Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 16 - The Ransom of Scooby Chief - full transcript

As Scrappy chats with friends, Scooby and Shaggy are kidnapped.


- Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.
Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power.


Uncle Scooby?




FRED: Here we are,
guys. New York City.

SCRAPPY: Oh, boy. New York.

My old neighborhood.
My old gang.

Old gang?

And I can't wait for them
to meet my Uncle Scooby.


Aw. He loves me.

Well, I'll just be glad to be anywhere I
can relax with no ghosts to worry about.

SCRAPPY: You'll love it, Shaggy.

My old neighborhood's
the perfect place to relax.

What did I tell you,
Shaggy? Is this terrific?

Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah,
yeah, it's pretty terrific, Scrappy.

Yeah, terrific.


Okay, guys. We'll be
back to pick you up later.

Have a good visit.

Something tells me we're
really in for it this time, Scoob.

- Is that who I think it is, Tony?
- Scooby-Doo?

- Do you really think so, Carl? CARL:
There couldn't be two dogs like that.

And this one might
be all we need.


Hey. That's Annie's
place. Follow me.

I just hope whoever
Annie is, she has a towel.

Me too.

Now for my secret whistle.



Like, maybe you should keep
that secret whistle a secret, Scrappy.

Hey, what's going on? Nobody
knows that secret whistle but...

- Hi, Annie. It's me.
ANNIE: Scrappy.

Don't you move. I'm
coming right down. Whoa!


Okay, who's the
rat that took my box?

Duke, my old buddy, my old pal.

- Hey, Scrappy.
- Scrappy.


Like, that's Scrappy's gang?

SCRAPPY: Boy, is it ever
good to see you guys again.

You wouldn't believe what I've been
doing since I left the neighborhood.

I've been splatting ghosts
and monsters left and right.

But nothing me and my
Uncle Scooby couldn't handle.

DUKE: Ah. So where
is this uncle of yours?

- This is him. This is my Uncle Scooby.

He's the most terrific uncle
in the world, in the universe.

Aw, ha-ha-ha.

- Hello.
- There's nothing he can't do.

- Everybody knows him, he's so famous.
- Yeah. Well, he looks bright enough.

- Are we talking about the same
dog? SCRAPPY: I'm not kidding, Duke.

My Uncle Scooby
is one in a zillion.

That's him, all right.

You heard what they said,
famous, terrific, one in a zillion.

- Scooby-Doo is our key to a fortune.
- Yeah, I'll go get him.

No, no, no. Too many
witnesses. We need a plan.

And I have just the
scheme. Ha-ha-ha!

Ha-ha-ha! Hey, I like
that already. Good one.

Say, it's really good to
have you back, Scrappy.

The old neighborhood's
been kind of quiet without you.

I really missed seeing you
if you know what I mean.

With all that hair in her eyes, how'd
she even know he was gone? Ha, ha.

I don't know. Ha-ha-ha.

Like, this is my kind of
neighborhood, Scoob.

Yeah, yum.

Ah, come on, that's
just the grocery store.

You check out what you wanna check out,
we'll check out what we wanna check out.

Well, Scrappy, your uncle's okay,
but the skinny guy, he's a little weird.

Come on, Scrappy, and we'll show
you where the new fire hydrant's going in.

Heh. There. Ha.


- We got him.
- Now let's get out of here.

Now this is what
I call a vacation.

Right, Scoob? Scooby?

SCOOBY: Shaggy. Help.
- Scooby.

Scrappy. Duke.
Annie. We need help.

- Shaggy. Uncle Scooby?
- Huh? That way.

- What way?
- This way, Annie.


I'm coming, Scoob.

Those mugs just lifted
your uncle, Scrappy.

And Shaggy too.

Oh, yeah? Well, they don't
know who they are dealing with.


- Puppy power.
- Now wait a minute, pal.

- You can't catch that truck.
- Just watch me, Duke.

Listen. Trust me. We
gotta think this through.

We need some sort of clue.

Something that'll give us an idea
where those hoods took your friends.

Hmm. A clue, eh?
Okay, let's find something.

Maybe we can put these
pieces together into a clue.

Annie, let me take a look.

Ah. "Made in Japan."

SCRAPPY: Japan? Oh, no.

They're taking Uncle
Scooby clear around the world.

ANNIE: Nope, they're
taking him to Paris.

Paris, Japan?

- Nope. "Paris warehouse."
- Wait a minute.

I know that place and
it's right here in New York.

Just a subway ride away.

Then what are we waiting for?

Let's go give those uncle-nappers
a splat they'll never forget.

We're with you, Scrappy.

SHAGGY: Wait a
minute. Wait a minute.

- Like, who do you think you are?
- Yeah. Who?

We're two mean crooks
who are about to lock you up...

until somebody pays
us a fortune to let you go.

Oh. Oh!


- We were just wondering. Ha, ha.
- Yeah. Just wondering. Ha-ha-ha.

Okay, Tony. I'll go find a
phone while you guard the dog.

Dog? Uh...

- What dog?
- Like, I think he means you, Scoob.


- What was that?
- Nothing. Ha-ha-ha.

Operator? Get me Hollywood.

I don't know, anyone in
charge of paying ransom.


What luck to find these sheets,
Scoob. We'll be free in no time.

Right. Let's go.

- After you, Scoob.
- After me?

Ulp. Well, okay.

Like, just take it easy
and there'll be no problems.

What do you mean you don't believe
me? We got him, I tell you, and...


- Whoops. SHAGGY:
Keep on going, Scoob.

Those dopes will
never know what...


Hello. We were just crawling
out for a breath of fresh air.


All right, Scoob. I guess that's about
all the fresh air I can take for now.

The subway's the fastest
way to the warehouse.

Right, Duke. But how do
we get in without money?

Aw, who needs
money? We'll just...

Cool your heels, Scrappy.
That's trouble for sure.

We'll just wait here until
we hear a certain sound.

What sound is that, Duke?

That sound. Grab it.

I got it.

- Missed.
- Nice try, Scrappy.

Wait, guys. We can still get
it. This gum should do the trick.

DUKE: Ah, that's it,
Scrappy. A little to the left.

- Mm! You got it.
- Now we just need two more.

No, one's all we need, Annie.


Okay, Duke. Let's go.

Hey. Stop.

Whoops. Guys, we've
lost our cover. Run.

- Come back here.
- Scrappy-Dappy-Doo.

- No, Annie.
- This way.


Scooby, here we come.

SHAGGY: Okay, Scoob
old pal. Here we go.

Just put this note in that
bottle while I open that window...

then we'll just toss it
out and let it float for help.

- Uh-oh. It's stuck.
- I can see that. Like, give it here.

All right. We did it,
Scoob. We're as good as...



What happened?

Next time we send a
note in a bottle, like,

let's make sure there's
some water around.

Hey, what's going on in here?

- Uh, ah... Going on?
- In here?

- Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
- Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


Trying to get away, huh?
Well, try to get past that.



If you don't mind my asking,
sir, like, when will you let us go?

As soon as somebody pays us a
million bucks to get that mutt back.


Like, never, never.

DUKE: There it is. That's
the warehouse, all right.

I'd know it anywhere.

- I see it.
- I'll take your word for it.

I bet you they're keeping Uncle
Scooby in that room on the top floor.

And I'm gonna go up there
and splat them, with a capital S.


- Puppy...
- Now just a minute, pal.

- We gotta think about...
- Power.

Well, Duke, you tried.
But Scrappy splats again.

DUKE: Mm, he'll never learn.

Huh. How do we get
up there, Scrappy?

Well, let's see what
we have to work with.


- And bows, but no arrows.
- That'll do it.

- Huh?
- Shh.

Quiet, Scoob. Do you
want them to hear us?


Then, like, go ahead,
go ahead, but be quiet.

Okay, Shaggy.

This is probably our only
chance to get out of here.

- Which way? SHAGGY: Which way?

- Like, I don't know look for
an exit sign. SCOOBY: Okay.

Hey, they're trying
to escape again.

We gotta stop them.

On your mark,
get set, let them fly.

ANNIE: Bull's-eye. Isn't it?
- It sure is.

Follow me.

That's how they got out.

SCRAPPY: Okay, you
uncle-nappers. Listen up and listen tight.

Hand over my Uncle Scooby
before I hand over my fist.

Hey, look, Carl. A
puppy. Ain't he cute?

Puppy? I'll show
you who's a puppy.


- Come on, gang.
- We're with you, pal.

- Wait for me. CARL:
Hey, they mean business.

It's locked.

You haven't heard the
last of Scrappy-Doo.

Hey, Scoob, I think I
see an opening up ahead.

SCOOBY: That's good.

BOTH: Zoinks!

- Got them.
- Let's go.

SHAGGY: Hey. What happened.

DUKE: Scrappy, there they go.

- And they've got your Uncle Scooby again.
- Oh, yeah?

Well, not for long. Come on.

SHAGGY: Well, Scoob, like, now would
be a good time for our note in the bottle.

We've got the water,
but we got no bottle.



SCRAPPY: Are you sure this
is the way they came, Duke?

ANNIE: Duke's sniffer has
never been wrong, Scrappy.

- He's got the best nose in the business.
- Oof!

It's their truck.

But it's empty. Where
did they take him?

Leave this to me.

I'll just use my feminine wiles
and ask this sailor over here.

And that'll be a million
bucks for the mutt.

Huh? Hey, come on. This is
Scooby-Doo we're talking about.

Oh, no. That's one of the
thugs that copped your uncle.

Okay, Annie, do your stuff.


Come on, get me
out of here, you guys.

Quick, follow that crook.

What was that?

SCRAPPY: Uh, nothing.
- Oh. Okay.

Boy, this dog-napping
business must be getting to me.

"Inflatable life raft."

- Hey, Scoob, we're as good as out of here.
- Yeah?

We just shove this
out the porthole...

and then crawl out
ourselves and paddle to shore.

- What's this?
- Oh, no, no!

You shouldn't have done that,
Scoob. Now there's no way out.

What've you got to
say for yourself, old pal?

Uh, nobody's perfect. Ha-ha-ha.

CARL: Any luck,
Tony? TONY: Not yet.

It looks like that dog's not
going anywhere for a while.

Come on. We'll work
out a ransom note.

All clear. Let's go.

ANNIE: They must be
somewhere on this old tub.

Uncle Scooby?

Scoob. This time for sure.

Like, just boost me up a little bit
higher and I think I can reach the hatch.

- Ulp!
- Easy. Easy. Got it.

SCRAPPY: It's the
crooks. ANNIE: Yeah?

Come on, we can trap
them in there. Charge.

- We got them. SHAGGY: Aah!


Puppy power wins again.

Okay, you creeps,
come on out or...

Uncle Scooby. Shaggy.

- Scrappy?
- Scrappy. You gotta help us.

- Toss us a rope.
- Okay, will do, Shaggy.

Here you go.

Like you were supposed
to keep one end up there.

- Oh. CARL: Well, well, well.

What do we have here?

Grab them, Tony.

- Run.
- This way.

- Got you. DUKE: Not
now, Scrappy. Trust me.

After them.

SHAGGY: Just a
little higher, Scoob.

We're almost, unh...


We'll get those crooks, Uncle
Scooby. Scrappy's gang will save you.

Yeah, but, like, who's gonna
save us from Scrappy's gang?

Okay, gang, they're walking
right into my Scrappy trap.

When I say jump, jump.

- I don't believe it, the coast is clear.
- Oh, boy.

Let's run for it,
Scoob. That way.

Let's try over that way.

We did it. We did it.
Ha-ha-ha! We're free.

Okay, jump.


Uh, Scrappy, they looked a lot like
your Uncle Scooby and his friend.

Yeah? Well, crooks
are tricky that way.

I think somebody's trying to tell
us something, Scoob, old buddy.

No, it must have
been the crooks. Hey.

- Uh, I don't think it was them, Scrappy.
- Even I can see that.

This'll put an end
to your meddling.


What do we do now, Scrappy?

Don't worry, Annie, my Uncle
Scooby will think of something.

Mm. That's what we're afraid of.

SHAGGY: Push harder, Scoob. This
is gonna be our only chance after all.




I told you he'd think of something.
Ha-ha-ha! Over here, Uncle Scooby.

TONY: I don't believe it.

SHAGGY: Hold on,
Scoob. SCOOBY: I am. I am.

SCRAPPY: Hooray for Uncle
Scooby. ANNIE: Good work.

DUKE: Oh, you're terrific.
- Thanks a lot, guys.

Isn't he wonderful? The
best uncle a guy ever had.

Yeah. A real He-dog.

Ooh. Ha-ha-ha.

Okay, okay. We give up.

Just take us someplace
quiet. Like a nice jail cell.

Boy, we splatted them
good this time, didn't we?


Splatting takes
a lot out of him.

It was sure good seeing
you again, Duke and Annie.

- Say, before you go, pal, do us one favor.
- Anything, Duke.

- Give us the secret whistle one more
time. SHAGGY: Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.

No, no. Ha-ha-ha.

- Come on, guys.
- How bad could it be?

Real bad.


- Mm. That's the one.
- Nobody can do it like you, Scrappy.

Okay, guys. Let's go.

Like, Annie's right, Scrappy.
Ha, ha. Nobody can do it like you.


- Scrappy-Dappy-Doo.
- And Scooby-Dooby-Doo too.

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