display of speed and agility.

- A real hot dogger.
- Hot dogs?

Uh-oh. Yikes!

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Really Rottens... a sensational display of teamwork...

...will unquestionably have the best time
and set a new world's record.

However, it looks like the Scooby Doobies
are up a tree...

...and may not be down in time
to finish the race.

Now it's the Rottens moving past
the Yogi team...

...and using all of their skills.

And back to you, Mildew.

Thank you.

And now, a word from the mother
of that Rotten captain, Mumbly.

Mrs. Mumbly, what do you think
of your son's chances of winning...

...the downhill speed championship?


Now back to the race.

And the crowd is going wild... Huckleberry Hound
heads for the finish line...

...leading with the best time.

But wait.
It's the Rottens moving up fast.

But it's too late for their move.

Yes, they're at the finish. It's... It's the...

Really Rottens?

Followed by Huckleberry Hound?

- Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
- And Scooby-Doo.

And the Rottens lead with 25 points...

...the Yogis, 15, and the Scoobys, 10.

Just to make sure, we're ready
with an instant replay of that win.

And that's how it happened.

Which means a change in the scoring.

The Rottens are penalized
for skullduggery.


So it's Yogi's Yahooeys, 25 for first...

...Scooby-Doos, 15 points for second...

...and Really Rottens
get 10 points for third.

The air crackles
with the impending excitement...

...of our next event,
the single freestyle ice-skating contest...

...judged on poise and originality.

Yogi Bear representing his team,
Dynomutt for the Scooby Doobies...

...and Daisy Mayhem for the Rottens.

And here's our first contestant,
Yogi Bear.

But why does he have a skate
tied on the top of his head?

Because I'm smarter
than the average bear.


What's this?
An incredible forward triple spin...

...and backward triple spin
and a repeat forward triple spin.

What style, what originality.

And what a finish to a dazzling display
of ice Terpsichore.


And the same to you.



And winding up for his finale
is Dynomutt.

This jump could win
for the Scooby Doobies.




And winding up the event,
skating for the Really Rottens...

...Daisy Mayhem,
who is unveiling a real first...

...a secret routine
she has been keeping under wraps...

the Hillbilly Helicopter Hoedown Spinner.


Now, there's a disappearing act
I really like.

And now for the winner, ice fans.

Based on poise and originality,
the Yogi Yahooeys win.

And for an update in the scoring,
the Yogi Yahooeys, 50...

...the Scooby Doobies, 30...

...and for leaving the scene of the event,
the Really Rottens, 20.

It looks like a runaway for the Yogis
as we get ready for the final event...

...the toboggan race.

One of these teams must traverse
the fastest time...

...over the torturous twists and turns...

...of the most mind-boggling course
ever devised... test the stamina and sheer will to win
of its contestants.

Everybody, prepare for takeoff.

Ready, set, go.


There go the Yogis.

And getting ready for the Scoobys
is Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.

All right, Mumbly, you know what to do.
And don't goof it.



Okay, everybody, let's push.

It's stuck.

Oh, I see what's wrong.

- Sled.
- There goes their sled, and there they go.

Now, let's pick up Mildew
standing by with the Rottens.

Tell me, oh, Great Fondue.

What are your chances of winning?

A lead-pipe cinch, Mr. Wise-Guy.
And away we go.

Vroom, vroom,
and a Fondue zoom.

Hm. Maybe I "vroomed"
when I should have "gazoomed."

- Brach.
- Gazoom, gazoom.

Not bad. Not bad.


Take it away, Octo.

Ready, blast off.

Well, there goes
a real mixed-up magician.

And hurdling down the body-wrenching
twists and turns of the track...

...the superb Yogi team
is maintaining an incredible pace... a race against time.

Meanwhile, the Scooby team is overtaking
their runaway sled.

And they've caught it.

Still in position to break the record.


MAN: Come on, Scooby Doobies!
- Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

All right, Octo, time to stop being rotten
and be sneaky.


Never mind the next turn, Octo.
Straight ahead.


Heavens to Murgatroyd.

I suspect something nefarious,
or even cheating even.

Hurray, that's really rotten.

All I ask is that you let me off
at the next stop.

- Oh, no, watch it.
- Watch it. Look out! Turn left.


Me drive.

Now it's the Rottens
in a race against time...

...and taking a shortcut to do it.

Hello again, Mrs. Mumbly.

As this contest draws to a close...

...can you tell us if the Rottens
and your son, Captain Mumbly...

...are gonna win?


Can you repeat that, Mrs. Mumbly?

The teams are approaching
the finish line.

The Yogis have kept up
an incredible pace.

Wait, they flipped. No, they're still going.

And they're over the finish line
in one minute and 35 seconds.

Back to the race.
The Scooby team is out of control.

This could be disastrous.

- Look out.
- Oh, no. We're gonna crash.

- Oh, no, no, no. We're gonna crash.
- Oh, no!

Back in the race, the Scoobys finish
in one minute and 33 seconds...

...bettering the Yogis.
- Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

Can the Rottens
beat that incredible time?

And there they are.

The Rottens have dropped in from nowhere
and appear to have won the race... the incredible time
of one minute and six seconds.

Hooray, hooray.


I interrupt this hysterical applause.

As you recall me telling you...

...the Rottens never crossed
the finish line...

...but went under it.

Therefore, because of the ipso facto,
and habeas corpuscles...

...the winners are the Scooby Doobies.


Scooby! Scooby!

And now back to the scoreboard.

The Yogi Yahooeys still in the lead
with 65.

The Scooby Doobies with 55
are creeping up...

...after their bobsled victory.

And the Really Rottens are last with 30.

And so as we take leave
of the slings and arrows of defeat...

...and the exhilaration of the victors,
we move to the Orient.

This time, in Japan.

Stick around for the second round... see who wins this week's exciting
thrill-packed All Star Laff-A-Lympics.

And welcome back, sports fans... the second half
of the All Star Laff-A-Lympics.

Live and direct from the pearl of the Orient,
Tokyo, Japan.

Our courageous competitors
will first do battle in sumo wrestling...

...then tennis and baseball... see who will win
today's Laff-A-Lympics.

At the conclusion of the alpine sports,
the Yogis held the lead with 65...

...the Scoobys were second with 55...

...and those Really Rottens
were third with 30.

And now to the Tokyo sumo ring
for the start of our first event...

...a round-robin,
winner-take-all wrestling match.

Hey, look, Scoob. Look at me, huh?
Ha-ha-ha! He can't even touch me.






Hey, look, Scoob. Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee, huh?

Look, Scooby, did you see that, huh?

See that, Scoob, huh?
He can't even lay a finger on me, huh?

Grape Ape.

I give up. I give up.
I wasn't meant to be a wrestler.

I'm brains. Brains, no brawn. Help!

The first match goes to Grape Ape
of the Yogi Yahooeys.

And here, back at the main event
for the Laff-A-Lympic title.

Still representing the Yogi Yahooeys,
the magnificent, the undefeated Grape Ape.


And for those Really Rotten Rottens...
Wait a minute.

There's a huddle going on
in the Rotten corner.

You know what we'll do?



Wait a minute. They're replacing Mumbly.
It's a late entry for the Rottens.

Dirty and Dastardly Dalton,
the terrible tandem.

If we know Dirty and Dastardly,
they must be up to something despicable.




And here's the start of the finals.
Dirty and Dastardly each have a feather.

I can't imagine what they're up to.


Go get them, little brothers.

How fiendish. They're tickling him.


Grape Ape is going
into hysterical laughter.

I don't know how he can take it.

How terrible. He sounds happy.

I don't know how he can take it.

Wait a minute. He's down.

And the winners in 45 seconds...


...the terrible tandem from the Rottens,
Dirty and Dastardly Dalton.

We won.

I knew you could do it, little brothers.

Where did they go?

- Help! Help! Get us down from here.
- Dinky, do something.

Heading into our final events,
the Yogis are still in first place with 65.

The Rottens get all 25 points...

...and are tied with the Scoobys
at 55 for second.

Come in, Mildew, at the tennis courts.

Believe me, these people really
know how to live. Ha-ha.

Can you turn up
the air conditioning a bit?

Thank you, little butterfly.

Now, back to the contest,
where in the first round... captain, Yogi, has been pitted
against the Great Fondue for the Rottens.

Yogi Bear is holder of four
Laff-A-Lympics gold medals in tennis.

Wait a minute. Hold it.

Two of them were in doubles.
That makes eight, and that's kind of great.


And here it appears that The Great Fondue
really has the court covered.

The Great Fondues at your service.


And Yogi takes the first match.



Now, going into the finals,
we find an exhausted Yogi...

...pitted against the talented Dog Wonder
of the Scoobys.

The cleverest, and the best,
and the fantastic...

...the smartest and the...

Stop yakking and start whacking,
Dog Wonder.

Uh, right, BF.

Terrific tennis, Yogi.

Mildew here at courtside
with Doggie Daddy.

What are your observations
on the tennis play, Doggie?

Everybody's got a racket.
That's all I gotta say.

The final point of the tie-breaking game.

A high lob by Yogi over center net.

Dynomutt is deep in his backcourt
and it seems that there's no way...

...he'll be able to get to it in time.

Nice try, Yogi.

- He's better than the average bear.
- Gee, that's me.

Dynomutt takes it,
giving 25 points to the Scoobys.

The Yogis receive 15 for second
and the Rottens 10 for third.


The Yogis and Scoobys are tied for first
with 80 points.

The Really Rottens are right on their tails
with 65 points.


And now here we are
at the Tokyo baseball stadium...

...home field of the Tokyo Transistors
and the site of our final event...

...the baseball batting contest.

The first round of the batting contest,
to see who hits the most balls...

...pits the skillful Hong Kong Phooey...

...against the Yogis' Quick Draw McGraw,
the fastest bat in the west.

Okay, Hong Kong Phooey,
make your move.

Here's the wind-up.

It looks like he's going
into his triple won-ton whammy.

Foul ball, strike one.


Foul ball.

Strike three. He's out.


What happened to strike two?

I told him to stay close to the plate,
but this is ridiculous.

Zero for the Yogis.

Next up at bat,
from the Scooby Doos, is Captain Caveman.

Being pitched to
by the Really Rottens' Dread Baron.



Looks like something sneaky
is going on at the mound. What is it?



It's my own invention,
the Barreling Baron Baseball Blaster.

After a blast of this,
he'll be back in caveman days.


Throw it.

A wind-up, the pitch.

It's a fly ball. It's a grounder.
It's a line drive.





An incredible display of batmanship
by Captain Caveman.

Thirty-seven hits from one hitter.
Not bad for one time at bat.

As we go down to the wire...

...Sooey the Pig comes up to bat
for the Rottens...

...with Scooby Dum going to the mound.

The pressure is really on, Scooby Dum.
This is for the whole cake.

- But first...
- Cake? I'd rather have a bone.

- let's look at this afternoon
when Scooby Dum got a few tips...

...from our expert guest commentator,
Fred Flintstone.

Thank you, my friend.

Scooby Dum, it is a pushover.

As you can see,
it reminds me of my old days...

...with the Bedrock Little League.
- Hey, Fred, you never used to play.

Barney Rubble, will you be quiet?

Now, all you do is this, Scooby Dum,
it's all in the balance.

First, you wind up, then you reel back...


I didn't think he ever played
in the Little League.

Barney, do something.

Now back to live action.

Armed with that valuable expertise,
Scooby Dum has taken the mound.

It looks like Scooby Dum
is going to be throwing...

...his world-famous Dum-Dum Drop Ball.

Can the Rottens' Sooey Pig
move his team into the lead?

The ball is making an exit, stage left.

Then entering stage right,
over the plate even.

Strike one.

A hole in one.

He's out.



And that's it. The Scoobys get 25
for the baseball match.

The only team to score any runs.

Now to the big board for the final tally.

The Scoobys win it all with 105.

The Yogis second with 80...

...and 65 for the last place
Really Really Rottens.

So congratulations to our champions
of today's Laff-A-Lympics.

And we now say sayonara
from lovely Japan.

Join us next week... our three gallant teams
once again span the globe.

Athletes of sinew and steel...

...pushing the body
beyond the limits of pain and endurance...

...the eternal struggle to be champion,
to be number one... wear the Laff-A-Lympian gold.