Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Scary Sky Skeleton - full transcript

The gang investigates a spooky specter that disrupts an air show they're attending.


Uncle Scooby? Hi,
I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him!



Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?

SCRAPPY: Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!




DAPHNE: Oh, I'm so excited
about seeing Wendy again.

Just think, my high school girlfriend
is now a professional stunt pilot.

Well, she must be terrific
to be in the Sky Circus.

I've never been to an air show.

It should be an interesting
experience tomorrow.

Yeah, like, very interesting as long as
we're experiencing it from the ground.

Hey, this is more
fun than a trampoline.



Oh, boy, this is
great. Heh, heh, heh.

FRED: Careful, we're
heading right for some more...

- Bumps.
- Like, thanks for the warning, Fred.

Yeah. Thanks.

DAPHNE: Jeepers, look at that.

It sounds like a plane.

VELMA: But it
looks like a skeleton.

Boy, oh, boy. A flying skeleton.

[IN UNISON] A flying skeleton?


DAPHNE: It's headed
on toward the Sky Circus.

Don't you mean the scare circus?
Well, we're not going right, Scoob?

Aw, come on, no Sky
Skeleton's gonna scare us.

Right, Uncle Scooby?


FRED: Here's the
Sky Circus Airport.

VELMA: Jinkies,
it's awfully quiet.

Like, that's because I'm
not screaming. Heh, heh. Yet.

DAPHNE: Well, there's got to be
somebody around. At least Wendy.

Zoinks, not again.

"Beware. Be gone. The Sky
Skeleton will strike again."

Like, good idea. Let's
beware and be gone.

Head for the tower, Scoob!

I get it. From high up
in the tower, we can

grab that old skeleton
as he flies by, right?

- Uh, uh... Right. SCRAPPY:
We're gonna get him this time.

Woof! And double, "Woof! Woof!"

He's gone. He
vanished into thin air.

VELMA: Jinkies.

Well, it was a nice try, Uncle
Scooby. We'll get him next time.

Like, there's not
gonna be any next time.

We're getting out of here
before anything else happens.

Scooby. Scrappy. Where's Shaggy?

SHAGGY: Like, hi. Heh, heh, heh.

- Shaggy, what are you doing back there?
- Fainting.

Shaggy. Shaggy.

Here, Uncle Scooby.
Maybe this'll help.

Oh. Thanks.

Oh! No, Uncle Scooby.

Like this.

Help! Help! Coward overboard!

Man the lifeboats!

Oh. Oh!


Just kidding,
folks. Just kidding.

WOMAN: What are you doing in here?
- Huh?

- Who are you?
- Zoinks!


I'm a friend of Wendy
Airs, the star pilot.

I'm Amelia Palmer,
manager of the Sky Circus.

And I happen to be the best
stunt pilot in the business.

Excuse me, Ms. Palmer, but do you
know anything about this Sky Skeleton?

Why don't you ask
your little pilot friend?

That Sky Skeleton
seems to frighten her.

But I have nerves of steel.

Yeah? Well, like, ours
are made of rubber.

Yeah. Boing, boing, tee-hee-hee!

At least the bunkhouse
should be safe.

The only thing flying in
there might be a flight of stairs.



I don't get it.

Hey, look.

I bet it's the Sky Skeleton.


Puppy power!



SCRAPPY: I got him,
Uncle Scooby! I got him!

Didn't I get him, Uncle Scooby?

Hi, I'm Eddie Drake, a reporter
for Newsbreak Magazine.


- My press card. VELMA:
"Press. Newsbreak."

- And what are those bits of
paper? DRAKE: Oh, confetti.

I just did a story at
a ticker tape parade.

But that was nothing compared
to the story I've found here.

You mean, the Sky Skeleton?
What can you tell us about it?

Not much, except
this place is spooked.

Um, I've gotta go
now and call my editor.


- Like, I wish I hadn't heard
that. SCOOBY: I didn't.

You didn't?


SHAGGY: Nice night
out if you're a vampire.

bunkhouse is just ahead.

- I hope Wendy's still awake.
- That'll be far enough.

Oh, you startled us.

Uh, uh, uh...

You think he scared you?

Aw, Uncle Scooby isn't scared, he
was just getting ready to pounce...

- if it was the skeleton.
- I was?

Oh, you must be Henry Graycloud.
Our friend, Wendy, has spoken of you.

She is with the Sky Circus and the
circus has only brought trouble to my land.

And too little money in return.

WOMAN: Daphne. Oh, Daphne.

It's Wendy.

Am I glad to see you.

That Sky Skeleton is trying
to ruin tomorrow's competition.

- Hey, Uncle Scooby, look at this.
- What is it now?

I bet you that old skeleton
could be hiding in here.

No way, Scrappy. But I could sure
use some pure, fresh, country water.

Yeah. Fresh water.




Boy, you're sure in a hurry to
find that skeleton, Uncle Scooby.


I should have warned you
about the water around here.

Like, so much for our thirst.

The big problem, though,
is those skeleton attacks.

Hey. Someone's down there.

I'm coming to get you, you skeleton.
And I'm rough and tough and...

- What are you waiting for, Uncle Scooby?
- Gulp.

Let's check it out.

We'll look into this. You
get some rest for tomorrow.

Shaggy, you three check out
the hangar. We'll check the planes.

Oh, boy. We're gonna get him
now, aren't we, Uncle Scooby?

And we'll make him
go splat with a capital S.


Like, you check the hangar
and I'll keep watch here.


Wow! You're as excited about getting
the Sky Skeleton as we are, aren't you?

Look, there is someone
sneaking around.

FRED: Hey, what
are you doing there?

Oh, it's you. Well, if you must
know, I'm securing the planes.

Good idea, Amelia. Wendy is
worried about the planes too.

AMELIA: Well, they seem fine.

You know, none of this trouble
started until Wendy arrived.

Like, you're sure you saw the Sky
Skeleton out by the planes, Scrappy?

I know I did. So, what
are we doing in here?


SHAGGY: Funny you should ask, Scrappy.
- I'll fix you meddling fools.

Fix us? But we're not broken.

I think he plans to take
care of that. Heh, heh, heh!

- Run!
- You said it.

Okay, Sky Skeleton, I'm
gonna make you go splat.

And you're not gonna like it.



Now I've got you, skeleton.


Whoop, whoop, whoa!

- Watch out, Uncle Scooby.
- Help.

Like, thanks for the
warning, Scrappy.

In here, Scoob.

Shaggy? Uncle Scooby?
Are you under there?

The Sky Skeleton. This
calls for a Scrappy trap. Ruff!

Oh, no. A dead end.

Like, I told you out was
the other way. Come on.

- Not so fast.
- Zoinks, it's the bone creep.


Scooby, stop.

You're upside down.

I'm not upside down, you are.


We're goners for sure, Scoob.


Boy, oh, boy, my Uncle Scooby's
gonna be so proud of me...

when I catch that Sky Skeleton.
And all it'll take is a flip of the switch.

There's no way out for you.

- Zoinks, it's a wind tunnel!
- Oh, no.

- And it's blowing us right into him! Help!
- Help!


SHAGGY: I can't hold
out much longer, Scoob.

SCOOBY: Me neither.

SCRAPPY: I got him. Puppy power!

SHAGGY: Help! Guys,
help! SCOOBY: Help! Guys!

Uncle Scooby. You're not
the Sky Skeleton, are you?

Look out below!

Hey, Uncle Scooby, it looks
like you really fell into something.

- Unh, where am I?
SCRAPPY: Wait for me.

This looks to me like an old mine
car. That's what it looks like to me.

SHAGGY: Zoinks! Like, we're moving.
- Just like a rollercoaster. Yippee!

Oh, no.

SCRAPPY: Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!

- Well, everything seems okay here.
- And no sign of the Sky Skeleton.

Let's check with Shaggy and see.

Jinkies, the Sky Skeleton.


It's got to land somewhere.
This is our chance to follow it.

Right, Velma. Head for the
Mystery Machine and fast.

- The Sky Skeleton scaring you off?
- Not on your life. We're chasing it.

In the van? Over
this rough country?

It's our only chance to find
out what's behind this mystery.

DAPHNE: I can see him,
Fred. He's just up ahead.

FRED: He better land soon,
this storm is getting worse.

Faster, Fred. We're losing him.

DAPHNE: Oh, no.

FRED: No, we haven't. Look,
he's landing at a hidden airfield.

VELMA: Jinkies. We've
got him for sure this time.

Listen, whoever you are, your
stunts aren't funny, they're dangerous.



Boy, I love this high-speed
ride, but what about the skeleton?

He'll have to get
his own cart. Duck.


- Shaggy.
- It's okay, Uncle Scooby.

I can fix this in no time.

Puppy power!


SCRAPPY: Whoa, whoa, whoop!

This is really mysterious. An
actual skeleton flying a plane.

I've got a feeling there's
more to it than that, Fred.

Velma, look at this.

I think this is something
you should see.

Looks like part of an
old mining operation.

- Hm. Looks like some kind of computer.
- But for what?


Hey, the skeleton's
plane is starting up again.

I wonder.

What did you do, Velma?

The plane seems to
be computer-controlled.

This one says, "Attack
Sky Circus, low flight."

And these cards are all marked
with other flying orders to the plane.

The plane must be remote-controlled
and can be activated from anywhere.

Yeah, but who's
controlling it, and why?

looks like the ride is over.

Yeah, maybe for good.


Like, fancy floating
into you here.


This looks like the same
stuff in the bunkhouse well.

And there's a lot of it.

Hey, look at this.
It's a map of this area.

SHAGGY: But who
is this Ed Dept guy?

Hm. This is all beginning to make
sense now. We've got to warn Wendy.

Let's take these cards with us.

That should stop the
skeleton plane at least for now.

I'd give him a left
and a right and I'd...

You'll regret sticking your
noses into my business.

You think you can
stop me so easily?


DAPHNE: Wendy, how's it coming?
- I fixed the last wire.

Whoever cut them
is in for a big surprise.

Maybe you should postpone your
practice until we can solve this mystery.

I've got to practice my routines. Amelia
has held the first prize for too long.

DAPHNE: Well, I hope
she knows what she's doing.

What's happening? Oh,
no. Something's gone wrong.

Zoinks! Run for it, Scoob!


SCOOBY: Like, I know I need
a haircut, but this is ridiculous.


SHAGGY: Like, does my
face look like a ladder, Scoob?

That was too close.

Good idea, Uncle Scoob. Can
you see the skeleton from up there?

There he is, let me at him.


SHAGGY: Like, if I have to
fly, at least put me in an airplane.


Oh, no. Not this airplane. I was
thinking of something more like a 747.

Wait for me, Uncle Scooby.

We'll splat that
skeleton together.

Like, you have a lot to learn
about cowardice, Scrappy-Doo.

Oh, no. Shaggy and the dogs
are up there with the Sky Skeleton.

VELMA: And it looks like
he's trying to eject them.


I think we've got
him scared now.

he's not the only one.


SCOOBY: Shaggy!

SHAGGY: I've heard of
winging it, but this is for the birds.

Now to take care of them while
the plane takes care of itself.

Here he comes, Uncle
Scooby. Splat him good.

what shall I do with you?

SHAGGY: You could
take us out for a pizza.

Yeah. Pizza.


Get that old skeleton,
Uncle Scoob.


Oh, no. Now nobody's
flying this thing.

- Like, see you around and
around. SCOOBY: And around.

Like, I don't know an
airplane from a pogo stick.

Let's try this. That must
be the Ferris wheel button.

SHAGGY: Scrappy. Oh, oh, oh!

Keep your finger away
from that button. Oh, no!

Hey, we're flying without wings.

SHAGGY: Like, now we're
flying without anything. Hang on!

We did it. A perfect
three-point landing.

Well, three points out
of a hundred isn't bad.

The Sky Skeleton.
But what was he after?

I had my suspicions
after Shaggy and Scooby...

discovered that
goop in the well water.

You mean the same stuff
that's in the mine tunnel?

That's when I realized this map
is a geological survey of the area.

It shows the location
of oil under the airfield.

And it's stamped "confidential"
because it hasn't been made public yet.

- And it doesn't belong to Mr. Ed Dept.
- Then whose is it?

It belongs to the Editorial
Department of Newsbreak Magazine.

ALL: Eddie Drake?

The clincher was the confetti
that fell out of your pocket, Eddie.

When was the last time
you saw square confetti?

It came from the computer
punch cards you used to program...

your remote-controlled
skeleton plane.

Okay, I admit it.

When I found that oil report, I decided to
scare Graycloud and Amelia off this land.

Shame on you.

DAPHNE: Oh, just look at
Wendy fly. Isn't she terrific?

Well, I'm just glad it's
her and not me up there.

Me too.

SCRAPPY: Aw, you
haven't seen anything yet.

Watch this.


Yikes! Help!

All right. That's
my Uncle Scooby.


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