Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Demon of the Dugout - full transcript

Scooby-Doo and his friends investigate when a Dragon Beast interrupts an important international baseball game.



SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi. I'm Scrappy-Doo.




Let me at him. Let me at him!

Let me at him. Let me at him!



SCRAPPY: Puppy power!



Uncle Scooby?

SCRAPPY: Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!




game, ladies and gentlemen.

We're here in Tokyo, Japan...

for what could be the final
game in the International Series.

The American team leads three games
to two in this best-of-seven series...

and they look
unbeatable tonight.

And now Casey Temple
is stepping up to bat.

This could do it, folks.

A home run...

and the trophy could be
going back to the States...

for the first time in the
history of this event.

Yakatori goes into
his wind-up and...



ANNOUNCER: What's happening?

BEAST: Trespassers!

You have defiled my
resting place long enough!

It's a dragon beast!

I command you to leave...

for now and for all time!



DAPHNE: Finally, Tokyo.
FRED: Right, Daphne.

But we're still too late to
catch tonight's ball game.

But we can still see the game
tomorrow, if our team hasn't already won.

Shaggy, you and Scooby and Scrappy
get the luggage while we find a taxi, okay?

Sure thing, Fred. I
think we can handle that.

This is just taking too
long, Uncle Scooby.

I'll go get it myself.


You better go get him, Scoob.

SCRAPPY: Okay, you
guys, cough up our luggage.

Oh, you wanna get tough, eh?

Scooby! Scrappy!
Are you all right?

That's my suitcase.

- Oh!
- Heh, heh, heh.

Oops. Sorry, lady. Ha,
ha, ha. Here you go.

And that's my hat box.

Allow me.

- Excuse me.
- Ah!

I'll get our suitcases
this time for sure.

Puppy power!

SCOOBY: Yikes.
- Here we go again.

Oh, I am sorry, sir, but there is
nothing available until next week.

Well, that's too late. I need
20 tickets for the States tonight.

Hey, look. That's Willie Turner,
the coach of the American team.

Is the series over, Mr. Turner?

You bet it is.

- Well, who won?
- Haven't you heard? Nobody.

A dragon beast appeared
and scared everybody off.

ALL: Dragon beast? TURNER: Yeah.

Popped up right out of the pitcher's mound
and scared everybody out of the stadium.

And I'm not keeping my team
in any danger. We're leaving.

And you'd better too.

SHAGGY: Here we
are, ready for the hotel.

Yeah. Let's go.

Sorry, Shaggy.

We're heading for
Nakamura Stadium...

to investigate the
appearance of a dragon beast.

- Dragon beast?
- Dragon beast?

SCRAPPY: Wow, terrific!

What are we waiting
for? Follow me.



SHAGGY: You mean we came all the
way to Japan just to chase ghosts again?

VELMA: Let me put
it this way, Shaggy...


"Mr. Husai."

Mr. Husai, we heard about the dragon
beast and thought we might be able to help.

I cannot be too careful
with this trophy around.

Is that the baseball
diamond I've heard about?

Yes. It stays at the stadium
of the winning team...

which, so far, has
always been Japan.

If this dragon beast scares everyone
off, what happens to the games?

There might be no more games.

And I will be forced
to sell the stadium.

Then we have to get to the
bottom of this mystery and fast.

Like, there's no way we're gonna go
mystery-solving on an empty stomach.

- Right, Scoob?
- Right.

Come on, Scoob. Hot dogs
first, dragon beasts later.

SCOOBY: Much later.

Wait for me, Uncle Scooby!

We might catch us a
dragon beast on the way!

Here we go, Scoob.

"Sashimi." Hm.

Like, that must be
Japanese for hot dogs.

You're not really
gonna eat now, are you?

With that dragon
beast running loose?

Especially with the dragon
beast running around, Scrappy.

Let's see now. A little
of this and a little of that...

And this and that and this.

Well, I guess I'd better start
looking for that old beastie myself.

How about that, Scoob?
A sandwich fit for a king.


Thanks, Shaggy.


That was low, Scoob.

Really low.

- Raw fish?
- Raw fish?

Oh, no!

- Yuck.
- Aha.

Hot dogs! Now,
that's more like it.

Come on and dig in, Scoob.
And bring Scrappy along.

Scrappy? Scrappy!


Jeepers, I hope you don't have
to sell the stadium, Mr. Husai.

If I must, I must.

Luckily, I have other businesses
around Tokyo that need my attention.

Well, we've got our work
cut out for us this time.

Come on.

- Scrappy?
- In here, Uncle Scooby.

I'm gonna search every inch of
this place until I get that dragon beast.

And then he'll be sorry.

SCOOBY: Come on.

- What about the dragon
beast, Uncle Scooby?

- We gotta find him.
- Huh?

Hey! You found
him, Uncle Scooby!

That was fast work.

Now let's show him
who's boss around here.

Yikes! Help! Yikes!


That's it, Uncle Scooby.

Give him a left and
a right. Woof-woof.


That's a good idea,
Uncle Scooby...

toning up your muscles so you
can really splat him next time.

Come out and fight like a
beast or I'm coming in to get you.

Hey, he's gone.

Well, I guess I showed him.


- Scrappy? SCOOBY: Shaggy!

Scoob! Where have you been?

We just fixed that
old dragon beast.


Like, does he have a dragon's
head, long claws and beady little eyes?


- How did you know?
- Ha, ha, ha.

Because he's right
behind you. Look!



BEAST: You have been
warned to stay away!

This is your final warning!

Yes, sir.

Like, I'm a great
believer in final warnings.

Me too.

Okay, dragon beast,
prepare to be splatted...

with a capital S.


I don't believe it.


Like, it's every
coward for himself!

Fred, Daphne. Look over there.

FRED: Who's there?

VELMA: Stop! Come back!

SCOOBY: Gangway! Unh!
SHAGGY: Gangway! Unh!

SCRAPPY: Okay! We got you now!

Dragon beast, your
haunting days are over!

I'm Ken Shimoda.

FRED: The famous Japanese ball player?
- I was...

until Mr. Husai and I had a disagreement
and he kicked me off the team.

Now it looks like this dragon
beast will force him out of business.

It serves him right.

VELMA: Friendly guy.

Scooby, Scrappy's at it again.

Oh, no. Scrappy!

Hm. Let's see. If I were a
dragon beast, where would I hide?

SCOOBY: Scrappy, come back!



Hi there, Uncle Scooby.


- Help?
- That's Scooby.

I'm coming, pal!

Are you okay, Scoob?

Sure, he's okay.

Nothing can hurt my
big, brave Uncle Scooby.

Right, Uncle Scooby?


- Right.
- No wonder the lights were so bright.

These are special,
extra-bright bulbs.

Hm. I think we're
onto something.

Come on, guys.

Heh, heh, heh. Like,
I gotta tell you, Fred.

I'm really glad we're
finally getting out of here.

FRED: Only to check
into the hotel, Shaggy.

We'll be back tomorrow morning
to really check out this mystery.

Boy, oh, boy. This could
be the best mystery ever.

Well, at least we're safe
until morning, Scoob.


You are not safe anywhere,
my friends. Ha, ha, ha.


Ah. Nice and safe in our
own room at last, eh, Scoob?


Nice and safe.


A Scooby Scout
is always prepared.

So I'm gonna fix
a Scrappy trap...

just in case that old
dragon beast shows up.

Did you hear that, Scoob?

Like, what would the dragon
beast be doing at a Tokyo hotel?

Yeah. Heh, heh, heh.


Just a minute. I'm coming.


It's for you.

Okay, Scoob. Like, thanks.



It's the dragon beast!

Just like I hoped.

Now for my Scrappy trap.

- Scrappy!
- Wake up, Scrappy!


SCRAPPY: I got him!


Puppy power!

Did you see that? I got
that old dragon beast!

Didn't I? Didn't I?


SHAGGY: Get us out of here!


What's going on?

The dragon beast!

FRED: Come on!
He's getting away!

Let him! Let him!

He went down this street.

Like, I thought we weren't gonna
chase this mystery until morning.

That was before the mystery
started chasing us, Shag.

There he goes, into
that fireworks factory.

Oh, boy! We're
gonna splat him good!

SHAGGY: Like, it's
awfully dark in here.

Great! That dragon beast won't be
able to see us sneaking up on him.


- That works both ways, Scrappy.
- Yeah.

This'll go faster
if we split up.

We'll try this direction.

That just leaves
us and all this dark.

"Roman candles."

Well, candles are what we need
no matter where they're from.

Look what I found, candles.

Hey, great.

Like, that's just what we need.

SCOOBY: Thanks, Scrappy.

Look at all the
boxes of fireworks.

And they're all marked U.S.A.

They're all going to America?

Hm. Maybe not, Daphne.

It might mean something else.

Boy, these candles
sure help, Scrappy.

They sure do. Look!

BOTH: Yikes!

You failed to heed my warning...

now you must pay!

Well, could you take these
as a down payment, sir?

Okay, dragon, prepare to splat!

Well, he got away again.

How lucky can we get?

This is all starting
to make sense now.

I think the last clue we'll
need is back at the stadium.

VELMA: I've got a hunch
that whatever's going on...

it has something to do with
the baseball diamond trophy.

Mr. Husai?

What? Oh, it is you.

I thought it might be...

FRED: The dragon beast. We know.

I am filling out forms now
for the sale of the stadium.

Would you do us a
favor first, Mr. Husai?

Will you make certain the
baseball diamond is still in the vault?

Well, uh, certainly.

DAPHNE: It looks all
right. VELMA: Oops.

Oh, it's okay. I've got it.

No damage done.

Not even a scratch.

Please. I must get
back to work now.

And we've got a
dragon beast to catch.

Now, which locker did you
find the dragon beast in?

This one, Shaggy. Number 13.

You want me to open it now so
you can grab him if he's there, huh?


Like, haven't you heard, Scrappy?
Thirteen's an unlucky number.

Yeah. Unlucky. Heh, heh, heh.

You betcha. Unlucky for that old
dragon beast when I get my paws on him!

No! No!

Like, don't do it!

SCRAPPY: Aw. It's empty.


Empty, you say? Ha, ha, ha.

How about that, Scoob? Empty.

SCOOBY: Yeah. Empty.



How about that?

Uncle Scooby found
a secret entrance.

Isn't he terrific?

Like, another fine mess
you've gotten us into, Scoob.

SCOOBY: Sorry, Shaggy.

All the pieces fit perfectly.

- The only thing left is to... BEAST:
You will not get away this time!

I think I see the end
of the tunnel up ahead.

And the dragon beast?

Sorry. I don't see him.

Like, don't be sorry, Scrappy.

That's perfectly all right.


- What do you suppose that is?
SCRAPPY: Let's find out. Whee!

Let's not.

BEAST: My patience
has worn thin!

Hi, Fred, Velma, Daphne.

Look out, you guys!


Hey, it's the dragon beast.

Exactly! Run!

I will get you for this!

Quick! After them!

SHAGGY: Somebody, help!


Wait, guys. Look!

DAPHNE: What are
those two metal bands?

The last pieces of
the puzzle, Daphne.

We've got to capture
that dragon beast.

FRED: Then what
are we waiting for?

SHAGGY: That's it,
Scoob. Lock it shut.


But now we can't get
to him and splat him!

Better yet, he can't
get to us and splat us.

Hey, he's here.

SHAGGY: And we're not. Run!

BEAST: There is no escape!

SHAGGY: Well, well, well, it's about
time you were getting out here, D.B.

You're late for practice.

SCOOBY: Right. Here.


SHAGGY: None of
your excuses, D.B.

Just show us what you can do.

Batter up!

You got it, Shaggy!

Wait! No! Stop!

No! Don't! Oh!

Okay, Daphne, now!

No! Stop! Wait! No, no!


Hooray, we got him!

COP: You have
caught the dragon beast.

But, like, who is it?

It's simple, when you
put all the clues together.

He made his special

through the secret tunnel
under the pitcher's mound.

And used fireworks to
create the dragon in the sky...

and the smoke screen.

The dragon in the smoke was projected
from the bright lights on the scoreboard...

lit up in a dragon shape.

But the clincher was the boxes
of fireworks in that warehouse.

We found these same
metal bands in the tunnel.

And realized the crates
weren't going to the U.S.A.

They were from...

SHAGGY: Husai?

FRED: Right. Mr. Husai.

He told us he had other
businesses around Tokyo...

and we realized the fireworks
factory was one of them.

- But why?
- Yeah. Why?

I thought it must have something
to do with the baseball diamond.

And when I purposely dropped it
against its glass case, I was certain.

FRED: It didn't
scratch the glass.

Meaning it wasn't a diamond.

Mr. Husai had taken the
real diamond long ago...

and was afraid that the American
team would discover the theft...

if they won the game
and took the trophy home.

So he tried to stop the game
by scaring everybody off, wow.

Yeah, wow.

SHAGGY: Like, now that that's
over, can we finally get some rest?

And we'll need it...

if we're gonna be awake
for tomorrow's ball game.

SCRAPPY: Hey, wait!

- We've got a surprise for you.
- Yeah, a surprise.


And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!

- Whoops. Wrong rocket.
- Yeah.


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