Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 5 - Shiver and Shake, That Demon's a Snake - full transcript

A Snake Demon interferes with the group's pleasure cruise to Haiti.



SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power!



Uncle Scooby?





Uh, I'd rather be anywhere
else but here tonight.



The snake demon!

It's the snake demon!



VELMA: So this is Haiti.

This cruise on the Florida Keys is
one of the best ideas we've ever had.

All ashore that's going ashore.

Well, we're ready, but where's
Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy?

SHAGGY: Here we come.

Ready for a day in the
sun on the beaches of Haiti.

What's Scooby carrying, Shaggy?

Those are inflatable rafts.
You just pull that cord.

Like this?

SHAGGY: Not yet,
Scrappy. Not yet.

SCOOBY: Oh, no.

Oh, boy, like, there
goes our day at the beach.

Sorry, Shaggy, but what
do you expect from a puppy?

First Mate Defarge here will take you
passengers on a tour of the Haitian bazaar.

PERCY: A wonderful
chance to buy a souvenir.

- Coming, Miss Audrey?
- Sorry, Mr. Percy.

I'm interviewing a local witch doctor for
my book on the legend of the snake demon.

[IN UNISON] Snake demon?

Now, that's more
like it. Let's go.

No way. I'm not going anywhere
near any place that has snake demons.

Me neither.

You're just trying to protect
me. I can take care of myself.

SHAGGY: But, like, who's
gonna take care of us?

Last one to the
market's a mango.


VELMA: This place
is sure crowded.

FRED: And we seem to have
lost Defarge and Mr. Percy.

Like, look over there,
a native woodcarver.

DAPHNE: And the
show's about to begin.


Like, what's so
great about that?



Aw, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Make way for Scrappy-Doo.


Like, he's a chip off the
old block, eh, Scoob?


Yeah, heh-heh-heh.

PERCY: Wonderful.

A magnificent display.

Did you enjoy it, Mr. Defarge?

Ah, oui,I never miss the
woodcarving show when I am in port.

DAPHNE: Hey, souvenirs.

Oh, I have to take
something back from Haiti.

Hey, look what I bought.
How do you like it?

Like, aren't there any unhorrible
souvenirs to take home?


That's interesting.

Hey, guys, look what I found.

A nifty old key.

And an excellent good-luck
charm against voodoo.

Good luck. Did you hear
that, Scoob? Ha-ha-ha.

That's my kind of souvenir.


Hey, what about me?

We don't need any
good-luck charm...

to tackle any big, scary,
horrible-looking demon.

Do we, Uncle Scooby, huh? Do we?


AUDREY: I have good
news for you and bad news.

This is a genuine idol
of the snake demon.

Oh, no.

Snake demon? Ho-ho-ho.

Like, what's the good news?

That is the good news.

The bad news is that all
images of the demon are cursed.

- Cursed?
- Cursed?

Oh, yeah? Well, my Uncle Scooby can handle
any old snake demon. And he'll just...







Time for my midnight snack.

Now, I have to be careful
not to disturb Uncle Scooby.

- Oops.
- Oh!


Gee, did I wake you guys?

Now, where do you suppose
he's off to at this hour?

You got me.


Say, this was a
good idea, Scrappy.


There. Ready to
eat. A masterpiece.

Gee, thanks, guys.

Scrappy, that was
the last of the food.

Too bad, because
I'm still hungry.

There must be more food
around here somewhere.

Like, it's Long John Scooby.




Hey, Scoob, sounds like
your life jacket's losing air.



Oh, no!

Oh, boy!

It's the for-real snake
demon, Uncle Scooby.

I know, I know!

SHAGGY: Zoinks! SCOOBY: Yikes!

Wait, Uncle Scooby, the
snake demon's back that way.

Which is why we're
running this way.

Like, I think we lost him.

Don't worry, guys,
I found him for you.

Oh, no!

We forgot Scrappy.

You should have let me
splat him, Uncle Scooby.

I would've given him a left and a right.
Wouldn't I, Uncle Scooby? Yeah, I would.

- What happened, guys?
- Shaggy!

DAPHNE: Oh, don't worry,
Scooby, it's only a statue.

But we just saw his big brother.

Right. Really big.



- Huh?
- Zoinks, speak of the demon!


The statue!

Hey, Scoob, maybe if I give it back
to the demon he'll leave us alone.


Like, here, Mr. Demon,
ha-ha-ha, it's all yours.


Hey, wait a minute. That's our
souvenir and we're keeping it.

Whoa. Who tipped the ship?


SCOOBY: Scrappy!

Hey, the snake demon's gone.

And so is Scrappy.

I'm okay, guys. But
I dropped the statue.

I'll get it, though.
Anchors aweigh!

FRED: Scrappy, no!

Pull faster!

Gee, Uncle Scooby,
the statue got away.

- But we may not be so lucky.
- What do you mean?

The snake demon
must be after something.

- Or someone.
- Yeah.

Land, ho! Land, ho!

Shaggy, Uncle
Scooby, we're in Miami.


Writing a book is one thing, but
seeing a real voodoo demon...

I know what you mean.
I'm glad we're going ashore.

AUDREY: Maybe he'll be gone
when we get back on board.

We can only hope so.

- Enjoy your stay.
FRED: See you later.

SHAGGY: Like, much later.

I have some supplies to pick up,
Defarge. Take some shore leave.

DEFARGE: Aye, aye, sir.

Okay, guys, the coast is clear.

Now's our chance to
really search the ship.

And get to the
bottom of this mystery.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

I'm not getting back
on that voodoo vessel.

No way.

Besides, it's against
the rules of the ACA.

DAPHNE: The ACA? What's that?

The American Cowards Association.
Scooby and I are charter members. Ha-ha-ha.

Let's show them the
secret handshake, Scoob.


In that case, you guys take Scrappy
and keep a lookout on the dock.

Gee, Uncle Scooby, we don't
wanna miss all the action, do we?

Huh? Do we, Uncle
Scooby? No, we don't wanna.

Don't worry, Scrappy. I'm sure
that demon will be here any minute.

- He will?
- I just said that to keep him happy.

SCRAPPY: Hooray, hooray.

See? See how happy he is?

You were right. He's
here. The snake demon.

BOTH: Yikes.

SHAGGY: Like, old
snake eyes is back.

Okay, put them up,
you sneaky snake.

I'm tough and I'm gonna get you.



SHAGGY: This way, Scoob!

- Boy, oh, boy, this is fun.
- Shaggy, look!

What happened?

We lost the snake demon. But
don't worry, Shaggy, we'll get him.

- Don't worry?
- Me? Me, worry? Ha.

If that snake demon ever
shows his scaly face again...

we'll know what to do. We'll...



Okay, demon, I'm
gonna have to splat you!

And it'll be awful.

Come on, you old snake demon.

I'm not scared of you.

I may be small, but I'm tough.


SCRAPPY: So that's the
way you're gonna play?

That does it! Now I'm mad!

FRED: Here it is.
The ship's hold.

Ooh, it sure is dark.


FRED: And empty too.

VELMA: Hmm, just as I thought.

- But there isn't anything here.
- Exactly.


Sounds like Uncle Scooby's got
that demon right where he wants him.

And in a minute, I'll have that
snake right where I want him.

Smack in the middle
of my Scrappy trap.




Gee, Uncle Scooby, I knew
my Scrappy trap would work...

but it was nice of
you to test it first.

& SCOOBY: Zoinks.

All right, you demon...

Oh, it's you, Mr. Percy.

We've been looking
all over for you.

It's time to return to the ship.

on, Uncle Scooby...

we'll catch that demon yet.

AUDREY: That voodoo snake
demon's followed us all the way from Haiti.

VELMA: And so has this mystery.
- Something must be done.

Like, can't that wait
until after dessert?

Yeah. Take some cake,
Uncle Scooby, and pass it on.


SCRAPPY: Wow, my favorite.
Devil's food cake with double fudge.


Like, you really take
the cake, Scrappy.

Gosh, guys. I'm
just a growing pup.

The captain is right.
We're all in grave danger.

No, Mr. Percy, not all.

There's one person
here who is safe.

ALL: Who? SHAGGY: Yeah, who?

- You.
- Me? Heh.

Like, I don't understand.

- She means your lucky key, Shaggy.
- Uh...


Well, it hasn't worked so far.

What do you mean? The demon
hasn't gotten you yet, has he?

- Has he?
- Well, uh, no, but...

Well, then it's settled.

Shaggy will be on sentry duty
during the most dangerous watch of all.

The dogwatch.

The dogwatch? That
means us, Uncle Scooby.

- Let's go.
- Oh, no.


Come on out and
fight, you scaly demon.

Scrappy-Doo is not afraid
of your voodoo hoodoo.

You might wake the demon.

SCRAPPY: I think
he's already up, Shaggy.


SCOOBY: Shaggy!



Back. Back, demon, back.


Like, don't you realize this key
protects me from snake demons like you?

Fool. I am all powerful.


Don't worry,
Shaggy. I'll save you.

SCOOBY: Scrappy! No!


Puppy power!




- Like, it's only us, Scoob.
- Phew.

Wow, Uncle Scooby, you really
took care of that snake demon.

I did? I mean, I did. I did.

But he may be hiding close by,
and if we're lucky, we'll find him.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.

Well, the demon's not in there.

Nope, no sign of him.

- Looks like we got rid of him for good.
- I hope so.

Well, just in case, we're all sleeping
somewhere safe for a change.

- Right, Scoob?
- Right.



Sneaking up on me, huh?
Well, I'm ready for you.

It's only a foghorn,
Uncle Scooby.

Like, we've docked at
New Orleans, Scoob.

And it looks like the Mardi
Gras is about to begin.

Oh, boy, Uncle Scooby, can we
ride on a float? Can we? Can we?

Wow, clowns!

Hey, like, what
are we waiting for?

DAPHNE: I wonder where
Shaggy and the guys are?

I'll bet they've already
joined the parade.


Just as I thought.

Hey, look at these beautiful
purple flowers floating near our boat.

Floating flowers.
Flower float...

Jinkies, that's it! We
have to stop that float!

Gee, Scoob, like,
we're celebrities.


MAN: What's that? A detour?

Uncle Scooby, look. It's Velma.

- Hi, Velma!
- Velma?

Scooby, Scrappy,
Shaggy, get off that float!

You're in terrible danger!

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.

Hey, what's going on?



The demon in clown's clothing.

Like, if you're chasing us,
then who's driving this thing?


Quick, Scrappy, take the wheel.



Hold on, Uncle Scooby.


Puppy power!


Boy, are we glad to see you.

You should've seen the way my
Uncle Scooby splatted that snake demon.

VELMA: Hey, look at this.

SHAGGY: Like, it's a fortune.
- In smuggled silver ingots.

Nice work, kids.

We've been trying to crack this
operation for months. How did you do it?

It was simple. You see, when
we first returned from the bazaar...

I noticed our ship was
riding lower in the water.

- There was no red hull visible.
DAPHNE: Like there is now.

That meant something heavy
had been loaded on board in Haiti.

But when we checked the
cargo hold in Miami it was empty.

So there had to be a secret cargo
compartment somewhere on the ship.

FRED: Right. And
here in New Orleans...

the boat was riding
high in the water again.

So the cargo must have been unloaded
on the dock while we were sleeping.

These purple flowers showed one
of the floats had pulled up to the boat.

The cargo had to
be on the purple float.

SHAGGY: Like, what
about the snake demon?

VELMA: The crook was just taking
advantage of the snake demon legend...

to scare people off
the boat in Miami.

So the silver could be unloaded.

Right. But on
the dock in Haiti...

Shaggy found the only key
to the secret compartment.

The snake demon
couldn't unload the cargo.

Then the demon wasn't
after me. He needed my key.

VELMA: And he got it, in time to
unload the silver in New Orleans.

Didn't you, First Mate Defarge?

How did you know it was me?

You said you were at the
woodcarving show in Haiti.

But while we were covered
with sawdust, you weren't.

That's because you were back at
the boat loading the silver on board.

Too bad you dropped the key.
But, like, where's the keyhole?

VELMA: Hidden in
plain sight, Shaggy.

There it is, officer.
The secret cargo hold.

Great job, kids.


What in the world is that?

VELMA: It's a two-dog
Dixieland band.

Like, I think "dog" is the right
word for that band, Velma.


And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!

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